Daughter’s Slut Training Chapter One: Slut Training with Brother


Daughter’s Slut Training

An Incestuous Harem Story

Chapter One: Slut Training with Brother

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

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Mrs. Umayyah

The moans drifted through the walls separating my classroom from Vicky Samuels’s. A low, wanton groan of pure pleasure. I shivered, unable to resist myself. It was so much easier to forget about my financial problems through masturbation than worry how my husband would react when he learned I squandered our savings on online poker. I bit my lip, the hot itch forming between my thighs. I pulled the picture off the wall, a fun reminder for my students to tell the difference between sine, cosine, and tangent.

A beam of pure light poured into my classroom through the peephole I drilled last year. I hiked my skirt and watched, my hands rubbing at my pussy, pleasure coursing through me.

I drilled the peephole when I realized why I kept hearing such wicked sounds coming from Vicky’s classroom. And what I saw that first time had shocked me seeing the naked back of a young man fucking Vicky hard.

And then aroused me.

I fought my impulses to watch, to masturbate, for weeks, struggling with these urges blossoming in my pussy. I thought I was a good woman, married, going to Mosque every Friday, keeping my hair covered by my hijab, instilling good values in the high school students I taught math to. I tried everything to distract myself from investigating further.

I thought Vicky was having an affair with a young, male student. Something tawdry. There were more than a few hunks I’d taught: Clint, Sean, Evan, Vince, James. Strong, young men with chiseled chins and youthful vigor. I’d felt their eyes on my figure. Though I dressed modestly, I couldn’t hide the size of my tits. They stretched out my blouses, the boys staring at my boobs, lusting after them.

So during my lunch break, while Vicky entertained her stud, I went on the internet to find distraction. And discovered online poker. At first, I wasn’t playing for money. And then I was. I was winning, I was losing. It was a roller coaster of emotions, playing the hand, trying to figure out the odds of winning. The highs and lows kept me from doing anything naughty.

Until I realized I’d squandered all my family’s savings. I’d emptied our three children’s college funds and our nest egg for the future. I hadn’t drained our checking account, but I was about to when I stopped myself. And heard those moans again.

I had to investigate.

I looked through the peephole again.

And discovered Vicky fucking her nephew Clint. Along with her two daughters, Melody and Lee. And her nieces, young Alicia and older Zoey. Plus Pam and Stefani. Every day during lunch, Clint would enjoy any number of combination of those women, reveling in the incest, fucking his baby sister, his older sister, knocking up his cousin Melody. I watched her and Pam grow larger and larger with their pregnancies all last year.

Over summer break, all I could think about was watching Clint fuck his family while thankful my daughter Leyla wasn’t a slut like all the women in his incestuous harem. With two teenage boys, she’d be out of control, doing so much naughty things with my sons.

“That’s it, you nasty slut,” Vicky hissed as I peeped through today. I needed it after rumors flew through the school about my student Carmelita licking pussies during lunch period yesterday in the girl’s restroom. “Suck his cock. Ooh, what a slutty daughter I have.”

I shivered, seeing Clint sitting naked in his aunt’s chair, his pregnant half-sister (I learned through spying that Clint had more sisters than anyone knew) Lee on her knees. Vicky had a hold of her daughter’s short, black hair, bobbing the sixteen-year-old slut’s mouth on Clint’s dick. She jammed it far down his shaft.

Lee gagged.

“That’s it, take it all. Ooh, you are such a slut! A nasty whore!” Vicky shuddered, also naked her big tits swaying. “Gobbling all of your brother’s dick. He’s going to fire his cum straight into your belly. And you want it. Because you’re a slut, Lee!”

“Such a slut,” groaned Clint, his hand reaching out, boldly squeezing his aunt’s big boob. “Just like her mother.”

Vicky let out a wanton moan.

My pussy went molten. I rubbed harder at my pussy, my thick bush caressing my fingers. I already removed my panties. The first thing I did after locking the doors and turning off the lights. I shuddered, my juices coating my fingers.

Then I plunged them into my snatch. I groaned softly, pleasure rippling through my married body. My hips wiggled, my hijab rustling about my shoulders. I heard the wet plunge of my fingers into my steamy snatch. Pleasure shot through me as I watched Vicky bob her daughter’s mouth up and down Clint’s cock, treating her like the slut she was.

My little Leyla, sixteen, knew nothing of sex. I was so grateful for that. She would be a proper virgin, like me, on her wedding day. Not like that little whore, Lee.

“Suck his cock, little slut,” I groaned beneath my breath. “Just suck it. You want his cum. You want to drink down all that yummy, salty jizz. I know you do. Mmm, yes. You’re just that much of a whore.”

