Doctor’s Incestuous Family Chapter Eight: Sister’s Incestuous Surprise


Doctor’s Incestuous Family

An Incestuous Harem Story

Chapter Eight: Sister’s Incestuous Surprise

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

Story Codes: Female/Teen female, Teen male/Female/Teen female, Incest, Oral Sex, Creampie, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism

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Dr. Bernice Wilson

“Have fun at your convention,” my son said as I headed out the door, my suitcase rolling behind me.

A hot shudder ran through me, my pussy tingling and nipples aching as James grinned at me as he sat at the breakfast table beside his sister. The little trollop was wearing a t-shirt far too small and a soft blue thong that was fully on display.

“Yeah, Mom, bye!” Jenny said, her blue eyes minx-bright. She wanted James. I was growing more and more sure of it. But he didn’t need her. He had his girlfriend, and he had me. “We’ll miss you.”

Another hot shudder ran through me. Today I would meet James’s girlfriend. For three weeks, since I seduced him, I wondered about who she was. I thought she must be at teacher at his high school, an older woman like me. But the pink thong he produced Thursday night, covered in his cum and her pussy juices, made me wonder if it wasn’t a girl his age.

Either way, I was having a hot threesome with them. James’s girlfriend found it so hot I was fucking my son.

I headed out the door, trying not to shout out my love for my hunky son. Fifteen, so strong, maturing into a powerful man. He would be a lady killer. I know he made me swoon. I squirmed as I started my car. We told Jenny I was going out of town for a medical convention, but really I was going to spend the weekend at the hotel with James and his girlfriend.

Two days of hot and wild sex.

I rubbed my hand on my tummy every time I had to stop at a light on the way to the Grand Paramount Hotel. I was pregnant. Bred by my own son. I had no idea what I would tell others. I had just found out. I especially worried about my daughter.

She would throw it in my face after how terrible I was acting. Whenever I was away from her, I wanted to try and mend fences, but when I was around, seeing her prance around James, using the same whorish techniques the fourteen-year-old had used on the married teacher who knocked her up, it sent my blood boiling and the most horrible things spilled out of my lips.

I pushed that down. After the weekend, once I met this other woman, I would patch things up with Jenny. She wouldn’t steal my son from me.

I arrived at the Grand Paramount, pulling up beneath the covered valet driveway. It was a glamorous hotel, built in the thirties, and with that delightful, art deco retro look about it. A white tower thrusting up around the other tall building in downtown. I squirmed as I handed over my keys to the valet and walked in.

“I have a reservation,” I purred to the concierge. “Under James and Bernice Wilson.” I smiled. “My…lover will be here later.”

“Of course,” the concierge, wearing a black suit, said, a smile that promised discretion on his lips. He probably thought I was married and having an affair. “I just need a credit card.”

Ten minutes later, I was in our suite. It was expensive, and I didn’t care. I was giddy to have this fun. There was a huge bed, covered in graceful white covers with pink roses. Potpourri scented the air. The curtains were heavy and I drew them closed, plunging the room into romantic darkness. I opened my suitcase, pulling out the scented candles.

James would arrive at noon. I would have everything ready.


Jenny Wilson

“Oh, my god,” I moaned, bouncing with excitement for my threesome with James and his mystery girlfriend today. I was so eager to meet her.

Who was she? Which girl at school was it? Carmelita, Michelle, Juana, or Maria. They were all cute in their own way. Or was it a teacher? There were a few MILF’s at our school. I knew James had a thing for big tits. He claimed my smaller, rounder tits were fine, but…

I hoped they would grow big with my pregnancy. I couldn’t wait to nurse my brother with my tits. Alicia said it was so hot to nurse from Melody and Pam. My friend told me so many wicked things about sex. She acted so innocent, like she was a five-year-old girl, but the things she knew made my eyes bulge sometimes.

I was most looking forward to eating my first creampie, licking my brother’s cum out of his girlfriend’s pussy.

I was so excited, I darted through the house, ripping off my too small t-shirt, my tits bouncing before me. I burst into James’s room. He sat at a desk working on his homework. He turned around, grinning at the sight of my naked tits.

“Let’s fuck!” I moaned, darting to him. I jumped onto his lap. “Let’s fuck and fuck and fuck! We have hours to kill.”

