The World’s First Futa–Transformed into a Futa Chapter Three: Futa’s First MILF


The World’s First Futa

Transformed into a Futa

Chapter Three: Futa’s First MILF

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

Story Codes: Hermaphrodite/Female, Hermaphrodite/Females, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Hot Wife, Cheating, Creampie

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April 17th, 2047

“So, your boyfriend’s mom walks in on you naked on her living room couch, your new futa-dick hard and thrusting before you. That sounds… interesting,” said Adelia Tash, the talk show host sitting beside me on the couch before her studio audience. The cameras rolled, the lights shining down on us, illuminating us for the entire world to watch as the interview was streamed across the internet.

“Yeah,” I said, giving a soft chuckled. “But, I wasn’t hard. Yet.” I glanced out at the studio audience, almost feeling their energetic excitement. “I think we all know what happened next.”

A sultry murmur came from the audience.

“It’s so obvious now, but back then I was in a panic.” I smiled, staring out at the audience as I remembered the evening almost thirty years ago…


September 30th, 2017

“I’m so sorry, Mrs. Albertson,” I babbled, trying to cover up my breasts and my new futa-cock all at the same time. Coke sloshed out of the can I held, spilling over my tits. The drink fizzled as the older woman stared at me.

Her jaw dropped.

“I didn’t expect you to… Oh, god, this isn’t what it looks like… I’m so embarrassed… I’m… Shoot… I’m so sorry. So very sorry…”

My thoughts scattered like a flock of birds before a pouncing cat. I couldn’t think. Everything was so crazy. This night was so crazy. It had started off so magical. My date with Mrs. Albertson’s son, Kurt, had ended up with us back here in his bedroom. We’d been dating throughout high school and even went to the same college to stay together. I was eighteen, a freshman, and finally ready to surrender my virginity to him.

At the time, I loved him so much. I thought we would be married. And the sex was great, at first.

Then he came in me.

My body… reacted. I felt like he squirted poison in me I felt so sick. I darted to the bathroom and douched myself. That was when my clit transformed into the cock I struggled to hide from Mrs. Albertson. After that, things grew even wilder. Kurt’s step-sister, Janice, found my cock. We had sex and Kurt caught us. Then I had a threesome, sharing Kurt’s sister with him, me fucking her asshole while he used her pussy.

After that wild menage, we came downstairs to talk. We broke up only moments ago. I just wasn’t attracted to guys any longer. I wanted us to be still be friends. I think we would be, he just needed time to think. I was about to find my clothing and leave when Mrs. Albertson walked in.

The words kept pouring out of my mouth as I had one arm over my round breasts, my blonde hair spilling off my shoulders. I hugged my thighs together, trapping the bottom half of my dick while I covered the top half with my hand. My dick throbbed as the fiery-haired, mature woman stared at me. Her green eyes were so wide. She sucked in a deep breath, her breasts rising and falling in her top.

She had big tits like her step-daughter, Janice.

My dick kept chubbing up harder and harder. It thrust against my hand as I vainly sought to hide it. But it was just too big. And… And Mrs. Albertson was so sexy. I had always known she was a beautiful woman that took care of herself, and now that I was into women…

I understood why guys called older women MILFs.

I wanted to fuck this mother.

What was wrong with me? What had caused my clit to transform? First Janice and now his mother made me hard? “I just need to get my clothes and I’ll leave. I’ll never come back. I’m so sorry, Mrs Albertson.”

I stood up, which was a mistake. It was impossible to hide my girl-dick now. It bounced before me, waving as my hand still cupped the most sensitive part. The twitching rubbed it into my palm, the precum flowing. My nipples peeked out around my left arm still thrown across them.

“Y-you have…” Mrs. Albertson shuddered, her breasts jiggling beneath her top. “Oh, dear, you have a… a…” She swallowed. “Does my son… know…?”

“It just happened,” I babbled. “I’m so embarrassed. I don’t know why it grew. It just did. I… Let me get my clothes… I’ll leave.”

I turned and prepared to sprint for the stairs—I had to get away from the most embarrassing moment in my entire life—when she grabbed my arm. Her grip tight, hauling me back. Her fingernails bit into my bicep. I gasped as she spun me around, my futa-dick thrusting over a foot before me. It smacked into her hip clad in a her skirt.

“That is… something else,” Mrs. Albertson said, her free hand grasping it. She shook her head, licking her lips. “It just… sprouted, dear? From your pussy?”

“It’s my clit,” I said. “Please, Mrs. Albertson, you have to stop doing that.”

But just like with Janice, the sight of my girl-cock did something to my ex-boyfriend’s mother. She let out a wanton moan as she fell to her knees and opened her lush lips wide. My eyes bugged as she swallowed the tip of my girl-dick.

