Daughter’s Slut Training Chapter Eight: Mommy’s Incestuous Deal


Daughter’s Slut Training

An Incestuous Harem Story

Chapter Eight: Mommy’s Incestuous Deal

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

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Mrs. Umayyah

“Faizel,” I smiled as my eldest son leaned against the entrance to the kitchen, a hungry smile on his dusky face. He had such bold eyes, staring at me like he wanted to feast. On his own mother.

I loved it. Beneath my dress, my pussy grew hotter, remembering how hard he fucked me an hour ago. A shiver ran through me, my hips swaying as my nipples hardened. I stirred the fish stew I had simmering all day for dinner.

“I need to talk to you,” I said, covering the stew and setting the wooden spoon on a towel.

“About?” he asked, sauntering into the room, so tall and strong, his muscular body stretching out the t-shirt he wore. “Is that hot pussy in need of being taken care of?”

I arched an eyebrow. “Do not forget to whom you’re talking to.”

He grabbed my hips, pulling me to him. I felt the bulge of his cock. “My sexy mother.” His hands slipped around me, squeezing my ass. “If it’s not your pussy, what?”

“I need Carter out of his house Friday night,” I said. “Leyla’s spending the night with Kimmy, and she can’t have him around.”

“Oh, whoring out my sister to Carter’s dad?”

“Maybe. But either way, Carter needs to be out all night.”

“And how do I do that?” Faizel asked. “Only one thing could guarantee that he’s not there: pussy.”

My cunt tightened while my stomach swirled. My lusts boiled through me. This was to make more money to replace what I lost with my gambling addiction. Nothing more. Having sex with a young stud like Carter was just a…a bonus. Something I shouldn’t enjoy.

But I knew I would.

“Ask him if he’d pay $200 to have sex with me,” I said, knowing I could trust my son. He loved me.

Faizel grinned, squeezing my ass hard. “I’ll need Leyla for something on Saturday.”

“What?” I asked, his cock so hard, rubbing against me. If my husband wasn’t about to get home, I’d help my son with his erection problem. I’d relieve that ache in his dick.

“I want to have Leyla be gangbanged by my friends.”

I trembled at those words, picturing my sixteen-year-old daughter being fucked over and over by young studs. Their cum pouring out of her ass and pussy and coating her body. Her dusky tits swaying as they dripped with jizz. Her black hair matted. Her dusky face flushed, smeared in spunk, and bursting with pleasure. The little slut would love it.

“Your friends have to pay $50 for the privileged,” I said. “A group discount for her normal rate.” And then I shuddered. “And there might be another girl, too.”

He squeezed my ass hard. “Oh, really?”

“Really,” I smiled, my arms slipping around his shoulder. My son was so sexy. I wanted him in me right now, fucking me so hard.

“I’ll talk to Carter,” he said, pushing me backward until I pressed into the stove. I could feel the heat of the burner through my dress, caressing my back. My hijab rustled about my face as Faizel rubbed my skirt.

“Your father’s almost home. You have to stop.”

He just gave me this smile that he knew I wanted him. Was wet for him. I shuddered, feeling so owned by my son at that moment. Then he pulled away. “I got a date with Svetlana anyways. She’ll take care of me.”

“Have her deep-throat you,” I said. “She should do that much for my son.”

He laughed as he walked away, shaking his head.

I shuddered, turning back to check on the stew when my other son, Jalal walked into the room. My baby boy hugged me from behind before I could even move, rubbing his hard dick into my ass. I groaned. Why did I have to have two sexy sons?

“Mom,” Jalal said. “I need you so badly.”

“Your sister’s available,” I said. “Your father’s almost home.”

“I’d rather have you,” he said.

I shuddered. “Tonight. While your father’s enjoying your sister.”

He kissed my cheek and darted off, shouting, “You’re the best mom.”

I smiled at that.

Not long after, my husband came home. I greeted him as he walked in. He looked like Faizel, older, matured, and with a thick, black beard. He had a weary look but an eagerness in his eyes as I walked up to him.

It wasn’t for me.

“Good evening, my husband,” I said, kissing him on the mouth.

“Mmm,” he groaned. “Something smells good.”

“Your favorite stew’s been cooking all day.” I smiled then casually added, “Oh, and the sleepover at Kimmy’s is all set and ready.”

“Sleepover?” Karim frowned at me.

“Yes, Friday night.” I gave him a look. “I told you last week. Don’t tell me you forgot.”

He shrugged. He forgot these sort of things all the time. Of course, I was lying about this one. “What’s this sleepover?”

