Haunted by the Futa Ghost Chapter 3: Hot Futa Ghost Threesome


Haunted by the Futa Ghost

Chapter Three: Hot Futa Ghost Threesome

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Teen male/Teen female, Teen hermaphrodite/Teen hermaphrodites, Ghost, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Body Modification, Gender Swap, Magic

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My body buzzed as I returned from the onsen. My body was freshly washed, and my spirit was freshly cleansed by the soft lips of Mitsuko-hime. Today, as I washed her back in the steamy waters, my Ōjo-sama had turned, her gaze meeting mine. Our lips had come together, sharing a perfect kiss, a wondrous moment of taboo love.

It could never be. We were both women. And she was the daimyo’s daughter while I was a simple miko. But none of that had mattered while her lips were upon mine.

I laughed and skipped. Everything seemed so bright and wonderful as I walked the trail back to the shrine. I giggled again as I passed beneath the tori of the shrine, striding beneath the tall, red-painted gate and into the well-kept grounds. I walked to the shrine, carrying my basket with my towel and soaps, my yukata whisking with every step.

It was such a beautiful day.

“You are almost late, Sayuri-chan,” growled the voice of my father, the priest of the shrine. “Why were you at the onsen for so long?”

“The daimyo’s daughter was bathing there. I had to attend to her, Otōsan,” I answered, the joy vanishing from my lips, my eyes downcast, reserved.

“The sun is setting. You know the importance of tonight.”

“I have time to ready myself,” I answered. “I will bind the yokai. Yokubō-no-Tako shall not escape the seal, Otōsan.”


500 years later…

“Fuck,” Chris groaned in the boys’ restroom of Redwood Academy, his private high school. He stared in shock at the faint outline of the ghost sucking on the end of his dick.

He had slipped into the bathroom after Lori, his hot girlfriend, had sent him a suite of naked pictures, her red hair spilling about her pillows as she lay stretched out on her bed, her body exposed. It made Chris so hard, he had to slip into the bathroom. Almost no one was at school this late. He had to stay behind to work on an art project with Mariah Young.

He just hadn’t expected a ghost to give him a blowjob.

Her mouth was hot and wet, sucking on the tip as her form slowly appeared like an artist sketching her to life. She started out as faint lines, the suggestion of her hair piled about her head in some sort of bun, an ornamental comb plunged into the silky mass. Her face was delicate, nose slight, her eyes almond shaped.

A Japanese ghost.

…Sayuri-chan… a feminine voice whispered through his mind. Chris knew enough Anime to recognize a girl’s name. Sayuri. Chan was an honorific, usually applied to girls’ names by adults or their friends.

“Fuck,” Chris groaned again. He gripped his phone.

My phone.

No one would believe a ghost had sucked his cock. Hell, he almost didn’t believe it. A ghost sucked on his cock… A smile crossed his lips. He was a tall, athletic guy, his build favoring basketball. His hair was blond, bleached light by the California sun which had darkened his face with a natural tan. He turned the phone, hitting record, capturing the ghost materializing with every suck.

His balls ached. His body shuddered every time she did. Her cheeks hollowed. The ghost nursed from his dick, hungry for his cum. She wanted him to spill down his throat. He could feel it. His eyes fluttered as he groaned again.

“Ghost, you give great head,” he moaned as her cheeks appeared pale-white, painted like a geisha or a noblewoman. It contrasted starkly to her black hair arranged in a delicate pile of curls atop her head, an intricate bun held in place by the ornamental, white comb. She wore a kimono of black cloth, the hems white.


“Is that your name, Ghost?” he asked. “Sayuri-chan?”

She answered by swirling her tongue around the tip of his dick, making him throb harder. His breath sucked through his nose. He clenched his teeth. It was so good. He knew he shouldn’t enjoy this—he had a girlfriend he loved. But he didn’t ask for this.

And was it cheating with a ghost?

Right now, Lori might be having her snatch eaten out by Yoshiko, their Japanese, lesbian friend. Someone had taken those naked pictures of the redhead. And Yoshiko had made no secret about her crush on Lori. Chris had been eager to see his girlfriend and best friend go to town on each other. He didn’t mind if Lori experimented. He just wanted to watch.

The pleasure grew in his balls. He groaned, hips bucking, the toilet seat creaking. The ghost was fully solid. He could see her on the screen of his phone clear as day. Proof of the supernatural. Chris bucked again, his brain boiling with pleasure.

“Sayuri…” he groaned.

The ghost popped her mouth off his dick. She licked her lips, staring up at him. “Sayuri-chan?” she asked, painted face puzzled. Then she said something in rapid Japanese, the musical words unintelligible to the panting sixteen-year-old.

“Yes,” he groaned as her hands unfastened the wide, white belt cinching her waist, undoing the thick bow behind her.

That’s the obi she’s unfastening. I think.