I ground my thong on his crotch, my pussy growing so juicy. His cock hardened beneath him as my tits jiggled right in his face. Mom would be gone until tomorrow night. We had the house to ourselves. We could enjoy ourselves. No hiding. No sneaking around. Just loving each other.

And his girlfriend. She could come back after our afternoon at the hotel. If she was nice.

She better be nice.

“No fucking,” James said, being stern.

“But I’m horny,” I groaned, bouncing on his cock. “You knocked me up and made me horny.”

“And I want all that horny energy saved up for this afternoon,” he grinned. “I’ll have two women to satiate. I need my stamina, too.”

“Please.” I blinked my eyes rapidly at him, squirming, my boobs jiggling right before his face. “Pretty please, big brother.”

He let out a groan of frustration. “No. I mean it. Plenty of time for fucking this afternoon.”

I let out a screech of annoyance and hopped off of him. “Just tell me who she is then.”


“I won’t go,” I said, crossing my arms before him.

“You will,” James grinned, his eyes flicking down to my thong. “You’re too horny not to.”

I screeched again. “Darn it! I am.” I threw myself on his bed, my tits bouncing. “I’m just soooooo bored.”

“Work on homework,” James said. “We’re going to have a busy weekend.”

I shivered. “We’re going to spend it all having fun, right?”

“Right,” he nodded, such a huge grin on his face. “I have been dying for this for weeks.”

I bit my lip. “You really like her.”

“Love her. And just as much as I love you.”


James Wilson

Jenny squirmed the entire way on the city bus. I wish I was sixteen so I could drive us. She bounced beside me in her long skirt, blouse, and jacket. Fall weather was turning more and more unpleasant, no more were girls wearing the short skirts at school. Her cheeks were flushed, looking so cute with her brown hair held back by a headband.

She counted the stops. “Five more to go. Four more to go. Three more to go. Oh, James, Two more to go. One more to go. We’re here!”

Everyone looked at her when she hopped to her feet and darted for the exit. I followed after, grinning at her. She bounced on her feet, waiting for me, her hips swaying. Her cuteness almost overwhelmed me, her blue eyes so bright, her button-small nose quivering over pursed lips.

She took my arm. “Let’s go, big brother.”

The hotel was another two blocks away. It was nice walking with my sister on my arm. In downtown, we just looked like another teenage couple, boyfriend and girlfriend. No one here knew us. They didn’t think it was wrong for us to be so affectionate.

I even kissed her. A quick, hot meeting of lips that had her shuddering and bouncing for joy. It was so wonderful seeing her so happy.

I got the key from the desk clerk. He gave me a look then flicked his eyes to Jenny waiting behind me, but didn’t say a word. I could see it in his eyes—discretion. He didn’t care what we were doing up there.

“Ohmygod, ohmygod,” my sister said, her excitement running her words together, echoing in the elevator as we rode it up. “This is happening.”

“Yeah,” I said, my heart racing, my cock so hard. “It is.”

It dinged at our floor. Three doors down, we arrived. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a lacy, black sleeping mask. My sister blinked as I dangled it before her face.

“What’s that for?” she asked.

“I want you to wear it. My girlfriend inside is wearing one, too. I want you two to…enjoy each other before the big reveal.”

Her eyes widened. “Oh, my god, that’s so wild. You know this is killing me not knowing.”

“Yeah,” I grinned. “But you’re going to do it, aren’t you?”

She nodded her head and snatched the blindfold from me. She pulled off her hairband, handing it to me while her hair spilled across her shoulders. Then she pulled on the sleeping mask, adjusting it. She reached out her hand to grab my arm.

“Don’t let me trip,” she hissed.

“I won’t.” I kissed her on the lips. “I love you.”

The words made her shudder, a smile on her lips. I loved seeing her smile.

I shoved the keycard into the slot, my heart racing. This would work. I would finally have them both. The lock whirred. I opened the door and led my sister in.

It was dark inside. The soft scent of spice filled the air. Candles burned, golden light dancing. I could just see the bed and a pair of long, naked thighs on white covers. I guided my sister forward, whispering, “Don’t make any sounds. Just enjoy this.”

She whimpered and the legs moved. Mom made a wanton, wordless moan in answer.

