Incestuous Harem Chapter Twelve: Big Sis is Horny


Incestuous Harem

Chapter Twelve: Big Sis is Horny

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

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Leann “Lee” Samuels

My mouth lingered with the nasty taste of pussy and pee. Alicia’s fresh juices smeared across my mouth, mixing with her urine. After bullying my half-sisters for years—thinking she was only my fourteen-year-old cousin—she was eager to get all the revenge she could on me.

And I loved it.

It was so humiliating to drink her pee and lick her pussy. I must be the only straight woman in the family. I’d rather eat cum and suck cock then devour a pussy. But being forced to made me so wet. My freshly shaved pussy dripped down my thighs as I scampered after Alicia, the pair of us eager to see the fun happening in the master bedroom.

Master was the right word. My older half-brother Clint was in there. My Master. He had spanked my ass so hard two days ago and shown me who I really was—a pain and humiliation slut. A filthy cunt who needed to be controlled, dominated, and degraded.

Damn, my pussy was wet.

“Big brother,” Alicia moaned, bursting into the room ahead, her light brown hair drawn into a pair of pigtails that danced behind her. Her petite body and underdeveloped breasts made her look younger than fourteen.

“Damn,” I groaned as I followed her in.

Clint drew his cock out of Pam’s pussy. He had just deflowered the Asian girl, his public girlfriend and newest member of the harem. His cum, pinkish with her virgin blood, stained the thick, black bush covering her pussy. My bush used to look like that. Thick and dark. Now I was shaved bare.

Everyone at school knew it, too.

As I stared at that pussy, my older sister Melody shuddering on Pam’s mouth, I blurted out, “Can I eat the creampie, Master?” It would be so humiliating to lick a freshly deflowered cunt clean of my Master’s incestuous cum. My pussy clenched. “Please, please, please.”

“No,” Melody commanded, sweeping back her blonde braid off her shoulder. Her breasts, nice and round, heaved as she moved. She had bigger tits than me and only a year separated us in age. Mine were small, not the budding mounds Alicia had, but little mounds that you could cup. Alicia and I definitely took after Dad’s side of the family. My mom, Aunt Cheryl, and my older half-sister Zoey were all stacked.

“Please,” I moaned, licking my lips.

“That’s my creampie, slut,” Melody grinned. “I’m claiming it.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said immediately, though a part of me thought about being a brat. But my ass was still tender from the spanking on Saturday. Another day, at least, before I could be a brat and earn another painful spanking.

Damn, I was wet.

Clint rolled onto his back, a muscular sixteen-year-old hunk with dark eyes and a strong jaw. His dick was half-hard, covered in pinkish juices. “You can lick my cock clean of her pussy juices.”

“Yes, Master,” I moaned. It was covered in nasty pussy juices. And I would have to lick them all up. I couldn’t spare a single drop.

I raced to the bed and jumped on it with a laugh, my short, black hair swaying about my face. I landed, bedsprings creaking. I hurried between his legs as Alicia flounced onto the bed on beside me, crawling up to Pam’s face, her tongue still licking at my older sister’s pussy.

“Big brother, can your girlfriend lick my pussy. Please, please, please. I want to feel her lick my cunny.” Alicia put on a girlish pout, giving Clint such a puppy dog look.

“Yes,” he groaned. “Melody, our princess still has a hot cunny.”

“Mmm, fine,” Melody sighed. “He spoils you, Cupcake.”

Alicia grinned and nodded her head. She was so spoiled. Melody dismounted Pam, and Alicia eagerly took her place. She stared down at Pam, her lips smeared with pussy juices, and beamed. “Hi. Did my big brother fuck you so hard?”

“So hard,” Pam moaned.

“Yay!” cheered Alicia.

I leaned down and took my first lick of Clint’s cock. Pam’s cunt tasted tart. I shuddered. It was so humiliating to lick his cock covered in another girl’s pussy. But I did it for him. And because my pussy was on fire. My tongue dragged up his cock, gathering more and more of her tart juices. I pulled my tongue in, swirling the cream through my mouth before swallowing.

My nasty cunt clenched.

Alicia squirmed on Pam’s face, gasping as the Asian girl devoured her pussy. Melody moved around the bed, kneeling beside me. She gave me a wicked grin before she buried her face into Pam’s pussy and willingly licked it, gathering up all the yummy cum and pussy juices.

I licked harder, dragging my tongue up to the tip of Clint’s cock, swirling about the spongy crown. He groaned, staring down at me. Alicia’s gasps sang through the room. Her nipples were hard, her budding mounds hardly jiggling as she squirmed and moaned, grinding her shaved pussy on Pam’s mouth.

“Yes, yes, yes, lick my cunny!”

Clint’s dick throbbed in my hand. He groaned again.

I pleased him. That made my pussy even wetter. I sucked on the tip.

“So, Lee, I’ve been hearing rumors about you all day long.” His hand reached down, caressing my short, black hair.

“I was pretty naughty today,” Lee grinned. “I’m glad the rumors are spreading. You should see what they say about me on my Facebook wall.”

