Knight Book 4, Chapter 2 Talk

Not really sure what to call this post but there is something about this particular part of the story that makes me forgetful. When I was writing this section of the story I wrote chapter 1, ended on the erinyes cliffhanger, left notes behind on how I wanted the fight to go. A week later, I sat down to write the next chapter (that’s how this is written. Once a week, I write the next chapter) I wrote what is now chapter 3. I spaced on ending the chapter on a cliffhanger. The following week, I sat down to write what I expected to be chapter 3 (no chapter 4) and noticed my notes, realized that I completely forgot to write what I just published. Then today, I’m sitting down, relaxing, when I realized I needed to upload the new chapter. I almost forgot to do it.

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