The World of Erasthay – The Knight and the Acolyte Bk 1, Chapter 2: The Ritual of the Holy Virgin


The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book One: The Quest

Chapter 2: The Ritual of the Holy Virgin

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2015

Story Codes: Female/Female, Male/Female, Female Masturbation, Magic, Fantasy, Oral Sex, Lactation, Exhibition, Voyeurism

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Acolyte Sophia – Shesax, the Kingdom of Secare

I was bored as I waited in the antechamber to the High Virgin Vivian. She was the leader of all the Temples of Saphique, our Virgin Goddess. I wasn’t afraid of the trouble I was in. So I blew off prayers to play with a pair of novices. I didn’t break their cherries. They were still pure enough to be inducted into the priesthood.

I really didn’t see what the fuss was. My mother would have to give another donation, and that would be that. Then I could go back to relaxing in the arms of a pretty acolyte or novice. Serving in the Temple of the Pure, the chief temple to Saphique, had its perks. Maybe I would find those twins again. They were a sexy pair.

I squeezed my thighs together as I remembered Daisy and Rose.

I clicked my tongue stud against the back of my teeth. I received the tongue stud when I mastered the arts of masturbation and squirting, inducting me as an acolyte. The silver barbell piercing enhanced the pleasure I gave my lovers during sex.

But only women.

I was a virgin, even if my hymen had been taken by a priestess years ago. No man had ever touched my flesh, and no man ever would. I was dedicated to the Virgin Goddess. I had another piercing in my belly button. I brushed it with my fingers, playing with the ruby adorning the gold charm. The ruby represented the only sexual technique I had fully mastered—cunnilingus.

I did love licking pussy.

I would have to master another three sexual techniques before I would earn my left nipple piercing and become a priestess. I was close with fingering, and with a little more practice I’m sure I would get analingus. I was the oldest acolyte in the temple. I really should apply myself more, but I was so distracted.

Priestess Georgina glowered beside me, her heavy breasts, the left exposed by her vestments to show off her nipple piercing studded with an emerald and an amethyst, rose and fell. The blonde woman wasn’t happy with me. She was the one that dragged me here for my punishment.

I wore similar vestments, gauzy-white cloth that wrapped around my body, leaving my left breast, belly button, and pussy exposed. It was barely clothing and the temple had to be kept very warm in winter or we’d all freeze to death.

Maybe I should apply myself and finally become a priestess. Then I could minister to our worshipers. Women of all walks of life came to our temple to worship Saphique in the arms of a priestess for a small donation. That might be fun. Certainly better than some of the tasks they made me do.

I toyed with my light-brown hair as I waited, my thoughts drifting back to those twins. Daisy and Rose. They were so sexy. I could still taste their pussies on my lips and feel their soft hands and nuzzling mouths on my flesh.

My nipples hardened and my pussy grew wet. I shuddered, my hand sliding down my stomach to rub at my thighs. My pussy clenched. My tart excitement scented the air. I licked my lips, closing my eyes and pushing my hand between my thighs. I shuddered as I teased the hot lips of my pussy. I slid up to my clit, circling the little bud and—

“Stop that, you little slattern!” hissed Priestess Georgina, smacking my hand. “You are here to be punished, not so you can play with your filthy cunt.”

“Sorry, Priestess,” I muttered, rubbing at my wrist. I took a deep breath, my small breasts rising, and sighed in irritation.

“You must learn self-control. If you truly aspire to be a priestess, then you must control when you are aroused and when you are not. A priestess has perfect control of all her body’s functions.”

“Yes, Priestess,” I sighed, rolling my eyes.

“I know you love the female form, but it requires more than love to be a priestess. It requires dedication to the lesbian sexual arts. You must rigorously study. Learn all your bodies secrets and then discover where those secrets lie on a thousand other women. It takes discipline.”

“Yes, Priestess.”

Rose and Daisy appeared in my mind, smiling as their nubile bodies pressed together. Priestess Georgina kept droning on and on, but I was lost to my daydream. I didn’t rub my fingers against my pussy, but I worked my thighs together. There were many ways to masturbate, and I had mastered all of them as a novice.

I bit my lip as I worked my thighs against my clit. The pleasure built and swelled as I massaged the little bud. My thighs clenched and relaxed. I savored the rise of my pleasure. I embraced it, pulling it into my body as I imagined the twins making love, their mirrored bodies writhing in incestuous passion.

What a beautiful sight.

My orgasm shuddered through me. Soft waves rippled against the shores of my mind. I savored the gentle pleasure. I controlled my moans, but a large smile appeared across my lips as the scent of my cunt grew stronger, my thighs sticky with my excitement.

“Oh, you little slattern!” Priestess Georgina’s outburst snapped me out of my reverie. “You just masturbated!”

“Yes, Priestess,” I smiled, leaning back in my chair. “I needed that.”

