The Devil’s Pact Chapter Four: Salesgirls



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 4: Salesgirls

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013

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Thursday, June 6th, 2013 – Mark Glassner – South Hill, WA

Mary and I exited the Heavenly Creature’s Salon, arm’s wrapped around each other’s waist. “Where’s your car?” Mary asked, peering curiously around the parking lot.

“I got rid of that P.O.S.,” I told her, leading her to my new, silver Mustang. The original owner decided to be an asshole to me, so I swapped cars with him and sent his wife into an orgy to punish him. “Here’s my new ride, Mare.”

Mary raised her eyebrows at the car. “How’d that happened.”

“I traded my car for it.”

“How can you do that?” Mary asked. “Everyone just does what you tell them to.”

It was simple, I made a deal with the devil and now people have to do what I tell them, happily and willingly. But I didn’t want to tell Mary that. “If you really want to know, I’ll tell you tonight. Think carefully about it. You won’t like the answer.”

She frowned at me, auburn eyebrows furrowing. “What does that mean?”

“Just think about it,” I told her. I could tell her to just forget about it. But something stopped me. I loved her. It didn’t feel right making her do what I wanted to. She wasn’t like the other women. I kissed her on forehead. “I love you.”

She blushed and smiled. “Love you too, hun.” Her lips were soft and warm as she kissed me. “So you’re going to buy me new clothes?”

“I am,” I told her. “You can get whatever you want. No matter the cost.”

“Well then, I hope you can keep up.”

“I’m your stallion. I have loads of stamina.” At least sexual stamina. Another thing I received from the Devil. And a long, healthy life.

She giggled. “I bet you do.” Her hand grasped my cock and felt it hardened beneath her touch. Then she was slipping into the passenger seat of my Mustang. “Come on,” she said impatiently.

“Okay, Mare,” I said, adjusting my cock in my pants. I slid into my new Mustang. The engine roared gloriously to life.

“The Mustang fits you,” Mary said as I backed out of the space. “You’re free from the rules of society. You’re a wild horse roaming the plains, mounting any filly you want.” I grinned at her. “You can have all the filly’s you want, just remember I’m your number one mare.”

“Forever,” I answered and she nodded. “Of course, you’re free to mount just as many fillies.”

Mary laughed in a rich, musical timbre. “How would two fillies fuck?” she asked. “I don’t think mounting would work. Maybe they would just back into each other to rub pussies together.”

I laughed, picturing two horses pressing their rears together.

“Maybe they would take turns licking,” I suggested, stopping at the light at the parking lots exit. Across the street was our destination, the South Hill Mall.

Mary laughed harder. “Like … a salt … lick,” she gasped between laughs. Her laugh was contagious and I found myself laughing with her. She had turned a bright red and it was a minute before she regained her composure. “I’ve always wanted horses,” she said after she caught her breath. “I remember the last summer before …” she trailed off, sadness flickering across her face. “The summer before my mom left, she took me out riding in the mountains. They were majestic creatures. Have you ever ridden a horse?”

“No,” I said with a shake of my head. The light turned green and I crossed Meridian. “Maybe we could go riding together.”

Mary smiled at me. “I would like that.”

I found a place to park. I used the remote to lock the car and chuckled as all the lights flashed and the horn honked. I never had a car with remote locks before; I unlocked it and locked it again. Mary watched with an amused expression. “Having fun?” she asked me.

“Yeah,” I said, unlocking the car again. She rolled her eyes at me and I grinned at her, and locked the door. “Fine, I’m finished.”

Arms wrapped around each other’s waist, we entered into the mall. We walked slowly, window shopping and girl watching. The girl watching turned into a kind of game where we would each take turns pointing out a cute girl and whispering what we would like to do to them. Once, Mary pointed out a Latina with a full ass and a tribal tramp stamp and whispered in my ear, “I would love to eat your cum out of her ass,” right as this old lady walk by. The old lady looked disgusted at us and we broke out laughing as she stalked away.

The first store Mary led us to was Old Navy. It was brightly lit and full of colorful clothes. “I love to shop here,” Mary told me. She saw something on a rack of clothing and practically flew over to it, grabbing the sleeve of a shirt. “These are so cute!” she exclaimed as she browsed the clothes.

“How are you doing today?” a nasally pitched, effeminate young man asked Mary.

I was disappointed, hoping for a cute salesgirl working the register that I could have some fun with while Mary shopped, not some guy. I sighed in disappointment as he explained in excited detail all about the shirts Mary was browsing. I was starting to suspect he was gay—no straight guy could possibly be that excited about clothing. Oh well, at least he would not be hitting on Mary.

I looked around the store and it was pretty empty save for a beautiful, teenage girl, pixie slim, with long, blue-back hair streaked with bright, purple highlights. I smiled; guess I was going to have some fun after all. She wore floral print tanktop that was cut short enough to expose her flat stomach and pierced bellybutton. Underneath her short jean skirt, she wore hot-pink leggings. The girl held up a top to show someone and I saw an older woman half-hidden behind a clothes rack. She was in her mid-thirties, attractive, and resembled the girl. She was either an older sister or was really young when she had her daughter.

“Hey,” I told the store clerk. “Go close the security gate and then assist Mary with her shopping. Ignore the fucking going on in the back of the store.”

“Oh, absolutely, sir,” he said and sauntered off.

Mary glanced back in the girl, her eyes lighting up when she saw the pixyish beauty in the back. “She’s cute.” Mary slapped my ass. “Give her a good ride, stallion.”

