The World of Erasthay – The Knight and the Acolyte Bk 4, Chapter 8: Ooze’s Delight


The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Four: Passion’s Song

Chapter 8: Ooze’s Delight

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Female/Female, Female/Females, Male/Female, Fantasy, Magic, Monster, Domination/submission, Violence

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Knight-Errant Angela – The Lost Mines of Khragorath, Fallen Kingdom of Modan

At an intersection, just as Azken promised, we found the rest post at the start of the mines. It was carved into the side of a natural cavern, a monumental edifice that seemed to sprout naturally from the rougher walls of the unworked stone. Shafts drove off in several directions from the cavern. They were not as wide as the tunnels we had walked down, nor as finally carved.

“I think rest is a good idea,” Thrak said. The orc barbarian yawned and stretched.

Faoril, at his side, had a smile on her face. “Did that dwarf queen tire you out?”

“She was insatiable,” Thrak grinned. “You would never know such a tiny body could have such energy in her. My poor balls are drained.”

“Then let’s get you to bed. You need to be well rested.” Faoril licked her lips.

“For adventuring in the mines, not for fucking you,” Sophia reminded. She had her magical dagger in hand. It did not glow.

“We need to be careful,” Chaun nodded.

Sophia scowled. She did not like Chaun. She found it suspicious that he was waiting for us. I suspected she just hated that even she was slightly attracted to the gorgeous changeling. He was irresistible. Even traveling with him for days did little to blunt his attractiveness.

I put my arm around Sophia’s shoulders. “If there really are baths in here, me and you can relax before we go to bed.”

Sophia smiled. “Relax, huh?”

“What was that about needing energy for tomorrow?” Faoril asked. “And not for fucking.”

“Angela and I are not worn out by a lusty dwarf queen,” Sophia answered with a grin.

Thrak yawned again. His mouth opened wide. His thick teeth revealed. His back arched and he spread his shoulders wide as the sound echoed back and forth through the cavern. “Food and sleep. That’s what I need.”

Faoril patted his swarthy stomach.

Xera moved to one of the shafts. She peered down it. A bobbing light, conjured by Faoril, drifted to Xera and illuminated the shaft. The elf’s ears twitched. She cocked her head as she examined the shaft and sniffed the air.

“Anything?” I asked.

“No.” She shook her head. “I thought I heard something drag. But nothing is moving.”

“Well, we keep a watch,” Angela said. She drew her sword. “Let’s clear the building and figure out our watch order.”

“I would like to take the first watch,” Xera said.

“I’ll have second,” Angela nodded.

“Then I shall have the last.” Thrak stretched his back. Then he strode to the stone door to the rest house. Dust covered the intricate carvings that adorned the door. He twisted the handle and it opened with barely a rasp.

“Well made,” Chaun observed. “I doubt that door has been opened in several hundred years.”

Thrak sneezed. “Yes, I can tell by the dust.”

Searching the rest house did not take long. The first floor had stone tables, a common room, while upstairs were barracks with narrow, stone beds. I shook my head at the sight. How could they sleep on hard stone?

In the basement, we discovered a large pool of steaming water.

“A natural hot spring,” chortled Sophia. She pulled off her boots and stockings, then dangled her feet into the water. It was clear as crystal. Several small holes lined the pool’s side, inlets for the water. “Oh, that’s wonderful. After we eat, Angela, we need to come down here.” Sophia glanced at Chaun who had also taken off his shoes to dip into the water. “You can wait until we’re down.”

“Afraid I’ll spy your charms, Sophia?” Chaun asked, his voice melodic.

“I do.”

“Have no fear of your virtue. I will not seduce you and break your vows. Xera, Faoril, and Angela are enough companionship for me.”

“Like you could seduce me,” Sophia muttered.

Chaun smiled. “Is that a challenge?”

Sophia huffed.

“Chaun,” I groaned. “Don’t antagonize her.”

“My apologies.” Chaun stood up, his bare feet slapping as he crossed the stone, leaving wet prints behind. “I only want harmony between us.”

“Were you waiting for us?” Sophia asked. “In Lor-Khev.”

“My…intuition kept me there. I guess, in a way, I waited. Fate’s work, no doubt.”

“No doubt,” Sophia muttered.

Chaun’s feet slapped as he climbed the stairs. I shook my head. “He helps us. There is nothing sinister about that.”

“I suppose,” Sophia sighed. “I just…have this feeling he’s hiding something. I don’t know. Maybe it’s his too pretty face.” She shuddered. “He’s right. I bet he could seduce me.”

“But he doesn’t have any tits for you to play with and a cock is nothing like a pussy. Trust me. You wouldn’t know what to do with it.”

Sophia smiled. “It’s so disgusting. I don’t know how you can enjoy the things.”

“You like dildos. It’s much like that.”

“They are different,” she asserted as she stood. “Let’s eat and get down here. I need a relaxing soak. And, don’t take this the wrong way, Angela, but you’re starting to smell like rusted iron and sweat.”

“I’m not the only one getting fragrant.”

Sophia grinned. “I know. Thrak. Wow, how did that dwarf queen put up with it?”

I laughed and shook my head at her.