“Aren’t you worried about your punishment?”

I shook my head. I had never been directly punished in my life. I had a whipping girl for that as a child. I had to watch every time she was whipped. But I had never felt the whip or the paddle, and the High Virgin wasn’t about to anger my mother by really punishing me for such a small trespass.

The door opened and High Virgin Vivian and Virgin-Superior Elizabeth walked in, both glancing at me, their faces scowling. They were both beautiful women. Like all priestesses, they preserved their youth and appeared to be about twenty-five, though I knew both were far older. The High Virgin’s face was predatory, framed by her lustrous, dark-brown hair.

She swept by me, her body almost fully on display, her piercings glinting. She had both nipples pierced, her labia, and her clit, along with her belly button. Gems adorned her piercings, proclaiming her mastery of every sexual art.

“I will deal with you in a moment,” the High Virgin said, her dark eyes focused on me.

I smiled back at her, unafraid of her gaze.

The High Virgin’s jaw tightened and she swept into the room followed by the Virgin-Superior. Elizabeth ran the temple. In any other temple, she would be the highest-ranked priestess, elected to be the administrator, but here she answered to the leader of our faith. She was a hard woman despite her willowy curves and delicious, pillowy tits.

“The High Virgin does not looked pleased,” smirked Georgina. All the priestesses and virgins hated me. They were jealous of my mother’s power.

I didn’t answer. I just glanced at the door and sighed, my feet kicking. I really wanted to get this over with. It was so boring having to wait. I leaned back my head and closed my eyes, drifting to other fantasies, trying to escape this tedium.

The door opened. “Acolyte Sophia,” Virgin-Superior Elizabeth called. “Come in.”

“Yes, Virgin Superior,” I said, standing up and striding into the office.

It was richly appointed, the shelves covered in boring, leather-bound tomes. They were probably on the most stuffy of topics. A comfortable couch set to the right of her desk, and I knew it had seen much passionate use. The High Virgin sat at her desk and Elizabeth moved behind her, leaning against the wall, her arms crossed beneath both her bared breasts.

I sat down on a stiff chair. “High Virgin,” I smiled. “Virgin-Superior.”

“Acolyte Sophia,” the High Virgin smiled, leaning forward, her hands crossed. I frowned, why was she so happy? Every other time I had been in here she reeked of disapproval. “I have good news.”

“Good news?” My eyebrows furrowed. What was going on?

“The very best,” the High Virgin nodded. “You’ve been selected for the greatest of honors.”

Suspicion tightened in my mind. “I’m not being punished?”

“For what?” laughed the High Virgin. “Sleeping with a pair of novices? Skipping a prayer? Hardly the worse thing an acolyte has ever done. I even did it once or twice myself.”

I blinked. What had happened? Had someone cast a spell on the High Virgin? Had one of the mages of Thosi enchanted her? Or maybe a changeling had took her place? But changelings only appeared as men, right?

Maybe I should have paid more attention to my studies.

“What is this honor, High Virgin?” I swallowed.

“Tomorrow, Squire Angela of the Knights Deute comes to the temple to be blessed and receive her Quest.”

My stomach clenched. Oh, no. This could not be happening.

“And you have been chosen to be her acolyte. You shall guide her and support her on her perilous journey.”

My mouth went dry. “But…but…Maria is the most accomplished Acolyte. Or what about Rebbecca? I…I…”

“You are the oldest Acolyte? Who is more experienced than you?”

I didn’t want to leave the comforts of the temple. I didn’t want to have to travel the world and help some stupid knight on her quest. “But…but…my mother. She won’t be happy.”

“Why wouldn’t she be happy?” smiled the High Virgin. “It is such an honor to be chosen. Think of the glory to our Goddess you shall win. You shall rise high in the church’s hierarchy. Almost no one reaches the rank of Virgin without journeying on a quest.”

I shuddered. Virgins were the senior priestesses, ones who had mastered every art and served Saphique with distinction. Only from the Virgins was a Virgin-Superior elected. And only from the Virgin-Superiors was the High Virgin chosen.

“Your mother will be pleased,” Virgin-Superior Elizabeth smiled. “She has written us several letters urging us to choose you and extorting all your…virtues.”

The High Virgin nodded. “Yes. You are the perfect candidate for this Quest.”

I swallowed, trembling. My mother would want this. She dreamed of me being the High Virgin someday. My stomach clenched. I saw it in the High Virgin’s eyes—she had finally found a way to punish me.

“I…I…am honored,” I whispered, fighting my urge to throw a tantrum. I had learned decorum and propriety from my mother. There was no escaping this punishment. I swallowed, tears beading in my eyes. “Is there anything else?”

The High Virgin shook her head. “You are free until the ritual tomorrow. I would pack.”

“Thank you, High Virgin.” I stood up, my body trembling. I fought the urge to run. I walked calmly to the door, twisted the door knob, and stepped out.

