The World of Erasthay – The Knight and the Acolyte Bk 4, Chapter 3: Virgin Delight


The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Four: Passion’s Song

Chapter 3: Virgin Delight

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Female/Female, Female/Teen female, Male/Female/Teen female, Fantasy, Magic, Wax Play, BDSM, Bondage, Domination/submission, Anal Sex, Sex Toy, Oral Sex, Virgin, Voyeurism

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Journeyman Mage Faoril – Esh-Esh, The Magery of Thosi

The market place before the docks on Lake Esh bustled with travelers, locals, and merchants, a vast, busy tide that ebbed and flowed. I walked with Thrak, he crowds paring before my orcish lover like the waves before the knifing prow of a ship. Everyone gave the huge, hulking, ferocious, barbaric Thrak a wide birth, the already pale, Thosian faces growing even whiter as they hurried by.

It amused Thrak. A smile crossed his lips studded with bone piercings.

The summer heat gripped Esh-Esh, but the cool breeze off the lake helped to mitigate the heat of the sun’s rays. My eyes were supposed to be moving through the assembled shops, but my gaze kept shooting to the ivory pillar of the Collegiate Tower that dominated the city. Its golden beacon was second only in brilliance to the sun setting over the lake.

I missed the Tower. I had dreamed of spending my days their in research as a Master Mage, discovering new ways to utilize the five elements. Eventually, I would have joined the Magery Council and administer the affairs of Thosi and the Mages trained by the Tower.

I did not look out at the lake where the Island lay. I would not linger on my abject failure that cost me my chance to become a Master and done the black robes. I was stuck in the red. But if the Quest succeeded, and I cast the Ritual of Reclamation on the Altar of Souls and reforged the High King’s Sword, I would prove that I had the skills to at least take the test to be a Master again.

“You keep staring at the tower,” Thrak rumbled.

“I know,” I flushed, prying my eyes away.

“It’s hard to let go of that which we love.” His voice was tinged with the melancholy of his wife’s passing. Twice he had lost her.

“Very hard.” I took a deep breath. I needed to focus. I hoped to find a map among the many merchants that sold books and parchments. The Dwarven Kingdom of Modan that had fallen 207 years ago, so it would be difficult to find one. Modan was the only place that adamantium, the metal which the blade was crafted from, could be found.

But the dwarven mines were lost to a great evil that broke their kingdom’s back. I tried not to dwell on what our next step in the Quest entailed. Descending into the tunnels of Modan to find any ore would be as dangerous as facing the Dragon Dominari at the Quest’s end.

Maybe more so. At least we knew what we faced with Dominari. No one knew what befell Modan.

I stopped at the next book vendor. With the Magery Council and a college to train new mages in Esh-Esh, any oddity, artifact, object, or old knowledge was brought to the city in the hope that a mage would find value in it.

It made reasonable sense.

That was why we had detoured to Esh-Esh instead of taking the slightly straighter route from Allenoth south to the Lesh-Ke Mountains. If I had my wits about me, we would have procured the map before leaving Esh-Esh.

But I had been…fragile then.

Since we left the orc lands ten days back, our journey south, retracing the very steps we took north, had been uneventful. Fireeyes was truly dead, and we did not have his machinations dodging our steps and causing us problems. And so far, the other two Erinyes had not appeared to harass us. They must be cautious after Angela dealt with Injuriae so resoundingly. From Esh-Esh, we would follow the highway southeast to Miliiath Pass in the Kingdom of Haz, passing through the town of Lor-Khev. In the pass, we would find the ruins of Khan, the fortress guarding the entrance to the underground dwarven kingdom.

“So you’re back,” a woman sneered. “And in the company of a brute.”

My back stiffened. I grit my teeth as I turned to face Saoria, my former friend and roommate before she let her success at the mage’s test go to her swollen head. She stood in her black robes, her long, dark-brown hair falling about her shoulders, her silver piercing glinting on her eyebrow.

“Master Mage,” I nodded, gritting my teeth. I had to show respect.

Saoria strolled forward, her naked simulacrum—all master mages were gifted one by the college—trailed after her. He was a sculpted, handsome man without any hair on his body, his cock hard and thrusting before him. He carried a crate loaded in Saoria’s purchases.

“Mmm, wherever did you find this…specimen?” asked Saoria as she strolled up to Thrak, her eyes hungrily sliding up and down his body.

“Oh, just a simple journey to Murathi,” I shrugged. “Nothing too dangerous.”

Saoria arched an eyebrow. “And you brought a housebroken orc back with you.”

“Housebroken?” rumbled Thrak, his arms folding across his chest. His swarthy skin bulged as his muscles rippled. “Maybe I tamed the little mage and she dances for me.”

“Thrak,” I groaned, my cheeks blushing.

Saoria glanced down at his kilt. “I’ve heard orcs are impressive. Faoril always was such a slut for a hard cock.”

“I’ve heard it’s the other way around,” Thrak said, his hand lashing out and grasping Saoria’s wrist. Before the master mage could react, he jerked her hand to the front of the kilt. “I hear you have a hot pussy always craving larger pleasures. You won’t find larger than mine.”

Saoria’s hand squeezed at my lover’s growing hardness. I folded my arms, my stomach squirming. I did not like this one bit. Saoria licked her lips as the bulge swelled beneath Thrak’s kilt. Her hand traced his length.

