The Devil’s Pact Tales from the Best Buy Incident: The Number One Rule of Retail Chapter Four



The Devil’s Pact

Tales from the Best Buy Incident: The Number One Rule of Retail

Chapter Four: My Boyfriend is a Pimp

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2013, 2014

Story Codes: Male/Female, Male/Females, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Anal Sex

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Monday, June 17th, 2013 – Jessie Smith

It had been a little more than a week since I quit my job so Kevin, my boyfriend, and I could found our ‘escort’ company, Divine Escorts. Our motto—the prettiest girls to keep you happy. I was the only pretty girl, for now, and things were going great. Kevin was right, we were making far more money going into business for ourselves. Why should I use my tight snatch to satisfy Best Buy’s customers? Many of the men that I satisfied in the bathroom were eager for another taste of my snatch, becoming the basis for our business. Then Kevin had the great idea to offer discounts to clients for referrals, and now my cunt was getting quite the workout.

“This is the last client for the afternoon,” Kevin said as he pulled up to the brown house in Sumner, a small town east of Puyallup along Highway 410. He bent over and gave me a kiss. “You’re gonna blow him away, Jessie.”

I giggled, “You know I will.” I checked my makeup one last time in the passenger visor-mirror, gave Kevin one last kiss, and slid out of his new Honda CRV.

It was a flashy car, and quite expensive, but we were raking in the dough, and we did need a car. My boyfriend had changed a lot since he found out just how dedicated to customer service I was; he became more assertive, more commanding with me.

He was my pimp, and my boyfriend.

“You look hot,” he called out as I walked away. I wore a tight, purple miniskirt and a matching halter-top. The push-up bra made my breasts seem nice and round in the low-cut top. I smiled at Kevin’s comment, and swayed my ass to give him a sexy view as I walked to the door.

I rang the doorbell. Hanging on the door was a carved, wooden sign that read: “Philips Residence,” and underneath, “Eric + Beth,” surrounded by a heart. A pang of guilt fluttered about my heart; I didn’t know the client was married. I guess that’s not my problem. If Beth didn’t want to keep her husband satisfied, well, that’s what our business was all about.

The door opened and a handsome, muscular man stood there. His hazel eyes glinted with nervousness, and he rubbed at his short, black hair. He wore a wife-beater, showing off his muscular arms and hairy chest, and a pair of gray sweatpants. I smiled, seeing the bulge forming in his crotch as his eyes took me in.

“Hi, I’m from Divine Escorts,” I smiled, toying with my hair and bouncing on the balls of my feet to let my boobs jiggle.

“Come in, I guess,” he said, nervously. Eric was a referral, and clearly was nervous about hiring a whore for the first time.

“I’m Jessie,” I said as bright and bubbly as I could, walking past him into the living room.

“Um, I’m Eric,” he said; I could feel his eyes on my ass.

I looked around the neat living room – a mauve couch draped with a crochet dolly, a shelf full of Hummel figurines, a glass coffee table on which rested a single book – and noticed a hallway leading deeper into the house, to the bedrooms. I started crossing the living room, heading for the hallway, when I realized he was still at the door. Heading back, I grabbed his hand, letting my fingers gently stroke him, and said, “C’mon.”

“I’ve never done this before,” he muttered as I pulled him across the living room. “Um, well, it’s just my wife hasn’t seemed interested in sex lately. She just hasn’t seemed the same since we went car shopping.”

“Ohh, I’m sorry to hear that,” I purred as we entered his bedroom. Clean, neat. Matching, dark furniture; cream comforter with small, pink flowers; pillows in lacy cases; a woman’s hairbrush resting on a nightstand next to a thin, brass lamp.

I reached down and boldly stroked his cock. “Let me take care of everything your wife’s been neglecting. If you have the money.”

He flushed. “Right.” He pulled out a wad of twenties.

There were five bills I saw, and slipped the money into my purse. “What would you like to do, Eric?”

“Um…I…eh…well,” he stammered.

I pushed him gently down onto the bed, knelt before him, and pulled off his sweatpants, exposing a small cock. Well, they can’t all be the size of Kevin’s, I thought, as I ran my tongue up the length of the shaft, flicking my tongue across the tip. Eric moaned as I lapped at his cock. Salty pre-cum leaked out of the tip, my tongue collecting it into my greedy mouth, then I sucked his cock into my hungry lips.