Priestess Georgina smirked when she saw my ashen face. “So what is your punishment?”

“I’m…going on a Quest.” Months of rough travel, sleeping on the ground, eating stale food, all so some stupid Knight could slay a stupid monster in the far-flung reaches of the world.


Squire Angela

My sleep was punctuated with nightmares.

Monsters prowled in my mind, each looking to devour me. Yellow, bloated ogres attacked me with hard cocks, eager to rape and breed their monstrous spawn in me. Snarling werewolves attacked out of the night, eager to tear my flesh to pieces. Ambushing panthopuses leaped from the brush, their tentacles reaching for my flesh. Cruel efreet whipped me with lashes of fire. Trolls grew back severed limbs as their gnarled hands tried to grab my flesh. Nagas wrapped their serpent-like, lower bodies about my body and crushed the life from me. Angry treants tried to wrap their choking branches about my neck.

And then I felt comforting hands on me as morning approached. They were rough and calloused, but I knew them well. Kevin. He held me, driving off my nightmares. I fell into deeper dreams as my lover protected my sleep.

His hands touched me, his voice soothed me. I would be okay. I had trained to fight bogarts and bugbears and kobolds. I didn’t need to be afraid of a rakshasa feasting on my flesh or a naglooshi driving me mad with fear.

Lips kissed my flesh. My dreams grew warmer. The lips touched me everywhere. My nipples were sucked on. My breasts were licked. Ticklish delight filled my dreams as the lips nuzzled at my bellybutton. Strong hands rubbed at my thighs, spreading me apart. The heat gathered between my legs.

Enjoy your dreams, Lady Delilah whispered.

She appeared in my dreams naked and lovely, and it became her lips kissing down my pubic mound to my aching pussy, her flaming hair spread across my thighs.

I savored the dream as her green eyes flashed at me. Lady Delilah was so perfect. So beautiful. She made me ache with desire. Lips nuzzled at my pussy. I shuddered and moaned, the dream fading as the pleasure increased. I struggled to hold onto the dream, fighting off consciousness. I didn’t want to give up Lady Delilah licking my pussy.

Her tongue lapped through my folds, thick and strong, swirling through all my silken delights. I shuddered. The dream fading faster. My body writhed and twisted. Light grew brighter behind my eyes, drawing me up from the depths of sleep.

“Yes,” I groaned as my eyes fluttered upon.

Lady Delilah slipped from my mind. Kevin was between my thighs, his hazel eyes peering into mine. I shuddered. His lips were strong and his cheeks were whiskered, rasping against the sensitive folds of my pussy.

“Mmm, what a lovely way to wake up,” I groaned as I arched my hips. Lady Delilah and her sensual beauty was forgotten as my lover tongued me harder.

His strong, right hand slid up my flat belly, reaching for my heavy, round breasts. I shuddered as he squeezed and kneaded my flesh, his lips nipping at my labia. More sighs escaped my mouth as I let the pleasure flow through my body. His fingers wrapped around my nipple.

Kevin rolled my nub. Sparks of excitement shot through my body. My hips undulated, smearing my hot pussy against his hungry mouth. His whiskers scratched harder at my intimate flesh. I loved the feeling. So masculine and strong.

“Kevin, you stud!” I squealed. “Eat my pussy! Make me cum!”

His fingers pinched my nipple hard. I gasped in delight, squeezing my blue eyes shut. I tossed my head, my fiery curls flying about my face. My breasts heaved as my stomach tensed. The pleasure swelled through me, growing in my core.

Kevin’s other hand slid beneath my body. He found my firm ass, squeezing my cheek. His fingers worked at my flesh, moving deeper and deeper into the crack of my ass. I knew what he wanted.

“Finger my ass and eat my pussy! Oh, Kevin, you are the best! I love you!”

My heart thudded faster as Kevin’s finger teased my backdoor. I squealed as he circled my puckered sphincter. The sensations built in the core of my body. Kevin’s tongue wiggled into to the depths of my pussy as he jammed his finger into my bowels. I was double fucked by him. My hips bucked and my toes curled.

“Yes! What a stud!”

My orgasm surged closer. My hands reached down, grasping his dark, flowing locks while I ground my pussy against his handsome face as he kept devouring me. I bucked and shuddered in delight as my pleasure kept building and building. My tits shook as I gasped and shuddered.

“Kevin!” I screamed as my orgasm rippled through me.

The pleasure washed through me. My pussy clenched and spasmed as I bucked. My fingers dug into his hair, holding his face to my pussy. I humped and gasped, smearing my hot flesh against his lips as I let myself get lost to the passion.

My moans echoed through my small room. My bed creaked and shuddered as I thrashed. Kevin’s hungry mouth kept licking and sucking at my pussy. New sparks of pleasure kept flooding through me while his finger pumped faster and faster in my asshole.