“That is no idle boast,” Saoria purred. “I’ve oft wanted to study your race. Perhaps you’d care to return to the tower and allow me to examine and perform a few harmless tests on your impressive specimen.”

I opened my mouth to object, but Thrak rumbled, “With your slutty pussy?”

Saoria let out a rich laugh. “And maybe other parts of me.”

“And why would I want an ugly, bony hag sucking on my cock?” Thrak asked. “And I can only imagine the diseases crawling around your whorish cunt.”

Saoria’s face reddened. She released his cock and her hand shot down to a pocket. She produced a vial of cum, no doubt from her placid simulacrum’s balls, and brought it halfway to her lips before she paused, her eyes flicking to me.

“You weren’t about to use magic aggressively in Esh-Esh, were you?” I asked sweetly. “All because a male rejected your whorish advances?”

Saoria shoved her vial back into her pocket. “I would do no such thing,” she hissed. “Tell me, Faoril, how much does it cost Thrak to buy your…services?”

“Oh, Thrak doesn’t have to buy my services,” I smiled. “I’m eager to submit to him. After all, you’ve felt how impressive he is. And trust me, all the stories are true. You’ve never had a lover until you’ve bedded an orc. Maybe you should go north and find one for yourself. I’m sure there’s a few that wouldn’t mind sticking it into your toxic cunt.”

“Do you forget your place, Journeyman,” snarled Saoria. “I am a Master Mage.”

“Barely,” I shrugged. “And only because I made the mistake of sharing my knowledge with you. If you hadn’t clutched to the hem of my robe, I doubt you’d ever have made it to Journeyman. You would still be in the blue.”

“Then explain why I passed and you didn’t?”

I fought off the lingering depression that had claimed me after my failure. “I made a simple mistake. I was over-confident. It had nothing to do with my skill in magic. Though I suppose it is good I did fail, else you wouldn’t have made the cut then.”

Saoria let out a screech and then stalked off through the street, the crowds parting before the angry master mage and her vitriolic snarls. Her simulacrum followed behind her with obedience. He had a nice ass.

They always did.

“She thinks she has the sweetest cunt on the tundra,” laughed Thrak, “but her nose is deadened to scents.”

I nodded my head in agreement, smiling at that imagery. “An earthy saying. Literal translation from orcish?”

“Mostly. It’s a little more…foul in orcish,” he grinned.

My stomach churned. “I think I can skip that piece of scholarly knowledge.” I slipped my arm around his waist. “Las’s poxed cock, but that was satisfying.”

“Forcing someone to confront their own limitations always is. Now let’s find that map.”

It was at the third shop, that I found something promising. “Here’s the last stack of loose maps, Mistress Mage,” Linissi, the daughter of the merchant, said. She had a heart-shaped face and a braid of light-brown hair falling off her left shoulder. She was young, not more than fourteen, and her lip trembled with innocence. “What is being a mage like?”

“It’s intoxicating,” I admitted as I carefully lifted each piece of vellum, parchment, and papyrus, studying what the portrayed before setting them aside. “You have the power of creation at your disposal.”

We were at the back of the stall. It was covered by a canvas owning and the back made up of shelves. There was a gap between the shelves and awning allowing Linissi to glance at the Collegiate Tower rising above the city.

“You want to be a mage?” I asked as I set the next parchment aside—it was a detailed map of Southern Valya.

“I do,” she nodded. “Though I’m scared. I hear you have to start young.”

“Age doesn’t matter,” I answered, studying the next map. It was a lord’s estate, showing the division of his lands to his peasant tenants. “All that matters is your desire to learn the elemental magics and how much you love cock.”

The girl blinked and her cheeks reddened. I imagined she was a virgin. “Cocks?”

I nodded my head, setting aside a map of a vineyard in Thlin. “Female mages have to love cocks. We worship them, suck them, drink the cum that shoots from them. Our pussies crave their girth plunging over and over into us, and even our assholes tingle to be penetrated. Our magical power comes from a male’s sexual energy. For men, they have to love pussy.” I looked her in the eyes. “Do you love cock?”

“I…” She glanced at her father conversing with Thrak out front. “I’ve never been with a man before.”

“So you have no idea if you love cock.”

“The idea makes me…wet,” she admitted. “And I stroke myself thinking about it. But my father…he is very protective of me. He sees my mother in me, and since she died when I was young…”

“Well, perhaps I can help you out,” I told her. A wicked thought plunged into my head. Thrak deserved a little reward for humiliating Saoria. “I know a cock that would teach you if you loved them or not. Then I’ll write you a letter that you can present to the testers, and they can see if you have the aptitude.”

“You can do that?” she gushed, clasping her hands together.

“I can,” I smiled. “I doubt your father would object if I offered to guide you. We’ll just leave out the deflowering your pussy part when we talk to him.”

I set aside a map of the world that hinted of lands to the east. The famed lands of the dawn, the Okuwa Shogunate and the Oppain Empire. Some believed they were myths. Few sailors ever survived the voyages, and their tales were so fantastical many dismissed them as folly.

Beneath it was a map of tunnels. It was large. I had to unfold it several times, spreading it over the counter. It showed successive layers, descending down into the depths beneath the earth, with tunnels and mine shafts, labeled in the harsh runes of the dwarves. I read the top, struggling to remember my runes. “Being a detailed map of Modan’s Deeps, commissioned by the Kings of Azkiria.”