Chris’s Anime knowledge flew out the window as the obi came undone and her kimono loosened, exposing the pale-olive flesh of her chest and the swelling tops of her breasts. The obi swished away, and she opened her kimono, revealing small tits, firm cones topped with brown nipples.

He captured her nudity with his phone, aiming it down to record her thick, black bush. The ghost reached out, touching his cock. He shuddered as she moved to him, stroking him as she straddled his waist. Her almond-shaped eyes, dark and mysterious, bore into his.

“This is happening,” he panted. “The ghost is about to ride my cock. Jesus, this is happening.”

This would be his second pussy he had ever fucked, and it would belong to a ghost.

Her hot pussy lips rubbed on his cock. His eyes widened, feeling a familiar membrane. Lori had the same one when he took her cherry over the summer. The ghost’s hymen stretching over the entrance of her pussy. She was a virgin.

Her hands gripped his shoulders. Her small breasts jiggled as she pressed down on his cock. He groaned, feeling her hymen stretch before his dick. His head leaned back. He groaned at the heat of her pussy.

Her hymen snapped.

“Sayuri-chan!” the ghost cried out as her pussy engulfed his dick.

She was so hot and tight, her virgin pussy gripping his cock. She sank down his shaft, her body shuddering. His phone aimed right at her crotch, capturing the supernatural union . His balls ached and boiled. He couldn’t believe he just popped a ghost’s cherry.

“Sorry, Lori,” he groaned as the ghost shifted, her pussy clenching down on him, eyes closed as she shuddered in ecstasy.

And then her eyes snapped open. She spat out something in Japanese.

Chris’s heart clenched as her pussy gripped his dick hard. Her fingers dug into his shoulders. Her face twisted, the beauty fading as anger melted the white makeup. It bled in white lines down her face as angry welts appeared about her throat, lined with black bruising. The skin beneath her white makeup was bloated, sickly. Behind her, a ball of blue light burst into being, dancing with agitation.

She spat out again, Sayuri’s name buried in her angry words.

“Fuck,” Chris shouted, dropping his phone to grab her shoulders. He tried to pry the ghost off of his cock as heat burst around his shaft. Her pussy was so hot, burning him. He shuddered, his eyes widening, his scream sounding so high-pitched.

So feminine.

The ghost’s face grew more and more ugly. Her eyes bulged. She looked like she had been strangled to death. Her hands moved to Chris’s throat, tightening as the heat surged through his body. He struggled, bucked. Her fingers were like iron about his throat.

“Sayuri-chan!” she screamed with such bitter hatred while his vision fuzzed.


“Holy shit,” Lori said, her pussy squeezing down on Yoshiko’s new cock, sending pleasure racing through the futanari-schoolgirl. Her round, blue eyes widened at the delight.

This afternoon, Yoshiko had been a normal girl, a student at Redwood Academy. The half-Japanese lesbian—the only thing that betrayed her from being full Japanese were her round, blue eyes and large, pillowy breasts—had spied her favorite teacher, Ms. Lindon, and her least favorite person, Kat Rollins, having sex. Kat, Yoshiko’s homophobic bully, was bent over the desk, being fucked from behind by Ms. Lindon who wore only dark pantyhose and a strap-on. The sight had so aroused Yoshiko she fled to the nearby girls’ restroom to masturbate.

And there she had attracted the attention of a ghost named Sayuri. She was a shrine maiden, a miko, and was beautiful. She also was a futanari. Sayuri had plucked Yoshiko’s cherry in the bathroom, making the lesbian shudder hard, cumming and cumming. And then the ghost had vanished. The haunting had left Yoshiko dazed.

After school, Lori, one of Yoshiko’s two best friends, had invited her over. At Lori’s house, Yoshiko had taken naked pictures of her friend, growing more and more aroused. Yoshiko wanted Lori so badly, but her friend was straight. While snapping the pictures, Yoshiko had grown aroused and sprouted a girl-dick. When she realized it, she had passed out from shock. Then she had dreamed some of Sayuri’s life. She was in a hot spring kissing another girl named Mitsuko who was a princess or something.

It was all confusing.

When she woke up, Lori was sucking on her cock, overcome by lust. The two had fallen into a mad passion, Lori so horny for girl-dick. Yoshiko had savored every moment, finally loving her friend now that she was a futanari.

And when Yoshiko came in her friend, Lori had grown her own dick.

Both girls stared down at it, Lori straddling Yoshiko, the hard dick throbbing on her stomach. It thrust from Lori’s shaved pussy, the base resting in Yoshiko’s black bush before the long shaft throbbed against Yoshiko’s stomach.

“What is going on, Yoshiko?” Lori demanded, shifting, her dick rubbing on Yoshiko’s stomach.

“I…I think I’m possessed by a ghost,” Yoshiko said. When she came into Lori’s pussy, she could hear Sayuri whisper Mitsuko’s name through her thoughts. “Today, at lunch…”

Yoshiko spilled out what had happened after she witnessed Kat and Ms. Lindon fucking. Lori’s blue eyes grew wider and wider. She leaned over, gripping Yoshiko’s bountiful breasts, red hair slipping in bouncy curls about Lori’s astonished face. Every time Lori shifted, Yoshiko groaned, more pleasure racing through her body.

