Daddy’s Mind-Controlled Daughters Chapter Five: Daddy Daughter Orgy


Daddy’s Mind-Controlled Daughters

A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research

Chapter Five: Daddy Daughter Orgy

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

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“Eager to find out the next way cheating wives are punished?” asked Deidre Icke’s ex-husband, something almost malicious in his grin. He sat naked on his office chair, cradling their sixteen-year-old daughter Alexis on his lap, her pussy leaking with the incestuous proof of his passion.

Deidre swallowed, her ass still burning from the spanking her daughter administered earlier. Her eyes flicked to the monitor showing the feed from the spy cams planted at the Alamogordo Church of Christ where the new God held court, his youngest daughter scurrying off on his orders.

Am I? Deidre Icke asked herself. She had faith in Henry Blavatsky’s vision of technology creating the new gods to usher in mankind into the Age of Aquarius, to leave behind the oppressive monotheism of the Age of Pisces.

But she didn’t expect that her affair while married would lead to her being spanked while her ex-husband gloated.

“We’ll need handcuffs, Daddy,” Alexis giggled. “Do we have any at the Institute?”

“We’ll have to make do with an extension cord,” he said. “There’s one in the cabinet over there. Go fetch it, cutie.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Deidre’s daughter hopped off her father’s lap, her nude body lithe as she darted to the cabinet. Deidre’s eyes followed the naked ass of her daughter, wiggling with simmering delight. The other revelations had delivered Deidre the pleasure of incest with her daughter and her twin brother.

And she had cum from the spanking.

“I’m ready,” Deidre said, focusing her faith once more.


I smiled as Kitty, my youngest daughter, darted naked through the worship hall of our church. I stood over my twin daughters, the pair moving around into a sixty-nine to devour my cum out of their pussies. I had popped both their cherries, fucking back and forth between my seventeen-year-old daughters’ snatches. Such a joy to plunder my last two daughters’ virginities. When I orgasmed, I fired a few blasts in each, letting them baste in their daddy’s cum.

Maybe even bred them.

Around me, the youth group, a collection of teenagers who were once the most devout at our church, all gasped and moaned as they masturbated. Some were even helping each other, a Hispanic girl named Pina giving her first blowjob. Jessica, one of my harem sluts, enjoyed a girl named Michelle, and my daughter Crystal eyed Georgia Simpson, a cheerleader.

Even Kip Larson, the youth minister, stroked his cock after cumming watching my twins do their strip-tease. His daughter shuddered beside him, rubbing her twat, her hand stretching out her panties.

My wife came up beside me, trembling, knowing her punishment came. She deserved it for cheating on me. For being a whore. But I still loved her. I would forgive her. After all, I lusted after our daughters.

But Scott… Her Pilates instructor would pay.

“Aren’t they beautiful?” I asked Anne as I stared down at our twin daughters moaning and writhing. Rosie lay on top of Lily, squirming and grinding her cum-filled pussy into her twin’s face. Lily gabbed Rosie’s ass, moaning as she ate her sister’s snatch.

“Yes, they are,” Anne purred, her body fit and athletic, her breasts round. The twins inherited my wife’s dark hair but my height, standing a few inches taller than their mother. “What is my punishment? Bondage?”

I grinned, my dick aching, dripping in my twins’ pussy juices. “Did Scott ever fuck your ass?”

“No,” she said quickly. “No one has.” She licked her lips. “You want that? I’ll let you do it. Anything, Michael.” She grabbed my hand. “I’m so sorry. It was such a mistake.”

The church doors banged open. Kitty’s excited footsteps drew my attention. My fourteen-year-old daughter, her body petite, her breasts little budding mounds, raced forward. Blonde pigtails streamed behind her. The cop’s handcuffs dangled from her right hand. She held it up like a trophy as she ran.

“Daddy!” she jumped to me, landing proud like a gymnast at the end of her routine. She threw her arms out, grinning at me. “I got them.”

“Yes, you did, Kitten,” I grinned, snatching them. I bent down and kissed her on the mouth.

She sighed into the kiss. Her mouth moved on mine while her sisters moaned in the background, noisily feasting on each other’s snatches. My dick ached so hard. I loved the incest of fucking my daughters, my own harem.

My wife, four daughters, and Crystal’s girlfriend Jessica. But I needed more for my harem. A god had appetites. And thanks to the nanites in the Halo, the source of my mind control powers, I had stamina.

“Anne,” I said, breaking the kiss, “hands behind your back.” My thoughts didn’t tingle one bit. My powers had her convinced she should behave this way. She believed it, my brainwaves overwriting hers.

“Yes, hun,” she said, turning and thrusting her hands behind her back. I admired her ass, firmer than it was a year ago. While I became obsessed with our daughters, she had gotten her body into better shape. Probably to attract my interest.