God, I loved Mary. I kissed her, before I threaded my way to the back of the store, while behind me the security gate started to close. The teenage girl and her companion looked up in alarm. “It’s okay,” I told them, smiling pleasantly. “You can keep shopping.”

“What’s going on,” the woman asked, putting a protective arm around the teenager. She was as beautiful as the girl, not the fresh innocent of a teenager, but the lush maturity of an adult. She dressed in a loose flowing, white sundress covered in sunflowers. The dress fell to mid thigh and was cut low to show off her abundant cleavage. She was a least a cup size larger than the teenager, probably a C.

“I’m an inspector,” I lied, “and we just need some privacy. Nothing to be frightened about.” Both women relaxed. “I’m Mark.”

“I’m Laura,” the woman in the sundress said, “and this is my daughter, Melody.”

“Hi,” Melody greeted in a chipper voice. “Today’s my birthday. I turned sixteen.”

“How sweet,” I said. “Well, I think I have a birthday present for you.”

Her eyes widened in excitement. “Free clothes!” she shrieked, and threw her arms around me in a hug. Her body was warm and firm against me, her small breasts pressing softly into my chest. She smelled of lilac. It was nice for the brief moment it lasted, then the girl moved away, blushing in embarrassment.

“I need to inspect both of your bodies because I’m a female body inspector,” I said, using the lamest line I ever saw on a T-Shirt. “That’s what my camcorder’s for. And I need you both to cooperate one hundred percent. So, Laura, I need to see your breasts.”

Laura nodded and pulled her sundress over her head. She wore a lacy, red bra and matching red, transparent panties. “Damn, Mom, what’s with the sexy underwear? You and Tony going to get frisky tonight?” Melody asked with a sly grin. “On my birthday?”

“Maybe,” Laura quipped. “You were going out with your friends, right?”

I noticed the wedding band on Laura’s finger. “You call your dad, Tony?” I asked Melody.

“My step-dad,” Melody scowled. “He’s alright.”

Laura reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Her tits were large, round, marred only by the tiniest of stretch marks. Her areolas were the largest I had ever seen, as big as a silver dollar. “Melody, play with your mom’s nipples ’til they’re hard.”

Melody’s slim fingers reached out, caressing her mother’s areola, circling the pink flesh as her nipple hardened. Laura sighed softly as her daughter’s fingers slid across to the other breast. Melody squeezed her tit, then rubbed her palm across the nipple in slow circles. When she finished, both mother and daughter were flushed with excitement; Melody’s nipples pressed hard against her blouse, as erect as her mothers.

“Very nice,” I said as I filmed her. “Panties next.” Laura shrugged out of her panties. A black, triangular patch of hair grew above the bare lips of her pussy. A gold ring pierced the hood of her clit, glinting sexily.

“Fuck, Mom!” Melody cursed in surprise. “When did you get your cunny pierced?”

Laura blushed. “Well, I had a … wild youth,” she answered, delicately. “And, um, Tony, he likes to, um, play with it.”

“Okay Melody, time to see how you stack-up compared to your mother.”

Melody grinned impishly. “I thick I stack-up very well,” she boasted; she peeled off her top revealing a hot-pink bra. It quickly followed the shirt to the floor. Her breasts were small, firm, and perky, topped with small, pink nipples. Next she kicked off her stylish, black shoes and then wiggled out of her jean skirts. Lastly she peeled off the pink leggings and a pair of pink panties. Her ass was slim, her legs slender, and her pussy was tight and shaved bare, hard clit peeking out of its hood.

“You both are very beautiful.” I unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my half-hard dick.

“What do you plan on doing with that,” Melody asked, eying my cock nervously.

“It’s your birthday present,” I told Melody. “But I need you and your mom to get it ready. So both of you start sucking.”

Mother and daughter knelt before me. Laura grasped my dick and licked up one side. Melody copied her mom, licking up the other side. My dick hardened. It was so wrong, and hot, watching a mother and daughter slide their wet tongues up my shaft. They both reached the tip, tongues swirling wetly over the head.

They both jumped back when their tongues brushed together about my cock. “Don’t be scared to kiss, ladies. Both of you have long desired each other. Be courageous and explore these desires.”

Their mouths were hot on my cock as they kissing around it. Laura reached out slowly, tenderly, and cupped her daughter’s perky tit. Melody moaned as her mother delicately rolled her hard nipple between her fingers. Laura’s sucked the tip of my dick into her wet and warm mouth and Melody mouth moved to kiss her mother’s cheek; the girl’s pink lips moved lower, down her mother’s sloping neck to her breastbone. Laura sucked harder on my cock as her daughter’s lips enveloped her hard nipple and she nursed.

“Are they related?” Mary asked. She had several blouses folded over one arm. Behind her, the clerk had even more clothes draped over his arm.

“Yeah, mother and daughter,” I moaned as Laura bobbed her head on my cock. “Did you find something you like?”

“Gabe and I have come up with a few outfits,” Mary answered. “You have fun, hun.”

I kissed her. “I love you, Mare.”

“Even with another woman’s mouth on your cock?” Mary asked, a mischievous grin playing on her lips.

“Well she’s sucking my cock pretty well,” I said, pretending to consider. “Yeah, even with her mouth on my dick.”

“Good,” she answered with a smile and kissed me. “C’mon, Gabe.” Mary led the clerk to the changing rooms at the back of the store.

I glanced down at the two women, Melody sucking hard at her mother’s tit. My eyes followed the lines of her back to her slim ass. I pulled my cock out Laura’s sweet mouth and knelt down behind Melody.

