Daughter’s Slut Training Chapter Ten: Mommy is a Slut Too


Daughter’s Slut Training

An Incestuous Harem Story

Chapter Ten: Mommy is a Slut Too

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

Story Codes: Teen male/Female, Teen male/Teen female, Male/Teen male/Teen female, Teen Female/Teen Female, Incest, Prostitution, Exhibitionism, Public Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, Titty Fuck, Interracial, Domination/submission

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Mrs. Umayyah

I shivered as I drew the satin panties up my dusky thighs. The red-purple hue of the fabric looked so decadent against my flesh. I groaned at the feel of it, my pussy so hot and wet. It slid over the curve of my rump as I stared at my reflection in the changing room mirror of Leonora’s Treasure, the lingerie store in the mall. The cloth cupped my rear, some of the fabric sliding into my butt-crack. I shuddered. I’d never worn underwear so daring. These panties were clearly intended to be seen by someone else.

By a lover.

Matching the panties was the strapless bra cupping my large breasts into two wonderful mounds. The darker circles of my areolas peeked out the top. My tits jiggled with my every movement. I shuddered, my hijab framing in my lush and mature face. Wearing the symbol of modesty while clad in something so blatantly immodest had me trembling, my snatch clenching.

Why was I so turned on?

Because my eldest son, Faizel, waited outside of the changing room eager to see me in this. To ogle my flesh and approve the outfit for my “date” with young Carter tomorrow night.

An entire night with another boy who wasn’t my husband. A boy who’d pay for that privilege. It made me so wet. Made it so worth spending the money my daughter had made being a whore on these outfits. A little investment to make sure that my clients, my horny high school students, would pay to fuck their MILF teacher.

Then I could repay the money I’d lost in online gambling. I was grateful my husband did not pay attention to our finances, instead leaving the household management to me, his dutiful wife. I’d whore myself out as well as my slut daughter to make up the money.

It would be such a shame once I refilled our savings. Part of me didn’t want to give up my young lovers. But I wasn’t a slut like my daughter. I was just doing this to fix my mistake. If my husband found out…

He would throw me out. He would never understand.

“No more stalling, Mom,” Faizel called, his voice so demanding. “Let me see.”

I shivered and nodded. I stepped out, my breasts jiggling in my bra, to face my son waiting in the back of the store where the changing rooms were. It was private, the store understanding a woman might want to model for her lover. Or her son.

At seventeen, Faizel had a man’s body and strength. He looked so much like my husband, minus the beard, with that same broad-shouldered build and muscular torso. Faizel had the strength to treat a woman right. The way my husband had in the first years of our marriage before responsibilities kept him working so much.

“Very nice,” Faizel said, cupping my breasts right there in the store. The salesgirl, not much older than him, had a naughty smile as she watched my “young lover” play with my tits. The girl utterly approved.

Would she still approve if she knew he was my son?

My nipples throbbed in the bra. A tingle rushed through me down to my pussy. I grew even more molten as he licked his lips. His cock tented his jeans, straining to burst out of them. I sucked in a breath as he brushed my hard nubs with his thumbs, massaging them through the satin.

“Ooh, that feels so good, Faizel.”

“Good,” he grinned, licking his hungry lips. “It’s good. But it’s not enough. Try on the next one.”

“Okay,” I said, loving the strength in his eyes. He wanted to see this. So I would give it to him.

I slipped back into the changing room, carefully undressing then grabbing the hot-pink thong. I’d never worn anything like this. It felt so skimpy. I drew it up my legs, wiggling my hips as the cloth in the back nestled between the cheeks of my butt. I shuddered, my thick, black bush peeking out the sides of the panties in the front. I would have to shave my snatch like my daughter did to wear something like this.

Although… It did look hot with my curly hairs peeking out.

The bra was also hot pink. This one had straps but the cups were made of lace that would do nothing to hide my tits. I pulled it on, the color almost florescent against my tan skin. I felt like even more of a whore, my nipples peeking dark through the pattern, so hard and aching. The underwear made a mockery of my hijab.

This was underwear my daughter should wear.

I trembled and slipped out, my pussy drooling with excitement. I wanted Faizel to see me in this. I wanted his lusts to surge through him. He grinned when I stepped out. His eyes roamed my bountiful flesh as he let out a groan of enjoyment.

“Turn around, let me see that ass in this,” he said.

“Yes,” I groaned. “Mommy wants her son to enjoy her body.”

“Such a body.” So much throaty passion in his words. “The hottest mom in the world.”

His words made my excitement soar. I spun around, wiggling my hips. He smacked the exposed cheek of my ass. I gasped, loving the pain tingling through me. Then he squeezed both my cheeks, groping me, pulling apart my butt-cheeks.

“I don’t know, Mom,” he said. “You are so sexy in this. But is this the right one? Try on the nightie. Let me see you in that.”

