The World of Erasthay – The Knight and the Acolyte Bk 4, Chapter 1: Elf in Heat


The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Four: Passion’s Song

Chapter 1: Elf in Heat

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Hermaphrodite/Females, Male/Female, Male/Females/Hermaphrodite, Female/Female, Fantasy, Magic, Voyeurism, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Lactation

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Journeyman Mage Faoril – Ghost Wolves Tribal Lands, Federation of Larg

The breeze blowing across the endless grass cooled summer’s grip on the tundra. I brushed a strand of my light-brown hair out of my lips. I pushed it back behind my ear as I spluttered. My hair was growing longer than I liked. There hadn’t been a chance to cut my hair since we entered the orc lands. We had spent more than two weeks away from civilization.

But we had completed our goal. Six days ago, in the ruins of Holy Murathi, Angela had found the piece of her ancestor’s, the High King Peter, sword hidden in the sacred ruins of the orcs. Despite our success, there had been a gloom over the party.

Thrak bore the brunt of it.

The orc barbarian walked beside me as I rode my mare Buttercup. His shoulders bowed still by the tragedy that had befallen him. He looked like a brute—swarthy-red skin, standing taller than any human, his shoulders broad, his chest heavily muscled, his body covered in scars, fierce piercings made of bone transformed his already frightening face into terrifying—but he wasn’t as dreadful as his countenance claimed. He was a gentle, intelligent soul.

He hadn’t spoken since Sophia had been forced to exorcise the spirit of Thrak’s wife. He loved Serisia dearly, and when the foul warlock Fireeyes took control of Serisia and unleashed her mad rage upon us, it had broken him further.

Thrak had lost his wife twice.

My own heart panged. I had grown close to Thrak and Serisia. The ghost had encouraged the relationship between Thrak and myself. She was looking for a woman to take care of her husband, to love him like she had.

I think that was happening. My heart fluttered when I was around him. Despite his brutal appearance, I had met the man beneath. And I wanted him back. I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to hear his witty conversation and startling insights.

I wanted to love him.

“We’re nearing the spot of the ambush,” Angela said. “Thrak, should we detour around?”
Thrak lifted his gaze. Ahead was the hill where the orcs of the Ghost Wolves tribe had ambushed us and been slaughtered, mostly by Thrak berserking. His jaw tightened. His eyes narrowed. It pained him to rage and slaughter. It was an affliction a minority of orcs suffered from.

I placed my hand on his shoulder.

To my shock, Thrak looked up at me, his eyes studying. “We won’t find any bodies there, Angela.”

The knight turned her head around in shock, her red hair sweeping about her shining pauldrons. She was on a Quest to become a full member of the Knights Deute, one of the three orders that guarded the lands created out of the shattered High Kingdom of Hamilten. The lands once ruled by her great ancestor.

“Thrak?” I asked, blinking, surprised to hear him speak.

Xera, the elf huntress, also turned around. If I wasn’t stunned by Thrak saying his first words in six days, I would have stared in lust at the thick cock dangling between the elf’s thighs. She was naked, as was her people’s custom, and must have entered heat again. I noted her cock, but my attention was fixed on Thrak.

“A-are you…?” I swallowed.

“He animated those corpses. There is nothing there that should concern you, Angela. Keep following Xera, she leads us true.”

My hand squeezed his shoulder. “I…”

“You have been patient with me,” Thrak said. “I needed to think.”


“My future.” Thrak looked around the tall grass we trampled through, the stalks waving in the breeze. “Serisia wanted me to help Angela find her destiny. She believed it was as important as finding you.” His eyes were strong, even possessive, as he stared at me. His thick hand reached up and touched my knee through my red robes. He gave a squeeze. “There is nothing left for me here. My tribe is led by my brother. Our great foes have been broken. I will accompany you until the end of your Quest, Angela.”

“Your help would be greatly welcomed,” nodded Angela.

“You just like fucking him,” Sophia giggled. The acolyte, in her white robes kept clean and pristine by her priestly magic, gave Angela a mocking look. The pair were lovers and more. Sophia submitted to Angela, pretending to be her sex slave. The young lesbian savored being bound and spanked by the busty, beautiful knight.

“I do,” Angela sighed, then her eyes glanced at Xera. “And he doesn’t have the only cock tonight.”

Sophia groaned. “Oh, no. I’m sleeping by myself tonight.”

Thrak’s hand tightened on my knee as he noticed Xera’s newly sprouted appendage. “Gewin’s mighty cock, she’s as hung as an orc.”

Xera blushed, her long, pointed ears twitching as they poked through her green hair. Elves sprouted their cocks every cycle of the moon instead of having periods like a human woman. Well, a human woman that didn’t know birth control magic. Xera’s dick hardened beneath the scrutiny.

“Everyone’s staring at me,” groaned the elf. “And I was doing so well ignoring it.”

“It is midday,” Angela said, licking her lips. “We could stop for a break and you could receive relief.”

“Someone’s horny to suck a cock,” Sophia sighed. “Go on, get it out of your system.”

“Careful,” Angela said. “You keep talking to your Mistress like that, I’ll tie you up and spank you.”

