The Devil’s Pact Side-Story: April’s Cumbath



The Devil’s Pact

Side-Story: April’s Cumbath

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2014

Story Codes: Teen female/Teen female, Males/Female/Teen females, Consensual, Oral Sex, Bukkake, Female Masturbation, Exhibition, Orgy

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Notes: This takes place during Chapter 43 and at the same time as Lillian Get’s Spanked and Violet’s Affair.

Friday, November 8th, 2013 – April Lovel – Tacoma, WA

I blinked, glancing at the digital clock displayed in the lower right corner of my laptop’s screen. I had been writing for a solid hour, lost in creating my account, only slightly edited, of Master and Mistress’s story. I was inspired by Vivian. She had written one book on what she had learned from Master and Mistress, watching from the outside and interviewing as many of their conquests as she could. The first Holy Book of our burgeoning religion.

But I wanted to write their story from the other sluts’ and my intimate perspective.

I closed my laptop, padding towards the elevator. The Murano Hotel lobby was a pleasant place to write, with comfortable furniture and a crackling fire. And it was blessedly quiet. Since Master commandeered the entire hotel, only Master, us sluts, and his servants lived here. And they mostly hung out in the convention ballrooms that had been transformed into game rooms, stocked with video games and TV’s, and other entertainments.

The lobby also had an adjacent restroom. That was very important. As my pregnancy developed, I found I had to use the restroom more and more often. I wasn’t the only pregnant slut; my girlfriend Violet was also. I was carrying Master’s child, and Violet was carrying either Master’s or Mistress’s child. We were both excited to find out which, our due dates only a few days apart in mid-April. I couldn’t wait to hold my baby.

The elevator dinged, I headed upstairs. I pulled out a keycard and unlocked the door to Violet’s room. “Hey, cutie,” I announced, then blinked. Where was she? She had been here when I left.

I shrugged, and whipped out my laptop. I probably had a little more time, so I could get some writing done. Lillian was getting spanked right now, so she would undoubtedly be delayed by pleasuring Mistress—disciplining her sluts always made our Mistress so horny. No sense in wasting the time. I opened my file, and had just started typing when the electronic lock hummed and Violet walked in, naked and holding the cute negligee I had bought her last week.

She sat down next to me, kissed me on the cheek, and said, “We should get ready.”

“Sure,” I smiled, then gave her a peck on the lips. I tasted something spicy—pussy. “Umm, you’ve been fooling around with someone.”

“Yeah,” she shrugged. “Just a maid.”

“I’m sorry I missed out,” I pouted, then gave her another kiss, savoring that spicy flavor. “I love the taste of pussy. Maybe there’s time to have a little fun.”

“Maybe,” Violet grinned. “I love it when you go down on me!”

That sounded like a wonderful idea. My girlfriend had the second-best-tasting pussy in the world, after Mistress. I knelt on the floor, the tight weave rough on my knees, and spread her thighs open like a book. Her pussy was glistening with juices, and looked as tight as a virgin’s. I adjusted my glasses, then took a long, slow lick up her slit.

She moaned softly, “I love you.”

Oh, what a sweetie. “I love you, too!”

Then I buried my face into her snatch and devoured her. She tasted wonderfully spicy. It was a slightly sweeter spice than the maid’s pussy staining her lips, and far more delicious. I spread her tight labia open, and worked my finger deep into her. She leaned back, moaning my name and writhing her hips into my face.

“Oh, yes! Eat me! I’m going to cream your face!”

Wonderful! I loved making her cum, and let my tongue dig deep inside her. My finger found her tiny clit, pinching and rubbing. She jumped, tossing her head back. Her pigtails danced through the air, so cute and innocent. Her moans grew in pitch, and then she shuddered and screamed out her passion, flooding my lips with her spice.

“Good one?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she panted. “We really should get ready though.”

My pussy was horny, but I knew we’d be having plenty of fun at the bar.

