Haunted by the Futa Ghost Ten: Futas’ Horny Wrestling


Haunted by the Futa Ghost

Chapter Ten: Futas’ Horny Wrestling

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

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My eyes opened.

I lay in the grove where I had danced the Kagura to summon the great Kami Hangetsu. Last I remembered was the half-full moon blazing with light and shadow, the energy falling upon me, driving me to the ground. I blinked, struggling to remember what happened next. A presence had greeted me, cocooned me, changed me. I was a caterpillar. And now I was free to be a butterfly.

Above me, the half-full moon glowed in the night sky, looking down at me in the midst of the haunted woods. But I had no fear of those woods right now. Not after the experience I just had.

The great Kami had changed me. Hangetsu had blessed me. I could feel it throbbing inside my hakama.

I had a cock. A dick. It tented the front of my red hakama. I groaned, a powerful ache throbbing my shaft. With this cock, I could wed my Ōjo-sama. She didn’t have to marry another Daimyo’s son and leave my life forever. We could love each other.

She would be so happy. There was still a month to go before the autumn equinox.

“Thank you,” I whispered to the half-full moon and the Kami of change.

My hands pulled at the knots cinching my hakama tight, untucking my white haori in the process. My breasts rose and fell with my deep breaths beneath my haori. I pushed down the hakama, lifting my rear to work the pants down my thighs. There it was. My cock. It thrust from the black curls of my pubic hair. I reached down, touching it.

My entire body shuddered as I ran my finger around the crown. It was thick, the tip like a mushroom with a long, fat stalk. I smeared the juice around, shivering with each one, my pussy clenching.

I still had a pussy.

I shoved my hand between my thighs, feeling the wet lips. I stroked up to my cock’s base. It had replaced my clit. Then my hand grasped it. My cock was as thick as the itadori kokeshi that Mitsuko-hime and I used on each other, our substitute dick.

“Oh, my,” I groaned, stroking my cock, my pussy clenching. “Oh, thank you, Hangetsu.”

I stared up at the moon as I jerked my cock. I rubbed myself so fast, my pussy clenching. My hips rising and falling with each stroke. Pressure built at the tip of my cock. An ache that needed satisfaction, propelling me to pump my cock faster and faster.

My pussy clenched, weeping my juices. My toes curled. I moaned, singing out into the night. The bells attached to my haori tinkled with my slightest movement. My ass clenched as I humped up into the air, fucking my girl-dick between my hands.

I was futanari. I would love my Ōjo-sama.

“Oh, Mitsuko-hime, I did it! Tomorrow, you’ll see it. We’ll make love for real in the onsen.” I knew it would be a even happier day than the day we took each other’s maidenheads with the kokeshi. My pussy clenched, remembering the fibrous bundle reaming into my pussy. “You’ll love my cock!”

My breath quickened. My strokes grew faster and faster. And then my excitement erupted out of me. My eyes widened. It was so different orgasming with a cock than a pussy. The blasts were powerful. Hot cum arched into the air and spilled about my naked belly and pubic hair. It warmed the back of my hand.

I spasmed with each blast. Then waves of rapture, the familiar bliss I knew so well from Mitsuko-hime’s touch, washed out of my pussy. The two pleasures combined to make me gasp and scream out into Aokigahara, the cursed, dark woods around me.

“Mitsuko-hime!” I gasped as my body spasmed. My pleasure peaked.

And then it passed.

I brought my hand to my mouth, licking at the cum while I gathered myself. Then I rose, straightened my clothing, and gathered my gohei lying beside me. I frowned at the two shide dangling from the end of the wand. The rice paper diamonds that formed the shide looked like they had been soaked wet and then dried, the paper diamonds damaged. I frowned. The grass around me was dry, and the sky was clear as it was when I began the ritual.

How did they get wet?

What did it matter? I was futanari now. Smiling, I hurried down the trail to home. My father would be angry, but it was worth it. Mitsuko-hime and I could finally be together like we both wanted.


500 years later…

Shocked gripped Yoshiko. Her hand holding her ringing cell phone trembled as she stared at the elegant Ms. Lindon, her English teacher, rising into the air in the grips of rubbery, purple tentacles. Clothing ripped in a shower of scraps, baring the teacher’s body. The tall woman’s round, busty breasts heaved as she thrashed.

“What!” she gasped, the tentacles leaving a thick, clear slime across her skin.

Her eyes delighted. A low, throaty moan escaped her lips as the tentacles wrapped about her breasts, squeezing them both into bulging mounds. Other tentacles wrapped about her legs, pulling them apart as a bulbous, vaguely octopus-shaped monster heaved out of the wall, mouth opened.

“Hamaguri,” bellowed the monster.

