Devil’s Pact Update – 6-8-14

Hey everyone,

Hope you all enjoy Ghost of Paris Six! There’s a new poll up, Cindy’s Interview won the last pull, and will be released after Chapter 48: The Patriot’s Blood. This chapter is all about Noel.

Just some words on the scheduling order: Chapter 48, Cindy’s Interview, Chapter 49, then First place in the poll. After that Chapters 50-53 and epilogue will be released one after the other. Once the main story is finished, there’ll be a larger poll and the first, second, and third place stories will be released, and then I’ll start releasing the Battered Lamp, with alternating short stories like before.

I have started working on transforming the Devil’s Pact into something publishable. There are a few ebook retailer that will let you publish incest, but none will let you publish under 18 (even though there are mainstream books, Game of Thrones for instances, that contains detailed and graphic sex scenes between a thirteen year old girl and a man in his early thirties). I’m aging everyone under 18 to to 18 and reworking the first part. There’s a prologue, a few scenes before Mark makes his pact, and Tiffany’s going to get a mini-story arc weaved through the beginnings where she tackles another warlock.

Lastly, I’m working on a published work called ‘My Fallen Angel’ which is a mind-control harem story, that will have all the sex and action that the Devil’s Pact has. It is not set in the same universe, the angels and demons work a lot differently. Bill’s dreams are coming true, and the girl he has a crush on falls under the sway of a succubus, so Bill steps up, with the help of a redhead that wants to be dominated by a strong man, to free Cynthia, not knowing that he’s stepping into a power struggle between Heaven and Hell that will change the world.

Please follow me on twitter and like me on facebooks, there are links at the bottom of the post, and if you want to support my writing, click on the smashwords link and look for an ebook that interests you, or buy one of my published works. Naughty Wife’s Surprise is $.99 cents with the coupon still. Click the link on the right hand sidebar to check it out. Evie agrees to be her husband’s sex slave and strips naked in a parking garage, and comes home to find another slave fucking her husband.

I will be posting a free story in a short-story contest at It’s called the Virgin Possessed, about a repressed virgin on the eve of her wedding who gets possessed by a demon that teaches her just how much fun sex is. I hope you’ll all support me, I’ll need ten votes to get past the first round so the judges will actually consider it. I hope to have that posted any day now, it’s with my editor. And then I’ll send him Chapter 49.

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Take care

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