The World of Erasthay – The Knight and the Acolyte Bk 4, Chapter 2: The Erinyes’s Passion


The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Four: Passion’s Song

Chapter 2: The Erinyes’s Passion

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

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Knight-Errant Angela – Ghost Wolves Tribal Lands, Federation of Larg

I gripped my sword as I faced Injuriae, the furious winged-woman standing naked before me. Her body was pale, her breasts small and conical, and a silver ring pierced through her clit. The flickering fire of her burning whip, clutched in her right hand, painted her body in dancing reds and oranges. Black-feathered wings spread out behind her, blocking out the starry, night sky.

I swallowed. She was some sort of demigoddess. She mentioned a mother that is furious at me. “You’re an erinyes? One of Slata’s vengeful daughters?”

“And mother wants vengeance against you, High-King’s descendant,” Injuriae answered. “Mother worked hard to see his dream undone. She will not allow you to recreate it.”

“Recreate it?” I asked in confusion, my naked breasts rising. I shifted on the grass covering the hill, ignoring the fronds tickling my inner thigh and brushing my cum-stained pussy. Before I went on watch, I had a hot foursome with Thrak, Xera, and Faoril who slept down in the camp. Hot from the sex, I hadn’t bothered dressing before climbing the hill to take watch. “I just want to slay the dragon.”

“That’s where it begins, but once you have the sword, you will want the rest of your ancestor’s possessions. You will want to recreate his empire.”

“But I’m a woman,” I protested. “Only men can rule nations. Pater rules the gods, so men must rule on earth.”

“Do you really believe that?”

I did. “Yes. This is ridiculous. I’m a knight, not a conquerer.”

“Power has a way of making us act against our nature,” Injuriae said as she advanced on me. “When you have the sword reforged and realize what it gives you, your thoughts will be twisted. You will find ways to rationalize your rule. Humans always find ways to rationalize their perversity. That is why my sisters exist.”

“Your sisters exist because your mother was a dumb cunt and let Las trick her into having sex with him. You’re nothing but the God of Lust’s bastard spawn.” My mind grappled onto that. There was something there, something about Erinyes I could use. It was hard to think standing naked against a demigoddess.

“Her anger at being violated by Las birthed us,” snarled Injuriae, her beautiful face twisting into something ugly. “We are her vengeance given flesh. We right her grievances. Your existence is an offense to her.”

I glanced down at the camp. No one was awake. “We’re under attack!”

Faoril stirred in the bed. She cuddled up to Xera as she lay between Thrak and the hermaphroditic elf. Her hand idly stroked down Xera’s moon-painted body, caressing the elf’s hard dick. I frowned. I had shouted loudly.

“We’re under attack.”

“They cannot hear you,” laughed Injuriae.

Her whip cracked at me. I leaped back, the flaming end missing my naked belly by mere inches. I swallowed. My shield lay back in the camp. I really wish I had brought it up with me when I took watch.

And why didn’t I put on any armor? Just because I finished having sex? How could I be so stupid?

“I erected a cone of silence. No one will hear you die. Your Quest ends—”

I bellowed and lunged in, thrusting my longsword forward to find her flesh. The Erinyes twisted her belly, her small breasts jiggling as she spun around my sword. Her wing extended and crashed into my side. I gasped in shock as I was thrown off-balance from the blow.

I hadn’t expected to be attacked by her wings.

My feet stumbled. Her wing pushed me away from the party towards the back of the hill. The grass hid a small hole, probably a rodent’s burrow, and I gasped as my ankle twisted. I groaned and landed on my side. The world spun around me. Grass caressed my body as I tumbled down the side of the hill. I thrust my sword over my head and hoped I didn’t impale myself.

I crashed at the bottom of the hill, separated from my companions. I landed on my back, my red hair spilled across my face. I brushed it aside with my offhand and gained my feet, my large breasts heaving before me.

“I am the Vengeance of the Holy Mother embodied,” screamed Injuriae as she leaped from the top of the cliff, her wings spread wide. She glided down the hill, her arm raising her weapon. The flaming whip coiled behind her.

Her arm snapped forward. The whip uncoiled. The air hissed.

“Slata’s cunt,” I growled as I dived to the side.

The whip smacked hard into the ground. The flaming tendril cut tufts of grass. They tumbled through the air, their ends smoldering, and fell back to the earth. The erinyes landed before me, her face lit by her flaming whip.

I gained my feet as the whip cracked at my face.



I walked through the forests, a song bursting from my chest. My wife answered. Atharilesia stepped out from behind a massive tree trunk, naked save for her necklaces of polished beads that dangled down to her round breasts. Her stomach swelled before her, pregnant with our daughter.

“Where have you been, wife?” Atharilesia demanded, her hand rubbing her belly.

“With Angela. On her Quest.”

“Quest,” sneered Atharilesia. “Why are you on the quest when you’re needed here? With me. I’m pregnant.”

“But…you told me to go,” I protested.