Laura threw back her head, moaning and cradling her daughter’s head to her tit. “Oh, my sweet child,” she moaned. “I’ve missed nursing you.”

I knelt down behind Melody, and gripped her waist, lifting her up so she was on her knees, still sucking at her mom’s tit. “Here’s your birthday present,” I moaned and thrust my cock into her wet cunt. She was tight, like a vice, and so fucking warm.

“Oh, fuck!” the teen gasped, “Christ, he’s bigger than Dillon! He’s stretching my cunny so good, Mom!”

“Happy birthday, Melody,” Laura purred, stroking her daughter’s face. She bent down and captured her daughter’s lips in a loving kiss. “I got a present for you, too, songbird.” Her mom sat on the floor, spreading her legs wide before Melody’s face. Laura’s cunt was wet, lips spread wide open. “Eat momma’s cunny!” Melody leaned down, pink tongue sliding up her mother’s slit as I fucked harder into her tight sheath.

“Hun, how’s do I look?” Mary asked as I fucked Melody’s cunt. She stepped out of the changing room dressed in a red dress, the skirt cinched just under her breasts to loosely fall about her waist, ending above the knees. The dress had no sleeves or straps, and exposed a fair amount of her freckled bosom.

I whistled appreciatively. “You look hot!” I complimented; I kept fucking Melody’s tight cunt.

“You look cute, sweetie,” Laura moaned. “And so do you, songbird! You look so cute eating your mama-bird’s cunny.”

Melody’s cunt was so tight and silky; I held off cumming as long as I could, wanting to enjoy her teenage cunt and watch the slut eat her mother’s dripping cunny. Mary came out modeling four more outfits: a pair of tight jeans and a hot pink, button-up blouse; red capris pants with a white tanktop decorated with pink flowers; a pleated black skirt and blue, transparent shirt with little black songbirds on it and a black bra visible through the fabric; and a red-and-white striped pencil skirt paired with a white, gauzy shirt that had a v-neckline.

While Mary modeled outfits, Melody had brought Laura to four screaming orgasms, Laura’s juices flooding her daughter’s lips and she drank her mother’s nectar like a woman dying of thirst. Twice Melody’s tight cunt and constricted on my cock as I fucked her to orgasm.

“What’d you think,” Mary asked for the sixth time, twirling in a black dress, the loose skirt billowing out.

I eyed her up and down. The dress had a loose skirt, cinched at her waist, and then fitted tightly on her torso, clinging to her breasts like a second skin. Short sleeves barely covered her shoulders, and a square-cut neckline that exposed her bosom almost to her areolas. The bodice lifted her breasts up, enhancing them to seem larger and rounder.

“God, you’re beautiful,” I moaned. I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot my cum in Melody’s tight cunt. Three large blasts straight into her young womb.

I pulled out, cum oozing slowly out of her tight hole, and stood up. I walked over to Mary and hugged and kissed her passionately. We made out for a few minutes, my hand sliding down her back to grope at her ass through the sleek fabric.

“I guess you like it,” Mary panted when we broke our kiss. She glanced down and winced. “Of course, you got cum all over the front.” I looked down; my cum stained cock had rubbed on the skirt, staining the fabric.

“Gabe, bag up Mary’s clothes and find a fresh copy of this dress in her size,” I ordered.

“Of course, sir,” Gabe answered with his nasally voice.

“Leave out the pencil skirt and the white, peasant blouse,” Mary ordered Gabe, who nodded his head in agreement.

“Ohh fuck, eat my cunny, mom!” Melody moaned.

Mary and I looked over to see Melody on her back, her mother’s face buried between her spread legs, digging my cum out of her daughter’s pussy with her tongue. Mary’s hand found my cock and she gently stroked it as we watched the incestuous sight. Melody writhed on her back, hands gripping her mother’s head as she moaned in ecstasy. My hand slid down Mary’s backside and lifted the hem of her dress and slid underneath—she wasn’t wearing panties. I caressed her bare ass before I stuck a finger up her butt. Mary moaned, squeezing my cock harder as she jerked me off.

“When Melody cums, you take the mother and I’ll have the daughter,” Mary whispered in my ear. She had read my mind and I nodded my head in agreement.

Melody panted loudly as her mother vigorously ate her cunt. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum! Oh, mommy, you’re making my cunny explode!” Melody writhed and flexed as her orgasm rolled over her. Laura gently licked up her daughter’s juices before crawling up her daughter’s body to kiss her gently on the lips.

“Happy birthday, songbird,” Laura whispered.

“Thank you, mama-bird,” Melody breathed. “That was wonderful.” Then she kissed her mother back.

Mary and I walked over to the happy family. “That was real hot, ladies,” I said. “Mare wants to give Melody a present as well.”

Melody smiled eagerly up at Mary. Laura rolled off her daughter, both sweaty and flushed. Mare pulled her dress up over her head, revealing her pale curves. Melody’s eyes drank in Mary’s naked form. “Your heart is real cute,” Melody smiled, staring at the heart-shaped patch of auburn pubic hair that grew above Mary’s waxed pussy lips.

“Thanks,” Mary said. “I love your belly piercing.” Mary knelt down and tugged the silver chain dangling from Melody’s bellybutton. Then Mary crawled atop the teen. Their breasts kissed and then their mouths. Mary settled her weight on the girl’s lithe body. Melody spread her legs, wrapping them about Mary’s waist, and Mary rotated her hips, fucking her clit into Melody’s.