“Yes!” I purred, his fingers digging into my flesh, making me feel so wanton.

I practically threw myself into the changing room, my hijab swaying about my shoulders. I took off my lingerie as fast as I could without damaging the delicious cloth. I would buy it all, no matter the cost. I had more outfits to try on. It would cost me almost all the money my daughter had made so far.

But she and her two friends were whoring themselves out, and Mr. Myers, Kimmy’s father, would pay so much to unknowingly pop his daughter’s cherry. And with Leyla filming it all… Well, there would be more money coming in.

I pulled on the baby doll nightie. It was sheer silk, a silvery gray. It cupped my breast, my dusky flesh bleeding through, my nipples so on display. This did nothing to hide them. The fabric felt so wonderful on me as it swayed down to my hips. The panties weren’t a thong, but they were still cut narrow.

And even naughtier, they had no crotch.

There was a long slit in the gusset decorated by lace. I shuddered as I adjusted the panties on my hips and ass. I could see my black bush peeking through the slit. I ran my finger down the front, found the opening, and touched myself.

“Come on, Mom,” Faizel groaned. “I need to see you in it.”

A naughty thrill went through me to step out into the store and be seen in this whorish outfit. My entire body, minus my hair thanks to my hijab, were on display. I threw open the door, letting my son feast on my body as I strutted out, a harem slave here to please her lord and master.

Hunger smoldered in my son’s dark eyes.

“Mom, you naughty slut,” he groaned. “You wear that like it was made for you.”

“Mmm, are you sure?” I asked. “I’m not too old to wear something so… revealing?”

“With those killer tits, Mom?” He licked his lips. “Let me see your ass in those panties.”

I turned around, wiggling my hips. “My ass isn’t too big?”

“It’s got just the right plumpness. Now bend over. Let me really enjoy it.”

I shuddered, bending over, my hijab shifting, but it was wrapped tight about my head and neck. I felt so exposed. I knew he could see the slit in the panties’ gusset. See my pubic hair. The wet lips of my pussy. He could tell how turned on I was and—

“Faizel!” I gasped as he shoved two fingers into my pussy, penetrating in me deep. “You naughty boy.”

“You’re the one flashing your cunt at me, Mom,” he said, some of his boyish mischievousness in his voice. He pumped his digits in and out of my cunt, sending heat rippling through my body. I groaned and squirmed, his fingers feeling amazing in me.

“I guess I’m naughty, too,” I groaned, my hips wiggling.

I glanced to the right. The salesgirl just winked at me. The girl was a naughty thing. She didn’t care that we were getting far, far too physical. Would she masturbate later to this? I groaned, my pussy clenching down on my son’s fingers.

I wanted the girl to know he was my son.

“Ooh, yes, finger Mommy’s pussy,” I moaned louder. “You came from there. I brought you into this world, and now you’re giving me such pleasure.”

The girl shuddered, licking her lips. Her cheeks were crimson. She heard me. It turned her on.

Delight rippled out of my pussy. Faizel’s fingers pumped faster and faster in me. He let out a throaty moan. His digits felt amazing in me. So thick. Almost as thick as his dick. Ooh, that would be amazing in me right now. Just filling me. I bet my son was so hard.

He needed his mother to take care of him.

Almost like he red my mind, Faizel acted. I let out a whimper as his jean fastener popped. His zipper rasped. With one hand, he worked to free his dick as he kept thrusting his digits into my pussy, stirring up his mother’s cunt to such a naughty froth.

“Damn, Mom, you are such a slut,” he groaned. “You want me to fuck you right here.”

“I just want to satiate my son,” I moaned for the girl.

Her eyes were fixed on us. She had to see how big Faizel’s cock was, the size of his father’s. I whimpered as he ripped his fingers out of my snatch. Then he pressed me forward into the door of the changing room. It was closed, latched. It held, rattling as he rubbed his cock against my hot cunt through the slit in the crotchless panties. My breasts heaved in the satin nightie, cool cloth rubbing hard nipples.

I needed my son back in me. Where he belonged. I needed to feel his youthful passion ramming into me, giving me all the pleasure I needed. He thrust so hard into me. I groaned, my back arching as his dick sank into me.

My pussy clamped down on his dick.

The salesgirl watched with hot eyes. Her hips shifted more, biting her lower lip as she watched the strength of my son fuck me. He drew back his cock and rammed into me again. The door rattled as his flesh smacked into my panty-clad ass. His dick buried to the hilt in me. Pleasure rippled through my body. My breasts jiggled in the nightie.

“Yes, yes, yes fuck your mother!” I moaned. “Plow me, Faizel. Plow me so hard. You need this. My whorish clothing made you erect. Use Mommy’s pussy to satiate yourself.”

“Yes!” he grunted, pounding me so hard, his dick plunging over and over into me. “Fuck, Mom, fuck!”