“Oh, yes!” I screamed as a second orgasm burst through me. “Damn, Kevin! You are amazing! Slata’s cunt, yes!”

His lips moved up. His tongue found my clit. My eyes shot wide open. My stomach tensed and I sat half-up as he assaulted my tingling clit. It was so sensitive after I came. The rapture was so close to agony. I gasped and bucked, spasming as my mind was lost to the pleasure. His tongue flicked and batted my clit. Every stroke sent another gusting wind of bliss through me.

I groaned. I couldn’t take it. I was dying of bliss. My breasts heaved. Pleasure burned through every inch of my flesh. My heels drummed on his broad back as I struggled to breath. My vision darkened. Stars danced before me.

“Holy Slata’s tits!” I screamed. “Holy Pater’s cock! Oh, yes! Oh, Kevin! Please! You’re killing me! So amazing! So good! Oh, yes!”

Kevin lifted his lips from my pussy, his handsome face, sculpted to masculine perfection, grinned at me.

“You slayed me,” I moaned. “Oh, my Knight, you have vanquished my body.”

“Good,” he grinned, sliding up my body, his hard body pressing against me. He was all ropy muscles. I held him, pulling him in for a kiss. It was soft and gentle, and I savored my tangy musk on his lips.

“Thank you,” I gasped. “Oh, gods, that was intense.” I struggled to catch my breath, the pleasure still burning through me. “Thank you, thank you,” I moaned over and over.

“You’re about to embark on your Quest with a nubile acolyte of Saphique. She’s going to be eating your pussy day and night, so I needed to make sure that you remember what I can give you.”

I giggled. “Oh, I will remember this orgasm until the day I die. No little lesbian acolyte can take your place.”

“I hear they’re very good.”

“But they don’t have stubble,” I told him, rubbing at his cheek. “You need to shave.” I kissed him, rubbing my cheeks against his and savoring the rough feel.

“I’ve seen a few women that have stubble,” Kevin grinned. “Maybe you’ll get a homely acolyte that has to pluck her upper lip.”

“They better not,” I stated. “Not after they gave you that doll-faced acolyte of Slata for your quest.” All the male squires would go to the Temple of Motherhood, dedicated to the Goddess Slata, for their blessing and Quest. The Temple of the Pure allowed no man to step foot on their holy grounds. “How many times did she suck your cock?”

“Every morning,” Kevin grinned. “She woke me up with these amazing blowjobs. She was hungry for cum. I swear, she sucked any cock that was brandished at her. Those Slata priestesses are horny vixens.”

Kevin’s hard cock rubbed against my hip. I slid my hand down and grasped it. “And how many times did you fuck her?”

“Every night,” he grinned. “She could do things with her pussy that I had never felt. She controlled her muscles in there. It was…nice.”

I arched an eyebrow. “I hope you’re not bored with my untrained pussy.”

“Never. I love you.” Kevin kissed me as I stroked him.

I groaned, melting into his kiss as I jerked his hard cock. He throbbed in my hand, pulsing with his need. I rubbed the tip, loving his moans. His arms wrapped around me, pulling my body closer to him, my pillowy tits rubbing on his hard chest.

His lips broke our kiss and then he buried his face into my cleavage. I groaned as he pressed my tits against his whiskered cheeks. He growled as he nuzzled me, his lips sucking and nipping at my flesh as he mounted me.

My legs parted. I rubbed his cock against my thigh, smearing precum around my flesh. Kevin groaned around my hard nipple, vibrating my nub. My pussy clenched. Despite my earth-shattering orgasm, another itch formed in my depths.

“Mmm, Kevin, I need you in me,” I groaned. “I need all of your cock I can get. I’ll be without it for so long. This acolyte won’t have a hard cock to fuck me.”

Kevin grinned. “I guess I don’t need to be worried.”

“You never did,” I purred, pulling his cock towards my pussy.

He slid up my body, his hard muscles rubbing on my throbbing nipples. I shuddered as I swabbed his cock against my wet pussy. My lips tingled. I gasped as I nudged my clit. Kevin’s hands caressed my side as he kissed me, his hips thrusting, trying to penetrate me.

I moved him lower through my folds. He felt the entrance to my pussy. I shuddered in delight as he filled me. His thick cock stretched me open. He always did. He must have the biggest cock in the Knights Deute. I had fucked plenty of others, but his always made me feel virginal.

“Kevin!” I groaned in delight as he worked atop me. My hands stroked his muscular back and down to his clenching ass.

“Damn, Angela!” he groaned. “I so missed this pussy.”

I clenched down on him as he thrust. The pleasure swelled through me. His groin crashed into my clit while his cock struck all the wonderful spots in the depths of my sheath. Our bodies worked and heaved, my breasts crushed by his chest. I loved his weight atop me.

“Keep clenching your pussy,” groaned Kevin. “I love it.”

