BimboTech Chapter 5: Bimbo Wives’ Orgy



Chapter Five: Bimbo Wives’ Orgy

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

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Delilah Murphy, Senator of the Great State of Indiana

I trembled with excitement. I couldn’t believe what Magnolia had shown me. A serum that turned women into busty airheads—bimbos. It seemed impossible, and yet one stood before me. Annalee Burrell, a woman I had met a few times had transformed from an uptight, straight woman with a pinched face into a blonde bombshell.

A blonde bombshell that was so dumb I had convinced her that she would love licking my ass merely because I was a senator. My pussy clenched in delight. This was wonderful. I could just imagine a bevy of these busty women around me.

That bitch Magnolia knew my weakness for busty women.

The fact I was a lesbian was a closely guarded secret. My husband didn’t even know, though he recognized our marriage was merely for convenience these days. He probably assumed I had my male lovers, and I did not mind the whores he fucked so long as the world didn’t find out. To Indiana, we were a liberal Christian couple, embracing tolerance and progressiveness but still holding to the family values needed to win any position in the Midwest state.

The women of the Rotary Clubs and Fellowship of Church Wives would have an apoplectic fit if they learned I was a lesbian.

A lesbian who loved to have her ass licked.

“Mmm, you’re going to love tonguing my ass,” I moaned as I reached the bed at the center of the penthouse. It was all open, no walls save for the bathroom and a few storage closets. Nothing to hide the naughty fun that went on up here. This was my sanctuary, where I could let my hair down, so to speak, and have fun.

“I will,” Annalee said, her voice breathy with excitement. “Oh, this will be so yummy. I just know it. Thank you for teaching me that ass licking is good.” She clapped her hands together even as her large tits bounced in her low-cut blouse.

I really could get this bimbo to do anything I wanted. Damn, this was hot. This bimbo serum was powerful, and it was in the hands of Frank Jackman, the new CEO of BT Chemicals, a major employer in my state. No wonder Veronica Beigh, the old CEO, looked so different these days.

He bimbofied her and took over her company.

I fell onto the bed on my hands and knees, wiggling my hips at Annalee. Politics and the ramifications of this discovery could wait. I was so horny right now. The moment Magnolia walked in with Annalee, I had been creaming my panties. I wiggled my hips more, beckoning.

“Come lick my ass. Enjoy it.”

“I bet it will taste like gumdrops. Ooh, so sugary good.”

With eager delight, the bimbo fell on me, shoving up my skirt over my ass, revealing the satin panties I wore beneath. She pressed her face into the gusset, nuzzling at my pussy. I groaned as her nose pressed the fabric into my sex. Then she licked up it, sliding her tongue up to my ass. It was a great ass. I worked hard to stay in shape.

Men could get fat in politics and be taken seriously. Women could not.

Annalee cooed behind me as she pressed the panties into the crack of my ass, her tongue licking. I squirmed, the fabric touching my sphincter. Her tongue slid across it, giving me a delicious thrill, her saliva soaking through the fabric as her tongue swirled.

Then I frowned. “What are you doing?”

“Licking your asshole,” she moaned.

“Through my panties?”

“You didn’t say to take them off,” she pouted. “Oh, no, did I do something bad? I’m always doing something bad. It’s why I was poisoned.”

My heart clenched. “Poisoned?”

“Don’t mind that,” Magnolia said. The black-haired beauty leaned against the wall staring at her phone. “Just something I told her to get her to lick my pussy.”

“I was bad so I was poisoned. But if I’m good, Magnolia lets me lick the antidote from her pussy. I try my best to be a goody tushy.”

“Goody two shoes?” I corrected.

“Why would I need two good shoes?” she giggled. “So, um, I should take your panties off and then lick you?”

“God, you are an airhead,” I groaned. “Good thing you have such huge tits. Yes, pull them down then lick my asshole.”

“Roger doger.”

I shuddered as she pulled down my panties, her lips nuzzling at my ass crack. She pressed her face between them and her warm, wet tongue licked across my sphincter. She hesitated for a moment and then licked again.

“Taste sour,” she muttered.

“And it will taste better with every lick,” I panted. “You’ll be an ass-licking slut by the time you’re finished. And that will make you a goody tushy.” I groaned saying those words.

“Oh, goody,” she moaned. “Yay!”