“Promise?” breathed Sophia. Her nipples dimpled the front of her robes.

“Her cock is so huge,” groaned Thrak. “I shouldn’t enjoy the sight, but she is such a beautiful woman. To see the cock thrusting from the picture of femininity is arousing. I have heard it said sentient creatures always seek novel experiences, new thrills, new delights, new perversions to enjoy.”

I blushed, my eyes locked on Xera’s cock. “I understand what you mean. The picture of femininity with such an impossible object thrusting from her groin is a sight of beauty.”

Angela dismounted. “Sophia, lie on your back. You will please me with your tongue while I enjoy Xera’s cock.”

“Yes, Mistress.”



After six days of brooding on my wife’s final words and withdrawing into my grief, everything suddenly seemed so real as I stared at the beautiful Xera. Her skin, pale with a greenish cast, was smooth and flawless, flowing over her curvy ass and large, lush breasts. They were so soft and pillowy. And yet that hard cock thrust from her groin.

My dick tented my kilt. I rubbed absently at it. I hadn’t felt arousal for days. My dick ached, begging to be enjoyed as I watched Sophia dismount her mare and spread herself out on the grass while Angela straddled the acolyte’s head. With greedy hands, Sophia reached up and pulled the knight’s pussy to her hungry lips.

“Mmm, that’s it, slave,” purred Angela as Sophia pushed the knight’s chainmail loincloth to the side so she could feast on Angela’s pussy. “You’re going to make me cum while I worship Xera’s thick cock.”

“You are such a slut for my elf-dick,” groaned Xera, one hand squeezing her round breast, the other stroking her hard cock.

My eyes groaned when I noticed her dick thrust from her pussy, from where her clit should be. It merely was her clit, swelled to such a size. The fleshy shaft throbbed as Angela wrapped her pale fingers about it.

“Gewin’s mighty cock,” I groaned again as I squeezed my dick through my kilt.

“Let me help you out,” Faoril smiled.

I glanced up at the mage. Her pale face and light-brown hair reminded me of how innocent Serisia looked when I first met her at the University of Allenoth. My human wife had beguiled me from the moment I met her. And she was strong, abandoning the comforts of civilization to return with me to the nomadic life of an orc.

Faoril was just as strong. She dismounted from her horse, her robes shifting around her. Red cloth marked her a Journeyman Mage, skilled in all five elemental magic. I had witnessed her duel with Fireeyes before Angela had killed the warlock.

Impressive was the only word to describe the mage.

Faoril’s silver nose ring flashed in the sun as she knelt before me. She licked her lips. “I’ve missed your cock.”

“How cruel of me to deprive you of my majesty,” I grinned as she pushed up my kilt to reveal my thick, throbbing dick. Her hands wrapped around the brown-red shaft. Her fingers were so pale compared to my swarthy dick. “From now on, I will let you enjoy my cock whenever you want.”

Faoril stared up at me, her brown eyes doe-soft and loving. I stroked her pale cheek with my hand before I seized her brown hair and pulled her lips to my cock. Her tongue flashed pink across her lips before she opened wide and engulfed me.

“Yes,” Xera moaned. “Suck my cock, slut.”

I groaned as Faoril sucked hard on my dick while I watched Angela’s mouth bob up and down on the elf’s cock. The knight squirmed on Sophia’s face as she moaned and sucked loudly about the elf’s girl-cock. The elf shuddered, her large breasts heaving.

My dick throbbed in Faoril’s mouth. I gripped her brown hair as my hips slowly fucked my dick in and out of her hot mouth. Faoril’s tongue swirled about my shaft and played with my cock ring while her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard. Her hands found my balls, massaging the massive nuts as she moaned about my cock.

“That’s it, slut,” I growled. “You’re such a slut for my cock, Faoril. I love it.”

Xera’s eyes squeezed shut. “I know what you mean, Thrak. It’s so wonderful to have a slutty beauty panting after your dick, so eager to suck and worship it until you cum.”

Angela moaned in agreement. Her hands wrapped around Xera’s waist and gripped the elf’s bubbly ass. Angela’s head turned and twisted as she bobbed up and down Xera’s shaft. The knight’s hips undulated, grinding her pussy on Sophia’s hungry mouth.

The knight shuddered. Sophia was an acolyte of the Goddess Saphique. The lesbian was trained how to please women. I had heard Angela, Xera, and Faoril all gasped and shuddered on Sophia’s lips, singing praises to her skill.

It was clear that Angela was engulfed by Sophia’s skill.

“That’s so hot,” I growled. “Tonight, slut, you’re going to fuck Xera while I watch.”

Faoril’s fingers tightened on my balls and her mouth sucked harder.

“I knew you would like that.” A ripple of pleasure shot through my body from her sucking mouth. My hips pumped faster, my cock slamming deep into her mouth. The tip brushed the back of her throat. “You’re such a slut, Faoril. I love it. I can’t wait to see you gasp and shudder as your pussy spasms on Xera’s cock.”

Xera grinned at me, her ears twitching faster. She gathered a fistful of Angela’s red hair and copied me, fucking the knight’s mouth hard. Xera’s large, naked breasts heaved with every stroke, bouncing up and down.