And when I didn’t give it to her…

Yeah, I could forgive her.

I slapped the cuff on her first wrist, savoring the ratcheting sound. “I’m going to fuck your ass so hard,” I growled, slapping the restraint on her other wrist, tightening it. “I’m going to break in that cherry ass with my dick lubed by our twin daughters’ pussies.”

“Yes,” she moaned, her voice so throaty.

“Good wives let their husbands fuck them up the ass, don’t they?”

“They do,” she said, wiggling her hips. “I want to be a good wife, Michael. I do.”

I looked around at the youth group. Most had cum, panting, faces flushed. Pina had cum dribbling down her brown chin, her nipples dimpling her top. Craig, the guy she blew, grinned like he won the lotto.

“Listen up,” I growled, forcing Anne down to the ground, bending her over the edge of the stage that the podium, and my daughters sixty-nining, rested upon. Her ass pointed at the youth group. “My wife cheated on me. And you know what happens to wives when they cheat?”

“Their daughters spank their asses,” Crystal, my blonde fifteen-year-old, said. She cuddled with her busty, black-haired girlfriend, Jessica.

Everyone else shook their heads or said, “No, Mr. Horne.”

“Spanking is the first punishment,” I growled, my dick throbbing hard. “But they also have to be treated as the whores they are.” I grinned, my dick aching so hard. “Anal whores. Guys, line up. Once I’m done breaking in her butt-hole, every one of you will fuck her whore ass and cum in her. Pound her. Give it to her hard. Show her how a whore is treated so she’ll never do it again.”

“Oh, yes,” my wife moaned. “Show me.” She wiggled her ass, sounding eager for it. Such a whore.

My thoughts tingled only slightly. After all the commands I gave the youth group and the minister, they were eager to obey. Kip even beat the boys to line up, his dick growing hard again. The teenage boys, sixteen and seventeen, all formed up, the girls watching, rubbing their pussies beneath or through their panties.

I loved having an audience. A god should be watched. I grinned, only hours ago just a scientist that worked out at the White Sands Missile Test Range. Now I had powers. I fell to my knees behind my cheating wife, my dick smacking her red ass.

She cooed.

“Beg, whore,” I growled, sliding my dick between her butt-cheeks while I stared at my sixty-nining twins just beyond her. Rosie and Lily’s breasts pillowed against the other’s stomach. They squirmed and moaned, devouring each other’s cunt with such passion.

“Fuck my whore-ass, Michael!” panted my wife. “Punish me for being a cheating slut!”

I thrust.

My wife groaned.

Her sphincter, as tight as Kitty’s or Crystal’s had been, swallowed my cock. Our twins’ pussy juices lubed the way. I slid into her velvety bowels, savoring the rough friction. Heat burned along my shaft as I plowed deeper and deeper into her.

“You’ll never deny me anything again after this,” I groaned, leaning over her, my eyes locked on Rosie and Lily.

“Never, hun,” she whimpered, her voice so thick as I pressed my dick to the hilt in her, feeling the firm swell of her toned ass. “Fuck my ass. Please, please. I love you.”

“I love you, too, whore.”

I drew back, shuddering at the tight grip of her bowels. The pleasure rippled down my cock. The friction burned and made me shudder. I gripped her hips and thrust into her, bringing another grunt from her lips, my balls smacking into her taint.

“Fuck her ass, Daddy!” Kitty cheered, bouncing on the edges, her pigtails dancing. She acted like a cheerleader. “Punish her whore-ass!”

I punished my wife. I fucked her hard, savoring her bowels finally wrapped about my dick. The heat caressed my dick. I grunted, slamming into her, my crotch smacking into her spanked ass. She gasped and moaned, squirming, writhing, bucking back into my thrusts like the whore she was.

“Oh, god, this is good,” she groaned. “I love it.”

“Anal is amazing,” Crystal cheered.

“Master’s cock feels so good in my ass,” Jessica agreed.

I groaned, savoring my wife’s ass, the people watching. I could feel the hard passion of the teenage boys waiting for their turn, most virgins. They’d get their first taste of a woman’s body as they fucked my whore-wife’s ass.

That sped my hips even faster. I pounded her, the velvety friction boiling my balls. My heavy nuts smacked over and over into her. I grunted and groaned, driving my cock into her with every ounce of strength I had.

I wanted her to feel it.

She did. She gasped. She moaned. She clenched her bowels on me as she bucked into my thrusts.

Rosie and Lily writhed, their bodies squirming, humping. Lily’s hand gripped her sister’s ass hard. Her fingers dipping into Rosie’s butt-crack. Rosie squealed, Lily’s fingers exploring, finding a puckered sphincter.