Nyonthilasara stood beside my wife. My sister pressed against my wife, her arms wrapping around my wife’s pregnant belly. “I have to take care of her. It should be you, sister. But you are never around. Always something more important than Atharilesia.”

“Always,” Atharilesia nodded.

“Being a hunter is important. Someone has to protect our woods.”

“And go with Angela on her quest?” Atharilesia asked.

I opened my mouth to protest when a warm, sucking delight engulfed my cock. I groaned. Atharilesia knelt before me, her mouth wrapped around my dick. I shuddered, struggling to remember when my wife had moved. My dick throbbed in her mouth. My nipples ached and my pussy clenched against the warm, wet sucking.

It felt so real.

“You left her,” Nyonthilasara accused as I ran my hand through Atharilesia’s green hair. “You left your pregnant wife.”

“That’s so good,” I moaned, savoring my wife’s sucking mouth. “Oh, yes. Keep sucking my cock. I love it.”

Atharilesia moaned about my dick. It was a throaty moan, not her beautiful soprano, but rougher. More human. The world grew hazy. I shifted, suddenly aware I lay on the hard ground. I struggled to hold on, gripping my wife’s head.

“Atharilesia,” I moaned as I opened my eyes to see the starry sky.

“Does ‘Atharilesia’ mean ‘suck my cock hard?’” Faoril asked as she knelt between my thighs, her hand grasping my cock. The mage had a smile on her face, framed by her short, light-brown hair. The tip of my dick glistened in the moonlight from her saliva.

“No, it’s my wife’s name,” I groaned, the dream fading away along with the guilt of abandoning my pregnant wife to join the Angela’s Quest as Faoril’s thumb ran across my cock’s crown. I shuddered at the pleasure.

“Dreaming of her while I was sucking your cock,” giggled Faoril. She sucked the tip back into her mouth. I groaned again. Nearby, Thrak slept, the orc on his back, his soft cock spilled across his swarthy stomach.

“Didn’t get enough sex?” I groaned.

“Sorry,” Faoril purred. “But you only have a cock three days out of twenty-eight. That’s only 11% of the time. I need to enjoy it while I can.”

She sucked my cock back into her mouth. I groaned as she bobbed her mouth. Her fingers caressed the wet folds of my pussy. My ears twitched as I squirmed and enjoyed her hungry mouth. Faoril was a Mage, and that made her a slut for cock. Female mages lived for cum.

And when I was in heat and my cock had sprouted, I was eager to enjoy a mage’s hot mouth, wet pussy, and tight ass as much as possible. Her and Angela were the only women I could fuck out here since Sophia wouldn’t touch me when I had a cock.

My large breasts heaved as the pleasure flowed through me. “That’s so good. Worship my cock.”

Faoril thrust two fingers into my pussy. I groaned, my sex clenching down on her probing fingers while my back arched. I squeezed my breasts and tugged on my fingers. My hips arched and bucked my cock into her hungry mouth while her fingers teased the inside of my pussy.

It was a delight to experience bliss in every possible way. I groaned and shuddered as my pussy and cock were both stimulated. The marigold scent of my pussy filled the air, mixing with Faoril’s earthier, spicy musk.

I loved the scent of human pussy. Elves had a flowery delight that just couldn’t compare to the more primal delight of human cunt.

“Are you trying to suck all the cum out of my body?” I groaned as my hips bucked up again. My toes curled and my pointed ears twitched. I bit my lip and squeezed my breasts. “Because I love it. Mmm, yes. Keep sucking, slut.”

Faoril bobbed her mouth up and down. Then she slid her mouth up until only the tip was trapped behind her tightly sealed lips. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard and her tongue slid across my crown. My body bucked and my pussy clenched hard about her thrusting fingers.

A moan escaped my lips, filling the air. I couldn’t help myself. Her mouth was so hot. So wet. So wonderful. My body spasmed as a ripple of pleasure radiated from my pussy throughout my body then ending at the crown of my dick.

The pressure built at the tip.

“I’m going to give you so much cum,” I moaned. “Mmm, you will drown in it.”

Faoril’s brown eyes flicked to mine. She sucked harder. Her tongue flicked across my crown while her fingers curled inside my pussy. My eyes widened as she found the special spot along the top of my pussy wall.

Her fingers massaged the bundle of nerves there.

Intense pleasure washed through me. “Matar’s blessed cock,” I moaned in Elvish. “Thank you for this gift of pleasure. Thank you for my cock.”

My body shuddered. My jaw clenched. My back arched, thrusting my dick deeper into her mouth. The pleasure burst out of my pussy. My cunt spasmed on her thrusting fingers. The wonderful pleasure shot to the tip of my dick.

My cum erupted.

“Yes,” I moaned. “Drink my cum, slut.”

Faoril’s cheeks bulged as my cum flooded her mouth. She swallowed, sucking hard, eager to get every drop. Her fingers kept attacking that special spot in my pussy. Another orgasm burst from my cunt as my cock kept erupting. My breasts heaved and jiggled.