“Pater’s cock.” My second hand gripped Faoril’s head as the pressure in my balls increased. “That is so hot to watch. Gods, yes. Fuck her mouth, Xera.”

“Shove your cock down Faoril’s throat,” Xera moaned. “Let’s deep-throat our sluts together.”

“Yes.” My hands kept a firm grip on Faoril’s head as I thrust my hips forward.

The tip of my cock brushed the back of the mage’s throat. She moaned as my dick went down her gullet into her tight throat. She swallowed, the pressure constricting about my shaft. My balls tightened in her massaging hand as her lips pressed into the base of my cock.

“That’s it, whore,” groaned Xera. “Swallow all my cock. You love it. Mater’s cock, that’s wonderful.”

I grinned at Xera and she returned it as we slammed our cocks deep down the throats of our women. Faoril moaned loudly about my dick. A wet sound emanated from below. Her right hand had dipped into her robe.

“Cum on your fingers while deep-throating my cock,” I groaned. “I want you to cum first. Only then will I dump my jizz into your mouth.”

Faoril’s eyes flashed up at me. She moaned about my dick, sucking harder. The wet sounds of her masturbation grew louder. The sloppy, sucking noise made my balls boil. I groaned through my grit teeth, fighting against the urge to spill right away.

“Oh, yes, moan louder. It feels amazing when you groan about my dick. Sophia, make your mistress cum harder.”

Angela writhed atop Sophia as the elf slammed her dick deep down Angela’s throat. The knight’s armor clinked as she shuddered. Sophia writhed herself, somehow making her body cum without even shoving her hands between her thighs while she greedily drank down Angela’s juices.

“Mater’s wonderful cock,” gasped Xera, throwing back her head and thrusting her breasts forward. Her magnificent orbs bounced and jiggled as Angela’s cheeks bulged. White cum leaked out the corners of her mouth.

The elf had cum in Angela’s mouth with her girl cock.

“Gewin’s iron balls,” I growled, my dick churning. “Xera’s cock just flooded Angela’s mouth with jizz.”

Faoril groaned beneath me. She sucked so hard on my dick. She shuddered and moaned, her throat humming about my shaft. The tip of my dick ached. The pressure in my balls churned as my lover orgasmed.

“Faoril,” I panted, ripping my cock back until only the pierced tip remained in her hungry lips, “drink my cum. Show me your love.”

Faoril’s eyes locked on mine as my balls, massaged by her lithe fingers, erupted. My cum flooded her hungry mouth. She moaned and swallowed as my jizz poured thick into her mouth. The pleasure burned through me. I groaned and gripped her head tight as she drank down blast after blast of my cum. I was backed up. I hadn’t cum in almost a week.

Only a little bit of my cum escaped Faoril’s lips. I grinned. “You were hungry.”

“I was,” Faoril groaned. “Mmm, that feels good. It’s nice to have magic in me again.”

I smiled. As a female mage, she needed cum to power her magic. She had only so much in reserve.

“I think Xera can continue on,” grinned Angela as she stood up.

“Mmm, you have some on your lips,” Xera purred, then she leaned over and licked up the line of cum that had trickled out of Angela’s mouth.

“Pater’s cock,” I breathed at the sight of the elf cleaning up her own cum. My dick twitched.

“I think we’re having a wild camp tonight.”

“Oh, yeah,” sighed Sophia, her face stained with Angela’s pussy juices. “That sounds wonderful. Guess I’m sleeping by myself.”

“Sorry,” Angela grinned. “But she only has a cock for three days. We can’t let it go to waste.”


Acolyte Sophia

It was hard not being a little jealous of the attention Angela paid Xera and Thrak. I understood that my lover was bisexual. She wasn’t a lesbian like me. It would be so much simpler if she were. I knew she cared for me, but it saddened me that no matter how well I made her pussy cum or how much joy Angela took in dominating me, there was one thing I could never give her.

A real cock that could cum.

I wanted to give her every delight possible. I didn’t mind that she took other lovers. I wasn’t about to be faithful. There were so many pussies in the world that I needed to sample and spread Saphique’s love to. But I just wished Angela’s partners were all women.

Even Xera was fine for twenty-five days a month. It was those three days when she had her cock that unnerved me.

I was sworn to never let a man touch me. Even a woman with a cock would violate my oath, as I discovered first hand when the karabasan spirit possessed Angela, gave her a dick, and then forced Angela to fuck me with it. I had to be re-blessed in a temple to Saphique to cleanse the taint of having been touched by a cock.

We camped for the night in a dell. I was eager to be out of the orc lands. We had only a few more to go before we were back to civilization. I was fortunate to have magic to keep Angela, Faoril, and myself clean. Xera somehow didn’t get dirty—elves were lucky—and the dirt seemed…appropriate on Thrak, enhancing his barbaric presence.

He had a musk that was powerful and made Angela and Faoril swoon.

I did not get the appeal.

I stretched out on my bedroll away from the fire. It was clear the four of them were about to engage in cock-laden sex. I rolled myself up in my blankets and lay on my side away from them, trying to ignore the gasps and moans and find sleep.