Penetrated it.

My dick ached in my wife’s asshole.

“Yes, yes, finger your sister’s asshole, Lily,” groaned my wife. “It’s so good. She’s going to love it.”

“I do, Mommy,” Rosie moaned between licks. “Oh, wow, Lily.”

Rosie’s own hand slid beneath her sister’s curving ass. Lily gasped, receiving her own anal delight.

I shuddered, loving the twincest before me. My strokes grew even harder. I rammed my cock so hard into my wife’s asshole. The pleasure burned around me as she gasped and groaned. My eyes rolled back into my head.

My cum aching to explode into her.

I seized my wife’s brown hair, pulling on it as I pounded her. She gasped, her bowels tightening on my dick. The heat burned around my cock. Pleasure rushed through my body. She squealed and groaned.

“Michael!” she gasped. “Oh, Michael, yes!”

“Are you going to cum, whore?” I growled.

“Yes!” she bucked up hard, her ass smacking my crotch. “So hard! I love your cock in my ass, hun! Keep fucking me and… Yes!”

“Cum, Mommy!” Kitty cheered.

“She is!” I groaned, my wife moaning and gasping as her bowels writhed on my dick.

“Then flood her whore-ass, Daddy!” Kitty bounded before us, blocking my view of her twin sisters. My youngest jumped and hopped, her firm tits jiggling, pigtails flying. Juices trickled down her thighs. “Cum, Daddy, cum!”

“Cum, Mr. Horne,” a boy shouted from the line, eager for his turn.

“Just pump her full of your jizz, Daddy,” Crystal moaned.

Behind Kitty, Rosie and Lily gasped, their bodies writhing, cumming together. I watched them through Kitty’s spread-wide legs. I groaned, plunging my dick hard through my wife’s convulsing bowels. My heavy nuts smacking over and over into her.

I growled out my pleasure and erupted into my wife’s asshole. Cum pumped out of me into her ass. Her bowels sucked at my dick, milking my cock as I grunted. Dizzy delight washed across my mind. My body shook and heaved.

“Go, Daddy, go!” Kitty cheered. She did a high-kick, flashing her pussy covered by her soft down of blonde curls, her silt parting, showing her pink depths. “Cum in Mommy’s ass!”

I groaned, firing the last blast of jizz into my wife. She squirmed, her handcuffs jiggling as she panted, coming down from her own orgasmic high. I yanked my cock out of her, sucking in deep breaths. Her asshole gaped open, my cum swimming in her.

“She’s all yours. Fuck her hard,” I grinned. “But only her ass. A wife’s pussy is only for her husband. No other man.”

Kip took my place, the younger man falling to his knees. His daughter watched, her eyes so wide as he rammed his dick into my wife’s whore-ass. Anne gasped, her back arching, her tits rubbing into the stage as I moved to my twins.

“Have a good time, girls?” I asked, kneeling down beside them, my cock bobbing before them.

“We did, Daddy,” Lily moaned, staring up at me, her face smeared with her sister’s cream. “Mmm, I’ve wanted to eat her pussy for over a year.”

Rosie nodded her head.

“I got a task for you two.” I grinned at them.

“What?” Lily asked.

“Find me two virgins to fuck. I want more girls for my harem.”

“Are we in your harem, Daddy?” Rosie asked.

“Of course,” I told her. “You’re mine forever. Just like your mother and sisters. And Jessica.” I couldn’t break up Crystal from her girlfriend.

“Okay, Daddy.”

They scrambled to their feet, their large breasts heaving, and darted into the watching girls to pick my virgins. I savored my power, my wife grunting as the youth minster pounded her cheating ass hard. Kitty danced around the room, shaking her butt, excited and on the verge of hyperactivity.

“My daddy’s a god!” she sang. “And you’re all his whores.”

That made my dick throb. There were about ten or eleven girls here.

“Daddy,” Lily said, bringing Georgia Simpson with her, the cheerleader Crystal had the hots for. “Here’s my pick.”

“Pick?” Georgia asked.

“To join my harem,” I told her. “You’re my sex slave, and that makes you hot and wet. Serving me gives me so much pleasure.”

A shudder ran through the cheerleader, her red hair swaying, her green eyes flashing. She had big tits, soft and pillowy, almost the size of the twins. Pink nipples topped them. I licked my lips, her hand rubbing at her crotch through her panties.

“Crystal,” I called, “come play with me and Georgia.”

“Yes!” my blonde child groaned, hopping to her feet. The fifteen-year-old sprinted from her girlfriend.

“Crystal’s had a bit of a crush on you,” I told Georgia. “She’s wanted to go down on your pussy and have you lick her asshole.”

“Her asshole?” Georgia blinked.

