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I’ve been working on transforming the Devil’s Pact into something I could publish on a few sites (ones that allow incest) and I’ve written an introduction POV for Alison. This takes place before she ever meets mark. This is a rough draft, so please excuse in spelling errors or grammar mistakes, I only spell checked it. I just finished writing this a minute ago.

Alison Hertz

I woke up with my face buried beneath the covers and something thick and hard stuck into my pussy. I pushed down the covers and found myself face to face with a sleeping woman’s face. It took me a moment to remember who she was. Zelda.

We had a wild time last night, my subconscious whispered.

Zelda was a punk-rocker girl, her black hair spiked up into a mohawk, the tips dyed red. I could see her small breasts, barely more than bee stings, but with fat nipples pierced with gold rings that I vaguely remember pulling on last night. A green serpent was tattooed on her right breast, and my fingers traced the snake as it circled her breast to her pink nipple.

Someone shifted in the bed, pressing against me. A guy, with a muscular chest and a hard cock. Last night was starting to come back to me. I had snuck into the Eagle Tavern last night—it was stupid that I was an adult, almost nineteen, and I couldn’t legally buy beer—and my subconscious had noticed Zelda and Spike grinding on each other. They were hot, and my desires practically compelled me to go and join them.

My subconscious never steered me wrong, and what little I could remember of last night had been hot.
Spike’s hard cock prodded my ass, and my blood started pumping. Let him fuck our ass, my desires whispered. Imagine that nice, hard cock reaming our tight asshole until we scream.

I wiggled my hip, then frowned; there was definitely something shoved up my cunt. I reached down and felt the narrow end of a beer bottle, the thick end shoved into my pussy. How absolutely wicked of me! I loved fucking my pussy with beer bottles, just ask anyone that ever partied with me! You didn’t even need to get a beer in me, I loved to show off my little cunt stretched around a thick bottle.

“You awake?” grunted spike; he was dry humping me now, leaving streaks of pre-cum across my ass.

“Yeah,” I grinned. “You wanna fuck my ass?”

“Damn, Addison, you are one hot slut!”

“Alison,” I corrected.

“Whatever,” he grunted, gripping my hips.

He shoved his unlubed cock up my ass! I gasped, savoring the depraved experiences I was a nymphomaniac. Ever since I lost my virginity at fourteen to a High School Senior, I had craved to get fucked. My subconscious was on overdrive steering me to fuck any cock or eat any pussy I could get my hands on.

That’s all a little slut like we are good for, my subconscious whispered. We need to find a nice, strong man to dominate us. Imagine that.

It sounded wonderful. I wanted my daddy to dominate me, but he was the one man I always chickened out on seducing much to my subconscious disappointment. He was a great dad, even he was a little bemused at the wild girl he raised Sometimes I wondered if my mom hadn’t died in childbirth if I would have turned out as such a slut.
I hoped I would have. I loved every second of it.

“Fuck my ass!” I groaned as spike pounded my ass.

Zelda stirred, her brown eyes flicking open. “Umm, you two started with out me.”

I grabbed her gold nipple piercing and tugged. “There’s a bottle shoved up my twat, why don’t you fuck me with it?”

“What a slut you are, Annie!”

“Alison,” I moaned as she shoved the beer bottle deeper. “Oh, fuck! I’m stuff full!”

“Yeah you are!” grunted Spike. “You like he feel of my monster up your ass!”

“You know it!” I moaned. “Harder! Make me scream!”

I was lost in a sea of lust; a bottle reamed my pussy and a cock reamed my ass. I was a slut, and I loved every second of it. I pulled on Zelda’s nipples, delighting in the punk-girl’s moans. Her thighs wrapped around my legs; her soaking pussy humped against my knee.

“Dirty whore!” I groaned. “Are you gonna hump my leg like a disgusting bitch?”

“Yeah,” purred Zelda. “We’re both disgusting bitches!”

“Yes!” I gasped, shuddered, and my orgasm ripped through me like a hurricane. I writhed between the two near-strangers fucking me, my pussy working around the bottle, trying to squeeze it out, while my ass spasmed around spike’s invading cock. “Keep fucking me! I want to cum even harder!”

“What a dirty, fucking whore!” Spike grunted, jabbing his cock in with hard, quick strokes. “Work that ass on my cock! I’m gonna fill your dirty ass then make you lick my cock clean!”

“Oh, yes! Do it! Make me be your whore!” I gasped. Was spike the guy to dominate me?

No, my subconscious whispered, he’s too much of a poser. He could never fully dominate us. We’re too wild!
Zelda’s hips humped faster, her juicy cunt sliding about my leg coating me in her wonderful honey. Her face twisted and I tugged even harder on her nipples rings, stretching her breasts. Her eyes widened, and then she shuddered.

“Ohh, fuck!” she moaned. “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Pussy juices flooded my knee as the punk-girl came.

“That’s it, bitch!” I cooed. “Cum all over my knee like the dirty slut you are!”

“Ohh, I’m gonna fuck your pussy raw!” Zelda grinned and it was my turn; my eyes widened as she fucked the bottle faster and faster inside me.

Another orgasm built, built, and then exploded inside me. “Ohh, you dirty whore!” I screamed, spasming against spike.

He grunted, clearly loving all the wonderful things my cumming ass was doing to his cock, then he spilled in me. Wonderful, hot, sticky cum was flooding my ass. I groaned and panted. He pulled out, rolling over on his back and grabbed a pack of cigarettes off the table.

I crinkled my nose. I never could stand the that smell. I rolled out of bed, the bottle slipping out of my cunt, and padded to what looked like my clothes lie on the floor. “I’m gonna use your shower,” I said over my shoulder.
“Aren’t you gonna lick my cock clean?” he asked.

“I hate cigarettes,” I shrugged. “So you’re gonna have to make me.”

I walked into the bathroom, he didn’t follow. My subconscious was right; he was just a poser. The water was warm on my body, and I washed all the filth off me and wondered what I should do for the day. I probably should go to college, but that didn’t sound fun. All my professors were fat or old or both, ruining all my dreams of being a teacher’s plaything.

Daddy would be mad, but going to the mall just sounded like more fun.

I smiled, working my soapy hands between my legs; my dad was a sexy man. The only guy I never had the courage to seduce, despite my subconsciousness constant harping on the subject. It was mean of me to deny him; I don’t think he’s had a woman since mom died giving birth to me, or if he has, he was awful discrete about it.
Maybe after the mall I would seduce him?

You won’t, my subconscious whispered. You’re not enough of a slut, yet.


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