I smiled. This is what we needed. Azkiria was the second-to-last queen of Modan, and this map had been created by her seven husbands—dwarves were polyandrous. One in eight dwarves was female. Their women would marry up to seven dwarves. The females were always protected, kept safe by their husbands. Azkiria’s daughter, Kazodi, had succeeded her as Queen and died when the kingdom fell. It was probably the best map we would ever find. I folded it up and rushed to speak to Linissi’s father.


Acolyte Sophia

I groaned as Angela tipped the candle. The hot wax landed on my naked nipple. I gasped as the hot, sweet pain shuddered through me. “Saphique’s virgin cunt,” I blasphemed at the mix of sensations as the wax cooled over my hard, pink nipple. “That’s so amazing, Mistress.”

Angela smiled at me. “You like the pain, slut?”

“So much, Mistress. It burns then cools.”

Angela tipped the white candle again. The wax splattered between my small breasts, leaving drops of kissing heat as she moved to my other nipple. My pussy itched. My hands were bound together at the wrist and kept over my head by the rope tied to our bed. We were in our room at the Mage’s Quill celebrating Faoril’s discovery of the map.

I knew Faoril, Thrak, and the virgin they found in the marketplace were having quite the celebration in the next room. It was a shame the girl was about to be plucked by Thrak, but the orc wasn’t the worse male ever created.

I had to admit he had some good qualities. He did make me laugh.

“This nipple looks so plain,” Angela purred, toying with my right nipple. Her finger’s caresses sent flutters of delight down to my pussy. “I think it needs to be covered with hot wax. What do you think, slave?”

“I live to serve my Mistress,” I moaned, my thighs squeezed together as I squirmed in excitement. The other globs of wax cooled, soothing the pain the drops had created. “If it would please you to adorn my nipple in wax, then it would please me more.”

Angela grinned at me. She still wore her knight’s armor. It clinked as she turned the candle and the blob of wax fell and landed on my nipple. I bucked and moaned as the burning pain seared my nipple then immediately faded into cooling delight.

My juices flooded out of my pussy. My tart musk filled the room with its sweet delight. I breathed it in over the smell of the beeswax. Angela smiled, her blue eyes twinkling in delight. I loved my Mistress so much.

“Thank you, Mistress,” I moaned as she let more wax fall across my belly, leaving lines and drops of white cooling on my pale skin. I writhed as she moved lower and lower, reaching towards my bare pubic mound and my waiting pussy.

“Mmm, such a beautiful sight,” moaned Angela as she tipped the candle and hot wax splashed right on my pubic mound. The wax pooled, reaching for my clit as it flowed hot across my skin, only to cool before it reached my sensitive nub.

I let out a frustrated moan.

“Does my little slut want to feel hot wax burn her sensitive clit?” Angela asked, her hand tipping, threatening to drop the wax on my clit.

“I…I do, Mistress,” I groaned, squirming on the bed. “So much. I can’t believe how excited for its burning kiss I am.”

Angela tilted the candle. The hot wax beaded at the tip, the flame dancing merrily above the long length of candle. I bit my lip, trying not to squirm. I didn’t want the drop of wax to miss its target. I wanted that hot, searing kiss on my clit.

I knew I would cum.

“Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t,” Angela said, straightening the candle.

I fought against my frustration and forced myself to say, “If that’s your desire, Mistress.”

Submission was exciting in its own way. Denying my own pleasures and surrendering to Angela’s desires made me so wet. It was an amazing act of trust. I loved her enough, trusted her enough, to put myself completely in her hands. I knew she would only give me pleasure.

Even if it hurt.

“No, I think I have a better idea how to use this candle.” Angela grasped me, her chainmail loincloth clinking as it shifted between her thighs, and flipped me onto my belly. She gave my ass a smack.

Then she shoved the thick base of the candle into my bowels. I groaned and shuddered as it pushed into my depths the length of my little finger. My asshole clenched around it. I wiggled and a drop of wax ran down its length to sear around my sphincter.

“Mistress,” I groaned.

“Now stay still,” Angela smiled as she rose. “I need to fetch the next participant in our game.”

“Participant?” I groaned as the wax cooled. “Who?”

Angela winked at me on the way to the door. She opened it and slipped out. The door closed behind her. My Mistress’s booted footsteps echoed as she headed down the hall to the stairs. I shuddered, my body trembling in anticipation.

Who was she fetching? Xera? The last I had seen of the elf she had taken a mature beauty to her bedroom to have hot, lesbian sex. Xera was between heats, but that didn’t mean her sex drive had decreased all that much.

“Faoril is busy with—”

My eyes widened. Another drop of wax had run down the candle and its burning heat pooled around my sphincter. I groaned and shuddered, my bowels clenching on the candle. Angela had found a way to give me such sweet torture.

Drop after drop of molten wax trickled down the candle and burned my flesh. It built cooled wax around the base. It spread through the crack of my ass, reaching in both directions. Drop by drop, it moved down my taint, caressing the sensitive flesh and growing closer and closer to my pussy.

“Sweet Saphique’s virgin cunt,” I groaned when the first drop seared my labia.

I shuddered as the burning wax trickled down my labia and vulva. I kept my legs spread wide, shivering as each new drop rolled down towards my clit, leaving cooling lines behind. The pain burned through my pussy.

One drop trickled right into my pussy hole. My insides ignited. I bit my teeth, fighting off the urge to orgasm. I hadn’t been given permission to cum. The wax trickled faster as the candle burned lower. Angela was gone for so long and the agony of the wax cooling on my labia and vulva drove me wild.