“It’s full of my cum,” I told her, smiling. I fucked Crystal asshole while watching the twins’ strip tease.

“It is,” Crystal moaned, falling to her knees by us, her blonde hair slipping off her back. Cum soaked her butt-crack, leaking out of her asshole.

“Georgia, fall to your knees and lick her ass clean.”

“Yes, Mr. Horne,” the redhead moaned.

“Call him Master,” Jessica shouted. She crawled over, her big tits swaying. “Can I play, too, Master?”

“Please, Daddy?” Crystal asked as the redheaded cheerleader pulled apart her butt-cheeks and licked up my cum. “Ooh, Georgia, yes!”

“Crystal, lick your girlfriend’s pussy,” I groaned, falling to my knees, my wife grunting in the background.

Before I could ram into Georgia’s pussy, Rosie appeared with Kip’s daughter, Marybeth. The fifteen-year-old trembled, her short, black hair swaying about an elfin face, her breasts swaying beneath her top.

“I know she’s a virgin, Daddy,” Rosie proclaimed. “Right?”

“I am, Mr. Horne,” Marybeth said, her eyes staring at my dick pointing at Georgia’s fiery bush.

“Twins, strip her naked and play with her body while I enjoy Georgia.”

“Yes, Daddy,” my twins said, ripping off Marybeth’s PJs.

So much was happening around me. Girls were getting naked, rubbing each other. Michelle had her face buried between Pina’s thighs. The girl, once freaked out by a lesbian encounter with Jessica at a slumber party, now threw herself into devouring the Hispanic girl’s pussy. Kip Larson finished in my wife’s ass and a boy named Randy took his place. Jessica squealed, Crystal eating her pussy who in turn had her ass eaten out by Georgia, licking up all my cum.

I groaned, loving my powers. I rammed into Georgia’s pussy in a single thrust, ripping through her virginity. My dirty cock buried into her pure depths. She groaned into my daughter’s butt, her snatch cleaning off my wife’s ass from my shaft.

I grinned, loving fucking a virgin’s cunt after I’d been in a woman’s asshole. I groaned, gripping the cheerleader’s hips, and pounded her. Her firm ass rippled as my crotch smacked into her while her supple back arched. Her fiery hair spilled about her shoulders as she moved her head, lapping at my daughter’s sphincter.

“That’s it, whore,” I groaned. “You’re part of my harem. You love licking my cum out of any of my daughters’ or your fellow slaves’ bodies.”

“Yes, Master,” panted Georgia, her tight pussy clenching on my dick. She bucked back into me, her juicy snatch massaging my dick.

“Fuck her hard, Daddy,” one of the twins moaned. They had Marybeth naked, cupping the girl’s round breasts. The twins sucked on her nipples, making her squeal.

Kip watched my daughters play with his. I bet the pervert secretly lusted after all the nubile girls of the youth group.

I groaned, thrusting harder into Georgia’s snatch. Pleasure rippled through me as I used her, watching her lick and lap at my daughter’s asshole. I leaned over her body, my hands sliding up her side to her swaying breasts.

I gripped them as I groaned, “Shove that tongue into my daughter’s asshole, slut.”

Georgia obeyed. Crystal squealed into her girlfriend’s snatch. My blonde child tightened her butt-cheeks, pressing them against Georgia’s face. I shuddered, loving it. Jessica writhed beyond, her hands playing with her big tits.

I squeezed Georgia’s big tits as I fucked her, my hands sliding down them like they were a pair of udders. I found her fat nipples, pinching them. She squealed into my daughter’s asshole, her once virgin pussy clenching on my dick, buffing my shaft clean.

“Fuck,” I groaned. “Georgia, you have such a tight, hot pussy.”

“Thank you, Master!” she moaned. “Oh, wow, I never knew a cock could feel so good in me. I heard from other girls… Yes!”

I groaned in shock, her pussy cumming already. Her silky flesh spasmed and rippled around my dick. I plowed into her, loving her passion. She moaned and gasped into Crystal’s asshole. Her hips bucked, driving her ass back into my strokes.

I fucked her faster, savoring her massaging flesh. She kept moaning, squealing, cumming. My balls smacked into her clit. Every stroke raised the heat in my balls, bringing me closer and closer to a boil.

“Fuck,” I groaned, gazing around, watching the fun.

Michelle tongued Pina hard. The Hispanic girl lay on her back now, Michelle’s pale hands reaching up to grasp the Hispanic girl’s brown tits. Pleasure rippled across Pina’s face as she humped her teenage cunt into Michelle’s hungry mouth.

Randy plowed into my wife’s ass hard. He grunted, my wife squealing, cumming on the teenage boy’s dick. His face twisted in rapture as he flooded her whore-ass. Then he panted and pulled out of her. He gave Craig a high-five then stumbled past the line.