“Oh, shit,” Melody moaned. “Our clits are touching. Oh, fuck that’s good.”

“Damn, that’s hot watching you trib,” I told Mary. “I love watching tribbing!”

“Tribbing, is that, uhhh, what it’s called?” Mary panted. “Discovered it with Joy today. Mmhhh, squeeze my ass. Don’t be afraid to stick a finger in.” Melody’s hand clawed at her butt. She bucked her hips hard when Melody’s finger slid slowly into her asshole.

I handed the camcorder to Gabe. “Film,” I ordered as I mounted Laura, her legs spread invitingly open for me. Laura grasped my cock and and guided it to her wet cunt. I slid in, slowly, savoring her pussy’s warm embrace. She was looser than her daughter, but still had a firm, warm grip. Laura fucked her hips back into me, matching my rhythm. I kissed at her neck while she clawed at my back and moaned in wordless pleasure. I looked over to my left and watched Mary riding Melody hard. Both girls were panting and moaning, pink tongues exploring each other’s mouths, and hands groping firm breasts and tweaking hard nipples.

“I guess you figured out how two fillies could fuck,” I told Mary.

Mary grinned at me and moaned, “I did! And it’s sooo good! How’s your filly?”

“She’s a spirited ride,” I panted back. I noticed our hands were close together and I reached out and caressed Mary’s hand. She smiled at me and our finger’s interlocked as we fucked our fillies hard. Mary’s plump ass flexed and jiggled as she rubbed her clit and pussy into Melody’s.

“Oh, god, this is a great present!” gasped Melody. “Oh fuck, you’re making me cum!” Melody wriggled beneath Mary, fingering her ass and kissing her neck as she came. Mary captured her lips as her body shuddered in an orgasm atop the sixteen year-old.

I sucked Laura’s large nipple into my mouth, exploring the hard, sensitive nub with my tongue as her cunt squeezed my cock. “Oh, crap!” Laura moaned, fingernails leaving hot scratches down my back as she came underneath me.

I was close to cumming as I pulled out of Laura’s warmth and jerked off over her, spraying her belly and large tits. She panted, my white cum running thickly down across her belly and the slopes of her breasts. Mary slid off Melody and started licking my cum of her belly while Melody cleaned the cum off her mother’s tits. It was so beautiful, watching my girlfriend lick my cum off another woman’s body. I realized Gabe was filming my cock, not the beautiful women on the floor; I pointed at the girls.

Laura pulled her daughter into her embrace and kissed her cum stained lips. “Thanks Mom,” Melody gushed, “this has been the best birthday ever!”

Laura smiled and kissed her daughter’s inviting lips again. “We definitely have to play hooky again next year.”

Clothes were found and everyone got dressed. Mary and I took turns kissing mother and daughter. I gave them my cell number and told them to call for Melody’s next birthday. Mary looked fantastic in her red-and-white striped skirt and white, peasant blouse. I told her she looked gorgeous, and she smiled happily. Gabe had the rest of Mary’s clothes bagged up at the cash register and once we were all decent, he opened the security gate.

“Gabe,” I ordered as Mary and I were walking out the store. “Give Melody an outfit for free. It’s her birthday, after all.”

Gabe answered in his nasally, effeminate voice, “Of course sir. There’s this charming blue chambray dress with white songbirds that’s just to die for. Girlfriend, you will look absolutely stunning in!” he said, leading Melody towards a rack of dresses.

“You want to get lunch?” I asked Mary. I was famished after so much fucking. Mary’s stomach gave a cute rumble and she laughed.

We went to the food court and purchased lunch. Mary had a large plate of pasta and a slice of pizza from Sbarro’s while I hit up the Chinese buffet, getting chow mein, orange chicken, sweet and sour pork and some egg rolls to share with Mary. We chatted as we ate, talking about the TV Shows that we liked, and about movies and books. Mary, it turned out, loved cop dramas. She watched all of them. Her favorites were Castle and Bones. And she just loved Grey’s Anatomy, which I confessed I had never watched before. Somehow I ended up promising to watch reruns of it on netflix with her.

Then, the conversation turned to books and it turned out we both liked to read fantasy and sci-fi, much to our mutual delight. I was introduced to fantasy through Tolkien and Mary through Twilight, but I choose not to hold that against her. We discussed our favorite books and gave each other recommendations; Mary recommended Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Mistborn’ trilogy, and I told her to check out Steven Erikson’s ‘Malazan Book of the Fallen’. When I glanced at my cell phone, I was surprised that we just spent an hour talking about Song of Ice and Fire theories.

With lunch finished Mary had more shopping to do. I grabbed the bags, and we put our arms around the other’s waist. As we walked through the mall we passed Hot Topic, my eye caught a slutty sailor dress on display. It was blue and white with red bows, low-cut bodice, and a short, ruffled skirt. I bet Mary would look so hot in that dress. She saw what I was looking at and smiled.

“You like that dress?” Mary asked; I nodded. She gave a throaty laugh. “Okay, I have an idea. I’ll go in and pick up some of naughty clothing as a surprise for you. And that sailor dress, and you can amuse yourself.”

“How?” I asked, curious.

There was a naughty twinkle in her eye. She pointed to the two salesgirls lounging at the register. One was a blonde with short hair, wearing a pink-plaid, very short, Catholic schoolgirl skirt; a white corset with black lacings; and knee high, white socks. The other girl was behind the counter and wore a red corset, laced up the front, the bodice pushing up her tits. Her hair was black, with blue and purple streaks, gathered in twin pigtails. Both girls had black lipstick and multiple piercings dotting lips, noses, and eyebrows.

