The Devil’s Pact, Ghost of Paris Chapter 6: The Locker Room



The Devil’s Pact

The Ghost of Paris Chapter Six: The Locker Room

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2014

Story Codes: Male/Teen female, Male/Teen females, Mind Control, Magic, First, Incest, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, School, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism

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Monday, September 16th, 2013 – Paris, Texas

I stood at the scene of my very first crime—the girls locker room at Boone High School. When I was nineteen, I worked as a janitor at this very educational establishment. Being a voyeuristic horndog, I quickly figured out where to drill a small hole to let me peep on the fine, young things changing and showering and carrying on.

It was the best month of my life. At least, before I made my Pact to become invisible at will, it was.

The three years I spent in prison when I got caught were the worst years of my life.

But that was the past. Soon nubile, sweet, innocent, beautiful teenage girls would be filling this locker room, stripping off their clothes, showering and soaping their youthful charms, and I would be standing in the middle of it. My pecker was as hard as a concrete slab, throbbing painfully. I resisted touching it, waiting for the true show to begin.

A bell rang, and the girls started filtering in, talking like a flock of songbirds, chirping all the meaningless stuff of their lives. “You’ll never guess…” and “Oh, my god…” and “That slut…” filled the room. I didn’t pay their words any mind. Shirts came off, exposing their bras: plain, white bras; frilly bras; cute bras, complete with little bows; racy bras that pushed up youthful tits. Some girls boldly took off their bras, not caring if their classmates could see their perky flesh before they put on their sports bras or tank top bras, while others were shy, hunching their shoulders to protect their modesty.

I was in heaven, staring at panty-clad asses as girls bent over to pull on gym shorts. My hands reached out, giving plump butts a squeeze, groping a pair of budding breasts, or feeling sleek thighs. Girls would shriek, looking around confused as they saw nothing.

“It’s the Ghost,” giggled a girl, finally realizing what was up as I gave her ass a squeeze.

“Ohh,” another girl said with excitement. “The cheerleaders are all sluts for the Ghost. I’ve seen them disappearin’ behind the bleachers.”

“I know a girl that boasts ’bout the Ghost visitin’ her bed at night. She says the Ghost makes her cum better than any boy at our school.”

“That’s nasty,” another girl giggled.

“Let’s get goin’, girls,” a man yelled from the entrance of the locker room. “Get your butts out of there, or I’ll have you runnin’ laps all period.”

“We gotta go, Ghost. Don’t wanna have Coach Windbag makin’ us run.”

And they were gone, the few minutes I had with them over, my cock still hard. I should’ve just started fucking one right away. I laid down on the bench, waiting for their gym class to be over. One girl had caught my eye—shy, with braces. I didn’t get a good luck at her titties as she hid in the corner. But they’re gonna have to shower when they get back, and I bet I could have bit of fun with Miss Braces.

My thoughts were full of the black-haired freshman smiling at me, her braces glinting silver on her teeth, making her seem even more innocent. I just want to feel her tight cooch envelop my pecker, and shoot my cum inside her. I bet she’s never even been fucked before.

“You still here, Ghost?” a girl asked.

“Course I am, sweetness,” I answered in my best ghost impression.

The sweaty girls were filing in, giggling and looking around. Miss Braces looked at the ground, quickly heading for her locker. Like before, she was shy, stripping faster than a flash of lightning; blink and you would’ve missed it. The she made a beeline straight to the showers, a towel clutched about her body, protecting her youthful charms like a doe with her faun.

I followed.

She threw her towel over the metal stall, turned on the water, and stepped in. I watched her nubile body as she soaped her pale skin. Her breasts were lovely, a little larger than a handful, topped with tiny, red nipples. Her ass faced me, wiggling, and I pounced like a hungry lion.

“What in the blue hell!” she shrieked as I pressed her up against the shower stall, my hands finding her tits as my cock rubbed on her body. “Oh, no, stop!”

“Just relax, sweetness,” I purred. “I ain’t gonna hurt ya.” I nuzzled her neck, kissing her soft flesh.

“Oohh, looks like Lizzy and the Ghost be gettin’ acquainted!” giggled some girl. “Wild, I can see the water running down the Ghost’s body.”