“Leyla is spending the night at Kimmy’s house. I’ll be chaperoning them. Making sure they don’t get up to any trouble. Both her parents are out of town.”

“Have it here,” my husband said, a twinkle in his eye. Was he thinking about Kimmy? She was an innocent thing. So demure and virginal. I’d ensure my husband had a taste of her pussy, too.

“The girls don’t want our sons around.” I gave him a look. “This was set up before Leyla’s…changes. I think it’s good if she doesn’t alter her routines. Raise less suspicions about her new…home activities. But I’ll be there to make sure they don’t sneak over any boys.”

Karim laughed at that. “Leyla would, wouldn’t she and…” His words trailed off as he stared past me, a smile growing on his lips. “There’s my little flower.”

“Daddy,” gushed Leyla behind me.

I turned around and found my daughter naked at the end of the hallway, her round breasts quivering, her pussy shaved-bare and glistening, her slit looking so tight. She had such a joyous look on her dusky face.

“So it’s okay?” I asked my husband. “The sleepover at Kimmy’s?”

“Is it, Daddy?” Leyla asked, darting forward, her breasts bouncing. “I’ll make you so happy tonight and tomorrow night to make up for my absence Friday.”

“Yes, my little flower,” he said, grabbing her hips, pulling her tight. “I can’t deny you anything.”
“Leyla, take your father to the living room and see that he is comfortable on his recliner. Dinner will be ready in twenty minutes.”

“Yes, Mother,” the submissive slut purred. Oh, yes, she was working out wonderfully. Soon I’d have another girl to pimp out. And if my male students were willing to pay for me, we’d recoup my losses so fast.

I couldn’t wait to slip into Jalal’s bed tonight.


Leyla Umayyah

“You just sit down right there, Daddy,” I purred as I folded up his jeans and set them on the couch with his shirt and boxers. “And I’ll make you feel so good with my pussy.”

“I don’t know where we went wrong with you, little flower, but…” He stared at me with such hunger, his cock thrusting hard before him. It was bigger than both my brothers, but not by much. And he had all those muscles from working construction. His beard so thick and wiry. His hands calloused and rough.

He was a real man. Not like Principal Carver. Or my brothers. Though Faizel came close.

Daddy sank down on his recliner. The leather creaked. He kicked it back, stretching it out all the way. He groaned in relief as he stared at my body. It made my pussy so wet feeling him admiring me. He drank in my youthful beauty, staring at my teenage tits and underage cunt. I shivered and then sauntered forward, my breasts jiggling.

I rubbed at his hard muscles as I knelt at the foot of the recliner. It creaked and rocked with my light weight. I rubbed at his hairy legs, stroking up and down them as I scooted forward. I felt his strength which made my pussy drool more juices down my thighs.

“Ooh, Daddy, I’ve been looking forward to this all day,” I moaned, leaning over to nuzzle at his hairy balls. His bush tickled my lips as I licked at his right nut. “Just thinking about having a real cock in me. My brothers are wonderful, but you, Daddy, you’re the best.”

“And any boys at school?” he asked.

I hesitated. Mom didn’t want me to mention the prostitution. Daddy would be shamed to learn I was helping out the family by whoring myself out. “Just the principal of my high school,” I admitted. “He enjoyed me a lot. But he wasn’t you.”

“Such a slut,” he said, sounding in awe.

He grabbed my black hair with his strong hand and dragged my face up his cock. I licked up his shaft as he hauled my head up, the pain flaring in my scalp making me feel so wanton. Just the way a whore should. I loved it. I trembled and shuddered, my pussy clenching, more juices running down my thighs.

He forced my mouth down his cock. I opened wide to take his girth. I sucked as he bobbed my mouth, forcing me to pleasure him. Using me as a living sex toy. That made me feel so hot. I was just a masturbatory aide to him.

That was what sluts were for.

My drool dribbled down my chin as I sucked and slurped. The muscles in his arm bulged as he fucked my mouth up and down his cock. I swirled my tongue about it, making him groan. His chest rose and fell as he sucked in breaths.

“That’s it, my slutty little flower,” he growled. “Suck it. Make me feel so good. I had such a long day.”

And he needed this. He needed a slut in his life to keep him happy.

My hips wiggled. I sucked harder, moaning my enjoyment at being used. I shuddered, my cunt on fire. I shoved my right hand between my thighs, fingering my shaved twat. I rubbed up and down my bare vulva, feeling how juicy I was. Delight trembled through me. I whimpered, my eyes fluttering as I savored this moment.