“Keep sucking your brother’s cock!” Vicky hissed. She spat on Lee’s face. “Just a dirty, filthy slut! I want you drowning in his cum!”

“Fuck, yes,” groaned Clint, his hand squeezing hard on his aunt’s big tits.

I had tits like that. I shivered, my left hand squeezing my large breast through my dark blouse and bra. My nipples throbbed, shooting delight straight down to my pussy. I whimpered, licking my lips, my hips wiggling, cunt clenching on my fingers.

I plunged them faster and faster. I stirred them to a froth watching Clint’s muscular chest ripple. Such a hunk. He knew how to fuck. I’d seen him plow his aunt before, fucking her from behind, making those big tits jiggle.

Treating her like the slut she was.

“Make him cum!” moaned Vicky, her hips wiggling, her black hair swaying about her shoulders. “Do it!”

Clint grunted, his head throwing back, face twisting in that familiar look of rapture. I’d seen him cum at least once a school day. I knew what he looked like as he pumped his jizz into a slut’s hole. Ass, pussy, or mouth. He didn’t care. He just used them.

Lee moaned, tasting his spunk flooding her mouth, her body shuddering, hips wiggling. I could see juices running down her thighs from her whore-pussy. I shuddered, my fingers caressing my silky pussy walls.

“Drink it all, whore!” I hissed.

My pussy spasmed.

Rapture flooded out of my cunt. That wonderful release. Euphoria burst through my thoughts. I groaned, churning my snatch to a hot froth as my orgasm burst through me. Everything felt amazing as the pleasure rippled through me. No problems. No concerns. Just the hot release of my orgasm. My hips wiggled, juices dripping down my hand.

And ecstasy caressing my thoughts. Smothering them in delight.

I whimpered.

I moaned.

I kept plunging my fingers into my snatch, watching Lee pop her mouth off his cock. Her aunt hauled her up by the hair and bent the pregnant girl over the desk. Lee’s belly only starting to curve, to show the proof of her whorish behavior. Bred by her half-brother. Vicky smacked her ass while Clint rose.

“Yes! Fuck that little slut!” I groaned.

Lee gasped as Clint rammed his cock into her pregnant snatch.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I hissed, frigging my snatch so hard. Another orgasm burst through me.


Leyla Umayyah

I hated driving my little brother home from his chess club meetings, having to wait after school while he and his dorky friends had their fun. I didn’t see why Mom couldn’t drive him home. She worked at the school, often staying even later than the half hour for his club activity.

I needed to get home. I needed the privacy of my bedroom. My high school was such a whorish place. Clint and his harem had everyone talking about sex, making it so hard to stay pure. Yesterday, I heard he fucked his pregnant cousin Lee in the ass in the boys bathroom while at the same time Carmelita, that bitch of a bully, had turned completely lesbian, going down on girls in the bathroom.

Some even claimed they peed in her willing mouth.

I hated how I wanted to be one of those girls. I wasn’t sure which one I wanted more: to be Lee, getting fucked by that hunk Clint, or one of those girls getting her pussy licked by that Hispanic bitch. She picked on me because I wore the hijab, calling me a Muslim trollop.

My dusky hands gripped the steering wheel of my car as I squirmed.

My brother, Jalal, glanced at me. He had darker skin than me, his body tall and slender, almost as tall as our older brother, Faizel. Jalal pushed up his glasses, staring at me. He was always ogling me. I once caught him trying to peek in on me taking a shower. Horny fourteen-year-old nerd. I bet he had so much porn on his computer.

Maybe I should download porn on mine. Have some…inspiration.

I squeezed my thighs together beneath my long skirt, my clit throbbing.

“Are you okay?” he asked me.

“Fine,” I said. “Just want to get home. I have…homework to do.”

“Right, right, homework,” he said, a sly smile on his lips. “Sure.”

I blushed. Did he know what I really did after school every day? Mom and Dad would kill me if they learned I masturbated. I didn’t want to, but… Clint fucked Lee up the ass yesterday! In our school’s bathroom! And today, I saw him strutting around with Melody and Pam wrapped about him, his hands on both their asses.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard when we get home,” Clint had said before kissing Melody.

“Both of us?” Pam asked before nibbling on his chin.

He broke the kiss with Melody to kiss Pam, thrusting his tongue into the Japanese girl’s mouth. She quivered, letting out a sigh while blonde Melody rubbed her hands up and down his stomach, feeling his muscular body through his t-shirt.

And my pussy had melted and never recovered. My poor panties soaked through. I needed to get out of them. I needed to be fucked so hard, to surrender my virginity to a hard cock. Any cock. My mind wanted to be pure, but the rest of me wanted to be dirty.