More and more of her naked body was revealed, her legs leading up to the thick, brown bush between her thighs and then her flat stomach leading to those heavy, large breasts I loved. Her nipples were hard. She had a smile on her face, her bleached-blonde hair spread over her pillow.

An identical sleeping mask to Jenny’s on her face.

“Mmm, you both are gorgeous,” I said, taking off Jenny’s jacket.

My sister trembled, breathing quickly. Mom’s breasts rose and fell.

I pulled off my sister’s blouse, revealing her round breasts unencumbered by her bra. I tweaked a nipple, making her gasp. Mom moved, her head looking towards the sound. Her hands roamed her body.

“You two are going to love each other,” I said, kneeling down to pull off my sister’s skirt. I kissed her flat, pregnant belly. It would be months before she showed.

I couldn’t wait.

Then I pulled down her blue thong. Her tart musk filled my nose, her brown hair trimmed close, not hiding her pussy at all. I nuzzled in, taking a lick, making her gasp, her breasts jiggling over my head.

“Okay, she’s naked,” I said. “I want you two to love each other while I watch. I want to see the two women I love pleasuring each other.”

Mom made a wordless groan. My sister stiffened for a moment, then nodded her head, licking her lips.

I took her hand. She gripped me so hard, and led her to the bed. She shuffled her feet, moving slow, scared. I guided her to the bed. She reached out with her right hand, feeling the covers. Then she slid onto it. I joined her, my cock so hard as I brought her closer and closer to Mom.

I held her wrists now, placing them on Mom’s stomach. She let out a sharp gasp, feeling her daughter’s hands on her body and not knowing it was Jenny. I slid my sister’s hands up our mother’s body to those large breasts.

“Enjoy,” I whispered into Jenny’s ears.


Dr. Bernice Wilson

My heart thudded in my chest as James’s girlfriend squeezed my breasts with her slim fingers. They were so much softer than James’s hands. I could feel her trembling. She sounded young, scared even. My hands reached out, finding her body, feeling her shivers.

Clothing rustled. James must be undressing. I could hear his excited breathing as my hands slid up to cup his girlfriend’s tits. They were round and far firmer than mine. I explored them, feeling her hard nipples, making her gasp.

“That’s it,” James said, his voice soft and hungry. It was such a masculine sound. The bed moved as he shifted. “Play with each other’s tits. Get closer. Don’t be afraid.”

The girl moved closer to me, stretching down beside me. I rolled onto my side, our hands caressing each other. My heart beat so fast. Such wicked tingles raced through my body as her fingers brushed my fat nipples.

I made such a wanton moan. She scooted closer. I could feel the heat of her body as our legs brushed. She felt so silky smooth. I heard her breathing, felt the rapid beat of her heart as I squeezed her tits.

She was so warm. Burning. Her nipples were smaller than mine. I pinched them, making her gasp. My pussy grew juicier and juicier. I tried to imagine what she looked like. Blonde? Brunette? Black hair? Maybe she wasn’t White, but Black or Asian or Hispanic. Was her skin dusky-brown? Were her nipples pink or dark-red?

“That’s it,” James said, his hand touching my thigh. She shivered, gasping. “Now kiss. Love each other. Press your bodies together.”

I licked my lips then moved my head forward. I felt her breath wash across my face, smelling minty. Then her lips nudged my nose, my lips her chin. We shivered, her hands squeezing tight as our lips moved, finding each other, meeting in a hot kiss.

My pussy clenched as I kissed my first woman. A teenager no older than my son. I was such a bad mother. My hands squeezed harder on her tits, moaning into the kiss as our lips worked. She was so hot and wet.

Her tongue probed out, brushing my lips.

I opened my mouth, inviting her in. James groaned his appreciation as I French-kissed his girlfriend. Our tongues met, lips moving harder. Our bodies pressed tighter. My hands slipped from her breasts, sweeping about her body to explore as our bellies pressed tight, our thighs entwining.

I shuddered at the ticklish delight of her pubic hair brushing my own pussy. My hips ground instinctively, rubbing my aching clit against her pubic mound, feeling her hot folds. She moaned into the kiss, her fingers digging into my pillowy tits.