Lizzy’s hands were braced against the metal shower stall as my pecker searched for her opening. She had stopped resisting, my wish starting to take effect – part of my deal with the Devil was that any girl I molested would enjoy it – and she moaned as my cock rubbed on her sweet cooch. I found the tight, spongy opening, and pressed in.

“Oh, wow!” she moaned. “He’s inside me pressin’ against my cherry!”

“Pop her cherry!” someone clapped. “Break her in for the football team!”

I felt something blocking my cock. Lizzy was an actual virgin with an actual cherry. I had begun to think it was a legend. I drew back and shoved forward; the tissue resisted for a moment, then it gave way before my pecker.

I whooped loudly. “Popped me a cherry!” A clap went up from the assembled girls as I pounded Lizzy’s formerly virgin cooch.

“Oh, geez!” she groaned. “Oh, my gosh! His cock’s slidin’ in and out of me!”

“How’s it feel?” someone called out.

“Pretty great!” she answered.

Her juicy cooch felt more than pretty great, it was fan-fucking-tastic: tight, wet, warm, spongy. I pushed her against the shower wall, warm water spraying us. I reached around, and gave those tiny tits – little more than bee stings, but her nipples were hard as diamonds – a nice grope. She gasped as I pinched her nipples, and her cunt tightened about my cock.

“Fuck her hard!” someone yelled out. “And make her cum!”

“Lizzy, you slut! Drain the Ghost’s balls!”

“Pound the little whore’s snatch proper good, Ghost!”

“Make her howl! Lizzy’s so uptight, she needs a good cum to mellow her out!”

I sucked on her neck hard, wanting to leave a hickey. Lizzy moved her hips, panting softly at first, then growing louder as I thrust into her depths. Her voice rose an octave. Her head threw back, braces flashing silver in her wide-open mouth, and she absolutely howled with pleasure. Her tight cooch spasmed about my cock. Nothing felt better than a teen’s cunt cumming about your pecker!

My balls were tightening, my cum nearing. I gripped her slippery hips, and thrust a few more times. “Fan-fuckin’-tastic!” I howled as I spilled my balls inside her.

“Oh, shoot! I think he just came inside me!” Lizzy groaned. “Oh, wow! That feels so wild! Oh, gosh, oh, gosh!” She quivered, her cunt squeezing on my softening cock, her black hair tossing as her orgasm burned through her.

“You was a great fuck, sweetness,” I said, slapping her ass and grabbing her towel. I dried myself off, leaving her panting in the shower.

Lizzy was the last to leave, hastily dressing, her cheeks flushed. She paused as the next group of girls filed in, and said, “Thank you, Mr. Ghost. I…um…I had fun!”

I gave her sweet ass one final squeeze. “Me, too, sweetness. You better skedaddle before I have another go at your hot cooch.”

She giggled, and slipped out of the locker room.

I didn’t do much with the next group but fondle a few breasts, letting them know the Ghost was here. My pecker needed a recharge after Lizzy’s sweet cooch. Which was a shame, because there were some god-damn-gorgeous girls. By the time the second period was over, my pecker had almost recovered.

A pair of smoking-hot twins trooped in with third period. My heart stopped. My pecker rose to full mast. I had to have them. They were slim and graceful, faces full of freckles and large, exuberant smiles. Their hair was a deep auburn; one had hers plaited in a French braid, while the other twin’s hair was streaked with blonde highlights. Miss Braid lifted up her frilly top, exposing a pair of small breasts in a lacy bra.

“Oh, my god, did you see Dillon?” Miss Highlights sneered. “That haircut. Eww, what was he thinkin’?”

“Right?” her sister added incredulously, her bra sliding off. Her nipples were dark pink.

I reached out and gave one a pinch. She froze, nipple hardening as I rolled it between my fingers. A small shudder passed through her. She tossed a look over her shoulder, eyes trembling with fear and lust. I pinched harder, and a soft mew, almost like a cat, escaped her lips.

“I was thinkin’ of lettin’ Dillon ask me out,” Miss Highlights continued, unaware of her sister’s plight. “No way now.”

I pressed my hard pecker against Miss Braid’s tight jean shorts, nuzzled her neck, and whispered, “Why don’t you slide down them shorts and panties off your purtee ass, and let me fuck your tight cornhole.”

