Devil’s Pact Update 1-13-14

Hi everyone

Sorry for the delay in any new stuff posted. RL interfered. Ghost of Paris Chapter One is nearing ready for publication.

Willow’s Fantasy is winning the poll for what to publish after Chapter 34.

Here is a preview for Chapter 34. This is unedited so there’s probably a few mistakes in there.

My new wife, Mary, was wrapped in my arms as we stared out at Paris from atop the Eiffel Tower.

We arrived in Paris last night to start our two week-long honeymoon in Europe. When we woke up this morning, huge crowds had gathered in front of our hotel. On one side were the Believers and on the other side the protestors. In between were the Paris police. So I gave an impromptu speech. Most of the Parisian protestors understood English and by the end they were our supporters.

Before we left for Europe, I had made a few calls to get the local police under our control and they had been extremely helpful in keeping the crowds back as we played tourists in Paris. Mary was determined to see every art museum and we spent most of the day wandering the Louvre. Mary was positively girlish as she gushed over the art. To end our day, we had the police close the Eiffel Tower so that we could enjoy it in peace. I could just hear the believers gathered below that had followed us all day.

It was beautiful up here. Paris was laid out before us, the Seine winding through the lit-up city. It was gorgeous, romantic view with tree-lined boulevards that glowed green and magnificent landmarks shining brightly: the Arc de Triomphe, the glass pyramid of the Louvre, the Notre Dame rearing up in all its Gothic majesty, and many other beautiful buildings and churches. But it all paled compared to the beauty of my wife nestled in my arms. I brushed her auburn hair off her pale neck and kissed the nape of her neck below her ear.

“Mmm,” she murmured, wiggling in my arms. “Don’t stop, Mark.”

I nuzzled her neck and nibbled at her ear. I slipped my hand down and rubbed her silky thigh below her short skirt. “Do you like it when I do this, Mare” I asked as I moved my hand up under her skirt and gently teased her smooth pussy.

“I do,” she purred. Her ass swayed and rubbed pleasantly against my hardening cock. She gasped as my finger brushed her clit.

I slowly diddled her clit with my finger while my other hand moved up her side and found her perky breast. I gave it a squeeze through her bodice then pulled the strap of her dress off her shoulder, pushing the bodice down so I could play with her bare breast. Mary moaned in appreciation as my fingers found her hard nipple and gave it a gentle pinch.

“Umm, that feels great, Mark,” Mary moaned. I slid my hand lower, using the heel of my hand to grind against her clit as I gently pushed two fingers up inside her wet pussy. My wife gasped, “Finger fuck me! Umm, make your naughty filly cum!”

“Gladly, Mare,” I whispered then started kissing and sucking at her neck as I slid my two fingers in and out of her sucking cunt. I could feel the passion growing through her body, the way she begin to tense as her orgasm neared. I pumped my fingers faster inside her, pinching her hard nipple. “Cum for me, Mare.”

“Yes, yes! Oh, I love you, Mark!” she cried out as her passion overwhelmed her. My fingers were massaged by her orgasming cunt and her plump ass ground back into my hard cock deliciously. “Oh, fuck, that was great!” She turned in my arms and kissed me soundly on the lips. “Umm, how should I return the favor? My mouth.” She grinned, licking her lips. “My wet pussy, maybe? Ohh, maybe my naughty, little ass?”

I grinned at her, reaching around to grope her ass. “What do you think?”

“I think my new husbands wants to fuck my naughty ass,” she giggled. “But, he needs to get me nice and ready back there.”

Mary turned back around and I knelt down, pushing up her short, flowery skirt, exposing her pale, plump ass. I kissed each cheek, rubbing their pillowy softness against my face, before I spread her open. I fond her tight anus and placed my lips on it, sucking and licking. Mary purred as I pushed my tongue at her sphincter, slowly forcing my tongue past the tight ring and tasting the sour flavor of her ass.

“Umm, I love it when you rim me,” cooed Mary then she gasped playfully as I slipped two fingers up inside her juice cunt.

I let those fingers soak in her cunt, getting a good coating of her savory lube, before I pulled out and pushed those two fingers into her tight ass. I slid them deep into her bowels, fucking them in and out as her ass gripped them tightly. Mary looked over her shoulder at me, a happy smile on her face. She was ready.

I stood up, slipped my cock into her tight pussy, fucking in and out of her just a few times. I almost wanted to stay in her pussy, she felt so amazing, but I wanted her ass tight ass right now. I pulled out, and Mary sighed in disappointment. I adjusted my cock, lining up at her sphincter, and pushed slowly into her ass. Mary’s disappointment faded as I filled her asshole, she loved it up the ass, too. I moaned as my cock disappeared inside the tight tunnel.

“Oh, fuck that’s nice!” Mary cooed as my cock slid all the way into her ass. “Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Give your filly a good ride!”

I pulled back and thrust back into her, enjoying her tight embrace as I fucked her slowly. Mary pushed her hips back as I pounded her ass. I reached my hands around her and gripped her breasts, squeezing the firm, perky flesh and feeling her hard nipples between my fingers. Mary gasped every time I thrust into her, then turned her head and we kissed over her shoulder.

“Harder!” moaned Mary. “Give it to me hard, my randy stallion! I’m so close to cumming again!”

I pounded my wife’s ass as hard as I dared; I didn’t want to hurt her. She wasn’t Xiu who got off on the pain. My strokes were becoming more frantic as my own cum approached. I was getting so close, just a few more strokes and I would be there. Plunging into her tight ass, my cock’s sensitive head would rub against her hot bowels, sending pleasure shooting through my cock. Then I pulled out, delighting in the velvety feel of her asshole. Every stroke brought me closer and closer to cumming.

“Fuck!” I moaned. “Here it comes, Mare! Fuck!”

“Ohh, I can feel your hot cum filling me up!” moaned Mary as my release flooded her ass. Then I felt her ass clamp down on me and Mary’s body trembling in my arms. “Ohh, I love it when you cum in me, Mark! Oh, I love it so much.”

I held my wife as we relaxed in an orgasmic high, gently kissing her neck and cheek, and admired the city of Paris laid out before us. “I love you so much,” I whispered. “Thank you.”

“Your welcome,” Mary sighed. “But, I think I owe you a cum. I’m one up on you.”

I laughed as pulled out of her ass. My wife knelt before me and started licking at my dirty cock. She usually had one of the sluts clean up my cock after its been in her ass, but sometimes she liked to do it herself. I closed my eyes and leaned against the railing with my arms and enjoyed my wife’s excellent blowjob.

“Excuse me, sir,” 51 said. “I know you didn’t want any interruptions unless it was important.”

I sighed as Mary released my cock. “What is it, 51?” I asked her as Mary stood up.

Well, Take care everyone


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