“W-what about Mr. Albertson?” I asked, Janice’s father and Kurt’s step-dad. “I… You’re married. You can’t do that?”

But she didn’t seem to care. She just sucked on my new futa-dick with such wanton need. She swirled her tongue about the tip like a cock-sucking champ. Pleasure raced down my shaft to my pussy. It clenched as I shuddered, my breasts jiggling before me.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. She was happily married to Kurt’s step-father. I had seen them together. They were so close. And now… Now she was cheating on him. My girl-dick had done something to her… Driven her wild.

How was this happening?

“Mrs. Albertson,” I panted. “You can’t do this… Please, Mrs. Albertson… If you do this, I’ll… I’ll cum in you mouth.”

She only moaned and sucked harder.

My pussy clenched as my ex’s mother bobbed her mouth up and down my thick shaft. Her lips sealed tight around it while her tongue danced across the shaft, brushing the sensitive crown. My tip ached and throbbed in her warm, wet mouth.

Juices ran down my thighs. My bush felt drenched. I squirmed and groaned, my eyes glancing upstairs. Kurt might not hate me for breaking up with him and fucking his step-sister, but his mother? I shuddered. This had to stop. I couldn’t ruin Mrs. Albertson’s marriage.

But her mouth… Oh, god, her mouth.

She sucked so hard.

Her tongue danced around my cock.

Her fingers found my pussy. She moaned as she rubbed my newly deflowered flesh. I shivered as her digits caressed my pussy lips, stimulating them. Pleasure ran through my body, ending at the tip of my dick buried in her sucking mouth.

The pressure grew and grew. My ache built in me. I whimpered, my tits shaking from side-to-side. Waves of euphoria washed through me. My hands found my tits. I squeezed and kneaded them as she sucked and slurped on my dick.

She loved my cock.

“Mrs. Albertson,” I whined, my voice so throaty. “Oh, God, Mrs. Albertson, you have to stop before I erupt. Before I cum in your mouth. Please.”

The words were a lie. I wanted to erupt. I wanted to dump my cum down her throat. I was such a wanton futa-slut.

I squeezed my tits hard. “I’m going to cum. You’re sucking too hard. Oh, Mrs. Albertson, I’ll erupt.”

That only encouraged her. She stared up at me with those glassy, green eyes as her cheeks hollowed. She put her all into drawing out my cum. I whimpered, my eyes fluttering and my heart pounding. My hips shifted from side-to-side as the pleasure built and built in me. My pussy grew tighter.

Her tongue fluttered over the tip.

Her fingers buried into my cunt.

I gasped at the sudden intrusion of her digits. They reached so deep into my juicy cunt. I rose up on my tiptoes. I groaned out in shuddering rapture. My eyes bulged. Her digits felt so good in me. I whimpered and shuddered, my hips swaying from side-to-side as she plundered my pussy.

My cunt convulsed on her digits as my orgasm explode through me. My cum fired from my dick. I whimpered, trying not to scream out in rapture. Pleasure pulsed from my dick as blast after blast of my cum pumped into the MILF’s mouth.

Mrs. Albertson moaned about my cock as she guzzled down my cum. She swallowed with noisy passion. Her green eyes squeezed shut as she nursed so hard on my dick. Her fingers pumped in and out of my cunt, stirring me up to a hot froth. My juices poured out around her digits while my hands kneaded my tits.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned. “Mrs. Albertson… Drink my cum. Oh, you married MILF! You love it!”

Stars danced across my vision as dizzy euphoria spun through my head. I swayed, my cock pumping the last blast of jizz into her mouth. I sucked in such deep breaths while her mouth popped off my dick.

She rose before me, her hands seizing my blonde hair. I smelled my own sweet musk on my finger as she hauled my lips towards hers. She kissed me hard, her tongue shoveling my salty cum into my mouth.

I moaned into the kiss, loving the taste of my own futa-seed. My naked body pressed against her clothed form, my dick rubbing on her blouse as our tongues danced, sharing my girl-spunk. I whimpered into the kiss, my heart thudding in my chest.

She was married. Happily. I shouldn’t do this. I should stop this before it went even farther.

But I didn’t stop her as she pushed me back to the couch. I fell down onto it, my tits and girl-dick bouncing. She let out such a purring moan as her hands went to her red blouse, undoing the delicate buttons.

“I don’t know what you’ve done to me,” she moaned. “But I need that cock in me, Becky. I need to be filled by it.”

“We shouldn’t do this,” I moaned. “You’re married.”