Traveling was tiring, and my eyes drooped. After over two months of travel, my body was no longer soft like it had been at the temple. I didn’t require a goose-down mattress to sleep upon and silk sheets wrapped about me. I learned to sleep anywhere.

It was such a precious skill.

My eyes drifted off into sleep. Into my dreams. Something touched my thoughts. Feminine arms engulfed me. I shuddered. I had felt this sensation once the night before I left Shesax with Angela. The embrace of my Goddess summoning me to her paradise.

I smiled in anticipation.



“Fuck her hard,” growled Thrak as Angela sucked on his hard dick. “I want to watch my Faoril gasp and moan on your dick.”

I grinned at the orc as he reclined back, using his rolled up kilt as a pillow. “I will. Your slut will cum so hard on my cock. Every Thosian woman loves my dick.”

“We do,” Faoril gasped. “Every Thosian maid whispers tales of the prowess of elf-cocks.”

“On your hands and knees,” I told the naked mage as I stroked my hard dick. My pussy clenched as Faoril rolled over and presented her pale ass and her pussy covered by her curly, brown pubic hair. I smacked her butt. “That’s it.”

“Fuck her hard,” Thrak grinned. “I want to watch her cum.”

“I thought orcs were supposed to be possessive,” Faoril purred as she stared at the orc.

“I know my cock is the best,” he shrugged. “You’ll be coming back for it.”

When we first met Thrak, I never thought he and Faoril would have a relationship. She had despised the brutish orc. And then she had stripped naked and let Thrak fuck her to calm his berserker rage. Something happened between them. When they returned, an intimacy had formed.

I was glad for them. The orc needed that intimacy. Without it, I think he would have sunken into despair and never emerged again after losing his wife a second time.

“Come on, Xera,” groaned Faoril, wiggling her juicy ass at me. “I’m so horny.”

“Patience, slut,” I grinned. I liked that word. Slut. The humans used it a lot. It was hot calling a woman my slut, especially when she was eager for my cock.

I leaned over, my pussy juices dripping out of my folds and running down the length of my cock. They tickled my tip as they gathered. I shivered at the delightful sensation as I leaned over and nuzzled my face into her soft, wet folds, her curly pubic hair tickling my cheeks, and licked.

Her spicy, earthy musk coated my lips. Humans had such a saltier flavor than elf cunt. I missed the flowery nectar of my wife, but there was something wonderfully wicked about nuzzling into a human’s pussy and swirling my tongue through her folds, gathering up her juices while she moaned and gasped.

Thrak watched us. His hand gripped Angela’s red hair, sliding her mouth up and down his cock as he grinned at me. I pressed my lips deeper into Faoril’s pussy, bringing a moan from the mage’s lips as my tongue reamed into her depths.

“Gods, yes,” she purred. “Xera, oh, yes. Get me wet for that big, thick cock reaming my pussy. I need it. I want to cum so hard.”

“I bet you do,” grinned Thrak. He reached out and squeezed Faoril’s round, dangling tit. The mage gasped and pressed her hips back into me.

“Mmm, Faoril looks like she is in heaven,” grinned Angela before she kissed down Thrak’s shaft. Her lips nuzzled at his large balls while his dick, the tip pierced by a bone ring, throbbed.

I turned my attention back to Faoril’s pussy. I spread her folds apart and dug my tongue deep into her wet, pink depths. Her juices poured into my mouth as she shuddered. My tongue explored and swirled through her folds and tunnel before I licked higher.

“Xera,” she squealed as my tongue rimmed her sour asshole. “I thought you were fucking my pussy.”

“Just keeping my options open,” I purred as my tongue pressed into her asshole. Elf and human asses tasted remarkably the same. I savored her sour musk as my fingers found her clit.

Faoril bucked as I played with her sensitive clit. Human females were denied the joy of their clits swelling into hard, throbbing cocks. I shoved my tongue deep into her asshole as my dick throbbed beneath me. My pussy clenched as I pushed a finger into Faoril’s hot, tight cunt.

My dick ached as Faoril’s pussy squeezed down on my finger. She was so wet and silky. My dick couldn’t wait to be buried in her. I loved fucking human pussy. I couldn’t knock a human up, so I could plow their pussies all I wanted.

There were perks to being away from my pregnant wife.

I sucked on her asshole as she moaned and gasped. Her hips bucked into my pumping finger while my thumb continued rubbing on her clit. Her moans grew louder. Her body trembled. I moved my lips back to her pussy, passing my pumping fingers, and sucked her clit into my mouth.

“Xera,” gasped Faoril. “Oh, gods, yes, Faoril. Keep sucking my clit. Get me ready for your cock.”

“Make the slut cum,” growled Thrak.

“Mmm, yes,” purred Angela, her lips still playing with Thrak’s balls while her hand slowly jerked him off.

“Slata’s hairy cunt,” gasped Faoril.

Her pussy spasmed on my finger. A flood of her delicious juices poured into my mouth. I drank them down while she came. My own pussy ached in sympathy while my dick throbbed. I needed to fuck her. I rose and lined my dick at her snatch’s pink hole.