“Matar’s cock!”

My orgasm consumed me. My entire body tensed. An eternity of bliss passed in a single heartbeat. And then I collapsed, my large breasts heaving as I struggled to breathe. My eyes fluttered and my cock ached in Faoril’s mouth.

She popped her mouth off my cock and smiled at me. She crawled up my body, her round breasts dragging across my stomach. They reached my larger tits, our nipples brushing as she leaned down and planted a hot kiss on my mouth.

Hot, salty cum filled my lips. I groaned, my tongue thrusting into her depths as I savored the taste of my elf-seed. Her lithe body writhed on me as we kissed. My dick throbbed, pinned between our silky bodies.

“Mmm, that was great,” Faoril grinned. “We’re going to be so tired tomorrow, but it’ll be worth it.”

“Oh, yes,” I grinned, my hands sliding down her back to seize her ass. I had the next watch after Angela. The poor thing was up on the hill probably masturbating as she watched us. My concern for Angela was lost as Faoril undulated atop me, grinding against my hard dick. “Do you want more cum?”

“That depends where you want to put it,” Faoril grinned.

My right hand dipped past her ass and between her thighs to rub at the wet folds of her pussy. “How about here?”

Faoril’s eyes twinkled as she gave me another kiss.


Knight-Errant Angela

The air cracked and hissed as I dueled the Erinyes.

No, duel wasn’t the right word. Duel implied that I was able to fight back. I couldn’t. Her whip gave her so much reach. Without a shield, I had no way to block her attacks. It was impossible to parry her whip. All I could do was dodge.

And that was tiring me out. Sweat trickled down my naked breasts as her whip hissed and cracked. Cut stalks of grass danced through the air on the cool breeze that blew around the bottom of the hill. I was a skilled knight and I had Gewin’s blessing adorning my flesh.

I think that was all keeping me alive. My reflexes were swift and the blessing from Gewin I received back in Shesax still filled my body.

“How long can you keep dancing?” Injuriae asked.

“Oh, is this frustrating you?” I demanded as I twisted out of the way of her slashing whip. “I’m so sorry that my desire to stay alive is inconveniencing you.”

The Erinyes hissed. She made an underhand flick of her wrist, shooting the whip at me. I leaned to the side, the whip snapping past me, then darted in, my sword thrusting before me. The erinyes didn’t dodge.

Instead, she flicked her wrist. The whip hissed behind me as it cracked back towards the Erinyes.

I dropped.

I grunted as I hit the ground. The whip sliced over the air above me. The erinyes was forced to twist her body to dance out of the way of her scything weapon. She twirled around as I stood, regaining control of her weapon and sent it slashing out at me.

“You cannot win,” Injuriae hissed. “Why do you prolong this?”

“Really?” I demanded. “Do you really expect me to just give up and let you kill me? How stupid are you?”

“I’m smart enough to know you cannot win. This is hopeless. You will tire yourself out and then I will kill you.”

“Unless you get tired first,” I growled and dodged her next attack.

I took a swing at her whip with my blade as it streaked by. Maybe I could cut it and reduce her reach or disable her weapon completely. My blade sliced down and struck the whip dead center. My sword didn’t cut the flaming weapon in half.

The whip coiled about my blade.

Injuriae yanked hard. My sword ripped from my hand. The whip uncoiled with a flick of Injuriae’s wrist and my sword sailed over the Erinyes to impale into the side of the hill. Blade waved, flashing with moonlight.

I swallowed as the Erinyes snapped her whip at me.

Now I was really in trouble.

She drove me back, away from my sword. Every time I tried to dart around her, the whip lashed, driving me back. It cracked and hissed as it narrowly missed my flesh. The force of its passage stirred up the wind, sending breezes crashing around my naked body.

How could I win? This was hopeless. I couldn’t close the distance. I couldn’t block her attack. I had no way to defeat her. And she was driving me away from my allies. My heart thudded in my chest and my stomach twisted.

Is this how I died?

Sophia’s face burned through my mind. I didn’t want to lose her. She was my lover. My sex slave. She needed her mistress. When I set out on this Quest, I believed I was almost certainly going to die. But by facing the dragon, not because a demigoddess tried to kill me on the order of her Holy Mother who hated my distant ancestor.

The whip lashed out. I dodged. My side ached, a stitch forming. I sucked in deep breaths. I needed a rest. The muscles in my thighs burned from overexertion. I dodged to the right when my muscle in my thigh spasmed and knotted.

I screamed in pain, gripping my thigh as I collapsed onto the ground. The muscle throbbed beneath my hand as I fought against the hot knife shooting through it. I couldn’t let a knotted muscle stop me. I tried to stand, fighting the agony.

The whip cracked and wrapped around my left ankle. The lash burned me as Injuriae yanked it back. I fell onto my belly. She kept pulling on her whip, dragging me across the grass. I rolled onto my back, grass staining my naked breasts as I stared up at her.

She planted a naked foot between my breasts and raised the whip. “See. Inevitable.”

