The World of Erasthay – The Knight and the Acolyte Bk 1, Chapter 5: Elvish Heat


The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book One: The Quest

Chapter 5: Elvish Heat

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Female/Female, Hermaphrodite/Females, Male/Female, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Toy, Fantasy, Magic, Violence

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Acolyte Sophia – Blath Forest, The Kingdom of Secare

Angela kissed me.

My heart stopped.

Her lips were hot and soft. Her large, naked breasts pressed against my traveling robes. My nipples hardened and a flush of heat washed through me. I closed my eyes and let the strong woman hold me, her tongue claiming my mouth. My head spun.

The fear and excitement of the fight against the monster morphed into pure lust. I moaned into her kiss. I had forgotten about everything. The tentacle, panther-like monster lay dead nearby, Angela’s sword impaled into its furry body.

I had helped Angela slay it. I ran at first, scared beyond my wits. But I managed to find a small bit of courage to come back and help Angela. She needed the help. She was being fucked by the monster, its spiny cock plunging in and out of her pussy while its tentacles had wrapped up her body.

Angela’s hands found the soft, leather belt that held my robe closed. It came off, dropping my satchel of potions and enchanted dagger to the forest road. The robe parted, my pale, naked form revealed to Angela’s exploring hands.

Her tits pressed on my small breasts. They were covered in something sticky. A hot flush ran through my body. My pussy became molten fire. I forgot about everything but this wonderful woman in my arms.

Angela growled into the kiss, her hands sliding around my naked hips beneath the robe to squeeze at my ass. She pulled my pussy against the cold chainmail loincloth that covered her sex. I ground my clit on the hard metal rings, shuddering in delight.

“Fuck!” Angela snarled. “Pater’s cock, but I need to fuck you.”

“Ravish me!” I moaned as she pulled me to the ground. “Do what ever you want to me, sir Knight.”

Angela was atop me, her red hair falling into my face as she kissed me again. Her hips ground, rubbing her chainmail loincloth into my pussy as we kissed. My hands slid down her naked back to her ass covered by another thin strip of chainmail. I squeezed her butt, pulling her harder against me. My clit burst in delight.

“That’s it!” groaned Angela as she ground on me. Both our clits were rubbing on the chainmail, separated by the thin links of metal. “You’re so fucking hot!”

“So are you!” I gasped. “Slata’s cunt! I’ve been wanting this since we left. Why didn’t you ever join my bed at the inns? We could have made such sweet love.”

“You’re such a spoiled brat!” she groaned, humping harder. “Oh, yes! Pater’s thick cock! Mmm, that’s nice! I’m gonna cum!”

“Spoiled?” I gasped in shock, my fingers tightening on her asscheeks. My pussy spasmed. I was so on fire. The sticky substance on her breasts made my skin tingle and burn. My eyes fluttered. I wanted to be mad at her, but I was so damned hot for her.

“Always whining and complaining!” gasped Angela. “But not today! You helped! You saved me from being bred by the monster!”

“I did!” I moaned. “Oh, yes! I did! I saved you!”

“And you’re so cute and sexy!” Angela leaned down and gave me another hot kiss.

My heart beat faster. Angela was a beautiful woman, strong and graceful. Her body was perfect, no fat, great curves, bouncing tits, and her face. She could be intimidating and sensual, passionate and powerful. She was a sexy warrior.

My orgasm shuddered through me. I moaned into her kiss. Our hips ground together. I never wanted to let her go. My body quivered and thrashed beneath her. My nipples kissed hers. My body drank in every sensation as my juices flooded out onto her chainmail.

“Gods, yes!” Angela gasped as she broke our kiss. She ground harder against me, grinding the metal into my sensitive clit. Another wave of orgasmic delight shuddered through me. “Oh, yes! Saphique’s virgin cunt!”

Angela came. I nibbled on her chin as she groaned and shuddered. Her body squirmed atop mine. The chainmail rasped over my clit. The pleasure was intense, almost painful, on my sensitive nub. I shuddered as bliss kept rolling through me.

“Damn, you are sexy!” Angela groaned, leaning down to kiss me. “But I need more.”

“I know just the thing,” I purred. “Roll onto your back.”

Angela rolled off of me. The sunlight fell on her heaving breasts as she squirmed. What little armor she wore—her shoulder pauldrons, bracers on her wrists, and greaves over her leather boots—glinted and flashed. She seized her breasts, squeezing her nipples as she writhed and moaned.

I slipped out of my robes and cloak, letting my clothes pile on the ground, and padded naked over to my discarded pouch. There were three potions of healing, an ampoule of holy milk, and a virgin’s best friend—a dildo carved of fine marble polished to a slick sheen.

“You naughty acolyte!” gasped Angela when she saw the black shaft swirled with white.

“This is no ordinary dildo,” I grinned, spreading my thighs and shoving it into my flesh. “Holy Saphique,” I chanted, my juices coating the shaft. “Give life to my toy so I may give pleasure to all who love you.”