“Is that what the Slata acolyte did?” I groaned.

“Yes! Priscilla did just that. But even better.”

I groaned, clamping down my pussy on his cock. I liked it. The pleasure increased as I gripped him. I shuddered as he drew back and slammed into my tight depths. Our lips met again as the fire roared inside my depths. My pleasure churned, spilling through me.

My hips bucked harder. I ground my clit into his pubic bone as my thighs wrapped around his waist. I needed him to fuck me harder. I was almost there. My body tensed as my orgasm built inside me.

“Kevin! Pound me! Make me cum!”

“Yes!” Kevin groaned. “Fuck, Angela! Oh, fuck! Take it!”

“That’s it! Harder! Oh, damn!”

Kevin pounded me hard. His cock almost hurt as he speared me. My sheath rippled. My orgasm sparked through me. I bucked beneath him as I squealed in delight. I held onto my lover as my climax washed through me.

“Damn, Angela! Work that pussy! Oh, fuck! So hot! Slata’s cunt! Yes!”

Kevin slammed into me as my pleasure began to recede. His thrusts were more frantic. I squeezed down with my pussy and stared into his hazel eyes. His face contorted. His cock throbbed in my depths. And then his hot seed spilled into me.

I held onto Kevin. I savored him atop me. I wanted to spend every last moment in his arms before my Quest.


Acolyte Sophia

I trembled as I gathered with the other acolytes that would be participating in the Blessing. There were eight of us, seven to anoint the knight-to-be and me to be blessed with her. They all shot me puzzled looks.

“I can’t believe you were chosen,” dusky-skinned Maria hissed. She was half-Hazian, her skin exotic. “What was the High Virgin thinking?”

“I don’t know,” I muttered. “You’re welcome to change her mind.”

Maria’s face paled.

Heather gave me a smile. “I guess the High Virgin thinks highly of Sophia.”

“She’s the only one,” Rebbecca muttered, toying with her curly-brown hair.

“I’m competent,” I scowled at her, trying to put a brave face on the Quest. I didn’t feel it. I couldn’t sleep at all last night. I even snuck out to a novice’s bed to try and tire myself out with sex. That didn’t work, though the novice had no problems sleeping.

Fears trembled through my body. I would have to help the knight-to-be fight some disgusting monster like a vampire or a drake. Or a hydra with all its heads dripping with slime in some filthy swamp.

I shuddered in disgust.

The door opened and Novice Agnes stepped in. “The Priestesses are ready to purify you.”

I took a deep breath. This was it. The ritual would begin soon. I would be tied to this knight, compelled by our Goddess to journey on her Quest. If I balked, I would be kicked out of the temple and no amount of my mother’s money would change that.

“I am the daughter of Duchess Catherine,” I whispered to myself. “The blood of kings flows in my veins. I can do this.”

My stomach clenched in fear.

“Come on,” Heather said, taking my hand. “Let’s go.”

I trembled as I followed after her. We walked through the temple following the Acolyte into the main sanctum. The statue of Saphique, carved out of white marble, rose above the sanctum, buxom and beautiful, wearing the same, gauzy vestments we did. The artisan, supposedly trained by the God Krab himself, had captured the Goddess’s sensual beauty. I could almost believe the statue was alive. The room was covered in pillows and tapestries depicting Saphique and seducing the various goddesses into lesbian delights adorned the room. The baptistery had been uncovered, a small pool filled with the creamy breast milk of the priestess.

The High Virgin stepped forward, her hands cupping her round breasts.

“Bless this pool of your sweet milk, Saphique!” she prayed, squeezing her tits. Milk shot from her nipples, squirting into the pool. Every priestess could lactate at will—the source of their divine magic. The creamy scent filled the room. “Let your purity wash clean our acolytes. Let them imbibe your blessings and be vessels for your divinity!”

Energy rippled through the air. The calm surface of the milk suddenly stirred, as if some invisible hand had reached in and swirled through the bath. My nipples hardened and my pussy flushed with excitement, banishing some of my fear. I glanced up at the statue. Her eyes seemed to stare at me.

I took a deep breath and stepped froward, unwinding my vestments and handing them to Priestess Georgina. Naked, I stopped before the High Virgin and the bath. I stared down at the milky surface.

“Be cleansed,” the High Virgin pronounced.

I closed my eyes. This was it. Once I had been purified, there was no stopping the ritual. There would be no sudden changes. I would have to leave the temple and brave the dangers of the outside world.

I forced myself to step into the warm, creamy bath. I sank down, the breast milk rising up my skin. It brimmed with the Goddess’s energy; warmth poured through me. The Goddess would be with me on this journey. She would help me, guide me, and protect me.

I sank my head beneath the milk.

White surrounded me. I drank in the milk, sweet and creamy. I shuddered, an orgasm rippling through my body as the Goddess washed me clean. I spasmed as the delight crashed through my mind. I was clean.