Then the first drop reached my clit.

I was so aware of the drop working across my labia, crossing patches already covered in wax and then searing new, sensitive spots with pain. I bit my lip as I neared my clit. My little nub throbbed in anticipation.

The pleasure was intense. “Slata’s hairy, whorish cunt!”

My exclamation echoed through the room as I fought against my orgasm. I wanted to cum so badly. The ached burned across my little nub. It hardened and cooled, giving me a moment of relief before a second drop reached my clit.

And a third.

“Sweet Saphique, help me fight this pleasure,” I groaned as more wax trickled across my pussy. I squirmed, the candle shaking, throwing drops off to splatter my butt-cheeks and lower back, kissing me in wonderful pain. “Let me be strong and obey my lesbian mistress’s commands.”

My clit throbbed as it was seared again.


Knight-Errant Angela

I spotted the innkeeper’s daughter sweeping in the hallway, her lithe hips covered by a reddish-brown dress. She was a brunette just flowering into womanhood. Only fifteen, youthful and delicious, and I had noticed her eyes on me during supper.

I recognized the signs of a young girl’s youthful infatuation with a beautiful knight. I had the same excited awakening to the pleasures of my body at the sight of Lady Delilah when I was the girl’s age. My first crush.

It was what drove me to be a knight.

“It’s Alyiane, yes?” I asked.

The girl squeaked and dropped her broom. She spun around, her face bright red. “L-lady knight. I-is there something I can do for you?”

“Maybe,” I purred, moving to her. I cupped her cheek and lifted her gaze. She had blossomed into womanhood, her breasts large and straining the front of her dress. “I felt your gaze on me while I ate dinner. You stared with such intensity.”

“My apology, Lady Knight.” The girl trembled, her lower lip quivering, her eyes wide. My time with Sophia seemed to have twisted some of my desires. I now searched for female companionship more often then male.

Or maybe that was Thrak. I had access to his thick cock whenever I wanted and he made most men seem lacking. Faoril was always happy to share her lover with me.

“Why were you staring?”

“You’re just so beautiful and strong,” the girl gushed, “and magnificent. You’re a knight and yet you are so…so…beautiful.”

She said beautiful with such awe. I smiled. “Have you dreamed of being a knight?”

Alyiane nodded her head. “But…I’m commonborn.”

“That has little to do with it,” I laughed. I touched her between her breasts. “It matters what is in your heart. You could travel to Secare and squire with the Knights Deute, or if you prefer the companion of all women, the Knights Voizu in Thlin would train you. If you desired it enough.”

Her heart thudded beneath my hand. I moved it over and cupped her breast, squeezing through the thin fabric of her dress. Her nipple hardened and a shudder washed through her body. She let out a slight moan.

“Well, do you desire it?”

“I…I…” She licked her lips. “When I look at you, I wish to be as beautiful, as strong.”

I stroked her nipple through the fabric of her dress, loving the way she squirmed. “You are a beautiful girl. A virgin?”

She nodded her head. “I…I’m shy. My father keeps me working and away from his guests as much as possible.”

“He doesn’t want you running off thinking you’re in love,” I told her. “A girl’s first time can be very special.”

Alyiane swallowed.

“Are you ready for your first time?” Her nipple was fat. I rolled it through her bodice. Another shudder ran through her.

“I…I think so,” she groaned. She licked her lips. “With you, lady knight.”

“But don’t fall in love,” I warned her. “I already have a woman in my life.”

“Could I…love you just for this night?”

I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She gasped into the kiss. Then her tongue fluttered out and brushed mine. Her hand touched my armor covering my breast, her fingers sliding across the steel as I pushed her against the wall.

My pussy clenched between my thighs. Sophia was upstairs, slowly being tortured by the candle, the hot wax dribbling down her thighs. I wanted her to be so hot, so excited when I returned with Alyiane.

I couldn’t go upstairs just yet.

I broke the kiss. She sucked in deep breaths, her lips wet and slightly parted, her dark eyes wide. “My lady knight,” she moaned. “That was…”

“Beautiful,” I smiled. There was something so sweet about a virgin. No wonder Sophia was always seducing the young novices when they first arrived at her temple.

My hands grasped her skirt. Her eyes widened as I drew it up her stocking-clad legs. She trembled as I held her skirt up over her waist. Beneath she was naked, her pussy covered by a brown thatch of tangled pubic hair matted by her innocent excitement.

“Are you…?” Alyiane swallowed.

“Going to eat your pussy until you cum?” I asked her. “Yes.”

“Here?” She glance down the hallway. “Patrons could see us.”

“How exciting,” I purred as I sank to my knees. “Now hold your skirt up for me.”

“Yes, lady knight.”

Her hands gripped her skirt. Her body trembled as I stroked her bare thighs above her brown, knee-high stockings. Her thighs were ivory. Her spicy musk filled my nose as I kissed at the inner slope, savoring her salty skin as I worked higher and higher.

“Relax,” I purred as I neared her pussy. Her scent grew heady. I inhaled her musk. “You will remember this night for the rest of your life.”

I pressed my lips forward and nuzzled at her pussy lips.

“My lady knight,” squeaked from her lips as I took the first lick across her virgin folds. I savored them. I let her juices trickle down into my mouth as I licked again and again. My tongue flicked through her folds as she gasped and squirmed on my mouth. Her eyes fluttered as the delight filled her.