His balls smacked into my clit peeking through the slit in the panties. He stirred me to a froth. It felt so naughty feeling the panties on me. They should have been the last shield to protect my pussy from being seen and touched, from behind fucked, but these naughty pair let my son slam into me, violating my married cunt.

And giving me such pleasure.

Delight rippled through my body with every plunge. Friction burned in my pussy. It felt amazing. So wonderful. I groaned, shaking my hips, stirring his cock through me as he pumped faster and faster into my snatch. He filled me to the hilt with his cock over and over.

The salesgirl watched, witnessing our incestuous passion.

“Faizel!” I whimpered.

“Cum, Mom!” he growled, so strong, so commanding. “Cum like a slut!”

“Like your sister!” I howled as my orgasm exploded in me.

“Yeah, just like her!” he growled while pleasure surged through me.

My pussy convulsed on his dick. I spasmed over and over on him. My flesh rippled about his amazing shaft plunging into me. I whimpered, my back arching. So much rapture flooded my body. It felt incredible. I loved it. My eyes rolled back into my head as wave after wave of ecstasy washed through my thoughts.

He fucked me so hard. He plowed into me. His dick buried over and over into my massaging cunt. He experienced the rapture of my spasming embrace. He kept my orgasms burning through me, fucking me with that youthful passion I loved.

“Yes, yes, yes, you’re making Mommy cum so hard!” I moaned. “Oh, Faizel, yes! Such a good son!”

“Such a naughty mom!” he growled. “I’m going to flood your snatch!”

“Mmm, yes!” I whimpered, bucking back into him, the changing room door rattling so hard. “Do it! Flood your mother!”

I almost wanted to go off birth control just so I could have his son.

His dick slammed into my snatch. His dick spurted. Hot cum splashed into my pussy. I felt it against my cervix. I whimpered and groaned, my cunt convulsing, milking out his incestuous seed. He grunted and groaned, panting as I satiated him.

I made him hard, and now I took care of it. Like every loving mother should. I sucked in breaths as he held me from behind. I winked at the salesgirl. She fanned her face. I knew she would be masturbating so hard tonight.


Leyla Umayyah

Mom wasn’t home yet. She must have had a lot of work at school to take care of. Maybe because of my whoring? Since I was using her classroom during her lunch hour to fuck my customers, maybe she didn’t have time to do this work normally and had to play catch up today.

Daddy would come home and there would be no dinner ready. Maybe I should do something about it?

But I had Jalal’s mouth buried in my pussy right now, his glasses rubbing on my inner thighs. I shuddered as he licked through my pussy folds. Ever since I promised to hook him up with my friend Kimmy, after she lost her virginity tomorrow night, he’d been so affectionate. He wanted to stay on my good side.

And it turned out he was pretty good at eating pussy.

“Oh, yes, little brother,” I moaned, grinding across his face. His tongue wiggled through my snatch. “You lick Kimmy’s pussy like this, and she’ll love you. You’ll have a slutty girlfriend that will keep coming back to you.”

He groaned and thrust his tongue deeper and deeper into my pussy. My eyes rolled back into my head. My sixteen-year-old body shuddered on the couch. I smeared my pussy on his hungry mouth, loved his tongue lapping through my folds. He devoured me with such eager hunger. He licked and nuzzled through my pussy. He had me shuddering and shaking in delight.

He made me quake with passion.

“Oh, yes, Jalal,” I whimpered. “Oh, you stud. Eat my pussy. Just devour it. Oh, yes, you’re going to make me explode so hard on that wonderful mouth. Kimmy will love you.”

I grabbed his black hair, my round breasts shaking as his nose bumped into my clit. He wiggled his tongue through my hot depths. He swirled it around my sensitive flesh, sending such incestuous delight through me. My little brother was amazing.

The couch groaned and creaked as I humped against him. I whimpered, gripping his hair as he fluttered his tongue through me. Then he flicked it out of my tunnel and through my folds to brush my clit.

“Yes!” I squeaked in delight as his tongue swirled around my clit. “Like that. Ooh, yes, never forget a girl’s clit. Even a slut like me and Kimmy love this!”

His tongue fluttered on it. He batted it so fast. His dark eyes stared at me from behind his glasses. His hands squeezed my ass beneath the couch cushion. My breasts heaved as I bucked, my body squirming against the couch’s backrest, the upholstery rubbing on my flesh.

The pleasure built and built in me. My orgasm swelled so fast. I would explode on my brother’s cock. I whimpered and moaned. My eyes rolled back into my head as he feasted on me with such dedication.

“You’ll make Kimmy so happy!” I squealed as the front door opened.

The heavy steps said it was Dad or Faizel, not Mom. I craned my neck and smiled as Daddy entered the living room, wearing his work clothes. He looked so strong and rugged in worn jeans and fade shirt, his beard thick and black, his eyes smoldering.