Then I jammed two digits into my snatch. My middle and ring fingers sank into my hot twat. My silky walls clenched on them as I moaned louder and louder about his dick. I sucked so hard, moaning, humming, giving my daddy as much pleasure as I could.

I loved him so much. I would be happy just being his slut.

“What a little whore I raised,” he snarled. “The way you suck cock. You want to swallow my cum. You are nothing like your mother.”

I was beginning to realize that I was actually a lot like her. I think she was a slut, too. She just hid it better. But she was only being a slut with my brothers. Since I didn’t want to hurt Daddy, I wouldn’t say anything. My brothers were all so hard these days, my body turning them on. They needed two sluts in the house to keep them happy.

His hand tightened in my hair. He let out a groan, face twisting with pleasure. I sucked so hard, wanting to taste his cum spilling into my mouth. My fingers plunged in and out of my cunt, stirring myself to a froth. I rubbed my clit with the heel of my hand, pleasure sparking through me.

With a growl, he ripped my mouth off his dick.

“Daddy?” I panted, more drool leaking down my chin.

“I want to cum in that tight cunt, my little flower.” A grin crossed his bearded lips. “I want to cum in my little flower’s flower.” He laughed at that.

“Yes, Daddy,” I purred, not fighting as he pulled me up his body by the hair.

The chair creaked as I straddled his waist. I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and grabbed his dick, smearing my cream on the shaft. I brought the thick crown of his cock to my hungry snatch. I rubbed it up and down my vulva, nudging my clit.

“Is this the flower you want to enjoy, Daddy?” I asked. Then I slid his dick farther back, pressing it between my butt-cheeks. I rubbed him in circles on my sphincter. “Or this one?”

“Shaitan, but you are such a wanton whore, my little flower.” He licked his lips. “Your hot cunt. I want to feel that pussy on my dick.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I groaned, my snatch clenching while my asshole tingled, wishing to be filled, too.

I moved his dick back to my hot snatch. I swirled it through my pussy and than sank down his girth. I whimpered, my eyes rolling back into my head. The pleasure shot through me as my pussy drank in the feel of him sliding into me. Deeper and deeper. Stretching me out. He groaned, gripping my hips with his rough hands, squeezing me as I gave him pleasure.

I bottomed out on his dick. I squirmed, feeling him buried in me to the hilt. I licked my lips, squirming my hips, so ready to give him a ride he would never forget. He groaned as my cunt squeezed down his dick. I swirled my hips then slid up his shaft.

“Is this the treat you’ve been looking forward to all day?” I asked. “Your daughter’s underage pussy?”

“Yes,” he groaned, hands sliding up to cup my firm breasts. “All day. So I’m going to fuck you all night, you little slut.”

“Yes, Daddy!” I howled, slamming down his girth, my clit striking his pubic bone.

Such wonderful pleasure shot through me. A rippling heat that compelled me to slide up his dick again. My pussy drank in the friction, turning it into rapture that tingled through my body. My black hair swayed about my shoulders as I rode my daddy’s cock, the chair creaking louder and louder.

He groaned, squeezing and kneading my young tits. He thumbed my nipples, rapture shooting down to my pussy. My snatch clenched on his dick. The pleasure built and built in me. I rode him faster, harder. I moved my hips the way Mom taught me. I put to use everything I learned fucking my brothers.

All for my daddy.

Pleasure crossed his face. His beard couldn’t hide it. I shuddered, working my pussy up and down his cock, making him groan and gasp. His hands squeezed my tits hard, making me feel so wanton. I groaned, my asshole clenching, feeling so empty.

So I shoved my two pussy-soaked fingers into my asshole, reaching behind me. I whimpered, pumping them in and out of my bowels. A velvety delight joined the silky rapture burning in my cunt. I groaned, leaning over him, my left hand on his shoulder.

“You nasty slut,” he groaned. “Are you fingering that tight asshole while fucking my dick, little flower?”

“So hard, Daddy,” I whimpered, the pleasures rippling through my body. “I love having a dick back there, too.”

“Shaitan, such a whore!”

“Your whore, Daddy!” I said, staring into his eyes. “Yours before all the others.”

“Yes!” he snarled, twisting my nipples.

I whimpered, my pussy and asshole squeezing down on his cock and my plunging fingers. I leaned over farther, kissing him on the mouth. He groaned, his beard scratching my face. Just the way a man’s beard should. It felt so delicious on my sensitive skin. His lips so strong. I bounced on his cock faster and faster, thrusting my digits into my asshole with greater speed.