“Go fuck Las’s diseased cock,” I spat as I stared up at death.


Journeyman Mage Faoril

I groaned as Xera’s cock nudged at the folds of my pussy. Our breasts pressed together and our nipples brushed, shooting excited tingles down to my pussy. I reached behind me and grasped the elf’s thick cock, guiding the tip to the entrance of my cunt.

“Yes,” I moaned as I sank down her thick cock. It was a wonderful cock, almost as big as Thrak’s, though it did lack his bone piercing.

But there was something so wonderfully exciting about fucking a woman with a cock. Xera’s pillowy tits rubbed against mine while her soft hands squeezed and kneaded my ass. I kissed her soft lips as my pussy gripped her hard dick.

I undulated my hips, working her dick in and out of my pussy. We moaned into our kiss as the pleasure rippled out of my pussy. My ass clenched and relaxed beneath her squeezing hands as I fucked the elf.

“Oh, no,” Sophia gasped from across the banked fire.

I broke the kiss and glanced over as the naked acolyte burst out of her bedding and raced out into the darkness.

“What’s that?” I groaned as I ground my clit into Xera’s pubic bone.

“I”m not sure,” Xera gasped as Sophia vanished into the darkness towards the hill where Angela kept watch. “Should we go check it out?”

“No,” I panted, my pussy clenching down on her dick. The pleasure stirred through me. “I bet she really just had to pee.”

“Probably,” gasped Xera, her face contorting. “Mmm, work that pussy on my cock. I want to spill my cum into your depths, slut.”

“Mmm, yes,” I moaned, fucking her faster. We kissed again and Xera rolled me over onto my back. Her hips hammered into my pussy and pleasure flooded my body.


Acolyte Sophia

I moaned into the kiss with my goddess Saphique. Her warning echoed in my head. The Erinyes had been unleashed to hunt Angela down. I had to warn her. The wonderful dream dissolved around me, the Isle of Women, Saphique’s realm in the Astral Plane, vanished.

My eyes snapped open.

“Oh, no,” I gasped as I burst to my feet, heedless of my nudity.

I dashed off to the hilltop where Angela kept watch. I didn’t see my lover atop the hill as I raced through the grass. The fronds tickled at my flesh as I pushed myself to run faster. I ignored the discomfort on the soles of my feet as I scrambled up the hill.

I had to warn Angela. Erinyes were dangerous creatures. There were three of them, and each was a match for any warrior. Even my amazing Angela. My heart hammered in my chest, and I sucked in deep breaths as I summited the top.

I glanced down the hill, scanning for Angela. She warred with an Erinyes. My mistress was naked and dodging without a sword. “Angela needs help,” I called out as I raced down the hilltop. I had no idea what I could do.

My stomach clenched when Angela let out a cry of pain and collapsed, gripping her thigh. The Erinyes’s burning whip snagged Angela’s ankle and my lover was dragged to the vengeful demigoddess. The Erinyes planted her foot between Angela’s breasts and raised up her whip.

The Erinyes spoke, but I couldn’t hear anything.

I ran faster. I had to somehow stop that whip from killing my mistress. I had no idea how, so I let out the loudest shout I could as I ran at the Erinyes naked and unarmed. My small breasts bounced before me as I reached the bottom of the hill.

“No. Stop. You can’t.”

The Erinyes glanced over at me, a frown crossing her face.


Knight-Errant Angela

The Erinyes jerked her attention away, surprise crossing her face. I was shocked to. Of all the members of my party to come to my rescue, I never thought it would be a naked Sophia. The acolyte ran, her small breasts bouncing, her lithe body racing fast, her brown hair streaming behind her.

“You can’t kill her.”

This was my chance. I lunged upward, ignoring the knot in my thigh that burned, and seized the whip handle above her hand. My left fist planted hard into the Erinyes’s solar plexus at the same moment.

She grunted in pain, her hand relaxing as she staggered and her wings flapped. I ripped the whip from her hand and swung it hard at her. The whip cracked against her flesh. It coiled around her upper body, pinning both her arms to her side.

I jerked tight.

“What?” Injuriae gasped in disbelief. “You…what?”

I kicked my leg out and caught her left knee at the side. Her legs buckled and she fell to her knees before her. I kept a tight grip on the whip, keeping her bound tightly as Sophia ran up to me. Her face flushed, she leaned forward and planted her hands on her knees as she sucked in breaths.

“Angela, Slata’s…sent the…Erinyes…after you…”

“Yeah, I know,” I grunted, my right thigh burning. “Do you know any way to kill one?”

“You can’t…kill an Erinyes…” Sophia answered, straightening as she caught her breath. “You have to sexually dominate one. Once an Erinyes has pleasured you, she can never feel her righteous anger against you. She can’t deliver vengeance upon someone she doesn’t hate.”

“Quiet, bitch,” snarled Injuriae.

“Right, that’s the part of them that comes from Las,” I laughed. “I guess it’s a good thing the perverted God of Lust is your father.” With my freehand, I seized Injuriae’s raven hair and pulled her face into my pussy. “Now start licking, slave. Make Mistress cum.”