“And then the dick sprouted when I grew aroused.” Yoshiko swallowed. “And you know the rest.”

“And now…what, I’m infected?” Lori asked, staring at her dick. “I have a boyfriend. I can’t have a cock, Yoshiko.”

“I don’t know what to do about it,” Yoshiko admitted. She licked her lips, staring at the dick. It was so thick and hard. She had never been into guys, but she had a few times masturbated to futanari porn. It wasn’t what she preferred. She liked lesbian porn, usually Hentai pics of her favorite Anime characters exploring their feminine desires.

But futanari was so popular it was hard not to stumble across it. And there was something so sexy about a girl with a dick.

Lori couldn’t resist me.

“You’re staring at it,” Lori said. “Oh, god, you want to suck it, don’t you?”

“Well, you sucked my dick,” Yoshiko pointed out, feeling more than a little defensive. “While I was unconscious.”

“I did,” groaned Lori. “Oh, god, Chris might be pissed.” Then a smile crossed her lips. “Or turned on. He’s so desperate to see me and you have sex.”

“Eww,” Yoshiko said. “He’s my friend. Why would he…?”

“Guys,” shrugged Lori. “I think he wants to nail me while I go down on you or something. Guys can be pigs, even Chris.”

“Yeah.” Yoshiko’s pussy clenched. It would be wonderful to go down on Lori or have her go down on me. I’ve never licked a pussy before.

“So, a ghost gave you a girl-dick, and then you gave me one,” Lori said as she lifted her pussy off Yoshiko’s dick.

“I guess so.”

“Why did that happen?” Lori said as she fell onto the floor, her legs spread wide. “Why did she make us futas?”

Yoshiko stared at her friend’s pussy, lips spread open wide, cum dripping out. My cum… Lori’s cock thrust from the top of her pussy where her clit would be just like Yoshiko’s cock. It was so hard, throbbing, needing to be touched.

“I don’t now,” Yoshiko said, sitting up, her large breasts jiggling. Her friend looked so yummy. She wanted to lick that pussy.

“Damn,” Lori said, staring at her dick. “So this is what blue balls feels like. This throbbing ache. No wonder guys are so desperate to cum sometimes. I just want to grab it and stroke it until I explode.”

“Yeah,” Yoshiko nodded, her dick still hard. She was still turned on. She licked her lips.

“So it’s a Japanese ghost, right?”


“Well, you’re Japanese, don’t you know how to do something about it?”

“I’m half-Japanese.” Yoshiko gave her friend a hard look. “And it’s not like every Japanese person knows how to do that anyways. We’d need a priest or shrine maiden.”

“A shrine maiden like the ghost haunting you?” Lori rolled her eyes. “Great. I doubt she wants to take away our cocks.”

“Yeah, I doubt it.” Yoshiko grabbed her dick, covered in Lori’s pussy juices, and stroked it. She shivered. It was such a wonderful sensation racing down her body. It made her shudder, moan. She wanted to keep jerking it.

“Oh, damn, don’t do that,” moaned Lori. “Then I’ll want to start masturbating. And then we’ll both be shooting cum all over my room.”

“Uh-huh,” Yoshiko moaned, stroking her dick faster, her eyes locked on her friend’s dripping pussy. She wanted to eat her own cum out of Lori’s snatch. I’m turning into quite the deviant.

“And now you’re staring at me all hungry. It’s making me so wet.” Lori squirmed. “And how much cum did you fire into me? I’m swimming in it.”

“I could…” Yoshiko’s cheeks burned at how forward she felt. “I could…clean you up.”

“With your tongue, right?” Lori said, staring at Yoshiko. “I see that hungry gleam you have in your eye. You want that, don’t you? Just want to lean over and lick all your girl-cum out of me. You are such a naughty futanari.”

“Uh-huh.” Yoshiko couldn’t believe how she felt. Her fear was gone. She had sex with Lori just minutes ago. And Lori had loved it. Now Yoshiko wasn’t afraid of the awkward silence falling on them like it had when they first kissed. That time, Yoshiko had pushed herself on her friend and found out just how straight Lori was.

And now, things are so different.

“I do want to lick you. I want to make you cum. You made me cum so hard when you sucked my cock.”

“Shit,” Lori groaned. “Damn, this is going to change everything if I don’t get rid of this dick. You know that, right? We crossed a line, Yoshiko. It was half my fault. But…”

“Things are different,” Yoshiko smiled, stroking Lori’s thighs. “We’re more than friends.”

“Yes!” Lori trembled as Yoshiko slid her hand higher, savoring how silky her friend’s thigh felt beneath her palms. “I don’t want to mess things up between Chris and me. And you and me. And him and you. I love him. And you’re best friends. But this… It could ruin everything.”