The dildo hummed to life in my pussy, vibrating hard. I shuddered in delight and pulled out the magical shaft. Angela frowned as I moved towards her. The shaft’s edges blurred as it hummed back and forth, and droplets of my pussy juices flew off like drops of rain.

“You’ll love it,” I grinned as I straddled her face.

Angela pulled me down with eager hands, her lips nuzzling into the folds of my pussy. I shuddered in delight, squirming on her face. Her tongue slid through my folds. She lacked the skill to be an acolyte of Saphique, but her tongue still knew where to touch to excite me.

I leaned down, rubbing my belly against her hard nipples as I spread her thighs. I pulled the chainmail loincloth to the side, exposing the shaved lips of her pussy. Her tangy excitement washed over me. A salty scent mixed with it—cum. The monster had ejaculated in her ass.

“I’m so sorry,” I whispered. I knew most women enjoyed a real cock, but I shuddered to think of a real penis inside me. I was still pure, untouched by man.

I kissed at her thigh as I rubbed the vibrating dildo up and down her her vulva, teasing the lips of her labia. Her vulva was flushed with her excitement and dewy with her juices. Her hips undulated as she moaned into my cunt.

“Stop teasing me!” Angela moaned. “I need it in me! Fuck me with it! Make me cum!”

“I will,” I purred. “Just relax. I’m temple trained to please a woman.”

My belly piercing was adorned with a ruby, proclaiming my mastery of cunnilingus. My lips kissed closer to her vulva as I teased her. Angela’s tangy juices flooded out as her excitement grew, puddling down to her asscheeks. The scent was intoxicating. I shuddered, clenching my pussy and releasing a flood of juices for Angela to devour.

Her tongue flailed through my pussy. She was frantic to cum. My lips kissed on one side of her slit while I moved the vibrator closer. Her labia were cute, protruding out of her slit like a pink ridge. I licked with my tongue, my piercing sliding along her flesh, and brought the magical dildo to her labia.

“Yes!” she gasped as the humming pleasure teased her.

Angela’s fingers squeezed on my ass. She gasped and moaned into my pussy. She devoured me as I ran the vibrating dildo up and down her labia. The black tip grew shiny with her dew. She shuddered beneath me, her stomach clenching and flexing beneath my small breasts, caressing my nipples.

“Fuck me!” she begged. “Stop teasing me!”

I smiled, my pink tongue and hard piercing flicking at her clit. She squealed into my pussy as my tongue stud brushed her clit. I loved pleasuring a woman. I was so glad to finally give Angela this pleasure. I wanted her to remember our first lovemaking.

I pushed the dildo into her pussy. She gasped and spasmed. “Oh, yes! That’s so wild! Oh, my Gods! Gewin’s mighty cock, that’s amazing!”

I groaned in delight. My own orgasm built as I pleasured her. I slid the dildo in and out of her pussy, her pink labia clinging to the black shaft. My tongue nuzzled at her clit, swirling around the sensitive bud and gathering up the tangy juices that flowed from her pink depths. I loved rubbing the tip of my tongue stud against her clit and making her moan into my pussy.

“Mmm, you are delicious,” I purred. “Do you like my toy, Angela?”

“I love it!” she gasped. “Sophia! I’ve never! Oh, damn! By the Gods, I’m gonna cum so hard!”

“Good!” I moaned and took another lick at her clit. “I want you to erupt. I want you to cum so hard on my dildo. I want you to feel my love.”

“Love?” groaned Angela. “Oh, yes! Slata’s hairy cunt! I’m gonna cum! Fuck me faster! Harder!”

I listened to her, moving my hand faster. I sucked my lips onto her clit. She screamed in delight into my pussy. Her tongue shoved deep into my hole, fucking me like I fucked her cunt. My pussy clenched. I shuddered and came, squirting my juices into her mouth while I moaned about her tiny clit.

“Yes! Gods, yes! You wonderful slut! I’m gonna cum, Sophia!”

“Do it!” I moaned. “Give into your pleasure! Enjoy the gift Saphique gave all women! Cum!”

Angela spasmed beneath me. She groaned and gasped, cursing as her delight rolled over her. I sucked on her clit and shoved the vibrating dildo deep into her depths. Her thighs squeezed on my face. She bucked hard beneath me. I nibbled and sucked on her nub. I prolonged her orgasm.

“Oh, Gods!” she gasped. “Oh, Gods! I’m still cumming!”

I gave her multiple orgasms. I attacked her clit as she thrashed beneath me. I paid attention, bringing her to the limits of her pleasure, and then backing down. I lifted my pussy from her and turned around, snuggling against her and kissing her on the face. Our tongues tasted each other’s passions. I could stay like this forever, just holding her.

A horse neighed in pain.

Angela gasped and I sat up. “No, Midnight!”

We were so caught up in our lust we had forgotten about her wounded charger. He lay on his side, his flank clawed up by the monster beneath his steel barding. Angela rushed to her horse, falling down beside his head.

“I’m so sorry,” she moaned. “I can’t believe I let myself get so caught up.” She kissed his nose as he neighed in pain again. “You were an amazing horse. I’ll miss you.”