And then she licked my sphincter hard. She really swirled her tongue around it. I gasped, my bowels clenching as her tongue danced over my asshole. She swirled it around, nuzzling, licking, driving me wild. Her tongue fluttered, those delicious, hot tingles racing to my pussy.

My cunt clenched. Juices dribbled down my thighs to my bunched up panties. I shuddered, savoring every wet lick, every soft moan. Her tongue pushed on the tight ring, wiggling into my asshole.

“Yes, eat my ass, bimbo-slut,” I panted. “Oh, you are such a filthy dyke. Mmm, yes, ram that tongue up my asshole. Oh, god, that feels so good. Oh, yes.”

“Yay, I’m doing a good job!”

Her girlish excitement sent a wild shudder through me. She was such a delectable thing. So naughty and delightful. I groaned as she licked harder at my asshole, my pussy growing juicier and hotter. Having a bimbo was intoxicating. I understood why Frank created this serum.

And why Magnolia wanted it for herself.

I groaned, clenching my sphincter around her probing tongue. Her fingers kneaded my ass while her tongue fucked in and out of my bowels. My eyes rolled back as groans escaped my lips. I rocked into her mouth, savoring every moment.

“And finger my cunt, bimbo-slut,” I panted. “Put those dyke fingers to use. Mmm, yes. Lick my ass and finger my twat. Oh, you are one nasty bimbo-slut! Such a good bimbo.”

“Goody tushy bimbo,” she moaned between licks.

Her fingers slid down from my ass and found my trimmed bush. She stroked through the curls and brushed my pussy. I shuddered, a ripple of heat racing out of me. She stroked up and down my slit, parting my folds.

And entered me.

“That’s it,” I panted. “Finger my cunt. Pump them in and out as you devour my ass, you filthy slut.”

“Mmm, yummy,” the slut moaned, tonguing faster and faster. “You’re right. The more I eat the gooder your ass tastes.”

“Better!” I gasped, my back arching, my asscheeks clenching. “Better, you dumb dyke!”

But she didn’t care. She frigged me and licked me, stirring my pussy to a hot froth. I groaned and trembled, my eyes rolling back into my head as the pleasure built inside of me. I savored it, loving how it built and built in me.

Her fingers plunged so deep. My pussy clenched on them, building the orgasm. And then her thumb brushed my clit. She rubbed at it, massaging the bud. She knew what she was doing. My asshole and pussy squeezed down on her tongue and fingers.

I came.

My pussy spasmed as her fingers pumped in and out of my depths. I grunted, clawing at the sheets as the pleasure rushed through me. The bimbo’s tongue rimmed my ass, swirling, licking, sending hot pleasure fluttering through me. I loved it.

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s how you eat a senator’s ass! Oh, you nasty bimbo-slut. Lick my ass. You love it!”

“I do love,” she moaned. “It’s yummy-wummy good, Senator!”

She kept eating me, fingering me, making me gasp and cum. My head tossed. I glanced at Magnolia staring at her phone, texting, her eyes focused on something instead of the hot action going on the bed.

“You going to join in?” I moaned. “Your slut has my ass nice and lubed.”

Magnolia smiled. She would share with me what had her fixated on her phone once I was done enjoying this vixen. She slipped her phone into her blazer and pulled it off, hanging it on a hook. “The strap-ons are still in the same place?”

“Yes,” I howled, another delicious orgasm rippling through my body. Oh, yes, skipping out on seeing my family at the airport was worth this pleasure. I could visit them later. Right now, I had a hot bimbo to enjoy.

“Slut, spread those thighs. I have to eat your pussy.”

“Oh, goody,” she moaned. “I have such a yummy pussy. I love to play with it. Mmm, cumming makes me feel all sticky and gooey and sugary inside.”

“Good,” I grinned. “I love sticky, sugary cream. I bet you have a sweet cunt.”


Magnolia Savage, President Femme Allure, Inc.

Annalee squealed, eager to have her pussy licked by the senator. I never bothered licking Annalee’s pussy. The bimbo existed to please me, not the other way around. But Delilah loved pussy. She devoured it any chance she could.

I was more of a pillow queen. I preferred receiving then giving.