“Maybe,” Yoshiko groaned, her breasts dangling as she leaned over. She breathed in the tart musk of Lori’s pussy mixed with salty cum. “But it’s too late to stop. We’ve both changed. We both enjoyed what we did.”

“God, yes,” groaned Lori. “Fine.”

Yoshiko’s fingers reached the flushed, shaved pussy lips of her friend. For the first time in her life, the lesbian stroked another person’s snatch. She trembled, her dick throbbing as she leaned farther over. Her heavy breasts swayed, nipples brushing the carpet, as she pressed her face forward. She breathed in the musk.


Lori bucked as Yoshiko’s tongue slid up her folds. The futanari-schoolgirl savored the taste of her friend’s pussy, and her own salty cum. The jizz coated her tongue along with tart cream. Yoshiko savored the flavor and licked again.

And again.

“Delicious,” moaned Yoshiko.

“Uh-huh,” panted Lori. “I bet.”

“I’ve wanted this for so long.” Yoshiko licked again, slowly, savoring the feel and flavor. Lori was so hot and silky. And her dick throbbed as Yoshiko’s tongue reached its large base, Lori’s pussy lips swollen and wrapped about the shaft.

“Were you…masturbating to me during lunch?” asked Lori.

“Yes,” Yoshiko admitted, not seeing the harm in admitting that now that she had her tongue licking through her friend’s folds.

“Chris was right,” panted Lori, her hips humping. “Oh, yes, Yoshiko. Shove your tongue into me. I love it when Chris does that.”

Yoshiko didn’t want to be compared to Lori’s boyfriend right now, but she did want to probe that delicious pussy. So she shoved her tongue into Lori’s depths, swirling around, gathering more of her jizz. Yoshiko pressed her lips tight into the pussy, her tongue rooting around, caressing Lon’s depths, cleaning up every drop of cum from her friend she could.

Lori bucked again, her dick bouncing and swaying. It was such a wild sight. Yoshiko licked deeper, harder, watching the swaying shaft with hungry eyes. She wanted to suck hard on the tip, but she also wanted to devour her friend’s pussy.

I wish I could do both.

But she couldn’t. So she kept swirling her tongue, looking for every drop of her jizz in her friend’s depths. Every time Yoshiko found more of her cum, her dick throbbed almost in memory of spurting the spunk into Lori’s depths.

“Oh, yes, you’re as good as Chris,” groaned Lori. “And you’re just starting. Oh, yes. You’re soooo good, Yoshiko. I love it.”

“And you taste delicious,” panted Yoshiko. She slid her tongue up through her friend’s folds, ending at the base of the girl-dick. What would it be like to suck her cock?

Yoshiko had to try. She let her tongue drag up her friend’s shaft. She had to lean forward as she traveled farther up the long shaft, her nipples aching as they rasped across the carpet. Lori sat up, her round breasts jiggling, and she smiled.

“Someone’s hungry for my big girl-dick,” purred Lori.

“I am,” Yoshiko admitted. “I’m so turned on.”

“I guess even lesbians get wet for girl-dick, huh?”

Yoshiko nodded her head. She licked the last few inches, her hands grasping the dick. She swirled her tongue about her friend’s dick, savoring the texture of the mushroom-shaped crown and the salty flavor of precum.

At the exact same moment, a tongue licked at Yoshiko’s cock, swirling around it. The futanari’s eyes widened. Her pussy clenched as the licking sensations rippled down her shaft. She groaned, staring up at Lori.

“What?” her friend asked. “You just went pale and your blue eyes got big and round. Did you see a ghost?” Lori’s smile was mocking. And then it slipped from her lips. “Wait, did you really?”

“Felt her,” Yoshiko groaned.

“Where?” Lori looked around, her breasts jiggling. “I don’t see her.”

“She licked my dick the same way I licked yours,” Yoshiko answered, her pussy clenching, her cock, dangling between her thighs, throbbing. Experimentally, Yoshiko licked at Lori’s dick.

The tongue licked at hers.

“Oh, that’s wild,” moaned Yoshiko, her hand grasping Lori’s cock, stroking it. The ghost’s hand stroked her own dick. “She’s doing what I’m doing.”

“You sure that’s her then?” Lori asked. She bit her lip. “Maybe, you’re just feeling what you’re doing to me.”

“Maybe.” Yoshiko swirled her tongue about the crown of Lori’s dick and simultaneously felt the same sensation on her own. It was delicious. “I love it either way.”

“I bet.” Lori’s round breasts rose and fell as she sucked in a deep breath. “Because feeling you lick my dick is amazing. Keep doing it.”

Yoshiko was eager to comply. She swirled her tongue about her best friend’s girl-dick, tracing around the spongy crown, loving how it throbbed beneath her. Then she sucked on the tip hard, her cheeks hollowing. Her hand stroking faster, harder while the same sensations rippled through her own cock.

