The Devil’s Pact Antagonists

The Devil’s Pact Antagonists

The Antagonists of the Devil’s Pact Universe.

Name: Brandon Fitzsimmons
Sex: Male
Age: 53
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Gray, short
Piercings: None
Description: Short, fat, balding man.
Background: Executive at Boeing. Mark stole his house and his wife. Sister Louise (Karen) exorcised him and he has been plotting to destroy Mark and free his wife, Desiree. Hired Doug Allard, a P.I., to surveill Mark.
Family: Desiree (wife), Brandon Jr. (son, first marriage), Maryanne (ex-Wife)
First Appearance: Chapter 5

Name: Lilith of the Black Moon and the Empty Womb
Sex: Female
Age: Immortal, appears 28
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Silver, looks bed-tossed
Breasts: D Cup, far perkier than a mortal’s breast
Pussy: Silvery bush, taste like all possible pussy flavors at once
Piercings: None
Description: She exudes lust, a sex goddess in flesh with a predatory mouth, can create a 12 inch cock from her clit
Background: The first woman, married to Adam. Adam divorced Lilith when she made her own cock. Bitter, Lilith became Mother of Monsters and set her children to plague mankind. She is also a succubus, draining men’s vitality while they sleep. Cast into the Abyss as punishment.
Family: Adam (ex-Husband)
First Appearance: Chapter 6

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