“Daddy, welcome home!” I moaned as Jalal kept licking me.

I shivered, realizing Daddy hadn’t seen me with my brothers yet. He knew I fucked them. Knew I was a complete slut, but now he witnessed it. I could see his eyes widening as he fully beheld me as a slut. A nasty whore. He licked his lips, his hands rubbing on his jeans as his dick swelled hard.

Just feeling his eyes on me made my pussy so hot. I groaned and shuddered as Jalal sucked on my clit. I stared at Daddy as the pleasure exploded through me. My pussy convulsed and spasmed. Juices gushed out of me as I writhed.

“Yes, yes, yes, Jalal, you’re so good at that. Ooh, that’s amazing!”

The rapture swept through my body. I thrashed and heaved. Daddy’s eyes drank in the sight of me. He watched with such hunger, his dick tenting the front of his jeans. What a hot sight. I licked my lips, wanting to pleasure him, to give him the same delight Jalal was giving me.

Then Jalal lifted his mouth, face dripping with pussy juices. He glanced at our father. “Er, hi, Dad.” His cheeks darkened. “You’re, uh, home a little early. Do you want to…?”

“Don’t stop playing with your sister,” Daddy groaned. “She made you hard. Fuck the little slut. Use her.”

“Yes!” I moaned, so glad Daddy understood what I was.

Jalal rose, his body so slender and delicious. He was so cute and boyish. But his dick… He had a man’s dick, practically as big as Daddy’s, and definitely bigger than any of the teachers I’d fucked the last two days. He felt so delicious in me.

Daddy groaned as Jalal rammed his dick into me. I shuddered, throwing my legs around my little brother’s waist as I watched Daddy. His hands moved to his jeans, fumbling with his belt and his fly. Metal jangled. A zipper rasped. Then his jeans fell down those thick, strong thighs. They were so hairy. He was like a bear. A big, strong papa bear.

My pussy clenched on Jalal’s cock hammering into me as Daddy pulled out his dick. I licked my lips at the sight of his swarthy shaft. He stroked it, watching his son fuck me. I humped into Jalal, friction burning through my body at the pleasure of his prick plowing over and over into me.
“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me just like this, Jalal!” I whimpered. “Use my naughty cunt to satiate your cock.”

“Yes,” groaned Daddy, fisting his cock, watching me be a slut with those dark, strong eyes.

It made me so hot.

Jalal groaned and gasped as he plowed into my hot cunt. My brother’s dick felt amazing in me. The friction of his hard plunges into my silky depths sent waves rippling through my body. I shuddered and heaved beneath him, my snatch clenching down on his dick as the pleasure built and built inside of me.

So amazing. So wonderful. And Daddy watched. I loved having an audience. Especially him. I clawed my brother’s back as my passion built faster and faster. Another orgasm already swelling through me, such wonderful pleasure.

“He’s fucking me so hard, Daddy!” I whimpered, staring at his hand flying up and down his dick. “Just plowing into your slutty daughter’s pussy!”

“Is she wet, son?” he groaned.

“So wet, Dad. She’s hot, too. And silky tight! Oh, yes, she’s going to make me cum.”

“She’s drenched your cock with her cream?”

“Yeah, Dad. Just drenched it!”

“Good!” Daddy stroked his dick faster and faster. “Then fuck your slutty sister’s asshole. Ram your dick into her bowels.”

Daddy understood me.

Such joy shuddered through me as Jalal ripped his dick out of my cunt, moved it down past my taint, and found my asshole. Lubed with my pussy juices, my little brother rammed his dick into my bowels. I shuddered at the velvety heat surging through me. My thighs tightened about Jalal’s waist as a throaty moan burst from my lips.

Such delicious rapture rippled through me. The velvety friction of my little brother’s cock plowing into my asshole filled my body. I whimpered and groaned, bucking on the couch, pressing my shaved pussy into his bush on his pubic mound. I ground against those ticklish hairs, such delight surging through me.

“Daddy, he’s reaming my asshole so hard!” I moaned, eyes locked on the tip of his dick. “He’s just plowing me like the slut I am!”

“I can see that, little flower,” Daddy groaned. He moved closer, fisting that thick dick, watching his children fuck with wild abandon. “How does her ass feel, son?”

“Amazing, Dad!” Jalal grunted, thrusting so hard and fast into my asshole, sodomizing my bowels with his amazing cock, bringing me closer and closer to erupting.

“Are you going to flood the slut’s asshole?” Daddy groaned, moving even closer. He was right next to the couch now, standing over us, watching our incestuous passion.

“I will, Dad!”

“He will!” I moaned then craned my head.

Daddy rammed his dick into my mouth. I sucked on the tip of it as Jalal thrust forward. His cock buried to the hilt in my bowels. Then his hot cum spurted. My brother groaned as he filled my whorish asshole with his spunk.