Sayuri the Ghost flicked her tongue and licked at the slit of Yoshiko’s cock. The Japanese futanari groaned, licking Lori’s cock faster, hips wiggling. Pussy juices leaked down her shaft and…something different happened. The ghost licked at Yoshiko’s shaft, following the line of juices up to her pussy before the ghost’s tongue nuzzled into her wet folds.

“Oh, it’s the ghost,” moaned Yoshiko. “She got bored of the copy game and now is licking my pussy. Oh, she’s good. Oh, yes. Thank you, Sayuri-chan. I love it. Mmm, yes.”

“Don’t forget about my cock,” moaned Lori. “And finger my pussy at the same time. I bet that will be so hot.”

Yoshiko agreed. She engulfed the crown of her friend’s cock, sucking hard, savoring the precum bubbling into her mouth. At the same time, her fingers penetrated Lori’s pussy, sinking into the hot depths, Yoshiko’s cock throbbing in memory of the tight, silky hole.

Sayuri’s tongue licked and nuzzled deeper, swirling, her hand stroking Yoshiko’s cock faster. Every time the ghost’s hand stroked to the end of the futanari’s cock, tingles raced through Yoshiko’s body. She moaned about Lori’s dick, shuddering as the pleasure built.

Yoshiko loved sucking cock and having her pussy licked. She loved Lori’s girl-dick and Sayuri’s tongue.

“Oh, god, this is amazing,” moaned Lori, falling back onto the floor, her breasts jiggling, her red hair spilling around her head. “Oh, yes. Suck my cock, Yoshiko. Suck that big, throbbing dick. Oh, yes. That’s so wonderful. Oh, you’re just so amazing. I’m going to explode into your mouth. Please, please, don’t stop.”

Yoshiko couldn’t answer. She didn’t want to lift her mouth from her friend’s dick. She wanted to keep sucking and nibbling and driving her wild. She wanted her friend’s cum spurting into her hungry mouth, filling her to the brim with delicious cum.

That salty, wonderful, delicious treat. It would overflow her mouth. There would be so much of it.

Yoshiko sucked harder, her cheeks hollowing with her enthusiasm. Lori’s pussy clenched on Yoshiko’s thrusting finger, loving what she did to her body. Just the idea she was giving her friend a blowjob sent a rush through the lesbian futanari. Her pussy ached as Sayuri licked her tongue faster and faster through her folds.

The ghostly hand pumped faster on Yoshiko’s dick. Her pussy clenched and relaxed. An ached formed at the tip of her shaft. She moaned louder about Lori’s cock, making the redhead thrash harder, breasts heaving. Lori bucked, her dick sliding deeper into Lori’s mouth.

“Soooo good. No wonder Chris is always begging me for blowjobs!” Lori let out a gasp. “Oh, yes, Yoshiko. I’m going to cream your mouth. I’m going to pump so much cum down your throat. You’re going to drown in it.”

That sounded perfect to Yoshiko.

Sayuri nibbled on Yoshiko’s labia, sending flutter racing to the tip of her cock. The ghost stroked faster and faster. Yoshiko’s girl-dick throbbed. She sucked so hard on Lori’s shaft. The Japanese futanari sent her tongue swirling about the crown, teasing her friend.

Lori bucked again. Her body thrashed. Her pussy tightened on Yoshiko’s thrusting fingers. Juices flowed hot around the digits. Lori’s hips rose from the floor, propelled up by her feet planted on the carpet, legs thrusting. She slammed back down.

And came.

“Yoshiko!” howled Lori as her cum spurted.

Salty, thick, delicious girl-jizz filled Yoshiko’s mouth. A wonderful, salty flood of girl-cum splashed into her mouth. She gulped it down, savoring it. Lori’s cumming in my mouth. This is amazing. Lori’s pussy spasmed about Yoshiko’s fingers, milking them like they were a girl-dick.

Sensations rushed through Yoshiko, propelled by Sayuri’s licking tongue and stroking hand, mixing with the thrill of pleasuring her friend. Yoshiko’s pussy clenched. Her body shuddered, breasts swaying. She moaned as she swallowed Lori’s cum.

And came.

Yoshiko’s head snapped back, popping her mouth off her friend’s dick. The final blast of Lori’s cum splashed across Yoshiko’s chin and throat as she yelled, “Sayuri, you amazing ghost! Yes!”

Pussy juices flooded out of Yoshiko’s cunt, squirting into the ghost’s hungry mouth. Yoshiko’s cock kept erupting, splattering the carpet with thick ropes of creamy seed. Yoshiko’s body shivered. The pleasure rushed to her mind, drowning her in the duel delights of her feminine and masculine orgasms. They swirled through her, leaving her heaving, gasping.

And then she hit her peak. She panted, cum dripping down her throat to her huge breasts.

“Wow,” Lori said, lying on her back.

