The Devil’s Pact Chapter Five: The Talk



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 5: The Talk

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013, 2014

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Thursday, June 6th, 2013 – Mark Glassner – South Hill, WA

Mary and I exited Victoria’s Secret. We just had the most pleasurable time inside. Mary had arranged for the beautiful salesgirls, Aurora and Heather, to pleasure me while my girlfriend and our sex-slave Alison, modeled lingerie.

Mary wore the red-and-white striped pencil skirt and a loose fitting, white blouse. Her auburn ponytail contrasted nicely against the white of her blouse as it fell down her back. Behind us, Alison walked, burdened with Mary’s purchases. She looked particularly slutty in a pink t-shirt, so tight it was quite clear she wore no bra and had pierced nipples. Across her breasts was written ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’. Only the ‘Girl’ was crossed out and replaced with ‘Slut’. And that was what she was—a horny, seventeen year old slut.

“So where to next, Mare?” I asked. This was Mary’s shopping trip and I was just along for the ride.

“No offense, Mark” Mary said, “but you need some new clothes. This,” she grabbed the fraying hem of my t-shirt, “is a little worn.”

“Yeah, I guess,” I said. I guess it was fair, I had told her the same thing this morning about her Starbucks uniform.

And that’s how I found myself in Aeropostale being shoved into a changing room by Mary with a bundle of jeans and shirts, and detailed instructions on what to wear. I tried on a couple pairs of jeans until I found the size that fit. Then I pulled on a white t-shirt, tucked the shirt into my jeans, and then pulled on a red and black plaid, buttoned up shirt, which I left unbuttoned, per Mary’s instructions. I looked in the mirror and I guessed I looked alright. Usually I just wore the beige slacks my job required because I was to cheap too buy another pair of pants. For shirts, I bought whatever plain, cheap t-shirts sold at Walmart or Target.

I stepped out of the changing room and found Mary and Alison waiting. The slut had my camcorder and filmed me. I felt self-conscious as they scrutinized me, which was weird since I’d been filming myself having sex all day. I swallowed, waiting for Mary’s reaction. She eyed me critically, biting her lower lip. Why was she waiting so long to say anything. Did it not look good on me? Shit, I wished she would say something. Even if I looked like a moron, that was better then her appraising stare.

“You look good,” Mary finally said.

“Definitely,” Alison answered. “Master is looking very handsome.” I flushed, both relieved and embarrassed as Mary and Alison whistled and catcalled as I turned around.

“Nice ass,” Mary said huskily and then she spanked my ass.

“Saucy filly!” I gasped and jumped, whirling around to grab at her. She gracefully danced away, giggling as I lunged for her.

Mary stuck her tongue at me and darted between a clothing rack; I chased after her. Mary had gotten around the racks and was double-backing towards the changing room. I cut off her escape, driving her back into the short hallway that lead to the store’s three changing rooms. Mary backed down the hallway as I slowly advanced on her; a sultry smile graced her lips.

She bumped into the door at the end of the hallway. I grinned in victory, my prey was cornered. I loomed over her, feasting on the sight of her small bosom heaving in excitement. Her eyes shined with desire as I leaned in and captured her red lips with mine.

“You’ve been bad,” I whispered after the kiss, groping her tit through her blouse. “Time for your punishment.”

Mary grinned wickedly, reaching behind her to open the changing room door. We almost fell inside. I slammed the door shut behind us. “Slut,” Mary called out. “Do what you have to stop any interruptions.”

“Yes, Mistress,” answered Alison.

I shoved Mary face first against the wall and pulled her skirt up over her ass. She wore panties made of wispy, grace lace that did nothing to hide her flesh beneath. I pulled them down, leaving them bunched around her knees, and smacked her right asscheek.

“Harder,” panted Mary. “I’ve been such a bad filly!” The second smack was hard and loud and left a red hand-print on her white ass.

“What’s going on back here,” demanded the male voice of the store’s clerk.

“Nothing,” Alison said in a sultry voice. “Hi, I’m Alison.”

I smacked Mary’s ass a third time and she squealed. “Doesn’t sound like nothing,” the man said. “Come on out.”

Alison giggled, and cooed flirtatiously, “You have such broad shoulders. Do you work out? I love a guy with muscles.”

I unzipped my pants and smacked Mary’s ass repeatedly with my cock. “Uhh, you feel so hard!” Mary moaned.

“Get out! Right now!” the man ordered. “Wait, what are you doing?”

“Your muscles are so hard,” Alison purred.

“Miss, please stop that,” the man pleaded as my hard cock found Mary’s wet cunt and slid up inside her and fucked her slowly.

“Do you like my shirt?” asked Alison. “It’s the most amazing fabric. Here, feel how soft it is.”

“What? Shit!” the man gasped in panic. “I… fuck.”

“Nice and soft, right?” Alison purred.

I heard clothes rustle and the man gasped out loud. In a stricken voice, the man complained, “Miss, you got to put your shirt back on!”

“Do you like my piercings?” Alison asked. “It’s okay, you can touch them.”

“Oh God,” the man moaned guiltily. “Fuck, that’s nice.”

I pulled my cock out of Mary’s cunt. “Oh, don’t stop,” she begged.

“You still need to be punished!” I hissed.

I moved my cock up through her crack and found the tight, rosebud of her anus. “Ohhh,” Mary moaned. “Fuck my ass! That’ll teach me!”