My tongue brushed her hymen as I devoured her. I let her spicy juices trickle down my mouth as she stared down at me, her dark eyes so wide, her cheeks rosy. Her hips squirmed, rubbing her sweet flesh on my mouth.

My tongue flicked through her folds up to her clit.

“My lady knight,” she gasped again, her back arching. She bit her lip as she vainly tried to stifle her moans as my tongue circled her little, pink nub.

My hands stroked her silky thighs as I swirled around her clit. Then I sucked it between my lips. Her face scrunched as she fought her pleasure, her little moans so cute as they escaped her sealed mouth. Her body quivered as I flicked my tongue against her clit.

“Let out your passion,” I purred. “A knight must be fearless. Do not be afraid to scream out and let everyone know how amazing you feel.”

“Yes, lady knight,” she moaned. “Oh, it feels so wonderful. Your mouth. Your tongue. What are you doing?”

“Playing with your clit,” I laughed. “Don’t you know about this little button?” I nudged her pink clit with my tongue.

“No,” she gasped and shuddered.

“Every girl should know about their clit,” I groaned before I sucked and nibbled on it again.

She gasped and smeared her virgin flesh on my lips as I tongued her. Alyiane’s moans grew louder and sweeter to my ears. Her face twisted and her breasts heaved beneath her bodice. It was thrilling to give this girl her first real pleasure.


I licked harder at the folds of her pussy, parting her tight slit to caressing her inner labia and wiggle my tongue through a hole in her hymen. Her spicy juices coated my tongue and filled my mouth as her hips undulated.

Her passion grew.

“Something is happening, lady knight,” gasped Alyiane. “Something…amazing. Oh, yes.”

“You’re about to cum,” I purred. “Don’t fight it. Let your orgasm burst through you. Let it consume you. Ride it. Embrace it. Savor the joy it brings you.”

“Yes,” she gasped. “Such sweet joy. Oh, yes. My lady knight, yes.”

Her hips bucked. Her moans turned wordless and high-pitch, screeching like a boiling tea kettle. Her juices flooded my hungry mouth. I drank them down and savored every drop. They coated my mouth and flowed across my chin down to my breasts in my armor.

My pussy clenched between my thighs. I burned to cum. And I knew just how.

“My lady knight,” panted the girl. “Oh, that was such sweet wonder.”

I rose and kissed her hard on the mouth. She was just as eager to kiss me back, her tongue tasting the delight coating my lips. She shuddered and drank them in, letting her lips caress mine. She sucked and nibbled on my lower lip.

I broke the kiss and smiled at her. “Come on. Let’s go to my room and I will make a woman out of you.”

“Yes, my lady knight,” she breathed, her hand tightening on mine.



“Just like that,” Faoril whispered into Linissi’s ear as the virgin swirled her tongue around the end of my cock. “You’re doing wonderful. Love his cock.”

“It’s so big,” Linissi gasped. “How will this ever fit into me?”

“It will,” Faoril purred.

The naked virgin sat on the edge of the bed. I stood before her, equally naked, my dick thrusting before me. Linissi’s pale hands struggled to wrap around my swarthy girth while her pink tongue flicked at the bone ring piercing the tip of my cock.

“I will make you ready,” Faoril promised as she slipped down to the floor and between Linissi’s thighs. “I will eat your pussy and make you so wet he’ll slide right in.”

“Thank you,” Linissi moaned, her eyes wide. The virgin was young, her body petite and her breasts small and topped with dusky-pink nipples. Her trembling innocence made my cock ache.

I did not complain when Faoril decided to bring the virgin to our bed. I had never deflowered a virgin before. It was a delight I had always longed for. My wife, Serisia, had not been a virgin when I met her at the University of Allenoth, nor were many of the girls that attended. They were liberated women, each pursuing sex where they could find it.

Not like this trembling merchant’s daughter.

Her tongue flicked across the top of my cock. Then her eyes widened and she let out a shuddering sight as Faoril licked and nuzzled at the virgin’s pussy. Linissi’s hands tightened on my cock as she shuddered on Faoril’s tongue.

“Keep licking him,” Faoril purred. “You need to love cock.”

“It’s just so big,” Linissi gasped. “But…” her hands stroked up my shaft. “It throbs in my hand. And it’s so warm.” Her tongue licked across my slit, bringing a growl from my lips. “And the salty taste…”

“That’s just a preview of his cum,” promised Faoril. “Do you like it?”

Linissi’s cheeks grew red. “I…I do.”

“Then there is hope for you.”

Linissi squealed. Faoril’s noisy tonguing slurped through Linissi’s virgin flesh. The virgin moaned and licked my cock again. She brushed the ring then opened her lips wide. She sucked on the tip, stretching her jaw to fit the tip of my cock into her warm, wet mouth.

“Just like that,” I rumbled, stroking her brown hair. “Let your tongue caress my tip as you suck.”

My balls boiled beneath my cock as she swirled her tongue around the tip. Her eyes flashed and a smile tried to turn the corners of her stretched lips. She sucked hard. The tip of my dick ached. Her technique was unrefined, but it had its own charm.

“That’s it. Just like that. Suck on my cock, and I’ll flood your sweet mouth with cum.”

Linissi moaned around my cock. Her hands stroked my shaft faster as her mouth sucked and her tongue swirled. Faoril’s hands reached up, pinching the virgin’s nipples while Faoril kept her mouth plastered to Linissi’s pussy.