Daddy groaned a moment later. I sucked hard on his dick as it erupted. His wonderful, salty jizz filled my mouth. Such a treat. I shuddered, gulping it down, my bowels clenching down on my brother’s hard cock.

I took incestuous cum from two men I loved. My little brother and my amazing Daddy.

I came.

Pleasure howled through my body. I moaned as I nursed on Daddy’s cock, drawing out every drop of his salty treat. My bowels milked Jalal’s cock as I bucked and groaned. Juices flooded out of my pussy, matting down his bush as I groaned against him. My eyes fluttered. Such ecstasy bathed my mind.

Daddy saw me being a slut and loved it. I made him so happy. He accepted who I was. I could cry for joy. I was helping the family out, too. I bet I could tell him about prostituting my body. Mom was wrong. He would understand. It wouldn’t make him ashamed.


Mom did know Daddy well. I should talk to her first. Just to make sure. But I wanted to tell him how I was helping out with the family. How I was doing my part when I wasn’t using my body to make him happy.

Maybe he could watch me with a customer?

The front door opened. “Sorry I’m late,” Mom said. “I was held up at school grading tests. So we’re having Chinese food for dinner and… Oh, this is a naughty surprise. I see our daughter’s being a slut again.”

“Yes, she was playing with her brother,” Daddy said, pulling his cock out of my mouth.

Mom bustled up to him, giving him a loving kiss like a dutiful wife, her hair wrapped up in her hijab, her blouse buttoned up so modestly. She was a slut, like me, but she kept it in the family. Only fucking my brothers. But that was fine since Daddy tended to monopolize me. My brothers needed someone at night to take care of their lusts I inspired.

“Yum!” Jalal said, ripping his cock out of my asshole.

“You get cleaned up, little slut,” Mom smiled at me, “and then join us.”

“Yes, Mother.” Jalal’s cum leaked out of my asshole as I stood up.

Mom headed to the dining room with the plastic bags full of yummy smelling Chinese food. Jalal darted off to get dressed while I grinned at Daddy, his salty cum lingering in my mouth. He arched an eyebrow at me.

“You’re not listening to your mother, little flower.”

“I just wanted you to know that some of my friends are becoming sluts. Kimmy”—Dad’s eyes lit up at her name—“Kendra, and Izzy. I’ll bring them over, and we’ll have a lot of fun, Daddy. Isn’t that hot?”

“Yeah,” he said. “But what would your mother think?”

“She won’t care,” I said. Not since she was whoring the four of us out. “And I think Kimmy will be spending a whole lot of time here. Jalal has such a crush on her.”

Daddy’s face darkened. “With an American slut?”

“Maybe he likes watching,” I said, patting his crotch. “You sure did, Daddy.”

He let out a loud growl. “You are such a wicked daughter, little flower.”

I fluttered my eyes at him. “But you still love me, right?”

He grabbed my ass, pulling me tight against him. “I still love you, little flower. And your body. Bring your friends over. They’ve been teasing me for years with those bodies.”

I grinned at him. I loved being Daddy’s slutty daughter.


Mrs. Umayyah

“I can’t wait for our date tonight, Mrs. Umayyah,” Carter said the next day. I had on the hot pink thong and matching bra. I bought ten outfits yesterday, using almost all the money Leyla had made. Good thing two of her friends were joining the fun.

“Me, either,” I purred. “I’m so wet right now.” The other students had emptied out of my classroom and there was a gap, a minute window before the next round of students would file in. Time to have a little bit of naughty fun. “Why don’t you check.”

Carter gave me such a hungry smile. He had the same youthful strength as Faizel, matured into a man but still with that boyish enthusiasm for everything. I shuddered as he yanked up my modest skirt and revealed my hot pink thong.

I hadn’t bothered shaving my pussy. It just felt so naughty with my pubic hair peeking out around the material. Made me feel like such a wanton wife for dressing like this beneath my clothing. On the outside, a modest, Muslim woman. But beneath… Beneath a woman craving to teach young men all about how to pleasure a MILF.

To my shock, he knelt down before me and yanked my thong down my dusky thighs. I gasped, my eyes widening as he drew them past my knees. I stepped out for him automatically. His blue eyes smoldered as he stared up at me. He held my panties to his face, letting my skirt drop, and inhaled my musk.

“Yes, you are wet, Mrs. Umayyah,” he grinned, standing. “I’ll hold onto these until tonight. 5 PM, right? At the Marriott?”

I nodded my head. “I’ll be there with more naughty underwear for you to take off of me.”

He grinned at that, slipping my thong into his pocket just as my daughter and her giggling friends burst in. They were in my next class. Carter said, “Thanks for explaining how exponentials work, Mrs. Umayyah.”

“You’re welcome,” I said, breathy.

He walked past his younger sister Kimmy, ruffling her blonde hair. “Later, sport.”