Yoshiko’s finger slipped, hitting the answer button on her phone.

“Thank god, Yoshiko,” Lori said from the phone.

“What is that?” Kat screamed. She was naked, a new futa-cock thrusting from her groin, Yoshiko’s girl-cum running down her thighs. Kat looked to the frozen Yoshiko, her eyes wide.

Just moments ago, Yoshiko had been hate-fucking Kat, her long-time bully. It turned out the homophobic Kat picked on the busty, Japanese lesbian out of repressed desires. It all came out when Kat realized Yoshiko was now a futanari and finally admitted who she was.

Then it all went crazy. Ms. Lindon had caught them fucking just in time to be attacked by a tentacle monster. Yoshiko didn’t know what to do. The Japanese futa shivered. She felt Sayuri, the futa-ghost, pressed into her back, unseen but just as scared, trembling.

…That’s Yokubō-no-Tako!… Sayuri shouted in Yoshiko’s mind.

“What’s going on?” Lori asked, her voice tinny from the phone’s speakers. “Yoshiko, are you there?”

“Kai!” the monster roared.

“Oh, my god,” Ms. Lindon moaned as a tentacle-cock rammed right into her pussy. Her back arched, tits jiggling in the embrace of the slimy appendages. Suckers latched onto her nipples, pulling on her tits, stretching them while the teacher moaned out her pleasure, shuddering in the monster’s embrace.

Another tentacle whirled around Ms. Lindon to grasp her body. A sheet of thick slime flew from it, splattering across Yoshiko and Kat’s naked tits.

“Oh, my god,” Yoshiko gasped as heat burned across her large tits. Her blue eyes blinked. Her nipples tingled.

And her girl-cock throbbed.

Yoshiko dropped her cell phone as lust bloomed in her. She grasped her tits, rubbing the clear slime into her flesh, savoring how it made her tingle. She massaged her tits, kneading and playing with her big mounds. Kat moaned beside her, doing the same to her round breasts, her pink nipples glistening.

“Oh, damn, my cock’s so hard,” Kat moaned. “I need to cum.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Yoshiko gasped, smearing the wonderful, slippery slime everywhere. She raised her breast, licking at it on her nipple, savoring the fishy flavor of the slime, her tongue tingling. Her mouth suddenly burned with need to be filled. She had to suck on something big. Her nipple wasn’t enough. Kat’s cock bobbed, drawing Yoshiko’s eyes. The half-Japanese futanari let out a loud groan as she stared at her bully’s girl-cock bouncing and swaying. She licked her lips, pussy clenching.

…We have to flee, Yoshiko-chan… warned Sayuri. …That’s a dangerous yokai. It should be trapped in the shrine. How is it here?…

“Yoshiko, what is that?” Lori shouted over the phone. “What am I hearing?”

“OMEKO!” bellowed the monster.

“Let’s sixty-nine, Kat,” Yoshiko moaned. “Let’s suck on each other’s girl-dicks.”

“Oh, yes,” moaned Kat

…No, you can’t. You have to flee. He’ll grab you, too…

“Please, Yoshiko, speak to me,” Lori pleaded.

Yoshiko couldn’t think. The throbbing ache on the tip of her dick combined with the powerful need in her mouth to suck something, overwhelmed her. She lowered herself to the floor, stretching out on her side. Kat followed, the punkish girl laying on her side, bringing her cock to Yoshiko’s hungry mouth.

Together, they engulfed each other’s dicks and sucked.

Pleasure shuddered through Yoshiko. She moaned about Kat’s dick while her own cock throbbed. A hot mouth and hungry tongue engulfed and stroked the tip of her dick. Yoshiko moaned, seizing Kat’s ass, pulling her closer.

More and more of Kat’s cock slid into Yoshiko’s mouth. She savored it, loving how it felt and tasted. Salty precum stained her tongue as she swirled it about the crown and shaft. She bobbed her mouth, moaning, groaning, pleasure rushing through her.

“Oh, my god, yes, fuck me!” screamed Ms. Lindon. “That’s so amazing. Oh, wow. I’ve never had a real cock in me. And this… This must be even better.”


Nothing else happening around Yoshiko mattered. She was hardly aware of Ms. Lindon thrashing in the air above the open mouth of the tentacle monster, her pussy juices raining onto a thick, hungry tongue as she writhed. Sayuri spoke, but Yoshiko was deaf to everything but Kat and her cock.

Yoshiko’s girl-dick throbbed in Kat’s mouth. Every suck made her shiver. Made her pussy clench. Yoshiko groaned, her hips thrusting forward, fucking Kat’s mouth as the pleasure rushed through her body. She moaned about the dick in her mouth, loving every moment.