My cock – lubed with her sweet pussy’s juices – pushed past her tight sphincter and into the warm, velvety tightness of her ass. Mary groaned in pain and pleasure, shoving her ass back against me, forcing my cock deeper into her bowels. One hand slit up under her blouse to grasp a small breast and hard nipple, while the other slid down to find a wet cunt and throbbing clit. Holding Mary tight, I fucked her ass hard; she moaned loudly.

“Do you want to see my tattoo?” Alison asked out in the hallway.

“Wow!” breathed the guy.

“It’s an invitation,” the teen slut husked. She must have lifted her skirt to show the phrase ‘Cum on In’ that was tattooed right above her pussy. Beneath the words, a little arrow pointed down to her clit.

“I can’t,” the guy protested.

“Sure you can,” Alison said huskily. “Pussies were made to have cocks cum in them.”

“Shit,” the guy cursed. A door opened and the pair moved into another changing room. Someone bumped into the wall.

There was a wet, sloppy sound and Alison cooed, “You’re so big!”

“Am I big?” I asked, Mary as I fucked her ass.

“Eh,” she said with a shrug. I smacked her ass and she giggled. “You’re my stallion!” she moaned. “And you feel quite large in my ass right now!”

I kissed Mary’s neck, enjoying her tight, hot ass as I fucked her. Through the thin walls of the changing room we could hear Alison’s pants and the gasps of the stranger fucking her. Mary wiggled her hips, slamming her ass back into me. Mary turned her head, and I kissed her lips, pushing Mary’s body against the wall as I reveled in her bowel’s sweet, tight grip on my shaft.

“Oh, fuck!” the man moaned. “You’re so tight! I am about to cum!”

“Oh no, don’t pull out!” protested Alison.

“I don’t want to cum in you!”

“Didn’t you read the tat?” Alison asked, naughtily. “Ohh, that’s nice! Fuck me harder! Fuck me stud!” Alison groaned loudly. It sound like she came. “Oh, your cum so hot and deep inside me! Fuck, you’re a stud.”

“Thanks,” the man mumbled. The door opened and heavy footsteps walked away.

Alison giggled from the hallway, “Did I do good?”

“You did great, slut,” Mary moaned, then hissed to me, “Pinch my clit. Oh yeah, just like that, hun. Fuck!”

Her ass clenched hard on my dick as her body shuddered in my embrace. I fucked her a few more times, then emptied my balls into her bowels. I held my sweet Mary – breathing heavily in her ear and savoring her sweet scent – for a minute, before I pulled my cock out of her ass. White cum leaked out her brown asshole, running down her crack and taint to her cunt.

We needed to be cleaned. “Slut! Get in here!”

Alison threw open the door, entering the changing room topless. Her large breasts, perky with youth, swayed and bounced as she walked. Her large, pink nipples were each pierce with silver barbells. Running down her inner thighs was the stranger’s cum. Alison saw my dirty cock and the cum leaking out of Mary’s ass, and knew what to do. Kneeling down, she first gently licked my cock clean; her tongue stud hard on my cock, contrasting with her soft tongue. My cock clean; she started to suck my cum out of Mary’s ass.

It was so hot watching my slut eat my cum out my girlfriend’s ass that my cock grew hard again. When she finished, I turned her head and fucked my cock deep into her mouth. She gagged and chocked as I face fucked her hard, shoving my cock down her throat. Mary smiled, straightening her skirt and blouse, and then grabbed the back of Alison’s head and held her in place, helping me to face fuck her. I came deep in her throat and Alison gagged and choked on my cum.

When I pulled out of her mouth, drool and cum ran down her chin. She smiled up at me and purred, “Thank you, Master, for feeding me your tasty cum.” She was a good slut and I patted her on the head, smiling down at her.

Knowing my size now, Mary picked out more clothes while telling me to go choose some boxers. She heavily implied that my tighty whitey underwear was not at all to her liking. I found some new boxers and I joined her at the register where I had the clerk sell the clothes to me for free. Alison, my cum running down her inner thighs, had trouble carrying all our shopping bags so I grabbed a teenage boy lounging in the store and pressed him into service.

“Bath and Body Works should be the last stop,” Mary told me as we left Aeropostale. “Alison and I will need our beauty supplies.”

“Of course,” I said. “I think I’ll pop into Gamestop.”

Mary nodded. “Okay, hun, we’ll meet you back here in twenty minutes.” I nodded, and pulled some of the money I took from the prudish bitch back at Hot Topic and handed it to Mary. She gave me a quick kiss and led Alison and our teenage pack mule off into the mall.

But it wasn’t Gamestop I went to. It was Kay Jewelers. Maybe it was crazy, but I loved Mary. Even if I hadn’t known her for a full day yet, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. The clerk was a middle-aged woman named Patricia. She had horn-rimmed glasses perched on a narrow, pinched face and boney nose. She happily smiled when I told her I was shopping for an engagement ring and showed me the stores collection. There were so many that I was quickly overwhelmed.

“What does your girlfriend like,” Patricia asked. “What type of jewelry does she wear?”

“I’m not sure,” I said, studying all the rings. It was a little overwhelming. “We haven’t been together long.”

“Ahh,” Patricia said. “When I was seventeen I was swept off my feet by this twenty-year old sailor. I thought he was the one.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“I got the clap,” Patricia said with a impish giggle. “Turned out, I wasn’t the only girl he was seeing. So you’re sure you’re not rushing things?”

I shook my head. “No, she’s the one. I feel it.”

“Okay, sonny,” she said. “How about this one?”