But I did love to give a nice, hard dildo to a woman. To fuck her, to make her body quiver as I pounded her hard and fast. A hot shiver ran through my body as I reached the closet of toys. I opened it, smiling at the huge collection.

There were almost too many dildos, vibrators, and other toys to choose from. She had bullet and egg vibratos, clit ticklers, long vibrators, thick ones, ones made of connected balls, others ridged and bumped, and ones that didn’t vibrate but undulated in the pussy. She had anal beads, butt plugs, double-headed dildos, and my absolute favorite.

The strapless dildo.

One end looked like a normal, blue sex toy, the shaft thrusting long and thick. But the other end turned into a bending U with a ball at the end. It was designed to slide into a woman’s pussy, the ball letting your pussy grip it tight. Then it thrust from your pussy, the base of the thrusting toy pressing right on your clit.

I picked it up, licking the tip as I hiked up my pencil skirt. I wore no panties underneath. I had Annalee licking my twat on the drive over, the privacy screen down so my driver couldn’t see anything, disgusting man.

But he had the perfect job for a man—a servant.

I groaned as I slid the U shaped dildo into my pussy. I shivered, my pussy clenching it. I turned, the end waggling before me. I grinned, stroking the shaft while staring at Delilah’s heart-shaped ass and golden bush soaked with her juices.

I grabbed a bottle of lube, pouring it on the shaft. I grasped the dildo as I walked over to the bed, staring at that ass. “I’m going to tear you up.”

“Good,” Delilah moaned between licks.

“She’s eating my yummy pussy, Mistress,” beamed Annalee, her huge tits heaving as she humped against Delilah’s hungry mouth. “Is that just wonderful?”

“Enjoy,” I grinned. It would be the last time Annalee ever had her pussy licked. “Savor it.”

“I am! It’s so goody and yummy and tasty! Oh, her tongue slides through all my folds. She loves my cream.”

“I do,” Delilah moaned, wiggling that ass. “Now come fuck me, Magnolia, then tell me what naughty idea you have.”

“A vulnerability for Frank Jackman and his company,” I grinned, savoring the video of Natasha uploaded by her husband. The woman was clearly a bimbo, but how did she become one? If Frank was injecting random women, this was the perfect opportunity to destroy him. “You’ll have to go to Indiana and meet one of his victims. A poor woman transformed into a bimbo and now at the mercy of her inbred husband.”

“The poor thing.” The Senator’s words muffled by Annalee’s snatch.

I seized Delilah’s hips, spreading her asscheeks. Her puckered sphincter winked at me, nice and tight and so deliciously brown. I pressed my dildo against it. “Yes,” I grunted. “Good thing her caring Senator will come to her rescue.”

“Yes.” Delilah’s back arched as I buried the dildo into her bowels. “Yes, yes, yes! Now fuck me!”

I pounded her. The ball end stirred my pussy. The base throbbed on my clit. I groaned and gasped, my cunt clenching and relaxing on the dildo’s end as it shifted in my pussy. My hands gripped her hips as I pounded her, the pleasure shooting through me, wreathing my body. Such wonderful delight making me shudder.

My crotch slapped into her ass. The loud smack echoing through the room. I stared at her blonde hair spread over the groin on my bimbo-slut, Annalee’s huge tits bouncing and jiggling as she humped and groaned. Delilah devoured my slut’s cunt, making her shudder, her eyes roll back into her head.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned. “Lick her. Eat her. Make her explode!”

“I will,” moaned Delilah as I reamed into her asshole. “Oh, god, just keep fucking me. Mmm, I love it. You pound me so hard!”

“Like this?” I asked and thrust hard. Almost brutally. My clit ached beneath the pressure of the dildo’s base.


The bed creaked louder and louder as I reamed the Senator. I buggered her hard with the dildo, my tits bouncing beneath my blouse. I ripped it open, buttons popping off, not caring as the lust burned through me. I would have a whole bevy of bimbo sluts to please me. They would all bend over, letting me ram my dildo into their ass and cunts, fucking them whenever I wanted.

I would pound them until I came. And then leave them all moaning in frustration, wanting to cum, but not able to. They would only get pleasure when I gave it to them. My breasts heaved as my fantasy consumed me.

I came hard. I would have that future. Nothing would stop me. Certainly not Frank Jackman and his disgusting company. When Delilah and I were through with him, he would be lucky not to be in Terre Haute Federal Prison for the rest of his life.