And now my nerdy little brother stared at me. When my parents gave me my car, an old Toyota donated by one of my dad’s hordes of cousins, I had to agree to drive Jalal home from his school activity every day.

At the time, I agreed without hesitation.

Now… Why did he have to keep staring at me? I felt his eyes on my boobs, like his glasses had x-ray powers and he could see through my blouse and bra. Didn’t he know I was his sister? Who did he think he was? Clint?

Did Clint really fuck his little sister Alicia? Rumors said he did. He fucked his cousins, why not his baby sister?

This school has me all out of sorts. It tempted me every day. How could I maintain my virginity when my body wanted to have all sorts of dirty fun with Clint, with Evan, with Mitch, with James, with other guys? Even Couch Young sent a tingle through my pussy during gym class last week.

I turned into the driveway. We were the only ones home, our older brother hanging out with his friends, Mom still at school grading papers, and Dad worked long hours as a construction foreman. I pulled the parking brake while Jalal burst out of the car, racing for the house on his long, gangly legs.

He had Faizel’s height, but not our older brother’s brawny build.

What would it like to be with Faizel…? So strong, that same brown skin our father possessed, that soul patch on his chin, his face so handsome. More than a few of my girlfriends thought him dreamy. And I knew he wasn’t a virgin.

Maybe he could teach me things like Clint taught his…

I squeezed my eyes shut. Maybe I should pray to Allah instead of masturbating. I should throw down my prayer rug, face Mecca, and pray and pray and pray until my pussy no longer begged to be touched.

But when I entered my room, my clothes flew off instead. My fingers fumbled at my blouse. My hijab ended up draped over the post of my bed, my skirt in a tangled pile on the floor, bra lying on my pillow, and my panties on my desk, lying in a sodden pile.

I shivered, running hands over my dusky skin, cupping my round breasts. They were perky and firm, my nipples small and dark brown. I pinched them, letting out a delicious moan before kneeling on my bed.

Like a bitch about to be fucked in the ass by Clint.

“Ooh, yes, Clint,” I groaned, wiggling my hips. I rubbed my fingers up my thighs, drawing nearer and nearer to my pussy.

My shaved pussy.

I couldn’t believe I did that, but it made my vulva even more sensitive, made masturbating even more intense. I shivered, brushing the smooth flesh around my pussy, slick with my juices. My tangy scent filled my nose. I whimpered, brushing my slit.

Then I found my clit. I rubbed it, my asshole clenching as I wiggled my hips, pointed at the door. I pictured Clint standing there naked, his body muscular and strong, his skin lighter than mine. He stroked his cock, his face so handsome, chiseled, bold, his dark eyes smoldering as he stared at me.

“Just slide your cock into my pussy,” I moaned, rubbing at my virgin snatch, brushing my hymen. “Take my cherry, lube your cock, then fuck my asshole! Fuck me like Lee!”


Mrs. Umayyah

I came home early, Leyla’s old, faded-blue Toyota Camry in the driveway. I should have stayed at school and finish my work, but I couldn’t. Temptation burned too hot. I wanted to find a stud, any stud, and have him fuck me. But I refused to violate my marriage. I loved my husband. He was a good man. A good provider.

I was the terrible wife. Bad enough I squandered our savings on my poker addiction and then spent my lunch breaks masturbating to Clint committing incest with his sisters and aunt. I wouldn’t be a whore like Vicky and her daughters.

I wouldn’t ever cheat on him.

I was a good woman. A proper Muslim. Yes, I had my sins, and I prayed to Allah for forgiveness. I strove to rise above my base nature, but my female desires burned through me. They’d only grown as I matured while my husband, exhausted from working hard all day, could hardly muster the energy most nights to satiate me.

Only on the weekends did my pussy get the true satisfaction she craved.

I entered the house.

It was strangely silent. I knew Leyla and my baby boy Jalal were home. Usually, Jalal played video games, the sounds echoing through the house. I moved to the second floor, a strange energy in the air. I felt…like I intruded.

I frowned, reaching the carpeted stairs, moving up them.

I heard heavy breathing. And a rhythmic slap. I furrowed my brow, the sound…familiar. I couldn’t quite place it. Flesh slapping flesh. Not quite the sound of two people having sex, but similar. A hot itch formed in my pussy.

Had Jalal brought a girl home? Had my shy baby boy blossomed like my eldest son? It couldn’t be Leyla. She was a perfect girl, not a slut. She’d never sneak a boy into the house.

I crept up the stairs.