“Mater’s cock,” I cursed as I sank into the wonderful heaven of a tight pussy. Angela’s mouth earlier today had been wonderful, but there was no substitute for the hot, wet grip of cunt.

Thrak’s eyes were hungry as he watched me fuck his lover. His hand gripped Angela’s red hair, guiding her mouth as she sucked his cock. Thrak’s brutish face twisted in passion as his fingers tightened and released Angela’s red hair.

“Fuck her,” he growled.

“Yes, yes,” gasped Faoril, her hips slamming back into my hard thrusts. “Oh, gods, that’s so good.”

My breasts bounced up every time I buried my dick into Faoril’s hot depths, then they slapped back into my chest. I drew back and slammed in again, loving the way my tits heaved and my cock ached in Faoril’s cunt.

My pussy clenched as I drew back my cock. The pleasure raced down my dick into the depths of my sex. The pressure built there with every thrust into the wonderful, tight sheath of Faoril’s pussy. I slammed in again.

“Mater’s cock, yes,” I panted. “Work those hips and squeeze that pussy down on me. Damn, make me cum.”

“I will,” gasped Faoril. “Oh, damn. Slata’s cunt, her cock is amazing. Oh, yes. Oh, wow.”

Thrak fondled Faoril’s tits as she writhed beneath me. He grunted and growled as Angela sucked and swallowed his cock. The attention only spurred me to fuck Faoril harder, to give Thrak the show he craved. My dick ached.

I wanted to cum in her pussy. I wanted Thrak to see how much of my seed dripped out of his woman.

My hands seized Faoril’s hips. My butt clenched as I slammed my dick faster and faster in and out of her pussy. I had to keep reaming her. I had to let her feel every inch of my dick burying into her depths. The urge built on the tip of my cock.

I had to cum.

“I’m going to cream your cunt, slut,” I growled.

“Yes,” grunted Thrak.

“Please, do it!” Faoril looked over her shoulder at me. “Cum in my pussy. Gods, yes.”

Thrak’s hand slid down her body. Faoril gasped and her pussy tightened on me as the orc fingered her clit. She tossed back her head and screamed for bliss. Her pussy spasmed about my dick. The hungry hole clenched and writhed, milking my cock, eager for every drop of my elf-cum.

A shudder rippled through my body. My pussy clenched. My dick ached. I slammed into her pussy. My orgasm burst inside of me.

The bursts of intense pleasure shot out of my dick, slamming into the ripples of bliss flowing out of my cumming pussy. I spasmed, my breasts heaving as the pleasure filled my entire body. My cum spurted out of me into Faoril’s milking cunt.

“Matar’s cunt,” I groaned as the pleasure consumed me.

“Gods damn,” grunted Thrak.

Angela noisily swallowed his cum as he watched me flood his lover’s pussy. Faoril shuddered, then her knees folded and she collapsed, slipping off my dick. Her pussy gaped with my cum, spilling out of her and trickling down to her butt.

“Oh, delicious,” moaned Angela, her lips stained with Thrak’s cum. She crawled over and attacked Faoril, licking up my creampie.

I stroked my wet dick, still hard from the erotic sight of watching the redhead lick my cum out of Faoril’s pussy. Thrak grinned at me, his dick still hard, too. Faoril gasped and shuddered beneath Angela’s hungry mouth.

“We both have to fuck her,” Thrak grinned. “Which hole do you want?”

“Angela’s ass,” I grinned. “I’ve already had pussy tonight.”

Thrak laughed.


Knight-Errant Angela

My lips were still stained with the salty flavor of elf and orc cum as I lowered my pussy down Thrak’s thick cock. I sighed in delight—I hadn’t felt a cock in me in over a week. Faoril had monopolized Thrak’s dick on the trip to Murathi.

“That’s it,” Faoril purred as she knelt behind me. “Slide your pussy down my orc’s cock.”

“Your orc?” I asked as Thrak’s thick cock spread open my pussy, his cock ring rubbing against the sensitive walls of my cunt and shooting bliss through me.

“My orc,” Faoril repeated. Her fingers spread my asscheeks apart. Her tongue probed at my sphincter.

I groaned, squeezing down on Thrak’s cock as Faoril’s tongued about my sphincter. My body shuddered, clenching and relaxing on his dick as the mage’s tongue probed into my asshole. My fingers squeezed Thrak’s muscles as I let out another moan.

“Get me ready for Xera’s big cock,” I panted, glancing at the elf. Her dick still dripped with Faoril’s pussy juices. Hunger burned in the elf’s violet eyes.

“Oh, you’ll be eager to be reamed,” gasped Faoril between licks.

Her finger sank deep into my asshole. I gasped and squirmed on Thrak’s cock, stirring his thick shaft around inside of me. My pussy clenched and relaxed while I fought the urge to ride Thrak’s cock hard.

My pussy was eager to cum.

“I think she’s ready,” panted Xera.

“Someone’s impatient,” Faoril giggled.

“I’m ready,” I moaned. “Fuck me.”

“You are such a slut,” Faoril grinned. “When you’re done taking a cock in each hole, I want my turn.”

“You’re going to kill me,” groaned Thrak before he seized Faoril and pulled her to his face.