Clint grabbed his discarded jeans and pulled out his phone while I sucked on his cock. He scrolled through it then smiled. “What a nasty cunt. I can’t believe I was friends with her.”

“Wanted us all to eat her rancid, fish taco.” Clint laughed. “That’s from Carmelita.”

My pussy clenched. Carmelita was sorta my friend. Well, not any longer. I was friends with her to avoid being bullied. Now she had a new person to pick on—me. I savored it, sucking harder on Clint’s dick, his shaft swelling in my mouth.

He kept reading comments:

“I want to hit that cunt hard. Fuck her raw and leave her dripping wet.”

“I’d tear that pussy up.”

“Eww, what a freak. I can’t believe you masturbated before us all.”




Clint grinned, looking down from his phone. “Everyone at school will know. And what will you tell them if they ask why you did it?”

I popped my mouth off. “That I had a nasty bush, and my Master wanted me to shave it off and let everyone know I was smooth and bare now.”

“Damn,” Clint groaned. “You deserve a reward for obeying my orders.” His finger slid across the screen. “All these comments. All these nasty messages. Everyone knows your a slut.”

“A nasty cunt who is disgusting,” moaned Alicia.

“A bratty skank with a rancid pussy,” laughed Melody.

I moaned so loud, drinking it in. My pussy was on fire.

“I bet she’s got a hot cunny right now,” moaned Alicia, humping Pam’s mouth. “So hot. Just dripping wet. You’re so pathetic, Lee. I can’t believe we’re sisters.”

“I do have a hot pussy,” I moaned. I stared at Clint. What was my reward?

“Want to fuck my cock?” he asked.

I nodded my head.

“Straddle me and go for a ride. You can cum as much as you want.”

“Thank you, Master,” I squealed.

I moved up his body, grasping his cock. I rose on my legs, bringing his dick to my pussy. I rubbed him against my folds, swirling the tip around, shuddering as I felt my brother’s cock. He grabbed my hips, stopping me from impaling myself.

“What?” I blinked. I so wanted to be a brat right now and just fuck my pussy down his cock.

“I don’t want to look at your disgusting face,” he said. I saw it in his eyes how much he really cared for me. He insulted me because he knew I needed it, loved it. He didn’t love me like Alicia or Melody, or maybe even Pam. Not that sugary love. No, he loved me as his slave. His depraved slut. I was his depraved slut.

Oh, Clint was the best brother in the world. I loved my Master. I hoped he degraded me to the day I died.

I spun around and slammed my nasty pussy on his cock.

Clint groaned as my cunt engulfed him. My back arched, my hands sliding up to cup my small tits. I pinched my nipples, my twat tightening on him as the pleasure surged through my body. I rose on his shaft, squeezing the entire time.

He made such hot sounds. My nasty cunt pleasured him. I pleasured my big brother Master.

I slammed down him again, taking him to the root, loving how much he filled my fifteen-year-old snatch. My hips wiggled, the friction building as I slid up and then came back down. Over and over, pumping, writhing, needing that hot release to explode through me.

“Yes, yes, yes, Master,” I moaned. “Oh, Master, your dick… Oh, your dick is amazing.”

“So fuck him,” Alicia moaned. “Fuck big brother’s cock with your nasty pussy. And thank him for even sticking his dick in you.”

“Yes,” I gasped. “Thank you, Master, for fucking my nasty twat.”

“You’re welcome, brat.” He smacked my ass. “My brat. Oh, I can’t wait to humiliate you next.”
I slammed down his dick and came.

My pussy spasmed on his dick. I gasped and moaned, squirming on him, stirring his dick through me. The pleasure boiled hot, shuddering through me. I rode him faster and faster, drinking in the pleasure. He told me I could cum as much as I wanted.

So I would ride him hard and fast.

My moans and gasps exploded out of me as my pussy writhed about his dick. I slammed up and down him. Over and over. The pleasure kept rippling through me. Orgasm after orgasm rippled out my cunt and through my body.

“Oh, my god, Master! I love your cock!”

“Best cock in the world,” Melody moaned.

“Yes,” Pam hissed, voice muffled.

“Big brother’s dick is amazing!”

“Fuck, you girls spoil me,” growled Clint. His hands seized my hips. He bounced me up and down on his cock.

My spasming pussy milked his dick. I wanted his cum in me. I wanted to be bred by him. I wasn’t on any birth control. His next load might be the one to breed my fertile cunt. Maybe he already had. He had fucked me a few times over the weekend.

I pinched my nipples harder, moaning without thought. The words poured out of my mouth as my body heaved and thrashed. It was so good. So hot. My mind melted into putty as I rode his wonderful dick.

“Breed me!” I howled as a powerful orgasm spasmed through my body. “Breed me! Flood me with your cum, Master, and breed me!”

“Breed the bratty skank,” gasped Melody. “Breed us all.”

“Yes, yes, yes, big brother!”

“Fuck,” Clint groaned. He seized my hips and slammed me down his dick. “I’ll pump so much jizz into your rancid cunt, slut. I’ll breed you. You’ll pump out babies for me!”