“Bye, Carter,” Kimmy said, her cheeks blushing. The four girls whispered something and they all started giggling wildly.

“Thinking about fucking your brother, Kimmy?” I asked, approaching the three.

The girl’s braces flashed as she smiled, “Maybe. After all, Leyla loves her brothers being in her.”

“She can’t stop talking about Jalal eating her pussy out last night,” Kendra said, the Black girl’s eyes blazing with desire.

Kimmy nodded her head, her cheeks even redder.

“Well, I’m glad you are excited. Kendra, Izzy, if you still want to be whores, I have dates for you two lined up as well. Money already collected.” I didn’t trust those two to give me my full share of $160, plus some of the teachers weren’t paying cash anyways. “I’ll give you your cut once they’re satiated.”

“Oh, we’re in,” Kendra said. “Izzy and I spent all last night eating each other’s pussies just thinking about it.”

My own snatch clenched. Maybe I had to try them out. “Okay, take your seats.”

Other students filed in, gabbing, oblivious to what was going on. Or where they? The girls were giggling more, giving me scandalized looks while the boys had such hungry looks in their eyes. I shivered, more young men who could pay for my private tutelage.

Teaching the lesson passed in a hazy, lust-filled blur. With no panties on beneath my skirt, my juices soaked my bush then dribbled down my thighs all through the lesson. I felt so naughty. I shivered, my nipples throbbing in my bra as my breasts jiggled. I wanted to masturbate right then and there. I wanted to have my male students pool their money and just fuck me one after the other, gangbanging me the way my daughter and her friends would be gangbanged tomorrow by Faizel’s friends.

I was a boiling mass of horny lust when I dismissed my class. I shuddered as they all left but my daughter, Kendra, and Izzy. Those three girls started stripping the moment the other students had left, baring their teenage bodies. Izzy’s tits were nearly as big as mine but such a pale shade of ivory and dusted with freckles. Kendra had round and firm tits, her nipples actually lighter than her ebony skin.

“Okay, girls, satiate the customers,” I said. “They’ll be here any minute. They each paid for one of you in particular. Do anything they want.”

“We will,” Kendra purred, rubbing fingers through a bush as frizzy as her hair styled in a short afro.

Izzy grinned and said, “We’ll rock their worlds, Mrs. Umayyah.”

“We’ll be the best prostitutes in the world for you, Mother,” Leyla said, her shaved pussy on display as she perched on my desk, legs spread wide.

I shuddered, my eyes flicking to the webcams. I had an app on my phone that let me monitor them. It was for security systems, but it let me watch while everything was being recorded. Jalal was such a good boy for helping me with this.

I would watch it all from the bathroom, masturbating in a stall. I slipped out of the classroom just as the two teachers and the janitor arrived. They all gave me sheepish grins before they headed inside. I heard the girls coo their welcome before the door shut, cutting off the sound.

I made a brisk beeline for the ladies’ room just down the hallway. More pussy juices spilled down my thighs.

And then Clint Elliston stepped in front of me.

I faced the tall, dark-haired youth who’d started me down this road of slut-training my daughter. He had such a hungry look in his eyes. He possessed the same manly strength as my son, Faizel. They were both seniors, both so hunky. A cocky grin spread on Clint’s face.

“Mrs. Umayyah, I have heard such interesting things about your daughter getting gangbanged tomorrow.”

“Yes, she is,” I said. “Did my son tell you?”

“Faizel’s telling everyone. Fifty dollars to fuck your daughter and her friends.” Clint ran a hand through his dark hair. “I don’t normally pay for sex, but I’m tempted just to come and watch. Maybe I’ll bring Lee. Her pregnancy is making her so horny. I bet she’d love to witness it and not be allowed to touch herself.”

I shivered. I had seen how Clint treated Lee and her mother, my fellow teacher, like dirty, filthy whores. His sex slaves. “I don’t see how that’ll be a problem. I’ll just be watching, too.”

“Really? But I hear you’re for sell, also.”

I shivered, my pussy clenching so hard. I had the hour free. “I am. You can enjoy me. For a price.”

Clint arched his eyebrow. “How much?”

“$200, and I will give you an education.”

“Do you think there’s anything I need to learn about pleasing a woman?”

I shuddered. “Everyone could use a refresher course.”

His smile grew so hungry. “Let me give you a counteroffer.”

“My price isn’t for negotiating. I’m a married woman and—”

Right there in the middle of the hallway, Clint plunged his hand into my half-unbuttoned blouse. I shuddered as his fingers slid across my breasts and brushed the top of my lacy bra. He shoved into the cup and found my nipple. He pinched it.


I sucked in a breath as he backed down the hallway. I had to follow him. He had such a firm grasp on my nipple, stretching it. I’d done this to my daughter, and the slut had grown so wet and wanton. I could see why. Such tingles shot down to my pussy. The pain mixed with my excitement. I let out such a naughty moan as he dominated me.