I had thoroughly cleaned Faoril’s pussy. There was not a drop of cum left in her snatch. The mage shuddered, her face burning with pleasure as she squirmed before me on Thrak’s. I leaned in and kissed her hard on the lips.

Xera pressed behind me, her hard nipples and soft breasts rubbing on my back. Her dick prodded my asscheeks. I groaned as they slipped between them. My sphincter ached. She thrust forward and stuffed me full of cock.

“Pater’s mighty dick!” I screamed, breaking the kiss. “Gods, yes.”

I had two cocks in me. Both were thick, spreading open my holes. My asshole and pussy clenched and relaxed around both as my hips worked up and down between the orc and the elf. Xera groaned, hugging me tight as she reamed my asshole, her thrusts driving me down Thrak’s cock. When she pulled back, I rose on the orc’s dick.

Then Xera thrust and slammed me down again.

“How wonderful is it?” gasped Faoril as she stared into my eyes.

“Amazing,” I moaned. “Gods, yes. I’m going to cum so hard on their cocks. Oh, it’s the best of both worlds. Ass fucking and pussy fucking. The pleasures are mixing around inside of me.”

“Lucky slut,” gasped Faoril, her face twisting in pleasure as Thrak growled and devoured her pussy.

I kissed Faoril again, thrusting my tongue hard and deep into her mouth as the pleasure rippled through me. Every inch of both cocks sent delight spilling through my body. The burning bliss of the elf cock in my ass crashed into the hot passion of the orc’s in my cunt. The dual pleasures engulfed each other, swelling each other, giving me even more passion.

My body trembled as I worked my holes between the cocks. Xera groaned and panted into my ear as she hugged me from behind. Her skilled fingers played with my nipples while her mouth nibbled on my round lobes.

“Such a tight ass, slut,” she growled. “Oh, this is so hot. I’ve never done this before. Keep massaging my cock with your ass. You’re so tight. So hot.”

I broke the kiss with Faoril, my head leaning back into her shoulder. “Fuck my asshole. Both your cocks. So good. I’m such a slut for this. Oh, yes. Oh, damn. Gods, this is so much. I’m going to erupt. I’m going to explode. I can’t…”

The pleasure was too much. The intense bliss erupted from my cunt. My asshole and pussy convulsed about both their dicks. I fell into Faoril’s embrace. Her lips nibbled on my other ear while her hands squeezed my ass.

“Cum, slut,” hissed Faoril. “Cum on both their dicks. Make my orc’s dick explode in your cunt.”

“Yes,” I gasped, my pussy spasming harder on Thrak’s dick. My juices flooded out. The obscene, wet sound of my pussy writhing on his cock grew louder. The orc groaned into Faoril’s pussy as my hole pleasured him.

“So good,” gasped the elf. “Matar’s cock. I have to cream your hole. I need to feed you with my jizz.”

“Oh, yes,” I panted as a second orgasm crashed in on the heels of the first.

There was too much sensations inside of me. Two thick cocks reamed my holes, stretching them, pleasuring them. My pussy and asshole were over-stimulated. The ripples of bliss writhing out of both holes rolled through my body, burying me in ecstasy.

I wordlessly moaned as my body writhed between the two dicks. My back arched, rubbing into Xera’s heaving tits. The elf moaned into my ear. Her nipples poked hard into my back as her cock reamed my asshole.

“Matar’s big, hard cock,” groaned the elf as she slammed me down Thrak’s dick.

“Yes, yes, yes,” squealed Faoril as she thrashed on her orc’s face.

Our lips met in another kiss, the pair of us moaning and shuddering as we both were consumed with orgasms. The elf’s dick flooded my asshole with her cum. My bowels clenched and relaxed, milking her dick while I rode Thrak’s cock.

I savored the hot flood of jizz pumping into my asshole. I worked my hips, rubbing my clit hard against his pubic bone. My pussy writhed about his cock as my orgasms reached their peak. I moaned into Faoril’s mouth and slammed down Thrak’s cock.

“Gewin’s mighty cock,” growled the orc.

My eyes shot wide open as the orc’s dick bathed my pussy in hot jizz. I moaned into Faoril’s kiss as I savored both my holes flooded with cum. I shuddered and loved how depraved and naughty I felt. Both dicks softened in my holes.

“Gods, that was amazing,” I panted as I leaned into Faoril.

“I hope you two can go again,” Faoril grinned.

Thrak’s cock and Xera’s dick went rigid in my holes. Both groaned. I gave Faoril a naughty look. “Magic?”

“Elf cum is great for life magic,” she winked back. “They’re born of that element.”

“We are,” Xera groaned, ripping her cock out of my asshole. “I want you to clean my dirty cock with your pussy, slut.”

“Yes,” Faoril breathed. “And Thrak’s dick is already lubed with Angela’s pussy.”

I pulled myself off Thrak and rolled to the side, my body buzzing. “You three have fun. I’ll take first watch.”

“Sure,” growled Thrak.

I forced myself to stand as Faoril gasped in delight, two cocks reaming her body. Cum dripped out of my asshole and pussy as I grabbed my sword belt. I strapped it on over my naked waist, not bothering to dress. The night was cool, but my body was hot. I decided not to grab my kite shield and only pulled on my boots before marching up to the top of the hill.