Kat’s fingers dug into Yoshiko’s ass. She shivered and shuddered, loving how they felt. She savored those delightful digits, the passion she birthed in Kat. Her bully moaned, humming rapture around the tip of Yoshiko’s dick.

This is so good. I love her dick in my mouth, my dick in hers. Mmm, yes.

Their hips both fucked, sliding their cocks in and out of each other’s mouths. Her fingers found Kat’s shaved pussy, digging into the sloppy depths. Yoshiko savored how wet her bully was, her dick remembering plundering these depths only moments ago.

I came so hard into her. I flooded her with cum.

She fucked her fingers in and out of Kat’s cunt. The punkish futa moaned louder, taking more and more of Yoshiko’s cock. Fingers moved, diving into Yoshiko’s butt-cheeks. They teased her sphincter and then one slipped in.

Yes, yes, yes, finger my ass while I finger your pussy. This is so hot, Kat. Why did you have to be such a cunt to me? We could have been having fun for months. We could have been lovers. But you were such a bitch.

Yoshiko’s hips fucked harder, her bowels clenching on Kat’s fingers. The half-Japanese futanari drove her cock all the way into Kat’s mouth, brushing the back of her throat. Anger and lust surged through her, tingling from her slime-stained tits. She kept pushing, pressing on Kat’s gullet.

Kat gasped, choked. And then Yoshiko rammed her cock down Kat’s throat a few inches. Pleasure exploded across her dick. The tight gullet wrapped about her cock, teasing it, making her shudder, her pussy clenched.

That’s it. Take my cock, bitch. You deserve this.

Kat’s finger wormed deeper into Yoshiko’s asshole. It was the last sensation that Yoshiko’s orgasm needed, triggering the eruption.

Cum fired from Yoshiko’s dick, shooting down Kat’s throat. Pleasure spasmed her body. She moaned about her bully’s cock, sucking so hard as the pleasure rushed through her. Juices gushed from her pussy. Pleasure burned in her ass. More and more cum spurted from her cock. Kat slid her mouth back.

Jizz filled it.

Kat moaned so loud as Yoshiko came. Her finger jammed as deep as it could go into Yoshiko’s asshole. Kat’s other hand rubbed at the half-Japanese futa’s pussy, prolonging the pleasure. Pulses of rapture and waves of bliss filled Yoshiko’s body.

Her fingers wiggled in Kat’s cunt.

And then Kat erupted.

Yoshiko moaned, her mouth filled with load after load of jizz. Hot, thick, salty blasts flooded her mouth. She moaned, gulping down the yummy treat, satiating the hunger that filled her. It made her shiver and writhe. She loved the taste.

It was the best.


“I keep cumming!” howled Ms. Lindon.

Kat’s mouth popped off Yoshiko’s dick. “I need more!”

“Yes,” Yoshiko panted.



“Pick up,” Lori groaned as she sat in the back seat of her Mom’s Prius naked, Chris’s girl-cum leaking out of her pussy.

The phone rang and rang as she waited for Yoshiko to pick up. I hope you’re still not sleeping.

The last time the redheaded sixteen-year-old saw her best friend, Yoshiko, the futanari had been passed out in Lori’s bed after the pair had fucked each other over and over. Then Lori had been a futanari, but lost her girl-cock thanks to the angry ghost trying to kill them.

She glanced out the rear window, searching for any sign of the ghost-possessed Miyu. Her throat still ached from the Japanese girl’s hands wrapped about her throat. Mitsuko, the ghost possessing Miyu, wanted to kill Lori thinking she was Sayuri, the futa-ghost haunting Yoshiko.

Which made no sense to Lori. She thought Sayuri loved Mitsuko and that was why the futa-ghost, mistaking Yoshiko for her dead lover, made girls into futanari. And it spread. When one futa fucked a girl and came in her pussy, the girl became one, too.

Even if said girl used to be a boy like Chris.

“I think we lost her,” Chris shouted, taking the turn hard as they raced from the overlook.

The phone picked up.

“Thank god, Yoshiko,” Lori gasped.

“What is that?” someone screamed. Someone moaned in the background and there was a wet, slimy sound.

I frowned. “What’s going on? Yoshiko, are you there?”

“KAI!” a deep, rumbling voice shouted.

“What?” Chris asked, snapping his head around. “What is that, Lori? Who did you call?”

“Yoshiko,” Lori answered, glancing down to make sure she had called the right person.

“Oh, my god,” a woman moaned, different from the voice that screamed.

“Oh, my god.” That was Yoshiko.

Hope surged in Lori. “Yoshiko, talk to me.”

There was a loud clatter and a surge of static.