“Oh, fuck!” Eric moaned as I bobbed my head slowly, rubbing his cock against the inside of my cheek. “God, it’s been awhile since Beth blew me.”

I popped his cock out of my mouth. “Where would you like it?” I asked with a grin. “Do you want to finish in my mouth or another hole?”

He swallowed. “Could I fuck your, um, your butt?”

I smiled at him, a sultry, wanton smile. “Of course you can.” I grabbed my purse, pulling out my lube. “Do you want me to undress, or just hike my skirt up?”

“I have to see those tits,” he panted. “But, keep the skirt on.”

“Naughty,” I purred, pulling my halter-top over my head, and exposing my lacy, black, push-up bra.

He suddenly stood, looming over me; I suppressed my instinct to run, and smiled seductively up at him. He reached behind me, his fingers fumbling with the bra’s clasp. I heard a rip and the bra came loose. Great, he tore it. I liked this bra. Embarrassed, Eric pulled the bra off my shoulders, holding the broken clasp in one hand.

“Sorry,” he muttered, then his eyes saw my perky breasts and dark, pink nipples. “So lovely,” he whispered, reaching out to finger my nipple.

“It’s okay, Eric,” I said gently, keeping my irritation out of my voice. “It’ll be an extra twenty for the bra though.”

“Sure,” he answered, still fingering my nipple.

My pussy was moistening as his finger traced my areola, then his head bent down and he sucked roughly at my boob. He sucked as much of my tit into his mouth as he could, slobbering all over my breast. He released that tit with a loud, wet sound, and sucked my other boob into his hungry mouth. I mewled, letting the guy think he was making me feel great. Usually, I got off on satisfying the client, but his titty sucking technique left something to be desired.

“Ohh, suck my hard nipples,” I cooed; like all working girls, I was learning how to fake it convincingly.

“You like that, slut?” he asked, his nervousness vanishing as his lust took over.

“Oh, yes, I’ve never had a guy suck on my nipples like that,” I purred. It was the truth—he was the absolute worst at titty sucking. But I couldn’t tell him that; it wasn’t good customer service, and I always followed the number one rule. So I lied, “It was amazing! You got me so horny. Why don’t you stick that nice, big cock up my ass, and make me cum.”

“Fuck, that sounds great.”

I coated his cock with a nice bit of lube from my purse, then got on all fours on the bed, shaking my skirt-covered ass at him. “Come fuck me, big boy!”

He lifted up my skirt, exposing my lacy black panties, and he yanked those down my ass until they bunched around my knees. I shuddered as he ran his finger across my tight slit, then he spread my asscheeks, and I felt his cock prodding my tight sphincter. Thanks to the lube, he slipped right into my ass; I moaned in appreciation as he slowly started to fuck me.

“God, that’s amazing!” he groaned. “Beth never let me fuck her in the ass!”

I rolled my hips and panted, “Ohh, your cock feels so big up my tiny ass!” Another lie. Kevin’s cock had been up there a few times, and he was far bigger than Eric. “Fuck me, stud! Make me cum with your big cock!”

The room was filled with sound of flesh slapping on flesh as he pounded my ass. “Slut!” he would pant over and over. “Fucking slut!”

My ass was starting to feel good as he reamed me, and I reached underneath to finger my clit. That felt better, but it was too hard supporting my weight with one arm, so I had to stop. His hips were fucking me faster and faster, his heavy balls slapping against me. Eric gripped my hips, and slammed harder into my bowels.

“Fucking slut!” he shouted, and I could feel his warm cum shooting into my bowels.

“I’m cumming!” I lied, moaning and gasping loudly. “Your big cock made me cum so hard!” I purred as he pulled out of me. He had the largest grin on his face. Every guy loved to think their cock made me cum. Sometimes they even succeeded.

“That was great,” he panted. “We have to do it again sometime.”

I smiled, “Just call the number, and we can set up another date. I’m going to get cleaned up in your bathroom, and I’ll need that extra twenty for the bra.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry again about that.”

I shrugged, patting his cheek. “It’s fine. These things happen.”