My orgasm swelled through me. That wonderful, shuddering pleasure. I whimpered into the kiss. The rapture surged through my body. Stars danced through my eyes as I came closer and closer to exploding on my daddy’s amazing cock.

He grunted into the kiss.

His dick erupted into my pussy.

I kissed him so hard as he flooded my underage twat. His cum pumped into me. The wicked, sinful thrill of feeling my daddy’s incestuous seed pump into my depths surged through me. I whimpered, my pussy squeezing down so hard on his shaft.

Then my orgasm erupted through me. My cunt spasmed on his dick, milking out the last of his cum. I spasmed on him, my bowels writhing about my fingers. I jammed them in deep, loving the feel of them in my backdoor while my pussy convulsed about his cock.

My pleasure surged through me. Carried me to incestuous heights. I savored kissing Daddy, loving him as I trembled atop him. My orgasm reached its peak. I held there for one glorious moment. Then I collapsed on his chest. His arms went around me, holding me.

I stared into his eyes as his cock softened in my pussy. I shuddered as my pulled his fingers out of my asshole. “I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you, too, my little flower,” he said, his voice so gentle.

Tears stung my eyes. Why would mother be such a slut when she had this man?

I rested my head on his chest, savoring the warmth of his naked body against mine. He stroked my black hair falling down my black with his right hand, his left cupping my ass. I felt so safe. So loved. I could cuddle with Daddy forever.

“Dinner’s ready!” Mom called.

I sighed.


Mrs. Umayyah

Leyla’s moans echoed through the house as my husband fucked her. I shuddered, slipping out of my robe and entering Jalal’s room. My youngest son groaned, already stroking his dick at the sight of me. My baby boy had such a slender body, so yummy with his glasses and that wide look in his eyes like he still couldn’t believe he could fuck me. His hand fisted his fourteen-year-old cock faster, my pussy so hungry for it.

“Mom,” he groaned as I sauntered naked to him, his eyes locked on my black bush.

“Mmm, let Mommy take care of you,” I purred, straddling his waist and sliding my pussy down his stomach until I rubbed it on his hand stroking his cock.

He pulled his hand out of the way. I needed a dick in me so badly. All throughout dinner, watching Leyla play with her father, made my cunt burn for this. Faizel was still on a date with that American slut of his. But my baby boy would take care of me.

“You’ll always be here for Mommy, won’t you?” I purred as I took his cock from his grip. I guided it to my hairy twat.

“Yes, Mom,” he groaned as I sank down his dick.

My back arched, my tits bouncing before his face. He leaned up, sucking on my nipple as I bottomed out on his dick. My snatch clenched on him as he suckled from my breast like he had as a baby, his cock back inside me where he belonged.

I swiveled my hips, whimpering in delight. Pleasure shot through me as I stirred his cock in my juicy cunt. My baby boy’s dick… It was so wonderful to feel him buried to the hilt inside my pussy. He sucked harder on my nipple, tingles racing down to my snatch.

“Ooh, yes, you’ll always take care of your Mommy,” I groaned. “Mmm, my baby boy has grown up so much.”

I ground my clit into his pubic bone every time I bottomed out on his dick. The incestuous pleasure shot through me. I groaned and whimpered, working my cunt up and down his dick. Such delight trembled through me. Such pleasure

He squeezed my tits, sucking back and forth from my nipples, loving my nubs. Each time he sucked, my cunt tightened on his dick. He groaned and sucked harder, which made me ride him faster. We fed on each other, driving each other to more and more pleasure.

His bed creaked and groaned as I rode him fast. I slid my cunt up and down my baby boy’s cock. I reveled in it. So wonderful. I brought this young stud into the world. I raised him. And now he would give me so much pleasure.

“Yes, yes, my baby boy will always be there to love me,” I moaned. “You’re Mommy’s favorite. Yes, you are.”

He groaned about my nub, his hips thrusting up, driving his cock in and out of my juicy cunt. Such delight rippled through me. I whimpered, my black hair swaying about my shoulders and back. My pussy gripped his dick, the pleasure swelling faster and faster in me.

He nibbled on my nipple, teeth nipping. Sharp pain mixed with the hot pleasure, such a wonderful delight. As Leyla’s moans grew louder, I rode my son faster and faster. I worked my cunt up and down his amazing shaft.

The incestuous delight burned through me. “Jalal!” I whimpered. “Oh, Jalal, I’m going to cum so hard on your dick.”

“Yes!” he groaned. “Mom!”

I slammed my cunt down his cock. My baby boy groaned. Then his jizz fired into me. Hot spurts of incestuous spunk that filled me. I whimpered, my snatch drinking in the heat. I rose up his erupting shaft and slammed back down him, my clit sparking pleasure on his pubic bone.