Craig stepped up and rammed into my wife’s sloppy asshole.

“Oh, yes,” Anne cooed, her face scrunched up in pleasure.

Marybeth shuddered, lying on her back now, one of my twins between her thighs, the other sitting on her face. I grinned, recognizing the subtle differences that let me tell them apart, and watched Lily’s big tits heave as she ground on Marybeth’s face.

“Yes, yes, lick my pussy,” groaned Lily. “Just do what Rosie’s doing to your cunt, slut! Oh, yes, just like that!”

“Lord almighty,” groaned Kip, his hand stroking his cock, regaining a third wind as he watched his fifteen-year-old daughter writhing in lesbian passion.

Oh, yes, he had lusted after these teenage girls and their nubile passions before.

I groaned, still plunging my dick into Georgia’s cumming pussy as I cast my gaze across the other teenage girls fingering their pussies. Most were naked, rubbing virgin snatches or plunging fingers into cunts already deflowered. Their youthful breasts heaved, their moans singing through the church, spurring my hips to fuck.

Kitty sneaked up on Lily, hugging her from behind as she ground on Marybeth’s face, my youngest grabbing Lily’s big tits. “Got your boobies!”

“Oh, yes, you do, rugrat,” Lily moaned, trembling as Kitty’s small hands kneaded those lush breasts. “Mmm, and your nipples feel so hard.”

“And my pussy’s soooooo wet!”

I shuddered, my dick throbbing in Georgia’s pussy as I watched the sight. Kitty nibbled on Lily’s neck, her fingers finding her sister’s nipples. She tugged on them, making Lily grind her pussy hard on Marybeth’s licking mouth.

“Fuck my ass, Craig!” howled my wife.

“Yes, Mrs. Horne!” groaned the young man.

“Oh, Crystal, yes,” gasped Jessica, tugging on her dusky nipples as she humped against Crystal’s licking mouth. “Oh, yes, eat my cunt. I love it. You’re the best. I love you so much.”

“I love you,” moaned my daughter. I accidentally made them love each other. But they were both so happy now.

I groaned, squeezing Georgia’s tits again, wishing her big udders had milk in them. Then I could milk her for real. I shivered, plunging harder into her deflowered cunt, her flesh rippling about me, the pleasure building and swelling.

“Michelle!” Pina moaned in orgasmic delight.

“Yes, yes, yes,” groaned another girl, quivering, her firm tits jiggling as she came on her fingers.

“Lick my pussy, Marybeth!” moaned Lily.

“Lick her,” groaned Kip.

All the passion burning around me, sent my hips plunging so hard. My cock ached. The pressure built at the tip. Jessica gasped and bucked, cumming on Crystal’s expert mouth. More pleasure filling the church, defiling it.

I grinned, driving my cock deep into the sixteen-year-old cheerleader’s pussy. I grunted, my cock unloading. My jizz flooded into her pussy. I grunted. The pleasure flooded through me. Hot blasts of jizz pumped over and over into the girl’s snatch.

“Mr. Horne!” she squealed, her pussy milking my dick. “Yes, yes.”

“Flood her pussy, Daddy!” Kitty cheered. “Baste her with jizz.”

“Yes, do it, Daddy!” gasped Lily. “Oh, Marybeth, yes!”

Girls were cumming everywhere as I flooded Georgia’s pussy. Lily came on the youth minster’s daughter tongue while Marybeth flooded Rosie’s mouth with pussy juices. Pina heaved in orgasmic delight. Masturbating girls squealed.

And my body heaved as I pumped so much jizz into Georgia’s soiled cunt. I hoped I bred her. I hoped I bred all my daughters, too. I wanted them all pregnant. Then Georgia would have big udders for me to milk.

“Fuck,” I groaned, my dick spurting the last load of jizz into her, pleasure rippling through my body. “Oh, damn, that’s good.”

Crystal lifted her face from Jessica’s pussy, throwing a cunt-stained look over her shoulder. “Daddy! Can I lick her pussy now!”

I grinned at her. “Yes, you can. Enjoy Georgia.”

“Yes, honey,” moaned Jessica. “Savor her cunt.”

Georgia shivered as I pulled out of her. Then my blonde child attacked the redhead, forcing Georgia onto her back. Crystal straddled Georgia’s face and buried into the redhead’s sloppy cunt, eager to lick my jizz out of the cheerleader’s twat.

I turned to Marybeth. My twins pulled away from her and sauntered to Jessica. They sank down on either side of my busty sex slave, cupping her big tits and kissing her on the face. I shuddered, my dick twitching.

“Are you going to fuck my daughter now, Michael?” Kip asked, stroking his dick.