Sophia grinned at me, her own hips shifting. She loved it when I dominated her. “Mmm, that’s it, slave. Love our Mistress. Lick her pussy until she cums.”

Injuriae struggled, her lips rubbing on my pussy as she tried to pull her head away, but I kept a tight grip. My pussy suddenly burned wet. Fighting always turned me on, and now I had a sexy demigoddess to dominate.

“Lick my pussy, cunt,” I groaned, “or you’ll drown in it. I’ll keep your face pressed into it and smother you. Mmm, I bet you would love to drown in your mistress’s hot cunt.”

“Oh, that would be wonderful,” moaned Sophia.

I grinned at her. “You, slave, fetch the rope, your dildo, and the harness.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Sophia dashed off.

I twisted my hand in Injuriae’s hair as my hips undulated. I smeared my pussy across her lips. “You know you’re a whore that wants to lick my pussy. You’re one of Las’s daughters. I know that hole between your thighs is dripping wet. Give in to your true nature. Be my slut and lick my cunt.”

“Never,” moaned the Erinyes.

“But it’s inevitable,” I laughed. “You should just give up. There’s no way for you to get away without making me cum.”

I brushed my clit against her nose as I ground on her face. The pleasure shuddered through me up to my nipples. They tingled. I wanted to play with them, but one hand held her hair and the other kept a tight grip on the whip.

I couldn’t let her get free.

“You don’t have to lick me,” I groaned. “I can cum just grinding on your face. Either way, you’ll have pleasured me, slut. But it all depends on how much fun you want to have.”

Injuriae moaned something into my pussy. Her lips moved on my labia, sending a spark of delight through my pussy. I pulled her head away, her lips smeared with my juices, and stared into her dark eyes.

“What did you say, cunt?”

“I will never give into my desires?”

“Why not?” I asked. I pushed my foot between her thighs. I found a wet heat. I rubbed against her wet pussy. Her eyes widened and a shiver of pleasure ran through her. “Your cunt is sopping wet. You love being dominated, don’t you, slut?”


I yanked her head back between my thighs. I planted my foot on the ground, my shin bone pressed against her pussy. She undulated, rubbing her hot flesh against me. I laughed as I ground on her face, the pleasure building inside of me.

“Every time you deliver vengeance, I know your hot cunt is hoping you’ll lose so you’ll have to be dominated. It turns you on. You’re a slut to be forced. You love it. You want to be made a whore every day.”

She moaned again.

“Your pussy is covering my leg with your juices as you hump against me,” I groaned. “You are so pathetic. A slave to your hot hole and to mine. Now lick and pleasure your mistress or I’ll take my leg away.”

Injuriae froze.

“That’s right. Only good slaves who lick their mistress’s pussy get to cum. Bad slaves only get to drown in my juices. Either way, I cum.”

Her tongue licked out, sliding through the folds of my pussy up to my clit.

I shuddered in delight. My back arched as the Erinyes submitted to my desires. My breasts jiggled as I writhed and bucked, grinding on her mouth. I pulled harder on her hair, pressing her mouth deep into my pussy as her tongue licked and teased, exploring my folds.

“That’s it, slut,” I moaned as she humped harder on my shinbone, sliding that hot, juicy cunt up and down my flesh. She moaned into my pussy, her pleasure building. “That’s right. Please your Mistress. Worship me.”

Her tongue swirled around her clit. My pussy clenched as my body trembled. It was so exciting to dominate my enemy. I had won, and I claimed my prize. Just like when I sparred with…the lover I gave up to possess the Lesbius Oracle’s prophecy.

Sophia claimed his name was Kevin. He was an empty hole in my mind, his absence creating a negative space in my memories. I could touch them with my thoughts, circling what I was missing. I knew I used to make Kevin eat my pussy after I won a sparing match.

But I had no memory of doing it.

“I’m going to flood your mouth with my juices, whore,” I panted. “Keep licking Mistress. That’s it. You lost. This is what happens. You have to please me. You have to devour me and make me cum. You’re my slave, Injuriae. My whore.”

Injuriae moaned and shuddered. Her black wings fluttered behind her as her juices flooded my thighs. The slut had cum while being forced to please me. My pussy clenched. The thrill of dominating her rushed through my.

“Slata’s hairy cunt,” I moaned as my orgasm burst through me. My juices poured into the mouth of Slata’s daughter. My ass clenched as my pussy spasmed. The pleasure rushed through my body. I kept my grip tight as I writhed in bliss.

My hips kept undulating. I kept grinding my pussy on her hungry mouth as I waited for my other sex slave to return with the toys.


Acolyte Sophia

I raced past Xera and Faoril fucking hard. The pair glanced at me as I dug into Angela’s saddlebag and grabbed the length of rope she loved to tie me up with. Then I went to my pouch and found the marble, magical dildo and the strap-on harness.