“Yes!” I howled, my pussy milking his cock, eager for his cum.

His hips bucked, lifting me up and sliding me a few inches on his dick. His cum spurted into me as I slammed back down. I savored it. I groaned, stars dancing before my eyes, as my half-brother flooded me with load after load of incestuous cum.

I rubbed at my groin, hoping his little sperm would find my little egg.


Zoey Elliston

“Oh, my god, Master! I love your cock!” screamed bratty Lee, the bedsprings creaking from the master bedroom.

“Best cock in the world,” my cousin Melody moaned.

“Yes,” hissed a girl’s voice I didn’t recognize. That must be the Asian girl with Clint. Pam…Hiragawa?

“Big brother’s dick is amazing!” My pussy clenched, hearing the unmistakable, girlish tones of my fourteen-year-old sister Alicia singing our brother’s praise.

I froze halfway up the stairs. My sixteen-year-old brother Clint really was fucking our sister Alicia and our cousins Melody and Lee. Along with his new girlfriend Pam. I couldn’t believe it. Clint had always been a boy to me, the little brother that I had ignored. At least until the last few days. And suddenly, I was seeing him as a man.

The man of the house.

And he was fucking all the women. Mom had to be one of them. After our conversation late Saturday night, it was obvious. And I bet Aunt Vicky had to be involved, too. The way the family was acting, deferring to Clint.

Like they were all his sex slaves.

I shuddered, my lusts and fears warring. I pulled out my phone and texted Stefani. “I can’t fight this. He’s fucking them all.”

“Who?” she answered. “Clint? Are you about to fuck your little brother?”

I stared at my girlfriend’s response. Stefani and I had been lovers for two years, since we were both sixteen. Since I had tried to seduce my dad and he turned me down, gently. Afterward, I went to Stefani, cried on her shoulder, and was seduced into who I thought I truly was—a lesbian.

Only now Clint had me realizing something different. I just wanted a strong man to own me, not just some loser boy from school. I thought that was Dad, but he was dead and Clint…

Clint looked a lot like him. He was growing up so strong.

“Do it,” Stefani texted. “Fuck your brother. I want deets.”

“Fuck,” I muttered, sipping my phone back into my jeans’ pocket. I climbed the stairs.

“Breed me!” Lee screamed, her voice throaty with orgasmic pleasure. “Breed me! Flood me with your cum, Master, and breed me!”

“Breed the bratty skank,” gasped my cousin Melody. She was sixteen, the same age as Clint. The pair had been in love with each other since they were kids, inseparable. And now she was sharing him with the rest of the family. “Breed us all.”

“Yes, yes, yes, big brother!” squealed Alicia, clearly cumming, too.

“Fuck,” Clint grunted, so strong, so manly. “I’ll pump so much jizz into your rancid cunt, slut. I’ll breed you. You’ll pump out babies for me!”

My pussy clenched. They wanted to have his kids. To be bred. Dizzy waves of lust shot over me. I raced up the stairs, unable to fight my desires any longer. I had to be fucked by Clint. He wasn’t a boy any longer, he was a man.

The man of the house.

“Yes!” Lee howled.

I burst through the door, my large tits heaving before me, and stared at the hot sight before me. Lee rode Clint’s cock, facing the door, her small breasts jiggling. She was a lanky, athletic girl with a runner’s build, her face cute even twisted in pleasure. Melody ate out Pam’s pussy while Alicia rode the Asian girl’s mouth, my little sister in the throws of her orgasm.

Clearly not her first lesbian experience.

“Clint!” I shouted.

“Zoey!” squealed Lee. “Yes, we’re all here. All the sisters.”

I ignored that bit of stupidity as I stared at Clint. He groaned, face relaxing as he finished cumming in our cousin’s pussy. He held her hips, gasping for breath. He blinked, then his eyes found mine. They were so strong, making me shiver.

“Well, Zoey.”

“I need you, Clint,” I moaned, peeling off my blouse, exposing my large tits constrained in the lacy, sky blue bra. “I need you to fuck me right now. I’m ready. Fuck me, Clint! Oh, god, my pussy is on fire.”

And it was.

I moved to the bed. “Get off him, brat, it’s my turn to fuck him.”

“I don’t listen to you,” Lee said. Then she looked over her shoulder at Clint. “Right, Master?”

“Right,” he said, a smile on his lips.

“Well, Clint, I know you’ve wanted a piece of me for awhile. Let’s do it. I can suck you hard, I guess, if you need it. Though I would hope the sight of these tits gets you hard again.” I unhooked my bra, spilling out my large tits. I cupped them in my hands, squeezing them. “What do you say? Ready to fuck your big sis? Because I need it so badly.”

“It’s homework time,” Clint said. “Lee, hope off.”

“Homework,” pouted Alicia. “I wanted to play with Pam some more.”

“Homework,” Clint said, sounding just as stern as Dad, as Lee slid off of him. She groaned and flopped onto the bed, his cum flooding out of her.

