Incestuous Harem Chapter Fifteen: Eating Mom’s Creampie


Incestuous Harem

Chapter Fifteen: Eating Mom’s Creampie

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

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Clint Elliston

I held my cock before Ms. Hiragawa’s mouth. The Japanese MILF, her slanted eyes wide behind her glasses, stared at it. Her body shuddered, her nylon-clad thighs pressing together beneath her skirt. Her cheeks darkened with a blush. My cock ached so much. I wanted her to suck it, to follow my commands.

To be my submissive slut like she had been for my father.

I still couldn’t believe the odds that Pam’s mother was one of the Asian girls my dad fucked. I knew he liked Asian girls, that my mom and aunt brought him sluts to fuck—just like how Aunt Vicky had procured Pam for me. And here one was. Seventeen years ago, she had fallen to her knees, sucked my dad’s cock, and let him fuck her.

And conceived a daughter.

I had another half-sister in my harem.

“You know you want it,” I told her. “You crave it. You are one sexy woman. And single. No other man has come along to give you what my father did. What your body aches for.”

She licked her lips.

“You’re going to be one of my sluts, just like your daughter. She loves my cock. She’s watched me fuck my sisters, too. They helped me pop her cherry.” I groaned, my dick throbbing. “Your daughter was tight. You would have been so proud of her. The way she wanted to please me, how she ached to be my submissive girlfriend. She came so hard.”

“Th-This can’t be happening,” she groaned, finally wrenching her eyes up to my gaze.

I seized her silky-black hair—just as fine as her daughter’s—I held on, reminding her what it was like to be dominated. They looked so much alike, Pam and her mother. The same delicate cheek bones, the same slanted eyes. They even wore the same glasses. Only Ms. Hiragawa had darker-olive skin while Pam’s was lighter, betraying her Caucasian blood. I just hadn’t realized it. But their ears were different.

Pam had ears like my sister Alicia.

“Just fall to your knees and be the submissive slut you’ve been yearning to be for years. You’ve built this store, worked hard, and denied yourself what you truly want to be. A slave. On your knees. Sucking your man’s cock.”

“How?” she groaned, staring up at me. Her lower lip quivered. “You’re just like him.”

“He taught me.” I bored into her eyes. “Well, slut, will you fall to your knees and suck my cock? Will you finally surrender to what you crave? Or am I going to call your daughter in here to show you how to suck a man’s cock?”

“I…” She glanced at my dick again. “This is… You’re so young…”

“Pam!” I bellowed. “Get your pretty ass in here and suck my cock.”

“No,” she gasped. “She’s your sister! You can’t. It’s—”

The door opened. Pam hurried in, her skirt swishing about her thighs, her face flushed, eyes burning. I smiled at my half-sister, drinking in her beauty. She glanced at her mother then looked away as she rounded the desk.

“Pam,” Ms. Hiragawa said. “No, stop.” But her words were feeble. Scared. “You can’t do this.”

“I have to, Mom.” Pam fell to her knees, her hair, in a French braid, bouncing. She seized my cock, opened her mouth, and engulfed the tip.

“He’s your half-brother!”

Pam shivered, glancing up at me, her eyes wide behind her glasses while her tongue stroked the crown of my dick. A shiver of pleasure ran up my spine, my balls tightening. I nodded my head. She closed her eyes.

And sucked so hard, so loud. Her cheeks hollowed. She moaned, her hand stroking my dick. Her brother’s dick.

“Incest turns your daughter on,” I groaned as Pam bobbed her mouth on my dick. “Look at her. She’s so aroused. She’s so excited. She masturbated last night fantasizing about you, aching to commit incest with her mother. And now she gets to do it with her brother.”

“Pam,” gasped Ms. Hiragawa, staring at her daughter like she was a foreign creature. “Oh, my god, baby.”

Pam sucked and slurped, her mouth sliding up and down my cock. The suction sent dizzying pleasure racing through my body. My left hand stroked my half-sister’s silky hair, just as fine as her mother’s. I gripped them both.

Then I hauled Ms. Hiragawa off her chair and onto the floor. It rolled back, crashing into the wall as she fell to her knees beside her daughter. Pam kept sucking, kept loving my cock. I tightened my grip in her hair, groaning, letting her know she pleased me.

I did love Pam. Like I loved Melody and Alicia. Not just as my slut, but as my lover. The other women in my family I cared for. I did. I loved them, but not in the same way. And they understood. My mom, my aunt, Lee, and Zoey just enjoyed being used, being fucked by the man of the house. I gave them what they needed.

And it was time to give Ms. Hiragawa what she needed.

“How long has it been since you’ve had as much joy, as much rapture, as your daughter is getting from sucking my cock?” I groaned. “Look at how much pleasure she’s having as she worships my dick with her mouth. How much she loves it. How it makes her so hot and wet. When was the last time a man made you feel that?”

Ms. Hiragawa just stared at her daughter.

“Answer me, slut?” I growled, yanking back her head so she looked up at me.

“I don’t remember,” she answered.

Pam sucked harder, her tongue swirling around my shaft. Pleasure surged down my cock to my balls. This was so hot. I growled as I stared down at Ms. Hiragawa, boring into her eyes, demanding the truth from her. She shivered, eyes wild.

“Since your father,” she groaned. “It scared me. When I went to school and had time to think, I convinced myself it was a mistake. That I wasn’t that person. I tried to find a good guy, but then I found out I was pregnant. And I realized just how lacking they were. And…”

I pulled Pam’s mouth off my dick. It popped out. She licked her lips then, understanding what was needed. She grasped my dick and brought it to her mother’s lips. She rubbed her cheek against the MILF, their silver-rimmed glasses nudging.

“Just open your mouth and suck his cock, Mom,” she whispered. “Just like you did for his dad. For my dad! Be his slut, Mom. Please, please. Let’s be his together. Doesn’t that sound amazing?”

“Pam,” Ms. Hiragawa groaned, her breath washing about the tip of my dick.