“Maybe I should start flirtin’ with Shane. Matti dumped him, and he’s lookin’ so sad.” Miss Highlights shuddered, eyes squeezed closed. “I could make him feel all kinda better!”

Miss Braid unsnapped her jean shorts, sighing and writhing her ass against me. I had both my hands wrapped around her tits, kneading the pliant flesh. Her twin kept prattling on about some dumb boy as she unbuttoned her own blouse. The shorts fell off Miss Braid’s hips, then she peeled her panties down. Her ass was smooth and pale and plump, and my pecker nestled between her cheeks.

“After I’m done kissin’ him, Shane’d forget all ’bout the hussy who broke his heart!” Miss Highlights had a smile on her lips as her bra came off; her tits looked identical to her twin’s.

I spat on my hand, wetting my pecker, then spread her cheeks. Miss Braid gasped as I shoved my pecker into her tight cornhole. She was velvety tight and deliciously hot. Her sister looked at her and frowned.

“What are you doin’, Marissa?” Miss Highlights asked, then she reddened, and hissed, “What did you do to your butthole? It’s spread open.”

“I’m gettin’ buggered by the ghost, Rhonda-May,” Marissa moaned. “Ain’t you been payin’ attention?”
“Saint Peter’s ghost!” gasped Rhonda-May, hands clasping over her tits.

“I ain’t no saint,” I growled. “But I am a ghost! And your sister’s lovin’ my attention!”

“Shit!” Marissa hissed. “Oh, my god! His cock! Oh, wow! I didn’t know anal could feel good!”

Rhonda-May leaned into her sister. “Really? You’re likin’ it?”

My hand snaked out, pushing Rhonda-May’s protective arms away, and groped her tit. She gasped, and tried to pull away, but I got a good grip on her nipple, yanking her back. My wish affected her, and she relaxed, cheeks flushing and hips wiggling as her cooch grew hot and bothered.

“You two are gonna be late for gym!” a mousy girl called out, not realizing what was going on.

“Tell the coach Marissa ain’t feelin’ good!” Rhonda-May panted. “I’m helpin’ her out.”

“Oh, shit!” Marissa cursed, her face burning red. “There’s definitely somethin’ goin’ on in my butt!”

“Eww, TMI, Marissa,” the girl answered. “But I’ll let Coach Breeze know.”

“Why don’t you get out of that skirt, sweetness,” I told Rhonda-May. “Let me see your cooch!”

Her skirt unzipped down the side. Her panties were plain, but her cooch was shaved bare, passion glistening on her lips. I slid my hand down and shoved a finger inside her. She was as hot as her sister’s ass, and I pumped my finger in and out a few times, really stirring the slut out, while she gasped and panted. Then I pulled my finger out and tasted it.

“Shit. You taste as delicious as cranberry dressin’!” I hooted. I gave Marissa’s ass a slap. “Why don’t you give your sister a taste.”

“Marissa!” Rhonda-May gasped as her sister’s finger shoved inside her. “What the fuck?”

“Sorry,” Marissa answered, digging her finger deep inside her sister’s cooch.

“Well…ummm…you shouldn’t,” panted her sister.

Marissa pulled out her finger, drenched in her sister’s creamy juices, and stared at it. Then she quickly, like if she took a moment longer to think about it she would have lost her nerve, shoved the pussy-coated digit into her mouth. “Umm, she does taste like cranberries!” she gasped, then she shoved her fingers back into her sister’s cooch.

Rhonda-May leaned against the locker, closing her eyes, and enjoyed her sister’s fingerfuck. Then Rhonda-May reached out, and stuck her hands between her twin’s thighs. Marissa’s ass tightened on my cock, and I could feel Rhonda-May’s fingers wiggling inside her her sister’s cunt. I fucked Marissa harder, my blood boiling as I watched two actual sisters touch each other. Hot damn, selling my soul was worth this!

“You two are a pair of dirty sluts!” I groaned. “I reckon you should kiss.”

“Yes!” Rhonda-May agreed, and mashed her lips against her twin’s.

It was like watching a woman kiss her reflection. Tongues darted inside each other’s lips, both moaning their delight. Marissa shuddered, and came like an engine roaring to life, bucking and clamping her ass hard around my pecker. I was going to cum. Who wouldn’t watching a pair of hot, teenage twins kissing and fingering each other?