I moved to the bed. “We can do homework later. Right now, you are fucking me. I need it. I’ve been thinking about this since Sunday and…”

“I don’t care what you need, Zoey,” Clint said as he sat up. “We have our schoolwork to do. And I know you do, too. We have the same Computer Science class.”

“But…” I blinked in absolute shock. He was telling me no? That wasn’t how this was supposed to work. He wanted me. I know he did. And I needed him so bad. “No, we’re going to do it right now and… Where are you going, Clint?”

He rolled off the bed and walked past me, Melody and Pam following. “To get cleaned up so we can work on homework. Together. Downstairs. You will join us, Zoey.”

“Like hell, I’m horny.”

“And that is more important than schoolwork?” Clint demanded. He shook his head at me. “I’m in charge of the house now. I won’t let any of us fail just because we’re all fucking now. You’re eighteen, Zoey. You should understand about responsibilities. I thought you had sense.”

“Not like me,” giggled Lee.

“Quiet, cunt,” Clint growled.

Lee clamped her mouth shut even as she played with her cum-covered pussy.

“Zoey, downstairs to do your homework.”

“After?” I asked hopefully.

“Mom will have dinner done by then. We’ll eat as a family. Like we used to.”

“And then?” My pussy dripped. I had to have him.

“Maybe.” Clint gave me a cocky grin. “But I have plenty of pussy to keep me happy, Zoey.” Then he put his arms around Melody and Pam, their arms slipping around his waist, and walked out.

“What the fuck just happened?” I asked, my tits jiggling.

“You need to remember whose in charge,” Lee said and then smacked me on the ass as she sauntered by.

“Big brother is in charge,” Alicia grinned. She took my hand. “Come on, big sister, let’s go do our homework. Good sisters are rewarded.”

I stumbled after her, completely off-balanced. I can’t believe he didn’t want to fuck me right now. That he had the self-control to not just ram his dick in me at the first chance he had. I shivered. It made me even more desperate to fuck him.

What the fuck had happened to me? And Clint? Fuck. I let Alicia lead me away.

Homework was a chore. Everyone was naked. It was like a nudist fest in the house. Clint sat at the head of the table surrounded by his favorites, Melody and Alicia on his right and left, with Pam beside Melody and Lee taking the spot beside Alicia. I was at the other end, isolated, staring across it at his naked chest, lusting after those strong muscles. He was buff. I know he spent a lot of time with Dad, learning to fix things, and they would work out together but… Damn.

I was wet, sitting on a towel so as not to stain the wood with my juices, squirming, trying to do my damned Computer Science homework. Why did I even take the stupid class? I wasn’t into this nonsense. I just needed a Science credit, and it sounded better than dissecting frogs in biology.

As I worked, I leaned over and rest my big, naked tits on the table, my nipples so hard. I kept hoping Clint would stare at them, but he was focused on his homework, driven. Not even my big boobs would distract him. He wanted to succeed. To get good grades and…

Realization struck me. He needed a good job. He was the man of the house. He had a lot of women to support. And he was talking about breeding them…

“Let’s take a break,” Clint said, stretching his back. “Five minutes. And Lee, you better be actually doing your homework. You’re getting good grades from now on.”

“Yes, Master,” she smiled.

“Need to put your ass to work,” Clint laughed. “Help pull your weight. I hope you’ll be hired with me.”

“You’re getting a job, um, Clint?” I asked, almost reflexively saying Squirt. But I bit that off.

“Part time,” Clint nodded. “You’re right, Zoey, when you told me on Saturday I needed to pull my weight. I’m the man of the house. I should help. And Melody and Lee are, too.”

“We have a job interview and everything,” nodded Melody. She stood up, her round breasts stretching.

They were nice tits, about the size of Stefani’s.

I grabbed my phone, checking messages. Clint had us turn them all off as we worked, no distractions. It beeped, and there were a bunch of texts from Stefani.

“How’d it go?”

“Did he fuck you.”

“Is he that much of a stud?”

“Come on, I’m desperate for news! Deets! I want deets!”

I sighed and responded: “Not yet. He’s being all responsible and making us do homework. It sucks. Super horny.”

“My mom just texted me,” Pam said. “She’s eager to meet you, Clint. She’s glad I have a boyfriend. She likes that name, Clint. She says it’s a strong name.”

Clint had such a grin on his face.

And then we were back to homework. Mom and Aunt Vicky arrived, stripping naked, their busty bodies busy in the kitchen cooking dinner. And, beside the nakedness, it was like we were a family again, that Dad hadn’t left us all reeling. Home-cooked dinners, working on homework together, spending time.

I missed it.

Clint stretched. “Okay, Lee, how you doing?”

“I’m done,” she said.

“Me, too,” he said, closing his textbook. “Mom, how long on dinner?”

“Twenty minutes, Sir,” she answered, peering into the dining room, her apron barely covering her large tits. An errant nipple slipped out for a moment, hard and erect.

I shook my head.

“Good to see you coming around, sweetie,” Mom smiled at me. “I guess our little talk helped.”

“Yeah, Mom,” I said, standing up.