Acolyte Sophia

My belly full of what I dubiously called food—trail rations, made of jerky and hard bread, were far from it—and I giggled as I took Angela’s hand. We passed Thrak and Faoril lying down in a bedroll on the first floor. Xera sat in a windowsill. It was made of a thin crystal that was transparent. She peered into the darkness. Chaun played with his lyre, tuning it while humming.

Angela’s armor clinked as she followed me down into the baths. My pussy itched beneath my white robes. The warm water was so inviting. I had heard of hot springs and their invigorating properties. The water had been warm and the scent of the spring’s minerals filled my nose.

“Someone’s eager,” Angela grinned. “Oh, wait, that’s you always. Your pussy must be wet and hot all hours of the day.

“Oh, yes,” I groaned in complete agreement. “It’s that armor they have you wearing.”

I paused to admire Angela’s beauty. Her red hair fell about the shiny pauldrons of her armor. Her large breasts were cupped by her half-breastplate into a magnificent cleavage. Her flat stomach was left bare, and only a thin, chainmail loincloth hid her pussy and ass, leaving her upper thighs and most of her gorgeous rear exposed. Her thigh-high boots were covered by iron greaves, which just made her even sexier.

“Mmm, yes, it makes me wet every time I see you in it.”

“That’s the point,” Angela grinned. “To distract my enemies. The less women wear, the more defended they are.”

Staring at her lush body, that logic made perfect sense to me.

“Now, slave,” Angela said, her voice growing stern. “Attend to me and ready me for my bath.”

“Yes, Mistress.” My pussy clenched in eager anticipation. I loved it when we played this game.

I was adept at stripping Angela’s armor after all these months. I knew how to undo the straps and buckles to strip her as fast as possible. As I peeled off her armor, I exposed more and more of her delightful flesh.

My hands squeezed her pillowy tits when they were exposed. I cupped them and lifted her pink nipples to my hungry lips. I nibbled on them both, savoring her hard nubs in my lips. Angela groaned and stroked my brown hair.

“You teasing slut,” she groaned. “I told you to attend me, not suckle on my tits.”

“How else am I supposed to attend you, Mistress? I need to make sure your bath is as pleasant as possible.”

Angela fought a smile. “And you think I want to be pleased by your mouth?”

“I do, Mistress.” I licked my lips, my tongue piercing hard. “Don’t you want that, Mistress? It will make your bath even more relaxing.”

“Very well. You are permitted to use your vulgar tongue to satiate me.”

“Thank you for this honor, Mistress.”

I knelt before her and unbuckled her greaves from her boots. Then I pulled them off along with her stockings. I lifted her feet and tongued her toes. I sucked them into my mouth, loving how they felt. I swirled my tongue around each toe. My fingers caressed the soles of her feet as I worshiped her toes and brought such delight from her mouth.

Her feet licked clean, I moved onto her sword belt. Her chainmail loincloth hung from it. The chainmail rattled as I unbuckled and removed the wide band of leather. Her pussy, shaved bare and dripping wet, appeared before my eyes.

I couldn’t resist licking. My tongue stud slid through her folds and brushed her clit. Angela let out a wonderful moan. I took another lick, her tangy juices gathering on my tongue. I savored my lover’s delight.

Then I stood up and stripped out of my robe, unveiling my nubile body. Angela’s eyes flicked down. She reached out and seized a pink nipple topping my small, left breast. She pinched it hard and pulled.

“Are you horny, slut? Did it make you wet sucking my toes and licking my pussy.”

“So wet, Mistress.” I shuddered as the pain shot down my nipple to my pussy. My excitement grew.


She led me to the bath by my nipple. She walked backwards, stepping into the warm water. It rose about her lush thighs to her waist and then I stepped in after her. I groaned and savored the hot water rising about my body. Angela sank lower until her large breasts bobbed in the water. Steam rose about her while her red hair fanned out in the water.

Angela reached the far end of the pool. She pulled me close by the nipple. Her other hand seized the back of my head and pulled me into her lips. I kissed her hard as our bodies pressed together in the warm water. Our tongues dueled.

I slipped my thigh between her legs and found her pussy. She was hotter than the water. I made her wet.

Angela groaned into our kiss as she humped her pussy on my thigh. Her hard clit and slipper lips smeared her juices on my flesh. I could feel the sticky passion before the water washed her excitement away.

I resisted the urge to rub my own pussy on her thigh. I would be in trouble if I did that. I could only find my pleasure when Angela gave me permission. The anticipation and denial of my own pleasure made my orgasm even more intense when I was finally permitted to receive it.

Angela broke the kiss to moan, “Mmm, that’s it. Rub your thigh on my pussy, slave. Pleasure me.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I panted as I nuzzled into her neck.

Beneath the water, my hand roamed her body. Our hard nipples brushed. A soft moan escaped her lips. She undulated harder on my thigh, smearing her pussy and massaging her hard clit. My hands found her ass, squeezing her flexing butt.

“Keep humping, Mistress, and you’ll find your release,” I purred.

In the water, something brushed my foot. I froze, my fingers digging into my Mistress’s ass. A warm, almost gelatinous appendage wrapped about my foot. I let out a yelp as it flowed up my leg in the water.


“Mistress,” she moaned, humping faster against me.

I glanced down in the water. The surface rippled as Angela humped me, distorting my legs. But there was something orange flowing up my body. It came from the nearby drain spout, undulating as more and more of its gelatinous body oozed into the bath.