We dressed in nearly-identical, naughty schoolgirl outfits. Lillian’s idea. I wore a blue-and-purple tartan skirt that barely covered my ass and a low-cut, white blouse that was so thin my nipples were clear as day through it. Violet just went with a pink-and-black tie that was loose about her neck so it wouldn’t hide her choker The tie matched her black tartan skirt, dangling between her immature breasts down to the soft curve of her pregnant belly. She looked so cute and yummy.

“Come on!” I eagerly said.

We headed upstairs to Master and Mistress’s suite. The bodyguards, a pair of the new recruits, let us in. 49, a voluptuous African America, took the opportunity to pat my ass while her partner, a redhead called 50, pinched Violet’s nipples. They may have been new guards, but they seemed to fit right in. Master had a very discerning eye, and only found the best women to serve him.

We didn’t wait long on Lillian. She looked flushed and sweaty when she walked out of their bedroom, her hard nipples straining the white blouse that was tied just beneath her breasts, and a very short, red-and-black tartan skirt swirled about her thighs as she walked. She beamed at us, cum staining her lips and chin. She ran a hand through her black hair streaked with blue and purple highlights as she walked over to us. I sighed. I must be the only slut with such unmanageable hair. Mine was always bushy, but Master seemed to love it. So I guess it was okay.

“So are we still going out tonight?” I asked eagerly.

“Yeah?” muttered Violet. I glanced at her, and she smiled. It was nice of her to go out with me, even if she wasn’t excited about it.

“Hell, yeah!” Lillian exclaimed with her usual peppiness. “I know just the bar!”

Lillian hooked an arm around both of us. I couldn’t help licking at Master’s drying cum on her chin. My tongue reached her mouth. The dirty slut had also been pleasuring Mistress, and I savored her spicy, sweet juices on my slut-sister’s lips. Violet leaned in, and we shared a sloppy, three-way kiss, Lillian’s lip piercing cold and hard against my mouth.

The black-haired slut laughed. “You both have been eating fish taco tonight!”

I laughed, but Violet frowned. “No. I had a hamburger for dinner.”

“She means you’ve been eating pussy,” I giggled. Violet had quite the sheltered life. Her mother was a very abusive woman, locking Violet in a room filled with heat lamps whenever she was bad. Violet had hinted to me that once she had been caught with another girl, and that had earned her a week locked in that room. She stayed Master’s slut just to avoid going back to the horrible woman, while I had stayed because I had a schoolgirl crush on Master. I still did, but it had diminished a bit as Violet and I had become close. I would always love Master and Mistress, but it was Violet that made my heart beat excitedly now.

“Oh,” Violet smiled fondly, “I did eat some yummy pussy.”

“That’s the best kind of pussy!” Lillian grinned.

We reached the elevator, heading down to the lobby and sharing kisses. Lillian squealed when Violet slapped her ass. My girlfriend shyly smiled, and said, “Just making sure you were properly spanked for your mean comment.”

“Umm, I was properly spanked,” Lillian purred. I could tell; her ass was cherry red.

The elevator dinged; the doors opened on the lobby. 51 stood at the doors, waiting. The Black bodyguard wore the traditional uniform: navy blue; short skirt; half-unbuttoned blouse that had slipped down to reveal a pink nipple; a thick, black gunbelt; gun; handcuffs; amulet, bronze, dangling between her small tits; and her choker, tight about her throat, engraved with 51.

“What are you three up to?” 51 yawned. She looked tired, working hard to keep Master and Mistress safe.

“Going out,” Lillian grinned. “Want to come? I’ve arranged for a bunch of hot guys to bathe us in cum.”

“Wait, what?” squeaked Violet. “I thought we were just going to the bar.”

“Right, for some cum-rum,” Lillian giggled, a wicked gleam in her dark eyes. “Well, virgin-cum-rums for them. Which is just cum, of course!”

“So what’s this about a cum bath?”

“Haven’t you ever wanted to be just absolutely drenched in cum?” Lillian asked. “To feel all that hot, sticky jizz running down your body?”

“No,” Violet answered, and I shook my head. Though it did sound interesting.