Clint stood and headed out of the room, Melody, Pam, and Alicia still working on homework. Lee hopped up and got the swifter. She began cleaning the house without being told. I swear, she had juices dripping down her thighs like it was the hottest thing in the world.

She was a weird one before, and now…

I stood up and followed after Clint. I walked swiftly, catching up to him and hugging him from behind. I pressed my naked tits into his back, my hands sliding down his strong stomach to grasp his cock. I humped against him, stroking him.

“Fuck me right now, little brother,” I husked in his ear. “I need your cock in me, now.”

“What did I tell you?” he said as I stroked him.

“That you’ll fuck me when homework’s done.”

“I said after dinner, I might fuck you.” His arms flexed out, forcing away my arms wrapped around him. He spun around, staring at me. I shivered at the intensity in his eyes. “You don’t dictate when I fuck you, Zoey. You want to be a part of my harem, then you have to remember that I am the man of the house. We’re having dinner in twenty minutes. Maybe I’ll fuck you afterward, but if you keep thinking you can tell me what to do, to fuck me when you want, then you are fucking mistaken. There’s the door.” He pointed. “You’re eighteen. You can go stay with Stefani or someone else if you don’t like the rules.”

The firm tone, the commanding words. He wasn’t angry. He wasn’t yelling. He was simply explaining reality to me. I melted. He was like Dad. Their eyes were the same, their jaws. Juices trickled down my thighs. I had to be submissive to my little brother if I wanted to get the satisfaction I craved.

“Sorry, Clint,” I said. “I was just horny. And…”

He smiled, his cock hard. The tip rubbed at my stomach, smearing precum and he stepped closer. “We all get horny, Zoey. That’s fine. Just remember who’s in charge.”

“You are, Clint.” I swallowed. “Do I have to call you Master or Sir?”

“Do you want to?”

I shook my head.

“What do you want to call me?”

“Clint or little brother.” She shivered. “It makes me feel so naughty calling you little brother. I’m your big sister, and I just want to fuck you so badly. My hunky, sexy, strong little brother.”

He grinned at that and nodded his head. “There you go.”

I shivered. “I guess you’re really not Squirt any longer.”

“Glad you finally noticed.” Then he smacked me on the ass and headed to the bathroom. Lee followed him in. I blinked at that. Was he going to fuck her?


Clint Elliston

“That’s it,” I groaned, pissing into Lee’s mouth. “You just ran right in like a good pee slut.” Honestly, I had forgotten that I could pee in Lee or Aunt Vicky’s mouths. I just had to piss really bad when Zoey came up to me. It was all I could do to stand there and dominate her with such a full bladder. “Drink it all down, you filthy cunt.”

Lee’s dark eyes shone as her throat worked, swallowing every drop of my piss, my dick throbbing. I wanted to let her keep sucking, but dinner would be soon, and I was saving a huge load for afterward. I groaned as the last drops trickled out.

I pulled my dick out, and Lee opened her mouth, showing me she swallowed every drop. “You are just a nasty pee slut, huh? How wet are you?”

“So wet,” she moaned, eyes fluttering.

“Get back to your cleaning.”

“Yes, Master.”

Everyone had chores. Even me. Though mine were the manly stuff—taking out the garbage, mowing lawns, trimming hedges, fixing things. I stepped out of the bathroom, and found Alicia dusting, looking so cute, her tiny ass wiggling. Pam sat on the couch looking a little unsure as Melody slipped past me into the bathroom to clean it.

I sat down on the couch beside her. “You are staying for dinner?”

She nodded. “I told my mom not to expect me. She’s cool with it, so long as I’m not out too late. It’s a school night.”

I laughed. “Yeah. I’ll get you home.”

“We drove my car here,” she giggled. “If you drove me home, then you’d have to walk.”

“Might be worth it.” I leaned in, kissed her on the lips. It was nice having a girlfriend. Especially Pam.

“Oh, you two are cute together, Sir,” Aunt Vicky said, popping her head into the kitchen. She had arranged for Pam to blow me at school today. “We’re setting the table right now, Master.”

Pam blushed and nodded. “Okay, Ms. Samuels.”

“Oh, call me Vicky here,” she laughed. “I’m not your teacher but your boyfriend’s sex slave.”

“This is a little weird,” Pam said after Aunt Vicky popped back into the kitchen.

“But you find it hot.”

She nodded her head, snuggling closer.

We sat down for dinner a few minutes later. Zoey appeared and sat down at the other end of the table, anchoring it, Mom and Aunt Vicky sitting on either side of her, everyone else sitting in the same spots as we did for homework. Food looked delicious. Chatter abounded as we passed around food, dished up plates, and enjoyed our time as a family. We were all so close now.

Well, not all of us. But after tonight, Zoey would be.

It was so hard not to fuck her when she burst into the bedroom. I had to use all my willpower not to throw her down. But she had to learn her place. If I let her fuck me when she wanted, she would walk all over me. She would try to boss me around. It would never have worked. I had to be strong from the beginning.