“There’s something in the water, Angela.” Panic had me.

The warm, gelatinous creature flowed higher up my thigh. Angela suddenly stiffened. It had reached her thighs. I tried to pull away from Angela, but the creature had wrapped about both our legs, pinning us together.

“What is it?” I gasped and then my eyes widened.

It had reached my pussy. The oozing, gelatinous body molded around my labia and folds. It engulfed my clit and pulsed around it. More of the creature oozed into my pussy, spreading me open as it filled me up, brushing all my nerves.

“Saphique’s virgin cunt,” I gasped as a powerful wave of pleasure shuddered through me.

“Slata’s hairy cunt,” Angela groaned. “What is going on, Sophia? Oh, gods, its flowing into my pussy.”

“It’s something orange and gelatinous,” I gasped, panic and lust filling me up.

The thing exploring my pussy pulsed and writhed. It expanded and contracted, rippling inside my pussy and massaging my sheath. My nerves came alive. I gasped in delight. My nipples rubbed against Angela’s.

Angela’s blue eyes rolled back in her head. “Oh, Sophia, oh, wow. It’s…oh, wow. It’s an ooze. Oh, yes. It drinking our sexual energies so it can reproduce.”

“Is that bad?” I panted as the pleasure crashed through me. The ooze pulsed faster and faster inside of me. More of its body slid through my butt, molding to it and probing through my crack until it found my sphincter.

It teased my asshole.

“No,” groaned Angela. “It’ll just divide itself. They’re harmless. Scavengers. Oh, yes. We can just…oh, gods, that’s good. It’s in my ass, Sophia.”

The ooze pressed into my asshole. My head threw back. My moans echoed through the bathing room as my bowels were filled. The ooze crept higher, massaging my skin as its appendages rippled and undulated in my holes.

The ooze sucked on my clit as it fucked me with its body. Angela hugged me tight, her breasts pillowed against mine as we were fucked and teased. My toes curled against the stone bottom of the pool while my body shuddered.

“So good,” I panted. “Oh, wow, it’s touching every spot inside of me. Oh, wow.”

The ooze was so different. It didn’t just stab into me like a dildo. It expanded and filled all the little crevasses inside of me. It teased nerve endings that had never been stimulated before. It found them all, pulsing against them. My nipples ached against Angela’s as the pleasure swelled through me.

My lips found my lover’s. I kissed Angela hard as my pussy convulsed around the ooze’s flesh. My bowels clenched. My orgasm rippled through me. The ooze pulsed faster inside my pussy as the rapture flowed through me. Everywhere it touched me constricted.

The ooze enjoyed my sexual fluids.

It kept pulsing and teasing me. Its appendages teased my asshole and pussy. It massaged my clit, sending sparks of pleasure through me that ignited more and more orgasms. They crashed one atop the other, shooting through me, leaving me gasping and heaving. I trembled in my lover’s arms and moaned into her mouth.

Angela joined me in bliss. She shuddered and kissed me harder. Her fingernails dug into my back as the ooze pleasured us. Our tongues dueled. My skin was alive. I drank in every stimulation on my body from the ooze and Angela.

They all swirled together to drive me to higher heights of pleasure.

My pussy kept convulsing. The muscles in my stomach burned as I trembled. I broke the kiss with Angela to scream out my wordless pleasure. Angela joined me, bucking against my body. The pulses of the ooze grew faster and faster. It hummed inside of me.

“Sweet Saphique,” I groaned. “Oh, gods, I can’t take much more of this. It’s too much.”

“I know!”

The ooze’s rapid pulses churned my pussy into a froth. My bowels shot fiery pleasure that crashed into my pussy. More orgasms burst through me. I had never cum so much in my life. They wouldn’t stop. The pleasure drowned my mind. I bucked and heaved against Angela. Our screams merged together.

And then the pulsing stopped.

I slumped into Angela as the ooze withdrew from us. In the water, two orange blobs moved to the drain and squeezed their bodies through. I was no longer bound to Angela. My body had no energy. I fell back into the water, floating on the surface.

“Oh, gods,” I groaned as I drifted, staring up at the ceiling. “Did that really just happen?”

“Uh-huh,” panted Angela. She sank down to her neck. “I can barely move. I think I came more just now than I have my entire life.”

“Yeah,” I panted. “Ooh, they’re gone. We could have kept one.”

“You wicked slut,” laughed Angela.

I smiled. “I am. What a relaxing bath. If the noble ladies of Shesax knew such pleasure could be garnered from an ooze, those creatures would fill every ladies bath.”




Angela and Sophia’s gasps of delight echoed from the bathing hall. They were coming hard. I ignored them and focused outside. I studied the shaft where I heard the sound from. I didn’t like that shaft. My instincts screamed at me.

Angela and Sophia appeared not long after, both wet and beaming. They fell into their bedroll and were asleep. Chaun had already turned in. It was only me awake. I kept watch, keeping an internal clock. There was only darkness down here.

On the third hour of my watch, the dragging returned. My ears perked up. It was flesh sliding across stone. A whiff of decay permeated through the window. I peered at the shaft. A faint, spectral glow appeared. It was little brighter than the darkness.

My heart raced. I stood up, watching intently. If the glow grew brighter, I would wake my companions. What could cause this? It was living. What had the dwarves awakened down here centuries ago.