One ring caught my eye. Patricia noticed and pulled out a large, black diamond set in white gold and flanked with many, smaller white diamonds. The band of the ring was set with small, black diamonds. It wasn’t the most expensive ring, but I found it the most beautiful.

“This the one, sonny?” Patrica asked.

“Definitely,” I said.

So Patricia placed the ring in a black, ring box and I decided to look for some more jewelry for Mary. I found a heart-shaped, silver locket with a pink rose sculpted on the front; a gold bracelet made of X’s and O’s with little hearts engraved on the O’s; and a pair of amethyst gold stud earrings. Patricia was such a sweet old gal, I didn’t want her to get in trouble for letting me steal so much jewelery. I made her go into the back room and she looked so hurt when I tied her up. I would make sure someone would find her before too long.

Jewelery in hand, I wandered over to the Gamestop. Sadly, no hot, beautiful, cute, or even a moderately attractive woman wandered into the store, so I just browsed the games. I ended up getting a Nintendo 3DS to replace my old DS and picked up a couple of games. Finally, Mary and Alison showed up. In addition to the Bath and Body Works bags, they had Target bags, explaining the additional ten minutes it took. “Just some toiletries and such,” Mary explained with a smile. How could I be mad when she smiled so beautifully.

“So anywhere else?” I asked.

Mary thought for a minute. “No, I think that’s enough for today.” Mary noticed the Kay Jewelry bag and her eyes widened. I grinned and handed the bag of jewelry over. I had already slipped the engagement ring box into my pants pocket.

Both Mary and Alison cooed in delight as they opened the jewelry boxes. Mary immediately put on the locket, the bracelet, and replaced her silver studs for the gold, amethyst studs. Bedecked with her new jewelery, Mary hugged me fiercely and kissed me soundly on the lips.

“Oh, they’re so beautiful,” she said, tears in her eyes, “thank you, thank you.” The thank yous were punctuated with sweet kisses. “I love you.”

“I’m glad you like them,” I told her when she calmed down.

Arm in arm, we walked through the mall. On the way out I noticed a black, canvas duster in a store window. I had always wanted a duster, ever since I was a kid watching spaghetti westerns. Mary laughed out loud a minute later when I walked out wearing the duster. I didn’t care, just place my arm around her shoulder, and walked my laughing girlfriend out of the mall.

After a few minutes of wandering around the parking lot, we found my silver Mustang. Alison and the teenage boy placed our purchases into the trunk, and I told the boy to go to Kay Jewelers and find Patricia and free her. She was a nice old lady; I indict want her to get into any trouble. As he ran off, the three of us piled into the Mustang with Alison squeezing into the backseat.

“If you could have any car in the world, Mary, what would it be?” I asked as the Mustang’s engine roared to life.

She frowned. “I’m not sure. A Volkswagen probably.”

“A Volkswagen?” I asked. That would not have been my answer.

“Yeah, they make the cutest cars.”

Laughing, I backed my car out of the space and headed off to find a Volkswagen dealership. I turned onto Highway 512 and drove my Mustang up to 100 mph going down the hill into the valley before I had to slow down to make the curves. I took us to River Road, on the other side of Puyallup, which was crowded with a dealership for every car manufacture you could imagine, and found the Larson Volkswagen dealership.

We got out of the car and Mary started wandering through the various Beetles and Jettas, Golfs and Tiguans, proclaiming how cute they were. I just wondered what the fuck a Tiguan was. Could it be a lizard? I checked my camcorder and saw the memory card was nearly full, so I popped open the trunk and swapped out memory cards, then looked around for any attractive women.

“Can I help you folks?” a handsome, young man in a blue-striped white shirt asked. He was clean cut and friendly, and reached out to shake my hand.

“Yeah, my girlfriend Mary is looking for a new car,” I told Frank, reading his name off a blue nametag. “Help her find what she’s looking for.”

“Okay,” he said in a friendly manner, “What type of car are you looking for, Mary?”

“Something cute,” she answered as Frank led her off, “and sporty.”

I was about to follow when I noticed this gorgeous, sandy-blonde haired woman, mid-twenties, in a red sundress. The dress was held up by two narrow straps that left most of her shoulders bare. Between the plunging neckline and a push-up bra, the woman had an amazing cleavage. She was with a man, her husband I guessed, who placed a hand on her hip as they talked over a silver Passat.

I grabbed Alison and stopped her from following after Mary. “Slut,” I said quietly. “I’m going to lead that man’s wife off to the bathroom to fuck her. I need you to keep her husband distracted.”

Alison grinned, eying the man up. He was a ruggedly handsome man, broad shoulder and chiseled features. “Like how I distracted the guy in Aeropostale?”

I smiled at her. “You do whatever you want,” I told her. Alison nodded her head, eagerly, licking her lips.

Alison and I walked discreetly over to the couple and waited for my chance. After a minute, they separated and I stepped up to the wife and whispered, “Tell your husband you need to go to the bathroom, then wait for me in there naked.”

The woman glanced askance at me and, with a surprised look on her face, said, “Eric, I’m going to use the restroom.”

“Hmm, okay, Beth,” her husband answered, reading the specs of the Passat hanging on a window, and Beth walked towards the showroom and the restroom within. Her fine ass swayed beneath the loose fabric of her red dress as she strutted across the car-lot. I waited until Alison walked up and started flirting with the husband, then I followed Beth to the restroom.