And that bimbo, redheaded wife of his would be mine. Alice would kneel beside Annalee, begging to lick my pussy for the rest of her life.

I howled out my bliss.


Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals

“Glad you could make it, Mark,” I said, reaching out and shaking the Black man’s hand. His busty, giggly bimbo wife Margarete on his arm. She was a White brunette that I had thoroughly enjoyed at the investor party some months ago.

“Well, your parties are always wild.” He leered at Alice.

Who giggled back. “Maybe you’ll get another lap dance. That was so much fun.” My wife turned to me. “He taught me how to dance up and down on his big pole.”

My wife loved her Black men, especially when she was a bimbo. It was hard to be jealous though when I’ve fucked so many women and have my own harem. Janet, Nicole, Becca, Donna, and Veronica were scattered through out the room, each wearing a sexy dress that clung to their curves, talking with the other investors and their bimbo wives. There were nine total investors whose wives and girlfriends all received a free dose of the serum.

And whose wives I had all fucked after administering the treatment in a wild orgy while my wives entertained the husbands.

“You are a lucky man, Frank,” Mark said, glancing around the room. “Such lovely wives you have.”

“You should get more, too,” Alice giggle. “Polgummy is the best.”

“Is it?” Margarete simpered, her eyes so wide. “Oh, honey, you need to get more wives then.”

“More White beauties like you,” Mark grinned. “Want to watch them writhe on my big, Black dick?”

“I do,” Margarete gushed. “You know I do. Then I get to lick them all clean. Mmm, yummy.”

Mark nodded at me as he led his wife in.

Alice squealed beside me. “I’m so excited. When will the director get here? I want to make the movie, Frank.”

“Soon,” I told her as she bounced beside me, her red hair spilling about her face, her tits begging to spill out of her tight, stretchy dress. It was barely decent.

Music played through our home. Carmanjelo, Carter, and Ryan, all beta-males, worked the party serving drinks and horderves. Carmanjelo was real popular with the bimbo wives, their eyes kept falling on him as they giggled. They were all so beautiful.

A pair were kissing in the corner, large tits pressed together, hands gripping each other’s arms while their husbands watched in obvious delight. It wouldn’t be long before it descended into an orgy. Bimbos were like that. So horny and such airheads it didn’t take much to get them fucking.

The doorbell rang.

“Is it him?” squealed Alice. “Please, please, please say it’s him, Frank.”

“Let’s find out,” I grinned at my bimbo wife and walked to the door. I opened it and an older man in a brown suit, looking decades out of style, stood on my porch. He blinked at my wife, her tits bouncing as she hopped up in down in excitement.

“Are you the Director?” she squealed.

“Er, I am Director Steffen.”

Alice broke away from me, threw her arms around the man’s neck, and practically pulled his face into her cleavage as she hugged him tight. Her enthusiasm made my dick hard as I stared at her tight ass gripped by the stretchy fabric.

“Mr. Jackman?” the man groaned. “I take it this is one of the, um, women who have tested your Venus Serum.” Venus Serum was the marketing name for the product. Alice and I agreed that focusing on beauty was better than the side-effects.

“My wife, Alice,” I answered with a grin. “Alice, let him breathe. There’ll be time to smother him with your tits later.”

“Oh, yes,” gasped Alice, jumping back.

Director Steffen shifted, adjusting his tie. “Well, I see my Assistant-Director was right about the side-effects you are trying to hide.”

“Not hide,” I said, ushering him into the house. “I doubt anyone will complain about those. The results speak for themselves.”

“I’m a hottie now. Isn’t that the most wonderfulest thing in the world, Mr. Director?”

“Er, yes,” he nodded, staring at her cleavage as he walked past us. They were a magnificent pair of tits.

Then he froze seeing the room full of bimbos. The kissing pair now had their tits out and pressed together. Other bimbos watched, cheeks flushed, rubbing their thighs, their large tits bouncing. Becca, my blonde wife, flounced over, her tits almost exploding out of her blue dress as they heaved.

“The Director’s here!” she gasped and then hugged him.

“This is my wife, Becca,” I said.

“Another wife?” Director Steffen groaned, practically drooling on Becca’s rack as she pressed his face down to it as she hugged him.