“You’re talking bukkake, right?” 51 asked.

“Well, well, well,” grinned Lillian, nudging the Black bodyguard. “Do you want to get your slut on with us, 51?”

“No, thanks. My husband’s expecting me.”

Violet looked at me and mouthed ‘bukkake’. I shrugged.

“Bring him along. We could use another Black guy with a big dick showering us in spunk!”

“I’m…” 51 yawned, “…too tired. Have fun.”

Lillian shrugged, “Your loss.”

51 pulled out her Nextel, the cell-phone-like radios the bodyguards used. “51 to control, who’s on the duty roster for escorting three VIPs?”

“Squad F,” a woman answered. I wasn’t sure which bodyguard had answered; there were a hundred of them now.

“They’ll be guarding Lillian, Violet, and April all night. Have an escort readied.”

“Roger that, ma’am.”

“Okay, I’m signing off,” 51 said, punching the up button on the elevator.

“Have a good one, ma’am.”

“You, too, 38.”

It took about ten minutes for squad F to assemble our vehicles and escorts. Three black SUV’s pulled up at the front of the hotel and the ten bodyguards of the squad formed up around us. They were commanded by 07, a tall, Black woman with her hair braided in tight cornrows. She was one of the women that had volunteered to serve Master after the Miracle, quitting her job as a police officer and traveling to Washington State to join up.

“So where are we going, miss?” 07 asked Lillian when we trooped out.

“The Lucky Cowgirl in Spaneway,” Lillian answered. “It’s a great bar, just the right sort of atmosphere for what I have planned.”

“Which is a bukkake?” I asked, still not sure what that word meant.

07 snorted with laughter. “You girls are nasty.”

“Umm, another bodyguard that’s heard of it. You are all such sluts!” Lillian laughed. “Do you want to join in?”

“I’m not allowed to indulge on duty, miss,” 07 answered. “You know that.”

“Oh, how forgetful of me. Well, if you change your mind, we’ll forget that you’re on duty.”

“I’d know,” she flatly said. “We take our job very seriously.”

We piled into the SUV, the middle one of three, and sped off. Police lights strobed on all three vehicles, letting people know to get out of our way. They took the left on 13th Street, heading down the hill towards the on-ramp to Highway 705. The SUV’s raced onto the freeway, quickly merging onto I-5, and finally Highway 512, before we exited onto Pacific Avenue fifteen minutes later, heading south.

The entire time, Violet stared out the SUV’s window. Finally, I couldn’t take her silence anymore. “What is it?” I asked her, nuzzling my girlfriend.

She shrugged, “Just thinking about a problem.”


She glanced at me, then looked down at her hands. “It’s nothing, April. I just don’t know what to do.”

“C’mon, you can tell me,” I said, nudging her. “I love you.”

Violet glanced at me, her lips working like she wanted to say something. “It’s fine. Let’s just have fun tonight, okay.”

“You sure?”

She leaned against me and kissed me on the lips. “Yeah. There’s no sense in ruining tonight with it.”

“You’ll tell me, right?”

“Yeah. I just need to find the right way.”

I frowned at that, opening my mouth to press her, when the SUV pulled into a parking lot.

“We’re here,” Lillian said, clapping her hands in excitement. “This is going to be so much fun!”

A busty bodyguard, numbered 84, opened the SUV door and Violet slid out. I followed after her, and had my first look at the Lucky Cowgirl. It was a dark brown building with a riotous neon sign of a scantily-clad cowgirl: jean skirt, frilly blouse, cowboy boots, and a stetson hat perched on her head. The parking lot was large, but it was half-empty. That was strange since it was Friday night.

“Illness, the bar tender, owed me a favor,” Lillian grinned, seeming to read my mind. “I once fucked him, so he was thrilled to close the bar for our private party. Plus the hundred grand I’m paying him. You should have seen the look on Rachel’s face when I requisitioned it.”

I giggled, imagining the brunette looking at the requisition form labeled ‘for bukakke party’.