…We have to flee, Yoshiko-chan… warned an ethereal voice, the phone crackling with static. …That’s a dangerous yokai. He should be trapped in the shrine. How is he here?…

“Yoshiko, what is that?” Lori gasped, trembling at how strange the voice sounded. “What am I hearing?”

“OMEKO!” the deep voice growled.

…No, you can’t… crackled the ethereal voice. …You have to flee. He’ll grab you, too…

“Please, Yoshiko, speak to me,” Lori begged, tears falling down her cheeks.

“That deep voice sounds like the tentacle monster. I think Miyu called it Yokubō-no-Tako.”

“Tentacle monster?” Lori asked.

…Is this Lori?… the ethereal voice answered. …Can you hear me through this strange device?…

Lori swallowed. Tentacle monster? Fuck, can this day get any more messed up? “Um, yes. Who is this?”

…I’m Sayuri. Yoshiko-chan spoke highly of you. She says you and her are lovers…

“I guess,” swallowing. I wasn’t a futanari any longer. Miyu had…exorcised it away when I came in her pussy. Then she had tried to strangle me. “What’s going on? I can hear moaning in the background.”

…Yoshiko and this dreadfully shameful girl named Kat are sucking on each other’s cocks while a beautiful woman is being held by the yokai. It is a dangerous being known as Yokubō-no-Tako…

Chris groaned. “Jesus, that thing took Mariah. Miyu drove it away before the ghost possessed her.”

…Your lover is in danger… Sayuri continued, hisses of static growing worse. …When the yokai notices her and Kat, it will grab them after it finishes with the woman. You must hurry. They’ve touched its slime. It is a powerful aphrodisiac, overcoming all sense…

“Yeah,” Chris nodded from the front seat, her blonde hair dancing.

“You’re a shrine maiden ghost, right?” Lori asked, her heart racing.

…I am a miko…

“Then do something! Save Yoshiko!”

…I need an implement like a gohei or a haragushi…

“Implements…” Chris looked over her shoulder. “Like a wand with a chain of paper diamonds dangling from the end.”

…Yes. A gohei has two shide, but a haragushi has one. A haragushi would be preferable…

“Miyu had one,” Chris said excitedly. “A haragushi. She dropped it when Mitsuko—”

…You’ve seen Mitsuko-hime… Sayuri squealed with such excitement.

Too much excitement. Lori gasped as smoke burst from her phone, curling blue-gray into the air. The scent of melted plastic assaulted her nose. The screen flickered twice and went dark. Lori swallowed, looking up at Chris.

“Redwood Academy,” they both said together.

“Hurry,” Lori said. She didn’t like the sound of that monster getting its tentacles around Yoshiko one bit.


“Oh, my god,” Ms. Lindon moaned as Yoshiko and Kat sat up.

“FUTANARI!” the monster roared. With a flick of its tentacle, it splashed more slime on Kat and Yoshiko.

Lust shout through the half-Japanese futanari. She stared at her bully with hungry eyes, her cock throbbing before her, her mouth still salty with cum, even hornier now. “I need to fuck that pussy again. I need it so badly.”

“But I need to fuck your pussy,” Kat moaned, stroking her thick girl-dick.

Yoshiko’s dick ached so badly. The slime burned across her tits, the fresh load dripping down her stomach. She had to be buried in hot, tight pussy or she would explode. It was all to much for her. She lunged at Kat, pressing her slippery breasts against her bullies and pushing her to the floor. Their dicks rubbed together as Yoshiko humped her hips, struggling to move her cock.

Kat let out a gasp, her body heaving beneath Yoshiko. The bully wrapped her arms around Yoshiko, hugging her tight, and rolled them over. She gasped as she ended up on her back, Kat on top, their bodies slippery, the slime spreading between them.

“No,” Yoshiko gasped in protest as Kat’s dick slid lower. She struggled. “I’m fucking you.”

“No, I’m fucking you,” Kat gasped.

The girls writhed, their dicks sliding and throbbing together. Shivers ran down Yoshiko’s shaft to her juicy pussy. She leveraged her hips, rolling them both over. Her nipples throbbed as they rubbed on Kat’s, sending more thrills through the futanari.

Yoshiko’s hips pumped on their own, grinding her dick into Kat’s. The bully, her face twisting with pleasure, let out a wanton moan. Her hands seized Yoshiko’s ass, pulling her tighter, savoring the press of their two girl-dicks.

“Yes, yes, hump that dick against me, you nasty futanari,” moaned Kat. “Oh, you want to fuck my pussy so bad, but I won’t let you. Only I get to fuck your cunt.”