“I have six,” I smiled. “Not legally, of course. But they all live with us.”

“Polgummy is the best,” beamed Alice. “So yummy and chewy.”

“Yes!” Becca added. “We love polygummy.”

“Polygamy,” I said to the director as Becca released him. “They have trouble with big words sometimes.”

Alice giggled. “It’s so hard to say them. So many sounds. I bet you can say them. You must be so super smart to be a director.”

“I have a Ph.D.,” he nodded.

“So do I!” Alice clapped her hands together. “I’m a Doctor of Chemistry. I’m a super smart sciency person. I made the drug that lets Frank fuck over and over. He keeps us all so happy with his dick.”

The man cleared his throat.

“His cock’s hard, Alice,” Becca gasped.

“Oh, no, we gave you blue balls.” My wife fell to her knees, reaching for his crotch. “We’ll fix you.”

“Excuse me?” the man groaned, looking up.

I nodded at him. “Bimbos are very friendly. I’m sure you can see why this product needs to be out there. Women who crave to be sexy and desired will want it. And they will be so happy once they’ve received it.”

“I love being a bimbo,” Alice moaned, pulling out the director’s cock and inhaling it into her mouth.

The older man, who must have been pushing fifty, groaned. His eyes shot open. How long had it been since he had his dick sucked? He gave me a wild look then gasped as Becca nuzzled at his balls. The wet, sucking sound made my dick throb worse.

“Maybe you would like to get to know my wives better in private?” I grinned at him. “Well, five of them. Veronica needs to stay with me.”

“What?” groaned Director Steffen.

“Five busty women.” I grinned at him. “A nice appetizer before we talk business.”

Nicole, her brown hair bouncing about her vivacious face, and Donna came over, Janet following the busty pair. Donna and Janet both had raven-black hair, though Janet’s was longer. Donna looked so delicious with her shorter hair, her tits about to burst out of her top.

“Five women?” the director groaned. “Jesus. This can’t be real.”

“Oh, it is,” I nodded.

His head snapped back. Alice swallowed his cum. I shuddered at every gulp she made, my dick throbbing. The director’s lips twisted in a smile as my other wives pressed around him, giggling, kissing him, whispering in his ear.

“Enjoy them, Director. Then we’ll talk with my investors.”

Alice hopped up, licking her lips. “Let’s go, Mr. Director, and make a movie for the produce!”

I sighed. My bimbo-wife still didn’t quite understand what was going on. Her intelligent half did, but I needed bimbo Alice tonight. Already, her tits were out, another man’s hands pawing them, as the group headed upstairs.

“So, what do we do while we wait?” Mark asked.

Veronica sauntered up to me, an excited smile on her face. She held a bowel in her hand that had names on them. Each of the bimbos in this room had her name on one of the tags. “Simple,” I said. “Let’s swap wives and have fun.”


Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Mr. Director moaned as we led him upstairs.

“We’re just so eager to star in your movie,” Nicole beamed, her brown hair bouncing about her face as she raced up the stairs.

“Movie?” he asked, blinking.

“The movie you’re making for our husband,” I smiled at him. “Don’t be silly. You know that.”

“I’m not that kind of director,” he said, rolling his eyes.

“What other kind is there?” I looked at Becca.

“I don’t know,” the blonde girl giggled. “Mmm, but we’re supposed to make sure you feel so yummy good. Our husband wants you to be happy so you’ll make a movie for us.”

“Yes,” I said, clapping my hands. “Let’s start right now.”

“I’m not making a movie… Oh, hell, who cares. You can call me what you want, ladies.”

“Yay,” Janet cheered.

We reached the second floor and led him into the guest bedroom. It was all prepared to make the movie. I threw the door open with a flourish as the other wives pulled him into the room, Donna at the rear.

“Let’s get naked,” I cheered, closing the door. “Thank you for coming here and helping out my husband. We’re so happy to sell the Venus Serum.”

“I can tell,” groaned Mr. Director. “I’ve never been offered such a sweet bribe.”

Janet and Becca pushed him down onto the bed. Then they smothered him with kisses, raining them over his face. He had such a happy grin. Already, his cock was recovering, growing hard after I sucked out his yummy cum.

“Naked!” Donna cheered in delight, grabbing my green, stretchy dress and pulling it over my head. “There!”