“You and Angela having fun?” Faoril gasped as she bucked her hips into the elf’s cock.

“Yes,” I gasped, my pussy on fire. I couldn’t wait to watch my Mistress bind the demigoddess up and fuck her with the dildo. Juices ran down my thighs as I gained my feet. “I’ll explain later.”

I just couldn’t be bothered to tell them right now. Explaining about the Erinyes would take too long and my Mistress waited. My excitement kept me running despite the growing ache in my side. My breasts bounced, the rope rasping against my sensitive flesh as I cradled it to my chest.

I reached the top of the hill again. Angela’s head was thrown back. I couldn’t hear her moans, but it was so obvious she was cumming on the Erinyes’s mouth. I grinned in delight. My Mistress was so amazing.

She was free of this Erinyes causing her harm.

I raced down the field. My thighs rubbed on my hard clit as I ran while the grass fronds tickled my thighs and pussy lips. I giggled in delight as I reached my Mistress and held out the rope, strap-on, and my magical dildo.

“Bind the slut,” ordered Angela. “You know how.”

“Of course, Mistress,” I beamed. Angela had tied me up enough. We had experimented a lot with the rope. I knew what I was doing.

Two months ago, when I still lived in the temple, I never thought I would be excited to bind up one of the dreadful Erinyes. She was sexy, with pale skin offset by her black wings and red hair. I pressed up behind her, the soft feathers of her wings caressing my side as I went to work binding her.

The Erinyes didn’t fight. She just kept licking and tonguing my Mistress’s pussy. Angela looked so beautiful as she ground her pussy into the Erinyes’s mouth, Angela’s red hair tumbling about her shoulders while her large breasts heaved.

“That’s it, Injuriae, lick my pussy, slut.”

“Injuriae,” I giggled. “Mmm, I bet Incessae and Ultionae will be wroth with you for being dominated by my mistress.” I yanked the rope tight, binding Injuriae’s arms behind her back as I nipped her ear.

I ran the rope between the Erinyes’s thighs, digging it into her pussy and her butt-cheeks before tying them to the loops about her stomach, then I bound her legs together. Angela let go the Erinyes, and she flopped to the ground, her lips stained with my Mistress’s juices.

I kissed the Erinyes, savoring Angela’s tangy juices. “Mmm, did you like pleasing my mistress?”

“Yes,” the erinyes moaned. “Yes. I’m such a slut. I shouldn’t have. Mother will be angry, but she turned me on.”

“She does that.”

“Sophia, make the slut eat your pussy. She has to please all of us.”

“All,” Injuriae shuddered. “Even the orc?”

“And his big, thick cock,” Angela grinned as she strapped my dildo about her waist. “Does that make you wet, slut?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I grinned and seized the Erinyes’s hair. She rolled onto her knees as I pulled her face between my spread thighs. I licked my lips, my tongue piercing clacking against my teeth, and shuddered as the Erinyes devoured me with gusto.

“What a slut, Mistress,” I moaned. “Oh, she’s so eager to please me. Am I allowed to cum.”

“All you want.”

I groaned, holding Injuriae’s hair tight against my body. “You hear that, slut? Love my pussy. Make me cum.”

Injuriae moaned into my pussy while her wings flapped. I groaned, savoring her tongue writhing through my folds. I squirmed on the grass, humping into her hungry lips. My eyes fluttered through my head my toes dug into the grass.

“Oh, Mistress, she’s good. She loves licking pussy. You trained her well.”

“I did,” Angela grinned then smacked the Erinyes’s ass. She pushed the rope to the side and slammed her cock into the demigoddess’s depths.

Erinyes moaned into my pussy. Her body rocked back into Angela’s thrusts while Injuriae’s tongue dove deep into my pussy. She licked and sucked, sliding her tongue over every one of my silky folds. My breasts jiggled as I moaned my delight.

“So good, oh, yes. Saphique’s bountiful breasts, yes. Oh, yes. Keep licking me. Keep pleasing me with your whorish tongue.” I humped faster against her, my orgasm swelling. It was wonderful to share the woman with my Mistress.

“That’s right, eat my slave,” grinned Angela. “She earned a big cum with her bravery tonight.”

My eyes widened. My hips bucked as I realized I had run naked and unarmed at a dangerous demigoddess to save my mistress. I shuddered and stared into Angela’s blue eyes twinkling in the starlight. I loved what I saw there.

Injuriae’s tongue drove those thoughts out of my mind. Her tongue swirled through my folds before she latched onto my clit. She moaned as she sucked, vibrating and pleasing my clit while my pussy clenched and the pleasure built.

“Are you going to cum, slut?” demanded Mistress.

“Yes,” I moaned. “I’m going to cum so hard on your slut’s mouth, Mistress.”

“Good,” Angela grinned. “Flood her mouth. The slut loves pussy juices.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I screamed as my pleasure exploded through me.

My body quaked on the grass. I bucked into Injuriae’s hungry mouth. My eyes fluttered as the pleasure swelled through me. Then it peaked and crashed through me, flooding me with ecstasy. I bucked and moaned, drowning in Saphique’s gift to all women—the orgasm.