“No,” Yoshiko groaned, the incredible feel of the futanari beneath her shooting through her body. From her large breasts pressing into Kat’s smaller tits, to the glide of their dicks against each other made her shiver. Kat was so hot, so warm, beneath Yoshiko. Their tits so slippery with the monster’s slime. “You owe me for being suck a bitch all year. Let me fuck your pussy. I need to be in it.”

“No,” Kat gasped. “I’ll blackmail you! I still have the video!”

“Go ahead, show everyone,” Yoshiko gasped. “All the girls in school will want to fuck my girl-cock.”

“Your girl-cock isn’t on the video. God, you’re a dumb dyke!”

Yoshiko hissed and humped harder. The throb on the tip of her dick made her pussy clench. Her juices spilled out, matting her black curls and dribbling down to her shaft. It lubed the way between them, allowing them to hump and grind better.

“You’re the dumb dyke!”

“Come up with your own insults, cuntlapper!”

“Ooh, you know you want to lap my cunt, you stuck-up bitch.” Yoshiko, so angry and horny, kissed Kat hard. That’ll shut you up.

Kat’s fingers bit into Yoshiko’s ass. The flaring pain only fanned her ardor. Precum dribbled from her dick as the pressure only increased in her body. Kat humped up into her, both dicks pumping along each other.

And then Kat heaved them over. Yoshiko groaned, her bully’s weight atop her now. She caressed Kat’s supple back down to the girl’s clenching ass, loving how those cheeks felt beneath her hands, the muscles playing beneath silky skin.

Their tongues warred as the two futanari rolled on the ground, moving down the hallway and away from the tentacle monster. Not out of any design of theirs to get to safety, but just so caught up in their lusts they hardly even noticed the monster any longer. Or the unseen hands rolling them down the hallway as they thrashed in rapture.


“Oh, my god, yes,” Ms. Lindon moaned. “Girls, these tentacles are amazing. Oh, my god. It’s fucking me so hard. So fast. I’m going to cum!”

Yoshiko spared hardly a moment for the sexy teacher with whom she had a crush. She heard Ms. Lindon cum, saw her spasming in the purple embrace of the tentacle monster. It’s rubbery, slimy appendage pumped over and over into her pussy, stretching it so wide open. It made the teacher gasp and moan and sing out all her pleasure. Her tits stretched as the tentacles suction cups worked her nipples, distending them, stretching them.

Yoshiko was too focused on getting into Kat’s cunt. Her dick throbbed so hard as she rolled over and over, the pair bucking, gasping, moaning, kissing. Their hands squeezed and caressed each other. Their nipples rubbed and kissed, pink against brown.

“Oh, god,” Yoshiko moaned as they rolled into the wall, halted for a moment. “Your cock feels soooo good on my dick.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Kat gasped atop Yoshiko, humping harder, their dicks pressed so tight together, tips kissing and sliding together. “I’m going to cum.”

“Yes!” Yoshiko screamed in agreement, her fingernails scratching at Kat’s back as her passion swelled. “Cum! I need to cum!”

“IKU!” bellowed the tentacle monster.

“It’s shooting cum into me,” gasped Ms. Lindon. “Oh, my god, girls! So good!”

Yoshiko’s hips thrust up into Kat’s dick. The pressure in her pussy erupted. Yoshiko trembled, her cock spurting cum between their bodies. Their stomachs grew slippery with girl-jizz. It spilled between their bodies, soaking their flesh. She heaved and gasped, her pussy clenching and spasming as the pleasure roared through her.

It inundated her mind. It gave her the sweet release she craved so desperately. Her body spasmed. It was wonderful. Her eyes fluttered as the rapture spilled through every bit of her body. She arched her back, gasping her pleasure.

“So good! Oh, yes, so good!”

…Please, Yoshiko-chan, you have to stop this. I spoke to Lori. Your friends are coming. Just stop…

“Yes, Lori’s cumming,” moaned Yoshiko. “Oh, lucky her. Love it!”

“Me, too,” Kat groaned, a wicked grin on her face. Her hips moved.

Yoshiko shuddered, the pleasure bleeding through her, so she didn’t realize what Kat was doing as her dick moved, sliding down Yoshiko’s girl-shaft. But then her round, blue eyes widened as the bully’s cock pressed at the entrance of her pussy.

“No, Kat!” Yoshiko gasped.

“You lose, dyke,” Kat groaned. “You came and lost.”

The bully thrust.

Yoshiko groaned, her spasming pussy filled with wonderful girl-dick. It stabbed so deep into her, the friction burning with such intensity, she didn’t care she lost. She had a girl’s cock buried in the depths of her pussy. Her cunt clenched down hard as her dick spurted more cum between their bodies.

Kat groaned, her face twisting with pleasure as she buried into the futanari’s snatch. Her back arched, lifting her glistening, round tits from Yoshiko’s pillowy breasts. They bounced, pink nipples shiny with the monster’s slime.