The glow vanished. The dragging sound dwindled into the distance. The scent of death faded. The monster retreated into the cave. It must patrol. We would have to be careful when we venture into the mines.

We would not use that shaft.

Angela stirred. She came awake, groaning as she stood up. She was a trained warrior, adept at waking herself up when necessary. She walked naked to me, her sword belt gripped in hand. She paused at the window.


I nodded my head and told her what I had witnessed.


Journeyman Mage Faoril

I pressed my hand against the rough wall of the mine shaft. I ignored the half-rotted skeleton lying at my feet. We were on our second day searching the mines, and the sight of dead, dwarven skeletons were far too common. We had seen over two dozen and we had barely searched the warren of tunnels. We had moved lower and lower. The air grew warmer with every level we descended.

I sent my earth magic out into the wall. I didn’t have to touch it, but it helped to steady me. I had used a lot of magic the last two days, searching for any adamantium ore missed by the thorough dwarves. My magic swept through the stones in a bubble around me, reaching up and down, left and right, questing.

My magic neared burning out. I would have to blow Thrak after my next search. My orc lover had not complained once while providing me the cum I needed to work my magic. Of course, Chaun was also eager to provide his seed.

“Anything?” Sophia asked in a whisper. She held her dagger gripped in her hand. It glowed pink. It had been glowing since we entered the mines.

I shook my head.

We were all on edge. Poor Xera’s ears never stopped twitching. The thing moved around us. We could glimpse spectral, green light and heard the disgusting sound of bodies dragging across the stone as the creature moved.

None of us knew what it was. It never drew close to us. Maybe it feared confrontation with a mage or maybe it hadn’t realized we were sneaking through the mines. We all tried to be as quiet as possible. Poor Thrak had to keep his moans silent as I sucked his cock.

But I needed my cum, and I didn’t want to delve into my reserves bottles. At the rate I was using magic, they would not have lasted me much longer.

I was just about to release a spell when I felt something beneath us. I frowned. Metal. Not iron or nickel, which I had detected plenty of, but adamantium. A smile crossed my lips. Finally. “We need to find a way down two levels,” I whispered. “Xera, it’s in that direction.”

The elf seemed able to remember the layout of the tunnel and constantly know which way was north. The rest of us were hopelessly turned around. Xera nodded her head, marking the direction I pointed at, then pointed down a side passage.

“This should lead to stairs.”

“Let’s go,” Angela said, leading the way, my glowing ball dancing at her ear.


Acolyte Sophia

The glow on my dagger increased as we descended the two levels. The stairs were narrow, winding around wide shafts that had a stone chain dangling down the middle. At the top was a mechanism for lifting ore out of the depths.

I motioned to Angela, pointing to my dagger. It had never grown this brightly.

“Xera,” Angela whispered as she drew her sword. “Is the thing near?”

Xera sniffed the air. “I can’t tell. It smells of too much death down here. I do not hear it.”

Thrak unlimbered his ax and Chaun swallowed. He had no weapons save for his music, and would that have any effect on the creature stalking through the mines. My palm grew sweaty as I gripped my dagger. I shifted hands and wiped my palm dry on my robe.

“This way,” Xera whispered. “The ore should be in this direction.”

I swallowed and trembled as I walked in the middle of the party. Thrak had the rear, Faoril in front of him, then Chaun, me, Xera, and Angela at the front, her shield ready before her. I looked up at the stone ceiling. How deep were we?

I would give anything to see the sky again.



I kept my heart beat under control by breathing. I walked backward as much as forward, keeping an eye on the rear, searching for any green glow. Sophia’s dagger shed pink light almost as bright as Faoril’s magic light.

It was near. Stalking us. The hairs on my body stood up. I gripped my ax. It was made of the finest Valyan steel. Its edge was honed to razor sharpness. I could cleave through a man with a single swing. But would my ax have any effect on a creature that glowed green?

Were we dealing with a spirit or another type of undead? Would my ax be useless against its unliving essence.

I grit my teeth. “Sophia.”

The party stopped. The acolyte turned to face me, her eyes reflecting the light of her dagger. It painted her face in pink hues. She seemed ethereal. “What?”

“You should enchant our weapons. Before this thing finds us. If it’s not living, our weapons will be useless.”

“He’s right,” Angela nodded from the front.

Spectral-green light burst across the stone wall beside Faoril. A moment later, a glowing mass of incorporeal flesh burst out. It was a huge appendage made of the grasping souls of dead dwarves. They were miners, dressed like the corpses we found littering the tunnels. Each of their arms reached out for Faoril.

She screamed as they touched her. Their green hands reached into her flesh. Faoril convulsed. The vial of cum in her hand slipped from her grip and bounced on the stone floor. Green surrounded her. The spirit ripped something out of her body.

Faoril fell limp to the ground. The spectral dwarves pulled what they stole from her body into their mass. My eyes widened in horror. A green, incorporeal Faoril was pulled into the appendage. Her face twisted in the same anger as the other dwarves. Her hands reached out for Chaun who ducked.

The monster stole the soul of my woman. I did not fight the rage. I could not fight the rage. The world became blood-red. I let out a raging bellow and slashed my ax at the incorporeal dwarves holding onto my woman.