Marybeth shivered, her face smeared with Lily’s pussy cream. “Yes, are you, Mr. Horne? I’m so wet and hot. I want…I want a cock in me.”

“My daddy is going to fuck you so hard,” Kitty cheered.

“No, she’s going to fuck me,” I said, crouching down then stretching out onto my back. I grabbed my cock, lifting it so it pointed skyward, Georgia’s pussy juices basting it. “My new slut’s going to pop her cherry by impaling herself on my dick. Then she’s going to ride me hard.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Kitty said, moving around me. She straddled my head before I could say anything and sat her pussy down on my mouth.

I didn’t complain as I licked through her tight, sweet slit. I broke in this virgin twat. Last time I licked her, she had a cherry. This time, I jammed my tongue into her hot depths, swirling it around and making her squeal.

“Sit on my daddy’s cock right now, slut!” Kitty gasped.

“Yes,” groaned her father.

I didn’t see Marybeth since I stared at my daughter’s cute tush clenching as she ground her hot pussy on my mouth. But I felt the minister’s daughter straddle me. Her hand seized my shaft. And then I felt the first touch of a virgin twat on my dick, a hymen guarding the entrance to what I craved.

Marybeth gasped in pain, impaling herself down my cock. Her hot, tight twat slid down my dick. She whimpered, wiggling, taking more and more of my shaft. I groaned into Kitty’s sweet snatch as Marybeth bottomed out on my shaft, taking me to my hilt.

“Yay!” Kitty cheered. “Now fuck him! Ride my daddy’s cock, slut! You’ll love it. Cumming on his dick is the best!”

“Okay,” Marybeth said, her voice sounding slightly awed. “He’s so deep in me. I can feel him.” She slid up my cock, her virgin-tight cunt clinging to my dick. “Oooh, that’s nice. Oh, that’s very nice.”

I groaned into my daughter’s pussy.

“Daddy loves it,” giggled Kitty, grinding that hot, sweet pussy on my mouth. “Fuck him with your cute cunny! Love my daddy!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” groaned Kip.

My tongue danced through my daughter’s cunny as Marybeth slid her pussy down my dick. The deflowered girl groaned, her hips wiggling as she discovered the pleasure of fucking a man. She rose on my cock, hot snatch clinging to my flesh.

Pleasure boiled around my dick as she worked her pussy up and down my shaft. I moaned and groaned into my daughter’s cunt. I collected her cream dribbling out of her. I savored the flavor flooding my mouth. She gasped and shivered on me, squirming and grinding her hot pussy against my mouth as I feasted on her underage snatch.

“Oh, Daddy, yes. You love the slut’s pussy on your dick. I can tell!” Kitty shuddered, her cute tush clenching before my gaze. “Yes, yes, lick my cunny while the whore fucks your cock.”

“Whore?” gasped Marybeth, her underage cunt clenching on my dick.

“You’re my daddy’s whore now. You belong to him.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” grunted Kip. “Fuck!”

“Daddy!” gasped Marybeth. “Don’t swear in church and… Daddy!”

Kitty giggled while Kip groaned, his dick must be firing his cum. Marybeth rode me faster, her pussy clenching and relaxing as she witnessed her father orgasm. I shuddered, my hands squeezing the girl’s thighs, feeling her muscles flex as she fucked me.

Pleasure rippled down my dick. I shuddered, thrusting my tongue deep into Kitty’s pussy. She fucked her cunt around my tongue, her hips dancing in circles. Her juices dribbled down my chin and cheek, her scent filling my nose.

I groaned, loving it. I could drown in any of my daughter’s cunts. I reveled in devouring Kitty’s snatch. My tongue flicked through her folds, brushing her clit now. That made her gasp and shudder, her rump clenching above my face.

“Daddy!” she squealed.

Other moans reached my ears.

“Suck on my big titties,” gasped Jessica. I pictured my twins loving Jessica’s big tits. I suspected Rosie and Lily both liked breasts. They started with Marybeth’s, and now they enjoyed Jessica’s lush pair.

“Ooh, Pina, yes, just like that,” cooed Michelle. “That’s how you lick pussy. Mmm, you’re doing such a good job.”

My dick throbbed in Marybeth’s cunt, picturing the Hispanic girl, her rump up in the air, wiggling as she devoured her first cunt. Michelle, stretched out on her back, shuddering as she taught another girl all about the joys of lesbian sex, awakening to her true desires. No longer repressed by the morality of the church we defiled.

“Oh, Kurt, that’s a big cock,” moaned my wife, taking another teenage boy in her whore ass. “Oh, yes, fuck me. Dump more cum into my asshole and make me cum!”

“Yes, Mrs. Horne,” the Black youth groaned, plowing my wife, his crotch smacking her well-spanked ass.