Pam pressed my cock’s crown against her mother’s lips. “Just open and suck, Mom.” Pam nuzzled up to her mom’s ear. “Please, Mom. Give in. You haven’t been happy. Here’s your chance. Be happy in his harem. We all love it. His mother, his aunt, all four of his sisters.”

“Four?” she groaned. “And his mom?”

“Cheryl fingered me last night,” Pam whispered. “Was she the one who introduced you to my father?”

“Yes,” groaned Ms. Hiragawa. And then her mouth opened. She swallowed my cock.

“That’s it, Mom. You’re doing it.”

“Yes,” I groaned as the sexy, Asian MILF sucked on the tip of my dick. Her cheeks hollowed while Pam kissed and nuzzled at her mother’s cheek. “That’s it. Be a slut, just like your daughter. Be my whore. Oh, god, yes. That’s it. I’m going to make sure you get everything you need.”

“Everything,” breathed Pam.

My dick throbbed as the MILF bobbed her head, her daughter kissing down her cheek. Together, the differences in their maturity so obvious. Pam was just flowering into womanhood, her face so youthful and innocent. Ms. Hiragawa bloomed in the radiance of maturity, perfect and gorgeous. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked, her tongue caressing my dick, agile, nimble.

Pam’s lips reached the shaft, kissing it ahead of her mother’s lips. They brushed, nudging, kissing. Ms. Hiragawa moaned, sliding her mouth up my dick until she only kissed at the sensitive tip. Her daughter joined her, sucking at the edge. Their tongues flicked out, brushing about the crown of my dick.

Lips meeting, kissing about my cock.

“That’s it,” I groaned, holding both their hair, Pam by her braid. Their lips worked against my dick and each other as they moaned, my cock throbbing. “Love each other. Ms. Hiragawa, your daughter’s going to eat your cunt before we leave here.”

A shudder passed through Ms. Hiragawa. And then she popped her lips off and pushed my cock into her daughter’s lips. “Suck it, honey. Please him. You want to. I know. You’re just like me. A little, submissive slut wanting a strong man to love you. Oh, god, it was so hot when I sucked your father’s cock with Cheryl and Vicky on either side of me.”

Pam let out a shuddering whimper as she sucked on my dick. My balls ached. I groaned, “Yes!”

They passed my cock back and forth, sucking a few times before they gave it over to the other. I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my eyes. The pleasure shivered down my cock to my aching balls. It was so hot. Mother and daughter sucking my dick, pleasing me.

In the background, Lee and Melody whispered and giggled, watching the sight. I wished my entire harem was here, but Alicia was at home doing her schoolwork, Zoey was heading off to her job at Dairy Queen, mom was still working at her job at the law office, and Aunt Vicky would be grading papers and homework.

They were missing out. It was so hot. Pam would suck, her lips sealing tight while her mother nibbled on her ear. Then they would swap, and Pam would nuzzle at her mother’s neck, her hands opening her mother’s blouse.

Their clothing grew more and more disheveled. Pam’s blouse fell open, revealing her round breasts contained in a white bra. Ms. Hiragawa’s tits, about the same size as her daughters, were cupped by a black bra, nipples hard.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned as their hands groped each other’s breasts through their bras. “You naughty women. I…”

My balls tightened. I couldn’t take much more of their shared sucking. Their mouths felt so similar on my cocks. They both moaned and gasped. Pam’s bra shoved up, her round, firm breasts popping out, groped by her mother’s hands. Dark-brown nipples rolled and pinched.

Pam moaned about my dick, her tongue fluttering at the tip.

“Fuck,” I grunted and ripped my cock out of their mouths. I stroked it, aiming at their faces, and unloaded. “Mother and daughter! You’re both mine!”

“Yes,” Pam moaned as my cum splattered across her and her mother’s glasses. Ropy lines of jizz painted their faces. It dribbled down their lenses, running lines of white. My balls ached each time my cock erupted.

“Love it!” moaned Ms. Hiragawa, her mouth open.

Cum splashed on her lips. I grunted as the final blast squirted out. I leaned back on the desk, resting my ass against it as mother and daughter turned to look at each other. They both panted, Ms. Hiragawa squeezing her daughter’s breast, cum dripping off their faces.

Then their lips met in an incestuous kiss, Pam sharing my cum—her brother’s cum—with her mother. Their tongues writhed, pink lips working together. A drop of cum fell off Pam’s lens on her cheek. The pair moaning, groaning. And then Ms. Hiragawa broke the kiss to lick up her daughter’s cheek, collecting the errant drop of cum.

“Fuck!” I groaned as she lapped at the jizz covering her daughter’s glasses.

Pink tongue slid across the glass lens, gathering my spunk. She pulled it into her mouth, shuddering. Pam, not to be out done, licked and lapped at her mother’s glasses, my jizz pooling on her tongue when she pulled it into her mouth, savoring the flavor.

“Damn, Master, that is so hot,” Lee said. “I can’t believe it.”

“Yeah,” Melody moaned. “And she’s our sister. Our girlfriend is our sister.”

I nodded my head.

“What?” Lee gasped, racing around the desk to look down at mother and daughter. “Ms. Hiragawa’s our sister?”

“Pam,” I said, shaking my head.

“Oh, Dad was a stud,” Lee said. “Just like you, Master.”

“Clint has a bigger harem, brat,” Melody said, hugging her younger sister from behind. They were both Aunt Vicky’s daughters. Melody’s blonde hair, gathered in a braid, swung behind her as she nuzzled at the nape of Lee’s neck. The younger girl shivered, her short-black hair swaying about her mischievous face.

“You do, Master,” Lee moaned. “Ooh, look at Pam go!”

Pam pushed her mother down to the floor, her hands pushing up her mother’s bra. Round breasts spilled out, areolas twice as wide as Pam’s, nipples thrusting up hard. Pam squeezed her mother’s breasts, leaned down, and sucked on a nipple.

“Ooh, she did that as a baby,” Lee said, squirming.