Fire erupted inside me. My pussy spasmed, milking my son’s spunk out of his cock. I spasmed atop him. He squeezed and kneaded my tits as the rapture rushed through me. That wonderful, incestuous euphoria that had me quivering and quaking. I gasped, my black hair sheeting down my back, making me quiver in utter delight.

“Best Mom ever,” Jalal panted as I draped my body on his, letting him hold me as we came down from our high.

“I am,” I smiled, kissing him. “Mmm, how soon until you’re ready to go again? Mommy needs more.”


Leyla Umayyah

I slipped out of bed, Daddy snoring, and headed for the bathroom. I shivered, hearing the moans coming from Jalal’s rooms. Mom was in there with him. Being a slut. I glanced at the door to her bedroom she shared with Dad.

What if he found out? What if he heard them? She shouldn’t be so loud. Should I tell her to be quiet?

I swallowed and instead rushed to the bathroom, Daddy’s cum trickling out of me as I emptied my bladder. Mom’s moans grew louder and louder. If she kept being such a slut, she’d hurt Daddy. He’d catch her and realize she was almost as bad as me.

But at least she only fucked my brothers. She kept it in the family.


Mrs. Umayyah

Carter, Kimmy’s brother, kept looking at me as I taught my math class the next day. He had such a hungry look in his eyes. I just knew Faizel must have talked to him about tomorrow night. I shuddered, my breasts jiggling in my half-unbuttoned blouse, showing off my big, lush tits to my male students. I still wore my long skirts, my hijab wrapped modestly about my face, hiding my hair from their eyes.

I felt so wanton as I taught my second class of the day, and as I neared the end of my lesson my pussy had soaked my panties. “And that’s why this formula is so important,” I said to them. “Learn it. You’ll need it for the rest of the year.”

My students just nodded, the ones invested writing it down, the boys just staring at my tits. Especially Carter.

“Okay, you can go. Have a good day.”

Carter rose. He had that tall, all-American build. Short, sandy-blond hair, chiseled chin, bold nose. The build of a quarterback. He sauntered to me, holding his books to his side with his left arm, his right running through his hair.

“Mrs. Umayyah,” he said. “I’m looking forward to tomorrow night.”

“I take it my son has talked to you,” I said, being cautious as the students filed out. But none were paying attention to us.

“Yes, he did.” He stared down at my cleavage. “$200. You’re lucky my parents give me a large allowance.”

“Yes, I am,” I purred, grabbing his right hand. “Tomorrow night will be fun.”

He licked his lips, his eyes widening, some of his brash, youthful confidence slipping from his face as I guided his hand to my cleavage. I shoved it inside my blouse, letting him feel my tit through my bra. I shuddered as he squeezed my breast. He was such a sexy stud. He would give me that same pleasure Faizel and Jalal did, that passionate fucking only a teenage boy could give.

No wonder Vicky Samuels was such a slut for her nephew Clint.

“We are going to have so much fun,” I purred. “Make a reservation at the Marriott. You’ll pay for that, too. Then you’ll have me all night long.”

“Damn,” he groaned, his eyes so wide. “I half-thought Faizel was fucking with me. But…damn, Ms. Umayyah. I’ll be there.”

I shuddered then pulled his hand away. My next class would be here soon. “You better get going.”

He sauntered out as my daughter and her three friends entered. They tried to take as many classes together that they could. I shuddered, smiling at Kimmy, eager to see the footage of that slender virgin fucking her father for the first time. The blonde, wearing her demure dress, gave me a nervous grin back, her braces flashing on her teeth. She would make another wonderful slut. And maybe Izzy and Kendra could be persuaded to join the fun. They were such whores anyways.

They should make money for me while having their fun.

I smiled at that thought. My own stable of underage schoolgirl hookers. I would make up all that money I lost and more so. My pussy burned so hot. I took a deep breath as I turned back to the chalk board to begin this class’s lesson.

After the lesson, Leyla walked up to me, arching an eyebrow. “Who am I…entertaining?”

“Mr. Wilson,” I told her. “He’ll be here soon. Make sure you get the $200 from him.”

Leyla blinked at that. “But Principal Carver paid only $100.”

“He gets a discount. $200 is your standard rate.” I squeezed her hand. “Okay, my little slut?”

“Yes, Mother,” she said, trembling.

“Mr. Wilson’s a little shy, so I’ll be leaving you alone.” I wasn’t happy about that. I was looking forward to fingering my pussy as I watched them. But the nanny cams I installed this morning would capture it all. Three different angles.