I spotted the crown of my son’s head just over the top of the stairs. I climbed higher. Jalal knelt before his sister’s door, peering through her keyhole. We had an old house, built over a hundred years ago, with locks that used skeleton keys on all the bedroom doors. His arm moved like he was…


My pussy became molten.

I crept up another step. Then another and shuddered, witnessing his hand flying up and down his fourteen-year-old cock. I fought the urge to moan, my eyes so wide, witnessing him pounding his dick. I licked my lips, realizing he neared the size of his father’s. He let out another groan, peeping on his sister.

Then I heard a different moan, feminine. My eyes widened. No, that couldn’t be Leyla masturbating. She was too young to discover sex. Only sixteen. She never dated. She saved herself for marriage. We were still looking for the perfect, young man to be her husband. Someone to care for and love her, to give her wonderful children and make her happy.

She couldn’t be rubbing her pussy like a slut. Like a whore. Like Lee.

Jalal licked his lips, muttering, “Yes, yes, finger that pussy.”

My eyes widened. Leyla was masturbating. That little whore. And her poor brother had grown hard because of it, realizing what his naughty sister was doing in her room. He couldn’t help getting an erection, forced to pleasure himself to make it go down.

“That little tramp,” I whispered beneath my breath, my son jerking his dick faster and faster.

“Oooh, you want him to fuck you in the ass?” groaned Jalal. “Such a slut.”

I shivered, my hijab swaying about my shoulders. Anal? She was such a slut.

My fingers crept down my body, wanting to rub my hot pussy. I shifted my feet, spreading my legs wider and—

A low groan creaked from the stairs.

Instantly, Jalal bolted from his feet, darting for his bedroom and vanishing into it.

I shuddered, my pussy still burning. I had to see what sort of slut my daughter was. I had to witness for herself what she did to drive my baby boy to masturbate his dick in the hallway. I moved as quietly as I could, not wanting to startle her like I did Jalal.

I reached her door, crouched down, and peered through my second peephole of the day.

“That little slut,” I hissed, my pussy clenching.

Leyla perched on her hands and knees, her pussy and dusky ass pointed right at the door. She knew Jalal watched her. Why else would she point her cunt right where he could peek? What a whore! She rubbed her fingers up and down her snatch and…

She had no pubic hair.

I stared at my daughter’s bald twat, her dusky fingers sliding through her folds, exposing the pink flesh of her depths. Her juices coated her fingers as my hand shoved beneath my skirt. I slid up it, finding my panties. I thrust the gusset to the side, rubbing on my hot snatch.

“You’re just masturbating like a wanton slut,” I groaned. “So filthy!” She had no self-control.

“Oh, fuck me,” panted Leyla, rubbing her pussy faster and faster.

My digits buried into my snatch. I let out a sighing moan, my hot flesh embracing my digits. The two of them felt so amazing in me. I pumped them in and out of my pussy, the pleasure coursing through me, making me quiver and shake.

My daughter’s hips wiggled more and more, her round breasts swaying beneath her, nipples so hard. Her slutty juices dribbled down her dusky thighs. Her ass clenched. Black hair swung as she threw a look over her shoulder.

Staring right at me.

“Yes, yes, yes, you love my pussy,” she moaned, thinking her little brother still watched. My poor son was helpless against this temptress. “Just love being in me. But I know what you really want.” She let out a throaty moan. “My asshole!”

I gasped, watching Leyla’s fingers sliding up from her pussy, through her taint, and between the cheeks of her ass. She found her sphincter, pressing her pussy-lubed digits into her asshole. Her back arched.

“Make me your slut!” she howled.

My fingers plunged wildly in and out of my pussy, watching my whore-daughter finger her asshole, begging to be her little brother’s slut. I shivered, licking my lips, realizing my daughter was lost to her whorish pussy.

A slut.

A teasing whore.

I brushed my clit and came.


Leyla Umayyah

“Yes, yes, yes,” I groaned, my body shuddering as my fingers plunged in and out of my asshole. I shoved my left hand between my thighs, frigging my clit, my head resting on my blanket, my ass still shoved up in the air. “Fuck me! I’m your slut!”

My fingers thrust faster and faster into my bowels. The rough pleasure surged through me. I whimpered, my clit throbbing beneath my fingers dancing on them. Pleasure racked my body, building in me.

I wiggled my hips, picturing Clint pounding his cock so hard into my asshole, his hand reached around me, frigging my clit. My bowels clenched on his “dick,” the friction increasing as my fingers pumped so fast, lubed by my pussy juices.