“She did,” Melody groaned. “Fuck, I’m getting hot. Brat, on your knees, lick my pussy right now.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Lee moaned, sounding so eager. She claimed to be straight and to hate licking pussy, but she never balked. Maybe it was the humiliation of being forced to do something she hated—which turned Lee on so much—or maybe she just liked pretending it was such a chore but secretly loved it.

Lee fell to her knees, her fingers unsnapping Melody’s jeans. My lover shuddered, her round breasts bouncing in her tight top, her nipples hard, molding to them. She gave me a wink and pulled off her top, her breasts bouncing out.

The first pair of breasts I ever touched.

My dick twitched, regaining a second wind as my eyes flicked from Lee burying her face into Melody’s shaved twat to Pam loving her mother’s breasts. Ms. Hiragawa moaned, her glasses smeared with cum.

“Oh, Pam,” she groaned. “Oh, wow, you feel so wonderful. I missed this, baby. I feel so close to you.”

Pam popped her mouth off a nipple. “Wait until I lick your pussy, Mom.”

“Fuck,” I groaned.

Melody grabbed my cock. “Let’s get you hard again,” she purred, stroking it. “Got to keep your stamina up, stud. You got another woman to satisfy.”

“God, I love you,” I groaned as my queen stroked my dick.


Melody Samuels

I winked at Clint then shuddered as my bratty sister jammed her tongue so deep into my pussy. She swirled it around. I groaned, my hand tightening on his dick. My thumb rubbed the crown as my hips humped, undulated.

Lee was such a good cunt muncher. I let out a throaty moan, glancing down at her dark eyes staring up at me, her nose pressed into my folds. She wiggled her head around, stirring up my pussy, churning me. Wanting to make me cum.

God, she was such a good sex slave. Hardly a brat at all.

“I want to lick your pussy so bad,” Pam said, shivering. It was so hot learning she was our half-sister. Dad got around. I wondered if there were other sisters out there. Probably half-Asian beauties. “I masturbated so hard last night, Mom.”

“Oh, god, Pam,” moaned Ms. Hiragawa. She looked so sexy in her rumpled business wear, her tight skirt riding up her nylon clad thighs. “Really?”

Pam nodded her head, both her hands squeezing her mother’s tits. “I’m going to do it right now. Clint wants me to lick your pussy before he fucks it.” Pam shivered. “And then again after he’s cum in you. I want to eat his creampie out of your pussy, Mom.”

“Oh, god, yes,” moaned Ms. Hiragawa.

“Fuck,” I groaned, my pussy clenching on Lee’s probing tongue, my thumb smearing more precum about the head of Clint’s dick. “You really are the luckiest guy in the world.”

“I know,” he groaned, his hand squeezing my naked ass—so possessive. “So what would that make my queen?”

“The luckiest woman,” I moaned, my clit aching as Lee batted it with her tongue. Each flick made me gasp and shudder.

I shivered, Clint’s dick growing harder and harder in my hand, rising, thrusting before him. He ached. He wanted to fuck. He wanted to bury his dick into Ms. Hiragawa’s pussy. We both watched Pam wiggle down her mother’s body, pushing up her mother’s skirt, exposing the pantyhose worn over black panties.

“Rip the nylons open,” Clint groaned, his dick almost fully hard as Pam settled between her mother’s spread thighs. “Shove her panties to the side. Tongue your mother. Make her cum on your mouth.”

“Yes,” I hissed, grinding on my little sister’s mouth. Lee sucked so hard on my clit. Pleasure surged through me. “Do it!”

“Yes,” Pam moaned. “Oh, Mom, isn’t that hot? Clint and Melody are my boyfriend and girlfriend. And they’re my brother and sister. I’m his concubine!”

“Yes, baby,” Ms. Hiragawa panted. “Rip my panties open. He gave you an order. Be a good girl and obey.”

“Yes, Mom.”

Then Pam leaned down and tore at her mother’s pantyhose with her teeth. Clint groaned and I shivered. The pleasure built and built in my core, my clit throbbing beneath Lee’s frenetic attack. Then Pam shook her head, almost feral with hunger for her mother’s snatch.

Nylons tore. A great hole yawned open, exposing the black panties, cut narrow, molding to her mother’s crotch. Stray, black hairs peeked out. Pam hooked the gusset and ripped it aside, exposing a thick bush of silky hairs.

And buried her face into it.

“Pam!” gasped Ms. Hiragawa.

“Fuck,” Clint groaned, squeezing my ass so hard as he watched our half-sister take her first lick of her mother’s pussy.

Pam moaned her delight, her skirt-clad ass wiggling as she tongued her mother hard. Ms. Hiragawa bucked and writhed. She shuddered on the floor, grinding her face into her daughter’s licking mouth. My thumb rubbed harder across Clint’s throbbing dick, my body shivering.

Lee sucked so hard on my clit, moaning, batting it with her tongue.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I hissed. “Devour your mom’s pussy, Pam. Oh, that’s so hot.”

“So hot,” moaned Ms. Hiragawa.

“Eat the pussy that birthed you,” Clint growled. “Get your mom’s cunt ready for my dick. I’m going to fuck her. Breed her.”

“Yes,” Pam moaned, licking harder. She buried her face in those silky curls. They spilled around her pale-olive cheeks. Her tongue must be wiggling deep in her mother’s snatch.

Ms. Hiragawa loved it. She bucked and shuddered. I understood. Lee had her tongue shoved deep into my pussy, swirling it around, teasing me, driving me completely wild. I moaned, humping my sister’s face. I stroked Clint’s cock. He was hard, ready again. His hand gripped my ass.

We both watched the incestuous sight in awe. Pam devoured her mother. She licked so loud, so noisily. Her tongue licked up, flicking at her mother’s clit, hidden by the thick bush. She shoved two fingers into her mother’s twat, fingering her fast.

“Oh, god,” I groaned, shuddered, and came on my sister’s mouth.

Pleasure burst through my body. I bucked and groaned, stars bursting before my eyes as I watched the hot sight of mother and daughter engage in lesbian incest. Pam sucked on her mother’s clit, her fingers pumping. My pussy clenched, spasmed. Juices flooded out of me into Lee’s hungry mouth.