“Okay, Mom,” she said, sitting down at the desk, her nipples hard against her blouse.

I shuddered and sauntered away. I stepped out into the halls. Mr. Wilson, looking twitchy, approached. He pushed up his glasses then ran a hand over his balding head. He was divorced, and I bet he hadn’t gotten laid in a few years.

And if he did, it wasn’t with one of his nubile students. But he was eager to enjoy my daughter’s underage cunt. I smiled at him.

“Mrs. Umayyah,” a voice said behind me. “I need to talk to you.”

I stiffened at the sound of Principal Carver. I turned and found the tall man staring at me, his eyes hard behind his glasses. “About?”

He glanced at Mr. Wilson heading into my classroom. “Let’s talk in my office. It’s more…private.”

I shuddered, my heart racing. If he thought to have sex with me… He wasn’t a hot, young stud.

I followed after him, my breasts jiggling in my bra. He walked fast, back straight. I felt like a girl again following my father to be spanked because I did something wrong. I hated the feeling. I took a deep breath, considering what I could do if he wanted to fuck me.

We reached the school’s administration office, navigating through it to his personal office in the back. He closed the door behind him and sat down at his desk. I took the seat across from him, crossing my legs, giving him a serene, unconcerned look.

“You and your daughter,” he said, folding his hands and leaning forward towards me over his desk. “I want you both. I want to fuck a mother and her daughter badly.”

“I told you, I’m not for sale,” I said. “I’m a married woman.”

“$300,” he said. “For the both of you.”

I shivered. A hot itch ran through me. I leaned back in my chair, arching an eyebrow as I fought the surge of lust through me. It would be so wrong to share a client with my daughter. To have us fuck the same man. To lick his cum out of each other’s pussies.

“$500,” he said. He rubbed his hands together. “I want this. I want to slide my dick from your cunt to Leyla’s.”

“And you want me to violate my marriage,” I said. “That’s very important to me.”

“$1000,” he groaned. “But I want you two all day. I want to use you how I wish.”

My pussy almost orgasmed. “All day?” I pretended to think about, letting him squirm, his face growing sweaty. My heart pounded in my chest, almost bursting out of me. Leyla would be busy all day Saturday with Faizel’s gangbang. And my husband… My husband would be watching the football games at his friend’s house the next day. “Sunday. All day.”

“Yes,” he groaned, leaning back in his chair, his hand rubbing at his dick. “Sunday.”


Leyla Umayyah

“Oh, Mr. Wilson, yes!” I whimpered. “Oh, you’re such a stud. You made me cum so hard.”

“Yeah?” he asked, his eyes wide. “Really?”

“Really,” I purred. “Mmm, you were amazing. I hope you buy another date with me. I don’t usually cum, but you… Your dick… Amazing!”

He had such a dopey grin on his face. It was kinda cute. It made me shudder in delight. “I guess I pay you now.”

“Well, was that worth $200?” I asked.

“Definitely,” he groaned. “You’re so tight and hot…” He reached for his wallet, fumbling for it. He pulled out ten crisp $20 bills. I took them, loving the crisp feel and that inky smell of new money. “I’ll definitely book another date next payday.”

“Good,” I breathed, his cum leaking out of me. I grabbed a pair of panties, slipping them on. “I’m looking forward to it, Mr. Wilson.” I grinned at him. “I’ll see you in a few hours. Just think, you’ll be teaching class and knowing you were in my pussy during lunch.”

“Damn,” he groaned as he stumbled for the door, straightening his mustard tie.

I finished dressing then took my cut of the money, $40, and put it in my pocket. I left the rest in my mom’s purse she left on her desk. I still had that horny itch. Maybe I could find Jalal or Faizel to fuck me and make me cum? My brothers were always good for a few orgasms.

They knew how to fuck a girl.

When I stepped out of the classroom I blinked, finding Kimmy waiting for me. She was leaning against the wall opposite the door hugging herself in her white blouse, a black skirt about her thighs. She pushed off the wall, walking towards me, her hands playing with her skirt.

“Did you really…? With Mr. Wilson?”

“Yep,” I said, feeling so proud as I hooked her arm.

“But he wasn’t in there that long.”

“He came almost right away,” I groaned. “I didn’t even get off. I’m so horny.”

Kimmy licked her lips. “Well, I…I owe you. From yesterday.”

My cunt tightened. “You want to make me cum?”

“I’ll eat your pussy.” Her blue eyes were a little glossy with her excitement. “I can do that. I want to. I was thinking about it ever since you told me the sleepover was on. I rubbed my poor cunny raw last night just aching to be with you and my daddy.”