I embraced the berserker rage and threw myself at the appendages bursting through the walls.


Acolyte Sophia

“It’s a wraith,” I shouted as I slashed my dagger at the reaching appendage. The pink light wreathing my blade flared and the grasping, dwarven hand flinched back. The tentacle undulated, harmed by my dagger.

Thrak’s bellows echoed down the tunnel. He slashed his weapon ineffectually at the wraith’s appendage of souls. It had consumed hundreds of creature’s souls. The thing must be massive, spilling all throughout the mine. The reaching hands slid across stone, creating the dragging sound we had heard.

“What is this thing?” Xera asked, diving beneath an appendage. She slashed with her wooden knife but it did nothing.

“Here,” I said, tossing her my dagger. “you’re better at fighting.”

Xera caught my enchanted blade in her other hand and slashed, driving back the tentacle going for Chaun. The bard let out a frightened yell, then barreled past me then Angela, racing down the tunnel and vanishing into the darkness.

I set my teeth. I knew he couldn’t be trusted. His music might actually be helpful.

“What is a wraith?” Angela asked as she moved to me.

I unbelted my robe. I had to enchant her sword and shield if we were to have a chance of surviving. Xera couldn’t hold the spirits back with just a knife, and Thrak would soon find his soul ripped from his body like Faoril had.

His rage would not protect him.

“It’s a spirit killed by dark magic and filled with rage and regret,” I answered. “Every time it comes across a living creature, it steals the creature’s soul and traps it. The soul become grasping extensions of the wraith, searching for more souls to consume and make it stronger. If we can find the core, the original soul, I can exercise it.”

“Okay,” Angela nodded. “What about Faoril?”

“Her body is still alive. She’s just…without any will. If we kill the creature, her soul should return to her body. She should live for a few hours without her soul.”

Angela nodded.

I reached into my robe and rubbed my nipple. My milk flowed, coating my fingers. I reached out and smeared the milk across her shield and prayed, “Saphique, the Virgin Goddess that loves all women, bless this shield so it may protect its bearer. Let this shield shine bright, a beacon to defend all women.”

Pink light flared across her shield. Angela lunged forward, battering back a reaching appendage of dwarven souls. The ground rumbled as the wraith screamed in pain, the trapped souls howling in agony. Holy magic was anathema to it.

I wetted my nipple again and rubbed my breast milk on Angela’s sword.


Knight-Errant Angela

My sword and shield blazed with Saphique’s power. The virgin goddess protected me and Xera. I slashed forward with my sword, cutting through the appendages. Dwarven spirits burst from where I struck and fled in all directions, freed from the wraith.

But more appendages kept coming. Hundreds of dwarves must have been killed by the wraith. The walls glowed green moments before the spirits burst through them. Xera wielded her wooden dagger, now enchanted like my blade, and Sophia had her own dagger back. The pair fought back to back, keeping the tentacles at bay while I slashed my blade.

Thrak raged at the end of the hallway, fighting over Faoril’s limp body. His ax kept passing through the appendages. The orc’s rage kept him moving and dodging. He avoided the reaching appendages and escaped having his soul stolen.

But his attacks did little. Lost to the berserker madness, Sophia could not safely enchant his blade.

“To your right, Angela,” Sophia called out.

I pivoted and raised my shield. The dwarven spirits crashed into the pink light. Several burst free and vanished as they were free to head to the Astral Realm and experience their eternity in the next life. Their bodies had long since died. I pushed forward with my shield and swiped.

The appendage retreated back into the stone.

“Where is the core at, Sophia?” Xera asked. The elf studied the wall. She lunged forward as a thin appendage made of only a few dwarves, reached out of the floor. She stabbed a dwarven spirit in the eye, driving it back.

“I have no idea,” Sophia answered, her voice shrill with fear.

“Can you cast a spell?” I asked, sweeping my sword to meet the wraith’s next attack. “Like the one you used to find Faoril?”



Panic gripped me. I fled the spirits and raced into the darkness. I knew I shouldn’t. I was supposed to help Angela. I couldn’t get my reward if I let Angela die. I was a part of her quest. That was why Lady Delilah offered to reinstate me as a court bard in exchange for helping Angela.

The darkness swallowed me up. I struck a wall, grunting and bouncing back. I turned right, dashing down another hallway. I was completely blind. This was so stupid. Why did I flee? I was safer with Angela. Sophia had her holy magic. She could fight an undead spirit.

And I had my music. I could have sung a song.

I forced myself to come to a stop. I looked around. I was in complete darkness. It had weight. It pressed down on me. I swallowed, my heart hammering. How did I get back to the others? Shouts echoed down the hallways. They came from every direction.

“Las’s puss-filled cock,” I groaned. “You’ve really messed up this time, Chaun.”

The wall glowed green by me. Light spilled around me, illuminating the hallway. I jumped back as the spectral appendage reached out of the darkness for my flesh. I shuddered as a dwarf’s squat hand almost seized me.

I sang. I let my instincts guide me, singing a song of peace and love. I sent calming music to the spirit. The appendage undulated. The dwarven spirits flinched and stared at me in confusion. Their mouths moved, but no sound came out.

More and more appendages spilled out around me. I stood at the eye of a swirling vortext of green souls, the dead dwarves listening to the music. Their bearded faces found a moment of calm. The rage that had twisted their souls fled. I sang louder, embolden by the results.