“If you stood behind the girl at the cash register, I bet you could be fucking her and no one could tell. Just lift up her skirt and bury your cock inside,” Mary explained. “That should keep you busy while the blonde helps me find some outfits.”

“What if she doesn’t have a skirt?” I asked, straining to look.

“Then fuck the blonde,” Mary answered, shaking her head at me, amazed I could be so stupid. “But I bet you she’s wearing a skirt, and she’s tall enough for this to work.”

“You’re right, Mare,” I answered, feeling a little stupid. “I love your idea.”

“Of course you do,” Mary answered. “What guy wouldn’t.”

“Gabe,” I quipped, remembering the gay clerk from Old Navy.

Mary giggled. “Fine, what straight guy wouldn’t like my idea.”

I did not have an answer, so I led Mary into Hot Topic, my cock hard in my pants. We walked up to the two salesgirls. “Welcome to Hot Topic,” the blonde said in a smokey voice. Up close I could see that the black-haired girl wore a skirt, black and short with black lace on the hem. Black, thigh-high fishnet stalkings covered her pale legs and made her look even more slutty

“Hi, I’m Mark and this is Mary,” I said in a friendly manner. “What are you two beautiful ladies names?”

“I’m Lillian,” the black-haired girl answered, “and this is Anne.”

“Anne, I want you to help Mary with her shopping,” I ordered the blonde. “Do whatever she wants, no matter how strange.”

“Of course,” Anne answered, smiling with her pierced lips. She took Mary’s hand and led her deeper into the store.

I turned to Lillian, who had a sultry grin on her black lips. “You are going to let me fuck you.”

“Absolutely,” Lillian purred.

“We’re going to fuck right here,” I told her. “I’ll be behind you and if anyone asks, I’m training you.” She licked her lips excitedly and I walked behind the counter. “Take off your panties.”

Lillian reached under her skirt and pulled down a pair of black, ruffled panties. She stepped out of her panties and held them to my face; I took them and breathed in her scent, musky and sweet. I stuffed the panties in my pocket, joining the pair I took from Cynthia and Vivian at the coffee shop this morning. Unzipping my fly, I pulled my cock out and moved behind her, lifting her short skirt up enough to get my cock underneath. The lace of her skirt’s hem felt cool and silky as it brushed my cock, before I found her hot, wet hole.

We both groaned as I slowly slid into her warm depths, her cunt rippling softly about my cock. I bottomed out in her pussy, my cock pressing against her womb. She breathed in deeply, wiggling her hips as I slowly fucked her. I could only use short strokes, barely pulling any of my cock out before sliding back in. Outside people streamed past the entrance to Hot Topic, unaware that we were fucking just fifteen feet away.

School must be over because a pair of giggling teenage girls stumbled into the store. I stopped fucking Lillian, resting hilt deep inside her. Lillian was breathing heavily and she squeezed her cunt slowly on my cock. One of the girls came up to the register to buy necklace. She was cute, fifteen maybe, with a low-cut blouse and a pair of small tits. She rested her arms on the counter and I could see down her blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I caught a flash of pink nipple as she shifted. It was too much for me. Gritting my teeth, I came hard in Lillian’s pussy.

Lillian gasped, and the schoolgirl looked quizzically at us. “Are you all right?” she asked.

“Just fine,” the goth salesgirl answered as another jet of semen flooded into her. “I ate a really big sausage and it just filled me up.” Lillian clenched her cunt hard on my dick and then wiggled her hips.

“Okay,” the girl muttered, handing Lillian a twenty. Lillian fumbled for the girl’s change and she left with her friend. My dick didn’t even get soft and I kept fucking Lillian.

“Fuck, that was hot!” Lillian moaned.

The second time I came in Lillian’s cunt was when this sluttily dressed teenage girl with bubblegum pink hair strolled into the store. She wore a shredded skirt made of wispy purple and white fabric that barely covered her ass, a tight t-shirt that fit tight across her tits and it was quite clear her ample breasts were not supported by a bra. Her nipples were hard, clearly outlined in the thin material of her shirt. There were dimples on either side of her nipples, it took me a moment to realize that they were pierced. The shirt was pink and had ‘Daddy’s little girl’ written across her breasts. The word ‘girl’ was cross out and underneath was written ‘slut’.

Lillian had one hand rubbing her clit, close to cumming, when the teenager walked in and she had to quickly pull her hand out of her crotch. The girl noticed the motion and smiled wickedly and winked at Lillian, clearly not fooled. She sauntered over to the counter and breathed in deeply. We reeked of pussy juices and cum by then and by her smile she clearly knew what we were up to.

“Whatcha doin’?” she asked with a smirk.

“T-training,” Lillian stammered.

“Slut training?” the girl asked with a smirk.

“Oh yeah!” Lillian moaned as I began to fuck her again. “I’m such a whore!”

Lillian started to move her hand back to her clit but was stopped by the girl. “Let me help.” The girl reached across the counter and her fingers reached under Lillian’s skirt. Her fingers caressed my cock as it plunged into Lillian’s cunt before she frigged Lillian’s clit. Lillian gasped and her cunt rapidly constricted on my cock as she came.

“Fuck!” Lillian moaned. “I was so horny I came when you touched me.”

The girl laughed and licked Lillian’s juices off her finger. I fucked hard into Lillian and shot my second load into Lillian as I watched this pink-haired slut lick Lillian’s cream. I groaned and breathed heavily on Lillian neck.