She drew the dagger from her belt.

“What are you doing?” I gasped.

Tears burned in her blue eyes. “Putting him out of his misery. He’s lame.”

“Don’t! I have healing potions.” I scrambled for my pouch and pulled out one of the glass bottles}, its base round, filled with a milky liquid. I rushed over to her, pulling out the cork stopper with my teeth. “Here, have him drink this.”

“Thank you!” Angela gasped, tears spilling down her cheek. She poured the milky contents into Midnight’s mouth. “Drink,” she whispered as she stroked his neck.

The horse neighed. His legs kicked. The bloody cuts renting his hide glowed with a pink light, sparks dancing in the air, and then the light died. His hide was unmarred, though still matted with the blood he lost. Midnight heaved his body, rolling onto his knees and standing up with a great strain. He shook his mane, his barding clanking.

“Thank you, Sophia!” Angela kissed me again.

I loved kissing her.


Knight-Errant Angela

It was a mistake to kiss Sophia. The first time, I had been consumed with the aphrodisiac of the panthopus’s slime. But the second time, I didn’t have that excuse. The moment I broke the kiss, I saw the infatuation in Sophia’s green eyes.

As we searched for her mare Purity, who had bolted during the fight, she kept brushing against me and trying to hold my hand. It would be sweet, but Kevin still held a place in my heart. Sophia was a sweet girl and, despite us being the same age, she was still a girl. Immature, bratty, and cute all at the same time.

We found her horse after an hour. Purity calmly stood on the edge of the road eating at a patch of grass. Sophia squealed in delight and ran to her mare, hugging the white horse’s head and planting a kiss on the horse’s snout.

As we rode through the Blath Forest, Sophia kept her mount close to mine. She wasn’t riding side-saddle like she had the first three-and-a-half days of our journey. When the panthopus attacked, Sophia had fallen off her mare when she bolted. Straddling her saddle caused the hem of her robe to slide up, baring her naked calves. They were…fetching.

Sophia was beautiful, her playful, green eyes were always darting about, and her petite frame was always moving as she looked around. She wasn’t whining and her face wasn’t twisted into a petulant pout. It was an attractive face, and she glowed when she smiled. Every time she licked her lips and her tongue stud flashed in the sunlight, my pussy clenched—that metal stud had felt amazing on my clit.

By evening we left the woods and reached another village. Sophia was so eager for the bed. She devoured her simple stew without complaint and then dragged me upstairs. I should have stopped her, but I couldn’t fight her enthusiasm. She made love to me with a fierce passion. I could see it in her eyes how much her infatuation burned inside her.

I felt guilty afterward as she lay cuddled against me. Her lips moved, and I could almost hear her whisper, “I love you,” as she drifted off to sleep.

But I loved Kevin. Even if he made me so angry that I wanted to strangle him. My heart was torn, and sleeping with Sophia wasn’t helping. I almost felt like I was cheating on Kevin. We had an open relationship. I never felt like I was cheating when I had other lovers. Maybe it was Sophia’s crush. She was cute and beautiful, and my heart raced when I was around her.

I vowed to stay out of her bed tomorrow night. I needed to let her know that I enjoyed fooling around, but I didn’t love her. She was just too immature for me. I watched her fall asleep, stroking her face.

“So cute,” I sighed, my heart aching. I hated the guilt. Why should I even feel guilty after the way Kevin acted? Why did I have to still love him after he doubted my commitment to the Knights Deute?

I watched Sophia’s face relax. She was beautiful as she slept, a precious doll.

Sophia was bubbly the next morning, eager to be off. She didn’t seem as sore as she had the first day, growing used to riding all day. The sun was just rising before us as we set off down the road. The farms turned into ranches as we entered the Tith Hills. Herds of cattle grazed the hills around the mines. We past slower wagons heading east towards the city of K’hol, carrying the ore found in the mines.

After midday, Sophia pointed at a well-maintained road. “That leads to my mother’s estates,” she smiled.

“A shame we don’t have the time to visit her.”

Sophia nodded. “Maybe on the way back.”

“Yeah.” I forced myself to sound cheery and positive. Would we come back? No knight who went after Dominari had returned. While Lady Delilah was confident I could succeed, and Sophia had high hopes the Lesbius Oracle would guide us, I harbored doubts.

Kevin’s words returned. My anger flared. I loved and hated him. How could he doubt my commitment to the knights? It was my duty to try and kill the dragon.

“We are coming back, right?” Sophia whispered, her lower lip trembling.

“Yes,” I nodded and reached out to take her hand.

She gave me such a happy, love-filled smile. Why did I take her hand? Why did I keep encouraging her crush?

We reached the city of K’hol. A dark reek hung over the town. Smithies and foundries burned across the city, smelting and forging the valuable copper and iron found in the Tith Hills. The commoners all seemed stained with soot. Even the buildings had a thin, grimy veneer from all the foundries.

We found an inn and despite my resolve, I fell into bed with Sophia again.