Fuck, I was hard. My dick had a painful ache all through homework, and Lee’s mouth sucking down my piss hadn’t helped. It was torture during dinner. Melody kept giving me looks, her foot playing with mine beneath the table.

She knew my agony and she thought it was funny.

“Are you working tomorrow, Zoey?” I asked.

She nodded. “Four hours at the Dairy Queen.” She played with her meatball. “I won’t make dinner, Clint.”

“That’s fine.” I glanced at Mom. “We have the job interview at the pharmacy Pam’s mom owns.”

“Oh, which one’s that?” Mom asked.

“She owns the one on the other side of town by the Walmart,” Pam said. “Hiragawa Drugstore.”

“Never been there,” Mom said. “I might have to stop by and get help from the workers.” She gave me a sultry look.

My dick throbbed so hard. Damn, my women were all so sexy.

Dinner ended and everyone began gathering their plates, taking them into the kitchen. There wasn’t enough space for all us to cleanup. Zoey, playing on her phone, walked out as Melody and Pam found themselves at the sink rinsing plates with Lee loading them into the dishwasher.

I followed Zoey. She was focused on her phone, texting her friend, Stefani. She leaned against the wall by the stairs, fingers typing fast. Her ass looked so hot and juicy. My dick throbbed.

I smiled.


Zoey Elliston

“Still no fucking?” Stefani texted.

“He might not,” I texted back as I walked out of the kitchen. “He’s putting me in my place.”

“In your place? What does that mean?”

“That I needed to respect him. He’s the man of the house. I can’t just demand that he fucks me.” I shivered, just typing it made my ass wiggle. I leaned against the wall at the foot of the stairs. A loud clatter came from the kitchen.

Lee giggled.

“Oh, wow, he is so sexy.” I could picture my friend on her bed, one hand between her thighs fingering her pussy, her red hair spilling about her flushed face, as she texted me back one-handed. “I need to come over. I need to be fucked by him, too.”

“Join the harem?”

“I’m your girlfriend,” Stefani said. “If Clint can date Pam, then you can date me. And you have to share with the man of the house. It’s only right.”

“Yes!!!!” My pussy clenched. A flood of excitement poured down my thighs. I couldn’t believe how hot and wet I was. My fingers typed: “That is—”

Arms seized me from behind. I gasped, was turned and pressed against the wall, my tits pillowing across the wallpaper. A hard dick rubbed on my ass. I shivered in shock as the cock popped between my thighs, sliding on my hot pussy.

“Clint!” I gasped as he thrust his dick into my wet pussy. I had wanted this all day, but now I wasn’t ready for him to ram into me. It was so possessive, so powerful. He dominated me. I gripped my cell phone, my snatch clenching on his dick. “What are you doing?”

“Fucking my sexy, big sister,” he groaned, his hips driving his cock deeper into me. I gasped, my eyes rolling back into my head as his dick filled me. He drove so deep into me, his tip rubbing on my pussy walls. “How do you like it? Better than any of other cock you’ve fucked?”

“I’ve never fucked another cock,” I moaned. “Just dildos.”

“Really?” He seemed shocked. “I just assumed…”

“That I’m a slut?” I moaned, pumping back into his thrusts, savoring his thick dick filling my pussy. The friction was wonderful. It shuddered through me. It made me gasp and moan, my body shaking.

“The way you dressed. Those tight clothings. Yeah, I thought you were a slut.” His hands slid up my stomach, finding my breasts pushed against the wall, squeezing the bases. My nipples ached against the rough texture of the wallpaper as I pushed back into his thrusts.

“I dressed that way to tease Dad,” I moaned. “And you. Oh, god, I’ve always wanted to be taken hard by the man of the house. But I’ve never been with another guy.”

“But a woman…” He groaned. “Stefani!”

“Yes, we’re dating.” I felt so free saying that. “We’re lesbians or bi or whatever. We love each other, Clint. I’m still going to date her.”

“Fuck,” he grunted, slamming his cock harder and harder into my pussy, his balls thwacking on my clit. That was so different. Stefani had fucked me with so many strap-ons, but she never had balls to hit my clit and make me shudder. “You have to bring her over.”

“You want to fuck her?”

“I’m going to fuck her,” he growled. “Your girlfriend has to be part of the family.”

“Like Pam?” I moaned, my pussy clenching.

“Just like Pam.”

“Oh, you are a pervert, little brother.” I humped back into him. “I love it. Stefani’s so hot for this. She’ll do it. She’ll let you fuck her.”

“I want her licking my cum out of your pussy,” he grunted, his strokes so hard.

“Oh, yes! And can I lick yours out of hers?” My pussy spasmed, my orgasm building and building. I was so hot, so excited. After the last two days of thinking about him, dripping for him, he was finally in me.

“Yes,” he grunted.

Mom appeared, naked, grinning. “I see you’re finally enjoying her, Sir.”

“I thought it was time,” he groaned. “She was wiggling that fine ass.”

“Mmm, wonderful.”

“So you’ve never sucked a cock before, have you, Zoey?”

“Never, little brother,” I moaned, my pussy clenching on his dick. I needed just a few more strokes, and I would explode.