“Keep sucking,” I promised as the virgin squirmed on the, humping into Faoril’s lips. Faoril was adept at loving cock and cunt, and Linissi savored my lover’s skilled lips. The virgin’s moans hummed around the tip of my dick. “That’s perfect.”

I grabbed Linissi’s braid, coiling her silky hair about my hand as she loved my cock. My growls and grunts escaped my lips. She was just perfect. I couldn’t wait to spill my seed into her hungry mouth.

“Show me how much you love my cock.”

Linissi moaned again. Her eyes fluttered and she sucked harder. She worked more of her mouth down my cock, her tongue writhing against my shaft’s bottom as she kept sucking. Her stroking hands brushed her lips.

She sucked hard as she slid her mouth back up my cock. My toes curled on the wooden floor of the inn’s room as my balls ached. She was so sweet, so innocent, so ripe to be plucked. My hand tightened about her braid. I resisted the urge to pull her hair.

Linissi was still a virgin, not a cock-hungry slut whose mouth I could violently fuck. I had Faoril for that.

“Gewin’s mighty cock,” I growled. “That’s it. Keep sucking like that. I’m going to shoot so much cum in your mouth.”

“Yes,” Faoril moaned between licks.

Linissi squeezed her eyes shut. She moaned and shuddered, her passion humming around my voice. The bed creaked as she squirmed. Her orgasm burst through her. Faoril drank down her juices as my balls tensed.

“Drink it all, slut,” I snarled in orcish as my cum erupted.

Linissi gasped in shock as my cum flooded her mouth. She tried to pull away, but I kept a firm grip on her braid, keeping her mouth locked on my cock. My white cum filled her mouth and boiled around my shaft. It dripped down to her small breasts while she swallowed as fast as she could. I growled with every blast, savoring the pleasure rushing out of my cock and into her hungry lips.

The I let go of her braid. Her lips pulled off my cock. She swallowed one final time, her small breasts heaving. Cum stained her lips and chin. It trickled down her neck and adorned those sweet breasts.

Faoril licked up her body and sucked a cum-covered nipple into her mouth, eager for it. Faoril, like all female mages, was a cum slut.

“Did you like it?” Faoril asked between licks as she worked her way up Linissi’s body.

“I…I did,” smiled Linissi. She licked her lips. “I came so hard and then his salty cum flooded my mouth.”

Faoril’s pink tongue gathered cum up Linissi’s pale neck. Faoril’s short, light-brown hair swayed about her hungry face and her silver nose ring glinted in the light. She needed more piercings, but she was afraid of the pain of having her nipples and clit pierced.

Maybe one day.

“Good,” Faoril smiled. “Loving cum is a great thing.”

Their lips met. Faoril savored my cum staining the virgin’s lips as my lover pushed Linissi down onto the bed. The two women sighed and moaned into their kiss, their tongues swirling and sharing the delight of my cum.

Faoril pushed apart Linissi’s thighs, exposing the virgin’s tight pussy covered by a light down of brown pubic hair. Faoril slid to the side, her hand rubbing at Linissi’s pussy as they kept kissing. Then Faoril reached out, her hand slicked with Linissi’s juices, and grasped my cock.

“Are you ready?” Faoril asked the virgin.

Linissi looked at my thick cock in Faoril’s hand. My lover brought me closer to the virgin flesh. I stretched my body over the virgin. She was so tiny beneath me. Humans were already smaller than orcs, and she was so petite. My dick thrust towards her pussy. Linissi swallowed.

“He will fit,” Faoril whispered in her ear. “I know he’s huge, but if you can take his cock, you can take any cock. It’s up to you.”

“I want to be a mage,” Linissi said. “I want to love cocks. His cock.”

Faoril brought my dick to the virgin’s pussy. She rubbed it up and down Linissi’s flesh. The girl shuddered and groaned, her small breasts jiggling as the tip of my cock pressed against her maidenhead. She clasped her hands before her breasts, her lip bending.

“Relax,” Faoril whispered into the girl’s lip. Faoril snuggled up against Linissi’s side. “Relax and you will love it.”

The girl nodded and took a deep breath.

I thrust.

Her cherry popped. My thick cock ripped through her maidenhead and buried into her hot, tight depths. She gasped and let out a whimper of pain as her hot, silky, wet flesh clenched down hard on the tip of my cock.

“Relax,” cooed Faoril. “Focus on the pleasure. Do you feel it?”

I pushed my dick in deeper. The girl gasped as her small body swallowed my cock. Her back arched and a whimper of almost pleasure and almost agony poured through her body. Her small breasts jiggled.

She was so cute.

“Just keep relaxing,” I purred, pinching her nipple. “It’s okay. Doesn’t that feel so good.”

“It…does.” Linissi’s eyes widened. “Oh, wow. That’s…nice.” A smile crept across her lips as the last few inches of my dick sank into her wet depths.

“You’re going to be such a slut for cocks,” grinned Faoril. “Aren’t you?”

“Maybe,” moaned the virgin, her hips shifting. “Maybe I will be.”

“Go slow,” Faoril mouthed to me, then she kissed Linissi on the lips.

I worked my cock through the hot, tight depths of the virgin’s pussy. she gasped and shuddered beneath me. Her eyes fluttered as she kissed Faoril on the lips. Faoril’s hand caressed the virgin’s clit, sending spasms rippling through her pussy around my thick cock.