The showroom was deserted and I slipped into the women’s restroom without being seen. Inside, Beth waited. She was naked and shyly held one hand over her pussy – blonde hair peeking out through her fingers – while the other arm vainly tried to cover her large, round breasts. A red flush crept across her face and stomach as I filmed her. The door had a deadbolt, and she jumped when it clicked as I locked the door.

“Wh-what do you want w-with me,” she stammered in fear.

“Don’t be afraid,” I told her; she immediately calm down. “I’m going to fuck you, and you’re going to enjoy it. So don’t be shy.”

Beth’s arms dropped away and she straightened; a sultry smile appeared on her face. Her nipples hardened, dark pink, with large areolas. Her pussy was covered with a fine down of blonde hair. I set the camcorder on the counter, aimed it where I hoped it was catching the action, walked over to her and pushed her back against the tiled wall, fishing my cock out of my pants. She breathed heavily, licking her lips in anticipation. I rubbed my cock on her wet pussy lips, then shoved all the way into her.

“Oh, fuck,” she moaned, “that’s good!”

Her arms wrapped around mine and one leg curled around my waist. I grabbed it, holding her leg up and allowing me to delve deeper into her wet cunt. I fucked her fast. Alison wouldn’t be able to distract her husband for long and then he would be wondering what happened to his wife.

“God, you feel good,” I moaned, kissing her neck as her cunt gripped my cock with a silken embrace.

“Fuck, you’re big,” she gasped. “Oh fuck, you’re stretching me so good! Harder! Harder!” The bathroom echoed with our gasps and moans and the slap of flesh on flesh and that wet, squishing sound of cock sliding through dripping cunt. “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” she moaned over and over. Her cunt constricted on my dick as she came, bucking in my arms. I kept fucking her hard.

There was a knock at the door, we both froze. “Beth, you in there?”

Fuck it was her husband. I slowed my fucking down and Beth moaned, “Yeah, I’m not feeling well. I’ll be out soon!”

“Do you want me to come in?” he asked.

“N-no,” she gasped, her cunt tightening about my cock and she squirmed in my arm. I bent and sucked a hard nipple into my mouth. “You can’t come in, it’s the ladies room.”

“Okay, I’ll be right out here, Beth.”


God, it was exciting fucking a man’s wife right under his nose. I fucked her slowly, barely pulling out before shoving back in. Beth moaned softly, her cunt squeezing my cock. Apparently, she found it exciting as well. She clenched her lips, trying not to cry out. “Are you going to cum on my cock again?” I whispered into her ear, “with your husband right outside?”

“Yes,” she whispered huskily. “Fuck me with that big cock.”

I sucked on her tit, leaving small bite marks. She was panting in pleasure and bucked in my arms as a second orgasm rolled through her. Her cunt squeezed so hard on my dick—it felt so amazing. She clamped a hand over her mouth to muffle her scream. My own cum was nearing, building in my balls. I kissed her mouth, tasting her tongue, and fucked her hard. One, two, three more times and then I erupted inside her.

I slumped against her for a moment, the pulled my dick out of her cunt and stumbled back. “Get dressed,” I quietly told her. “Don’t clean out your pussy till tonight. Walk around all day feeling my cum inside you and remembering how great the fuck was. Don’t ever tell your husband or anyone else about this. And don’t feel guilty. Just think of me when your husband’s little dick’s inside you.”

She nodded, grabbing her beige panties and pulling them on. She walked over to me and kissed me. “Thanks,” she whispered. “I haven’t cum that hard in years.” She found her clothes and got dressed.

I slipped into a stall as Beth unlocked the door and slipped out of the bathroom and I heard her husband ask, “You okay, Beth? You were in there a while.”

“Oh, I…um…I wasn’t feeling well,” Beth answered.

“I can see that,” her husband said. “You look a little disheveled. Do you want to go. We can look for a new car another time.”

The voices grew quiet as they walked away. “No, I’m feeling a lot better now.”

I planned on waiting another minute before exiting when Alison burst in, smiling. “Did you fuck her good, Master?” she asked, excitedly.

“I did,” I said. “What happened to distracting him?”

“Sorry, master,” Alison said, downcast. “I flirted and giggled and stuck out my chest, but he wasn’t interested.”

“Maybe he’s gay,” I mused. “His wife hadn’t been fucked well in a while.”

Alison nodded and then saw my sticky cock. She knew what to do, and dropped to her knees, sucking my pussy-covered dick into her mouth and sucking happily. I closed my eyes, enjoying my slut’s hot, little mouth and hard tongue stud sliding around my shaft.

The door opened and a woman gasped. “Shit, get in here!” I quickly ordered.

The woman, one of the sales staff, quickly entered the bathroom. She stared wide-eye as Alison didn’t even stop her blowjob. “Christ!” the woman – Iris her nametag read – shouted, mortified. “You can’t be doing that in here. Stop that!”

She was an attractive woman, early thirties, fit and toned. Her black hair was long and tied loosely back with a red ribbon. She wore a soft blue, business skirt and blouse, and black-rimmed glasses perched on her small nose.

I smiled down at Alison. “You’ve been a good slut today,” I told her. “I think you need a reward. Take off your clothes, lie down and spread your legs.”

Alison peeled out of her t-shirt and dropped her skirt in seconds, and was on her back, legs spread to show her pussy streaked with drying cum from the man she fucked at the mall and her own juices. Iris was speechless, gaping at Alison’s pussy.

“Iris, lock the door then get down there and make that slut cum on your tongue.”

