The Rogue’s Harem Book One, Chapter Twelve: Princess’s Passion


The World of Erasthay

The Rogue’s Harem Book One: Rogue’s Sultry Women

Chapter Twelve: Princess’s Passion

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Female/Female, Male/Female, Fantasy, Magic, Oral Sex

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Princess Ava – Echur, Kivoneth Princedom, Strifelands of Zeutch

I bolted upright in my bed, feeling the massive thumb rubbing at my pussy even though no one touched me. My bedmaid, Greta, lifted her head from the pillow beside me, a naughty gleam in her eyes. Ever since she’d crawled into bed, she’d been affectionate, wanting to devour my pussy and feel my tongue on hers.

But excitement over what I discovered in my father’s office burned too hot through me to be distracted by sex.

And now Sven activated my new proxy. My soul connected me to all my proxies. They existed in me, small pockets of awareness, something I only really noticed when stimuli touched them. Like how you never really noticed your toes or fingers or other parts of your body until they touch something new. Elsewise, they just fade into the background, not important.

And when they did touch something new, they’d leap to awareness.

And right now, Sven rubbed on the pussy of my new proxy, summoning me. “He’s in Cheyvn.”

“Oh,” Greta said, a bright smile on her lips. “Wonderful.”

“You’re going to molest my body, aren’t you?”

“Princess,” she gasped in faux-shock, her blue eyes widening. “I would never.”

I shook my head at the young maid. “You would.”

I didn’t mind. She could play with my body all she wanted this time. She wouldn’t be a distraction like she had the morning I donned my beetle proxy for the first time and explored my father’s office.

I fell back on my pillow, closed my eyes, and sank into my proxy.

When I opened my eyes again, I shuddered, the massive thumb rubbing on my little pussy, sending delight rippling through me. Sven, a giant towering over me, grinned down at me. I drank in his handsome face, his blond hair mussed, his chest naked.

“Who did you enjoy in your bed before activating me?” I asked, amusement in my tone.

“Just one of the buxom lasses,” he grinned.

I wished I had a bigger breasts then the little handfuls I possessed. Even tits the size of his sister Kora’s would be wonderful. I knew Sven loved them large. Why else did he insist on staying at the Buxom Lass in Cheyvn? My agents reported far better inns lay in the city than it.

“I should be cross with you,” I groaned, his thumb feeling amazing on my pussy. My stone body shuddered. Though made of rigid materials, my magic allowed me to animate it like it were real flesh, the stone becoming malleable like skin and tissue.

I was thankful Krab had seduced one of my ancestors and blessed my line. And hated that my father had the gift, as well. He abused it.

“But you’re not,” Sven said, still massaging me, sending trembles through me. “Because I’m going to make you cum so hard, Princess.”

“Promise?” I purred, eager to show him what made this newest proxy so special.

I took perverse delight in using my father’s money and resources against him.

“So, why the new proxy, Princess?” Sven asked, pressing his thumb harder into my tiny snatch, stimulating my delicate pussy lips. “Unless you just wanted to look even prettier. Because this rose quartz makes you sparkle like a pink night sky.”

I blushed and quivered. “This.”

I activated the enchantment on it. Waiting three months for my agent to track down the Tuathan twinborn witch was worth it to see the shocked expression on Sven’s face as my tiny body grew. I swelled, the world shrinking as I expanded. He set me down on the wooden floor as I sprouted past his knee.

I giggled, my hands cupping my small breasts as I passed the height of a toddler, a small child, an adolescent girl. I squeezed my tits, small crystals in the quartz sparkling. My nipples ached, the same rosy hue, swirled with milky stria, as the rest of my artificial body. I kept growing and growing until I neared Sven’s height.

My true size.

“By the gods, Ava,” he groaned. “How?”

“A witch named Fiona,” I grinned, turning my hips and wiggling it. “I never thought I would have it so soon, but she and her twin sister were both pregnant and in the Tuathan valley. I guess their paladin husband bred them both on the same night.”

“Lucky guy,” he grinned.

I arched an eyebrow. “Why, wishing you had another woman in your bed? Or do you wish our people were as accepting of incest as the Tuathan?”