I let out another groan, hearing Clint moan in my mind. Just my little slut, he panted. Like my cousins. You’re just my whore now. I’m going to cum in your asshole And maybe… Maybe I’ll fuck your pussy again. Clean my dick off with your nasty cunt and breed you.

“Anything,” I whimpered, my virgin pussy drinking in the burning heat from my asshole. “I’m your slut! I shaved my cunt for you! Give it to me!”

The pleasure surged through me. I whimpered, my pussy clenching in envy of my asshole, aching to be full. I wanted to be pure. I prayed for it. How could I make it through my last two years of high school without surrendering my cherry to someone?

My clit drank in my rubbing fingers. My bowels rejoiced at my plunging digits. The dual delights swirled in the depths of my virgin cunt, feeding on each other. I whimpered, rubbing my cheek into my bedspread.

Let me feel that ass milking my cock, slut, growled Clint, slamming hard into me in my fantasy. Do it!

“Yes! I’m your slut!”

Those depraved words triggered rapture in me.

I came.

My pussy spasmed, juices flooding out around my fingers rubbing my clit. Heat soared through me, washing out from my cunt and my asshole. My bowels gripped my thrusting fingers. I whimpered into the bedspread, my body trembling.

Pleasure washed across my mind. Stars danced before my vision. My bed creaked as my body quaked. Such delight surged through me, the relief denied me all day at school. My toes curled as the ecstasy peaked in me.

Just my naughty slut, growled Clint in my imagination.

“Yes, I am. Your naughty slut.”

My orgasm died down. I panted, shivering, my eyes fluttering. I rubbed my clit a few more times, my fingers still buried in my asshole. They felt so nice in there. I could just fall asleep with them in me, filling my—

My bedroom door burst open.

“Mom!” I screamed in shock, ripping my fingers out of my asshole. I grabbed my pink teddy bear, a gift from Dad on my eleventh birthday, and pulled it before my naked body. Mom advanced in her dark dress, her dusky face flushed, her hijab half askew. “It’s not what it looks like!”

“You weren’t masturbating yourself like a nasty slut?” she demanded. “Huh?”

“I…” Shame burned through me.

“I saw it all,” Mom said. “On your hands and knees. Moaning like a whore. Begging to be your little brother’s slut.”

“My…” I frowned at her. “What, no! Never!”

“I thought you were pure, Leyla.” She sat down on the bed, some of her dark hair peeking out of her hijab. “I thought you were my good girl. But you’re just a slut.”

“I’m not!” I gasped.

“I heard you.”

I flushed more, remembering the hot, degrading words I said while caught up in the fantasy.

“You’re a slut. And that’s okay.”

I blinked at that. “What?” My mom couldn’t have said that. Not the role model of a virtuous Muslim woman. “Mom?”

“You’re a slave to your pussy. It happens. I hoped you would be pure like me.” Mom stroked my black hair, giving me a motherly smile.

Shame filled me for not being pure.

“But you’re slut. And I know just what to do about that.”

“I’m not a slut, Mom,” I repeated. “I’m still a virgin!”

She grabbed my left hand, her fingers wet on my wrist, and pulled it up from the bear. My digits glistened with my pussy juices. She brought them to my lips, shoving my fingers into my mouth. I gasped, tasting my tangy cream for the first time.

A wicked thrill went through me as she fucked my fingers in and out of my mouth, forcing me to taste myself.

“That’s what a slut’s cunt taste like,” Mom said, using such a dirty word. It shocked me she knew it. “So whorish. And you love it, don’t you? Your whore-juices?”

I shivered, lowering my eyes. I did.

“And then these fingers…” She grabbed my right hand this time, bringing those to my lips. “Suck them clean, too, whore.”

“Yes…Mom,” I said, shocked by how…obedient I acted. I opened my mouth, letting her shove my dirty digits past my lips. I tasted my sour ass. My eyes widened at the nasty flavor. I sucked on them, my pussy growing hotter.

“That’s it, clean those nasty digits off. Just like a good slut.” Her hands pulled away my teddy bear as I kept plunging my fingers into my mouth on my own. Then her hands cupped my round breasts, thumbs sliding over my nipples.

I shivered, moaning about my digits.

“Yes, yes, you have that responsive whore-body,” Mom continued. “You must have gotten it from your father’s side. His sisters are all sluts. Just like you. But I still love you.” She leaned in, kissing me on the cheek, her lips so hot. “Yes, yes, these round breasts are so firm. They were meant to be played with. Your whole body screams sex. No wonder you drove your poor little brother to distraction.”

I pulled my fingers out of my mouth. “He’s the perv that keeps looking at me.”