Hands trembling, Iris locked the door, then knelt down on the floor, and moved slowly towards Alison’s pussy. The teenage slut writhed in anticipation as Iris breathed heavily, inches from her pussy. The woman closed her eyes, and let her tongue gingerly lick up the girls messy cunt. Alison sighed, hips jerking as Iris’s tongue grazed her clit. I grabbed my camcorder and handed it to Alison. The woman slowly licked up and down the teen’s slit. Her nerves relaxed, and she started to get more aggressive, slipping a finger inside my slut’s cunt.

“I’m going to fuck you, Iris,” I growled as I knelt behind her.

I rolled up her tight skirt, exposing well toned legs and tan pantyhose over white panties. I ripped her pantyhose, then shoved her panties to the side, revealing a shaved pussy with large, plump pussy lips, and a hard clit that protruded out an inch. Iris moaned into Alison’s cunt as I rubbed my cock against her clit, before I shoved it into her pussy.

It did not get old no matter how many pussy’s I fucked—they all felt warm and wet and wonderful on my cock. I fucked her hard and deep, gripping her hips and pushing her face into Alison’s cunt. Alison moaned, pointing the camcorder down the length of her body. Her pierced tits jiggled every time my fucking shoved Iris face into her cunt.

“Oh, Master, thank you,” she moaned. “Her tongue feels so great!” Her tits heaved, perky with youth, and tipped with pink nipples pierced with silver barbells. “Uhhmm, I’m going to cum! Oh fuck, keep sucking my clit, keep doing just that! Oh crap!” Alison writhed on the floor then collapsed, and breathed deeply. “Fuck that was amazing!”

“When a slut cums, she thanks the person responsible,” I sternly said.

“Oh, thank you, Iris,” she panted. “Your tongue and fingers felt so good on my slutty pussy. Thank you for making this slut cum!”

I pulled out of Iris, ready to cum myself, and jerked off over Alison, spraying cum all over her face and tits and stomach. Ropey, white cum covered Alison and she smiled happily. Without thinking, she gathered up the cum with a finger.

“No,” I ordered. “Wear my cum. Let everyone see what a slut you are. You can get dressed.”

“Oh, thank you, Master,” she gushed as she dressed. “I’m such a slut.”

Her shirt smeared the cum across her face as she pulled her shirt over her head, and the cum on her chest soaked right on through. She pulled up her skirt and, looking a complete mess, followed me out of the bathroom, leaving Iris panting on the floor as she masturbated. She must have been close to cumming when I pulled out of her cunt.

We found Mary returning to the lot from a test drive with Frank the salesman in a sporty looking red convertible. I thought it was a little boxy for a sports car, lacking the smooth lines and exciting curves I preferred in a sports car. She hugged me and then glanced at Alison, smeared in my cum, and raised on eyebrow.

“So, this car?” I asked.

“Oh, yes,” Mary smiled. “It’s an Eos. It’s so cute, don’t you think.”

I didn’t see it, so I lied, “Yes it is.”

Frank looked askance at Alison, clearly not sure what to say about the cum-drenched teenager. “Slut,” Mary barked, “go wait in the Mustang!”

“Yes, Mistress,” Alison pouted, and walked away.

“Don’t worry about her,” Mary told the salesman. “She’s very promiscuous. If you turn your back on her you’ll find her fucking some guy.”

“Well, lets get the paperwork filled out,” I told the salesman.

“Y-yeah, of course,” Frank stammered. Frank led us into the sales floor to his desk. The car, with fees and taxes, came to around $38,000 dollars. I offered him a dollar as the down payment and the rest of the money within the week. Frank agreed, and we skipped all the need for a credit check. Not surprising, the finance officer, Boris, a skinny Russian with a scar running down the side of his face, had problems with that. But after talking with me, he signed off on the deal eagerly.

After Mary and I signed what seemed like a hundred documents, we were handed the keys to Mary’s new Eon. I made sure Alison could drive a manual, then told her to follow us in my Mustang. I had an idea where we could stay for a short time that wasn’t my shitty apartment, and gave Mary instructions that would take us through downtown Puyallup, east on Pioneer, then south on Shaw Road.

The engagement ring box pressed against my leg in my pants pocket, and I wondered how and where I would propose to her. I wanted it to be special and romantic. “Mary,” I asked her as she droves us through Puyallup. “Is there anything around the Puget Sound that you’ve always wanted to do?” I hoped I sounded subtle and not to obvious.

Mary bit her lip as she thought. It was one of the many, cute things she did. “I would like to see the orcas.”

I frowned. “Orcas? Aren’t those out in the ocean?”

She laughed. “There are a couple pods that live in the Sound,” she said, incredulous that I, her boyfriend, could be so dumb.

“Okay,” I answered. “So you go to a pier or something.”

“No, there are these boats that take tours out into the Sound,” she said. “Shelly, my friend, went on one with her boyfriend. She said it was very romantic. And that the orcas were just beautiful.” Romantic, huh. I wasn’t sure what was so romantic about watching big fish in the ocean, but Mary sure seemed excited.

“How about you?” she asked.

I thought for a minute. “The space needle,” I finally said. “I’ve lived my whole life living an hours drive from it and I’ve never been up there.”

She gushed, “It’s very beautiful and romantic. And there’s this restaurant built up there. It slowly rotates so you can see all across Seattle, and the Sound. It’s so gorgeous.”

“Then you’ll have to show me how beautiful it is.”

Mary nodded her head. “I’d love to, Mark.”