“Thank you, Saphique!” I prayed as my orgasm reached its peak. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

My back arched. The pleasure held me for one perfect moment. It consumed me. And then I flopped back onto the ground and groaned. I sucked in deep breaths while the erinyes kept nuzzling at my pussy while my Mistress fucked her.

“Mmm, thank you, Mistress, for letting me cum,” I purred. “Now it’s your turn.”

Angela grinned at me while her breasts bounced before her.



“Well, that is an interesting sight,” I growled as Faoril, Xera, and I stopped before the bound Erinyes. My dick throbbed hard before me. The demigoddess looked so helpless and desirable. She stared up at me, licking her lips, eager for my hard cock.

“If we fuck her until she makes us cum, she will not be our enemy?” Xera asked, stroking her cock.

“That’s correct,” Faoril nodded.

“Enjoy her,” Angela shrugged. “Sophia and I are worn out.”

“Good night,” Xera smiled as she stroked her dick.

“Look at the slut, she’s eager for it,” Thrak groaned. “Faoril, can you bind her up so we can get rid of the rope. I want to see her body.”

Faoril stroked my cock and laughed, “I can keep her bound for days. I have plenty of magic brewing inside me.” Her thighs dripped with the elf’s cum.

The magic washed out, engulfing the Erinyes in bonds of air while at the same point the rope seemed to melt off of her. It poured down into a blob of brown liquid and then reformed into a neatly coiled rope.

“Impressive,” I grunted, Faoril’s hand still stroking my cock.

“Mmm, it’s simple once you understand the nature of objects. Everything is made up of tiny particles that you can rearrange with the right knowledge.” Faoril’s hand tightened on my cock. “Which hole would you like.”

“Her ass,” I groaned, staring at the Erinyes’s fine rear as she was held in the air, her legs spread wide apart. A pink pussy leaked juices between Injuriae’s thighs.

“So I get her pussy,” smiled Xera.

I smacked Injuriae’s ass hard, bringing a yelp from the Erinyes and leaving a bright handprint on her pale flesh. “You ready to be fucked, slut.”

“Yes,” she moaned, humping against her invisible bonds. “I need it so badly. Mmm, I love being fucked.”

Xera stretched out on the grass, her girl-cock thrusting up in the air while her breasts jiggled. Faoril lowered Injuriae right onto Xera’s cock. The elf moaned and the Erinyes threw back her head in delight. Her ass clenched as she humped against Xera’s cock.

“Look at that slut,” moaned Faoril. “She’s eager to be fucked.

I grinned, “Lube her ass for me.”

Faoril laughed.

“Slata’s cunt,” gasped Erinyes. She threw a look over her shoulder as she rode the elf. “She lubed me with magic. That was…weird.”

Faoril giggled and grabbed my cock. “Come on, big boy, time to fuck her ass.”

I let my lover lead me to the Erinyes. Faoril knelt down and licked the tip of my cock before she guided it between the Erinyes’s ass. Faoril placed it right at Injuriae’s lubed sphincter. I kissed Faoril as I thrust.

My cock sank into the Erinyes’s hot asshole. I drew my cock back and slammed in again, the tight flesh gripping my dick. I grunted in delight as my dick worked over and over into her asshole. Her velvety flesh clenched down on my cock.

“Oh, yes, that’s so good,” moaned Injuriae as she writhed between me and the elf. Her body shook and quaked. Her pussy clenched and relaxed on my dick. I groaned in delight as I slammed harder and harder, her tight bowels massaging the tip of my dick.

“Fuck the slut,” gasped Xera. “Oh, yes. She’s so tight. I’m going to flood her pussy with so much cum.”

“Good,” moaned Faoril. “The slut deserves it for trying to kill Angela.”

“I do,” Injuriae moaned in agreement. “I deserve this wonderful punishment. Oh, yes. Two cocks. So wonderful. I’m going to go crazy.”

Faoril moved around and seized Injuriae’s hair. “Are you going to cum on their cocks, whore?”

“So hard.” Injuriae’s wings flapped.

“Good.” Faoril pulled Injuriae’s mouth to her pussy.

The Erinyes’s asshole clenched down on my thrusting cock. She moaned into Faoril’s pussy as she tongued her hard and fast. I groaned, loving the sight. My large hands reached around and grasped Injuriae’s breasts, squeezing them hard as I thrust my thick, orcish cock deep into her tight bowels.

The Erinyes convulsed and shuddered as she writhed between Xera and me. Her tongue flicked through Faoril’s pussy faster and faster. Faoril’s back arched as she humped her hips into Injuriae’s mouth.

“Lick my pussy, cunt. Make me cum like the whore you are.”

“Make her cum,” I growled, squeezing Injuriae’s breasts. “Then you’ll feel my jizz flooding your asshole.”