She shivered, her fingers working faster. “I know… I love Ian, but… But this cock… I’ve never been so wet in my life.” She shrugged out of her blouse, her breasts constrained in a cream colored bra. She reached behind her, undoing her clasp. “I have to… I need that dick in me, Becky. Right fucking now!”

I had never heard Mrs. Albertson curse in my life. I gasped in shock as the MILF’s bra came off, exposing her large tits. They were so pillowy soft, sagging more than Janice’s did. They swayed and jiggled as she slid up her dark skirt, exposing more and more of her thighs until she revealed her matching, satin panties.

A dark stain covered her crotch.

“I’ve never been so wet in my life, Becky.” She hooked her thumbs into her panties. “I need you in me. Right now!” She shoved down her panties, exposing a fiery bush drenched in her juices. She stepped out of her panties and tossed them at me.

I felt how wet they were. I couldn’t help bringing them to my nose. I inhaled her tart musk. I let out such a wanton moan. “You smell so good, Mrs. Albertson.”

With a hungry growl, the MILF pounced. She straddled me on the couch, her hands grabbing my cock and guiding me to her sopping, married pussy. I shuddered, my cunt clenching, when my dick brushed the wet folds of her snatch. She guided me to her hole with expert swiftness and impaled herself down my cock.

“Oh, my god,” she groaned, her back arching, her large tits pressing into mine. “Your cock… Oh, sweetie, your cock is huge… I’ve never had anything this big in me in my life.”

I groaned, squirming on the couch, rubbing our tits together. My hands shot around her, grabbing her bubbly ass. I squeezed and kneaded her plump rump as my ex’s mother rode my dick. She worked her cunt hard and fast up and down my shaft. She wasn’t as tight as Janice, but she was just as wet.

And this was a married pussy. My cock shouldn’t be in her at all. It was so wrong. I was cuckolding her husband. He was such a nice man and now his wife was my whore. She rode my dick hard and fast, working up and down my girth.

“Yes, yes, yes, such a huge dick,” she moaned and buried her face into my neck.

She kissed and sucked on my flesh as she worked her pussy up and down my futa-dick. The silky friction sent pleasure shooting down to my cunt. I gasped, my fingers digging into the MILF’s ass as such dizzy pleasure washed through me.

This was really happening. I was having sex with my ex’s mother. Her pussy rode my new clit-dick. It felt incredible. Mrs. Albertson had such a hot cunt. So silky, so wet, so juicy. The pleasure built and built within me as she pistoned away.

“Yes, yes, yes, ride my girl-dick, Mrs. Albertson,” I whimpered, my nipples throbbing against hers every time they caressed. “Work that married cunt on my shaft.”

“Such a big shaft. Such a huge cock! I love it in me! It’s the best!” Her lips nibbled on my neck, then she sucked like she wanted to leave a hickey, wanting to mark me with her passion.

I trembled, my futa-dick throbbing in her pussy’s silken embrace. I shuddered as she rode me faster and faster, working her cunt so hard and fast up and down my dick. She was possessed by her lust, needing to satiate her desires with my cock.

It was so messed up. I loved it.

I groaned, my eyes fluttering. My right hand swept up her back, sliding over her bunched up skirt. I loved the feel of her supple skin beneath my digits, her muscles writhing as she rode me so hard and fast and—

Janice peered into the living room from the staircase, recovered from her hard orgasms. Her eyes were so wide as she watched us. I groaned. Now Janice knew. She would tell her father that her step-mother fucked someone else.

I would ruin Mrs. Albertson’s wonderful marriage.

I wanted to call out to Janice, to stop her, but she turned and fled, her short, brown hair swaying about her head before she vanished out of sight. I groaned, wanting to stop the MILF, but her pussy felt so good riding up and down my dick.

I felt like such a terrible person for reveling in this. For thrusting my hips up, meeting her pussy sliding down my cock. Our flesh slapped together, my dick aching and throbbing in the depths of her snatch.

I came closer and closer to cumming. “Mrs. Albertson,” I moaned. “Oh, god, Mrs. Albertson.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she groaned back, lifting her head, her fiery hair spilling about her flushed face. Green eyes, glassy and dazed met mine. “Cum in me. Pump your spunk into my pussy.”

“Your married pussy!” I moaned, my pussy clenching. What was wrong with me?

“Yes, yes yes, flood my married cunt with your seed!” What was wrong with her?

“My futa-seed. I’m a futa, Mrs. Albertson!”

“Futa!” she groaned as she slammed her pussy down my futa-dick. She engulfed every inch of it, making me shudder in delight.

Her pussy convulsed about my shaft.

My ex-boyfriend’s mother came on my futa-dick. I groaned at the surge of pleasure spasming about my shaft. Her married cunt spasmed and writhed. Such silky delight massaged my cock, driving me wild.