I bounced on my heels, giggling as my tits bounced with me, slapping together. Donna’s eyes widened as she watch my tits heave, and then she took off her dress, too. Her tits were almost as big as mine, her nipples so fat and hard. She stood before me, our nipples kissing as we jiggled our boobs together.

The brush of our nipples sent hot shudders racing down to my pussy. I groaned, my hips shaking back and forth. I was so wet and hot down in my pussykitty. She needed to be petted and played with so badly. I wanted that warm, yummy, creamy delight bathing my mind. More marshmallowy goodness smothering away everything but fun.

I glanced at the bed, Nicole working off the director’s pants, exposing hairy legs. Then she yanked down his boxers. His cock sprang out, throbbing hard, his balls swollen. Nicole nuzzled at them, licking, and sucking.

“I’ve died and gone to big-breasted woman heaven,” panted the director.

“Oh, no, you’ve died?” I gasped. “We have to revive you. We can’t let you die. You’re too important. We need your movie to get approval to sell our produce.”

“No, you need my approval to sell your product,” he groaned, Becca and Janet unbuttoning his shirt and peeling it off. His hands grabbed their tits. “And this is one helluva bribe.”

“We’re not bribes,” I giggled. “We’re payment so you’ll help our husband.”

“We would do anything for our husband,” Janet cooed, pressing her tits right into the director’s face.

“Anything,” Donna agreed, hugging me and jumping up and down.

Her tits felt so nice on mine. I hugged her, grabbing her ass, jumping with her. Wonderful excitement shot through me. My pussy was so wet. I pressed my cunt on Donna’s thighs, humping against her flesh, soothing that ache in my clit.

My naughty clit always needed soothing.

Donna’s wet pussy found my thigh. I smiled at my former boss. I was so glad she was a bimbo and not that bad, meany woman who yelled at me all the time. She used to make me cry. Now she made me cum.

And cumming was so much better than crying.

“Jesus, these tits are real,” groaned the director. “The serum really works. You really were fat and ugly.”

“And them Frank improvised us,” I giggled, grinding my hot flesh harder on Donna’s thigh. My clit throbbed against her.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Donna gasped. “I used to be so meany and angry and horribly. I bullied everyone. Now I just have fun. It’s so amazeballs.”

“Yes, yes, amazeballs! Yummy, delicious balls.” I shuddered and then kissed Donna hard on the mouth.

“Damn,” the director groaned. “Damn, I’ve never seen two women kiss in person. That’s so hot.”

“We like kissing,” Becca said. “Right, Janet?”


As I kissed Donna, I watched my other wives lean over the director and lock lips, their breasts pillowing on his chest. Nicole had her mouth sucking on his cock, bobbing up and down. I humped harder and harder on Donna’s thigh, moaning into her sweet lips, the air bursting with feminine passion.

It was so much fun making a movie. I would cum so many times.

Every time I slid my clit up and down, flutters ran through my body. They were so amazeballs. I loved that word. My nipples tingled. I gripped Donna’s butt-cheeks, massaging them as our tongues danced together, our bodies heaving faster and faster.

“Goddamn, I’m going to cum again. Twice in one night. I feel like a young man. You women are liquid Viagra.”

I broke the kiss to laugh, “You’re so silly, Mr. Director. We’re not liquids. We’re solids.”

“Our pussies are liquid,” moaned Donna. “You feel so juicy on my thigh.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m going to cum all over our thigh. I love cumming.”

“Me, too! Let’s never stop!”

I gasped in awe. “That’s the bestest idea I’ve ever heard. You are so super-duper smart.”

“Shit, you girls are so dumb,” groaned the director. “But hot.”

“So hot!” I humped faster and faster, my cunt burning with need. My pussy smeared up and down Donna’s thigh. I tossed back my head.

And came hard.

My pussy spasmed. Juices flooded out of my cunt. They gushed down her thigh while the yummy bliss washed through me. My entire body became gooey marshmallowy rapture. I shuddered, kissing my wife hard, loving her so much. Our bodies writhed together while the director watched.

Nicole sucked his cock so hard. He groaned out. I knew that sound. Marshmallowy pleasure filled his body while he filled Nicole’s mouth with his salty treat. I shuddered, my head arching, my body heaving.

“Fuck,” groaned the director. “Jesus, I wanted to cum in one of your pussies.”