Injuriae shuddered. The Erinyes’s wings flapped, the feathers brushing my swarthy side. Her asshole spasmed about my cock as the demigoddess came hard. She screamed her passion into Faoril’s pussy. My lover’s eyes widened.

“Yes, that’s it. This is so hot.” Faoril threw back her head. “Pater’s cock, yes. I’m going to drown you in pussy juices, slut. You’ll drink them all down. That’s what you get.”

“Yes,” moaned Xera, her hips thrusting up as I thrust down.

Injuriae spasmed between us, impaled on our cocks while Faoril came. The Erinyes drank down all of Faoril’s cum. The mage shuddered and ground her pussy hard on Injuriae’s mouth. Faoril’s round breasts jiggled.

I leaned up and sucked on Faoril’s nipple. Her hands seized my woolly hair as she shuddered on Injuriae’s mouth.

“Yes, yes. Slata’s cunt, yes. So good.” Faoril shuddered then stumbled back. “She licked my pussy clean of all your cum, Xera.”

“Mater’s cock,” the elf gasped. She thrust up and moaned in elvish as her cum boiled into Injuriae’s pussy.

The demigoddess looked over her shoulders at me, her lips smeared with Faoril’s passion. “Please, cum in my slutty ass. I need it.”

Her bowels clenched down on my thrust cock. My meaty balls smacked into her ass. They boiled over. I grunted and squeezed hard on her tits as my jizz spilled into her asshole. The pleasure pulsed through my body as I unloaded my cum into her slutty body.


Journeyman Mage Faoril

“I am exhausted,” I groaned. “Tomorrow’s going to suck.”

“Uh-huh,” Thrak grunted, then he swept me up in his arms.

I smiled up at him as we walked away from Injuriae. The demigoddess had cum leaking out of her ass and pussy. She lay on her side, her body bound up tight again with air. The spell would hold her for days, maybe even a week.

I was too tired to know for sure.

“I’ll take watch,” Xera said. “Have a good rest, Faoril.”

I smiled at Xera, my eyes growing heavy in Thrak’s strong arms.

“What about me?” Injuriae asked. “You can’t leave me tied up.”

“You shouldn’t have tried to kill us, cunt,” I shouted back.

Thrak snorted in laughter. I snuggled in his arms and closed my eyes. I fell asleep before we reached camp. My last thoughts before sleep claimed me were of Thrak. When I left Esh-Esh I never thought I would end up in love with an orc barbarian.


Thrak – Border Forts, The Princedom of Zeutch

I could feel the moment when we passed out of the orc lands into civilization. There was an invisible line demarcating it between the border forts that guarded the Nevtoth, the small Princedom that separated the orc tribal lands from the Magery of Thosi. I had crossed this border two other times. Once to leave and once to return with Serisia.

I looked back at the grassy plains. My wife’s body lay back there. I would never see her grave again. I would never see my home again. I knew I would not return. There was nothing left for me there. Only her body was in the grave.

Her soul had moved onto the Astral Realm. Serisia would wait for me. And for Faoril.

The mage reigned her horse beside me, her red robes draping her body. She sat her horse far better today than when we first met over two weeks ago. She had grown stronger and lovelier in the wilderness.

Her hand rested on my shoulder and gave me a comforting squeeze. I nodded to her. I had a new place at Faoril’s side. For today, that meant Angela’s Quest, but it wouldn’t last forever. I would go with Faoril where she went and we would make a home together.

I turned my back on the tundra and marched beside the mage while we discussed philosophy.



“It is about time,” I groaned. I had been bound for days after Angela defeated me.

My sisters appeared, Incessae’s large breasts jiggling as she landed, her silver nipple rings flashing in the sunlight. Ultionae landed beside her, the diamond studs pierced into her cheeks where her dimples lay sparkled with brilliance.

“You were defeated,” Ultionae sneered as she bent down and summoned her fiery sword. She cut the mage’s magical bonds and freed me.

“She is skilled, and her companions are stronger” , I groaned as I stretched. It was wonderful to be free again.

“You pleasured her?” hissed Incessae. “Our Mother’s enemy?”

“Mmm, I did.” I shuddered. “Losing against Angela was as much fun as finding vengeance.”

“You little slut,” snapped Ultionae.

“You always were a whore,” sneered Incessae. “Our Mother should have strangled you with your umbilical cord. You never deliver her justice.”

I shrugged. “They headed south. I wish you well in your pursuit of vengeance.” I had no anger towards Angela any longer. The moment my lips were buried into her pussy, those fires had guttered out, and her juices pouring down my throat had forever drenched the coals, extinguishing my vengeance.

“We shall deliver her head and place it on a pike before Mother,” Incessae howled, her black wings flaring wide.

I smiled at her and took to the air. It was no longer my concern. My sisters would succeed or they would discover the joy of Angela’s spicy pussy.

My two sisters took to the skies and headed south to follow after Angela. I had no idea what would happen. I was reckless and it cost me. My sisters would be cautious. Their attack wouldn’t come right away.

They would wait for their opportunity.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 3.

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