“Damn,” Clint groaned. Then he ripped his cock out of my pussy. “Mom, time to teach Zoey how to give a blowjob.”

“Yes, sir,” Mom purred.

“What?” I groaned, blinking. “But I was so close and…” I saw the look in Clint’s eyes. “Right, blowjob.”

Mom and I knelt before him. I couldn’t help but noticed Lee and Alicia watching us, the pair hugging each other, their nubile bodies pressed tight. They rubbed their pussies on each other’s thighs, humping, grinding, giggling.

“Suck his cock, big sister,” Alicia moaned.

“Mmm, yes, we do have a sexy big sis,” Lee grinned, ass clenching as she ground on Alicia’s thigh.

“What?” I blinked.

“We’ll explain more later, sweetie,” Mom smiled. “But your father had two sex slaves, me and your Aunt Vicky.”

Things suddenly made a lot more sense about what was happening.

“Now,” Mom said, leaning forward and licking the tip of Clint’s cock. “Mmm, you taste good, honey.”

I blushed. “Thanks, Mom.”

“Now, you want to start with licks, Zoey, teasing him, swirling about the tip.” She did it again, then sucked on the crown, cheeks hollowing, Clint groaning. Her lips popped off. “Eye contact is very important. Stare up at him. Just like you would when eating Stefani’s pussy.”

“So you heard that.”

“Everyone did,” she laughed. “The kitchen’s just on the other side of the wall. Now, come on, dear, just like that.”

I shivered, leaning in, my mom teaching me how to blow my little brother’s cock. I started with the tongue swirling, tasting my tart pussy on the tip. Clint shuddered. I stared up at him, feeling like I existed to please my little brother. My pussy clenched.

I latched onto the tip, sucking briefly before going back to licking. His precum leaked out the slit. It was salty, different from pussy juices. I liked it. I licked again, gathering another bead, then sucked on the tip harder.

He liked that.

“Mmm, that’s it,” Mom purred. She grabbed my right hand, bringing it up to his shaft. “And stroke the base.” She guided my hand. “Just like that, sweetie.”

She pressed tighter against me, our breasts touching. A hot thrill shot through me. She was such a sexy mom, as busty as I was, and still so gorgeous, her body in great shape. I was glad I inherited her genetics. I stroked Clint’s cock, sucking, pleasuring the man of the house.

“They like their balls played with, too,” Mom purred. “But gently. They’re sensitive. You don’t want to hurt them.”

My left hand cupped his balls. They were hairy and warm, but not as hot as his dick. I felt the balls, little ovals, like big olives, in there. I played with them, bringing more groans from Clint. His hands grabbed my hair, holding me in place as I nursed the tip.

Mom nuzzled at my ear, tongue flicking it. “Now bob. Take more and more. But mind your teeth. You don’t want to scrape against him.”

I shuddered, bobbing my head, sliding it up and down while Clint groaned. His body shuddered. His hand tightened in my brassy-brown hair and in Mom’s dyed-blonde curls. He pulled her lips to his dick, too. She kissed his cock near the base where my lips couldn’t reach, her tongue licking up my juices staining his shaft.

I slid back, Mom’s lips following me. And then we were kissing about the crown of his dick. We licked and nuzzled, making Clint groan. It was so hot. My pussy was on such fire. I couldn’t believe we were doing something so naughty as a family.

“Fuck,” Clint groaned. “You two are so hot. I’m going to blow my load.”

“Oh, yes,” I moaned. “I want to taste your jizz.”

“No, I need to fuck you. I’m going to breed you, Zoey. All my sisters, my mom, Aunt Vicky. Even Pam.”

“Yes!” came from the kitchen, Pam and Melody working on the dishes still.

“That’s so hot, Clint,” Melody shouted. “Breed our older sister. Fuck her so hard.”

Clint ripped his dick away, moving into the living room. “Stretch out, Zoey. Mom, let’s see just how good she is at eating pussy. You deserve a reward for the great dinner.”

“Thank you, Sir,” Mom moaned. “And am I allowed to cum?”


Mom shivered. I groaned. It was kinky what they had. I would never want that much control over my life. But a little control, from Clint, was sexy. I moved quickly, stretching out on my back on the Persian rug dominating the center of the living room. The itchy fabric made me squirm as Mom, tits bouncing, settled her furred bush on my mouth.

It was thick and black, her true hair color. I licked through her folds, tasting her spicy pussy. I shuddered. It was my second cunt I had ever eaten. She tasted so different from Stefani’s and my own pussies. I loved it. I licked and nuzzled as Mom squirmed on me.

“Oh, yes, Mommy-slut loves having her pussy licked by her big girl. And, mmm, here comes her big son with his huge cock. Mommy raised two sexy children.”

I shivered at her words.

“Three,” Alicia moaned, and then I felt small hands grasp my tits. I gasped as Alicia sucked on my nipple.

“Master, can I join the fun, too?” Lee moaned as Clint seized my thighs. He lifted my ass, his cock nudging at my pussy again.