Clint pulled me into his aunt’s classroom. It was dark inside save for a small beam of white light shining from the wall that separated this room from mine. My insides tightened. Had I moved the poster that covered my peephole? Would Clint notice the light?

I whimpered as he led me right to it. My insides squirmed more and more.

“You know I found something interesting near the end of last year,” Clint said. “I was fucking my little sister, Alicia, in the ass, when I noticed this little hole in the wall. And I thought I saw an eye watching me.”

“W-watching you?” I gasped, my pussy clenching. I used to spend my lunches witnessing Clint fuck his family, his various sisters and half-sisters along with his aunt and other sluts in here. “I—”

“So you’re saying you don’t know how this damage to school property happened?” Clint asked as we reached the wall behind his aunt’s desk. He pulled down on my nipple, forcing me to bend over. Then he shoved my face against the wall.

I stared into my classroom, witnessed my three whores servicing their men. Kendra was on her knees, the Black girl bobbing her mouth up and down Mr. McDougal’s cock, sucking and slurping on it with whorish passion. My daughter was on her back, humping against Vince, one of the school’s janitors, who devoured her slut pussy with abandon. Mr. Breen, a Black teacher, pumped his ebony cock through Izzy’s big, pillowy tits as she lay on the floor. He straddled her. I could see the tip of his dick emerge from her ivory breasts with his every thrust.

I licked my lips, eyes flicking around the room from girl to girl. My daughter’s round tits heaved as she humped against Vince’s mouth. She gripped his slicked-back, black hair, grinding her cunt on the Italian’s man’s face. Izzy pushing her big breasts together to make a titty-pussy for Mr. Breen to fuck had my juices dripping down my flesh. His ebony cock looked so hot compared to her pale flesh. Kendra sucked and slurped while Mr. McDougal gripped her afro. He fucked his hips forward, thrusting his dick deep into her mouth.

“Take every inch, whore!” he growled. “You little Black slut, take it all.”

He jammed his dick down her throat roughly. It made her whimper while her hands were busy between her thighs.

“It would be such a shame if someone found out that you had damaged the school,” Clint said, his hands pulling up my skirt. “But I can keep your secret. For a price.”

“I know your secret,” I said, my hips wiggling, it was so hot watching people having sex again through a peephole. “I can tell everyone you fuck your little sister. Your aunt.”

“You won’t do that,” Clint said, his jeans rustling. He held my skirt over my ass. My eyes widened. I had no panties on. He could see how wet I was. “Because you want this. I’ve seen you staring at me all this year. I took your math class this semester just to see how’d you’d act. Your little married whore-cunt wants me to do this.”

He rammed his dick into my pussy.

I gasped, squeezing down on him. I whimpered and groaned as Clint pumped his dick in and out of my snatch. The boy who started me down this depraved road was in me. Fucking me like he fucked the sluts in his family. His balls smacked into my clit. He pressed me against the wall, my eye locked on the depraved lusts in the other room.

My pussy clamped down on Clint’s dick. I let him use me for free. Not because he would tell on me, but because I needed to enjoy this cock. I had wanted it for so long. And now he was in me, fucking me.

“Deal!” I groaned, bucking back into him as I watched my daughter cum on Vince’s mouth, her body bucking and heaving as the janitor feasted on her underage cunt.

“That’s what I thought, slut!” Clint groaned, burying so hard into me.

Slut… My pussy grew hotter. “Yes, yes, fuck me like a slut, Clint!”

I didn’t care about my marriage right now. I didn’t care about being a good, Muslim woman and faithful wife. I let Clint fuck my cunt for free, not doing it to help my family, but to satiate my own cunt. I felt like such a hypocrite for doing this with my hijab on.

I didn’t take it off.

His dick slammed into me as I watched the fun in my classroom. My pussy drank in the friction of his thrusts. The pleasure boiled through me. Stars danced across my vision as my breasts shook in my dress. Clint fucked me so hard, his hips shifting, changing how his cock pumped into me, where it brushed along inside my pussy.

He knew how to please a woman.

“You little slut!” Professor Breen moaned. The Black history teacher’s face twisted in pleasure. Than he came. He splattered the redheaded teenager’s face. He drenched her with his cum, his back arching as he used her tits.

“Yes, yes, yes, she’s a little slut,” I hissed.

“Like you, Mrs. Umayyah,” growled Clint. “I know sluts, and you are one married whore.”

He smacked my ass, and I moaned, my orgasm hurtling closer. Clint would recognize a slut. Had I always been one, like my daughter, my whorish self lurking inside of me. Or had Clint made me one by fucking his women in the classroom next to mine, leading me down this depraved road of pleasure.