I stood up, milk dripping down my body and stepped from the bath. Priestess Michelle wrapped a white towel around my body, wiping me dry of the milk as Heather stepped into the bath to be purified. I glanced back up at the statue.

Was she smiling at me? I smiled back. Maybe I could do this.


Xerathalasia – Khalesithan, The Federation of Deoraciynae

I threw open the doors to my wife’s room, my heart thudding. I blinked in surprise. My sister, Nyonthilasara, reclined on a divan near my wife’s bed, naked save for a necklace of beads. My wife herself sat on the bed, rubbing at her pregnant belly, her breasts naked and glistening with sarla sap.

“What is it, my wife?” Atharilesia, my wife, asked. “What brings you bursting into my room?”

I frowned at my sister, and then looked to my beautiful wife. “A hunt,” I answered. “A basilisk has been spotted in the western woods. I lead my hunters out in an hour.”

Atharilesia stood up, moving with grace despite her round belly. A smile was on her lips. “Then you must go and protect our people.” Her pointed ears quivered. She strode to me, her breasts jiggling. A cock swung from between her thighs. She had just sprouted it. We had three days to enjoy it, and I was looking forward to conceiving another child with her—my own daughter I could carry beneath my heart.

But there wasn’t time.

Atharilesia grasped my pointed ears. I shuddered in delight, my hips shifting, my toes digging into the moss that carpeted her floor. “Go, Xerathalasia, and protect our forest so our daughter may grow up in safety.”

My hand touched her belly, rubbing across the smooth oils. My sister must have adorned her flesh. I was glad my sister would watch over my wife during her pregnancy. I leaned down and kissed my wife’s lips, savoring her love.

“Good luck, sweet sister,” Nyonthilasara purred, her oily fingers rubbing at her belly, drifting near to her thighs. She was a tall, graceful Elf. As tall as I was. Our faces were almost mirrors, though hers had a more haughty beauty.

I nodded my head to my sister. “I must go. I would love to tarry in your sweet arms, wife.”
“As would I,” breathed Atharilesia.

Nyonthilasara rose, stretching her body, her firm breasts jiggling. “I will keep your pretty wife company and distract her from worrying about you.”

I kissed my wife one last time and left her bower. I moved along the branches of the great Linden tree and descended the stairs that wrapped the outside of her mighty trunk. My hand trailed along the wood, the trees protective thoughts tingling through my fingers.

“Watch over my wife and child,” I whispered when I reached the bottom, kissing the bark.


Squire Angela – Shesax, The Kingdom of Secare

I trembled in my armor, my breasts heaving in the half-breastplate that left my midriff and the slopes of my tits bare. I shifted, my chainmail loincloth clinking as it brushed my thighs. My sword was on my hip, and my fiery curls fell about my shining pauldrons protecting my shoulders.

The doors opened.

I took a deep breath and stepped out of the room into the heart of the Chapterhouse of the Knights Deute. The floor was polished marble embossed with the galloping, red charger, the symbol of the order. I knelt upon the red horse, gazing up at the three figures standing before me. In the center was Knight-Commander William resplendent in his armor, a cape of red spilling off his pauldrons, the nobility of his presence only ruined by his balding, dark hair.

“Squire Angela,” he nodded.

To his right was King Edward, a regal and handsome man dressed in tight, blue doublet and hose, silver thread adorning his codpiece and drawing the eye. He was fit and strong, an ermine cape draping his shoulders and a golden crown upon his brow. To William’s left was Lady Delilah. My breath caught as I gazed at her perfection. Her hair seemed to burn like fire and her heaving breasts were cupped by her gold-filigreed armor.

Lady Delilah smiled at me and a flush of warmth shot through my body.

“Lord-Commander William, summoned so have I arrived to do my duty,” I said, surprised at how confident my voice rang across the room.

“Squire Angela,” the Lord-Commander said, his steely eyes fixed on mine. “You have long been an exemplar among our squires. You have shown skill on the practice grounds and courage on the tourney grounds. You have inspired and coached. You have stood your vigil without complaint. You have embodied all the ideals of the Knights Deute. Your fellow Knights have witnessed your deeds and have elected you to join our august body.”

I trembled. “Thank you, sir.”

“The Knights Deute have always guarded the realms of men from the monsters that seek to overwhelm us. And it is time for you to take up this task. No longer are you a squire. From this day forward, you are a knight-errant, worthy to join us at the completion of your Quest.”

A squire approached, holding a massive, silvered greatsword cradled in his arm, the sheath made of finely-worked leather glittering with gold. King Edward grasped the hilt and drew the gleaming blade. The Sword of General Sekar himself, forged at the High Kings command in the days of antiquity.