Xerathalasia – Western Deorc Forest, The Federation of Deoraciynae

We finally found the basilisk’s trail on the fifth day of the hunt. We had crossed the Deorc forest, nearing the western edge. The elvish villages we had passed were all scared of the monster’s presence. Two elves had been killed and a third petrified. All had been mated by the basilisk first.

“Spoor,” Quenyathalee pointed out. She was a tall and willowy elf. Like myself and the rest of my hunters, her naked body was painted in greens, browns, and blacks.

“What do you think, Xiloniasa?” I asked, motioning for the young, petite elf to come forward.

“Me, Xerathalasia?” she squeaked. She hung in the back, crouching in the brush. She had been at the rear all day.

“Yes,” I nodded. “You need to learn.” She was a new hunter. She moved with skill and grace, and had a keen eye. She was timid, but experience would help to correct that.

“I…well…” She shifted her shoulders, her eyes narrowing and her long, pointed ears quivering.

“What is wrong?”

“She’s in heat,” chortled Deliasonele. “First time, Xiloniasa?”

Xiloniasa nodded her head. “I…yes. It’s my first time. I…I didn’t know it would happen while we were on the trail.” She swallowed and stood up. A cock had sprouted from her pussy, thrusting hard before her. She grasped it, giving it a stroke. “I’m so hot. It’s so hard to think.”

Relythionaia tugged on her long braid of green hair. “That’s an impressive cock you grew, Xiloniasa.”

“Thanks.” The younger elf looked down. “I…I think I need…to be satisfied.”

“With a cock that hard, I think you do,” Deliasonele grinned. “Start stroking.”

“Could I…get some relief from one of you?” She stroked her cock. “It’s just begging to be touched by someone else.”

I knew that feeling. Once a month, for about three days, an elf would go into heat. Our hermaphroditic nature would assert itself and a cock would sprout. It was easier now that I was older, but I remember my first few times. I just had to fuck a woman. I didn’t care in what hole or if I would get the elf-maid pregnant. That’s how I married Atharilesia. We were both so horny, she let me fuck her pussy. We’ve been married ever since I came in her pussy’s depths. I knew in other races, marriage could be complicated, full of strange rituals, but for elves it was simple—if you fucked her pussy, you were married.

If I was to ever fuck another elf’s pussy or let an elf fuck mine, I would commit one of our greatest crimes—adultery. Of course, my mouth and ass were free to be used. I couldn’t get pregnant by blowing an elf.

“I’ll help you out,” I purred. “Relythionaia, care to help.”

“Sure,” Relythionaia smiled. “Going into heat happens on the hunt, Xiloniasa. Never fear, we’ll keep you satisfied, and you’ll do the same for us.”

My pussy itched as I knelt before Xiloniasa. Her small breasts rose as she shuddered. Relythionaia knelt beside me, an impish smile on her lips. I had fucked Relythionaia’s ass and mouth many times on the hunt, and her cock knew my asshole almost better than she knew her wife’s pussy.

The life of a hunter often kept us away from our spouses and families.

I was glad my sister Nyonthilasara was there to keep my pregnant wife company while I was away.

Xiloniasa shuddered as I ran my tongue up her shaft to her tip. Relythionaia copied me, her pink tongue flicking along the sensitive tip of the cock. I let my tongue swirl, brushing Relythionaia’s. Our lips met, kissing briefly around Xiloniasa’s cock.

“Oh, wow,” Xiloniasa gasped. “That’s so much more intense than having my pussy played with.”

“Cumming with a cock is the best,” Deliasonele sighed. “I wish I had one every day.”

“You’d never get anything done,” laughed Quenyathalee.

Xiloniasa’s hands gripped my green hair as we teased her cock. She let out another moan, her cock throbbing against my lips. She shifted as I nibbled on her tip. My lips kept brushing Relythionaia. We kissed and played with Xiloniasa’s cock.

“Please, I need more! I need to cum,” the young elf moaned.

“Mmm, I bet you do. You’re so backed up,” I purred.

Relythionaia swallowed Xiloniasa’s cock. The young elf moaned as I kissed and nibbled down her shaft. I reached the wet folds of her pussy. I licked and nuzzled. She tasted like roses. I savored the flowery nectar as my tongue flicked through her delights.

“Wow! That’s so hot! The pleasure’s are mixing together,” panted Xiloniasa.

“Xerathalasia is the best at pussy licking,” Deliasonele giggled. “Just let her tongue take you away while Relythionaia sucks all the cum out of your cock.”

“Matar’s cock, yes!” Xiloniasa groaned.

I fucked my tongue deeper into her pussy as Relythionaia loudly sucked. The wet slurping made my pussy so wet. I shoved a hand between my thigh. I found my aching clit, stroking it with my fingers as I moaned my delight into Xiloniasa’s tasty snatch.

Xiloniasa’s hips thrust forward, pushing her cock deeper into Relythionaia’s mouth. Hot pussy smeared across my face as I struggled to keep my lips licking through the folds. Xiloniasa seized Relythionaia’s braid, clutching it hard as she fucked the elf hunter’s mouth.

“Swallow her cock all the way!” Deliasonele called out. “Deep-throat the horny slut!”