I sat down on the grass, my eyes scanning the night as the cum slowly trickled out of my body.


Acolyte Sophia – Saphique’s Domain, The Astral Realm

The Goddess’s embrace brought me to the Isle of Women.

It was aptly named.

A warm wind blew off the azure-blue waters. Naked women and girls frolicked in the waves, giggling as their nubile bodies were covered in the froth. The island was green and lush, dotted with flowers and women making love beneath the shade of strange trees with trunks. The bark was made of banded segments and rose with only a slight bend. There were no branches, only long, wide leaves sprouting from the crown.

My pussy clenched in delight. So long as I was faithful to my Goddess, I could be rewarded with spending my afterlife in this paradise. Every one of these women were like me—lesbians who were pure, never knowing a man willingly.

My toes curled into the white sand as the warm breeze wafted over me. The water had a salty aroma. I looked around, smiling wide. Women of every color frolicked. And not all of them were human. Cute lamia with their feline ears and cat tails scampered around swarthy orc women. Short, bronze-skinned halflings raced by. They almost looked like children, but their breasts and hips were too developed, the faces too mature despite their stature. A tiger-headed rakshasa lounged on the sand, a black-skinned Halanian maid devouring her pussy.

“Welcome, child,” Saphique purred, hugging me from behind.

I shuddered as my Goddess’s pillowy tits rubbed into my back. Her hands caressed my stomach, sending wonderful delight rippling through my pussy. I shuddered and writhed, pressing back into her body, her wet pussy rubbing on my ass.

“My Goddess,” I breathed, my pussy already clenching, my juices trickling down my thighs.

“I have been watching you,” she whispered in my ear. Her tongue flicked the lobe. I gasped, an almost orgasmic delight rippling through my body. I squeezed my thighs together.

“I’m honored that you would pay attention to such a lowly acolyte like myself.”

“You won’t always be lowly,” she promised, “so long as Angela succeeds at her destiny.”

“To kill the dragon?” I groaned, the Goddess’s hand moving lower, rubbing at my pudenda. My clit throbbed as her fingers neared.

“Is that what you think this journey has been about? To kill a dragon?”

“Yes,” I gasped as her fingers rubbed at my clit. The pleasure burst through my body. My pussy spasmed as my orgasm crashed through me. I gasped and shuddered. My legs turned to liquid as juices gushed down my thighs. Only my Goddess’s embrace kept me from slipping to my knees. “So good. Oh, yes. Thank you for your sweet touch.”

Her fingers kept rubbing at my clit. Her lips nibbled at my ear. I gasped and shuddered, the ripples of bliss prolonged by her every touch. She stroked her fingers in slow circles on my clit while my pussy clenched and relaxed.

Milk leaked out of her nipples and trickled down my back. I gasped again as the creamy scent filled my mouth. I licked my lips, a deep hunger forming. I needed to taste her milk again. I squirmed in my Goddess’s arms as she kept stroking my clit.

“You are such a responsive child,” she moaned. “Your flesh aches for my touch.”

“It does, Goddess.”

She rubbed harder at my clit. I lifted up on my toes as another orgasm washed through me. My knees buckled. The world spun around me. All the moans of the women making love about us crashed through me as I drank in the bliss her touch spurred.

Saphique let me slip down onto the sands. The beach warmed my back as she knelt over me, her beatific face smiling down at me. Her breasts were large, her nipples fat and pink. Milk dribbled down her orbs, across her flat stomach, and into the shaved lips of her pussy.

Her fingers, sticky with my juices, shoved into her mouth. She moaned as she sucked them clean. “Delicious, child.”

I nodded my head and licked my lips.

“Do you desire another taste of my milk.”

“Yes, Goddess,” I croaked.

She knelt above my head and bent over me. Her tits dangled over my head. A drop of white milk beaded on her nipple before falling into my open mouth. I shuddered as the creamy milk coated my tongue. I licked my lips and shuddered.

“That is truly delicious,” I moaned. “Nothing like my pussy. You are divine.”

“And so are you,” she smiled. “In your own, special way. And your pussy was delicious.”

She leaned farther over. Her nipple descended to my lips. I engulfed her nipple with my mouth. I suckled. Her creamy ambrosia squirted into my mouth. The warm milk of the Goddess coated the inside of my mouth. I swirled it around, savoring the milk as it squirted into my mouth.

My pussy clenched as I swallowed. Her breast milk warmed my belly. Her soft hair caressed my stomach, and then her lips kissed and nibbled at my flesh. Her tongue licked up to my belly button. She swirled it through my nub.

I squealed and sucked harder.

“That’s it, nurse, child,” she moaned. “Revel in the gift of love only women can partake in.”

I did revel. My pussy clenched as her hands roamed down my sides, reaching underneath the sand to grip my ass. The goddess squeezed my butt as her tongue swirled through my bellybutton. I groaned and suckled harder, drinking her milk as fast as I could.