She pulled me to the doors; I was disappointed that they were the normal doors and not the double, half-doors you’d see saloons having in old Westerns. Music thumped inside the bar, screeching guitar, pumping bass, pounding drums—rock and roll. A group of men were lounging about, sipping beers, and I saw only two women. I recognized one, Jessie from the church, but the other was a Native American girl with cinnamon skin hanging on the arm of a skinny guy with a thin mustache and a weaselly face.

“Finally,” grinned Kevin, his arms wrapped around Jessie. “I thought you girls weren’t coming.”

Lillian eyed the man. “Nice turnout. Thanks, Kevin!”

“I was happy to help,” Kevin laughed. “Let me make some introductions.” He clapped his hands on a nerdy-looking guy. “This is Glen, my former roommate, and that’s Tommy, my other roommate.” He pointed to a tall, even nerdier looking guy with glasses. Then he pointed at a middle-aged guy, “This is Oscar, my old boss, and next to him is Officer Chan, of Puyallup’s finest.” The Asian man smiled and waved at me. “Then back there is Eric. You probably know his ex-wife Beth.” I did. So that was the man whose cock didn’t satisfy her anymore after Master knocked her up. Eric was actually pretty buff and handsome. “The Black guy’s Ernard. His wife was in the Jogging Club. And the skinny guy that brought his girlfriend to the party is George. And she’s Hannah.” The Native American girl grinned.

“I know you,” I blurted out. “You were at the engagement orgy. You were a waitress with Xiu and Korina.” And Fiona, but I didn’t bring her up, the traitorous bitch! Both her and Thamina could go jump off a pier for siding with Lilith!

Hannah smiled. “We both were. George was a cook at the restaurant, and we got to know each other quite well that night!” George chuckled.

“Wow. I would love to interview you about what happened that night atop the Space Needle. I’ve gotten Xiu and Korina’s version, but…”

“April, we’re here to have fun, not discuss scholarship,” Lillian butted in.

“Oh, right. Sorry.”

“We’d love to talk to you,” George answered. “Later.”

“Well, let’s see, did I miss anyone?” He noticed a fat, jolly looking fellow. “That’s Jerry. He’s a great cabby.”

“With a great cock,” giggled Jessie. “He gives me a free ride, and I give him a free suck.”

“Don’t forget me,” a guy slouching in the back said. “I’m Joey.”

“Right, that’s Joey,” Kevin muttered. “His girlfriend just broke up with him, and so I felt bad and let him come along.”

“She didn’t break up with me,” Joey complained. “She just wanted to spend time with her other boyfriend.”

“Yeah, her big-dicked, Black boyfriend she met during the Best Buy Incident,” Kevin answered. “And whom she moved in with last week.”

Joey glared at him. “Marcy’ll be back.”

Kevin shrugged. “Oh, and that’s Illness behind the bar. Don’t ask me why they call him that.”

“Because I’m so ill,” the scruffy guy with long, dirty blonde hair answered.

“You don’t look sick,” Violet pointed out.

“No, ‘ill’. Like, cool.”

“Oh, is that some old slang?”

“Fuck,” Illness muttered.

“Anyway, let’s get this party started,” Lillian shouted, grabbing Violet and me and pulling us to the center of the room, where she knelt down. I glanced at her, then at Violet, who looked pale.

“What are we doing?” I asked.

“We’re going to pleasure all these guys, and let them cum all over our nubile bodies,” Lillian answered.

“That’s bukkake?” I asked.

She nodded. “Wild, huh. The girls in those videos get literally drenched in cum. I can’t wait. Now get down here.”

“But, I’m not supposed to be with other men,” Violet protested. “Master’s orders.”

“You’re not fucking them. Just sucking them and jacking them off. No cock has to penetrated your pussy, now get down on your knees, slut.”

Violet fell to her knees, obeying Lillian’s authoritative command. Lillian glanced at me, her eyes hard, and I dropped to my knees like a good slut. The men started gathering around us, pants coming down, and a veritable forests of cocks hardened about us. Short cocks, fat cocks, dark cocks and pale ones. Some were circumcised, others were not, but they were all pointing at us, throbbing in anticipation.