I growled, savoring the tight embrace. It was wonderful. I drew back and slowly pushed in, fighting my instincts to pound her hard. She wasn’t ready for that. Her hips squirmed as the pleasure swelled through her.

“Such a tight cunt,” I growled. “You love my cock, don’t you, slut.”

Linissi broke the kiss. “Slut…” She smiled. “I’m a slut. Mmm, this cock feels so nice. Oh, yes. My pussy loves it. I’m stuffed so full. Oh, yes. Oh, Pater’s cock, this is nice.”

“Let out that passion,” Faoril purred as she nibbled on the girl’s ear. “And don’t be afraid to tell him to go faster or harder.”

“He can go faster?” A shudder ran through Linissi. “Please, go faster. I love it. I can feel his cock and his piercing. Oh, yes. That’s so wonderful the way it caresses along my pussy.”

I fucked her faster, grunting as my balls smacked into her flesh. The girl writhed and bucked beneath me. Her youthful cunt kept a hot grip on me. The bed creaked as I ravished her. I drove my dick over and over into her pussy.

Her hands reached up, her fingers caressing the hard muscles of my chest. She traced the scars and her pussy tightened on my dick. She bucked and spasmed beneath me. Her little body trembled. She gasped in delight as she gripped me with her hot flesh.

Her fingernails bit into my flesh. “Oh,yes. Faoril. I think…I think.”

“Cum, you little cock-slut,” moaned Faoril. She rubbed harder on Linissi’s clit.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

The virgin’s hot, tight pussy spasmed about my cock. The pleasure roared through me. I let out a growl at the bliss, fucking her harder and faster. My balls smacked into her flesh. She bucked into my thrusts, gasping and moaning.

“So good, I love it! I love being a cock-slut. Oh, yes. I love it. Oh, gods, yes. Please, keep thrusting that cock in me. I don’t ever want it to stop.”

“That’s right,” moaned Faoril. “Love his dick.”

Her pussy spasmed a second time on my dick. The bed groaned beneath the force of my thrusts. Her small body took it. I pounded her hot, tight glove. My voice growled through me as the pleasure swelled in my balls.

“I’m going to flood your cunt with so much cum, slut,” I growled. “You’re going to drown in it. Take it. Oh, yes. That’s it, whore. Take every inch of my shaft.”

Faoril whispered in Linissi’s ear.

“Really? Guys love to hear that?” squeaked the young girl.

Faoril grinned.

“Okay.” Linissi looked up at me. “Cum in my pussy! Please, flood it with all your cum. I need it.” her smile grew. “Ooh, I like this. Please, I need you to cum in me. I want to feel it squirting into my depths.”

“Flood her,” Faoril grinned at me. She leaned up and kissed me hard on the lips.

I growled into the kiss and buried my cock into the virgin’s pussy. My dick erupted. Linissi sang her enjoyment as blast after blast of my cum coated her pussy. She shuddered beneath me, her virgin pussy milking every last drop of my jizz.

“Oh, that was amazing,” groaned Linissi. A big grin crossed her lips. “Mmm, can he go again?”

“Oh, you are a little cock-slut,” laughed Faoril and kissed the virgin on the lips.


Acolyte Sophia

The virgin trembled beside me. I was in agony as Angela, naked and wearing my dildo strapped to her waist, mounted the virgin. The candle still burned, coating the crack of my ass and pussy in wax. The stinging agony had faded, leaving me frustrated and desperate to cum.

And Alyiane the virgin was getting fucked.

I had a cruel, wicked mistress.

I stared into Alyiane’s eyes as her large breasts rose and fell. She was younger than me and had developed tits far larger than I ever would. I took her hand and smiled at her while a line of burning wax trickled across my lower back and down my side.

“You’ll love it,” I promised her.

I stared into the virgin’s eyes as she was deflowered. They widened and then the pleasure set it as Angela fucked her. Alyiane looked away and kissed Angela, their breasts pressed together, their bodies writing in the celebration of Saphique’s gift to womanhood.

I squirmed, my asshole gripping the candle and my pussy aching. Every movement rubbed the hardened wax covering my pussy against my sensitive bits, reminding me of just how badly I had to cum.

The bed rocked and creaked as they shared their passion. They gasped and screamed it out together. They were so beautiful. I smiled, envious of Alyiane and happy that Angela enjoyed popping her first cherry.

It was such a sweet gift to give a young woman.

“Oh, sweet Saphique,” Angela moaned. “Are you going to cum on my dildo?”

“Yes,” moaned Alyiane. “I love it. I want to be strong and sexy and powerful like you. I want to pop maidens cherries.”

Angela kissed her hard. The virgin shuddered and came, writhing beneath my mistress. I smiled at them, then bit my lip. Their moans and shared orgasm only made my pussy ache more. I fought the urge to let out a frustrated moan while the pair climaxed.

Angela smiled when she finished and glanced over at me. She grabbed the candle and snuffed out the flame. “I think you’ve suffered long enough.”

“It’s been such sweet torture,” I smiled as Angela moved behind me.

“You have my permission to cum,” Angela purred as she grasped the hardened wax between my thighs.

My orgasm exploded through me when she ripped the wax away. It had hardened around my folds and clit. Pain shot through my body. I writhed, embracing the pain rippling through my sensitive flesh and the pleasure bursting out of my pussy.

“So good,” I gasped. “Oh, yes.” My wrists pulled against the rope binding them to the headboard. My nipples rubbed into the coarse sheets. My pussy spasmed as juices exploded out of me.