I smiled. Daddies were special.

“My pussy’s full of Mr. Wilson’s cum,” I said. “But since you’re a burgeoning slut, that should just make you wetter.”

My friend nodded her head, her blonde hair swaying.

“Let’s do it,” I groaned.

She grabbed my hand this time and dragged me to the bathroom. I loved her enthusiasm. She threw open the door to the ladies’ room and made a beeline for the same stall I fingered her in yesterday. I trembled with excitement when she closed the door behind us, twisting the lock.

She trembled, her braces flashing on her teeth as she licked her lips again. I smiled at her, a naughty thrill rippling through me. I was so eager for this. I grabbed the hem of my skirt and drew it up my thighs. It slid higher and higher, exposing my dusky skin. Then my panties.

“You’re wet,” Kimmy said, falling to her knees before me. “I’ve never seen panties so wet before.”

“Mr. Wilson’s leaking out of me,” I groaned. “Pull my panties down and see for yourself.”

“Yes,” she groaned, her thumbs hooking the waistband of my panties. She stared up at me, trembling, her blue eyes so wide.

I gave her an encouraging nod.

She dragged down my panties, unveiling my shaved snatch. Sticky lines of cum stretched between my vulva and the crotch of my underwear before snapping. I clamped my right hand over my pussy, trapping in the rest of Mr. Wilson’s jizz. She brought my panties to my ankles. I stepped out of them, and she held them up before her face.

Her dainty nose twitched as she inhaled the aroma of my tangy pussy and his salty cum. Then my friend licked at the crotch. I groaned at the sight of this innocent girl taking her first plunge into slutdom.

“Oh, wow,” she said, her blue eyes widening at the naughty flavor. “That’s… Wow.”

“Uh-huh,” I grinned then shuddered as she licked again.

And again.

Her tongue lapped up and down the gusset of my panties. She cleaned up every drop of jizz on them. Her pink tongue pulled in the white cream into her hungry mouth. She whimpered as she did. Then she sucked on the fabric, getting out every yummy drop she could, moaning the entire time.

When finished, she lowered my panties and stared at my crotch. I moved my hand away, inviting her to feast.

Kimmy sprang forward. She slammed her face into my pussy. I gasped, my labia aching at the impact. Then I felt her tongue lap through my folds. She took her first taste of fresh pussy, gathering up Mr. Wilson’s spunk leaking out of me.

A hot tremble raced through me. And not just from the fluttering pleasure. It was so hot watching her join me in slutdom. She transformed into a naughty whore before my very eyes. Her tongue wiggled through my folds. I felt her braces rough on my pussy lips, a new, delicious delight to experience. She whimpered, her hands sliding around my hips, grabbing my ass.

“Ooh, that’s so nice,” I groaned. “Really dig that tongue into my pussy. There’s more cum to find in there.”

“Okay,” she moaned into my snatch.

Her tongue fluttered into my depths. I squirmed, my back rubbing against the metal stall divider. It groaned and flexed as I whimpered and moaned. She was so eager to please me, loving her first taste of hot cunt. She took to pussy licking like a kitten at a saucer of milk, lapping up all the creamy delight she could find.

And it felt so good. The satisfaction my John didn’t give me now flowed through my body. Kimmy would make me cum so hard. My friend would have me gasping and shuddering in ecstasy. My eyes rolled back into my head, my tits jiggling in my bra.

So good. So amazing. She licked and lapped through my snatch. She devoured me with such an eagerness. I trembled, the stall warping and flexing behind me. I sucked in hot breaths. My eyes fluttered.

“That’s so good,” I groaned. “Oh, yes, just devour me. Just make me explode on that hot mouth. Fuck, yes!”

She flailed her tongue through my pussy faster and faster. She made me whimper and groan. I squirmed, gasping, shuddering. Such delicious rapture rippled through me. My eyes rolled back into my head. My head thudded against the stall divider.

“Oh, Kimmy, you’re such a promising slut!”

Her blue eyes twinkled up at me as she devoured me. Her braces rubbed on my pussy lips as her tongue danced through my folds with such enthusiasm. Her button-nose brushed my clit, making me tremble as sparks shot through me.

“Oh, yes, lick my clit now,” I moaned, her fingers squeezing into my butt-cheeks. “Flick that tongue across my bud… Ooh, just like that!”

Her pink tongue licked and fluttered about my clit. It made me so hot. I trembled, grinding my pussy on my friend’s hot and hungry mouth. I whimpered, groaned. I bit my lip, the pleasure surging through my body.

