The World of Erasthay – The Knight and the Acolyte Bk 9, Chapter Four: Fear’s Chains


The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Nine: Blossoming Danger

Chapter Four: Fear’s Chains

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Male/Female/Hermaphrodite, Male/Teen female, Hermaphrodite/Teen female, Male/Female, Fantasy, Magic, Violence, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Bondage

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Knave Angela – The Haunted Forest

I blinked as Minx burst out of the tent she shared with Sophia, marching forward, her tiny body bristling. She was naked, her clothing thrown over her shoulder, her small breasts bouncing. I opened my mouth to say something, but I had no idea what to say. What was going on? It sounded like she was having a good time with Sophia. But now the halfling marched towards the dark woods in a huff.

I was on watch as we camped in the dark woods. For the last hour, I had to listen to everyone having fun in their tents while the trees creaked around us, the temperature dropping. I was glad for the fire’s warmth. The woods were dangerous. It was our second night in the woods and already we had three skirmishes with the foul creations of the Biomancer Vebrin who haunted these woods. In addition to his aberrations, other monsters also prowled the woods.

“Minx!” Sophia shouted, popping her head out of the tent.

“What did you do?” I asked my concubine. Sometimes she was a little too eager to have fun with another woman. I let her indulge herself too much.

“Trying to talk to her about Xera,” she answered.

“There’s a problem?”

Sophia shook her head. “My Queen, there is definitely something wrong between them. They’re in love and—”

I spun, my sword whisking out of its sheath as I stared into the woods. The hairs on my arms prickled, my eyes narrowing. I had heard something rustling out in the woods. Tall trees rose around us, the crimson light painting the barks, stretching out the shadows.

“What is it?” Sophia asked.

Brush rustled behind me. I whirled as something dark and furry burst out of the night and landed on Sophia’s tent. The wooden poles snapped. The canvas collapsed, knocking Sophia to the ground and pinning her. The thing growled, furs bristling, Sophia gasping, struggling to escape.

Anger surged through me as I stared at my concubine trapped beneath the beast in the ruin of our tent. I took a step towards the tent. Movement blurred to my right. My sword slashed, made contact with flesh, biting into bone. The furred body’s momentum hit me, claws scratching at my breastplate.

The werewolf died howling.



The moment I was into the dark woods, I knew this was a mistake. I was stuck with the party. Trapped. I would never make my way out of the woods to Thaville on my own. The woods were Xera’s domain. They were her home.

I leaned against a tree, the tears falling faster. I wished that damn redheaded elf never approached me. I could have stayed in Raratha thieving for Spray. I was bored and longing for more, but at least I didn’t hurt. Love sucked.

I loved my sister, Fox, and it hurt so bad when she was hung.

“Stupid heart,” I muttered, banging my head into the tree. How did this even happen? I was here to steal the sword from Angela and her friends, an amazing feat of thievery. And I somehow fell in love with Xera. I let myself care.


My head banged again.

The ground rustled. Something large moved in the darkness. My ears pricked as I straightened. It didn’t come from the camp. It wasn’t Sophia or Angela rushing after me. My hand shot to my clothing over my shoulder. I found my belt, yanking out a dagger and throwing it in one motion.

The shaggy form crashed to the ground at my feet, gurgling, my knife buried in its throat.

“Cernere’s black cunt,” I growled as Sophia screamed.

As I bent down to yank my dagger out, I heard a feminine voice speak off to my right.



“Fuck my ass,” Faoril moaned as I rammed my cock deep into her tight, velvety bowels. My balls ached, the friction intense. She was so tight, her pussy impaled on Xera’s elf-cock.

The elf’s ears twitched, her green hair spread across the bedrolls as Faoril thrashed between us. My hands gripped my wife’s tits, kneading them hard. My fingers found her nipples, pinching them, making her bowels squeeze even harder on my dick, the velvety massage driving me to thrust even harder and harder.

I stretched her nipples. I loved how she gasped and quivered beneath me, her moans screaming out of her as she came. Her bowels spasmed about my dick. The friction growing intense. My cock throbbed.