“Because he knows you’re a slut. Then you go and masturbate, pointing that pussy right at the door, letting him see what a whore you are as he masturbates his poor cock. A cock that you made hard.” Mom shook her head, her face growing angry. “A slut doesn’t leave a boy hard like that. She takes care of him.”

“But…” I protested. “He’s my brother.”

“Is that why you let him watch? Is that what turns you on?”

“I didn’t know he was watching!” I protested.

She smacked me.

I gasped, my cheek stinging in pain.

“I won’t have you lying to me,” she said. “I heard you begging to be his slut. You knew he was there. Watching you. I bet you do this every day, driving him wild. Then you don’t have the decency to help him out. Like a good slut would.”

I rubbed my cheek, reeling from this conversation. “But…I didn’t—”

Her hand raised.

“Sorry, Mother.”

“Now you’ll be a good slut,” she said, grabbing my hand. “Right now your poor baby brother is in need. You made him hard, and you will relieve him.”

“Mom!” I gasped in shock, dazed by my mother, the perfect Muslim wife, hauling me to my feet and dragging me naked from my bedroom.

My breasts bounced as Mom yanked me down the hallway. I stumbled after her, my pussy juices dribbling out of my shaved, virgin pussy. My thoughts reeled. Was I a slut? I was horny all the time. I wanted to be fucked. A good, pure girl wouldn’t want that. She’d only yearn for her husband.

But me…

And Mom was always right. I had to obey her. The imam at our mosque always said that. Children have to obey their parents, especially their mothers. You have to respect your mother. She birthed you, brought you into this world, and nursed you from her breasts.

Maybe…I was a slut.

Mom reached Jalal’s door, ignoring the “Do not enter, science experiment in progress” sign on his door. She threw it open, the sign bouncing against painted wood. Jalal jumped, hauling up his sheets over his crotch. I had a fleeting glimpse of his dick, thrusting up hard from a dark bush.

My virgin pussy clenched.

“Mom!” gasped Jalal. “I was just…” His words trailed off as he stared at my naked body. Mom pulled me to Jalal’s bed. “Mom?”

“I’m know what you’re doing,” Mom said. “I understand. Young men have such a sex drive, and then you have your slutty older sister parading her body before you, masturbating so you can see every inch of her shaved cunt. It’s okay. She’ll take care of you from now on.”

“Take care of me?” Jalal spluttered, pushing up his glasses, his dark eyes so wide.

Then Mom riped down his sheets, exposing his cock thrusting out of his boxer shorts. He only wore those. His shirt and jeans gone. He had a slim body with more muscles on it than I thought. Not Faizel or Dad’s level of muscles, but he wasn’t weak. And his dick…it looked so big, thrusting from his dark bush.

Jalal covered his dick.

“Don’t do that, honey,” Mom said, pushing me down onto the bed. “Your sister’s going to give you a blowjob.”

“What?” I gasped. “I’ve never done that before.”

“A blowjob is something a good slut should know,” Mom said, grabbing my dark hair. She forced my head down to Jalal’s crotch. I knelt on my knees, my tits pressed into my knees, my little brother’s hands covering his dick right before my lips. “So you’ll practice on your little brother. After all, you made him hard with that whore-body of yours.”

“Mom,” I whimpered, my pussy growing hotter.

“Really, Mom?” Jalal asked, an eagerness to his voice. He ripped his hands away.

My eyes widened, staring at his circumcised cock. It throbbed before me, a dusky shaft leading up to a spongy tip, like a mushroom. Clear juices beaded the tip. A shiver ran through me as Mom forced my head lower.

My lips brushed the tip.

“Start sucking on it, slut,” Mom ordered. “Come on, you know you want to do it. You were born to. Your lips, so lush, were meant for sucking cocks. Do it!”

My mouth opened. My lips slid around my little brother’s cock. He let out a groan ,his body shuddering. His dick twitched in my mouth. A hot thrill shot through me, rippling out of my virgin cunt. More juices dribbled down my thighs.

“Honey, you have to lick it and suck it.” Mom leaned her head down as I shivered. “Like this.”

She ripped my mouth off my brother’s cock, her left hand grabbing his dick. She licked up the shaft with her pink tongue, reaching the tip. My eyes widened, witnessing her tongue fluttering around the crown. Jalal groaned louder, the bed creaking more.

“Oh, Mom,” he gasped as her mouth engulfed the tip of his cock. She bobbed up and down, her lips sealed tight about his shaft. She groaned, cheeks hollowing, sucking on it.

Then her mouth popped off. “That’s how you suck a cock like a slut, Leyla. Now get to it. Your poor brother needs to cum. He has a bad case of blue balls.”

“So bad,” groaned Jalal.