“That’s so hot,” groaned James. “That’s it. This is what I want. I love you both so much.”

We both moaned together, shuddering. She loved my son as much as I did. That sent such a maternal warmth through me. He had found a girl, a woman, to love, maybe to marry and start his own family with.

A woman that didn’t mind that I loved my son, too. That I fucked him. It made my heart race. I felt so close to this girl as our pussies rubbed together, our naked bodies pressed tight. My fat nipples brushed hers, sending tingles through me that warmed my body.

I held her tight, rolling her onto her back, settling my weight on hers. Her hands slipped from my tits to caress my back. Her hips moved beneath me, rubbing her clit into mine. Sparks flew, our pussies growing hotter and hotter.

“Damn,” James panted, moving around us. “I can see your pussies tribbing. You both are so sexy. I love you both so much.”

I groaned louder, my butt clenching. The girl grabbed my ass, squeezing tight, her fingers digging into my cheeks. Our nipples kept kissing, meeting with the same hungry passion as our lips and tongues. Molten heat trickled out of me, merging with the passion flooding out of her pussy.

The bed creaked from our movements. I savored this girl. I wanted to know who she was. I wanted to rip off the blindfold. But James was enjoying this. And I didn’t want to spoil his fun.

“Lick each other’s pussies,” he groaned. “Really love each other.”

I shuddered, breaking the kiss. I could feel her heart racing, beating as fast as mine. She let out such a wanton, girlish moan. She ached to please him as much as I did. We had to do this. We had to lick each other’s pussies.


Jenny Wilson

James’s girlfriend was an older woman. She had to be one of his teachers. Was it Vicky, Clint’s Aunt? She taught us both history, though not at the same time. She was such a busty teacher. But there was also Mrs. Umayyah, his buxom, Arabic English teacher.

She was married. Was that why James hid her?

The woman moved, her heavy breasts dragging from mine and across my stomach. I shuddered, about to eat my first pussy ever. But James was there. I could feel his presence. Everything was so heightened with the blindfold on. I had no idea who the woman was, what she looked like. Only what she felt like, tasted like.

Smelled like.

A sweet musk filled my nose, similar to my own juices but missing that tart edge. Hot thighs straddled my face as her pillowy tits rubbed into my stomach. She descended. My hands reached out, stroking her sides as I trembled.

Curly pubic hairs brushed my nose and lips. Hot pussy pressed on my mouth.

I licked.

She moaned between my thighs.

“Yes,” groaned James as the mystery woman licked at my pussy, too.

Pleasure rippled through me. Her tongue was different from James’s. Not as bold as his licking, not as passionate. There was a…hesitancy about it. Was it her first time licking pussy, too? I shivered, my tongue sliding and nuzzling through her folds, exploring her delights. She tasted so good. That sweet musk covering my tongue, making me eager to lick more.

I moaned, my body shivering, the woman’s tongue licking through my folds. If it was Mrs. Umayyah, she was a mother. That made her a MILF. A busty MILF licking my pregnant pussy while my brother watched.

It was so hot.

My hands slid up her body. She felt in such good shape. I grabbed her toned ass, squeezing it, my passion swelling, pulling her down to my hungry lips. I tongued through her pussy faster, sliding through her folds, her juices coating my lips and cheeks while her pubic hair tickled my nose.

My fingers clenched into her ass we both moaned. Her body writhed atop mine, her pillowy breasts rubbing into my stomach. Her nipples were so hard. They felt so exciting as they caressed my skin.

“You have no idea how beautiful you both are,” James groaned, kneeling beside us.

I felt so beautiful. It was exciting knowing he was watching our first lesbian experience. I felt her tongue growing more and more bold as it slid through my tight silt. She brushed my clit, circling it the same way James would circle mine.

Had she learned from him? Or had she taught him how to eat pussy?

I copied her, circling her clit with my tongue, loving how the nub felt. How it made her moan. Her excitement buzzed around my clit, making me tremble. Which made me groan into her pussy. My fingers clenched, my tongue lapping harder and harder.

Our passions swelled. I could feel it building between us. We both moaned louder and louder, our tongues lapping harder and harder. Our bodies moved, grinding our flesh against each other. Her ass clenched beneath my fingers.

“Finger her ass,” James groaned.