“Crystal!” squealed Georgia, her voice muffled, face pressed into hot pussy. “Oh, yes, Crystal!”

“Cum, you naughty slut!” moaned my blonde child.

“Oh, Daddy, this is so awesome,” Kitty groaned, grinding her pussy on my face. “All these people fucking. You did this! You are a god, Daddy!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Kit groaned.

“A god?” Marybeth said, awe in her voice, her pussy clenching hard on my dick. “I’m fucking a god?”

“You are,” I groaned, my thoughts prickling.

“Yes!” Marybeth gasped. “I’m like Mary. Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

She bounced hard on me now, leaning froward. My daughter gasped, her moans muffled. Both of theirs were. They kissed. I loved it, Marybeth’s pussy rubbing on my dick, massaging me with her hot cunt as she Frenched my daughter.

The virgin slammed down my cock and came. Her pussy spasmed about my dick. She squealed into Kitty’s mouth. I groaned, the pleasure rippling around my cock, her snatch spasming and convulsing.

I latched onto Kitty’s clit, sucking hard on it as the pleasure surged through me. I groaned, squeezing Marybeth’s thighs, the ache building and building in my cock. My nanite-enhanced balls had another load of cum ready.

“Daddy!” Kitty gasped, breaking the kiss. “Oh, Daddy, you have to cum in her. You have to put a baby in her belly!”

“Yes, yes, breed my daughter!” groaned the youth minister, lost to his suppressed lusts.

“Do it, Daddy! Breed her like you bred me!”

Kitty’s pussy gushed juices. A sweet flood poured into my mouth. She bucked hard atop me, adding her moans to Marybeth’s and other girls cumming through the worship hall. My dick throbbed and ached as I drank down those juices.

Marybeth came harder, squealing, “Breed me! Give me your god baby!”

She thrashed on my cock, bucking wildly. Her hips moved, shifting, stirring me through her orgasming cunt. Pleasure surged down my cock. I sucked on my youngest daughter’s cumming snatch as my balls boiled.

My cum fired into Marybeth’s snatch. Jizz pumped out of me. I groaned and spasmed. Her flesh milked me, so eager to be bred by her god and master. I shuddered, the two girls kissing again, sharing their pleasure as they squirmed atop me.

Rapture shuddered through me. Every blast of cum sent stars bursting across my vision. I groaned, my balls pumping out so much cum. My dick twitched in Marybeth’s spasming cunt each time, adding more jizz to the flood.

“Oh, damn,” panted her father. “You’re breeding my daughter. You’re breeding her!”

I heard the slap of hand against crotch, knowing he masturbated again, his dick staying hard from the sheer taboo lust of watching another man fuck his underage daughter. I shuddered, taking a last lap through my daughter’s pussy.

“Damn,” I panted, lying there panting, taking in what I had just done. I had fucked all four of my daughters, my wife, and three other girls tonight. I had cum and cum again.

And I still had energy.


“Fuck her ass, Daddy,” cheered James Maxwell twins. “Punish her.”

James groaned, advancing on the bound form of Deidre Icke, the president of the Institute. An orange extension cord tied her wrists together behind her back. She lay bent over her ex-husband’s desk, cum flooding out of her well-fucked asshole. Pearly jizz flowed down to her pussy, matting her dark bush and running in thick rivulets down her thighs.

By the time James learned of it, half the men in the Institute had already queued up to fuck her ass, to punish her like the God taught us. Alex, her sixteen-year-old son, walked around the desk and shoved his dirty cock into his mother’s mouth.

“That’s it, Mom, clean me off,” Alex groaned.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Alexis moaned, impaled on her father’s cock and watching the anal gangbang. “Mr. Maxwell, fuck her now. Punish her for cheating on my daddy!”

“Yes,” Mindy and Cindy, James’s twins, moaned. His cum ran out of both their pussies. They wanted to be bred by their daddy. “Fuck her!”

James pushed his cock into Deidre’s asshole. It slid in with hardly any resistance, broken in by a dozen or more cocks and lubed by so many sloppy seconds. He groaned, shocked he could even get his cock up again.

But tonight, fucking his twin daughters, was special.

“Punish my mother,” Alex groaned, fucking her mouth.

James grinned and obeyed his God’s teachings.


Pina and Michelle licked my cum out of each other’s twats. I liked that double-fucking method of enjoying two girls, going back and forth between their pussies. I decided those two would be the last girls I’d keep in my harem from the youth group. The last boy fucked my wife’s ass, ramming into her. The other boys were enjoying the girls I hadn’t claimed, some getting spit-roasted, others simultaneously taking a cock in their pussy and asshole, moaning out their pleasure.