“Call her a slut or whore,” Mom ordered as she shoved my mouth down to my brother’s dick.

Another thrill shot through me. I loved her forcing me. My tongue licked out, sliding across the tip of my brother’s dick. He groaned as I gathered the salty, clear drop beading at the crown of his cock. Then my tongue slid around it, feeling the spongy texture of his dick.

His face twisted with pleasure. Another thrill rippled through me. My tongue gave him pleasure. And then I engulfed his dick, sucking so hard on it. He groaned louder, his chest rippling as Mom forced my head lower, sliding more and more of his shaft into my mouth.

“That’s it…slut,” he groaned.

“Yes, yes, that’s how you treat your sister now,” Mom moaned. “She’s a whore. You have to remind her constantly.” Mom let go of my head. I kept blowing my brother.

I shivered as her hand slid down my back, over the curve of my ass, and between my thighs.

She rubbed at my pussy.

“Mmm, it makes her whore-pussy so wet when you do.”

I groaned about my brother’s dick, Mom’s fingers sliding up and down my pussy. I sucked hard, my cheeks hollowing. Then I bobbed my mouth, sliding up and down his dick, wanting to please him. Staring at my body, watching me masturbate through my door’s keyhole, made my poor brother so hard. Mom was right.

I had to help him.

His face twisted with pleasure as I blew him. I groaned again, Mom’s fingers sliding through my folds, brushing my clit, rubbing on my hymen. Heat surged through me. I drank in her touch, channeling all the pleasure into my blowjob, focusing on loving my little brother’s big dick.

“Oh, yes, sister,” he groaned. “You’re such a…a slut. Just a whore. A little, filthy whore sucking on my dick.”

“That’s it,” Mom said with such pride. “Such a good boy. Keep insulting your sister. You’re making her pussy even wetter.”

“You’re so filthy. The way you masturbate. You want to be my slut. You want to be every guy’s slut. My sister is such a whore.”

I shuddered, my pussy clenching. I moaned so loudly about his dick. I sucked and slurped, bobbing so hard and fast. My tongue danced around his shaft, caressing the tip. His precum coated my mouth, tasting so good, making me ache.

And Mom’s fingers… Divine.

She frigged my clit. She stroked my labia. She caressed my vulva. She worked up and down me, driving me wilder and wilder. I moaned about his cock, sucking so hard, my entire body quivering, shaking, a new orgasm building in me.

An incestuous one.

I got off on the taboo thrill of blowing my little brother while my mom fingered my snatch.

“Ooh, you have to feel how wet your sister-slut is,” Mom groaned. “Don’t be shy. Her body’s yours to play with.”

Jalal eagerly reached out, his hand sliding past my ass, joining Mom’s fingers on my pussy. I gasped, both of them stroking me, driving me wild. I sucked so hard on his dick. My eyes rolled back into my head. My little brother found my clit.

Rubbed hard.

I screamed about his dick as I came. My pussy spasmed. Juices flooded out of me. I trembled, my moans muffled by his cock. He kept stroking my clit, sending rapture shooting through me, making me tremble and moan.

I loved it.

“She’s cumming like a slut,” Mom moaned.

“My sister is a whore,” groaned my brother. “Oh, wow, Mom, she’s… Yes!”

Hot jizz spurted into my mouth. My eyes widened, tasting cum for the first time. Saltier than precum. But…I liked it. I was such a whore. I gulped it down, knowing only sluts swallowed. It warmed my throat as he kept pumping spunk into my mouth, his body thrashing and his chest heaving.

“Thats it,” cooed Mom. “That’s my good, little slut. Drink down all your brother’s cum. Mmm, he needs it so badly. He’s a growing boy.”

“Yes,” Jalal panted his face flushed. He pushed up his glasses, still stroking my pussy. “That’s so good. I can’t believe she’s a slut, Mom.”

“I’m as disappointed as you are,” Mom said. “But we have to make the best of it. We have to use her. It’s what she wants. Craves.” Mom let out a purring groan. “And I have such a treat for you, my son. Mmm, my little baby boy is becoming a man today. Your sister still has her hymen. We can’t let the little slut waste it on just any boy.”

“You mean…” Such lust brimmed in my brother’s two words.

I kept sucking his dick, trembling in realization.

“Yes,” Mom said. “And you’re so young, Jalal. I bet you’re still hard despite cumming.”

I moaned a yes around my little brother’s still-erect cock.

“Then mount him, slut.” Mom smacked my ass hard. “Ride him. Impale that cherry cunt on your brother’s dick and fuck him hard. I want his cum spurting in your whore-pussy. I know your hole craves it. Do it!”