I humped against her tongue. I loved it. My ass clenched beneath her fingers as my orgasm swelled and swelled. My sphincter tingled. A naughty idea popped through my head. Last night, I came so hard on Daddy’s cock when I did that.

“Stick your finger into my asshole,” I groaned. “Please, please, Kimmy. Finger my asshole. That will make me cum so hard!”

She let out a gasp of shock. But she did it. She sucked on my clit while at the same moment she probed her finger between the cheeks of my ass. She found my sphincter, pressing against my hole with one finger. It sank into my bowels, the velvety delight shooting to my pussy.

And triggering my orgasm.

I bucked hard as the pleasure burst inside of me. The stall divider flexed behind me as I moaned out my rapture. The sounds echoed through the bathroom while my juices flooded Kimmy’s mouth. I gasped and moaned, grinding on her hungry mouth.

“Kimmy!” I squeaked. “Oh, yes, Kimmy! You’re so good. You’re a natural slut!”

“Sounds like it,” a familiar voice called from outside the stall.

Kimmy squeaked in fright, pulling her face from my snatch, my cream dripping down her chin, her braces glistening on her teeth. The stall door rattled and Kimmy trembled in fear. Through the crack between the door and the frame, I saw a dark face trying to peer in.

“Hey, Kendra,” I said to my African-American friend.

“Sounds like Kimmy made you cum so hard,” Izzy said. She was our busty, redhead friend.

“Yes, she did,” I said, letting my skirt drop. I smoothed it before opening the stall door while Kimmy wiped off her face on her sleeve.

Kendra had a big grin on her chocolate-brown face. She was cute, with a frizzy afro and jeans that looked like she had to be poured into. Izzy was behind her, her large tits on display by her low-cut halter top, her fiery hair framing her smiling face.

“We want in,” Kendra said. “On your whoring. Kimmy said you made $40 yesterday.”

“And today,” I said, flashing the two bills in my skirt.

“And Mr. Wilson was only screwing her for like five minutes,” Kimmy said, hopping to her feet.

“Easy money,” Izzy said, eyes lighting up.

“We can talk to my mom,” I said. “She should be back in her classroom right now. I bet she’ll say yes to having a few more sluts helping us out.”

“Your family’s having financial trouble?” Izzy frowned.

I shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess. Why else would mom want to sell my body?”

“Because she’s fucked up,” Kendra said. “But I don’t care. It sounds hot. I wore out the batteries in my vibrator last night just thinking about you selling your body.”

Izzy nodded her head in agreement.


Mrs. Umayyah

Today was going amazingly. I had Leyla making me so much money. She had another date after school. Instead of waiting around doing nothing productive while Jalal had his chess club meeting, she’d be pleasing Mr. Townsend in the library. And now that her friends all wanted in on the fun, I’d be bringing in even more money. I’d set them up with their dates tomorrow and told them I had something really naughty planned for Saturday.

Faizel would have no problem collecting $50 a guy with four girls to gangbang.

“Pete, I need to talk to you,” I said as I finished my last math class of the day.

The young man blinked then shifted. He’d been drooling over my tits all class, staring at them in my half-unbuttoned blouse. I could tell by how he moved his bookbag as he stood that he had a huge erection. He was another kid who had wealthy parents. And I just couldn’t wait for tomorrow night with Carter.

I needed to enjoy another young stud now.

“Yes, Mrs. Umayyah,” he said, swallowing as he stood before me.

“You’ve been staring at my tits the entire time,” I purred. “Naughty boy.”

His cheeks went crimson. He ran a hand through his brown hair, shifting his hips. He was whip-thin and tall. He had a runner’s build. I licked my lips, my pussy growing so juicy as my hands went to the buttons of my blouse.

“Would you like to see them better?”

“What?” he gasped as I undid the first button, my blouse sliding open more, revealing the top of my black bra.

“My tits?” I asked, undoing another.

He threw a look over his shoulder at my empty classroom. “No way. This can’t be happening.”

“That didn’t answer my question,” I said. I undid a third and a fourth. My blouse fell open, revealing my tits in my black bra, so big and lush. I shrugged out of it. His eyes were hungry on them. “Do you want to see my tits?”

“God, yes, Mrs. Umayyah,” he said, his eyes so wide, a dazed expression slacking his jaw as I reached behind me. He let out a groan as I unveiled my tits. They jiggled before me, swaying with pillowy softness. My dark-brown nipples were so hard.

“How much would you pay me to touch them?” I asked. “And to do more?”

To be continued…

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