Clint groaned. I moaned. Ms. Hiragawa shivered. She squeezed her tits.

And came on her daughter’s mouth.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned, humping against her daughter. “Oh, Pam. Oh, my god, your fingers! Yes, yes, yes! You know how to love a woman.”

“Do you?” I moaned, my orgasm peaking through me, Lee’s tongue swirling through my depths.

“I haven’t since I was with your father and mothers,” the MILF moaned. “Fuck, fuck, fuck! Pam!”

I shivered, shuddered, my body boiling. I glanced at Clint. He grinned at me. “Eager to get your pussy licked a second time?”

“Yes,” I moaned, leaning against him. “And it’s time to get your dick wet.

Pam lifted her mouth from her mother’s pussy, smeared with her cream. “She’s all ready for you. Did I do it well?”

“So well,” Clint groaned, falling to his knees. He seized Pam’s braid and kissed her hard.

I shuddered, pushing Lee from my pussy. My little sister breathed deeply, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. I didn’t care. I fell to my knees, leaned in, and kissed my boyfriend and girlfriend. I loved them both. I shivered, tasting Ms. Hiragawa’s sweet pussy on their lips. She tasted different than her daughter.

We broke the kiss. “You did so good, Pam,” I told her. Then, feeling naughty, licked some cum off her glasses, savoring Clint’s salty flavor. “Why don’t you have Lee lick your pussy. She loves muff diving.”

“I don’t,” Lee said. “But I’ll lick yours, Pam. Use me. I’m just such a filthy slut.”

“And you, stud,” I grinned at Clint. “Ready to fuck the pussy that birthed our half-sister?”

“So ready,” he groaned. “Go sit on her face. I want to watch you squirm on her mouth while I pound her cunt.”

“God, I love you,” I moaned.


Clint Elliston

I grabbed Ms. Hiragawa’s hips. She shivered, her breasts rising and falling. A sheen of sweat covered her forehead. Her hips squirmed, her pussy clenching. I grabbed my dick and rubbed it up and down the entrance to her pussy while Melody moved around her.

“I know it’s been almost two decades since you’ve eaten pussy,” Melody said, straddling the MILF’s mouth, “but it’s like riding a bike.”

“Make her cum,” I growled to the MILF. “She’s my queen, the first of my women. Then comes Alicia and your daughter. Then Zoey. You’re at the bottom with my mom, my aunt, and Lee.”

“Where we belong,” Lee moaned. “Because we’re his sex slaves. His filthy cunts.”

“Just eat my pussy,” moaned Pam, sounding so dominant with Lee. Just the way the brat would love it. “Oh, yes, just like that. Mmm, you love lapping cunt, don’t you, Lee?”

“Hate it,” she moaned before noisily devouring Pam.

“You understand?” I asked, staring at Ms. Hiragawa, Melody’s pussy hovering a few inches over her.

“Yes,” she moaned. “Oh, god, I’m a sex slave again. Those two weeks were the best, Sir. We just fucked and fucked in their small apartment. Serving him!”

“Now you serve Clint,” Melody moaned and slammed her pussy down on the MILF’s mouth, her tits bouncing. She squealed as Ms. Hiragawa licked.

I groaned and buried my cock into the pussy that birthed Pam. It was hot and tight, gripping my dick like virgin cunt. How often had she gotten laid since my dad bred her? Not much. I groaned, savoring how tight she was, how she gripped me as I drew back and slammed in. She moaned into Melody’s pussy, legs wrapping about my waist.

My balls slapped into her taint as I thrust in again. Hard and fast, then slow on the withdraw, savoring the friction. The pleasure burned down my body. Her breasts jiggled when I buried in. She moaned into Melody’s cunt.

“Oh, fuck her, Clint,” moaned Melody. Her hands seized my shoulders, leaning forward. Her blonde braid fell off her shoulder to dangle before her tits. “Pound her. She needs a real man to fuck her.”

“Please, Clint, make my mom cum.” Pam’s voice sounded so throaty as she ground on Lee’s mouth. “Please. She needs it!”

“And Clint gives his women what they need,” Melody moaned and then she kissed me.

I groaned into her mouth, my hands grabbing Ms. Hiragawa’s tits. I squeezed them. They were softer than her daughter’s. My thumbs ran over her nipples. Her pussy clenched on my dick. I groaned, driving deeper and faster into her, my balls thwacking harder.

My tongue dueled with Melody. We both moaned into the kiss as we used the MILF for our pleasure. She gasped and groaned, writhing beneath us, tonguing Melody’s pussy while her cunt clenched on my dick.

It was heaven. Rapture.

“Fuck my mom,” Pam moaned over and over. “Oh, yes, fuck her! This is so hot!”

“So hot,” Lee gasped, her voice muffled. “I’m so wet, Master. It’s so humiliating being a pussy-licking slave.”

“Just keep licking me, slut, and shut that dirty mouth. No one wants to hear you bleat.”

I broke the kiss and glanced at Pam, her face flushed, her glasses slipping down her nose. “That’s how you treat the piece of filth.”

Lee moaned, shivering, her arms locked around Pam’s waist, her face pressed into thick, black bush. I let go of Ms. Hiragawa’s tit to give Lee’s ass a hard, cracking smack. She moaned, wiggling those cute buns.

“Yes, yes, yes, grind your pussy on the brat’s filthy mouth. She’s only good for cock sucking and cunt lapping,” Melody moaned, grinding her pussy on Ms. Hiragawa.

Lee moaned again.

My strokes grew harder and harder. Lust boiled in the air. It was so hot to watch. My balls ached as they thwacked into the MILF’s taint. Her pussy clenched so hard on my dick. She was so juicy. I savored her silky embrace.

Melody shoved her hand down, rubbing at the MILF’s dark bush. She found Ms. Hiragawa’s clit. I grunted, the woman’s pussy clenching hard on my dick. The friction increased. The pleasure flooded through me.