His smile slipped for a moment. I meant it as a joke, but there was something in his eyes. Did he lust for Kora? I shivered, picturing the graceful blonde. The thought of enjoying Sven’s sister had crossed my mind a time or two. But the pair of them together….

A strange heat rose in my pussy, a taboo excitement at the thought of brother and sister coming together in incestuous love like the witch and her twin sister did. Then I shook my head. Maybe he had an attraction to Kora, but they wouldn’t act on it.

“Let’s not talk about other women when I have you,” he groaned, reaching out and touching my rose-quartz body. I trembled, feeling his hands caressing my flesh. The bit of me still aware of my real body felt Greta’s hands prying apart my thighs.

She prepared to feast.

“You are a treasure in truth,” he groaned, cupping my small breast, a handful that fit his palm. I shivered as he massaged my nipple. It felt just like I remembered. If my proxy could cry, tears would fall down my eyes. “And you feel this?”

“Of course I feel this,” I moaned, my sparkling arms going around his neck. “What do I feel like?”

“Soft and smooth all at the same time. Impossibly smooth, like glass. And cool. Not warm, but not cold, either.” He thumbed my nipple.

I gasped.

He grinned. “But you are still as responsive as ever.”

I moved closer to him, tilting my head in invitation. He claimed my lips. I closed my eyes, savoring this. A year without him. A year apart because of my bastard father. But now I could enjoy him. I could be with him on his quest, help him to undo my father’s works.

His hands slid around my sleek body, cupping my ass. His fingers dimpled my ass. His cock rubbed against my belly, wet with the whore he fucked before summing me. He must have sent her out of his room after he finished.

I nibbled on his lip, biting a little hard. He winced, his hands squeezing harder. Then he kissed me with such passion, loving me. I trembled against him, squirming, grinding against that throbbing cock. I burned to feel him in me.

He broke the kiss. “They feel just like your lips, that same softness. But…”

“It’s close enough,” I told him. “I can feel your heart thudding beneath your chest.”

He shivered opened his mouth to say something, didn’t. He kissed me again, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth. I groaned, loving it. His hands kneaded my ass as he walked us to the bed. I groaned, trembling as he turned me, lowering me down.

The bed groaned.

He broke the kiss. “I think you’ve put on weight, your Highness.”

“That’s not funny,” I told him. “I’m still dainty, even if I’m made entirely of stone.”

He laughed. “I’m not sure I could even carry you.”

“But you can love me,” I moaned as he loomed over me. I ran pink, glittering fingers up and down his chest, brushing his golden hairs. I twined my digits around them. “And I need to be loved by you.”

He licked his lips, then he leaned down and sucked on my nipple. I groaned, my crystal nub throbbing between his lips. I gasped, my back reaching. My eyes rolled back into my head as he loved me. He nibbled and sucked, his hand finding my other nub.


“Oh, Sven, yes,” I gasped. Pleasure rippled through my proxy while distantly I felt pleasure tumble through my real body, Greta feasting on my pussy.

Sven nibbled my nipple. I gasped, the surge of roaring delight drowned out the sensations of my real body. All that mattered was Sven loving me. He twisted my other nub, lifting his lips from my nipple.

“This is amazing,” he groaned. “To feel stone behave like flesh.” He released my twisted nipple. It sprang back into its proper shape.

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, my pussy itching. It felt so weird to be so dry and yet so excited.

He slid down my body, kissing my sparkling belly. I groaned, twisting, his fingers following the swirling patterns of milky white that broke up the soft rose. The candle flickered, painting my body in dancing shadows, stars twinkling across my flesh.

I groaned and thought I heard another female voice moaning, too.

“Did you have the maid hide under the bed?” I asked as he reached my bellybutton.

He laughed. “Of course not. Just me and you.”

I groaned as his tongue swirled into my navel. I loved it. I trembled, my pussy clenching, thighs squeaking as they rubbed together. They did feel like flexible glass instead of silky skin. But I didn’t care because Sven went lower.

He reached my bush, my hairs a craved mass of lines instead of individual strands. He nuzzled at them, moving lower and lower until he found my tight pussy. And parted me. I gasped as his tongue wiggled into my smooth depths, teasing my labia.

“You still feel the pleasure?” he asked. “Even though you’re dry.”