My dick drank in every sensation. It sent such pleasure surging through my body. Dizzy delight washed through me. I groaned and gasped, sucking in deep breaths as I savored every moment of this. I loved her pussy convulsing about my shaft, driving me so wild with pleasure. Dizzy delight spilled across my vision.

“Mrs. Albertson!” I moaned, my pussy clenching.

“Cum in me!” she howled in orgasmic bliss.


My dick erupted.

Hot cum spurted into her married cunt. Every blast sent jarring ecstasy that fired to my mind while waves of rapture washed out of my convulsing pussy. I whimpered and moaned as I shuddered beneath her. My dick pulsed, pumping jizz into her hungry snatch.

Her back arched, thrusting her big, pillowy breasts before me. She writhed on my dick, her hips wiggling from side-to-side as her spasming cunt milked out every drop of cum I possessed. I whimpered, dizzy delight dancing through my mind.

“That is so hot!” Janice gasped.

I looked over the MILF’s shoulder to see her step-daughter rushing into the living room, her arms filled with sex toys. She rushed up to us, juggling to hold the various dildos, vibrators, and other naughty toys she cradled to her chest.

“Isn’t her dick just the best, Mom?” Janice asked like it wasn’t weird at all to find her step-mother riding my girl-dick in the middle of the living room.

“Oh, it is, honey,” groaned Mrs. Albertson, her pussy milking the last drops of jizz out of my dick. “It’s amazing.”

Janice dumped all her sex toys on the couch beside us. Then she grabbed a purple bullet vibrator, holding it up before her. “Let’s use this on her dick, Mom. I bet it’ll make her cum so hard.”

Her big tits jiggled and swayed as she bounced on her palms. Though she was a year older than me, nineteen, she suddenly seemed like a young teenybopper squealing in delight at the prospect of seeing her favorite boy band.

Or in Janice’s case, one of the various hunky Chrises—Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Pine, and Chris Hemsworth—who starred in all the action films these days.

“Ooh, that sounds fun,” moaned Mrs. Albertson. “Mmm, she pumped so much jizz into me. It felt amazing. I want to reward her.”

“You did,” I groaned, my body buzzing with rapture. “I came so hard.”

“You need more of a reward,” the MILF said as she rose her pussy up my still-hard dick. “You filled me with all that yummy seed.”

“Futa-seed,” Janice said. “I know, it’s the best feeling in the world when she squirts it into your pussy. It was nice in my asshole, but my pussy… My pussy was amazing.”

“I thought her dick tasted a little sour,” Mrs. Albertson said. “Mmm, I sucked my daughter’s ass off her cock, huh?”

“Futa-cock,” Janice said, beaming up at her step-mother. Then she leaned forward and licked up a line of my girl-spunk leaking out of the MILF’s pussy. “Mmm, you taste good mixed with her seed, Mom. Let’s play with her!”

The bullet vibrator hummed to life.

Mother and daughter knelt before me, pushing my thighs far apart. My pussy lips spread open, making me feel so exposed. My dick, glistening with the MILF’s juices, twitched and throbbed. Mrs. Albertson seized my girl-cock, holding it in place.

The vibrator touched the tip. My eyes bulged. Humming pleasure assaulted the sensitive crown. Rapture shot down it. My ass lifted off the couch as I bucked. My tits heaved before me as I screamed out in rapture.

“Holy fucking shit!”

Janice grinned at me as she rubbed the vibrator around the creamy tip of my girl-dick, teasing my spongy crown. Such delight shot down me. She leaned in, lapping up her mother’s juices off my shaft as she teased me. My cunt clenched, such ecstasy filling my body.

The toy hummed so loudly. It sent pleasure shooting down to my pussy. I groaned and shuddered. My head tossed back and forth as I sucked in such deep breaths. I wasn’t prepared for the assault on my senses it gave me. I squirmed on the couch, my pussy clenching.

My orgasms swelled so fast.

Mrs. Albertson grinned as she watched my cock twitched, her hand stroking up and down the base. They both leaned over it as Janice rubbed it in faster circles around my cock. Their pillowy breasts swayed, boobs brushing boobs.

Mother and daughter’s boobs.

“Fuck!” I gasped as my orgasm shot through me.

My cum spurted from my cock, splattering the egg vibrator. The jizz sprayed out around it, hot droplets landing on all our tits. Janice yanked the vibrator away as my dick pulsed again and again. With no barriers, my cum arched up and landed on their heaving tits.

I groaned as I painted mother and daughter’s tits. My ropy spunk landed in thick lines across them. Rivulets of pearly cream ran across their mounds. One reached Mrs. Albertson’s dark-red nipple, coating it in a thick blob of my spunk.