And then she came.

“Oh, yes,” Ms. Hiragawa moaned, voice muffled. “Cum in me! Breed me! Like your father did!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” gasped Pam. “Breed my mom!”

“Breed her,” Melody moaned her face flushed, her tits bouncing as she writhed. “Oh, god, yes! Breed the slutty MILF!”

Melody’s face scrunched up as she came. Her back arched, tits bouncing before her. I grabbed her firm breast with my right hand, my left holding onto Ms. Hiragawa’s hip. I groaned, burying my cock into the spasming depths of the MILF. Her cunt convulsed about my dick. So hot and burning. I groaned, back arching.

It was too much to take.

With a growl, I erupted into her pussy. My jizz flooded out. Hot spurts of cum poured into her depths. Pleasure shuddered through me. Pam squeaked behind me, cumming on Lee’s mouth. Melody moaned her pleasure.

“Take my cum, slut!” I panted as my jizz boiled into her depths. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m planting a baby right now into your depths! You and your daughter… Pregnant together!”

“Yes,” she howled into Melody’s pussy.

The rapture hit my brain. I was drunk on the dizzying pleasure. It swirled through me. I groaned, my eyes fluttering. The MILF’s pussy clenched and spasmed about my dick. Her thighs clenched about my hips. Her tits bounced and shivered as she milked me.

Goddamn, I loved being the man of the house.


Pam Hiragawa

Clint pulled out of my mom. It was so hot knowing my brother—I had a brother and four sisters!—had cum in my mother’s pussy. The very pussy that birthed me. Clint glanced at me as I shuddered on Lee’s hungry mouth.

“Lick your mother clean!” he ordered.

“Yes,” Melody gasped, sliding off my mom’s mouth, leaving her face sticky. “And she needs more practice licking pussy. Sixty-nine with her, honey.”

“Oh, god, yes,” Mom moaned.

I rushed to my mom, knocking Lee over in the process. I almost apologized. Then I remembered she would love it. She was a slut who loved to be humiliated. Clint already grabbed her black hair, hauling her up to shove his cock into her mouth. She latched on, sucking hard, eyes closed in pure delight.

I fell onto my mother, so eager to sixty-nine with her. In moments, I draped my body across hers, pressing my face in between her thighs. It was my second chance to lick her pussy. Cum matted her pubic hair. My brother’s cum.

I was dating my brother!

I leaned down and licked at her silky hairs, tasting Mom’s sweet pussy and Clint’s salty cum. I groaned, then gasped as Mom’s tongue licked through my folds. She grabbed my ass, squeezing as she ran her tongue through my pussy, still buzzing from my orgasm on Lee’s wonderful mouth.

“Yes,” Mom moaned. “Oh, you taste so good. Mmm, just delicious.”

“Thanks, Mom,” I groaned. “You taste amazing, too. Especially with Clint in you.”

“Then get in there and lick him out!”

“Do it,” Melody moaned as she pressed against Clint. The pair kissed, Clint’s hands squeezing her breasts.

Then I spread my mom’s pussy lips open with two fingers, staring into her depths. Clint’s cum ran out. Lust surged through me. I leaned down and buried my lips into her pussy. I tongued her, gathering the jizz running out. I swirled my tongue around it, lapping, loving, driving her wild. She squealed, grinding up against me as I tongued her.

It was so delicious. So salty good. I shivered in delight. My tongue danced through her folds, my nose pressed into her depths. She wiggled against me, humping, gasping, moaning out her delight. It was amazing. Sweet pussy—my mom’s pussy—mixed with my brother’s cum.

This day was so wild. Mom had never really talked about my dad. She had lied, saying she got drunk at a party and didn’t remember who she slept with. She always sounded so guilty about it, like she had deprived me of something special.

But now I had a larger family. And it was so wonderful.

“Oh, Mom,” I moaned between licks of her delicious pussy while I ground my wet cunt on her face. Her tongue slid through my folds, lapping so deep. I shivered, my ass clenching beneath her hands. She squeezed and kneaded my butt-cheeks, holding me tight. “Lick my pussy, Mom. Isn’t incest amazing?”

“Yes,” she groaned. “I feel like such a bad mommy for licking your pussy. But you taste so good.” She licked again and then moaned her approval.

I shivered, my body shuddering on her tongue. She licked so deep through my folds. My eyes squeezed shut. I squirmed on her, humping against her wonderful tongue, pleasure churning through me as I kept my face pressed tight against her pussy.

I devoured every drop of Clint’s cum out of her pussy. I savored the naughty creampie. It was my first. And I knew it would not be my last. My tongue probed so deep into my mom’s cunt, swirling around, searching, questing, exploring.

“Damn, that is hot,” Clint groaned, Lee slurping on his cock. “Shit, I want to get hard again.”

“Keep fluffing him, Lee,” moaned Melody.

I jammed my tongue deep into my mom’s cunt. She gasped, shivering on it. Her fingers dug into my ass. And then they moved, sliding along my cheeks to my crack. I shivered in pure delight as they dived in. I fucked my tongue in and out of her pussy as she found my sphincter.

She circled it. She sent delicious shivers through my body. My eyes rolled back into my head. Teasing pleasure raced to my pussy. The pressure swelled and swelled in my depths. I shuddered as the tip of her finger pressed on my asshole.

And jabbed in.

“Mom!” I squealed and came.

My asshole gripped her finger as it probed into my depths. My pussy ground on her face. Pleasure burst through me. My eyes widened. My body shivered. I squirmed and ground on her hungry mouth. I smeared my pussy against her lips as my juices gushed out of me.

“Mom!” I gasped again, my head snapping up.

“That’s it, baby,” she moaned between flicks of my tongue.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped, the rapture flooding through my veins. It was better than the orgasm Lee just gave me. I squeezed my eyes shut, my glasses slipping down my nose. I didn’t care. They could fall off. “You’re so amazing, Mom!”

She was amazing. And she deserved to cum, too.