Yoshiko arched her neck and latched onto a nipple, sucking hard, savoring the fishy taste of the slime. Her pussy clenched harder, cheeks hollowing as Kat fucked her hard. The bully’s dick plunged over and over into Yoshiko’s still cumming pussy.

“Oh, my god, this is so good,” moaned Kat. “Your pussy’s so wet and tight. I knew this would be the best. I am so glad I won. Oh, yes, you’re my dyke futanari now. I’m going to blackmail you into being my sex slave.”

“You bitch,” Yoshiko moaned, releasing her nipple, her hips bucking into Kat’s thrusts. “I’m going to tell everyone you’re a lesbian and spy on girls in the locker room. I’ll blackmail you into being my sex slave.”

“Oh, god, yes,” Kat moaned, hips bucking hard, driving her dick so deep into Yoshiko’s pussy. “The dyke’s sex slave. Forced to lick her pussy and suck on her cock.”

“That’s what you want! Is that how Ms. Lindon dominated you? She found out your secret?”

“She caught me watching one of the videos in the hallways. She blackmailed me. She made me crawl beneath her desk before classes and lick her pussy.” Kat shuddered, pleasure crashing across her face, hips pumping hard. “I had to press my face into her trimmed bush, those wonderful, soft curls caressing my lips as I spread open her pussy with my fingers.”

“Oh, yes,” gasped Yoshiko.

…Please, stop this, Yoshiko-chan. You have to flee. The yokai will come for you when it’s done cumming in Ms. Lindon. It knows you’re futanari. That’s why it threw more slime on you. To keep you fucking, unable to flee…

“What did Ms. Lindon taste like, Kat? Look like?” Yoshiko’s lusts were bursting. The ghost’s words were a minor buzz in her thoughts. Her universe was Kat and her cock spurting cum between their bellies. She hated Kat and desired her all at the same time. “Tell me what it was like to be forced to lick a lesbian’s cunt.”

“Her pussy was so pink and juicy,” Kat moaned, her thrusts so hard, her face twisting with pleasure. “Soooo juicy. I almost came when I took my first lick of her pussy. My first pussy. She tasted so spicy. So different from my own pussy.”

“Oh, you are so lucky,” Yoshiko said. “I want to lick her pussy. I want to devour her cunt.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Kat moaned and buried her cock deep into Yoshiko’s snatch over and over, the friction keeping her orgasm bursting out of her dick, her cum staining their bodies. “It was so wonderful.”

“Tell me! Every detail!”

Such excitement burned through Yoshiko. She couldn’t believe how aroused she was, how much she wanted to know. She wanted to lick Ms. Lindon’s pussy so badly. She had such a crush on the elegant teacher.

“I didn’t know what I was doing,” Kat moaned. “So she told me. She instructed me how to lick her, finger her, how to nuzzle her clit and suck on her labia. I licked her sour asshole, swirling my tongue around her sphincter, rimming her before I went back to her pussy. My tongue kept flailing across her sex, diving into her folds.”

“You’re so lucky,” panted Yoshiko, imagining it.

“I licked her until she came,” gasped Kat, her body shuddering. She slammed her cock all the way into Yoshiko. “And I drank down all her yummy juices!”

Cum spurted into Yoshiko’s depths. Hot, thick, filling her up. The futanari’s spasming pussy writhed about the girl-dick, her body eager for every drop. The pair heaved together, nipples kissing, both their dicks unloading in cum.

“Keep cumming in my pussy,” moaned Ms. Lindon.

Yoshiko’s head snapped around. “It’s Ms. Lindon. She’s right over there. I can lick her pussy.”
Thick, white monster cum poured out around Ms. Lindon’s pussy. It was like foamy seawater left on the sands. The slime on her breasts and her lips burned hot. And suddenly she was pushing Kat off of her.

Kat grunted as Yoshiko rose. Cum spilled out of her pussy. More dribbled across her stomach, reaching her thick bush and tangling in the hair adorning her pudenda. Her huge tits bounced as she took her first step towards the monster, her dick so hard.

“KAI!” Its tentacles writhed. A tongue licked its hungry maw. “FUTANARI!”



Driving naked was a new experience for Chris. Especially as a girl. Her tits bounced before her, sometimes slapping her arms or the steering wheel as she raced down the winding, gravel road from the overlook.

“Did a ghost just talk to you on the phone?” Chris asked, hitting the brakes with her sock-clad foot while turning the Prius’s wheels. The electric engine made not a sound as he took the turn hard.

Lori gasped in the back, sliding across the seat into the door. “Chris!”

“Sorry,” she said, hitting the gas and taking off down the paved road back into Redwood, the small town they lived in. “But was that really a ghost?”