“Mine!” I gasped. “I’m first wife. I get to fuck you first.”

“Then me,” Janet giggled.

“Me next,” Becca chortled.

“And me!” Donna shuddered. Her pussy grew so hot. Yummy juices splashed on my thigh as she had her amazeball orgasm.

“I’m wiped out. I can’t possible cum again,” the director groaned.

“I know how to make you,” I giggled, bursting away from Donna, invigorated. “Special medicine I came up with because I’m a super smart sciency person. And then Frank mod…modif…modificated it. He’s such a great man.”

The director snorted. “Oh, yes, so great. He turned his wife into a bimbo slut and sent her to me as a bribe. Great guy.”

“I know,” I smiled, opening the nightstand drawer and pulling out the syringe. “This is only a temp berry injection.”

“Injection.” The man stiffened. “Temp berry?”

“Frank modificated it so it won’t last forever.” I flicked my finger against the side of the syringe, the air bubbles rising to the top. I gave it a quick press of the injector and giggled at the fountain of special drug arching into the air. Like a cumming cock.

Smiling, I lunged the needle at his thigh.

“No, wait,” the director gasped.

“Don’t be a big baby,” Becca said. “This will be fun. Babies don’t get their cocks sucked.”

“That’s right,” I said and injected him, plunging the plunger. The special temp berry medicine flowed into him. I yanked out the needle and giggled for joy. “It’s my turn first. I’m going to ride your cock, Mr. Director. You’ll love it. You’ll want to help my husband out once I’m done.”

“Fuck,” the man groaned. “Fuck, I feel so hot and… Shit, is my dick getting hard again?”

I nodded my head, crawling onto the bed. I threw the syringe away, the smart part of me not happy about that, but it was so hard to care about something like needle safety. I had a horny pussykitty that needed to eat a yummy sausage.

“He’s getting all hard for you,” Becca giggled, stroking his cock.

“Yep,” Nicole said, moving behind me. She licked my butt-cheek. “Ride him.”

“Ride him!” Janet cheered, taking up the chant, the other bimbos joining in, clapping in between, “Ride him!”

“Oh, damn,” the man said as I straddled his waist. “You all are really going to fuck me?”

“Uh-huh,” I grinned. “How else can we make the movie?”

“I’m not convinced this is such a good—” His eyes widened as he felt my hot, juicy snatch on the tip of his dick.

Becca was such a sweet wife and rubbed his cock against my pussy lips. My pussykitty purred so wonderfully, sending such delight shivering through my body. I squirmed my hips and lowered myself, my pussykitty swallowing the yummy sausage.

It wasn’t a very thick sausage, but it still felt delicious sliding into my depths. I groaned, it was a long sausage. It slid deeper and deeper into me. My back arched, my large tits jiggling before me as I sank all the way down on his dick.

I squirmed, his cock buried to the hilt in me. I groaned, my pussy clenching on his dick and then slid up him. The pleasure cascading about his face brought a squeal to my lips. I loved giving men such pleasure. I made them hard, and then I gave the satisfaction.

I was such a good bimbo.

“Holy fucking Jesus shit,” he gasped. “I haven’t felt pussy that hot in years. Damn, this is what I imagined all those sweet, young girls at work must be like. All those young secretary and new hirers out of college.”

“Bimbofy them,” I gasped, slamming down his cock. “Then they’ll be more than happy to satisfy you, Mr. Director.”

“A good bimbo helps out men in need,” Janet nodded. “We understand how painful it is for a man to be hard.”

“Which is why we have two hands, two tits, and three holes,” giggled Becca. Then she frowned. “Right? Three holes?” She held up her hand, ticking off as she said, “Mouth, pussy, and ass. Yep, three.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, sliding up the director’s dick.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “Fuck, I want to. But you’re all such airheads.”

“Bimbos,” I nodded. “And we love it. We were all so boring before. We didn’t know how to have fun. Now that’s all we do.”

“Yes!” Becca moaned and leaned over, sucking on my fat nipple.

I gasped, my pussy clenching on the director’s sausage. I shuddered, sliding my pussykitty up and down his cock faster and faster. She enjoyed him so much, savoring every inch of him. The wonderful, yummy friction spread through my body as I slid up and down.