“Uh-huh,” Yoshiko said, pulling her fingers out of her friend’s snatch. She brought them to her lips, licking, savoring the tart cream. She sucked hard, cleaning off her fingers.

“I mean…wow,” Lori said. “I can’t wait to fuck your pussy, Yoshiko.”

Yoshiko’s blue eyes widened. She moaned, “Oh, yes,” around the fingers, but it came out muffled.
Lori sat up on her elbows, a sheen of sweat over her breasts. “That was…” Her eyes widened. “The ghost is licking up your cum!”

Yoshiko lowered her head, looking past her dangling breasts to the pearly cream soaking into the carpet. Something invisible licked through the cum, gathering it up. The cum slowly faded away as the ghost consumed it.

“Wow, she’s a cum-hungry slut,” giggled Lori. “Ghost-san, you are wild.”

“Her name is Sayuri-chan,” Yoshiko said. “And I think she believes I’m Princess Mitsuko.”

“The girl she has a crush on?” Lori asked. “I bet that’s why she became a futa. To fuck that princess.”

“I wonder how she did it.” Yoshiko bit her lip. “Or why she’s a ghost now.”

“I don’t know,” Lori said, stroking her dick. “But I’m still aroused. Care to help a girl out?”

Yoshiko’s eyes flicked up to her friend’s dick, locking on it. Her pussy clenched, remembering Sayuri’s cock filling her. Yoshiko nodded her head. She couldn’t resist. She had to ride Lori’s dick, to feel another futanari’s cock in her.

Yoshiko straddled her friend’s waist, moving swiftly. She had to feel that cock in her pussy. Lori groaned as Yoshiko grasped her dick. The Japanese futanari’s own cock bobbed before her as she brought the tip of Lori’s shaft to her pussy. Yoshiko groaned.

And impaled herself.

“Yes,” both futanari moaned together as Yoshiko’s pussy sank down the dick. It filled her up, making her head snap back. Her dick ached and throbbed, smacking into Lori’s groin and skirt still bunched around her waist. Precum flicked from the tip, splattering Lori’s breasts.

“Oh, damn, I’m in your pussy,” Lori gasped, a smile spreading across her freckled face. “This is what Chris feels when he fucks me.”

“Don’t talk about your boyfriend,” Yoshiko moaned. “Let me enjoy this.”

“Yes,” Lori purred. “Oh, Yoshiko, ride my cock. I want to cum in you so badly.”

Yoshiko nodded, her pussy clenching about her friend’s dick. She rose up and down the shaft, hips shaking, her dick bouncing before her. It slapped into Lori’s groin and skirt every time Yoshiko slammed down her friend’s dick. The loud slap etched through the room.

Pleasure rushed through Yoshiko. The friction made her shudder and spasm. Her hips rose faster and faster. Her head threw back, savoring the rush of delight shooting through her body. She humped faster and faster, her dick aching. Sensations rushed to the crown of her dick, building the pleasure while her large tits bounced and slapped together.

“You’re breasts are so hypnotic, Yoshiko,” groaned Lori. “Oh, wow, the way they bounce. They’re so big. Huge. I love them. I wish my tits were so large.”

“But yours are so cute,” gasped Yoshiko, staring at her friend’s jiggling breasts. She grabbed them. “They’re so firm. Delicious grapefruit.”

Lori gasped as Yoshiko pinched her nipples. She twisted them, the redhead squirming, her hips bucking up, bouncing Yoshiko. She loved it. Her breasts bounced and jiggled before her, her cock aching, throbbing. It was so wonderful to have a girl’s dick in her.

Hands pried at her butt-cheeks. Not Lori’s hands. Those were on Yoshiko’s hips, gripping her as she writhed and bounced. Sayuri’s hands pulled apart Yoshiko’s butt-cheeks. A moment later, the ghost’s tongue licked at Yoshiko’s asshole.

Her round eyes widened. Yoshiko moaned out her delight. She loved lesbian anal porn. She licked her lips as the futa-ghost rimmed her. The swirling tongue made Yoshiko shuddered and her pussy clench on Lori’s dick.

“Yes, Sayuri-chan, yes!” moaned Yoshiko.

“What’s she doing?”

“She’s licking my asshole,” gasped Yoshiko. “She’s tonguing it. She sending such wonderful, fluttering, delicious delight through me. Oh, yes. She’s making me ache. She’s making me shudder and moan.”

“Good,” panted Lori. “Rim her asshole, Ghost-san. Make my futanari friend explode on my dick. I want that cock erupting, showering me in cum.”

“Oh, do you like that?” moaned Yoshiko, her dick throbbing. She rode her friend faster and faster. She wanted to drench her in cum. She wanted to coat her and shower her in jizz.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Lori moaned, gripping Yoshiko’s hips hard.

Yoshiko’s hips rose and fell faster and faster, her pussy drinking in the friction churned by Lori’s cock. It was so pleasurable. Ripples shot through her body, ending at the tip of her dick. Her asshole clenched as the futa-ghost licked and swirled.