“Yes. Sayuri-chan. We have to hurry. That thing is going for Yoshiko.”

“Yeah,” Chris nodded. She had seen the tentacle monster once before. It had grabbed Mariah, her African-American art project partner, only an hour or so ago. When Chris went to the bathroom to jerk off—she was still a he then—and was gender-swapped by Mitsuko’s mad ghost, the tentacle monster had attacked Mariah in the art room at their school. By the time Chris was rescued by Miyu, it was too late for Mariah. The monster had fled into some other dimension to fuck Mariah until it drained her of her life.

I hope she’s still alive.

“What will it do to Yoshiko?” Lori asked, her voice breaking. The three of them had been best friends since they were kids, always hanging out.

Chris hesitated. She didn’t want to tell her girlfriend what Miyu had said.

“Chris. You were with Miyu before she was possessed. What did she say?”

“That it’s called Yokubō-no-Tako, a yokai. Which is like a demon. They can come in a lot of forms. This one looks like a demon octopus and it fucks women. Like Mariah.”

“Your art partner.”

Flashes of Mariah writhing in the purple tentacles’ embrace flashed through Chris’s mind. She had looked like she was receiving so much pleasure, cumming over and over, her juices squirting out of her pussy and pouring into the monster’s open mouth.

“The thing was feeding on her pussy cream. Like it was the best thing in the world. Then Miyu attacked with her wand and a seal of paper. It drove the thing back to another dimension. Um, I think she called it Yomi.”

“Dimension?” Lori’s heart sped up. “That doesn’t sound good.”

“No,” Chris admitted.

She slowed down as they entered the town, suddenly so aware that she had huge tits that were on display for anyone to see if they glanced into her window. She reached the first stoplight, squirming as another car pulled up to them at the light.

A man was in it, talking animatedly on his Bluetooth headset, arms gesticulating as he waited for the light to turn. Chris squirmed again, her clit throbbing as a strange heat washed through her. She didn’t want to be seen by anyone naked, except Lori, but at the same time, her new body tingled, nipples hardening and clit wanting to grow into a futa-cock.

“Just run the red light, Chris,” Lori snapped. “It takes forever to change and there’s no one at it.”

“But… Yeah, you’re right.”

Chris hit the accelerator. The electric engine only made a faint hum as the car took off. After a moment, the gas engine kicked on, and a proper growl raced through the car as they accelerated, made the turn, and zipped down the main street. They drove past their private high school’s grounds on the left.

At the intersection, Chris took a hard left, diving through another red light. A car honked. An exhilarated rush shot through her as she drove past the wrought iron fence surrounding Redwood Academy. The main gates were ahead. She signaled and cut the wheel hard to make the left turn, her heart racing, hoping the truck in oncoming traffic wouldn’t hit them.

It didn’t.

“They must have come from that tree,” Chris said, racing down the sidewalk to the front of the school. “Remember how Miyu bowed to the tree this morning. She came here looking for that yokai. She said something about the tree coming from a terrible forest in Japan. Aoki…something. But the ghosts were not part of the plan.”

“Why would she be looking for it?” Lori asked as they raced down the walking path. Cars weren’t supposed to drive through this. There was a parking lot on the other side of the school, but it would take too much time to drive around. Seconds were precious.

“Don’t know,” Chris said, fighting to control the Prius as one tire drove on the sidewalk and the other grass. The difference in terrain kept making the car want to turn and twist.

As they neared the school, an old redbrick building built over a century ago, she turned to the left, driving away from the main entrance. When she fled the bathroom after Miyu was possessed, she had ignored the quickest way to safety, instead running to the main entrance in her panic.

“What are you doing?” Lori demanded.

Chris slammed the car to a stop. It fishtailed on the lawn, grass spraying up. Lori gasped, Chris’s breasts heaved. And then they came to a halt before the side entrance doors. Chris bolted out of the Prius, not bothering to turn it off.

“Chris?” Lori shouted, jumping out after him. “Wait up. Where are we going?”

“The bathroom where Miyu dropped her wand and ofuda.”

Chris yanked open the side door, glad it was still unlocked. She flushed, remembering she was naked. The janitors were probably here, along with a few teachers or other students working late. Anyone could stumble upon her and Lori running nude through the school. But there was no time to get dressed. She darted down the hallway, her socks slippery on the waxed floors, but she kept her balance. Lori ran after. Chris rounded the corner and there were the doors to the bathroom.

And and farther down the hallway at the intersection of the main entrance, was the yokai. It held a woman in its grasps, waving her in the air above its open maw. Foamy cum spurted out around its tentacle fucking her pussy.

“FUTANARI!” the monster bellowed.