I soon frowned as I sang. There was a feminine presence in the creature. While all the souls around me were male, the creature itself wasn’t. My changeling instincts reacted to it. Forms danced through my mind of seven different dwarves.

This thing had loved in life. It yearned for those it had lost. My eyes widened. The spirit was consumed by its pain of loss. Hoping this wasn’t the worse thing I could do, I assumed one of the seven forms.

My body grew shorter and wider. A thick, long beard sprouted and fell down my chest. My clothes grew tight in spots and loose in others as I assumed the squat, powerful build of a dwarf. My hands were calloused from years of hard work. I ripped off my clothes and kept singing, my voice now a deep baritone.

The spirit undulated and reacted. The green glow intensified from the largest mass. The spirits of the dwarves fell away to reveal a naked, female dwarf covered in necklaces and jewels, her lush body trembling as she stared at me.

“Nazketh,” the female dwarf said as she strode forward. She dragged one soul out of the rest. A human soul, dressed in mage’s robes. He howled and gibbered as he was dragged along behind her. In Dwarvish, she spoke, “How? He killed you.”

“I am here to rescue you, my queen and wife,” I said, speaking in Dwarvish, the language rising out of that part of my soul that knew how to seduce the dwarven queen. “To free you from your torment, Kazodi.”

Kazodi…she was the dwarven queen that was lost when the kingdom fell.

Kazodi’s spirit trembled before me. Her lush breasts heaved. “No, no, this is a trick.” Rage crossed her face. Her hand tightened on the mage’s leg. The mage howled in pain. “Torvin killed you with his spell. He tricked me. His promises were all lies. You were right to mistrust him. But I was foolish. I listened to his lies as he pleasured me in my bower. I was consumed with lust and I lost you all.”

Tears fell from Kazodi’s face.

I shifted forms and became another of her husbands. This one had a shorter beard, a dark-black instead of russet. Kazodi’s eyes widened. Her legs buckled and she fell upon her knees, reaching out with her free hand.


“We are all here.” I became a third. Then a fourth. “We have come to rescue you, wife.”

Swallowing my fear, I stepped forward and knelt before Kazodi. I grasped her cheeks. Her flesh was cold to my grip. Her tears fell down her face. They brushed my fingers. Her hands reached out. I wanted to flinch, but I couldn’t break this spell. She would take my soul if I showed any fear. I had to be her husbands.

“Baruk,” she sighed as she stroked my face. “My gentle Baruk. You complained the least when you had to perform your husbandly duties.”

Her hand slid through my beard to my muscular chest. She stroked my flesh, her hands moving lower and lower until her spectral hands wrapped about my cock. I swallowed, my heart thudding in my chest as the spirit stroked me. Life stirred in my cock despite her cold grip. I shuddered as she stroked the tip.

“Yes, it is you, my sweet Baruk.” She pushed me down onto my ass then I stretched out on my back, her hand stroking me faster. Around us, the tormented spirits howled and gnashed as their queen mounted me. She guided my cock to her pussy. “For centuries I have yearned for my husbands’ strength. I tried to seize your souls, but I was too late. You were already gone.

“But now I have you.”

I swallowed. I did not like the sound of that.

Queen Kazodi impaled herself on my cock. I groaned as her flesh engulfed my cock. Through her ethereal body, I could see my cock surrounded by her translucent. She rose up and down, her hips undulating, her breasts bouncing before her.

“Don’t be shy. You can touch my breasts. I know you like them.” She leaned over me, her tits jiggling as she rocked on my cock. My dick ached in her cold flesh. She was wet and tight. She clenched and relaxed as she worked her hips. “Grab them, Baruk. Love my breasts.”

I did. I squeezed her pillowy mounds, brushing the cold gold and jewels that adorned her flesh. She shuddered as I rubbed her nipples. Her pussy clenched down on my cock. She fucked me faster, sliding her tight cunt up and down my shaft.

“My queen,” I grunted.

“Mmm, you can’t deny your pleasure when you’re in me,” she groaned. “You would think fucking me was a great chore, but when I wrap my cunt about your dick, you forget all your objections to sex and love me.”

I squeezed her tits. “Yes, yes. You’re so tight, my queen.”

“Centuries without cock. Oh, yes. So horny. But now I have my husbands back. I will never let you go. You shall keep me fed with cocks. We shall love each other for eternity.” She reached her hands down and pressed into my chest, seizing my soul. “You shall be mine.”

My cock erupted into her sheath as pain exploded through me.


Acolyte Sophia

“That way,” I said, my body spinning around. My fingers, wet with my cunt, were enchanted to guide me to the core of the wraith.

Angela swung her sword, cutting a path for us. We left the raging Thrak behind. He was on his own. There was no way we could talk to him. He was lost to his anger. Angela’s strikes freed green, spectral souls. I shuddered as the freed souls washed through my body on their flight to freedom, half-afraid they would grasp my soul and carry me into death with them.

The light from Angela’s sword and shield lit the way. My finger kept pointing in same direction. We reached the end of the corridor and went right. In the distance, green spirits writhed in a circle. A woman’s moans echoed.

“That sounds like sex,” Angela whispered.

“You shall be mine!” a woman moaned, her voice throaty and orgasmic.