Ernard’s big cock loomed in front of me, and I opened my mouth and engulfed his Black prick. He groaned, gripping a handful of my bushy-brown hair, and fucked my mouth. “What a slut,” he groaned. “She’s so young. Only sixteen, I bet. Thank you, Mark.”

“I know!” someone else chuckled. Out of the corner of my eye, a white cock loomed near my face. I reached up and grasped it with my hand, fisting him. It was awkward, but I kept at it. I found it so depraved to blow one man while jerking off another. My pussy moistened, leaking my juices down my thighs.

“She knows how to suck,” Ernard grunted. “She’s one of His sluts, after all.”

“Our God’s had His way with every one of her holes,” the owner of the white cock laughed. “He’s broken her in every way, I bet.”

I’m glad I was living up to their expectations. I was a slut, and proud of it. I sucked harder, relaxing my throat and letting him shove that monster down my esophagus. He pumped faster, grunting with every thrust, his heavy, hairy balls slapping my chin. He fucked my mouth harder, gripping my head to keep me in place. He possessed me utterly, treating me like a dirty whore.

“Oh, fuck,” the other man groaned, my fist sliding up and down on his prick. I think it was one of Kevin’s friends. He had glasses, so that made him Tommy. “Oh, holy fuck!”

His cock throbbed, and then I could feel his cum rushing through his urethra before it sprayed my cheek and neck. Another blast landed on my blouse, soaking through and sticking the fabric to my tit. A final blast landed on my chest, trickling down between my breasts in warm, gooey rivulets. I let go of his cock, and another took its place. I kept jerking.

“Goddamn!” grunted Ernard, then he pulled out, his thick, dark cock bobbing in front of my face as he rapidly fisted himself. “Goddamn it!”

Cum fountained out, spraying my glasses and face. It was thick, runny, and there was a lot of it. A second and third blast splashed upon me, coating my entire face in creamy cum. I couldn’t see; my glasses were stained with his sticky jizz. So I pulled them off with my free hand, and slowly licked them clean as Ernard looked down at me.

“What a dirty slut,” he grunted as he watched my depraved, glass-cleaning performance, his cock rising. Did he take one of Sam’s magical Viagra? “Clean my cum off, whore!

I was glad to, showing him just how much of a slut I was. His cum was runny, and rather sweet tasting. I had heard pineapple juice could do that. I licked my glasses until every last drop of cum was off the lenses, swallowing the wonderful stuff. The owner of the cock I was jerking—I couldn’t tell who he was without my glasses, he was just a man-shaped blur—groaned, then hot jizz splashed on my face and neck.

I finally licked all the cum off my glasses and, after wiping my saliva off the lenses on my skirt, I put them back on. Finally able to see more than a foot again, I caught a glimpse of Violet and Lillian sharing a jizz-filled kiss, both their faces dripping with white cum. Lillian had a shot glass in one hand, the rim sticky. I guess she had her cum-rum. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would have savored the thrill of cum and alcohol mixed together. I was about to join my girlfriend and Lillian and share a three-way, cummy kiss, when Oscar grabbed my hair and just thrust his cock into my mouth, pumping away.

He was treating me like such a whore, not even worth the time of talking to and asking permission. My fingers were messy with Ernard’s cum, so I shoved them between my thighs and buried them deep inside my spongy cunt. I groaned around Oscar’s dick, fingering my pussy as hard and fast as he fucked my sweet mouth.

“Fuck!” a man groaned nearby, and suddenly ropy cums lashed me, matting down my hair.

I reveled in the decadence of it, and came on my fingers, pleasure shuddering through me. More cum shot on me from another direction, splashing my neck and shoulder. I loved it, bucking and moaning around Oscar’s cock. I couldn’t wait for more cum to cool on my hot skin. I wanted to be showered in filth. It ran down my body, and I swiped my finger through a gob on my neck, and shoved the cum deep into my pregnant pussy, fingering myself to another orgasm.