“Oh, yes!” Xiloniasa shuddered as her cock disappeared all the way into Relythionaia’s mouth. “That’s so hot.”

Relythionaia moaned before sliding her mouth up Xiloniasa’s cock. Her lips came off with a wet pop. “Your turn, Xerathalasia. Let me get a taste of her hot pussy.”

“Mmm, yes,” I purred, licking my lips off the sticky nectar.

Our cheeks brushed as we swapped position. Xiloniasa squealed as Relythionaia buried her lips into the young elf’s pussy. I grinned at the pleasure contorting across Xiloniasa’s face before I swallowed her cock into my mouth.

“Xerathalasia!” she moaned as I bobbed my mouth. “Matar, yes!”

I bobbed faster, sucking harder. I was eager for her sweet cum. My hands slid up, squeezing her small, firm breasts. I found her nipples and pinched. Xiloniasa thrust her hips forward, slamming her cock deep into my mouth while Relythionaia devoured her Xiloniasa’s pussy.

“I’m gonna cum!”

“Flood the huntress’s mouth!” cheered Deliasonele. “Give her a big blast of your sweet cum!”

Xiloniasa shuddered. She let out a squeak, and then her sweet cum flooded my mouth. I savored the thick, salty-sweet jizz. I swirled it about my mouth before I swallowed it. The warmth filled my belly as a second blast flooded my mouth.

“Oh, wow! That was amazing!” Xiloniasa panted as my mouth slid off her cock.

“She’s still hard,” Quenyathalee pointed out.

“I told you she was a horny slut,” Deliasonele pointed out.

“I need more,” Xiloniasa groaned. “A mouth wasn’t enough. Can I fuck your pussy, Xerathalasia.”

“I’m married, remember,” I grinned as she jerked her cock.

“Oh, right! Deliasonele, you’re not married. Let me just stick it in! I won’t cum in you!”

“Right,” Deliasonele said, rolling her eyes. “You’ll probably explode and knock me up. And I don’t think you want to be married to me. I’m too wild for you, girl.”


“I have a fiancee,” Relythionaia laughed. “As soon as one of us comes in heat when I’m home, we’ll be married.”

“You can fuck my ass,” I told her, flipping onto my hands and knees. “Come on, get your first taste of tight, hot ass!”

“She’s got a great one,” Deliasonele moaned. “Get in there and pound her before she changes her mind.”

“Yes!” groaned Xiloniasa.

The young elf fell to her knees behind me. I shifted beneath the detritus of the forest as her cock nudged at my asshole. She rubbed it up and down, smearing her precum against my sphincter. My pussy clenched. Part of me wanted Xiloniasa to fuck my pussy, but I could never cheat on Atharilesia.

“Sweet Matar, thank you for my cock!” Xiloniasa gasped as she slammed into my asshole.

“Yes,” I groaned, throwing my passion-filled prayer to the hermaphroditic goddess that had spawned Elves, Gnomes, Dragons, Sylphs, and Naiads—the five hermaphroditic races. “Thank you for your gifts, Holy Matar!”

Xiloniasa fucked my ass with a frantic need. I shuddered as her cock rammed into my depths over and over. She didn’t take her time. She was too horny, too caught up in her first heat to care about anything other than her pleasure.

She would learn to make love.

My pussy clenched as the fiery fervor of her hammering cock radiated out of my bowels. I gasped and moaned, bucking back into her thrusts. My fingers bit into the soil. Her flesh slapped into mine, ringing through the dark woods.

“So good! Oh, wow! I love your ass, Xerathalasia!”

“Just keep fucking me, slut!” I groaned. “Pound me! Make me cum so fucking hard! Sucking your cock made me so horny!”

“Pound her!” groaned Deliasonele. “Work that cock in and out of her tight ass. Make the huntress scream out to Matar!”

“Yes, yes!” I panted, clenching my bowels down on her cock as a wave of heat washed through me. “Just keep fucking me. Make me explode!”

My pleasure swelled. I rocked my body, my breasts swaying beneath me. My back arched and I threw back my head, my green hair flying about. My pussy gushed juices. My nectar trickled down my thighs and perfumed the air with the scent of marigolds.

“Xerathalasia! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna flood your ass! Sweet Matar, yes!”

“Sweet Matar!” I screamed as Xiloniasa slammed her cock into my depths. My orgasm burst through me. My asshole clenched down on her thrusting cock. My pussy erupted, squirting juices as my sex convulsed, wishing it was filled with a thick shaft. Stars burst in front of my eyes.

Xiloniasa’s strokes grew more frantic. She gasped and shuddered. Her hands seized my hair, pulling hard as she buried her shaft into my asshole. Her cum squirted hot into my bowels. I shuddered, gripping my asshole down on her cock and milking out all her elf-cum.

“Yes, yes! That was wonderful,” Xiloniasa panted. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” I moaned, my orgasm buzzing through me.

Her cock softened in my ass. She pulled out, her dick dangling before her, a drop of cum falling from the tip. She had a big smile on her face, sweat gleaming on her brow. Her camouflage paint had run, streaks of green and black dribbling down her body.