The teenager ran her pink tongue over her full lips slowly, a silver stud pierced her tongue. “How’s her training? Did she live up to your expectations?”

“She’s a natural,” I groaned, as Lillian started to gently squeeze her cunt on my cock again. “She really strives to please, which is important in customer service.” From the back of the store I heard a muffled moan and wondered what Mary and Anne were getting up to. Probably Anne’s tongue in Mary’s cunt.

The girl giggled, a wicked, trilling laugh. “I’ve always wanted to work at Hot Topic. Can you give me some training?”

Holy shit. This girl was going to let me fuck her without me having to make her. Fuck, I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited, and Lillian’s cunt felt so warm and tight as she massaged my cock with her pussy walls, I shot a third load of cum up inside her.

I panted, “Absolutely! Just have to interview you first.”

“Oh, of course,” she nodded seriously.

“What’s your name?” I asked. “And how old are you?”

“Alison Hertz,” she answered, “and I’m seventeen.”

“Well Alison, take off your panties and let me see what kind of pussy I’ll be working with.”

“I’m not wearing panties,” Alison confided, lifting up the front of her skirt. Her pussy was shaved smooth, her slit tight,and juices glistened on her lips. Tattooed above her pussy was: ‘Cum on in’, with a little red arrow pointing at her clit.

“How’d you get your parents permission to get that tattoo?”

Alison licked her lips suggestively. “I didn’t. I let the tattoo artist cum in and he was more than happy to give me the tat for free.”

“And those nipple piercing? Did he cum on in as well?”

She shook her head. “I had to lick a tight pussy to get those.”

“Well, you’re hired,” I told her.

Alison walked behind the counter and pulled up the back of her skirt to expose a perky ass. I pulled out of Lillian’s cunt and moved behind Alison. I had to bend a little lower, but I stuffed my cock up into Alison tight cunt. Lillian was between us and the entrance, blocking us from view allowing me to fuck the pink-haired teen hard and fast.

“Fuck that slut!” Lillian urged, lifting her black skirt with one hand and playing with her messy pussy with the other. Lillian brought her stained fingers to her lips and Alison slid her hand between the salesgirl’s legs and shoved two fingers up Lillian’s cunt. “You naughty whore,” moaned Lillian. “That feels sooo nice.”

“And you feel so wet,” Alison whispered, then leaned over and kissed Lillian. “Oh, god, fuck me stud!” Alison hissed when she finished kissing Lillian. “I’m close to cumming!”

I fucked her harder, her cunt spasming pleasantly on my dick as she came loudly, drawing the attention of passing mall shopper, a middle-aged woman dressed in a conservative, cloud blue pantsuit.

As the woman entered the store, a nasty thought popped into my mind. I pulled my cock slowly out of Alison’s cunt, trying to move as little as possible, then I slid my wet dick between the cheeks of her ass and slowly pushed it into her asshole. Alison stiffened and gasped.

“Are you okay, dear?” the woman asked, eying the flushed teenager as my dick slid deeper and deeper.

“I’m just fine,” Alison panted. “Just being trained.”

The woman peered suspiciously at us as my cock bottomed out in her asshole, tight and hot. Alison squirmed a bit, trying to get used to my shaft invading her ass. “Are you sure, sweetheart?”

“Oh yes,” Alison gasped as I slowly withdrew my dick, then pressed it forward, savoring the feel of her hot, velvety ass. “He’s an amazing teacher. Right, Lillian?”

Lillian licked her lips. “Oh yes! He cums here all the time. To make sure we’re well trained.”

This conversation was too much for me, and I came in Alison’s ass, sighing in pleasure.

“You three are some disgusting deviants!” the woman shrilled. “I’m going to get mall security.”

“No you’re not,” I told her. “You’re going to come back her and suck my cum out of Alison’s ass for being a nosy bitch. Don’t stop eating her asshole until she cums.”

The woman, looking completely ashamed of herself, walked behind the counter and dropped to her knees behind Alison. She lifted the teen’s skirt, spread her asscheek, and exposed a brown, winking hole dripping with white semen. The woman gingerly placed her lips on Alison asshole and sucked.

“Oh, fuck!” Alison moaned. “You are one nasty guy!”

My cock was dirty from Alison’s ass, so I lifted Lillian’s skirt. Her wet pussy would clean it up, and I shoved my dick into her sloppy pussy, fucking her slowly. I looked over at Alison and asked, “You ever wanted to be a sex slave?”

“Oh yes,” she panted. “I love it when a guy takes charge.”

“Why I am not surprised you found another girl to amuse yourself with,” Mary said as she and a thoroughly disheveled Anne walked to the front of the store. The salesgirl’s lips were smeared with pussy juices and she carried several bags of clothes.

“This is Alison,” I told her as Lillian moaned on my cock. “Alison, this is my girlfriend Mary.”

“Oh, nice to meet you!” Alison gasped.

“Alison is going to be our sex slave from now on,” I told Mary. She arched an eyebrow at me. “Alison, you’ll do anything, no matter how filthy or depraved, that Mary or I tell you to do.”

“Oh, absolutely!” Alison gushed. “That sounds wonderful! Thank you, Master. Thank you, Mistress. I’ll be the best slut-slave ever!”

“Well, she definitely dressed for it,” Mary said, reading the words printed on Alison shirt. “And, um, who is eating out her ass.”

“Some prudish bitch. She’s going to pay for your clothes, right.” There was a muffled yes from between Alison’s perky cheeks.