The creamy flavor lingered in my mouth. The warmth spread through my body, building in the depths of my pussy. My juices flooded out of my cunt, staining the soft sands as my body trembled. Her tongue sent ripples through my body, teasing me.

“I need to taste your pussy,” moaned the Goddess.

Her hands lifted my hips, my ass leaving the sand. My stomach bent as she curled my pussy up to her hungry lips. I kept suckling as the Goddess of Lesbians plunged her tongue into my pussy. Saphique worshiped me. Her tongue caressed and slid through all my folds.

I moaned about her nipple.

“Such a sweet taste,” gasped the Goddess between licks, her fingers digging into my asscheeks. “Every woman has a unique delight, child. A feast to be enjoyed.”

Her lips pressed back into my pussy. I suckled from her breast as she nuzzled. I ignored the ache in my stomach as my toes curled in the air. Shudders rippled through me. Her every swipe of her tongue sent burning bliss shooting through my pussy.

I came.

Her nipple popped from my mouth. “Sweet Saphique. Oh, yes. My Goddess, yes. So good. Thank you.”

My juices gushed from my pussy. Saphique drank them down before her tongue circled my aching clit. A finger pressed into my asshole as she sucked my clit into her mouth. My sensitive nub ached between her lips.

“Saphique, yes,” I gasped as another orgasm burst through them.

My climaxes came one on the other. When one died, her touch sparked another one. She worked a second then a third finger into my asshole as she pleasured me. Her tongue never tired. It always touched the exact spots in my pussy I needed.

Then she fucked her tongue into my depths like a mini-cock. Her appendage seemed longer than a normal tongue, reaching all the way into my depths. I gasped as her tongue swirled through my folds, then attacked the special spot inside my pussy were all my nerves seemed contained.

My pussy spasmed about her tongue. The pleasure burned through my body. My legs kicked in the air.

“Yes, yes, my Goddess,” I screamed as the pleasure consumed me. My vision went completely black. There was only the bliss of her fingers and tongue shooting pleasure through my entire body.

I don’t know how long I orgasmed. My body shuddered. My pussy ached. Every muscle in my body spasmed. I thrived on the pleasure. It could have only been a minute of intense bliss or an eternity of gentle joy.

And then my Goddess pulled her fingers from my asshole and removed her lips from my pussy. I sprawled on the sand, my head pillowed on her lap. Her heavy tits jiggled above me as she smiled down with such love, her lips stained with my juices.

“You are such a responsive child,” she smiled, her fingers playing with my nipples. “And as sweet as making love to you is, I have summoned you to provide warning.”

“Warning?” My stomach clenched. “What?”

“My sister Slata has ever been a vindictive cunt.” Saphique’s smile grew sad. “She has always been jealous of those children Pater, her divine husband and our father, sired on other women. Especially the High King Peter.”

“She cursed him, right, for him and his descendants to have only daughters?”

“And to ensure his sons did not survive.” Saphique stroked my hair. “Your lover Angela is a product of that curse, descendant from a line of daughters all the way back to the Princess Lily, the only child to survive Peter’s death. He had doted on her. She had been born by his second wife, a gentler soul than his first. But Princess Lily could never rule because of Pater’s foolish laws.”

“Kings must be men,” I gasped. “Because Pater is the King of the gods.”

“It shouldn’t be that way,” Saphique pured. “In other places, women rule. The Queendom of Naith and even the vile Empire of Shizihuth. But that’s not what is important. Slata’s jealousy persists. She knows Angela has found the first piece of Peter’s sword. She will not allow it to be reforged.”

I sat up, my face tight with fear. “What will she do?”

“She has unleashed her three vile daughters, the erinyes, to hunt Angela down.” Saphique cupped my cheeks. “I have only learned of my sister’s vile act. You must warn Angela. The erinyes are dangerous and unrelenting. They are demigoddesses, immortals that cannot be killed but only delayed.”

My heart trembled with fear as Saphique leaned in and kissed me.


Knight-Errant Angela – Ghost Wolves Tribal Lands, Federation of Larg

Thrak, Faoril, and Xera’s threesome had fallen into silence an hour ago, joining Sophia in sleep.

I ignored the cool breeze wafting over my naked body as I kept my vigil. The moon was bright over head and the stars burned with brilliance. I gazed up at them, finding the familiar patterns of the constellations.

In another hour, I would wake up Thrak to take the watch.

The wind rustled the grass and insects filled the night with their chirping. Wings flapped. I frowned. Were there owls on the tundra? I did not know of any other species of birds that flew in the night.

I cast my gaze around for the source. The wings flapped louder. I stood up and drew my sword, slowly circling the hilltop. The rustle of the grass fell silent. The chirping of insects abruptly ended. Only my breathing and the crunch of grass beneath my feet reached my ears.

The wings flapped behind me.

I spun around. A naked woman stood before me, her body pale, her breasts small cones. A silver ring glinted on her clitoral hood and crimson hair fell around a beautiful, furious face. Her eyes glowed like coals and black-feathered wings spread behind her.

I tightened my grip on my sword.

“I am Injuriae,” hissed the woman, a whip made of burning coals rippling into being in her hand. “You have wronged Mother, and she has unleashed her furies upon you.”

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 2.

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