I grinned. He knew I loved a finger up my ass when I had my pussy eaten out. I bet she did, too.

My finger slipped in between her butt-cheeks at the same moment she shoved a hand beneath the bed and probed a finger into my crack. We found each other’s sphincters at almost the same moment—I won by a heartbeat—and circled them.

It sent tingles through me as she toyed with mine. I sucked hard on her clit and thrust my digit into her tight bowels. I plunged into the same asshole my brother had fucked before. I squealed as her finger wiggled into mine.

We fingered each other’s asses and ate each other’s pussies. Such excitement burned through me. I groaned, lost in my world of darkness and passion, humping against her lips. Her finger felt so amazing as it reamed my bowels, probing in so deep. Her asshole clenched on my plunging finger, her tongue flailing at my clit.

I groaned louder and louder, bucking, shuddering, my orgasm building.

“That’s it,” James moaned. “Cum on each other’s faces. Give each other such passion.”

I squealed louder, my asshole clenching on her finger, my pussy on her probing tongue. She shoved it in so deep, probing the hole my brother loved to fuck. I jammed my tongue deep into her naughty cunt, licking around, driving her wild.

The pressure swelled, stirred by her tongue and finger. I jammed my finger so deep into her velvety bowels, squirming. The tide rose and rose in me. And then the rapture washed through my body.

I came.

I moaned into her pussy, juices gushing from mine. She made such a pleased groan as she lapped them up. She squirmed hard, her hot pussy rubbing on my lips. Her sweet juices flooded out fast as her bowels writhed about my fingers.

I made her cum, too.

“Yes,” panted James. “You’re loving each other.”

She squirmed on my face, her nipples rubbing into my stomach, as we both bucked and came. Pleasure roared through my body. It shot through me. It drove me wild. I moaned into her cunt as it washed through me, driving me wild.

I made a woman cum, and I had no idea who she was. What she looked like. This was the hottest thing ever.


James Wilson

“Now kiss each other,” I groaned, watching my mom and sister writhe in an incestuous sixty-nine. It was so hot seeing them heave together in the candlelight, flickering oranges dancing across their naked bodies.

They both panted as Mom rose, her tits heaving, and spun around. She straddled her daughter’s belly, leaning down. Their breasts pressed together right before their lips met in a hot, taboo kiss. My dick throbbed so damned hard as mother and daughter kissed, sharing each other’s juices.

I reached out as they kissed, their tongues dancing. I grabbed both their blindfolds, easing them off as they humped and writhed, lost to the passion. They both blinked, breaking the kiss, staring into the other’s eyes.

Mom gasped, rising up. “Jenny!”

“Mom!” my sister screeched, her arms instinctively covering her round breasts as Mom rolled off of her. “What the fuck!”

“What are you doing…?” Mom looked at me, her eyes so wide.

“You!” My sister gasped. “You’re his girlfriend? What the hell, Mom! I’m the trollop? You’re fucking your own son!”

“You were knocked up by your own brother,” Mom hissed back, her tits heaving.

“Enough!” I roared, kneeling between them.

They both whipped their heads around to look at me, flinching.

“I am so goddamn tired of your fighting,” I growled. “You’re both my women. And you’re both pregnant with my child.”

“What?” Jenny gasped. She shot mom a glaring look. “Who’s the hussy n—”

“I said enough!” My words cracked.

Jenny flinched.

“You two just made love to each other. You just came hard on each other’s lips. You kissed with such passion.” I stared at them both. “You’re both my hussies or sluts or whatever. You’re both my lovers. And you both have been acting so catty. I never should have made promises to either of you to keep quiet. But you…” I glared at them as they both gave me these heart-melting looks. “Yes, those ones. I love you both. You have no reason to fight. You both came here to meet my other woman and have a hot threesome.”

“It’s just…” Jenny swallowed. “She’s our mother.”

“And?” I asked. “You ate her pussy and loved it.”

Mom looked at my sister. She bit her lip. “I’ve been a real bitch to you.”

“Yeah,” Jenny said, her voice frosty.

“It’s just…” Mom shivered. “I was jealous. I saw how you were behaving around your brother, and then you were pregnant and lying. It made me think you were like that…woman.”

“Woman…?” My sister frowned. “You mean dad’s new wife?”