Then a man’s voice answered, the deep baritone of a dwarf crying out in pleasure.

Angela reached the edge of the whirling spirits. She slashed her sword, cutting a hole in the spectral tornado. The newly freed dwarves shone with happiness before they vanished. Inside, a living dwarf lay prostate, a spectral dwarf queen riding him, her hand buried in his chest.

“Angela,” grunted the dwarf.

“Chaun?” she gasped in shock.

“You’re fucking the spirit,” I gasped at the changeling then shook my head.

“Who are you?” the spirit demanded as I leaped into her barrier behind Angela. “He is mine. I will not give up my husbands.”

I bared my robes, my tits lactating. “Saphique, anoint my breast milk with your blessed touch. Let it drive away evil spirits and return them to their place of rest.”

“Who are you humans?” Demanded the dwarf queen. She rose, cum dripping out of her pussy. Her large tits heaved.

I said the first words that popped into my head. “A gift, noble queen,” I said while proffering my small breasts. I hoped dwarven women were as horny as they were reported to be. Queen Barzidi was. “The divine taste of human breast milk for you.”

The dwarf queen’s eyes flitted to my breasts. My pink nipples leaked milk that dribbled down my body. I sucked in deep breaths. Around us, the dwarven spirits swirled. Angela stood behind me, her sword and shield raised, ready to defend me.

I circled my nipples. “Don’t you want this delicious, wicked treat, your Majesty? A delight that no dwarf woman has ever experienced.”

“A new delight,” she purred, her hips undulating. “The last human that offered me such ecstasy killed my husbands!”

The spirit of a human mage screamed in pain behind her. The malevolence of the dwarf queen rolled over me. I shuddered, fear quaking through me. If I didn’t exorcise the wraith, we would all have our souls stolen and tormented for eternity.

“Noble queen,” I smiled, staying calm. “I am no mage, but a priestess of the virgin goddess. Saphique herself has sent me with this delicious treat. You will have never experienced it’s decadent delight. Then I shall pleasure you. All know the priestesses of Saphique can please a woman in ways no man can.”

Her nipples hardened. Her thighs pressed together. “Such sweet delights you offer, priestess.”

I opened my arms to her, my stomach trembling. All she had to do was thrust her arm into my body and steal my soul. Then I would be tormented forever. But it was the only way to save Faoril and let all these dwarves find rest in the Astral Realm.

Her hands seized my tits. They were cold yet arousing. My pussy clenched as her beautiful face came nearer. She was gorgeous, short and curvy, perfectly proportioned for her size. I bent over so she could latch on. My nipple tingled.

I hugged the spirit as she suckled. My milk squirted into her hungry mouth. A pink glow suffused the spirit. She suckled again, drinking down my enchanted milk. Her spirit didn’t fight the exorcism, but embraced it, suckling faster. She didn’t want to stay in his world with her anger and torment.

“Saphique, drive out this evil spirit. Free her from her shackles and let her find rest in the Astral Realm.”

My breast milk flowed. My pussy clenched. The dwarf spirit grew warmer and warmer as she drank my breast milk. Her hands tightened on my tits. The swirl of green spirits around us became suffused with the same pink glow. They broke free, smiling behind their bearded faces as they slipped into the Astral Realm.

Faoril’s soul appeared. She smiled as she sped past me, her spectral fingers touching my face before she vanished, racing to her body. Or, I hoped, she was.

I shuddered as the dwarf suckled her last mouthful of my breast milk. The pink glow blinded me. I closed my eyes and shuddered as a rippling orgasm burst through me. I groaned, for a single moment, I was suffused with the dwarf’s gratitude.

Then she vanished, freed at last.

“Thank the gods,” Chaun groaned, his body flowing from squat, bearded dwarf to midnight-black changeling. “You saved me.”

“Not by choice,” I huffed. “You ran.”

Chaun sat up. “I panicked. I shouldn’t have run. I saw the mage’s soul get ripped out and…” He shook his head. “Why did I agree?”

“Agree to what?” I asked.

“To come with you,” he answered. “I thought I could handle this, but…” He stood up and bowed. “I am deeply sorrowful for my cowardice.”

“You should be. We could have used your music and—”

“Sophia,” Angela interrupted. “Slave.”

I stiffened. “Yes, Mistress?”

“I seem to recall a spoiled brat that fell from a horse and ran in fear before she mastered it.”

I blushed. The fight with the panthopus seemed so long ago.

“Chaun isn’t a warrior. He panicked. But he can learn, like you did, to control his fear and fight.” Angela stroked my cheeks. “Today, you didn’t flinch once. You were amazing. I love you, Sophia.”

My heart burst for joy as Angela kissed me hard. I didn’t care that Chaun watched me.



The spirits broke apart. I swung at them with my ax, screaming out my rage. They fled into the walls where I could not follow. How could I kill them if they fled? I punched my fist into the wall, ignoring the pain shooting up my arm.

A woman groaned. I whirled around. She sat up at the end of the hallway. She shook her head. I gripped my ax. Someone I could kill. Someone I could vent my rage upon. She had to die. I let out a bellowing snarl.

Another part of me screamed a warning. The weak part of me. The part that feared the strength of the rage. I ignored it. I would kill this woman.

“Thrak?” the woman asked. “Oh, no.”