“Ooh, that’s so hot!” Mrs. Albertson moaned as more cum spurted from my dick, splattering their bodies with more blasts of my passion.

“It is!” Janice moaned, dropping the vibrator. It hummed on the couch next to mine as she then hefted her mother’s boob. She leaned own and sucked that cum-coated nipple into her mouth.

The taboo passion of daughter sucking on her mother’s nipple made my dick spurt a final time. Cum splashed on the side of Janice’s face. Mrs. Albertson just shuddered, moaning as her daughter loved her nipple.

“Oh, yes, honey,” the MILF said to her step-daughter. “Ooh, that’s so nice. Clean up all that spunk.”

I watched as Janice licked across her mother’s tits, licking up all my spunk. It made my dick throb so badly. I shivered in utter delight as her tongue danced across her mother’s flesh, scooping up more and more pearly spunk into her mouth, feasting on it.

It made my dick throb so hard. I ached and trembled. I wanted to jerk off so badly as I gazed at the forbidden passion. Janice pushed her mother down to the floor. Her hand shot out, snagging one of the toys off the couch without even looking to see which one. She just kept lapping up my spunk off her mother’s breasts.

“Oh, Mom, I have to eat your creampie,” Janice moaned. “I have to lick up all that cum out of your cunt.”

“Oh, yes,” I groaned, my dick throbbing as I stared at the red toy she grabbed. It was a narrow shaft of plastic, about as thick as my pinkie finger, that thrust through the center of a half-dozen beads of greater size. At the end, by the biggest ball, was a ring. “Feast on her and… What is that?”

“Anal beads,” Janice said as she moved down her mother’s naked body, pushing her thighs apart. Mrs. Albertson’s fiery bush looked so sexy matted with my spunk.

My eyes widened as I watched Janice push up her mother’s legs which lifted the MILF’s ass. She pulled a lacy pillow off the couch and thrust it beneath her mother’s ass. Then she jammed the anal beads into her mother’s pussy.

It emerged glistening with pussy cream and my cum. “Best lube in the world,” Janice said, beaming up at me. Then she brought the toy to her mother’s asshole. “You’ll love this, Becky.”

Mrs. Albertson gasped as the smallest bead popped into her sphincter. Then a moment later the next largest. My asshole clenched every time her butthole swallowed a larger bead until finally the sixth one rammed into her bowels.

Janice’s finger hooked the ring at the end. She gave me a naughty wink, pulled.

Mrs. Albertson screamed out in rapture as the beads plopped one after the other out of her sphincter. Janice yanked them out fast. The MILF shuddered on the ground, gasping, moaning, cum leaking out of her pussy.

Janice feasted.

My dick throbbed.

I fell to my knees behind Janice as she devoured her mother’s creampie. I brought my dick to the nineteen-year-old girl’s cunt and slammed it into her juicy depths. I moaned, burying into her pussy for the second time to night.

I fucked her hard as she feasted on Mrs. Albertson’s cunt. The MILF savored her step-daughter devouring her cunt. She writhed on the ground, her cum-smeared breasts jiggling and shaking. Then she gasped as Janice pushed the anal beads back into the MILF’s asshole.

“Yes, yes, yes, rip them out of me!” she moaned.

Janice’s pussy clenched on my girl-dick as she did just that.

The MILF howled in delight, smearing her fiery bush and hot cunt against Janice’s lips. I shuddered, loving the depraved sounds. I pumped my girl-dick in and out of her pussy so hard, so fast, loving the taboo menage.

This night was so wild.

Mrs. Albertson begged for the anal beads. She welcomed them and shuddered each time. Her moans grew louder and more wanton. Her face twisted in rapture. And then she screamed out in ecstasy.

I knew she came on her daughter’s mouth.

The sound of Janice licking her mother’s climaxing pussy, drinking down that flood of tart pussy juices, sent me over the edge. I buried into Janice’s cunt and erupted. My cum pumped into her twat. Her snatch spasmed about my dick, milking out every drop.

“This is so hot!” I moaned as the rapture surged through me. “Oh, yes, I love it!”

“Me, too,” Mrs. Albertson. “Oh, Becky, you have got to feel the anal beads!”

“Yes!” Janice moaned, her pussy convulsing so hard about my girl-dick while my last blast of cum pumped into her. “Fuck my mom, and I’ll use them on you.”

“Yes!” I hissed, ripping my girl-dick out of Janice’s pussy. My cum leaked out, spilling down her plump, shaved vulva.

Mrs. Albertson knelt on her hands and knees before me, wiggling that plump ass at me. If she liked the anal beads, I knew she’d love my cock reaming her bowels. I guided my dick soaked in her step-daughter’s juices to her asshole.