My directions led us back up South Hill to where million dollar houses were built on the edge of the hill, overlooking the Puyallup River valley with a stunning view of Mount Rainier.

As we drove through the neighborhood I told Mary to choose the house she liked. Mary looked around and choose a blue-gray, three story house, with white trim. Large windows faced the street and the yard was well manicured, with shrubs and decorative rocks. Mount Rainier – a majestic, snow-capped peak – loomed behind the house. I always had to pause and admire the beauty of Mount Rainier.

Mary pulled the Eos into the driveway and Alison parked the Mustang on the street. We got out of the car and walked up to the beautiful, front doors, white painted wood set with beautiful windows. I rang the doorbell. A short, fat, balding man answered the door. He was in his fifties, what little hair remaining was gray, and he wore an expensive looking, dark blue suit, and a loose, red silk tie hung around his neck.

“Can I help you?” he asked, peering at us suspiciously.

“I’m Mark, and this is my girlfriend Mary, and our slut Alison.”

The man frowned at that. “Get off my property or I’ll call the police,” the man said, starting to slam the door.

I caught the door with one hand. “That’s rude. Invite us in.”

“Sorry,” the man muttered, “please, come in. I’m Brandon Fitzsimmons.”

We entered his house and it was richly furnished. He led us into a comfortable living room. There was a plush, cream colored couch and matching easy chair. A 56” flat-screen hung on the wall over an impressive entertainment center. Fancy looking art hung on the wall, a mix of modern art and classics. Mary looked appreciatively at the art, and cooed over a painting that looked like someone just splashed various color paints on canvas. I did not get modern art.

“Is there anyone else living here?” I asked Brandon.

“Just my wife, Desiree,” he answered.

I was about to ask if she was home, when a woman speaking with a sexy, Spanish lilt asked: “Who’s at the door, mi querido?”

A gorgeous Latina woman, late twenties, in a white, wrap-around dress with a plunging neckline that showed off a large and generous cleavage. She wore no bra and her full tits bounced and jiggled in her dress as she walked down the stairs. She was voluptuous and curvy, her ass swaying beautiful beneath her dress. Her skin was a beautiful, nut brown, and her brunette hair was long and curly. She joined her ugly, toad of a husband, wrapping an arm about him. The man was so short, her tits were at his eye level. Clearly she was a trophy wife and probably a gold digger.

“Hello,” she greeted us pleasantly. “I’m Desiree.”

“I’m Mark and this is Mary,” I told her. “And that’s Alison. She’s our slut.”

“I see,” Desiree said delicately, and gave her husband a confused look.

“What do you think?” I asked Mary as I eyed Desiree.

“Do you cook?” Mary asked the woman, a considering look on her face. Mary knew exactly what I wanted from Desiree.

“I do,” she said. “I love to cock.”

I looked at Brandon. “Is she actually a good cook?”

“She’s the best. It’s one of the reason’s I married her.” As he said that, his hand squeezed his wife’s ass and she giggled and slapped him away.

“Stop that,” Desiree purred, wickedly. “What’ll our guest think.”

“That I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” Brandon answered, placing his hand back on his wife’s shapely rear. He sensed I was a hungry predator eying his wife, and was marking his claim.

“This’ll work just fine,” Mary nodded.

“What will?” Brandon frowned at us.

“Brandon, we’re going to borrow your house, and your wife, for a while,” I told him.

His frowned deepened. “What do you mean ‘by borrow my wife’?”

“Just stand there quietly and watch,” I said with a smile. “Desiree, get down on your knees and suck my cock.” Desiree dropped to her knees, her hands fished out my cock, then her warm mouth engulfed me. Her lips and tongue sent electricity surging up my cock. “Mhh, your wife’s got a hot, little mouth.”

I watched Mary walk over to Alison and smacked her ass. “Sluts go naked in the house,” she ordered.

“Sorry, Mistress,” Alison apologized and quickly pulled off her cum stained top and slipped out of her jean shirts. Her teenage body was covered in streaks of my dried cum.

“Undress me,” Mary ordered.

Alison eagerly pulled off her white blouse, unhooked the lacy, gray bra then unzipped the tight skirt. Finally, Alison knelt down and pulled off her Mistress’s wispy, gray panties. Mary’s pussy was right in Alison’s face, and the little slut couldn’t resist swiping her tongue through Mary’s wet slit.

“Umm, good slut,” Mary murmured, the she grabbed Alison’s arm and pulled the girl to her feet, leading her over to the couch. Mary and Alison sat down and kissed, while her fingers played with Alison’s nipple piercings.

“Desiree, I’m you Master now,” I told her. “And Mary’s your Mistress. You will do whatever filthy or depraved acts we tell you to.” She nodded around my cock. “Good. Alison’s our number one slut. She’s in charge when Mary and I aren’t around.” Mary’s legs were spread open, her pussy wet and flushed and begging for attention. “Desiree, go eat your Mistress’s cunt.”

Desiree stopped sucking my cock and crawled across the floor, her shapely ass rolling as she crawled. Mary smiled down at Desiree. Alison sucked one of Mary’s nipples into her mouth. Mary groaned as Brandon’s wife pressed her mouth into her cunt. Mary grabbed her thick hair and rubbed the Latina slut’s face into her pussy. I dropped behind Desiree, pulling her skirt up, and exposed a black thong. I ripped it off her pussy; her cunt was shaved cunt and had large, pink, and very wet labia.