“Yes, Mom,” I gasped after popping my lips off my brother’s dick. I burned with such incestuous lust. I needed a cock in me. I was a slut. I didn’t need to wait for marriage now. Not any longer. I’d never be pure.

I never truly was.

I moved quickly, straddling my brother’s body. His hands cupped my breasts. He groaned, squeezing his first pair of tits. I shivered, his fingers rough, digging painfully into my tits. I winced, loving how even that made my pussy hotter.

And then I guided his dick to my cunt. I rubbed his shaft against my virgin lips. Mom hugged me from behind, her dress pressing into my naked ass and back. Her hands went around me, rubbing my stomach.

“That’s it, you little whore,” she hissed into my ear. “Fuck your brother. Ram that slut-cunt down his cock!”

“Yes, Mother!”

I slammed my pussy down my brother’s dick.

My eyes widened. My cherry tore like tissue paper. And then my little brother’s cock filled me. I whimpered at the surge of heat rushing out of my cunt. My pussy walls drank in the friction as I bottomed out on his shaft. He stretched me open. I felt so full.

“That’s it, my little slut,” cooed Mom, her lips nibbling at my ear lobe. “Fuck your brother.”

“Yes, fuck me, whore!” groaned Jalal, squeezing my tits hard.

I fucked my little brother. I slid my pussy up his shaft, the pleasure surging through me. Even the slightest movement, just feeling his cock in my snatch, sent rapture flooding through my body. I groaned, undulating my hips, slamming back down his cock.

His fingers found my nipples, pinching hard. Pain flared, transforming into hot tingles that zapped down to my pussy. I clenched down on his incestuous shaft, my hips pumping faster and faster. I worked up and down him, groaning, gasping, my pleasure shivering through me.

“Just work that pussy on your little brother’s dick,” Mom cooed, her fingers moving lower and lower, passing my bellybutton, reaching for my snatch. She undulated against me, moving with me as I fucked my little brother. “Make him cum, you nasty slut.”

“Yes, Mom!” I whimpered then gasped, her fingers sliding down my shaved pubic mound and reaching my clit.

She diddled my nub. My pussy clenched on my brother’s dick. He groaned, his fingers digging into my tits again. He savored the tighter embrace of my snatch. The friction burned hotter. I moved faster, drinking in the pleasure, driving myself towards another whorish, incestuous orgasm.

I whimpered, moaned. My eyes widened as Mom’s fingers danced on my clit. She sucked at my neck, kissing me, making me feel like a complete whore as she rubbed her crotch into my ass. My body tensed, my thighs burning as I worked my snatch faster and faster on my little brother’s big dick.

Such a thick cock. He filled me up.

“Sister!” groaned Jalal, his face twisting. “Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum in you.”

“Do it!” moaned Mom. “My baby boy is becoming a man. Flood your sister’s whore-pussy! Pump all that jizz into her!”

“Yes, Mom!” he groaned as I slammed my pussy down on him.

I shuddered as he grunted. His fingers pinched my nipples again while hot cum spurted into my pussy. My brother’s jizz splashed in me. I gasped, Mom’s fingers dancing on my clit, my little nub absorbing so much pleasure. It radiated through me, making me squirm and dance on his dick.

Then the pleasure detonated in me.

An orgasm more powerful than any I’d experienced. My snatch spasmed on my brother’s cock, milking out his taboo cum. I bucked in my mother’s embrace. Her lips burned as they kissed my neck. Her fingers massaged my bud.

Ecstasy slammed into my mind. I howled and gasped and trembled. Mom kept grinding on my ass, whimpering a she sucked on my neck. My brother groaned a final time, the last of his jizz spurting into my pussy.

He twisted my nipples, keeping my orgasm alive. I convulsed and bucked. I moaned and whimpered. “I’m a slut!” I howled. “A nasty, dirty slut!”

“Yes, you are,” groaned Mom, her voice so throaty. “My little whore! Ooh, yes, you are.”

“I am, Mom!” I groaned as my orgasm peaked in me. “I love it!”


Mrs. Umayyah

I trembled, my orgasm dying through me. I kept diddling my daughter’s clit as the little slut came down from her climax. My own body buzzed. My clit throbbed against my panties as I rubbed it one last time against my slut-daughter’s ass.

And an idea blossomed in my mind. We had a whore in the family. And I needed to make money. Fast. My husband could learn of my mistake any day.

But she needed more practice. “Mmm, your father will be home soon,” I purred into her ear. “And a good slut services any man who needs it. And you want to be a good slut, don’t you?”

Leyla trembled in my arms and whimpered, “Yes, Mother.”

To be continued…

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