And thrust.

“Ooh, yes, Becky!” the married MILF hissed as I buried into her asshole. Her bowels spread around my cock. “Oh, that feels so good in me, honey!”

“I bet it does,” Janice said, snagging a thick dildo off the couch, the anal beads in her other hand. She gave me such a wicked grin.

I moaned as she rammed the dildo into my pussy, the thick girth spreading me open. I savored being filled again. Kurt’s cock had felt nice before his cum fired into me. She pumped it into me as she brought the anal beads, fresh from her mother’s asshole, to my sphincter.

As I drew back my hips, sliding my huge dick through Mrs. Albertson’s velvety bowels, my asshole pressed on the anal beads. Janice gave resistance, forcing my sphincter to swallow them one by one. Larger and larger beads spread wide my sphincter than massaged my bowels. My cunt clenched on the dildo.

Then the largest bead pressed against my asshole. I forced my hips back, swallowing that one, too.

“Oh, god, yes,” I groaned, both my holes stuffed with sex toys. My bowels loved the feel of the beads in me, little nodules of pressure massaging my depths. My cock throbbed, just the crown remaining in the MILF’s bowels.

“Fuck me!” Mrs. Albertson begged.

“Pound my mother’s asshole!” Janice moaned, pumping the dildo in and out of my cunt, stirring my snatch to a hot froth.

I thrust.

Janice kept a tight grip on the ring. The anal beads ripped out of my asshole. The rapid withdrawal stimulated me. Such ecstasy shot out of my bowels as I buried into the MILF’s tight depths. Such a wave of pleasure washed through me. My girl-cock throbbed in her velvety embrace of the MILF’s bowels.

I drew back my hips, my asshole swallowing the anal beads again. Then I groaned and savored the delight of them ripping out of me once more. My head threw back into the air. I groaned and gasped at the pleasure shivering through me.

“Oh, my god,” I howled, my body assaulted by so many wonderful sensations.

“Uh-huh, anal beads are awesome,” Janice moaned.

“They are!” panted the MILF, her hips bucking back into my thrusts, working her asshole up and down my dick.

Such pleasure swirled through me. The delight churned in my cunt met the popping pleasure surging out of my asshole. And those two sensations crashed into the velvety heaven flowing down my girl-dick. They all mixed and met and melted together in the depths of my bowels. I thrust harder and harder, drinking in all the delights.

The anal beads plopped in and out of my asshole. Janice fucked me with them now, thrusting them in as hard as she ripped them out. I whimpered and moaned, my tits heaving before me. I gripped Mrs. Albertson’s swaying tits, squeezing her pillowy mounds.

“Becky!” she moaned. “Oh, Becky, you wonderful futa! Oh, yes, I love it! I’m going to cum.”

“Do it, Mom!” Janice moaned as she pumped both her toys in and out of my holes. “Explode on her dick!”

“Yes!” screamed the MILF.

Her bowels writhed about my dick. Her asshole milked my cock. I shuddered, my two holes clenching down on the invading toys, my orgasm about to explode in me. I buried into the MILF’s depths.

Her velvety asshole massaged the tip of my cock.

My cum erupted.

I pumped hot blast after hot blast of spunk into her depths. The futa-jizz boiled out of me. Pleasure swept through my body. My holes spasmed on those wonderful toys. Janice’s tongue lapped around her dildo, brushing my folds, and drank my juices spilling out of my cunt around the toy. I shuddered, sparks bursting across my vision.

I loved it. I loved having a futa-cock. I drank in the rapture. I savored this ecstasy. My body received delights that buffeted me. From side-to-side. The world spun around me. I entered a haze of euphoric ecstasy.

I embraced it as my futa-dick pumped its last spurts of cum into her bowels.

“I love your futa-cock, honey!” Mrs. Albertson moaned, her asshole writhing about my shaft.

“Me, too,” Janice purred.

Things became a blur for a while. We fucked and writhed and enjoyed each other. Afterward, we lay panting on the couch, my new girl-cock limp, satiated. Cum painted all of us, dribbling out of their holes. Mother and step-daughter both peered over me at each other, slightly dazed looks on their faces.

“I don’t know what came over me,” Mrs. Albertson said, shaking her head, her fiery hair swaying about her shoulders. “Just seeing it… It triggered something inside of me. This need…” Her face fell. “How will I tell my husband that I…?”

Guilt churned in my stomach. I didn’t want to cause more pain in this family. First Kurt, now his mother…

“Dad doesn’t have to know,” Janice said, lifting her chin. “It’s our secret. I get it, Mom. I do. You just can’t… You can’t help yourself with Becky. You have to act on the desire for her. Neither of us were responsible.”