The King grasped it, his hard eyes falling on me. He raised the blade, his jaw throbbing. I faced him as he moved the heavy blade towards my neck. With a single swing, he could decapitate me. Why had I thought that? The king would never hurt me.

The king hesitated, his eyes boring into mine. I tried not to flinch from his gaze, but there was something burning in his dark eyes. My heart beat faster. Had I done something to offend his Majesty? Would he swing the sword and take off my head?

I licked my lips, glancing at the Lord-Commander who had a puzzled look on his face.

“Your Majesty,” Lady Delilah spoke. “Remember.”

“Yes,” the King said. “My apologies.” His face relaxed, and he set the blade upon my left shoulder and then lifted it over my head and tapped my right shoulder. “I proclaim you to be Sir Angela, Knight-Errant of Deute.”

A tear trickled down my cheek. I was one step away from being a full knight.

“Rise, Knight-Errant,” the Lord-Commander ordered, “and seek your Quest. Let your deeds blaze across history as you defend the realms of men.”

“Yes, sir,” I smiled, my heart beating with excitement.

The king turned and stalked away, pushing the sword into the arms of the surprised squire. Lady Delilah moved up beside me.

“Have I given his majesty offense?” I whispered.

“The travails of state weigh heavy on him,” Lady Delilah purred and my heart beat faster. I loved Kevin, but I could never quite shake my girlish crush on this stunning woman. “Come. I shall escort you to the temple.”

“Thank you,” I smiled. “I’m sure my mother will be happy to know you are still looking out for me.”

Lady Delilah inclined her head.

We strode in silence, our boots ringing on the stones. We passed other knights and squires, all who nodded their head. Kevin waited at the drawbridge, leaning against the heavy chain that connected the bridge to the massive windlass concealed in the fortifications. I smiled at him, inclining my head.

He inclined his back and mouthed, “I love you.”

We stepped into the streets of Shesax. The Lone Mountain thrust up behind us, towering like a sentinel protecting the capital. The city was laid out before us, reaching down to the blue Melkith River snaking through the poor sections of town in the valley. Stone bridges crisscrossed the river and a mighty jetty thrust into the broad waters docked with the small river craft that plied trade to and from the city and the sea.

All those we passed bowed to us as we walked through the curving streets to the Temple of the Pure. It was built of white marble, the entrance flanked by columns carved into the Goddess Saphique’s nude likeness. A pair of robed acolytes stood out front, guarding the entrance from any man, though what man would dare offend the goddess by trespassing?

“Lady Knights,” the acolytes bowed as we passed and entered into the heady corridors.
Incense filled the halls. Nubile women passed, thinly garbed, piercings adorning their flesh and catching the eye. A hungry smile crossed Lady Delilah’s lips as her gaze flicked from the budding flesh of a novice to the heaving bosom of a priestess.

I had never been in the temple, but Lady Delilah knew the way to the sanctum. My heart beat faster. What quest would I receive? There were always monsters prowling remote mountains and dark forests. From across the realms of men, the three orders of Knights sent forth their champions to fight and protect.

We stepped into the sanctum. In the center lay a naked, young woman, about my age, no more than twenty. She had green eyes and light-brown hair. She trembled, her small breasts jiggling. She licked her lips and gazed upon me.

My acolyte. She looked soft and pampered.

Seven other acolytes knelt around the room beneath tapestries depicting scenes of lesbian sex. My cheeks reddened. I had enjoyed women, my first crush was even with a woman, but I had rarely indulged in the acts displayed on the tapestries.

“I am Knight-Errant Angela of Deute, here to receive my Quest and the Blessing of the Virgin Goddess,” I announced, my voice echoing through the halls.

At the far end, beneath the marble statue of Saphique, set a locked strongbox made of iron. The Quests were inside. One would be chosen by the goddess at random. I trembled, my heart beating faster.

My destiny and glory lay in that chest.

Beside the chest stood the High Virgin. She was a beautiful woman, her eyes far older than her youthful flesh. She radiated power as she stepped forward, her naked and pierced tits jiggling, a welcoming smile growing on her face.

“Welcome, Knight-Errant. The Priestesses of Saphique are honored to renew our ancient friendship with the Knights Deute. All who are women shall find Saphique’s Blessing.”

With Lady Delilah’s help, I disrobed my armor. The acolytes around the room all reached between their thighs and rubbed at their pussies. My own sex clenched as my arousal grew. Joining the incense was the hot musk of wet pussy.

“You shall do fine,” whispered Lady Delilah as her gentle fingers worked at the straps. My breastplate fell away, exposing my breasts and hard nipples. Her finger circled my areola, sending a hot shudder through me. “Your blood will see to it.”

“My blood,” I whispered.

Lady Delilah nodded. She went to work on my pauldrons, removing the shoulder protections. Around us, the acolytes sighed and moaned, their fingers rubbing at their wet slits. They were all shaved bare, gold piercings glinting on their smooth bellies.

