The Devil’s Pact Main Characters

The Devil’s Pact Main Characters

The Main Character of the Devil’s Pact Universe.

Name: Mark Glassner
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown, cut short
Piercings: None
Description: Average looking, was overweight but has lost weight and is looking fit
Background: Vacuum-cleaner door-to-door salesman. Made a deal with the Devil for: 1. long, healthy life, 2. sexual stamina, 3. for people to do whatever he tells them to do. His deceased dad, David, was abusive to Mark and his mother
Family: Mary (Fiancee), David (Father), Sandy (Mother), Antsy (Younger Sister)
First Appearance: Chapter 1

Name: Mary Sullivan
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn, long, either loose or in a ponytail tied with a scrunchy
Breasts: B Cup, freckled, dusky nipples
Pussy: Waxed bare save for a fiery heart of red hair, sweet and spicy flavor
Piercings: None
Description: Beautiful smile with cute dimples, freckles, heart-shaped face
Background: Coffee barista at Starbucks and graphic art student at De Vry University. Her mother abandoned the family when Mary was six. Made her own Pact with the Devil, wishing for: 1. Mark and I to stay young, healthy, and beautiful for as long as Mark lives, 2. I want Mark and I to love each other unconditionally for eternity, 3. I want other women to desire me and not to resist my sexual advances. Mary summoned Lilith and received three boons from her: 1. Stop the nun (Karen’s) power, 2. save Desiree’s life, 3. for everyone other than Mark to do what she tells them to do.
Family: Mark (Fiancee), Sean (Father), Tiffany (Mother), Samantha (Older Sister), Missy (Younger Sister)
First Appearance: Chapter 1

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