That didn’t help with my turmoil. What if Mr. Albertson did find out and their marriage…? I swallowed, suddenly wanting to flee the house before I caused any more problems. I licked my lips and said, “I should go. It’s getting late.”

“Yeah,” Mrs. Albertson nodded, sinking back on the couch, her eyes closing. “That was… invigorating.”

“Uh-huh,” Janice said. “I brought your clothes down, Becky. It’s why I came down here originally. My brother left them by his bedroom door in the hallway. They’re right over there were I dropped them.” She pointed towards the stairs.

“Thanks,” I said, standing up and staring at my clothes. I had spent so much time selecting them, choosing just the right outfit to wear on my date with Kurt tonight. I knew it would be special.

I just had no idea how special. Tonight had utterly changed me. Well, no girl was the same after losing her virginity.

I dressed quickly while mother and step-daughter cuddled naked on the couch. They looked so loving. It almost wasn’t a perverted sight except Mrs. Albertson’s hand cupped her daughter’s large breast and Janice scooped up cum from between her mother’s thighs, idly bringing it to her lips.

I fled the house.

The cold, September evening washed over me. Everything was wet and glistening beneath the streetlights, the fresh, oily scent of recent rain filling my nose. I decided to go to my parent’s house instead of back to my dorm. They were out of town. I could have a weekend alone to think and process what had just happened to me.

My skirt swirled about my thighs as I walked, lost in thoughts. Cars passed by on the residential streets, their tires squeaking on the wet pavement. I just drifted along. I had walked the four blocks between my home and Kurt’s so many times I didn’t need to think about it. Autopilot had taken over as I struggled to understand my changed life.

My new cock swayed beneath my skirt, swinging with my movement. I had my panties clutched in my hand. I needed to schedule a doctor’s appointment with my primary. Dr. Senior would have to know what caused this. It had to happen to other girls, right?

I pulled out my phone and googled futas. I found a lot of perverted, Anime art. My dick grew so hard as I drank it in and—

I gasped when one car pulled in front of me while turning into a driveway. I jumped back, blinking in shock.

The car stopped. The window rolled down while my body trembled as I realized what had just happened. I almost got hit. Adrenaline had spiked through me, leaving me shaking as I clutched my hands to my breasts. A woman’s face stared out at me, her brown hair framing her mature and lovely face, her skin a light tan.

A MILF like Mrs. Albertson.

“Oh, my god, sweetie,” she said, throwing open her car door. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you.”

“It’s fine,” I said, suddenly so aware of my dick hard from staring at those naughty pictures of dickgirls fucking each other or other girls. They had such huge dicks and fired so much salty cum.

Just like me.

“No, no,” she said, her large breasts bouncing in her low-cut top. She looked like she was returning from a date, all gussied up, her skirt short and tight, her legs clad in dark nylons. “I need to make it up to you, sweetie.”

She grabbed me and to my shock, she pulled me close and just kissed me. A complete stranger plunged her tongue into my mouth as she hugged me tight to her body. I trembled against her, my dick throbbing as it was trapped between our bodies.

What was happening? I didn’t know her. She hadn’t even seen my futa-dick. Unless she noticed my bulge.

But she was kissing me. She felt so soft and silky in my arms. Did I… Did I exude something that drove woman crazy? Some sort of pheromones or something?

My blood screamed through my veins as her hands seized my rump. Her fingers bit at my flesh as she pulled me back to her car, pinning herself against it as she held me tight. She wiggled her hips, grinding against my girl-dick.

“I knew you were special,” she moaned after breaking our kiss. Her round face grew darker with her blush, her eyes almost black pools. “But I didn’t know you had a cock beneath your skirt. A sexy tranny.”

“Futa,” I moaned. “I have a pussy.”

“Wonderful,” she breathed as her hands then started hiking my skirt. “I know just how to make it up to you. My pussy! Fuck my pussy!”

This couldn’t be happening. It was so surreal. A complete stranger wanted to fuck me? To feel my girl-dick plunge into her pussy? What had Kurt’s cum done to me? My pussy clenched, juices flooding down my thighs as my cock pressed into her skirt.

“I’m so glad my date was a bust,” she moaned. “I would have missed out on this monster tranny dick.”

“Futa-dick!” I moaned. “It’s my clit! My clit turned into a dick!” I just had to blurt that out, to let this woman know just how I had changed. A strange sense of pride shot through me.

Women wanted me. Hot women. MILFs!

She brought my cock to her panties. I didn’t feel her nylons, they must be thigh-highs. That made me tremble more. Her fingers pushed her panties to the side and her trimmed bush caressed my dick before she guided me to her hot pussy.