“Gewin’s mighty cock,” I snarled, driving harder and harder.

“What’s that?” Xera gasped, her eyes widening, her body heaving. “Oh, no!”

“I’m cumming on your big dicks,” Faoril moaned. “That’s what’s happening. You’re flooding me with your seed, Xera”

“No, outside the tent!” the orgasming elf moaned through her pleasure. “We’re under attack!”

I grunted, my dick throbbing so hard. I was so close to cumming. But Sophia’s panicked screams ripped through the night. Beasts snarled and howled. Angela shouted out a warning. I growled, driving into Faoril’s ass a final time.

And bellowed in rage. “I was about to cum! Gods damn it!”

I ripped my cock from Faoril’s ass. My spasming wife shook her head, trying to regain her senses as Xera rolled my wife to the side. The elf’s cock softened. It wasn’t painfully hard like mine, close to its eruption, denied by whatever hoary beasts decided to attack us right now.

The rage seethed in me as I snagged my ax. The black tide threatening to drown me. Only know I could breathe in it. I could control it. Faoril’s magic had given me that gift down in the Labyrinth while we fought the Minotaur. I didn’t have to fear it any longer. I could use it. Channel it.

Embrace it.

I raged with a bellow and ripped out of the tent, stepping into the darkness.

And into the path of a furry, wolfish beast, eyes glowing in the firelight. The beast slammed into me, jaws biting into my shoulder. Blood welled hot as claws raked across my chest. The rage didn’t feel pain. The fury didn’t care about wounds.

It only wanted to kill or fuck, to satiate my most bestial desires.

So I let it kill.

The werewolf howled as I seized its neck. Thick muscles resisted my hand. But they weren’t enough. I snapped, laughing my dark pleasure as it went limp with a whimper. I heaved the body up in one hand, holding it as a promise to the other beasts tearing through our camp.

They would die.


Warlock Faoril

Xera darted out of the tent after Thrak. I shuddered, struggling to regain myself. I had cum so hard. Xera’s seed swam on my pussy. I seized it, shuddering as her sexual energy burst with the element of life. Of the five elements—earth, water, fire, air, life—elves were strongest to the latter, their cum best for using life magic.

Only life magic was the most subtle and most pernicious magic. The Biomancer Vebrin used life magic to make his monstrosities and Fireeyes had used life magic to create undead, to dominate the minds. And I had used it to let Thrak rage.

His bellows echoed as I stood on trembling legs and pushed out through the tent. Blood sheeted down his chest as he threw the body of a dead, furry wolf-thing into another. The corpse bowled over the living werewolf.

Knowledge flitted through my mind as I seized my magic. Werewolves were the daughters of Las, birthed out of his indiscriminate masturbation like so many other creatures from changelings to imps. They were all female, needing dual-sex males to mate with, taking them back to their dens. They would fuck the men until they died of exhaustion, the entire pack taking turns. They could shift from human women, looking of the same race and species as their father, but then could shift into hybrid creatures, shaggy, wolf-like beasts. They were one of a dozen lycanthropic species, and among the most violent.

And their pack poured out of the woods. Angela fought, her sword slicing, driving back from her shield lying beside the log. Sophia screamed, pinned beneath her tent as a werewolf tore at the canvas to get her. Xera only had her wooden dagger, dancing with grace as the beast came for her.

My husband whirled his ax, the nimble monsters dodging and yelping in fear.

Wind surged out of me, seizing the werewolf attacking Sophia and hauling the beast into the air. It thrashed impotently, howling her rage. Eyes fixed on me, glowing blue in the firelight. Saliva dripped from sharp teeth.

“Kill you, Mage,” it growled through bestial mouth.

I rolled my eyes and seized another two werewolves pressing on Angela. They yelped in shock.

“Thanks,” Angela shouted and dived for her shield.