Mom nodded.

“You thought I was going to poach James from you.” Jenny grinned. “You think I’m hot, huh? That I’m cute and sexy.”

“You are beautiful, honey,” Mom said, her hand reaching out, touching Jenny’s hip. “And, yes, I was afraid. I finally seduced him after being so horny for him and… then there you were, pregnant. Suddenly, you were a woman. And a woman who was half-naked and vulnerable and so beautiful. James looked at you, wanting to protect you, and… I just…turned into a bitch.”

“Yeah,” Jenny said. “You did.”

“I’m sorry.” Mom scooted closer. “Can you…forgive me?”

I tensed, staring at Jenny. My sister glanced at me then back at mom. “Well, I guess. You did make me cum. And I was sooooooo horny. Just ask James.”

I relaxed. “She was begging for it all morning.”

And then they kissed. This time, their incestuous kiss was conscious. They knew who each other were. And it was even hotter. Their tongues fenced as their bodies melted together. I shuddered, staring at my gorgeous mom and sexy sister loving each other.

My dick thrust so hard before me as I watched in awe. Finally, everything that I had hoped for was happening.

And it was just as beautiful as I imagined.

Mom broke the kiss, her eyes glancing at me. “Your brother looks so hard.”

Jenny giggled. “Maybe we should help him out?”

“Maybe.” Mom grinned at my sister. “Ideas?”

“Let’s blow him!”

“Yes,” I groaned as they both rose, their hands reaching for my cock.

My mom and sister pressed their faces together as they leaned into my cock. They looked up at me, Mom’s eyes dark, Jenny’s blue, but their faces were so much alike. The same noses, the same cheekbones. Jenny’s had that youthful vitality while Mom’s had that mature beauty. Their hands were both soft.

And their tongues…

I groaned as their tongues swirled about the tip of my cock. My entire body shook as my mom and sister licked around the spongy crown of my cock, their tongues sweeping up my precum, brushing each other’s in the process. It made my dick ache so badly. I groaned, my cock throbbing as they lathed my tip, loving me.

“Damn,” I groaned, my balls boiling already. “That’s so hot.”

“Mmm, this is what Mommy’s big, strong son wants?” she purred before lapping again. “His sexy sister and his naughty Mommy sucking his cock together.”

“Oh, yes,” giggled Jenny. “Look at his face. He’s in paradise.”

“I am,” I groaned.

Both their lips nuzzled into my cock. They sucked on the spongy tip. I groaned, my cock throbbing in their grip. My balls ached more, the pressure swelling in them. After watching the pair make love, and being horny all morning long for this, I was on the edge of erupting. Their cheeks hollowed as they both suckled and nursed at my cock, making such naughty sounds.

I groaned, my dick throbbing in their stroking grips. Both their hands worked up and down my shaft, moving together as they loved me. Their lips nudged, their tongues licking again, meeting, kissing around the head of my cock.

“You two are so hot,” I panted.

“Mmm, and your cock is so sexy,” moaned Mom. “Mommy raised such a hung son.”

“You did,” Jenny grinned. “I love him in my pussy. He reaches so deep in me.”

Mom nodded in agreement.

“You gave us good genes, Mom,” Jenny said, rubbing her cheek against Mom.

“I must have. Your father isn’t this big.” Mom giggled wickedly. “He’s so small compared to your brother.”

“Mmm, then we’re so lucky.”

“Yeah,” I groaned then shuddered as my sister and mom both went back to sucking on the tip of my cock.

Their dual suction had me trembling. It was so amazing, two lips sucking on the side, their tongues brushing. They looked up at me with such loving eyes. My mother and sister were both so horny for me. Both so hungry for my cock.

It was so amazing. My balls tightened. Jenny’s hands found them, playing with them while she nuzzled her lips closer to Mom’s. They brushed, kissing each other again, the tip of my cock still between their lips.

It was the hottest thing in the world.

“Fuck!” I grunted and erupted.

My cum splashed across both their lips and faces. They both pulled back slightly, letting my cum spurt across their features. Mother and daughter moaned in delight as my cum rained across their faces. Thick and white lines painted cheeks and foreheads, dribbling down to their hungry lips.