“Your wife’s wet,” I told Brandon. He looked queasy as I slowly slid my cock inside her while Desiree moaned into Mary’s cunt. “She’s nice and tight as well.”

I fucked Desiree’s pussy hard, enjoying her cunt’s velvety grip, and the sight of Desiree eating out Mary while Alison sucked on her freckled tits. Mary’s hand slipped between Alison’s thighs and fingered her clit. Desiree’s plump ass jiggled as I fucked her. And then she started wiggling on my cock. I slipped a hand around her waist and fund her hard clit and rubbed. Her cunt contracted about my cock and she howled wordless into Mary’s cunt.

“God, your wife’s a dirty whore!” I shouted at Brandon. “She just came on my dick. Tell your husband how much you loved it.”

“Ohh, I fucking loved itmi querido!” Desiree panted; mouth stained with cunt juices. “His cock feels so good in my pussy; I came so hard!”

“Your wife’s going to be well looked after,” I told her husband. “So, go upstairs, pack your suitcases. Whatever you’ll need for a few weeks and go check into a cheap motel. Not local, something closer to your work. You’ll live there until Desiree calls you and tells you to come home. Do not make any attempt to contact your wife. Do not call the police, or tell anyone about what’s going on. Now go!” Brandon raced out of the room, pounding up the stairs.

Mary came on Desiree’s tongue as I went back to fucking the Latina slut. Mary bucked so hard Alison had to stop sucking on her titties. Desiree started to pull her head up but Mary grabbed her hair and shoved her back in. “I didn’t say to stop, slut.” I slapped Desiree’s ass hard, leaving a red handprint, and she moaned an apology around Mary’s pussy.

Alison shuddered next to Mary, cumming on her fingers. “Oh, thank you, Mistress,” she panted. “Thank you for making me cum.” Mary held up her fingers and Alison obediently licked her cream off slender fingers.

I gripped Desiree’s hips and really began to pound her cunt. I was getting close to cumming as Desiree’s writhed before me, eating feverishly at Mary’s pussy. Her cunt rippled about my cock as she came a second time. My ball tightened and with a groan, I shot deep inside her cunt. I fucked her a few more times, spurting more cum inside her. I pulled out of her and sank on the couch next to Mary, yawning.

Alison wasted no time in getting behind Desiree, and sucked my cum out of her pussy. Mary kissed me hard, her nimble tongue probing my mouth. She broke the kiss, panting loud as her next orgasm neared. I bent down and sucked one of her hard little nipples into my mouth.

“Oh, that’s nice,” Mary whispered. “Ohh, fuck, Desiree’s a good cunt lapper!” she moaned and came with a hard shudder. Breathing heavily, Mary shoved Desiree off her cunt. “You can stop, slut!”

I reclined back into the couch. Fuck, I was tired. I had been up over a day and my sleep deprivation came crashing down on me. I closed my eyes and Mary cuddled up next to me. There was crashing down the stairs as Brandon raced down them, dragging his suitcase, and heading through a door out into the garage. He didn’t say a word. The garage door opened and sleep…

I woke up, confused where I was. Then I remembered, I was in the Fitzsimmons house. I rubbed sleep from my eyes and saw Mary sitting next to me. It was dark in the living room, the sun had set while I was sleeping and the living room danced with the shifting light from the Television.

“Have a nice nap,” Mary asked.

I nodded and sat up. Mary had showered and smelled of coconut, her red hair falling wet and loosely about her shoulders. She wore a pink, silk robe that hung open, exposing her nude body. Alison knelt before her, gently licking her slit. Moans came from the TV and I realized they were watching the footage I shot at Best Buy. It was kinda weird, watching myself fucking some woman. I think her name was Erin. Her husband was just in frame, stroking his hard dick as his wife moaned on my cock.

“Having fun?” I asked.

“It’s pretty hot,” Mary said, sighing, and pushed Alison off her cunt. Then she snuggled up against me. “Dinner will be ready, soon, and then we’ll talk.”

Talk? Oh, fuck. I remembered that I promised I would tell her how I could make people do what I wanted. “You still want to know.” She nodded, and kissed my neck. “Okay, after dinner.” We cuddled and watched the Best Buy orgy.

I started drifting off to sleep when Desiree announced, “Dinner’s ready.” She was standing at the living room entrance naked save for a white apron, her large tits spilling around the apron and dark, pink nipples peaked out as she breathed.

We stood up, Mary belting close her robe, which clung silkily to her body, molding to the curves of her hips and breasts. Desiree led us into a beautiful dining room with a table covered in a lace tablecloth. Two plates had been set at the corners and the only lights were from mauve candles set in silver candleholders. Desiree handed Alison a bottle of wine and she poured us both a glass while Desiree set plates of food on the table. Steaming on the plates was a savory roast, dripping in gravy with side of mashed potatoes. Bowls containing a mixed vegetable salad were set next to the plates, along with various bottles of dressing. Alison held a chair out for Mary and Desiree held my chair out. Once we were both seated, the sluts retired to the kitchen.

The food was excellent and Mary amused her self by feeding me bites of food from her fork, then licking the gravy off my chin. The roast was excellent, moist and delicious and the gravy rich, the mashed potatoes, obviously homemade, were thick and creamy. Desiree had selected a dark, red wine that complemented the roast. When we cleared our plates, Desiree and Alison returned, replacing our dinner plates with desert plates holding slices of chocolate cake and scoops of vanilla ice cream. The cake was heavenly, the texture spongy and moist. Desiree was as amazing a cook as her husband boasted. Maybe we would just keep her. She was wasted on her fat husband.