And then her tongue wiggled into Yoshiko’s sphincter.

Yoshiko groaned. Her eyes squeezed shut as she savored the futa-ghost’s tongue fucking in and out of her asshole. The burning sensation rushed to the tip of her dick, combining with the delight churning through her pussy.

“Oh, yes, she’s licking my asshole. It’s so hot, Lori. So hot.”

“Oh, god,” Lori moaned, fingers digging into her friend’s hips. “Your pussy is so hot. I can’t take much more”

“Cum in me,” panted Yoshiko. “Flood my cunt. I want it. I want to feel you spurt into me.”

“Yes,” gasped Lori, her hips thrusting up. “Oh, god, yes!”

Yoshiko savored the hot spurt of her friend’s cum splashing into the depths of her pussy. She shuddered, slamming down on her friend, her asshole clenching on the futa-ghost’s tongue. Yoshiko bottomed out, her tits and cock bouncing, slapping against flesh.

The friction rushed to her core. The pressure swelled.

Exploded out of her.

“Lori!” Yoshiko screamed as her dick unloaded. Cum shot from the tip, splashing Lori’s breasts as Yoshiko bucked.

Her pussy spasmed about her friend’s shaft, milking out more jizz. Her back arched, large tits bouncing. More and more cum erupted from her own dick, panting more ropy lines across Lori’s tits as the futa-ghost kept licking Yoshiko’s asshole, kept stirring pleasure through the half-Japanese futanari.

The ecstasy bathed her mind. It boiled her thoughts. She couldn’t believe this had happened. It was amazing. Wonderful. Bliss rippled through her. She tossed her head back and forth, her silky-black hair dancing as she drank in the pleasure.

“Lori!” Yoshiko moaned. “Oh, yes! I love you!”

The words echoed. Yoshiko’s eyes widened. She glanced down at her friend, fear hammering her heart. But Lori just thrashed, her dick spurting a final time into Yoshiko’s pussy Lori’s blue eyes fluttered open, a smile crossing her lips.

She didn’t hear me.

“Oh, Yoshiko, that was the best,” Lori panted, her cock shrinking inside of Yoshiko’s pussy. “Mmm, I think I’m finally satiated.”

Yoshiko nodded, her own dick shrinking back into a little clit. She breathed in and out and…

Her eyes widened. A huge, thick tip pressed at her asshole. “Lori,” Yoshiko groaned. “I think the ghost wants to fuck my asshole.”


Every thing grew dark for Chris as the ghost choked him. The last thing he saw was her face while the heat grew through his body. His cock throbbed in the vengeful spirit’s cunt. And then…he felt his shaft shrink, his dick retreating out of her pussy, growing smaller and smaller. Not going soft, but his girth vanishing. His balls were next, retracting into his body.

“No…” he choked out, his voice so high-pitched, girlish.

His clothing grew loose as the heat burned in him. His shoulders felt narrower, muscles fading from his legs. The shape of his hips changed, growing rounder, curved, feminine. His blond hair sprouted long as the features of his face softened from masculine bluntness.

Two breasts sprouted. Chris could feel them grow, pressing on the front of his t-shirt. Hard nipples, thicker than before, rasped on the material as his tits kept growing bigger and bigger. As his thoughts grew sluggish, Chris realized something.

She’s turned me into…a woman.

The sixteen-year-old trembled, her breast swelled to the size of Yoshiko’s. The ghost whispered something, her fingers relaxing. The anger was gone. Her mouth nuzzled at Chris’s plumper, feminine lips, kissing the new girl. The fingers released Chris’s throat.

Her vision fuzzed back into focus. Chris trembled, her thighs pressed tight, her cock and balls gone. She could feel something else down there. Something growing wet and hot as the ghost’s kissed harder. Sensations rushed through Chris’s new body.

This is not right. That can’t be a pussy down there.

The ghost broke the kiss, her face again the mask of white makeup, looking so beautiful and feminine, like a doll come to life, the hideous anger gone. She stroked Chris’s soft cheek and spoke a name.


“I’m not Sayuri-chan,” Chris said, her voice far too girlish. Her manly baritone was gone. She spoke higher-pitched then she had as a boy. “I’m a boy, not a girl.”

The ghost’s right hand moved down, squeezing Chris’s large breast, thumbing across a fat nipple. A sensitive nipple.

Chris groaned, her pussy clenching as the ghost licked her lips with hungry desire. The bitch turned me into this Sayuri-chan. Fuck. What the fuck?

The ghost kissed Chris again. She bucked, the ghost’s mouth so hot, so passionate. Heat shuddered through Chris. It surged through her body to her mouth, her fingers and toes growing cold. The ghost’s tongue probed into Chris’s mouth, licking, lapping, gathering the heat. Chris shuddered, her body spasming as more heat rushed to their kiss.