I leaned down to grab the prudish bitch’s purse, trying not to pull out of Lillian. I almost fell over, and my dick sadly slipped out of her warm cunt. I grabbed the purse and shoved my cock back inside the salesgirl’s pussy. I opened it up and pulled out her wallet. I found a credit card and handed it to Lillian so she could ring up the purchase. I found about a hundred in cash and pocketed that, and threw her purse on the floor. Lillian fumbled at the register, having trouble concentrating as I fucked her hard. Alison orgasmed with a small shudder and a moan a minute later. The prudish bitch grabbed her purse and fled the store, almost tripping in her haste to escape.

“Alison, who do you live with?” I asked.

“My father,” she answered. “My mom died giving birth to me.”

“Call your dad,” I ordered. “I need to speak to him.”

She pulled out her cell phone. “Hey, daddy, my Master needs to speak to you.”

I took the phone from Alison and heard her dad ask, “Master? What are you talking about, pumpkin?”

“I’m your daughter’s Master,” I spoke into the phone. “She’s going to be my sex slave and live with me. I’m going to fuck her and cum in every hole she has: pussy, ass, mouth. You will not worry about her, contact the police, or go looking for her. She will not be harmed.” I handed the phone back. “Tell your daddy what I’ve done to you.”

“Hey daddy,” Alison greeted brightly.

My balls tightened and I was close to cumming a fourth time in Lillian’s cunt.

“I’m having a lot of fun with my Master. He fucked me in the cunt behind the cash register at Hot Topic. It was amazing, I came so hard, daddy. Then this woman walked in. She was suspicious of us. But Master wasn’t concerned, he just stuck his cock up my ass and shot his cum inside me while this prudish bitch watched. It was sooo hot, daddy.”

Listening to this slut moan into the phone as she told her father the filthy things I did to her was so hot. I groaned and shot my load into Lillian’s cunt.

“Then, daddy, he made the woman eat his cum out my ass and I came a second time.”

I pulled my cock out Lillian, wet and dripping. “Slut, hang up the phone and clean your Master’s dick,” Mary ordered, surprising me.

“Don’t worry, daddy, I’ll be the best slut-slave ever for Master and Mistress,” Alison sweetly said into the phone. “I gotta go now, daddy. Master’s cock is covered in pussy juices and Mistress wants me to suck it clean. I love you, daddy.” With that Alison dropped to her knees, and licked all the pussy juices off my cock.

“Grab our bags, slut,” Mary ordered as I tucked my cock back into my pants. Alison grabbed the Hot Topic and Old Navy bags. “Walk behind us.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Alison smiled.

Alison trailed behind Mary and me as we walked through the mall. “You seem to be taking to this slave-thing well,” I told her.

“Well, Shannon, my older sister, used to like to boss me and Missy around,” Mary explained, “and I hated it.”

“Revenge by proxy, then?” Mary nodded. “Why not the real thing then? Say the word, and Shannon could be your very own slave.”

Mary blushed. “My own sister,” she whispered, mortified.

“Or not, I’m more than happy with Alison.”

Mary bit her lip. “You wouldn’t ever, you know, mess with my sisters.”

“Only with your permission. I promise.”

She smiled gratefully. “Thank you.”

Mary led us to Victoria’s Secret. “I want to put on a modeling show for you,” Mary giggled as we entered the store. “Slut can help.”

“I would love to, Mistress.”

Mary arranged everything after I told the salesgirls to listen to her. The customers were hurried out of the store and then the salesgirls locked it up. Mary and Alison browsed the shelves with the help of the salesgirls, two beauties named Aurora and Heather. Aurora was the younger of the two, eighteen, her hair dyed dark blue, large breasts on display in a low-cut, lacy blouse and blue jeans so tight they were almost a second skin. Peeking out of the back of her blue jeans was a red, whaletail thong. Heather was older, nearly thirty, but no less beautiful than Aurora. She had strawberry-blonde hair that fell in curls about her shoulders; brilliant, blue eyes; a dolls face; and pair of round, large tits that strained her gray, silk blouse. A black, tight miniskirt clung to her curvy hips and ass.

Mary had a divan moved to face the changing rooms and sat me in the center and ordered the salesgirls do a strip tease for me while Alison filmed with my camcorder. Both were novices at doing a striptease, and there was no music, but it was sexy nonetheless. The two girls wiggled tight asses in my face as they shrugged off blouses. Heather wasn’t wearing a bra and her right nipple was pierced with a gold ring. Aurora wore a strapless bra that barely covered her areolas and pushed up her large breasts. Bra off, she rubbed those large, fleshy tits in my face. She smelled of lavender and rose and I sucked a brown nipple into my mouth before she danced away.

When Heather’s miniskirt came off I wasn’t surprised to see she wore no panties, her cunt shaved and glistening. I wondered what was the point at working in a lingerie shop if you didn’t wear any. Aurora had a difficult time getting her jeans off, they were so tight, and Heather had to help. Then with far less effort, her red thong peeled off and both girls danced naked before me, rubbing against each other as they danced then, laughing, they seated themselves on either side of me, their soft, large breasts pillowing against me.

Mary took the camcorder and placed it on the shelf, making sure it had a good shot of the divan and the entrance to the changing room. Then she and Alison disappeared with their lingerie into the changing room as Heather and Aurora fished my cock out of my pants and stroked it while I took turns making out with each woman. The two women smelled divine, intoxicating, and their hands sent pleasure shivering through me as they fisted my cock. I had Aurora’s nipple between my lips when Mary and Alison exited. Both were stunning.