“I need to be fucked so badly!” she groaned as I thrust into her. “Since my divorce… I haven’t… Oh, yes! Oh, my god, this cock!”

Right there on the quiet, residential street, I pumped my hips. I drove my girl-dick in and out of her cunt. I shuddered, the pleasure flooding through my body. It was incredible being in her. I shuddered, reveling in the feel of her hot grip around my dick. The pleasure shot through me. It rippled down my shaft, making me ache and tremble. My eyes rolled back into my head as I pumped away so hard. I worked my girl-dick in and out of her MILF snatch.

So tight. So hot. So wonderful. My third pussy of the night. Of my life.

Her hands clenched my naked rump, digging into my flesh while her car rocked behind us. Its shocks squeaked as I pounded her against it. I fucked her so hard as I kissed her, savored her. Anyone could spot us. Could see us. Could witness a futa fucking a hot MILF.

My pleasure swelled so fast. My juices dripped faster and faster down my thighs. The MILF groaned and gasped into our kiss. Her cunt squeezed down around my thrusting clit-dick. The friction sent pleasure shooting down to my snatch.

My orgasm swelled in me.

Every thrust grew it. The ache formed at the tip of my futa-cock. That need to erupt seized me, drove me to piston my cock in and out of her cunt as fast as possible. I sucked at her neck while she screamed out her pleasure for all the world to hear.

“A futa’s fucking my cunt!” she moaned. “Yes, yes, yes! It’s amazing! A futa’s fucking me! Oh, my god, yes! Yes, yes!”

She came.


Her pussy spasmed about my girl-dick. It writhed and caressed it. I shuddered, loving every moment of the pleasure of her cunt. It made me whimper and groan. It had me shuddering in delight. My eyes rolled back into my head as my own pleasure built and built.

Her cunt sucked at my dick as she moaned, “Cum in me! I need your seed in me! Spill it in me!”

“Yes!” I groaned.

I buried into the depths of her snatch. I shuddered, my cock erupting into her depths. The pleasure spilled through my body, writhing out of my pussy and pumping out of my cock, while I basted the depths of her spasming snatch. Ecstasy reached my mind, stars bursting across my vision.

I sucked in such deep breaths, my spunk pumping so hard into her depths. I savored it. Rapture surged through my body with every eruption. I held her as her pussy writhed and milked out every drop of futa-jizz in my ovaries.

“Oh, sweetie, yes, I needed that,” she groaned. “Ooh, I hope that made it up to you.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, my body buzzing.

“Good, good,” she said as her pussy spasmed a final time about my dick. “Mmm, I need to go pay the babysitter. If it hits 11 PM, I’ll owe her another thirty dollars.”

“Right,” I nodded and pulled out of her, my cock going soft as it dripped with her pussy juices.

She climbed back into her car and pulled it the rest of the way into her driveway. I kept walking into the night, dazed. Was this my life now? Fucking random strangers? What would happen on Monday when I had to go to class?


April 17th, 2047

“And you didn’t even know her name?” Adela Tash asked.

I shook my head. “Not then. I later learned she was Melany Atkinson.” My smile fell. “She passed away from ovarian cancer three years ago.”

“Oh, how terrible.” Adelia patted my thigh, her caramel skin looking so fetching beneath the studio lights. She shifted then a bright smile fell across her face. She looked at camera one and said in bright voice, “Wow, what a great start to our reflection on the life of Becky Woodard.”

The twinge of grief faded. I hardly knew Melany or our daughter, Bethany.

“I had no idea how I would change things that night,” I said, focusing on the positives of that night. I legs crossed before me and straightened my back. Out of the corner of my vision I saw my young wife. Sharron beamed at me with her friendly smile, giving me a supporting nod of her head as she held her stomach, just starting to swell with our third child. Her strawberry-blonde hair swayed about her shoulders, her blue eyes so bright.

Kurt and I had both discovered those families we longed for.

“I was just reeling from what had happened,” I continued, remembering how I stumbled home after fucking Melany. “I grew a dick. I didn’t understand why I drove those three women so wild they just had to fuck me. And, of course, I got a real surprise three weeks later.”

“But before that, you had your first day at college,” Adelia said. “When we come back after a word from our sponsors, we’ll dive into how Seattle university reacted to the world’s first futa.”

The crowd broke out in applause as the studio lights dimmed. I drank it in, eager to continue telling my story… How Professor Rider sucked me off before the entire class, my emergency appointment with my doctor, and the gangbang that I sparked off in my dorms that evening.

My pussy grew so juicy as I waited for the two minute commercial break to wrap up.

The END of This Tale of the World’s First Futa

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