“She came just from that?” gasped Alyiane. She stared at me in awe.

“Sophia is a slut with refined tastes,” Angela grinned right before she thrust the dildo deep into my still cumming pussy.

“I am, Mistress,” I shuddered as I was fucked from behind, Angela’s hard nipples brushing along my back as she fucked me. “And I’m so glad you find new treats for me to experience, Mistress.”

“Mistress,” Alyiane whispered. I think she liked the word. I hoped she would find a submissive woman to dominate. I bet she would be so happy.


Xerathalasia – Lor-Khev, The Magery of Thosi

The four day trip from Esh-Esh to the first major town on the highway was uneventful. We kept attentive watch. Slata’s other two daughters were still hunting us. But the erinyes were cunning. Sometimes, I felt eyes watching us. I walked with Thrak through the peaceful lands of the Magery. The fields were green with maturing crops. The human farmers and peasants working in the fields would pause to watch us pass, their eyes wide in shock.

They must think we were a story come to life. A knight, a mage, a priestess, an elf, and an orc walking through their lands, clearly on an important errand where the entire fate of the world rested in the balance.

That same look of awe followed us into Lor-Khev. The humans in Southern Thosi were darker than their northern kin, intermarrying with the dusky Hazians on the other side of the Lesh-Ke mountains that dominated the southern horizon.

But there women were just as interested in elves.

I smiled, knowing I would find a generous maid to share my bed tonight. I had grown quite fond of human pussy in the almost two months since I left the forest behind. They had such a rich, salty musk, whether their pussies were more sweet, tart, tangy, or spicy. My pussy tingled as we made our way through town.

“The Merchant’s Rest looks like a serviceable inn,” Sophia said as she rode Purity. She nodded to the sign ahead. “More reputable than some of the places we passed.”

“Some of those places looked fun,” laughed Thrak. “I’m sure the entertainment is more…exotic.”

“You mean half-naked girls dancing on tables,” laughed Faoril. “You couldn’t take your eyes off that Hazian maid last night.”

“The way her hips moved,” Thrak shrugged. “I did not know it was possible.”

I nodded in agreement. The dancer had been breathtaking to watch. I wished I was in heat so I could have watched those hips swivel and writhe as she rode my cock. A treat Thrak no doubt enjoyed with Faoril.

“No, I think this inn will do just fine,” Sophia muttered, giving Thrak an annoyed look. The acolyte had also tried to seduce the dancer, but the Hazian woman preferred cock to cunt.

“It’s fine,” Angela nodded.



The audience in the common room of the Merchant’s Rest watched me in rapt attention as I sang and strung my lyre, barley paying attention to the salacious dancer hired by the proprietor to Halanian belly dancer on the central table. I had stayed in this town longer than I wanted, but Lady Delilah’s promise echoed in my mind.

And just as the woman predicted, Angela and her party walked into the common room. Lady Delilah almost had the date right. Eighteen days I waited for Angela. My stomach tensed but it did not effect my performance. I was trained at the Bardic College. I was a master of song and music. My fingers strummed along the lyre as I plotted my seduction.

First, I would have to remove her from her companions. I smiled and altered my song. It was a two pronged attack. I would lull Angela into a sleepy daze, prodding her to seek her room early while her companions I sent passionate, strumming music towards.

Playing two different melodies was a simple skill for one of my training. But to target specific people, that was something only a master of the Bardic College could produce.

Angela was a beautiful creature. I could not wait to feel her gasping and heaving beneath me. I needed to win her confidence.


Lady Delilah – Outskirts of Lor-Khev

I lounged against the fence post and waited. The slaughtered cow before my feet filled the air with the coppery scent of blood. Flies hovered around the corpse. The scent should call to him. I had made arrangements for the Black Hound to meet me here.

Out of the darkness, a man appeared. He was naked, with a feral cast to his face, though his most startling feature was his midnight-black skin. Far darker than in Halanian living in the desert across the Nimborgoth. And the texture was rough, leathery. His eyes were yellow and hungry.

“My lady,” grinned the Black Hound, his teeth sharp.

Though he looked human, he wasn’t. He was a barguest, a race of shape-changers, switching from human to hound at their whim. A fairy queen had cursed their ancestor thousands of years ago . She merged an offensive man with his vicious hound. Black Hound had lived longer than most of his ilk and over the centuries had sired quite the pack.

“Did you bring your pack, Black Hound?” I asked.

Other yellow eyes glinted in the darkness. “You didn’t bring us enough to feed my entire pack.”

“There’s plenty to eat in the town,” I answered, pointed towards Lor-Khev.

“Attacking a town is risky business,” the Black Hound answered.

“So is breaking your word to my husband.”

“Who has been dead a long time.”

“But your oath still holds you, cur,” I snarled, my voice cracking. “I will enforce its terms.”

Fear entered the barguest’s yellow eyes. He tried to hide it, but you could always tell when a dog was afraid. A pity the fairy queen hadn’t used a wolf. Then barguests would truly be dangerous. But a pack of curs would serve my purpose.

“I will obey the oath,” the Black Hound snarled. “After we eat, we shall attack.”

I smiled. Chaun would need help to win Angela’s trust. I had no doubt Angela and her allies would fend off the barguests. They were a powerful group. I watched the barguests slink forward and tear into the cow. The smell of fresh blood made me hunger, too.

But I could control my appetites.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 4.

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