Her hands and feet grew cold, the child spreading up her limbs. Chris groaned, heart thudding in realization. She thrashed, but her feet and hands felt so heavy, like lead weights dragging at his arms and legs, making it hard to move them.

She’s going to kill me. That bitch! She turned me into a girl so she could kill me.

Chris grew weaker and weaker, more and more of his heat drawing into the ghost. She spasmed as her legs and arms went numb, freezing, hanging limp, the head drawing from the core of her body. She closed her eyes. Everything… faded…

When the stall door burst open. A girl shouted in Japanese.

The ghost broke the kiss. Chris let out a gasp of breath, heat rushing back into her body as the ghost turned, glaring at the newcomer. It was Miyu, the Japanese exchange student, a petite girl with straight-black hair, glasses perched on her delicate nose. She wore a Japanese school uniform, white blouse tucked into a gray, pleated skirt. She wore a matching vest to her skirt and a red tie snug about her throat.

She thrust her left hand forward, holding a rectangular piece of paper, only a few inches wide but seven or eight inches long, Japanese script painted in thick, flowing strokes down it. The paper burned bright white.

The ghost screamed. The dancing ball of blue light rushed at Miyu, slamming into her piece of paper. Light flared. Miyu stepped back and swung what she held in her right hand. It was a rod with a chain formed out of zig-zag diamonds of folded paper. It burst with white brilliance, hitting the glowing ball.

Light dazzled Chris. She raised her arms against the glare. The ghost howled in rage. For a moment, her hand squeezed Chris’s breast hard, bringing a gasp of pain from the gender-swapped girl, and then the weight of her body vanished, freeing Chris’s breast.

She blinked through the light, staring at Miyu as she stood, breathing hard, lowering her strange wand tipped with the chain. She had seen something like that in Anime, often used by priests or shrine maidens in ceremonies. And the reluctantly paper…

“That’s an ofuda,” Chris gasped. “It’s a seal, right? For protection?”

Miyu looked around, her almond-shaped eyes scanning “Yes,” she said, her voice thick with her accent. “It drove off the onryō before she killed you.”

“Thanks,” Chris said, then blushed, her jeans around her ankles along with her boxers. She looked down past her large breasts straining her t-shirt. at the blonde bush growing between her legs. No cock. I really am a woman. What the fuck am I supposed to tell people? Tell Lori?

“Move,” Miyu said, her gaze casting around. “I only drove the onryō off. And it was not the only thing released. There is a yokai prowling the halls. And that is far more dangerous.”

“Yokai?” Chris swallowed. She had heard that term. “That’s a demon, right?”

“Close enough.” Miyu’s head snapped around to the right. “She’s moving.”

“The ghost bitch?”

“The yokai. Yokubō-no-Tako.”


Mariah Young glanced at her phone. “Fuck, Chris, how long does it take to crap?”

She sat in the art room alone, their project half completed. The African-American teenager stretched again, the hem of her blouse rising to expose an inch of coffee-cream skin. She leaned back in the uncomfortable chair, the low back of the seat digging into her spine.

“I’m not doing this all on my own,” she muttered. “Damned White boy think he can pawn it off on me.”

A paint can clattered. Mariah turned her head and frowned at the can rolling across the floor. It was about the size of her hand, the thick, goopy, blue paint leaking out as it sluggishly came to a stop. Mariah groaned.

“Great. How’d that happen?” She put her phone in her pocket and looked around for a towel. She spotted a dirty rag on the counter, smeared in countless shades of paint, and walked towards it.

Another paint can clattered on the floor, the lid popping off. She glanced over her shoulder to see the lid rolling through the chairs, leaving behind a streak of red. More pain spilled across the classroom floor. Mariah’s eyebrows furrowed.

“The fuck?” she muttered, craning her head as she stared at the shelf covered in similar paint cans. “Did a cat get in here? Or a rat?”

She shuddered. Once she had seen a rat in Redwood, the small community she lived in and for which her school, Redwood Academy, was named for. She hoped it wasn’t a rat. She would walk out of this classroom and fuck her grade if it was a rat.

Another paint can fell. And a fourth. Something wiggled and undulated. She caught a glimpse of a purple tentacle covered in clear slime. She blinked in shock. It was like an octopus. She shook her head, walking through the desks.

“How the fuck did an octopus get in here?” If this is your idea of a joke, Chris, I’ll kick your White ass.

“Omeko,” a voice growled, deep, rumbling.

The tentacles shot out at her, crossing the length of the classroom. Mariah had only a moment to gasp before she was entangled in the tentacles. They wrapped about her limbs. The tips were bulbous, looking like a cock and leaking a clear liquid. Heat flushed through her where the slimy tentacles touched her bare skin, the suction cups gripping her. Exploding out of the wall was a purple monster, round, bulbous, dotted with yellow eyes.

“Omeko,” it growled again. “Omanko. Kai. Hamaguri.”

She gasped, head throwing wide, as more tentacles seized her. Her jeans ripped. And then her pussy exploded in bliss.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 4.

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