I shuddered, the pleasure burning so hot through me. I bucked with each blast, grunting as I savored this wonderful moment of incestuous passion. I covered both my mom and sister in thick, pearly jizz.

And then they turned and licked at each other’s faces. They moaned, hungry for my salty cum. My dick stayed hard as their pink tongues bathed each other’s cheeks and foreheads. They scooped up my cum, holding it in their mouths.

Until they kissed, shoving my cum back and forth.

“Yes,” I groaned in pure delight. We were finally a loving family again. And it was so hot watching them snowball my cum.

They passed my cum back and forth a few more times before they broke apart. Jenny looked up at me, such a mischievous grin on her face. “You need to fuck Mom’s pussy.”

“Oh, honey, maybe he should fuck yours,” Mom said. “I’m your mother. I have to make sacrifices for my children.”

“Such a wicked mommy,” giggled Jenny.

“The wickedest,” she agreed, her voice purring.

My cock throbbed, still so hard.

“But you have to go first, Mom,” grinned Jenny. “I want to lick James’s cum out of your pussy. I’m so hungry for it.”

“Yes,” I panted.


Dr. Bernice Wilson

“Fuck her, big brother,” my daughter moaned as she pulled my hair, yanking my face down to her wet pussy.

This time, I knew whose pussy I ate. “Mommy’s going to make her baby girl cum so hard,” I moaned between licks of her tart passion. “Just explode.”

“Yes,” she hissed. “Such a bad, slutty Mommy. Isn’t she?”

“She is,” my son said and smacked my ass.

I groaned, wiggling my hips, my pussy dripping with excitement. Sucking his cock together was so hot. And I knew that this would be amazing. I couldn’t wait to feel his cock ram into my ccunt and stir me up while I devoured my daughter’s pussy.

I squeezed her ass, pulling her tight as my tongue plunged into her hot depths. James rubbed his cock on my pussy, making me squirm. And then he thrust into me. I moaned into my daughter’s cunt, my son filling my snatch to the brim.

“Yes, fuck our naughty mommy!” screamed Jenny, humping her pussy against me, her round breasts jiggling. “I want to lick your cum fresh out of her pussy. Licking it off her panties just wasn’t enough.”

I shivered, my pussy clenching, remembering that pink thong smearing across my lips as I lapped James’s cum mixed with her pussy juices off of it. I should have known it was her panties. I just didn’t recognize them.

Smart of James to buy new pairs.

His balls thwacked into my clit as he pounded my cunt. Friction burned in my cunt as I savored the incestuous thrill of my son ramming over and over into me. I moaned into my daughter’s hot snatch. Her juices flowed, the tart cream coating my lips and chin.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she squealed, her brown hair flying. “Oh, big brother, fuck our naughty mommy! She’s moaning so loudly into my pussy.”

“Because you have such a juicy, succulent pussy,” I moaned, moving my right hand. I spread her open. I hadn’t seen her pussy since she was a child. She had matured, but still had that tight, girlish slit.

I licked through it, savoring her silky folds on my lips, my pussy clenching around my son’s cock.

I was trapped between my two children. They both humped against me. Jenny seized my bleached-blonde curls. She held on with a death grip as she smeared her hot pussy on my lips. James fucked me just as hard, ramming that wonderful cock over and over into my pregnant snatch.

We were both pregnant. James had bred the pussy I ate. My children had made me a grandchild. It was so hot. My pussy clenched so hard as my tongue swirled through my daughter’s depths, probing as deep as I could, my fingers rubbing at her clit.

“Mommy!” she squealed, bucking so hard, those round tits so delicious as they bounced. “Oh, my god, Mommy. You’re amazing. Oh, wow. Oh, big brother, she’s going to make me cum.”

“Good,” James growled, thrusting so hard. “Cum on her face. She’s such a naughty mommy. She wants it. She loves making her children cum.”

“I’m such a bad Mommy,” I breathed between licks, bucking my hips back into my son’s hard thrusts.

His cock churned such a frothy bliss through me. I groaned, my eyes widening as he reamed over and over into my depths. I shivered, pumping my hips. My tongue danced through my daughter’s folds, eating her out as he fucked me with such passion.

His cock sawed in and out of me. The rapture surged through me. I loved it. I had made both these children. It was like I raised them to please me.

