Devil’s Pact Update and New Poll

Hey everyone,

Ghost of Paris one the poll and its off at my Editor, Mater Ken. Number One Rule of Retail Chapter Two was the runner up and that’ll be published next, then chapter 34. I want to get some of these shorter stories out before I get to chapter 35-38. They are one long section that will be released in succession.

There’s another poll for what to post after chapter 34. Right now ‘Alison and Desiree Get Married’ and ‘Ghost of Paris Chapter 2’ are tied for first place.

Had the thought of a mini-series following a girl from ‘Mark Goes Back to School’ as she goes to Church Camp over the summer. I always love summer camp stories and they never have enough of what I’m looking for (sex). Don’t know when I’ll write it, but I’ve started hammering out an outline.

I’ve also added a post if anyone wants to suggest any fetishes or scenes for me to write. I take inspiration wherever I can find it.

Take care,


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