“Okay,” I said as I stood up. I shifted, cum dribbling out of my ass. “I’m going to clean up while Xiloniasa exams the spoor. Tell me how old you think it is.”

“Right,” Xiloniasa nodded, moving towards it. “A few days,” she reported.

“Good,” I nodded. “Find the trail. You’re taking point.”

“What?” Xiloniasa gasped.

She needed to learn. Besides, the rest of us would be watching the trail, too, if she made any mistakes.


Acolyte Sophia – Ostian, The Kingdom of Secare

We reached the city of Ostian late in the afternoon of the second day since we left K’hol. We crossed a rise and the city appeared before us. My eyes widened. I had seen rivers before, the Melkith that flowed by Shesax was wide, but I had never realized how big they could get.

“The Kaluth,” Angela smiled at the broad expanse wound wet through the plain towards the see.

The city was built where two mighty rivers met, merging to form the Kaluth River. Massive bridges crossed the smaller rivers and the city seemed to sprawl around all of them. Small ships docked on harbors cut into the Kaluth.

“It’s wider than Shesax,” I gaped.

Angela nodded. “They built Ostian where the Red Kaluth flows down north from the Rehyn Mountains along the Deorc Forest before flowing southeast and meeting with the Black Kaluth. We’ll be following the Black Kaluth into the Deorc Forest. It’s headwaters are found somewhere in those woods.”

“It must be the largest river in the world,” I gaped as we rode down the hill and joined the throngs of wagons and travelers flowing into the mighty city.

“The Thingul is even larger. They say its mouth is almost two miles wide when it dumps into the Nimborgoth.”

“We’ll have to cross the Thingul to get to the Despair Mountains, right?” I asked, struggling to remember my geography.

“It forms the border between the Magery of Thosi and the Princedoms of Zeutch.”

I nodded, remembering the map. The Despeir Mountains, where the dragon Dominari haunted, formed a barrier between the Princedom and the dreadful Empire of Shizihuth. I had heard foul stories of the naga that ruled the Empire and their cruel treatment of the humans they had enslaved.

“It’ll be a long time before we reach there. We still have to find the Oracle,” Angela said. “Then we’ll learn how to defeat Dominari.”

I nodded. Angela was so wonderful. Strong and courageous. I could follow her anywhere. I heeled my mare to a trot, eager to get into the city. Riding with my legs straddling a horse turned out to be more comfortable than side-saddle, even if every rough wagon driver we passed stared at my calves. At the end of the day, I was still sore, but I didn’t hurt. My legs were growing toned, and I think I had lost some of the plumpness from my bottom.

The sun had set by the time we reached the city and crossed into the central ward, the triangular part of the city bordered by the Red Kaluth to the north and the Black Kaluth to the south. This part of the city was much more genteel than the rougher district we passed through on the other shore. If I wasn’t with a Knight, I would have been afraid of being molested by some of those rough men.

We took lodging at the Chequered Inn, it’s sign made of checkered red and black squares. It was a warm inn with a cheery fire burning in the common room. A minstrel played a lyre in the corner while serving maids with low-cut blouses roamed the tables.

“Mmm, there are some fetching women here,” I grinned at Angela.

“Hmm?” she asked, staring down at her cup of wine.

“Look at that beauty,” I said, pointing at a woman with dusky, Hazian skin and a generous bosom almost spilling out her blouse. “Wouldn’t she be wild to join us in bed tonight?”

“I guess,” Angela shrugged.

I frowned. “What’s wrong?” I reached out to touch her hand. She was so soft. A warm thrill filled me. “Do you want me all to yourself?”

Angela didn’t answer. She took a sip of her wine and let her gaze pass over the room. She froze, and a soft smile spread on her lips. “Well, there are a few nice sights over there,” she purred.

I looked in the direction of Angela’s gaze. A blonde serving maid laughed as a roguish man fondled her bottom. I frowned at that, but the woman didn’t seem to be mind. “Yeah, the blonde’s scrumptious,” I purred.

“Hmm?” she asked, still looking over there. “Yes, the blond.” Color appeared in her cheeks. The man was looking back at us. I suppose he was a handsome man, the type that women swooned over in the stories, with straw hair flowing past his chiseled looks. His eyes were bold, ogling Angela in her revealing armor.

I frowned at the man. “He has no right to stare at us.”

“What?” Angela blinked, tearing herself away from the appreciation of the blonde serving girl. I couldn’t blame her. She was yummy.

“Nothing,” I sipped my wine. “Do you want me to invite the blonde to our room?”

“Blond? Why would you…” Her eyes widening. “Oh, I see. Sorry. Maybe that would be a good idea.”

“Ooh, you want to have fun tonight.”

Angela squirmed. Her cheeks were red and her eyes dewy. “I do. Why don’t you seduce the blonde and take her upstairs after we eat.”

I nodded my head in excitement.

The food came, a roast covered in a wonderful sauce and served with fine, white bread and buttered yams. It was the best meal I had since leaving Shesax. I kept my eye on the blonde serving maid as she swayed her fine rear about the serving room.