I went into the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and started frigging my clit. I had been so close to a nice cum when he shot off inside me. It didn’t take much; I rolled my clit between my fingers with one hand, and pinched my wet nipple with the other. I moaned quietly through clenched teeth as my body quivered on the commode.

When I was all cleaned up, I returned to find my halter-top. Eric gave me the extra twenty, and I stuffed it and my ruined bra into my purse, and he walked me to the door. “Thanks,” he muttered. I could tell he was embarrassed now.

“Umm, I can’t wait to do this again,” I purred, leaning in to whisper, “I loved your cock.”

He grinned, pride replacing embarrasment. “Yeah, we should do this again.”

Smiling, I headed back to the car. Kevin was on the phone when I slipped in.

“Yeah, I can meet you in an hour or so,” he said into the phone. “Listen, I got to go.” He paused. “Looking forward to it, too. Okay, bye.”

He smiled at me, and bent over to give me a nice, lingering kiss on the lips. “What was that about?” I asked.

“I have a meeting about the business,” he told me. “I’ll drop you off at the mall so you can buy that outfit for tonight. Can you take a cab home? This meeting’s in thirty minutes.”

I smiled; a regular hired me to play the babysitter for him. He wanted me dressed in a naughty schoolgirl outfit, and was paying triple the normal rate for the entire night. I was a little nervous, having never spent the night with a client, but he was one of the first guys from the Best Buy, and seemed like a nice man.

“Yeah, okay, Kevin,” I said as he started the car.

“So everything went well?”

“He tore my bra,” I sighed. “But, he paid an extra twenty to replace it. And he was very satisfied. He’ll definitely be a repeat.”

Kevin grinned, “That’s my girl.” He rewarded me with another kiss.

Kevin dropped me off at the mall. I found a new bra, purple and lacy, and the slutty schoolgirl outfit at Hot Topic; I was hoping to see Anne, my roommate – she worked at Hot Topic – but she must have had the day off. I could have sworn that she was working today. As the surly clerk – Becky, according to her name tag – rang me up, I called for a cab. Ten minutes later, Jerry pulled up in his yellow cab in front of the Mall, an eager grin on his face. I slid into the front seat and he drove us behind the Safeway. My apartment was nearby, but first I had to pay Jerry. He was all smiles on his fat, jolly face, as I pulled out his cock, and stroked it with my hand.

“God, I love your blowjobs,” he moaned as my mouth engulfed his cock.

It was a good deal—I got a free cab ride, and Jerry got his rocks off inside my sucking mouth. His cock was a lot bigger than Eric’s, almost as big as Kevin’s, and he moaned in appreciation as I relaxed my throat and slid his cock all the way into my mouth. I sucked hard as I slid my mouth up, then bobbed down, taking his full length into me again.

“Fuck, you’re a great gal, Jessie!” he groaned. His hands were stroking my blonde hair. My hands cupped his balls, gently massaging them. “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” Salty cum flooded my mouth as Jerry came, and I greedily swallowed every drop.

Jerry had a huge grin the rest of the ride to my apartment, as I savored the salty flavor of cum in my mouth. I grabbed my shopping bags, and swayed my ass for Jerry’s enjoyment as I walked to the stairs. Jerry honked his horn in appreciation, and drove off as I reached my apartment door. I fumbled for the keys in my purse when I heard a low, girlish moan.

I frowned. Did Anne have one of her boyfriends over? She was quite a slut, having four or five different guys she called her ‘boyfriends.’ Usually, she fucked them at their places, but sometimes I would come home to find them going at it in the living room.

“Harder, harder!” Anne moaned as I opened the door. Yep, definitely one of her ‘boyfriends’ was over.

There she was, bent over the couch, getting fucked from behind. She was dressed in one of her slutty, goth-schoolgirl outfits she loved to wear. Tartan skirts, obscenely short, and a tight, white blouse, her long legs clad in white, knee high socks. She was every pervert’s wet dream. Her short, blonde hair was flying about as she got fucked hard from behind by…

“Kevin!” I gasped in surprise.

I could feel tears brimming in my eyes. My Kevin was cheating on me with Anne. I didn’t understand. Things had been going so great between us. Kevin smiled when he saw me, not caring at all that he was buried to the hilt in my roommate’s whorish snatch.