My orgasm still burning, churned by her probing digit in my asshole and her tongue in my pussy, I shoved my hands between her thighs. I shoved three fingers into her sopping depth with my right hand while my left hand rubbed hard at her clit.

I caressed the nub, her silky pubic hairs tickling my fingers. She gasped and moaned and bucked beneath me. She squirmed, her pussy clenching on my fingers. I attacked the nub. She jammed her tongue so deep into me.

“Pam!” she moaned. Her pussy convulsed on my fingers. “Oh, Pam! My sweet daughter!”

I made my mom cum.

I shivered in pleasure. It raced through me. I gasped and groaned, grinding on her face, more and more bliss shooting through my body. I pumped my fingers, I frigged her clit, and moaned out my joy. I loved my mom and my new family.

I loved being a part of my sexy brother’s harem. I stared at him, his chiseled chin and strong eyes staring back, watching me, his dick buried in Lee’s mouth. His hand cupped Melody’s tit while she nibbled at his neck.

“I love you all!” I moaned as my orgasm boiled through my mind.


Leann “Lee” Samuels

I sucked on my Master’s cock. He was only half-hard. I worked and worked, bobbing my mouth and swirling my tongue, but he wasn’t recovering as fast. He was getting there, but he had already cum a lot today. And the last few days. I guess his balls were finally hitting their limit.

“Fuck,” Clint groaned. “I want to cum again. But…”

“Mmm, I think I have something for you,” Ms. Hiragawa said. Her desk drawer opened behind me. Mother and daughter were done with their fun. “It’s a new drug about to hit the market. I have samples. It’s like Viagra, but stimulates production of semen. Doesn’t just make you hard for hours, but shortens the refractory period and lets you fuck and fuck, cum and cum.”

“Really,” Melody asked. “Oh, Clint, yes, take it.”

“How long does it take to go into effect?” Clint asked while plastic crinkled.

“Oh, it’s fast,” Ms. Hiragawa said. She handed him a red pill. Clint swallowed it, groaned. “Just have that little slut keep sucking, and you’ll be ready in no time.”

Clint groaned. I kept bobbing my mouth on his dick, aching for him to be hard again. He shivered. And then his dick twitched in my mouth. It throbbed, growing strong, harder, reaching for the back of my throat. It was only a few minutes, and I slid my mouth down his dick and deep-throated him.

“Fuck,” Clint groaned as my lips nuzzled into his dark pubic hair. “Shit, Lee, you naughty brat.”

He seized my hair and ripped me off his cock. I didn’t fight even as the pain flared across my scalp. He turned me around and threw me against the desk. I bent over it, knocking off papers and grunting.

So rough. I loved it. My pussy was so juicy. Cream dribbled down my thighs.

“That ass,” groaned Clint and smacked my naked butt.

I gasped, shivering as the heat shot straight to my pussy. “Yes, yes, Master. Your ass!”

Clint gave me no warning. And he didn’t do anything to prepare my asshole. He just rammed his spit-covered dick into it. My eyes widened. Pain burned deep into my bowels as he lanced into me. My back arched, my asshole clenched.

Increasing the pain.

I loved it. I grunted as his balls smacked my taint. Then he drew back and hammered into me with brutal strokes. He pressed my stomach into the sharp corner of the desk as he practically raped my asshole.

Not that he could ever rape me. I always consented.

“Yes, yes yes,” I moaned, tears beading my eyes. It burned so much. The pain flared, the agony reaching my asshole. It was like a knife jabbing into me. “Fuck me, Master! Use my naughty asshole. Dump all your wonderful cum into me.”

“I will,” he snarled, thrusting harder, ramming his dick so deep into me. “I’ll flood your ass with so much jizz. It’ll be dribbling out of you for the rest of your life.”

“Yes, Master! Use me! Fuck me! Dump your cum in me!”

My pussy clenched so hard. Juices flooded down my thighs. The more it hurt, the more I loved it. I clenched down as hard as I could, making the friction burn even worse. I panted, squirming on the table, feeling so helpless. He was so strong. I was at his mercy. He could do anything to me.


He fucked me so hard, so fast, so deep. His cock slammed into my bowels. The pain faded. I groaned, wishing it would last, but my bowels adjusted. Pleasure burned more and more, replacing pain. The pleasure shivered to my pussy and built an orgasm there.

“Fuck her naughty ass,” moaned Melody in the background. “Oh, god, let’s lick each other’s pussies while he fucks her.”

“Yes,” Ms. Hiragawa moaned.

“Shit,” Clint groaned. “Your ass is so tight, slut. And you love it. I can hear you moaning. You want me to fuck you and dump all my cum in you!”

“Yes, Master,” I moaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. “Oh, yes. Oh, pound my filthy asshole. I’m just a cunt. A piece of shit. Use me! Don’t even let me cum.”

“You’ll fucking cum if I tell you, whore,” he snarled, jamming his hand between my thighs. His fingers found my clit.

Sparks burst.

I shivered, shuddered as he stroked my clit.

“I own this body. I own you. If I want you to cum, you will, you disgusting filth.”

“Yes, Master,” I moaned, the humiliating mixing with the burning friction in my asshole and the delicious sparks bursting in the depths of my pussy. “Oh, yes, Master, just keep using me. Do what you want to my body.”

He rubbed harder and harder on my clit. My pussy clenched. I groaned. My eyes widening in bliss. His balls thwacked into me. My back arched. My nipples ached on the papers scattered on the desk. I humped back into him, squirming.

And then I came.

Pleasure exploded in my depths. I couldn’t deny Master’s rubbing fingers or his cock jamming so hard into my asshole. I gasped and squirmed. Stars danced before my eyes as the tsunami of rapture crashed into my mind.

Drowning me.

“Yes,” he growled. “That’s it. I made you cum, slut.”

“Thank you, Master,” I squeaked out, drinking in the wonderful friction of his thrusting cock. Juices gushed down my thighs. My back arched. “You’re so wonderful for even touching me, Master. I’m so disgusting.”