I clutched my air totem as I sat on Chaun’s mouth, wiggling my hips, griding on his licking tongue. The air elemental I puppeteered sucked on his cock with whirling air. I smiled, watching his cock wave back and forth, his precum whipped away. I was having so much fun playing with my elementals this way. I wondered if other shamans had.

Did Shaman Farsight, the eldest, summon air elementals to suck his cock? He had always leered at me, berating me for showing too much flesh, accusing me of tempting him with my nubile body. He was a widower, doomed to a life of celibacy.

At that moment, I realized that he lusted for me. I didn’t tempt him. He wanted to take me, to fuck me, and couldn’t. I was a sexy, young thing who wasn’t his wife. And since he couldn’t touch me, he took his anger out on me.

What a horrid old man.

“Oh, Chaun,” I panted. “Oh, I am a sexy avian.”

“Yes,” he groaned between licks.

Outside, Sophia screamed her head off.

“Oh, she’s really cumming,” I giggled, tracing my fingers along the sinuous line of the balsa wood. “Hear her?”

Chaun stopped licking. “Xandra, I don’t think that—”

Thrak bellowed. Something howled. My pleasure died in an instant. We were under attack.

I was off Chaun in an instant, pausing only to snag my pouch of totems and sling it over my shoulder, and burst out of the tent into the chilly night. I hardly felt it, my body hot from my orgasms and my heart pounding excitement. Furry beasts raced through camp. Three thrashed in the air, held up by Faoril’s magic. Thrak cut one down with a stroke of his ax.

He laughed, pounding his chest. “Come and feast on me if you dare!”

The orc raged, his swarthy body coated in blood. His cock thrust hard before him. I blushed for a moment, remembering that cock fucking me when he raged out of control at the oasis back in the desert.

“Werewolves,” Chaun shouted behind me, making me blink.

I shoved my hand into my pouch and pulled out the first totem I brushed. It was my new kapok totem, allowing me to control earth elementals. Holding a totem in each hand, I summoned servants. The earth burst at my feet, two bulky bodies made of dirt and rock standing before me, stone grinding on stone as they lumbered into the fight. Air elementals danced around the camp, whirling hard, sending gusting winds to drive back werewolves surging at Angela.

“Male!” a werewolf shouted nearby, her eyes fixed at me.

Chaun strummed his lyre behind me, his song bursting from his lips. No, the werewolf was staring past me at my husband with hungry eyes. I realized she was female and eyeing my man like she owned him. Two other werewolves answered her summons, licking their chops.

Anger surged through me. My earth elementals rumbled at the three werewolves.



I fought in the wake of Thrak. It was strange being near the orc while he raged. I had witnessed his ferocity unleashed before. The first time, in the tundra on the way to Murathi, happened when we were ambushed by orcs of a rival tribe. He had butchered them then turned his attention on Angela, breaking her arm as he battered at her shield. Only Faoril, stripping naked and using her body to awaken his lust, had stopped him from killing us all. Another time, in the Halani Desert, Xandra used her body to stop his rage.

But now he could control it. My skin itched, but I trusted Faoril’s magic. So I moved behind him, stabbing at the werewolves trying to hit him in the flank. They were quick, darting back and then snapping in. They fought like wolves, never hitting their prey from the front, but from the sides, circling, nipping, trying to weaken.

Wolves could pull down prey far larger and stronger than they were by working as a pack. And I had no doubts these werewolves could as well. But we had Faoril’s magic and Xandra’s elementals.

I slashed with my wooded dagger, forcing a werewolf back.

“The male is ours,” one snarled, snapping at me as I dodged back gracefully.

“Perhaps she is male. She has a cock,” another snarled.

“And tits.”

My dagger found flesh. The werewolf whimpered, retreating back. I whirled around, my ears twitching as the werewolves melted back into the darkness. But I had keen eyes. I could see as well beneath starlight as sunlight. The woods were dark, but I could penetrate their depths. The werewolves circled, prepared for another charge and—

Minx moved through the brush naked, a blood dagger in her hand. She wore her belt with her brace of knives and her pouch full of her alchemical bombs. She stalked like a hunter, circling the group with the skills I had taught her, closing in on her prey.