“Hey, Jessie,” he smiled. Didn’t he care that he was cheating on me, hurting me?

“What the fuck are you doing?” I demanded, anger rising inside me.

He frowned, “Well, fucking? What’s the problem, you get fucked all the time?”

“For our business!” I screeched. And to get free cab rides, but that was more like a trade between two businesses. “To support us!”

He finally stopped fucking Anne and pulled out of her. He walked over to me, his cock hard and glistening with that hussy’s juices. “And I’m fucking Anne for the same reason.”

“Oh, did she pay you?” I sarcastically demanded. “Are you her gigolo?”

A frown crossed his face. “Are you forgetting who’s in charge, Jessie? I’m your pimp. You agreed to be my whore.”

“I didn’t think you were going to fuck other women!” I screeched, my anger making me shrill. I sounded like my mom when she fought with her disgusting boyfriend. “And I’m your girlfriend, too. Not just your whore!”

He smiled, caressing my face. “Yeah, you’re my girlfriend. That’s why you’ll be my bottom bitch.”

“Your what?” I asked, frowning at him. Bottom bitch didn’t sound that appealing.

“My number one whore,” he smiled. “It’s a pimp term. Anyway, Anne wanted to get in on the business. So I had to fuck her. You know, to make sure she could satisfy our clients. All part of the job interview.”

I frowned, glancing at Anne. “Yeah,” Anne smiled, her lip piercing glinting gold. “I’m tired of working at Hot Topic for minimum wage. I want to make some real money.”

“Well, I guess, that’s fine,” I told Kevin, relaxing. “I guess you do need to make sure she’s a good fuck.”

“I love you, Jessie,” Kevin whispered, and kissed me. “Why don’t you let Anne lick your pussy. Make sure she can satisfy a female customer.”

Anne licked her lips at me; I felt a flush of warmth spread through my pussy. “I’ve always wanted to munch on your twat,” she purred. “I’ve been prancing around in next to nothing for weeks, hoping to attract your attention.”

“I thought you were just a slut,” I answered with a nervous laugh. What would it be like to have a woman lick my snatch?

I pulled off my black panties, curious to experience a woman’s caresses, and laid down on the couch before her, spreading my legs. Anne eagerly licked at my cunt, her lip piercing rubbing deliciously about my labia. I gasped; it was so different—soft and gentle, her tongue and fingers knowing just where to touch me.

“Ohh, that’s nice,” I moaned as she nibbled at my clit, pleasure sparking through me.

Kevin groaned as he started plowing Anne again, every stroke shoving her face back into my pussy. Anne was my whore, I realized. Our whore—and there would be others. Beautiful women that would make us so much money. I smiled at my boyfriend, my pimp, and enjoyed Anne’s tongue on my pussy.

“She’s got a nice, tight cunt,” Kevin panted as he fucked her. “Really knows how to work her hips.”

I moaned back, “She’s got an agile, little tongue. Umm, she’s making my pussy feel amazing. Fuck, you’re a whore, aren’t you?”

“I am,” Anne cooed back. “And loving every minute of it!”

Anne slipped two fingers into my cunt; I gasped in pleasure at the sudden intrusion. Her mouth sucked at my clit, then her tongue danced across my sensitive nub, sending waves of pleasure flooding through me. Her fingers went in and out rapidly, wiggling against my sensitive pussy walls, while Kevin pounded faster and faster at her cunt, hands gripping her hips. He fucked her so hard her asscheeks rippled.

“Oh, fuck!” he moaned, and pulled out, quickly walking around, presenting his cock to my lips. I tasted Anne’s tart flavor as I swirled my tongue around the head of Kevin’s cock. He groaned and filled my mouth with his tasty cum. “Thanks, Jessie,” Kevin moaned. “Love ya.”

I swallowed his tasty load, “Oh, I love you, too, Kevin.”

My orgasm crashed through me, and I rode Anne’s lips and face as I stared up at Kevin and his broad grin. I was so happy that Mark Glassner came into the Best Buy. Without his orgy, I never would have gone out with Kevin. I never would have become his girlfriend, and his whore. Standing up on wobbly legs, I hugged him tightly and kissed my boyfriend, my pimp, my love, on the lips.

The End

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