“Yes,” he growled. “Your filthy ass is all over my cock.

He ripped it out and then jammed his dick into my pussy. My eyes widened as he sank into my spasming flesh. He dirtied my cunt with my sour ass. My back arched. Another orgasm detonated in my depths.

“Master!” I howled. “Wash your cock off in my pussy. Clean all my filthy ass off of it! Yes, yes, yes!”

“Shit,” he groaned, driving into me. Every stroke of his dick sent another powerful wave crashing into my mind. “Damn, you filthy brat! Your pussy! Fuck!”

His cock erupted into my pussy. My older brother’s incestuous cum flooded my fifteen-year-old pussy. I gasped and moaned, milking him. I swayed, the rapture burning so hot through me. I squeezed my eyes shut, letting the pleasure drown me.

I loved it. I loved being his sex slave. He was the best brother, the best master, in the world.


Clint Elliston

My stomach growled. “I think that’s everything,” I said, my dick still hard from the drug. I had cum in Pam’s and Melody’s pussy before we wrapped up the interview. “I think we kept you from your business for long enough, slave.”

“My employees have to be wondering about that,” Ms. Hiragawa said. She was dressed, her hair disheveled. “Master.”

I smiled at that. “Add us onto your work schedule.”

“You really are going to work here?” she blinked.

I nodded. “We want your business to thrive, don’t we? We won’t you to do well. And we could use the money.”

“Clint wants to breed us,” Melody said. “That’s going to cost money.”

“Oh, Mom, we should move in with them,” Pam said. “They have two huge houses. You’ve wanted to move out of the apartment since forever.”

“And buy a house,” Ms. Hiragawa said, glancing at us. “You really have two houses?”

“Side-by-side,” I nodded. “One’s my mom’s the other’s Aunt Vicky’s. Move in. Save more money.”

“So you’re not just making me your sex slave to get at my money?” Ms. Hiragawa asked, a smile on her lips.

“Well, not just for your money,” I grinned back. “Those little, red pills are amazing. Shit, I want to cum again.”

My stomach growled.

“But you need to satiate other desires,” Pam laughed, patting my stomach.

“The Dairy Queen Zoey works at isn’t far away. We can pop in, eat some horribly unhealthy fast food, and maybe sneak Stefani out back and fuck her.”

“You’re not hungry. You just want to fuck the redhead,” Melody said.

“Master wants to fuck every hot woman,” Lee giggled. She hadn’t stopped beaming since I ass-fucked her and finished off in her pussy. It was hot fucking her so hard, and the fact she loved it only made it better.

I liked making my women happy.

“Okay, we’ll move in,” Ms. Hiragawa said, shivering. “If your father was better off financially when I met him, maybe…”

“That’s why we all have to pitch in,” I said. “We’ll work for you, I guess you don’t have to pay us. That’ll allow more money for the family.”

“It goes to us either way,” Melody shrugged. “Why not get paid?”

“Payroll taxes,” I said.

Ms. Hiragawa nodded. “Lot’s of red tape and bureaucracy. Costs me an additional $10,000 a year per employee just for navigating all that. And that’s before payroll taxes and unemployment insurance.”

I nodded. “Well, we have to get going. Dinner then we have to work on homework. I’ll take Pam with us. She’ll be staying at my place. You can come by when you’re done here. This weekend, we can pack you up and move your stuff in.”

“Just like that?” the MILF blinked, shivering. “Okay, Sir.”

I kissed her on the mouth, smeared with pussy juices, a mix of sweet and tart—Melody and Pam. Then, my arms around Pam and Melody, I walked out, Lee trailing after. It was so hot having two women on my arms. Both my sisters. And a third trailing behind me.

My dick throbbed as we reached Pam’s car. I didn’t have my own. I didn’t have my own. Dad’s death happened right as I turned sixteen, messing up the whole car plan. My women climbed in, Melody taking shotgun since she was my queen.

The drive to Dairy Queen didn’t take long. We parked and headed in. There was a short line, and then I was at the register where a bored guy slouched. “What can I get you?”

I looked behind him, peering at the other employees, one managing the drive-thru, another pair of girls bagging orders. In the back, hidden by machinery, were the cooks. I leaned to the right and left, searching for Zoey’s black hair and Stefani’s red.

“Looking for someone?”

“Yeah, my sister Zoey works here.”


I blinked. “Zoey Elliston. She’s a busty girl. And she works here with her friend, Stefani. A redhead.”

The guy looked over his shoulder. “Is there a Zoey that works here?”

The woman he glanced at had a nametag that read: “Barb – Manager.” She shook her head. “No one named Zoey works here.”

“Yes, she does. She told me she works at the Dairy Queen.” There was only two in town, one by our house, the other across town. This was the one she told me she worked at. “She had to work tonight.”

“Your sister’s lying,” Barb said. “I would know if we had a Zoey working her. I do all the hiring.”

Anger surged through me. Why had my sister lied to me? She told me repeatedly she was going to work at Dairy Queen. My hand clenched. My hunger forgotten. What the fuck was Zoey keeping from the family?

From me?

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 16.

I have released a part 32 of the revamped Devil’s Pact on Smashwords. Read this post for more information if you’re interested!

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6 thoughts on “Incestuous Harem Chapter Fifteen: Eating Mom’s Creampie

  1. artisan219

    This is a long one, so apologies. You said you’d appreciate feedback, and after fifteen chapters, I have some thoughts, which you’re welcome to use or ignore at your discretion.

    First, let me preface that I really like this series. I spent the day eagerly awaiting Chapter 15. That said, I find that particularly with harem stories, there’s an inherent trap of the story getting repetitive, as each chapter tend to be same stuff, different girl. I’m not saying that as a criticism of this series, just a trend general of harem stories. I’m also curious if you want this to have more plot or if your intent us just to focus on the sex. Obviously as the author, that’s up to your judgment.

    But here are my thoughts.