So I pulled out of her ass. I wanted to experience both girls, and if I came, it’d be a while before I recovered. There were so many pretty, young things to fuck and my pecker just wasn’t up to the task. Maybe there’s a way in the Witch of Endor’s book to get more stamina.

“Marissa, lie down on the bench,” I ordered. “I want to watch Rhonda-May eat out your cooch, while I fuck her ass!”

Marissa didn’t hesitate to stretch out on the bench. Her sister stared at her spread thighs and the shaved pussy glistening between them. She licked her lips, then knelt on the bench, her ass sticking up in the air, and buried her face in her sister’s snatch.

“You taste like cranberries, too!” Rhonda-May giggled.

“Don’t stop lickin’ me!” her sister moaned. “Ohmygod! That felt hella amazin’!”

I spread Rhonda-May’s asscheeks, her asshole brown and wrinkled, and cornholed the girl. She gasped into her sister’s cooch, her ass bearing down hard on my pecker. I fucked her hard, and she came as quick as a firecracker, already primed by her sister’s fingering.

“Lick me!” purred Marissa. “Keep licking me! I love it! Oh, why did we never do this before? Seventeen years sharin’ a room… Think of all the fun we coulda had!”

“Well, we got the rest of our lives to have fun!” Rhonda-May giggled.

“Umm, so much fun!” Marissa pinched her stiff nipples. “Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cum! This is hella wicked!”

“Cum for me, sister!” Rhonda-May purred as she slipped two fingers inside her sister’s cooch. “Cum on my tongue!”

Marissa’s back arched; she screamed and sprayed her twin’s face with juices right as the mousey girl walked back in. Rhonda-May tensed as she heard the footsteps. I didn’t care. I just kept fucking her tight cornhole.

“Rhonda-May, Coach Breeze said to take Marissa to the nurse if she ain’t…” her voice trailed off as she saw Marissa cumming on her twin sister’s lips. The new girl turned beet red, then fled the locker room.

“Oh, shit!” gasped Rhonda-May. “She saw us! Holy shit!” Her ass spasmed on my pecker, as the little slut came a second time.

Her ass milked me, my balls tightening. I was ready to cum. I buried myself deep in the girl’s cornhole, and pumped my cum into her. I pulled out, and sat down on the bench, breathing heavily. The two girls bolted up, sweat plastering their bodies, faces full of fear.

“Oh, no! She’s getting the Coach!”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Marissa cursed over and over like a record skipping, about to hyperventilate.

“Relax, sweetnesses,” I told them, rubbing their faces. “Here’s what you do.”

When Coach Windbag – the school’s nickname for the blowhard – stormed in, his face red as a baboon’s ass, he found the twins cuddled together, looking as sexy as fucking possible. The coach’s eyes widened, and a bulge formed in his gym shorts.

“What in tarnation are you two doin’!” he demanded. “What a pair of brazen, depraved hussies!”

“We just wanted to show you how much we appreciate you, coach,” purred Rhonda-May as she fondled Marissa’s pert tits.

“Come here, and let us shower you in gratitude for being such a great teacher.” Marissa spread her sister’s legs, and fingered her shaved cunt.

No man could resist two twin teens fondling each other. The coach stumbled forward, eyes drinking in the sight. The two girls did exactly what I told them to, and pulled his shorts down and shared his cock, licking it like a pair of cats at a saucer of milk.

It was like watching my own porno. One of them fake school ones. Only there was nothing fake about this. The twins sucked and licked, sharing his cock between them, while the coach closed his eyes and gripped their auburn hair. Their tongues and lips would meet, and the twin sisters would kiss each other around his cock.

That was too much for the coach, and he erupted across both of their faces. They looked so fucking trashy as jizz dripped off their freckled faces. Without prompting, Rhonda-May licked a line of spunk up her sister’s chin, then shared a sloppy, cum-filled kiss with her twin.

It got the two girls out of trouble, and my pecker ready for the fourth period girls.

The first girl to saunter in for fourth period was a cute, skinny, Mexican girl, her dark hair falling in loose curls about her bronze shoulders, and her ass writhing like a pair of cats fighting in a sack beneath her tight jeans. She unbuttoned those tight jeans, shimmied them slowly down her thighs, waving a plump ass clad by a skimpy, bikini-cut pair of panties in my face.