“Delicious,” I purred as I finished my meal and watched that sweet rump.

I wiped my napkin and stood. “Don’t take too long, or you’ll miss out on all the fun.”

Angela nodded her head. “Don’t wait for me. Just have fun with her.”

I grinned and strolled after the blonde, a sway in my steps.


Knight-Trainee Angela

The handsome man’s mouth was hot on mine as he pushed me up against his bedroom door. It wasn’t the blonde serving maid that caught my eye. This roguish man’s bold stares had lit a fire between my thighs. Sophia was nice, but she wasn’t a man. She didn’t have everything I needed.

I prayed to Saphique that Sophia wouldn’t be too hurt when I didn’t show up to the room, but she did have the blonde serving maid to play with. Hopefully, she would be so consumed with her new playmate she would forget about me.

It might even help to get her crush out of her system.

Renard, the ravishing-handsome, blond man opened the door. I stumbled in, my heart thudding. He had eyes like Kevin’s, bold and hungry, stripping me naked. I hoped Renard’s codpiece’s size advertised his cock’s girth. My pussy clenched as his hands undid the buckles on my armor.

“I’ve never ravished a lady knight before,” Renard growled. He had the harsh, strong accent of a Zeutchian. My pussy clenched. “I don’t have to hold back. You’re no delicate maid, but a warrior ready to be fucked.”

“Yes!” I moaned. The only cock I’ve had since leaving Shesax belonged to a monster.

I tore off his shirt, exposing the hard muscles of his chest. He had scars from fighting. I stroked them before he kissed me, crushing my pillowy tits to his strength. His hands slid down and cupped my ass, pulling me against his codpiece. He was hard beneath. And big.

Renard threw me down on the bed as he ripped off his tight hose clinging to his thick legs. His cock sprang out hard and thick. I purred in delight as I rubbed a finger through the dewy lips of my pussy. I was hot and wet, ready to be fucked.

“Come on and fuck me!” I groaned. I was tired of foreplay. That was all making love to Sophia was. Foreplay.

Sweet, wonderful, loving foreplay.

I pushed down my guilt. She was playing with the maid. I doubt she even missed me. She would cum a few times and fall asleep in her lover’s arms.

I shoved a pair of fingers into my pussy. “See how wet you’ve made me, stud!”

“Pater’s proud cock!” he growled. “I wish all the women were like you. Bold and ready. You know what you want.”

“Your big cock!” I rubbed at my clit. The pleasure trembled through me.

Renard mounted me. My legs parted. His cock slammed into my depths. The headboard slammed into the wall as he drove his thick dick into me. My pussy shuddered in delight, spreading before his girth. I worked my hips, grinding my clit against him as I savored the animalistic passion.

“That’s it! Work that cunt on my cock! Slata’s cunt, I thought knights were supposed to be noble, but you’re just a slut!”

“Fighting’s lusty work!” I growled, my fingernails digging into the meat of his ass. “Come on! You can fuck me harder! Make me cum on your cock, stud!”


His strokes were harder. My clit was mashed into his pubic bone. My pussy ached. I welcomed the wonderful pain. I gasped and grunted beneath him as I fed my desires. His strong chest crushed my breasts, my nipples throbbing with pleasure.

Our hips bucked together. I squeezed down on his cock. I shuddered. My toes curled. I clawed his back as my passion grew. He fucked me so hard. I boiled inside, the pleasure shooting through my body.

“Sweet Pater’s cock!” I screamed as I came. “Oh, fuck! Keep pounding me! Make me cum again, stud! Don’t you dare blow your wad yet!”

“I’ll keep fucking you all night,” he growled.

We changed positions. I knelt like a dog, letting him plow me from behind. I gasped and shuddered as his cock drove so deep into my pussy. I arched my back, cumming again as he hammered my depths. I milked his cock, savoring the pleasure.

His cock erupted into my depths. My orgasm burned through me. Such sweet release. I forgot everything but the pleasure as he spilled in me.

And then we collapsed in a sweaty heap.

The guilt returned. I had cheated on someone. But was it Kevin or Sophia?

Renard slapped my ass. “Ready for another round.”

“Yes,” I hissed. I needed to drive away the guilt.


Acolyte Sophia

I woke up alone. My cheeks were still stained with my tears. Angela had never shown up. I could hear her in the next room, gasping and moaning as a man fucked her. I had been in the throes of passion, the blonde maid’s delicate lips nibbling at my pussy when I realized it was Angela in the next room.

My excitement fled. I threw the maid out of my room. I didn’t even give her time to dress. She fled the room clutching her clothing. I thought Angela loved me. Things had been so wonderful since the forest. We were in this together. Fighting monsters by day and making love by night.

So what happened? Why did she go to bed with a man? A Las-damned man?

I wiped my eyes with a damp washcloth. I gathered myself. I was the daughter of Duchess Catherine of Tith. I needed to remember that. Angela was just a knight, the daughter of some lowly baron.