First Mary went, modeling a white, strapless bra with the cups covered in delicate, lilac lace and a matching pair of lilac panties also trimmed in lace. Lilac garters held up thigh-high lilac stockings. She walked before us as if she was on a runway, strutting forward then turning to give us all a good look. The three of us on the couch clapped and told her how beautiful and sexy she was. Then Alison – a cream bustier with black lace running and bodice; matching panties; and sheer, white stalkings held up by garters – did her strut, a more aggressive and sexually charged walk compared to Mary’s more graceful stride.

Heather, Aurora, and I whistled and catcalled.

Giggling, Mary and Alison went back into the changing room for their next outfits, and I pushed Heather down to the floor. She sucked my cock into her mouth, warm and wet, her teeth gently caressing my cock’s sensitive head. Aurora kissed me, her tongue wiggling into my mouth and I groped her heavy tit, rolling a fat nipple between my fingers.

After my cock was good and wet, Heather popped it out of her mouth and piled her big breasts around my cock, sandwiching my dick in their pillowy softness. Squeezing her tits around my cock, she slid them up and down. Her skin was smooth as silk, and her mouth would kiss the tip on the down stroke, teasing my cock with her wet tongue.

Mary and Alison came out in their next outfits. Mary wore a matching bra and thong made of gray lace, her dusky areolas peeking out through gaps in the lace. The thong was just wisps of gray lace that barely hid her pussy. She looked so hot that I groaned and shot my cum on Heather’s face and tits. Heather gasped in surprise, licking spunk off her lips, then smiled up at me.

“Don’t just stand there, slut,” Mary barked, slapping Alison’s ass hard, “lick up your Master’s cum of that whore.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Alison moaned, almost flying across the room in her haste to lick my semen off Heather’s large breasts and face. Alison wore a black, babydoll nightgown, trimmed in pink lace and matching, transparent black panties.

Mary smacked Alison’s panty-clad ass again. “Good little sluts always lick their Master’s cum up immediately! No matter where they find it!”

“Absolutely, Mistress,” Alison answered as Mary smacked her ass a third time.

Mary returned to the dressing room to change, leaving Alison busy cleaning Heather’s face and tits. Alison spent a good deal of time making sure her areolas and nipples were sucked clean of cum. Aurora lazily stroked my cock as we watch my little slut clean Heather. My cock quickly hardened and the salesgirl slipped down and sucked it into her mouth. Alison moved lower and buried her face in Heather’s pussy. I didn’t think any of my cum landed there, but I couldn’t complain if Alison wanted do a thorough job.

It was sexy as hell!

Mary third outfit was a sexy, sheer. pink babydoll slip. The bodice, solid pink, cupped her breasts in delicate fabric while sheer, pink silk fell down across her stomach ending at a pair pink, lacy panties. She looked as innocent as a schoolgirl and as sexy as a stripper. She did her runway walk and I whistled at her.

“God, you’re beautiful,” I moaned as Aurora deep-throated my cock.

“Thanks.” Mary sat down next to me and spread her legs. “Slut, eat my pussy!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Alison panted, pulling away from Heather’s cunt.

She knelt before my girlfriend and pushed her panties to the side and dived into Mary’s wet cunt, eating her pussy out with passion. Heather moaned in disappointment, then furiously masturbated, her fingers flying across her clit.

Mary embraced me and we kissed as Aurora blew me and Alison devoured her. My hand found Mary’s tit encased in the soft silk of the slip, and rubbed and squeezed. We came together, hugging each other tightly, filling our whores’ mouths with our cum and juices. Some of my jizz spilled out of Aurora’s mouth and Alison wasted no time in licking it off her face. I pulled Mary onto my lap, and her legs straddled my hips; the soft,cool silk of her panties rubbed on my dick as I captured her lips in a kiss.

I stared deep into Mary’s emerald eyes as she pulled aside the gusset of her panties and sank her cunt down onto my cock. “I love you,” she moaned, fucking me slowly.

I pulled her bodice down, popping a freckled tit out and sucked it greedily into my mouth. I gripped her ass through her silk panties, feeling it flex beneath my fingers as she writhed on my shaft. Her arms cradled my head to her breast, holding me as I suckled on her nipple and areola. I loved it. She was tight and wet, silk ecstasy on my dick.

Mary’s hips begin to move with a faster urgency, her breath coming in low pants. The walls of her cunt were fire on my cock, fanning my desire. “Cum with me, Mare,” I whispered, pressing my forehead against hers. “Cum with me!”

“Yes, yes,” Mary panted. She was fucking hard and fast now, hips swiftly rotating as she danced on my cock, and ground her clit into my groin. “I’m almost there! Oh, God, I’m there!”

Her cunt clenched about my cock as she sat down, burying me all the way to her womb as she came. Her lips found mine and we kissed and my body tensed, pleasure bursting in my balls, and I spilt my seed deep inside her. For a singular, perfect moment we were one. Mary kissed me, breathing in my soul, as we held each other in the afterglow of our pleasure.

On the floor, the other girls moaned and panted as they fucked each other, crying out as they made each other cum. They lapped at wet cunts and sucked at hard nipples, exploring every erogenous zone the ladies had. Mary slid off my lap and cuddled up next to me. Her legs were spread, my cum oozing through the silk panties. Alison was on us in seconds, licking the cum off my cock as we dozed on the couch, lazily watching Heather and Aurora slip into a sixty-nine and devoured each other.

“I love you,” I whispered to Mary, and kissed her as our slut licked her cunt clean of my cum.

To be continued…

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