“Yes!” I moaned as he nibbled on my labia. “Oh, Sven, yes! Gods, you know how to please a woman.”

“When you love the feminine, you have to explore every bit of a woman. You have to understand them.”

“You were such a dedicated student,” I groaned as he licked up to my clit, sucking on the crystal bud. “You examined so many different subjects.”

He only groaned, wiggling his tongue into my soft, crystal depths. I shivered, squirming, his tongue bathing my sensitive flesh. Pleasure raced through me. I squeezed my glass tits. My nipples sparkled and gleamed before me as my body quivered.

Rapture built in me.

Sven devoured me. His stubble rasped on my glass-smooth labia. Tingling delight rippled out of my body. I squirmed and moaned. My eyes fluttered. I gasped, the bed creaking as my squirming grew more and more passionate, the pleasure building and building in me.

His nose brushed my clit as his tongue swirled through my depths, reaching as deep as he could go into me. My eyes rolled back into my head. I squeaked out such wanton delight. My breasts heaved as I sucked in breaths, the pressure building and building in me.

My Sven touched me again. Made love to me. A year without him. A year of my father’s molestation in his place.

His tongue flicked up through my folds, brushed my clit. He circled my nub. I drank in the pleasure, gasping, squeaking. He latched onto it, sucking so hard. My body convulsed. Rapture spasmed through me.

I came.

My body bucked. The bed creaked even louder, wood straining as my crystal flesh heaved. My head tossed back and forth, my hair swaying, moving together as a single whole instead of individual hairs. My eyes fluttered. Stars burst through them.

“Take me, Sven!” I howled. “Pater’s cock, I need you in me! Please, please, cum in me!”

“Yes, my sweet princess,” he groaned, sliding his body up mine.

He kissed me again. I longed to taste my fresh juices on him. But all I tasted was him. His cock prodded my crystal pussy lips. They parted for him. He slid into my slick depths. Though I had no juices, being made of smooth crystal allowed him to pump into my depths without effort.

He groaned into the kiss, his weight on me. I felt his strong chest on my nipples, teasing them as his dick plunged over and over into my pussy. I groaned, pumping my hips, grinding my clit into his pubic mound every time he bottomed out in me.

“Sven!” I gasped, wrapping arms about his neck, thighs about his hips. “Yes, yes, yes! I’ve missed this so much.”

“Me, too,” he groaned, thrusting so hard, his balls smacking into my taint, smacking into my flesh.

My body shuddered as I heaved beneath him. I writhed, pleasure spilling through me, another orgasms swelling in my excited depths. I had my Sven in me. Filling me. I crushed him to my chest, revealing in his strength as his lips nibbled at my stony neck.

We groaned and gasped together, sharing our passion. Our hips moved faster and faster, our bodies building to our explosive release. I squeaked out in delight. My body thrashing beneath his. My fingernails clenching into his back.

“Sven!” I gasped.

“Yes, yes, Ava!” he groaned.

“Cum with me!”

He rammed into my crystalline pussy. My proxy drank in the friction of his dick, transmuting it into rapture rushing through my artificial body. I groaned, my pussy clenching on his dick. He bottomed out in me, my clit rubbing into his pubic bone.

Striking sparks that fell on hot fuel.

Flames raged through me. My pussy spasmed hard on his dick. He groaned, drawing back through my convulsing snatch. The fire burned through my nethers, spreading through my body so fast, consuming me as Sven rammed back into my depths.


His cum fired into my depths.

“Yes, yes, Sven!” I howled.

Again, I thought I heard a woman moan as I writhed in rapture. I bucked beneath my lover. My man. My pussy milked his dick of his wonderful cum. My crystalline limbs held him tight, keeping him pressed into my rosy flesh. I mewled and moaned as he grunted and groaned.

We achieved ecstasy together, sharing it.

“Love you,” he groaned into my ear.

I smiled, my pleasure peaking through me. “Mmm, you’re my man. My betrothed no matter what Father says.” I nipped his ear. “And I have good news.”

“Hmm?” he asked.

“I found where my father’s hiding his secret,” I purred.

Sven stiffened. “To his proxy army?”

I nodded my head, grinning at his excitement. “You need to find a faerie.”

To be continued…

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