But what was she stalking? My ears twitched. I heard a woman speak, not the guttural voices of the werewolves growling through fanged muzzles, but a human with dulcet tones. There was someone else out in the woods.


Knave Angela

The werewolf crashed into my shield. I grunted, feet sliding, and thrust my sword past my defense. I felt the resistance of flesh. The werewolf yelped and leaped back, blood staining a brown-furred shoulder.

“Angela,” Sophia panted, running up to me, blood matting her shoulders.

“Are you well?” I asked as my naked concubine joined me, clutching her enchanted dagger in one hand, the blade glowing bright pink.

“I think so,” she said.

“You’re bleeding.”

“I am?” She groaned. “Slata’s hairy cunt, my back feels like you scratched it while cumming. Hard.”

She turned away from me, facing the camp. I could see long, scratches welling blood trickling down her back. I winced, but none appeared severe. “You’ll be fine,” I told her, setting my shield. “Stay by me.”

“Yes, my Queen,” she said.

The werewolves howled. The four held up in the air by Faoril’s magic, thrashing and clawing in a vain attempt to escape, suddenly dropped to the ground. They landed on all fours with dangers snarls. The nearest, gray furred with a white belly, leaped at me, crashing into my shield and knocking me back into Sophia.

“Faoril,” Sophia squeaked. “Why did you do that?”


Warlock Faoril

“Las’s putrid cum,” I gasped in absolute shock as my spell just…unraveled.

The currents of air that I had wrapped the werewolves up in just dissipated back into the atmosphere like I had never controlled them. I had never seen anything like it in my life. I still had my magic. I could feel the energy in me, aware of the world around me. The ground would answer my power, the air swirl and gust, waters crash, and fire burn. I could even sink my magic into the werewolves themselves and seize control of them like I had poor Relaria.

I had never heard this was possible. It wasn’t an antimagic bomb detonating before me or an antimagic ring protecting the wolves. A force had attacked my magic. And I saw nothing. I felt nothing. It wasn’t magic that had done it, but another power. I had never heard any lore on werewolves claiming they had innate talents.

A growl snarled. The werewolf I yanked off Sophia lunged from the ruins of the tent right at me, eyes full of murderous rage. I sent out wind before me to seize the wolf. The air unraveled into a breeze that only ruffled the creature’s fur.

I shoved my magic into the earth. Stone answered, bursting out of the ground.

Only to crumble into soft dirt as my magic dissipated.

“Slata’s cunt,” I gasped as the werewolf burst through the stone, claws reaching for me. What was wrong with my magic?

Thrak’s ax swung. A silver-red blur slammed into the werewolf’s back, driving the creature’s body to the ground at my feet. It spasmed, cut in half by the blow. I stepped back, clutching at my naked breasts, struggling to breathe.

“Thanks,” I squeaked out.

Thrak grunted and bellowed, “That’s my woman! Try to touch her, and I will flay you alive and wear your bloody hide as my cloak!”

I took a deep breath, forcing myself to calm down. I had to think. What was causing my magic to fail?


Bebhinn the Twinborn Witch

The abjuration spirits danced through the camp with glee, happy to obey me and dispel Faoril’s magic. Every time her magic surged out to seize wind or shape earth, my spirits attacked it. The mage couldn’t see them. Only a witch could see the spirits that lived around us, and only a twinborn witch could ask for their help without binding them first.

They loved me.

“That it,” I said as I watched in the shadow of a tree. The werewolves were dying, but there were plenty of them. So long as I could keep their magic users from interfering, Thrak and Angela would be overwhelmed.

Though the orc worried me. He fought with brutal power I had not expected. Was he a berserker? Why would Angela travel with such a dangerous barbarian? His rage would turn on the group and kill them all.

But then I would just have to wait for the orc to tire himself out after he killed his companions. Then I could finish him off. I smiled. The bounty was mine.

A twig snapped.

