The Devil’s Pact Side-Story: Mark’s Dream


The Devil’s Pact

Side-Story: Mark’s Dream

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Teen female, Mind Control, Magic

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Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this! This story takes place between Chapter 51 and Chapter 52.

Monday, November 24th, 2014 – The Mansion

I was exhausted when I crawled into bed next to Mary.

The world seemed to be ending. Ever since I killed Lilith, the sun had been eclipsed, and the moon had become the color of blood. Panic gripped the planet; gripped me. Lucifer was dead, but he wasn’t the only Power I freed from the Abyss. Dagon, Chemosh, Astarte, Baal-zebub, Asherah, Hadad, Marduk, Tammuz, Milcom, and Ashtoreth were all carving the world between them, their demonic hordes brutalizing mankind. Mary and I controlled the Western United States and Canada. For the last six days we had been fighting back Dagon’s forces.

When Dagon had appeared out of the Atlantic Ocean, crashing up the Potomac to raze Washington D.C., his demonic minions had spread out to the Mississippi. There our Legion met the horde. Thanks to the Ragily prayer, my forces could harm the demons, and the Legion had pushed Dagon’s vermin back to east coast. Tomorrow, Mary and I were going to Washington D.C. To kill Dagon and restore the sun.

We had already tried to break the enchantment that hid the sun and moon. We had Lucifer’s power now, and his domain was light. Three days ago we tried to free the sun and failed, almost consuming our bodies in the process. We just needed more power. We had Molech’s, Lilith’s, and Lucifer’s powers inside us—we just needed one more.


We would give hope back to the world.

Mary snuggled up to me, a reminder of the what my betrayal of the world bought me. It was all my fault that the planet suffered. Sometimes the guilt pressed down on me. If I hadn’t killed Lilith, none of this would have happened. But I just couldn’t let Mary die. I was too selfish, too much of a coward to face life without her. I knew, deep down inside me, if I had to make that same choice again, I would. Even knowing just how terrible the consequences would be.

Despite my guilt, exhausted sleep found me quickly. I drifted down into slumbering unconsciousness. Drifting through the darkness I felt a curious sensation. Something called to me—an ache. Powerful, full of life and passion. My soul drifted from my body, entering a black realm. Dreams surrounded me. Some pulsed with joy, others with fear. All the people asleep and dreaming around me in the real world were here—wherever here was.

My exhaustion craved something from these dreams. I was pulled, drifting through the darkness, searching for that powerful ache of life and passion. The dreams sped past me one by one, my hunger instinctively knowing they weren’t what I needed.

I didn’t understand what was happening, but I decided to trust my instincts.

And then I found it. One dream pulsed red, beckoning me with a siren’s song. I drifted nearer until it encompassed my entire vision. With my disembodied senses, I reached out and touched the dream.

Power surged, beating hot through me. This dream belonged to Rexanne Tyler. I didn’t understand how I knew this, I just did. I peered in; she was young, sixteen, lying in the backseat of a car making out with Brad Pitt.

I was watching a teenage girl’s wet dream. It was her sexual energy that had called to me.

This was Lilith’s power. She was a succubus. And now I was an incubus.

I needed this girl’s sexual energy. My exhausted body craved it.

I entered the dream, letting the aura of lust wash into the girl. Rexanne shivered and quaked, cumming in the arms of her hunky dream. With a thought I banished her dream-lover, then opened the car door with my hand.

“Oh my,” she purred, her green eyes staring at my naked, muscular body, lingering on my hard cock.

She was dressed in a blue halter top that her dream-lover had pushed up exposing small breasts cupped in a lilac bra. A denim skirt covered her skinny legs. I crawled in to the backseat, looming over her, and she trembled, a smile blossoming on her heart-shaped face that was framed by soft, brown curls.

“You’re him,” she purred. “The God.”

“Yes I am,” I smiled, touching her thigh. “When you wake-up, you’ll remember that your God loves you. That your beauty called to him, and he visited your dream to make love to you.”

A flush suffused her face, her breath quickening. I stroked her, feeling her tremble, then bent and captured her lips in a kiss. For a moment she froze, then the excitement at kissing her God burned through her; a sexual energy seemed to flow into me. I was drinking it, gaining power from her lust. I sensed I could drain her fully, do harm to the girl.

I remembered the men Lilith visited in her dream almost dying of exhaustion.

I moderated myself, taking just a small amount. Her teenage hormones brimmed with more than enough energy to feed my mortal body.

My hands pushed up her bra, exposing her small, cone-shaped breasts topped by pink nipples. I captured a nipple. I loved the feel of a hard nub between my lips. I nipped gently with my teeth, before sucking as much of her tit into my lips I could.

“Oh yes!” she moaned. “Umm, that feels wonderful. You could give my boyfriend a few pointers.”

I grinned up at her. “I’m a God,” I told her. Sometimes I even believed it.

And why not, I had the power of three ancient beings inside me. Every time my sword killed a demonic entity, I stole their powers, sending them back to Hell as weak as any newly dead human. I imagined Lucifer is having a rough time at the hands of those he victimized.

I switched tits, sucking her other nipple into my mouth. I licked, nibbled, rubbed—I made love to her breast with my mouth until she purred like a cat. I found her sleek thighs with my hands, pushing under her skirt to feel silky panties and the warmth they guarded. My cock ached to feel her cunt; my hands pulled her panties down her thighs, over her right shoe and left them bunched around her left ankle.

Lust shown in her green eyes as her thighs parted for me. “Take me, my Lord!” she moaned. “Fuck me!”

I kissed her and buried into her cunt with one motion. God, she was tight, wet, warm. Her flesh spongy, giving way beneath the thrust of my cock. I was wrapped in passion, every plunge inflaming my arousal and feeding my hunger. The car rocked in time to my strokes, her legs wrapping about me—locking tight.

“Fuck, you feel hot and amazing!” I moaned. “My little slut!”

“Oh yes!” she gasped. “I’ll be your slut! Let me worship your cock with my cunt! Bless me with our divine seed!”

Her lust grew, more soaking into my soul, spurring me to fuck her faster. The shocks squeaked, the leather of the car seat creaked. I let my lust touch her and she came like a gun, my lust the primer igniting her orgasms. Her cunt convulsed about my cock, never stopping as her orgasms rolled through her body in a never ceasing wave of pleasure.

I reduced her to an incoherent mass of rapture. She felt nothing but my flesh on hers, my cock plunging in and out of her sheath. Every nerve in her body sparked with passion, wiping thought from her mind. Energy poured into me, even a trickle filled me up with such vitality.

My cock erupted into her and she howled as her body writhed beneath me.

She vanished, waking up in the real world to a bed that must be drenched in her juices. I smiled, savoring her passion that still filled me as I floated in the darkness. Other dreams called to me, the passionate dreams of the women of all ages.

I wondered if Mary floated through this darkness, drawn to the dreams of horny men. I could almost feel her gaze, hear her naughty laugh. Turning, I sensed a presence floating in the darkness beside me.

“Horny stallion,” the formless presence giggled.

Ours souls touched and I felt the lustful energy I absorbed from Rexanne flow into my wife while a frantic, passionate energy poured into me.

“Naughty filly,” I answered. “Whose dream did you visit?”

“A poor, virgin boy of fifteen,” she answered. “Umm, there’s another one.”

I could sense a young girl’s dream nearby, felt myself drifting away from Mary. “Have fun,” I called to her.

“You too, my Love,” she called back.

Smiling, I floated to Jeannette Miller’s passionate dream. Just how many girls I could brighten with my visits in one night? As I entered her dream, I vowed to find out.

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