“Yes!” Oscar groaned, pulling his cock out of my mouth.

“Cum on me!” I moaned, grinding the heel of my hand into my clit. “Baste me in your filth! Degrade me! I’m such a nasty whore!”

Oscar came, and so did Kevin, who stepped up on my left, and two jets of cum splashed on my face and neck. I leaned back, thrusting my tits forward, and let them shower me. Kevin’s second blasted landed right between my tits, staining my blouse. My top was so wet with cum, my nipples were showing through the thin fabric.

I had a moment’s respite, and surveyed the bar. Ernard had his hands wrapped around both of Violet’s pigtails, violently fucking her mouth. I knew just how much my girlfriend loved to have her pigtails used as handlebars. Her entire top seemed drenched in cum, clinging to her small tits, and more cum had run down her back to stain her tartan skirt. Lillian had a cock in both hands, fisting them, and going back and forth, sucking each one.

My mouth watered, and George stepped up and shoved his cock in my mouth. I loved it. After he basted my body in his spunk, I found Violet and shoved a tongue deep into her mouth; she was full of cum. I savored my girlfriend’s lips, so happy that we could share this depraved evening. Together, we sucked Kevin’s cock, kissing each other around his tip while we fingered each other. She was tight and wet an,d when she came, her cunt bore down hard on my fingers. Her digits found all the right spots inside my pussy, and she had me cumming in record time. I moaned around Kevin’s cock, and he erupted in my lips, pulling out so his second blast ran from from Violet’s chin across to my cheek.

“You dirty sluts,” giggled Lillian, crawling over to lick Kevin’s, and quite a few other men’s, cum off our face. “So how do you like a bukkake party?”

“It’s fun,” I giggled.

“Yeah,” Violet nodded. “It’s so filthy!”

“I know!” moaned Lillian. She glanced at the guys. “Looks like we still have some hard cocks to attend to, sluts!”

“Roger,” I saluted, then crawled over to the jolly, fat cabby, and sucked his cock into my lips.

We were going to fuck and suck and drain their cocks dry until they collapsed from exhaustion and dehydration! Violet found herself a cock, and Lillian sucked Ernard’s big dick into her lips. Another blast of cum landed in my hair. More cum slashed on my cheek. I cooed around the cabby’s cock and it wasn’t long before his load stained my tits. And another hard cock awaited my hungry lips!

Hours later, the three of us stumbled out of the bar, covered in drying cum; our hair mussed and tousled and matted with sticky jizz, and our clothing was stained and ruined from the amount of spunk that had been ejaculated on us. We walked arm-in-arm, happy and proud. The bodyguards of Squad F applauded and wolf-whistled when we stumbled out. All three of us bowed, reveling in the attention. We were sluts, and absolutely not ashamed of it.

“Next time you have a bukkake party,” 07 grinned, “why don’t you do it on our night off. Me and the girls would love to join in.” The other members of squad F chimed in their agreement.

“Absolutely,” Lillian declared, then suddenly threw her arms around 07 and gave the Black girl a cummy kiss. When they broke their embrace, 07’s skimpy cop’s uniform was covered in smears of white cum. “There, now you look more like a slut.”

07 laughed.

I yawned, “Let’s get home. I need to sleep.”

“And a shower,” Violet nodded, looking down at her bare tits covered in white, dried jizz.

“Hell, no!” Lillian grinned. “I’m sleeping in this mess!”

“You are such a slut,” Violet laughed, and threw her arms around Lillian and kissed her.

“Thank you,” Lillian answered when their kiss finished. “Do you forgive me for being such a cunt during the meeting, Violet?”

“How can I stay mad when you’re the biggest slut in the world?”

As we drove back to Tacoma, my girlfriend’s head on my lap, happiness filled me. I was so thrilled that I had been chosen by Master back in June. I had given him my virginity, and he gave me this wonderful family and my even more wonderful girlfriend. I think tomorrow I’d surprise Master with a wake-up blowjob to show him how much I appreciated him.

I loved licking his cum off my glasses!

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