Finished, Desiree cleared the desert plates from the table, her heavy breasts swaying as she walked, and my eyes lingered on her shapely ass as she disappeared back into the kitchen. Dinner was over, and it was finally time to tell Mary where my powers came from. I looked over to my left; her heart-shaped face stared expectantly at me. The pink, silk robe she wore had loosened during supper, and I could see a dusky nipple perched on a small, freckled breast.

My hand shook and my stomach roiled. I breathed in deeply. I loved her; I could share my darkest secrets with her. “You still want to know how I can do the things I do?”

She nodded eagerly.

I sighed. “Well,” I started to say. This was harder than I thought. My stomach was twisted in painful knots. The longer I prolonged this, the worse it grew. Maybe it was like ripping off a band-aid—I just needed to get this over as quickly as possible. “I made a deal with the Devil,” I blurted out.

Mary blinked. “What?” Confusion marred her face as she furrowed her auburn eyebrows.

“Last night, at a crossroad, I made a deal with the Devil,” I replied. “In exchange for my soul, he gave me three wishes. A long, healthy life. Sexual stamina.” I paused. “And… people have to do what I tell them.” Her face contorted in surprise. “I love you. I don’t want to control you anymore. You no longer have to do what I tell you to do.”

There was silence, her face flushed in anger. “So I wasn’t attracted to you. I didn’t even have a choice. You just told me to spread my legs and I had to do it! Fuck, Mark! Jesus Christ, what the fuck!”

“I’m sorry, Mare,” I whispered. “You were so beautiful and you were so happy to do what I told you to. I made sure you enjoyed it. How many times did you cum today?”

“That makes it better!” she demanded, tears falling down her freckled cheeks. “Oh, God,” she moaned. “You made me do such depraved acts. And what you made me do to my boyfriend, Mike…” Her body wracked with sobs.

This was going so badly. And she was right, I had made her love me, then I made her dump her boyfriend over the phone while I fuck her ass. God, what type of asshole does that?

“I love you, Mare,” I confessed to her. “I think the moment I saw you in the coffee shop I fell in love with you. I was just so lonely, and you seemed so happy doing what I told you. It didn’t seem wrong. But as the day wore on, I realized it was wrong of me to tell you what to do, so I’ve tried to not give you direct orders anymore. You tell a slut what to do, not the woman you love. I’m so sorry for hurting you. I want you to truly be with me. Not because I made you, but because you love me.”

“And that’s the worst part, bastard!” Mary screamed. “You made me love you! It makes this hurt so much more!”

Relief washed over me for a moment. She still loved me. “Then what does the past matter. All that matters is that we love each other.”

“It’s not real love,” Mary retorted. “Just the poison you fed me!”

“Does it matter how you fell in love with me?” I asked. “Doesn’t it just matter how your heart feels?” I reached out to grab her hand, but she pulled away. “We can be happy together. I can give you whatever you want. I can give you the world on a silver platter!”

She hesitated, doubt conflicting her face. The she steeled herself. “I think it does matter that my love isn’t real.”

“How do you know it’s not real?” I asked. “How can you tell?”

“I…” she opened her mouth and hesitated. “I don’t know.” Fresh tears overwhelmed her and she sobbed into her hands. “I don’t know what to do.”

“I’m going to go upstairs and wait,” I told her. “If your love for me outweighs your anger then come upstairs. If not, I love you and I won’t stop you from going. You can take the car, your clothes, anything you want. I promise I won’t ever come looking for you. Just, please, think about it? Please?”

Mary sat still for a moment and then gave me the merest nod of her head.

Relief washed over me. There was still a chance. “I love you Mary.”

Mary did not answer, just cried into her hands again. So I stood from the table and left the dining room, entering the kitchen where Alison and Desiree were cleaning the dishes. Alison looked at me, a supporting smile on her face. “It’ll be okay, Master,” she whispered, hugging me. “Mistress loves you.”

Alison hopeful words made me feel a little better. “Sluts, when you’re finished with the cleaning, retire to the guest bedroom and do not leave until the morning unless you need to use the bathroom.”

“Yes Master,” the both replied in near unison. Then I discontentedly headed upstairs to the master bedroom and sank to the floor, leaning back against the bed. And waited.

My heart beat hard, and seemed stuck up in my throat. I clenched my hands tight. And waited. My ears strained for sounds from downstairs, but all I could here were clatters from the kitchen. Fear and doubt and terror and hope all swirled through my head. God, she was so hurt by the truth. I was such an idiot to release my control on her.

I sighed. No, letting her be free was the only way to truly have her. It would never be a real relationship if she was my slave. But she still loves me. I just need to hope that her love will win out against her anger. I would pray to God, but I don’t think he would answer me. It was getting harder and harder to breath as the tension squeezed my heart. Minutes ticked by a long as hours. The longer I waited, the worst the conflict between hope and despair grew. Over and over, the two phrases began to repeat on a loop in my head, drowning out all other thoughts

Mary was going to come upstairs. Mary was going to leave.

Again and again, like a needle skipping on a broken record, my mind echoed with those two thoughts. Mary was going to come upstairs. Mary was going to leave. Hope and despair, love and grief, warred for my soul. My heart pounded until I thought it was going to explode in my chest.

Mary was going to come upstairs. Mary was going to leave.

The front door opened. A car engine started. Despair slew hope, and love was drowned by grief.

Mary was going to leave.

I sobbed into my hands.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 6

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