I didn’t know. I didn’t care. I just savored his dick pumping in and out of my cunt, stirring my pussy to a hot froth. As his balls smacked into my clit, I watched Professor McDougal cum down Kendra’s throat, pumping his jizz straight into the Black whore’s belly.

She loved it, purring her enjoyment.

Pleasure swelled through me so fast, so hot. Vince rose, wiping his mouth on the sleeve of his beige janitor jumpsuit. Then he unzipped it while my daughter squirmed. I couldn’t see him pull out his dick, but I watched him thrust forward into my daughter. Her dusky thighs wrapped about his waist as he fucked her cunt for money.

I whimpered, my pussy clenching down so hard on Clint’s dick. His crotch smacked into my ass as he fucked me so hard. He used me like a slut. I moaned and gasped, bucking down into it as Vince groaned his enjoyment.

“Let me lick you clean, babe,” Kendra purred, crawling across the floor to Izzy, the Black girl’s round, ebony tits swaying.

“Ooh, yes,” groaned Izzy, still cupping her pillowy tits as Mr. Breen and Mr. McDougal watched the two sluts.

Kendra licked at her friend’s face, gathering up the teacher’s spunk. They watched, stroking their soft dicks, getting their second winds. Such good whores they were. They kissed, Kendra’s ebony tits brushing Izzy’s. Their tongues flashed, passing cum back and forth.

“You’re getting so hot, Mrs. Umayyah,” Clint growled. “Watching your daughter and her friends whoring themselves out for you.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, clenching my pussy down on his cock. “It’s so hot. They’re just so wicked.”

“Oh, yes, fuck me, Vince!” howled my daughter while Mr. Breen and Mr. McDougal gained their second wind. They swapped sluts, Mr. Breen ramming his ebony monster into Kendra as Mr. McDougal enjoyed Izzy’s underage snatch.

The two teachers fucked them hard as Clint fucked me. My fingers curled against the wall. Then my orgasm shuddered through me. My pussy spasmed and convulsed on Clint’s dick. I moaned and gasped, my body quacking and quavering as the pleasure surged through me.

So hot. So amazing. I was such a terrible wife. Cheating on my husband with my students, being a slut. I loved it. My snatch milked Clint’s dick. He thrust so hard into my spasming sheath. He grunted, groaned.

My pussy brought him as much pleasure as the teenage cunts did to the men in the other room.

“Mrs. Umayyah,” Clint growled. “Damn, you’re so juicy. You want it. You want my cum in you.”

“Yes!” I hissed. “Do it! Spill in me! It’ll be running down my thighs all day. Reminding me!”

Clint groaned and buried into me. My orgasm swelled higher as his jizz fired into my married cunt. I groaned and gasped, my pussy convulsing about his shaft, milking out every drop of his cum as I whimpered.

Leyla moaned, Vince spilling into her. Mother and daughter satiating their men at the same moment. Dizzy rapture swelled through me. Stars danced through my vision as my orgasm peaked. Clint’s dick fired one last time into me.

Left me feeling like a satiated slut.


Leyla Umayyah

“We had so much fun on our dates, Mom,” I said, bouncing with excitement as we drove to Kimmy’s house for my “slumber party.”

“I saw,” Mom said, such a dreamy smile on her lips. “I watched in the bathroom.”

“Masturbating?” I grinned.

“You three made me hot,” she said. “And your afternoon dates, they were just as good as the lunch ones?”

“Well, Mr. Jameson didn’t eat my pussy out the way Vince did, but he did sodomize me and gave me such an amazing anal orgasm.” I shivered. “He’ll be back for more dates.”

“Wonderful,” Mom smiled. She had to be happy. The three of us made our family $960 after our $40 cut per date. Which meant I made another $80 today. I wanted to go to the mall, to Leonora’s Treasure, and buy something naughty to wear for Daddy.

“How long do you think the gangbang tomorrow will be?” I asked. “I was hoping to go to the mall with my friends.”

“And spend your spoils?” Mom asked. “Well, I’m sure it’ll be over my mid-afternoon. So treat yourself.”

“I will,” I said, grinning at Mom. She was so relaxed now. Not so uptight. She even was leaving her blouse partly unbuttoned, showing off those nice tits of her. Of course, she wore her hijab. She wasn’t as complete a slut as I was.

She pulled into Kimmy’s driveway. Her parents were loaded. They had a big house on the outskirts of town. Such a juicy excitement shot through me. Mr. Myers’s car was in the driveway. It would be so hot to watch him fuck his own daughter. To pop her cherry.

“You’ll take care of Daddy tonight, right?” I asked as Mom parked the car. “Since I’ll be here. You need to give him as much sex as you can, Mom.”

“Oh, I plan on getting all the sex I can get tonight,” she purred. “Now let’s go proposition your friend’s dad.”

Tonight would be the absolute best night ever for Kimmy! And I was so glad to be here to witness it.

To be continued…

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