“You have the blood of kings in you.”

“You mean a king’s daughter,” I answered. I knew my lineage. My mother was proud to be a descendant of the High King through his daughter Lily. Lady Delilah removed my bracers from my forearms.

“A king’s daughter has the blood of kings.” Lady Delilah undid my sword belt from which my metal loincloth hung. She cradled my weapon with care as she set it down.

I took in a deep breath. “I guess so. Either way, I will complete my Quest and win glory for our Order.”

“Yes, you will,” breathed Lady Delilah. She knelt before me and undid the straps on my greaves, pulling off the metal plating. Last, she pulled off my thigh-high boots. I stood naked, all the eyes upon me, even the seven masturbating women. Lady Delilah rose and stepped back.

“I am a woman,” I declared. “I stand naked as proof of my sex before the eyes of the Virgin Goddess.” A trickle of juices ran down my thighs.

The High Virgin nodded. “Then mount Acolyte Sophia.”

I stepped forward, straddling the acolyte lying in the middle of the sanctum I knelt, lowering my pussy to her lips. Her hands reached up, wrapping around my thighs and pulling me down to her mouth while her green eyes stared into mine.

I shuddered as her tongue slid through the hot folds of my pussy, her tongue stud hard and teasing. I moaned. I had never felt the like before. Her tongue piercing was a hard ball pressing against the soft folds of my pussy, stirring up the pleasure inside me. Around us, the seven masturbating acolytes moved forward. They knelt in a circle around us, presenting their asses as they bent over. Their fingers were buried in their pussies as they worked their digits in their cunts.

I shuddered, my eyes sweeping around. Each one had a different ass, one was even dusky like a Hazian. Their asscheeks clenched as they worked their fingers in and out of their sweet tunnels. Juices glistened, dripping down their thighs. Their mixed scents washed over me, joining the excitement churned by Sophia’s tongue.

“Yes,” I sighed, swaying atop her. My hands found my breasts, pinching my nipples.

The fingers churning pussies worked faster with a frantic need to cum. The acolytes all sighed and moaned, gasping as their pleasures built. A symphony of wet fingers churning hot cunt and feminine moans of lust serenaded the goddess. Their gorgeous asses shook and writhed. I groaned, biting my lip as my own pleasure grew. Sophia devoured my pussy. Her tongue touched me everywhere, licking and tasting.

Kevin’s pussy licking this morning had been amazing, but I was astonished by Sophia’s skill. She seemed to know where to lick me and touch me to send the most pleasure shuddering through me. My juices poured out of me. I groaned and swayed.

My orgasm crashed through me.

“Yes, yes! Eat me!” I hissed as I writhed upon Sophia’s mouth.

The acolyte kept devouring me. She worked her tongue through the depths of my pussy. She stirred me up. I was shuddering in delight. Pleasures exploded through me, crashing and bursting. Rapture and bliss flooded every inch of my body.

“Saphique!” the High Virgin intoned, moving closer. “Holy Virgin! The Realms of Men are threatened. Gird our champion with your favor! Anoint her with your beauty and passion!”

I groaned again. The air came alive. The acolytes around me all gasped and shuddered. “Holy Virgin!” screamed one as she ripped her hands from her pussy. Her twat clenched and then her juices squirted out, splashing upon my stomach and hip, dribbling down upon the acolyte devouring my cunt.

“Anoint her with your protection and love!” Vivian groaned.

Two more acolytes climaxed, gasping and shuddering, their pussies squirting their juices. Pussy cream splashed upon my breasts, the heady scent trickling up to my nose. I savored the heady scent. I swayed back and forth.

“Anoint her with your purity!”

The remaining four acolytes all climaxed. Juices splashed on my ass, hot and silky. More anointed my breasts and sides. I was drenched in the dew of women. My orgasms burned hot through me. My own juices flooded Sophia’s hungry mouth.

The High Virgin stood before me. She grabbed my black hair, pulling my face to her pussy. I shuddered in delight as my tongue licked through her spicy folds, her labia ring and clit piercing hard on my lips.

“Anoint her and give her a Quest!” screamed Vivian as her own orgasm triggered through her body, her juices squirting out of her pussy to splash across my face, drenching me.

I trembled, juices dripping from my flesh and energy crackling through my body. Iron groaned and snapped. High Virgin Vivian stood back as the strongbox burst open and a single square of yellowed parchment rose and tumbled through the air, carried by unseen hands. The High Virgin snatched the paper from the air and carefully unfolded it.

I trembled, the pleasures of my orgasms forgotten as I awaited to learn my fate. What Quest would I undertake?

“Knight-Errant Angela of Deute, you are charged on a Quest to slay the dragon Dominari prowling the Despair Mountains. May Saphique watch over you on your journey.”

My stomach lurched. No Knight-Errant had ever returned from Dominari’s desolation.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 3.

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