I charged.

Her hands deftly pulled up open her robes. Pale breasts spilled out. She spread her thighs, revealing a brown-furred pussy. She undulated her hips and let out the most wanton, lust-filled moan. Her hands squeezed her tits, an offering.

“Thrak,” she purred. “Come and take me. Satiate your rage in my body. Plunge your cock in me.”

My emotions had to have an outlet. Rage. Lust. Passion. They were all the same. I threw down my ax, hiked up my kilt, and plunged into her flesh. She sank hot and warm about my cock. She gasped and writhed beneath me as I fucked her hard, pinning her against the wall.

I was not gentle. I did not care about her pleasure at all. The fact she gasped and shuddered beneath me only proved how wanton she was. She was a slut that loved my brutal fucking. Her tight, hot, wet flesh gripped my cock.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she gasped, clawing my back as I rutted in her.

My heavy balls smacked against her flesh. My cock ached in her flesh. Her pussy convulsed about my dick. She wanted my cum. The little slut. She gasped and begged for it as she heaved beneath my body.

“Cunt,” I bellowed as I slammed my dick into her. “My cunt.”

“Yes, Thrak,” she moaned, her hard nipples rubbing on my scarred chest. “Your cunt. Claim it. Cum in me.”

With a mighty bellow, I slammed my dick into her. My lust pumped into her pussy. My release exploded out of me. All the pent up rage and passion had its release. I thrust a final time and then collapsed on her small form.

“Faoril,” I groaned, my vision growing normal. I sucked in huge breaths. “Faoril.”

“It’s me,” she panted beneath me. “Damn, I’m going to be walking funny for a week.”

“Did I hurt you?” I swallowed. I hated the rage.

“In the best way possible,” she moaned. “Mmm, you fuck so hard when you’re raging. Damn, it’s a wonderful ache.”

I leaned down and kissed my mage. She was alive. Thank the gods.


Journeyman Mage Faoril

Thrak’s cum dripped out of me as I walked down the tunnel. Everyone followed me. There was no more danger. I was free of the pain and rage of the Queen Kazodi’s wraith. It had been terrible, and I only experienced it for a short time.

The dwarves and the mage with her had been in her torment for centuries. I wanted to weep, but I had a job to do. We were here for the adamantium. My magic guided me. I had plenty of it. Thrak came a lot into my pussy.

I suspected the rage accelerated the production of his sexual fluids. I should write a paper about that.

I shook my head and then paused, touching the wall. “Here it is.”

Angela stood up next to me. Her shield still glowed pink from Sophia’s spell. “Is it enough?”

I nodded my head. I reached in with my earth magic. The ore was in a small vein, missed by the dwarves. The wall before me undulated like it was made of liquid as I drew the metal closer and closer. I held out my hand as the silvery orbs popped out. I had leached the metal out of the ore, skipping the refining process.

The orbs fell into my hand. Using earth magic, I merged them together into a single ball no bigger than my fist. It was warm to my touch. I shuddered. I held the wealth of nations in my hand. I turned and handed it over to Angela.

“Once we have the pieces, I can reforge the sword,” I told her.

A smile crossed her lips. She slipped it into her pouch with the piece of the sword. “Well, now we just have to figure out how to get into the vault of the Saltspray Palace in Rartha to get the next sword piece.”

Sophia said, “Well, I think I know where we’ll find the silent thief. I just hope she’s sexy.”

“Or has a big cock,” I teased the acolyte.

She blanched. “Aren’t Thrak and Chaun enough for you, Faoril?”

“Oh, Thrak will always be enough for me, but variety does spice life nicely.”

Sophia squirmed. We had three companions to still find, four pieces of the High King’s sword, and we had to kill the Minotaur. All so we could face the most feared dragon that has ever existed in the world—Dominari.


Incessae – Ruins of Khan, The Kingdom of Haz

My sister appeared, a sneer across her lips. The diamond studs that pierced her cheeks glinted. Ultionae hovered before me, her black-feathered wings flapping. She gripped her flaming sword in one hand. I tightened the grip on my flaming spear.

“What do you want, Incessae?” Ultionae demanded. “You’ve already botched one attempt to kill Angela.”

“We must work together sister,” I answered, fighting down my annoyance. “Injuriae fell already.”

“That little slut probably let herself be captured. She was always the weakest of us.”

“And Angela has grown strong. She has a bard of Az with her.”

Ultionae frowned.

“That is why I was unable to kill her. She is surrounded by powerful allies. If we are to deliver Mother’s vengeance, then we must work together.” Never had the three of us worked together. Each of my erinyes sisters preferred to work alone.

“A bard?”

“Skilled. A changeling, one already adept at seduction.” I stared at my sister. “If we do not work together, then apart we shall both fall to his seduction. Angela will escape Mother’s vengeance. Unity is our only way.”

“Agreed,” nodded Ultionae after several heartbeats, the words full of venom. Then she glanced down at the redheaded knight lounging in the ruins. She was an older woman, mature and beautiful. “Who is she?”

“Someone meddling. I do not know if she is ally or enemy to Angela. She has been lurking since the knight went underground days ago.” I looked up. “She does not matter. We must plan. We cannot fail. We shall only get one chance at killing Angela.”

Ultionae nodded in agreement.

The END of Book Four

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