My hand ran through Becca’s golden hair as she sucked and nibbled. Her tongue brushed my nipple, teasing me, driving me wild with pleasure. So much yummy, marshmallowy goodness drizzled across my mind, my eyes rolling back into my head.

Behind me, Nicole nuzzled at my butt-cheeks as I rose up and down. Her naughty tongue licked at my asshole. She swirled and rimmed me, her fingers massaging my ass. I gasped, loving her tongue as I rode the director’s cock.

“See, Mr. Director,” I moaned. “Help us out. Support us and help our produce get to market. Then there will be so many bimbos. They’ll all be so sexy and happy and have so much fun. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?”

“God, yes,” he groaned, hips bucking beneath me. “Jesus, that does. And your pussy… You’re so tight.”

“Yay! My pussykitty loves your big sausage.”

“I want to eat your sausage next,” Janet moaned, dangling her large tits over the director’s face.
My best-friend-wife squealed in delight as he latched onto her fat nipple, sucking hard. Janet smiled at me, her fingers playing between her thighs, frigging her wet pussy. I couldn’t wait for her turn to enjoy the director’s yummy sausage.

The pleasure built and built in me. I groaned, slamming down hard on his dick, grinding my clit into his pubic bone. My eyes rolled up into my head. I gasped, Becca sucking harder and harder at my nipple, Nicole’s naughty tongue probing my asshole.

And Frank… I bet he was watching me right now as we made the movie. I hoped he was so happy and proud of me, seeing how beautiful and sexy I was. It was all thanks to him that I was so happy. That I had so much fun.

“Love you, Frank,” I moaned out as my orgasm burst through me.

Pleasure spasmed out of my pussy. I slammed down on the director’s cock, massaging him, eager for his cum to spurt into my depths. He groaned, sucking louder and harder on Janet’s dangling nipple. His hips bucked up into me.

“Yes, yes, yes, cum in me,” I moaned as the pleasure rushed through my body, coating my insides with sticky, marshmallowy goodness.

He groaned about Janet’s nipple. And his dick erupted.

My asshole clenched on Nicole’s probing tongue as the Director’s hot seed poured into me. I moaned and swayed, my pussy milking his dick. The pleasure kept rushing through me, teased by Becca’s sucking mouth and Nicole’s naughty tongue. My nipple ached. I clenched Becca’s hair as so much jizz poured into me.

“That’s it. That’s it, Mr. Director. You came in me. You have to help us now. You took the payment. You’re working for us. You’ll help get our wonderful produce to market. Every woman will want the Venus Serum and be a sexy bimbo.”

“What, no,” he groaned. “I haven’t agreed to anything. This product is insane. Women can’t be turned into bimbos.”

“But you made a movie with us,” I smiled, shuddering as the pleasure buzzed through my body.

“My turn,” Janet squealed.

I nodded, rolling off of her and stretching out beside the director while Janet crawled over me to his still-hard dick. Her large tits bounced and swayed as she impaled herself on him reverse cowgirl and squealed. I bet Nicole licked at her clit now while Donna licked at Nicole’s.

“What do you mean, movie?” the director groaned as Janet rode him hard and fast, feeding her pussykitty.

I rubbed at mine, loving the cream leaking out. “Why, because we’re making one right now. See the cameras.” I pointed at the ceiling. “Isn’t that wonderful? Everyone will know that you’re helping us.”

“You’re blackmailing me?” he groaned.

“No, we’re paying you, silly-billy,” I laughed. “With pussy! So you’ll work with us?” I snuggled closer, frigging my pussy. “Please, please say you’ll work with us. We want you so badly. You’ll make my husband so happy.”

“Yes, yes,” Becca moaned, snuggling on the other side. “Be our director!”

“Yes!” howled Janet, ass clenching, cumming already on his dick, the naughty bimbo.

“I’m so fucked,” he groaned.

I giggled. “I know. By five sexy bimbos. Isn’t that just wonderful?”

“God, you are an airhead,” he groaned, shaking his head. He smacked Janet’s ass. “Fuck, just keep riding my cock. If I’m going to be forced to help you, I’ll fucking enjoy myself.”

“Yay!” I hugged his neck and gave him the biggest kiss in the world. I was so happy. All of Frank’s dreams would come true. I was so glad I could fuck this man to make that happen.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 6.

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