“Suck Zoey’s other tit.”

“Yes!” Lee moaned. “I hate having to please girls.”

“You hate it?” I blinked. She sounded so eager to join in.

“I’m straight,” Lee said, seizing my other tit. “But I get off on being forced to do things.”

It didn’t sound like she was being forced to do anything.

And then it all happened at once: both my sisters sucking on my nipple, my mom grinding on my lips, and my little brother’s huge cock ramming into my pussy. He was as thick as the toys Stefani and I used on each other. My cunt clenched on his shaft as he filled me, his heavy balls smacking into my taint.

I moaned, shivered. My nipples throbbed. The pleasure shooting down to my cock-stuffed pussy. I licked harder at Mom’s spicy snatch, her pubic hairs tickling my nose and mouth. Every breath filled with her musk. I was drunk on it. My hips moved and bucked, slamming into Clint’s thrusts.

“Damn, you have a tight cunt, sis,” grunted Clint. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for years. Those damned cameltoes of yours. I always want you wearing clothes that tight.”

“Yes!” I moaned, humping, two sets of hands kneading my tits, two eager mouths sucking. “Yes, yes, yes, Clint. Always!”

“Mmm, yes, dress so sexily for Mommy’s big boy. Oh, yes. Eat Mommy’s pussy. She’s such a slut. She needs her children to please her.”

“Such a slut,” Aunt Vicky moaned from the kitchen. “My sister is a whore.”

“Uh-huh,” Mom moaned.

“Fuck your sister hard, Clint,” Pam giggled from the kitchen. “Come on, Melody, let’s hurry up.”

“Shit,” Clint grunted. “Work those hips. I love fucking your cunt, Zoey.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted between licks.

My body burst with incestuous pleasure. My family loved me. Spicy juices poured into my mouth. Lee nibbled on my nipple while Alicia’s tongue played with the other. Electricity rippled through my body. It tingles through me, made me gasp and shiver and spasm.

And it built. It gathered. I groaned, my lusts finally being satiated. My legs locked about Clint’s hips. My tits jiggled as his dick slammed over and over into me. My pussy clenched on his dick. My hips wiggled and undulated. My tits bounced. So much pleasure shot through me. My eyes rolled back into my head.

“Shit,” Clint groaned. “Shit, you’re tight.”

“Mmm, Mommy-slut gave birth to two daughters with hot, tight cunts that please her big, strong son.”

“Fuck,” he grunted. “You did good, Mommy-slut!”

“Yes,” she moaned. And came.

My mom came on my face. I made my mom orgasm. Juices flooded out of the very cunt that gave birth to me. I drank them down, shuddering, the pleasure rippling through my body. This was really happening.

My family loved me with such passion.

I moaned into her cumming pussy and exploded. My pussy spasmed hard on Clint’s thrusting cock. I bucked and shuddered. Both my nipples tingled in my sisters’ mouths. They sucked so hard, like they were trying to nurse from me.

“Breed me!” burst from my lips. “Breed me, little brother!”

“Yes, yes, yes! Mommy-slut wants all her daughters bred by her big, strong son!”

“Yes!” growled Clint, driving his cock so hard into my spasming depths.

The pleasure flooded across my mind. I groaned and shuddered. Ecstasy bathed me as I begged, “Cum in me! Please, please, give me your seed, little brother! Knock me up! Plant a daughter in my belly!”

“Shit!” Clint groaned, his back arched.

His cum exploded into my depths. Hot blasts of spurting jizz filled me. It splashed against my insides. My body heaved, bucked. My pussy milked his cum, eager for his seed. I wanted to be bred so badly. I wanted to carry my brother’s child.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped.

His last blast of cum splashed into me. I groaned, lying dazed on the floor as Mom slipped off my face. Pam and Melody stood nearby, fingering each other’s cunts, Aunt Vicky kneeling on the ground, licking at their feet.

“Breed her, Clint,” Melody moaned. “Breed us all!”

“Yes,” Pam hissed.

Then Lee popped her mouth up. “It’s movie time! Can we watch mine first? Please, please, please, Clint?”

“Movie?” I blinked, dazed.

“You didn’t hear about Lee’s exploits in gym?” laughed Alicia.

“No. I’ve been…” My pussy clenched on Clint’s dick. “Preoccupied.”

“Then you’re going to love it!” Lee gasped. “It’s so humiliating what Clint made me do. Please, please, Master, can we watch mine first?”

“Yeah,” Clint said, unable to deny her excitement.

She squealed in delight, throwing her naked body into his, jostling his cock out of my pussy as he caught her. She rained kisses on his face. I smiled. She was so cute and excited, the same old Lee, just eager to please him instead of doing whatever she wanted.

“It was so hot,” Alicia smiled at me, pushing up her glasses. Then she leaned down and kissed me on the lips.

I shivered. I liked this. Our new family would be so hot. Loving each other, caring for each other. I couldn’t wait to have more fun with all of them. I held my little sister, her budding breasts pressed into my pillowy tits.

I was so glad Clint had stepped up as the man of the house.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 13.

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