I shivered at the thought, my heavy tits swaying beneath me, nipples grazing the covers. The pressure swelled in my pussy. I was so drunk on the incestuous passion of loving my son and daughter at the same time.

I rubbed my finger harder on my daughter’s clit as I tongued so deep into her tart pussy.

“Mommy!” she moaned, panting so loudly. She squirmed, the bed creaking. “Oh, my god, Mommy!”

“Cum!” James groaned, his thrusts so hard. He smacked over and over into my ass with his crotch. I loved it. His balls hit my clit, sending sparks of pleasure through me. “Cream her face!”


Jenny bucked so hard. Hot juices gushed out of her pussy. I drank her tart flood. I gulped down her cream. More spilled over my chin and cheeks. I shuddered, a heady thrill shooting through me. I made my daughter cum again.

I kept rubbing her clit, hearing her gasp and moan as her orgasm rippled through her one after the other. She squealed each time, pulling on my hair. It was so hot. My pussy drank in the friction of my son’s thrusting dick as I lapped through my daughter’s folds.

I was such a naughty mommy.

I came.

My pussy spasmed on my son’s cock. It writhed about his dick. James groaned, feeling my orgasming pussy. He slammed into my depths. I shuddered as his cum spurted so hot into my pussy. Blast after blast of jizz shot into me. I quivered, milking his dick as his incestuous cum filled me.

The pleasure shot through my mind. It burst across my brain. I moaned into my daughter’s cumming snatch, her juices flooding around my lips. My every breath was filled with her tart passion as the rapture screamed across my mind.

We were such a loving family. He had bred us both. Jenny wouldn’t steal James away from me because she shared him with me.

My pleasure peaked as James groaned, “Fuck, that was good, Mom. I love cumming in your depths.”

“I bet,” giggled Jenny. “Did you fire a lot of cum in there for me?” She licked her lips.

“Come find out,” James groaned.

“Yes, eat out Mommy’s naughty pussy,” I moaned as James pulled his cock out of me.

I rolled over onto my back, my right hand clamped over my cunt to trap in every drop of my son’s jizz. My daughter rushed around me, bouncing like a little girl about to get cotton candy at the fair, her blue eyes so bright.

James grinned, his cock glistening with my juices as Jenny settled down between my legs. She buried her face into my cunt and devoured me with such a happy look on her face. She groaned, tasting my son’s cum leaking out of my pussy.

“Oh, that’s so delicious,” she groaned. “Salty and sweet. I love it. Thank you, Mommy, for making this yummy creampie.”

“Your brother helped,” I laughed. “He churned your Mommy’s cunt up to a hot froth.”

“I can taste that,” Jenny purred before she lapped again, digging my son’s cum out of my cunt.

James grinned, his dick twitching, glistening with juices. I licked my lips. “Honey, let Mommy get you nice and hard for your sister.”

“You are the best mother in the world,” he groaned.

“Uh-huh,” Jenny said, popping her head up, her lips smeared with pussy cream and cum. This was so hot. “Just the best.”

I had never felt so happy in my live. I couldn’t believe this. I had my son and daughter loving me. We were a happy family.

I opened my mouth as James moved closer. I sucked his cock into my lips, savoring my sweet musk coating him. He groaned, his dick throbbing and twitching. He stared down at me with such passion in his eyes.

I shivered, humping against my daughter’s hungry tongue. She licked and lapped, scooping so much jizz out of my pussy. I shivered, my pussy clenching. My heart beat so fast in my chest as I squirmed against her hungry tongue.

I came.

I moaned about my son’s cock, my juices flooding into my daughter’s hungry lips. She lapped them down, her blue eyes twinkling as they stared up at me. James stared down, his eyes the same azure hue. He stroked my hair, groaning as his dick grew harder and harder.

I was getting him ready to fuck my daughter. As the rapture melted my mind, that thought made me cum harder.

I loved our family. I was so glad we weren’t fighting any longer. But loving each other now. It was the best.

And soon, Jenny and I would both be showing, our bellies growing round together. Our milk coming in…

James was one lucky, young man.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 9.

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      There is one more left to wrap things up. I do like writing these type of stories, so more like it will come. But I do want to write other type of stories, too. 🙂


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