I dressed and headed downstairs. She was already waiting for me.

“Good morning,” she said, forcing a smile.

“Sir Knight,” I coolly nodded. I fought my emotions. Why didn’t she love me? Wasn’t I good enough for her? What could a man offer that I couldn’t? “Let’s break our fast and head down the road.”

“I’m sorry about last night,” Angela said, “it’s just…”

“You did not want to spend it with a love-sick girl,” I muttered. “I understand now.”

“That’s not it,” Angela sighed. “It’s just…we don’t really know each other. You don’t really love me.”

Her words hurt. Of course I loved her. I wouldn’t feel so crushed if I didn’t. “Don’t tell me how to feel!” I snapped at her. I stood up. “I’ll be in the stables.”

“Sophia,” she sighed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was hoping you would be happy with the maid.”

“Because I have to fall in love with every woman I fuck?” I spat. “You were hardly my first, sir Knight.”

I stormed out to the stables. Alone with Purity, I cried.


Knight-Errant Angela – Outskirts of the Deorc Forest, Kingdom of Secare

The last two-and-a-half days had been miserable. Sophia had barely talked to me. And when she did, she called me “sir Knight.” We had separate rooms at the last two village inns, at her insistence. I could hear her cry herself to sleep through the thin walls.

Every time I tried to apologize she would grow cold and haughty.

We followed the banks of the Black Kaluth, riding across the pastures on a shepherds path. The Forest loomed before us. The Kingdom of Secare had long signed treaties with the Elves. Trees could be cut up to a certain line, after that the forest was virgin.

It was a crisp line. The rotten tree stumps covered in vines and spotted with fungus ended at the wall of ancient pines reaching into the sky. There was no trail. I had no idea how we would navigate the woods and what would happen if we ran across the elves.

“We need to be careful,” I told Sophia.

“Yes, sir Knight,” she said, her chin raised. Her eyes were puffy and red.

“I mean it. You have to stop pouting like a child.”

Her face tightened. “I’m sorry for being a silly child and burdening you with my silly crush.”

“Dammit, Sophia!” I reached out and grabbed her right shoulder, forcing her to face me. Purity gave a whinny as her rider squirmed. “This is serious. The elves are dangerous and monsters prowl in the woods. You need to act like an adult. I’m sorry that I don’t love you. I have a boyfriend. His name is Kevin. Maybe I should have said this earlier, but it was nice sleeping with you. I could forget about him and all our dangers while we were making love. I didn’t mean to let you think I cared about you.”

Sophia flinched. “I…”

“I didn’t handle it well either. I’m sorry. But we need to work together, okay. It’s just me and you. No more civilization. It’s the wild in there. If you can’t handle that, then turn around. I can’t coddle you in there.”

Color appeared in Sophia’s cheeks. She took a deep breath. “Okay. Fine. I’m still mad at you, but I’ll stop…pouting.”

“Be mad.” I sighed. “I deserve that much. I am sorry about what happened in Ostian.”

Sophia nodded and then her eyes grew wide. “We’re really marching in there?” She stared at the dark woods.

“I’m afraid so.” I took her hand. “We’ll do it together, okay.”

Sophia nodded and gave my hand a squeeze.

A hot flush shot through me. Together, we rode into the woods.


Xerathalasia – Western Deorc Forest, The Federation of Deoraciynae

I stood in the brush, my bow ready, an arrow knocked. My heart pounded and my body trembled as I strained to listen. Xiloniasa stood nearby, the young elf tensed and ready to act, blending into the brush. If I hadn’t seen her take the position, my eyes would miss her in the dense foliage.

It had been four days since we found the spoor. We had finally tracked down the basilisk. Relythionaia was twenty feet away, crouched beneath a tree, her body painted like bark. I could only see her eyes. My other two hunters, Deliasonele and Quenyathalee, were flushing the basilisk out while we covered the game trail it would run down.

In the distance, my two hunters crashed through the brush. Basilisk were cautions monsters. Such strange behavior from its prey should startle it. Any moment, the monster should scurry down the trail, ready for our arrows to fell it.

My heart beat faster. I took slow, deep breaths to control the shaking in my limbs. My ears strained, listening for any clawed steps or the rustling of scales. My eyes darted, never staring at any one spot, fearing the color yellow—the basilisk’s eyes. If our gazes met, I would be petrified, cursed into stone and kept in stasis until a Priestess of Matar could break the enchantment.

Leaves rustled behind us. Was it the wind? I felt no breeze, but we were deep in the forest. I looked up at the limbs above us. They didn’t sway. Something was behind us. Was it an animal fleeing the noise my hunters made, or had the basilisk gotten—

A dark-scaled body lunged out of the brush at Xiloniasa. The young elf looked instinctively down as she swung her bow around. The basilisk’s gaze met hers as she drew back her bow. My heart froze as she was petrified. Her skin turned dull gray, her cry of panic frozen on her lips. Her body couldn’t balance as a statue and crashed into the brush.

I released my arrow and squeezed my eyes shut as the basilisk turned and, crowing like a rooster, rushed at me.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 6.

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