“Oh, that’s not good,” Lori gasped. “That thing’s hideous. It like something out of those perverted hentai you watch.”

“Yes, right out of La Blue Girl or Jiburiru.”

“Well, come on,” Lori said, snagging Chris’s arm and yanking the gender-swapped futanari into the boys’ restroom.

“Right.” Every second is precious. Chris shook her head, the blonde snapping out of the trance that had her enthralled at the sight of the writhing tentacle monster. It sent such a strange lust through her body.

The bathroom looked the same as Chris remembered it. The last stall was open. Miyu’s wand with a single chain of zigzagging rice paper diamonds and her folded seal, the ofuda, lay on the ground where she had dropped them. The wand was either a gohei or a haragushi—she could not remember what the difference between the two were. But she had seen items like them used in Anime plenty of times to fight demons and ghosts and other nasties.

Chris hurried forward to the stall. As she bent down to pick up the wand and ofuda, she swallowed. Phil, transformed into a girl by Mitsuko, lay dead, eyes bulging from being strangled by the ghost-possessed Miyu. Lori let out a shriek, jumping back.

“Oh, my god. Is she dead?”

“Yeah,” Chris said. She bent down and grabbed the wand and the ofuda. Behind her, Lori retched into the sink.

Chris wanted to do the same. She closed the stall so she didn’t have to look at Phil, and turned around, moving to her girlfriend. Lori’s red hair spilled about her face as her body trembled. Chris grasped her shoulders. “Come on, Lori, we have to go help Yoshiko. Here, take the wand.”

Lori’s trembling hand reached out and grasped it. The chain of diamonds rustled as she moved. “What do I do with it?”

“Swing it at the monster,” Chris said. “Or maybe the ghost will take it and use it. I don’t know.” She gripped the ofuda, a rectangle of folded rice paper with Japanese Kanji painted in black with a brush in a style of sweeping calligraphy. “I just hope this will work.”

“Okay,” Lori nodded, pale but certain. “Let’s go save Yoshiko and Ms. Lindon.”


Yoshiko walked towards the tentacle monster. Unseen hands pushed at her, trying to keep her from going forward. Yoshiko grit her teeth, leaning forward and marching on her shoes, the only clothing she still wore.

…Please, Yoshiko-chan. Don’t do this…

“Sayuri,” Yoshiko groaned, her dick throbbing as she stared at the tentacle monster. Its tentacles writhed at her, beckoning. “I have to.”

Appendages shot out, passing through the invisible ghost. They were rubbery and slimy, and Yoshiko shuddered in eager desire, wanting to feel them on her body so badly. She groaned as one turned into a sucking mouth, slamming over the tip of her cock and engulfing it like the tentacle was a hot pussy. Yoshiko gasped, her back arching as rhythmic pulses milked her dick. Her body shuddered, and she was lifted from the ground by tentacles wrapped about her waist.

“FUTANARI!” moaned the demon, sucking on her cock while a rubbery tentacle-dick rammed into Yoshiko’s cum-filled pussy.

Rapture engulfed the futa. She tossed back her head, the pleasure pumping through her body. Her dick throbbed as her orgasm built and built in her. Suction cups latched onto her nipples, pulsing, making her nubs throb while other tentacles wrapped about her tits and squeezed them.

“So good,” Yoshiko screamed.

…No, it’ll devour you, Yoshiko-chan…

Something tugged at the tentacle on her dick, yanking, trying to pull it off. Small indentations pressed into the purple flesh, unseen fingers tugging. But they slipped, sliding down the appendage as the ghost fought in vain.

…You can’t have her, Yokubō-no-Tako. I don’t know how you escaped the shrine and Kanshu-no-Kami’s prison, but you cannot have her!…

“YŪREI!” bellowed the tentacle monster.

A tentacle lashed out, striking the invisible ghost. Sayuri screamed in Yoshiko’s mind. The drywall to the right cracked like a body had been thrown into it.

…Yoshiko-chan… Sayuri sobbed in Yoshiko’s thoughts.

“Oh, yes, fuck me, tentacle monster,” gasped Yoshiko. “I love it! Oh, Sayuri-chan, this is amazing!”

…It’ll kill you…

From down the hallway, Yoshiko’s best friend, Lori, screamed out her name as she ran naked beside an equally nude blonde.

As Yoshiko writhed in the embrace of the monster’s tentacles, a strange thought flashed through her mind as she stared at the busty blonde: Wasn’t she the girl Miyu fucked in the video? She kinda looks like Chris.

“We’ll save you,” the blonde shouted. “We have the things, Sayuri-chan!”

“Join me, Lori, this is so much fun!” Yoshiko screamed as her orgasm built.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 11.

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