Kip had his dick buried in a fifteen-year-old Black girl’s snatch, fucking her hard while his daughter lay in an embrace with Kitty, the pair kissing after their hot sixty-nine. Crystal, Jessica, and Georgia formed a daisy-chain of licking passion.

“Oh, god, fuck my ass,” moaned my wife. “Mmm, punish me. I need it.”

“Mom is such a whore,” Rosie giggled, crawling towards me, her twin sister beside her.

Lily nodded her head as she and Rosie stopped before me. They both grabbed my dick coated in Pina’s and Michelle’s pussy juices. “And you’re still hard. You must be a god, Daddy.”

“How?” Rosie groaned.

“I made him a king by putting a gold crown on his head,” Kitty mewled, sounding tired. She’d done a lot of fucking today.

“Wow,” Rosie groaned, her tongue licking up my shaft, gathering the mix of juices.

Lily’s joined her. I shuddered, my daughters’ identical faces pressed together as they licked and lapped at my cock, cleaning off the cunt cream. Their tongues bathed me. I groaned when they reached the tip, flicking across the sensitive crown.

Pleasure flooded through me. I loved their tongues dancing over my grown, their dark eyes twinkling. They stroked the base as they licked up all the juices they could, sliding their pink, agile tongues across my dick.

Sometimes they brushed, caressing each other.

And then they kissed around the crown of my dick, pressing their lips together while stimulating me.

“Oh, you two are such naughty girls,” I groaned, my body twitching. A new load of cum built in my balls. “Just so hungry for your daddy’s cum.”

“It was so yummy in Rosie’s pussy,” Lily moaned.

“But we want to taste it pure,” Rosie added.

“Pure.” Lily sucked on the tip of my cock.

I shuddered, her cheeks hollowing as the seventeen-year-old loved my dick. I groaned, Rosie’s tongue licking around her sister’s lips, caressing the flesh of my cock. Their hands tightened on my shaft, stroking me faster and faster.

Lily popped her mouth off my cock, letting Rosie get a turn. My eldest daughter, by seven minutes, sucked and worshiped my dick. I panted, my hands seizing their dark hair, gripping them as they pleasured me.

They traded my dick back and forth, sucking, licking, pleasing me. In the background, my wife came on the last boy’s cock. He grunted, flooding her ass, finishing her punishment. I groaned, sucking in breaths.

Enjoying my daughter’s mouths loving my dick.

“That’s it, girls,” I groaned. “Pleasure your father.”

“Do it,” moaned my wife, her voice thick with exhausted satisfaction. “He’s a good man. You have to please him.”

“Yes, Mother,” Rosie and Lily sang together as they swapped who sucked my dick.

Rosie engulfed my cock, her tongue swirling.

“We want you to cum on our faces, Daddy,” Lily moaned then took my dick from her sister.

“Just hose us with your cum,” purred Rosie, Lily bobbing her head, sucking so hard on my dick.

They switched. “Mmm, yes, coat us. Rosie and I want that.”

Lily engulfed my dick. “Yes, yes, bathe us, Daddy!”

I groaned, their sucking and begging had my balls boiling. They stroked my dick faster and faster, sensing my orgasm approached. I gripped their hair, my face twisting in passion. Their hot mouths teased me, tongues dancing.

I grunted.

The twins pulled back, their hands fisting my cock, aiming me right at their identical faces. My dick twitched, spurted. White cum painted their faces. Splashed from one twin to the other. They moaned and cooed as I bathed them. My spunk splashed on their foreheads, ran down their noses, and dripped down their cheeks.

“Daddy!” they squealed together. “Yes, yes, yes!”

I grunted, my final blast spurting across their lips. They turned, locking lips hard. They kissed each other, tongues dancing. They licked my spunk off each other, savoring the taste of my cum. I shivered, loving the sight.

“That is so hot,” my wife groaned, tottering over to me, a flood of cum pouring down her thighs from her ass, her body flushed, her tits spotted red from the carpeting covering the stage. “Look at them. Just loving your spunk.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned.

“Am I…forgiven?” she asked, her voice trembling, her eyes tremulous.

“Yeah, Anne,” I told her, cupping her chin, our twins snowballing my cum back and forth as they knelt before us. “You are.”

A tear fell down her cheek.

“But that asshole Scott… He’s going to pay.”

“He’s married, you know,” my wife said. “Once…we went to his house while his wife and daughter were out of town.”

My dick twitched. “You remember where it is?”

She nodded her head.

“Then it’s time to pay that cock-sucking asshole a visit.” I grinned, my plan forming in my mind.

“Sure,” my wife nodded. “Um, did you get the keys for the handcuffs from the cop?”

I blinked and laughed. Even a god could forget the little details.

To be continued…

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