“¡Madre di dios!” she gasped as I pushed her across the bench, and yanked those panties down her bronze ass. “What’s goin’ on?”

“Just the Ghost, sweetness,” I purred, giving her ass a squeeze. “Just gonna fuck that purtee cooch of yours.”

Her cooch was pretty and tight, brown lips hiding pink flesh like a flower closed for the night. A light fuzz of black hair adorned her cunt, making my pecker ache more for her innocence. I spread her open, admiring the folds of her cunt, juices beading as her cooch got all hot and bothered beneath my touch. Her nectar began dripping out, leaking down her thighs; she was as wet as a flower after an afternoon shower.

“Ooh, Zena, you are in for a treat,” Kelly, one of the cheerleaders I fucked on a regular basis, cooed.

I rubbed the tip of my pecker across the lips of her cooch.

“Wait, no, not in my clam!” Zena protested. “If you have to fuck me, use my butt! Please! I’m a good Catholic girl! It’s not sex if it’s up the ass!”

“Or cheating?” Kelly asked, curious. “I heard you let Bobby Yates fuck your ass!”

“Right,” Zena nodded. “Because anal ain’t sex, just like a blowjob or a handie. Only my boyfriend can have my clam. Please, Mr. Ghost?”

“Well, I reckon you did ask all nice and such,” I told her, then shoved my pecker up her cooch anyways, savoring the tight velvet of her clam. “But your cooch looked so purtee, like a redhead at prom, and I just couldn’t resist, sweetness!”

“¡Cabrón!” she yelled as I pistoned her clam, wriggling her hips, which caused her bronze ass to jiggle. “Oh, fuck! Umm, harder! Your cock is devouring my clam!”

“Is it cheating if it’s a Ghost?” Kelly asked.

“I hope not,” Zena moaned. “Because his rope is churnin’ up a furnace inside me!”

Kelly’s breasts popped out of her bra as she kept changing into her gym clothes. They were perky and round, and oh-so-pale against the locks of her flaming hair. I reached out, fingering her hard nipple; Kelly smiled, slapping my hand away. “You just concentrate on Zena,” she admonished. “Maybe you’ll get to play with me durin’ cheerleadin’ practice this afternoon.”

“Lookin’ forward to it, sweetness.”

“Oh, fuck! I wish my boyfriend felt this great!” Zena purred. “I’m gonna cum!” She moaned, her delightful clam sucking on my cock as her climax rocked her. “Christ, I’ve never cum when Julio fucks me!”

“You should dump him,” Kelly said. “Or make him go down on you!”

“Ooh, that’d be nice,” Zena smiled.

“Or I could go down on you,” Kelly offered.

Zena looked startled at Kelly. “You’re gay?”

Kelly giggled. “No, I’m straight. But every girl on the squad’s tasted pussy. Even Ursula.” A conspiratorial smile formed on her lips and she bent down. “In fact, straitlaced Ursula’s taken quite a likin’ to Marybeth’s snatch.”

“Oh, God,” Zena moaned. “Maybe you could…y’know.”

“You bet,” Kelly answered, pulling her gym shorts up her legs. “Better hurry up or Zena’s goin’ to get yelled at by Coach Windbag.”

“I reckon if you give Zena a nice kiss, that’d speed me up, sweetness.”

Kelly rolled her beautiful, blue eyes. “You are such a perv, ghost.” Then she bent over and planted a kiss on Zena’s startled face, the girl’s cooch tightening nicely on my pecker. Kelly’s tongue wiggled pink into Zena’s lips, moaning like a little trollop. It was too much for my balls, and I exploded inside the Mexican girl, pasting her taco with my salsa.

“I guess that did the trick,” Kelly smiled, and sauntered out.

Poor Zena still had to run laps, but she had a smile on her face the whole time. I sat on the old bleachers, careful not to get any splinters, and watched her run. Her perky breasts bounced beneath her shirt; she didn’t have time to put on her sport’s bra, and her regular bra just let her tits flop about. I leaned back on the bleacher, closed my eyes, deciding to take a nap. Soon cheerleading practice would start, and I needed my strength to please one of those nubile girls beneath the bleachers.

I definitely needed to go the library tomorrow. I wanted more stamina.

To be continued…

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