    First, the harem is expanding rapidly and easily. I see this as a problem, but that’s me. Obviously if you’re focused on the sex, this comment is irrelevant, but there hasn’t been any real conflict since Clint brought Zoey into the harem. That took 13 chapters, and it was something looming later on that she’d have to be broken in. I think the series needs to have more conflict.

    For example, you had the line in a chapter that Clinton had expected his son to have a harem of his sisters. But Clint is now up to four sisters, five counting Pam, his mother and aunt, and now Pam’s mom, and eventually Stefani. That’s nine females. So far, everyone is in the honeymoon phase and all nine girls are bisexual. And he has Pam as a girlfriend at school to cover his social life. But I think the series needs consequences. Everything so far has just worked out so far.

    He’s finally stepped up as the man of the house, but he’s new to the harem life and he’s gone further than his dad in just a few days without his dad to show him the ropes, so I think having some glitches at this point would make things more interesting. This would be a good time for another dad dream. “Holy hell, son. I told you to step up, not throw caution to the wind. What did I teach you about biting off more than you can chew?”

    You kinda started with the responsibility aspect with the job at the drugstore, so that’s something. And it looks like Clint is going to finally find out about Zoey and Stefani stripping. But there are other plot lines to explore.

    You’ve had a floating element of pregnancy risk that I feel needs to be reigned in, or at least change gears when it goes from kinky fantasy to the first female that misses a period. Melody smartly realized that she couldn’t date Clint in public, which brought Pam in. But Melody can’t be pregnant at sixteen without a fake boyfriend, right? Maybe Melody has a gay friend she starts hanging out with? Maybe a member of the high school sports team is gay and needs a fake boyfriend? I mean, there is still a risk of him getting found out having sex with his “cousins” or sisters. He can’t very well have everyone pregnant at once, can he?

    I have to imagine that Vicky and Cheryl share a gynecologist, and by extension so would their daughters. Imagine six women showing up pregnant in a short timespan, three of whom are sixteen or younger. That means they need pregnancy plans, have to be responsible, etc.

    To that end, I think you need to bring in more male characters. I suggested Melody having a gay best friend. But perhaps Aunt Vicky gets caught by a male teacher or the principal (if that’s not too cliché). She’s already pregnant with Clint’s baby, so they do a male humiliation video, where Vicky has sex with the principal and relishes his small useless penis and how much better Clint is. They trick him into thinking he’s the baby’s father and blackmail him for cash. Then they make him watch Clint fuck his aunt?

    And my final note is that we’ve just discovered Pam is another half-sister. I think Clint needs to have a talk with his aunt and mother and see if he has any more siblings and find out that he has a 12-year-old brother. That would add a beta male to the harem and give Clint someone to train, plus another of his dad’s former sluts. This would bring the harem to ten, but add more options for double penetration, little boy fantasies, etc. Also, it’s more cum on-demand. You introduced the fictional cum-drug in thIs chapter, which implies you’re noticing some limitations of the high female-to-male ratio. I think the girls would love having a little boy toy, and it would let Clint take on a mentor role like he had with his dad.

    Just my thoughts, sorry for the rant.

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      Hi, thanks for the feedback. This series is not going to last much longer. This series has gone on longer than I really intended. It’s been popular and my feedback so far has been keep it going. Sex is the focus of the series. Plot is a vehicle for said sex.

      As I see it, there are three plot points that need to be resolved: Zoey being a stripper coming out (which is next chapter), Clint/Lee dynamic (she’s ready to be punished and is about to be a brat) and then the pregnancy stuff. I plan on ending this series in three more chapters. There might be sequels or shorter spinoff series around the characters, but I’m ready to move on to other things in the incest genre because. I completely agree that the series doesn’t have enough conflict to continue. Now I just want to wind it down and wrap it up.

  2. Cheryl Slattern

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re wanting to wrap this series up soon. I’ve enjoyed tremendously and could see lots of other avenues to explore. Artisan’s thoughts above about conflict are on-point, and I’d like to offer a few ideas of my own in that regard.

    One concept you introduced was Zoey’s shock regarding her assumed sexuality – that she believed herself to be a lesbian, but now realizes that’s not the case. I’d love to see Zoey decide that she wants to be Clint’s “number one,” and start escalating conflict with Melody and the rest of the harem to prove who is the nastiest, sluttiest, and most willing to be degraded for Clint’s approval. This type of competition would really push the exhibitionism angle, with the girls dressing as blatant and skanky as possible, acting outrageous in public without concern for who sees or what they think, and just generally ramping up the overall depravity (no reason why they shouldn’t ALL become piss sluts!).

    Their behavior could spill over into school, giving cause for Aunt Vicky to intercede to keep them out of trouble. Maybe the school administration would be forced to become much more tolerant of sexy shenanigans, including some that involve Vicky and the other teachers?

    The employment venues would also be something to think about, as they each offer a different dynamic in which the characters would interact. I’d love to see Clint and his harem surprise Zoey and Stefani by showing up at the strip club.

    Honestly, I think the breeding angle is a bit of a dead-end, unless you wanted to take things in a radically different direction (maybe Clint establishes a sex cult/commune, living on the outskirts of society?). In any case, I’d love to see you keep this one going, but I understand if the muse is not with you.

    It’s been a joy reading!

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      I’m going to keep the characters alive. I have plans for them being supporting characters in other stories, and there will probably be sequels. The main thrust of this series was the harem’s formation. As of right now I have ideas for three side-stories. But I also want to write some other stories, too. You do have some interesting ideas that I may explore in a sequel series. So please don’t feel like you’ve seen the last of these characters.

  3. Symbiotic

    Ill be honest while I found some of the scenes somewhat hot the plot was weak as fuck. The MC is the biggest Mary Sue ever who can fuck everyone and anyone he wants (literally nobody is unwilling to hop into his bed or that of his enormous harem) and even knock them up without them caring. Nobody ever gets jealous nobody fights etc etc. And thats all fine because its obviously is more pure smut rather than an erotic “plot” but it does get repetitive fast. I hope youre planning on working on tbat futa incest story you once mentioned, that sort of smuts right up my alley.


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