I froze, snapping my head to the right and—

Minx charged in naked, a bloody dagger in hand. My heart fluttered in shock, beating ice through my veins. Where had she come from? I last saw her stalking out of the camp right for the werewolves. She should be torn to pieces.

Her dagger stabbed right for me, a fierce screech bursting from her lips.



“Spirits of evocation, defend me!” the strange woman shouted.

Minx screamed.

I caught a glimpse of her flying back and landing in a roll, smoke rising from her naked body. She came up in a crouch, her knife missing from her hand. Another woman stepped out from behind a tree, wearing a dark dress with colorful scares tied about her sleeves and waist. She somehow ripped a curved dagger from one scarf while faint shapes danced around her. They were almost imperceptible, like faint blurs across my vision.

Minx hand flicked. A throwing dagger arced through the air. One of the faint, wispy balls shot out, knocking the dagger from flight. Minx grit her teeth, drawing another dagger to fight with, crouched low as the woman advanced.

“Clever to try and flush me out,” the woman said over the roar of Thrak and the snarl of werewolves.

A ball shot forward and slammed into Minx’s chest. She didn’t even react. She couldn’t see them at all. She just gasped as light flared and she was thrown down onto her back, her dagger sent flying and embedding in a tree trunk. She lay coughing on the ground, stunned, helpless. The woman turned, ignoring Minx, believing her defeated.

I gripped my wooden dagger and darted on soundless feet for the woods. I had to help Minx. I would creep up on the woman and take her from behind. I left the camp and the fight behind, entering the dark, every step careful.

I was an elven hunter.

The woman turned her head, pointing at the fight. “Spirits of Abjuration, bind the shaman’s totems to the high branches.”

Rising from the ground came a half-dozen impracticable balls shooting off into the camp. She was a witch, controlling spirits. And with ease. Her hair was red, her face pale. A Tuathan twinborn witch here?

I hesitated. Did I go after the witch and kill her. Or did I go to Minx’s aid. She lay on the ground, quivering, smoke rising from her body. Pain knifed through my heart. A hollow ache ripped open my guts.

I headed for Minx and ignored the witch as she moved through the woods to watch the battle. The thief was in pain. I had to help her.



“Great,” I muttered, strumming my lyre as I racked my brain for the best song to use on werewolves.

Lust wasn’t needed against them. I could hear the ardor in their voices, see the desire burning in their eyes as they stared at my muscular body. They were children of Las like me. Lust defined them. And I knew they captured males to fuck. Inflaming their desires would only make them more desperate to seize me.

Xandra’s elementals rumbled forward, grinding as they marched. Her wind elementals swooped down, howling with fury, ready to seize any of the attackers. The first slammed into the silver-furred werewolf. She snarled, driven to the ground, her fur ruffling, dried leaves whipping about her.

“Take him,” the silver-furred wolf howled.

“No,” Xandra hissed. “That’s my man.”

She stood fierce and tiny, naked and unafraid. She no longer cowered when the attacks came. She no longer ran in fear. She had learned she was strong, that she could fight and defend her friends and loved ones.

She glanced over her shoulder as I struck up a discordant tune, one designed to kill any lust. My cock, still hard from the air elemental blowjob, wilted as my ears winced at the tones I produced. The werewolves shook their heads as the earth elementals bore down, drawing back crushing blows.

“Why do they want you?” Xandra asked, her sapphire eyes twinkling.

“Because I’m so sexy,” I grinned at her and gave her a wink.

“Chaun,” she said, rolling her eyes. “This is serious. We’re fighting.”

“They want to fuck me to death,” I told her, strumming the terrible notes. “It’s how they reproduce.”

Her back bristled. “No way!”

Her earth elementals threw hard punches, driving back the other two werewolves. The silver-furred one clawed at the ground, struggling to get up, but the wind had it pinned. Xandra’s fingers danced along her elementals, puppeteering them with an intense passion, a fierce need to defend and protect me.

“You have a cute ass when you’re fierce and fighting,” I grinned. “You should fight naked more often.”

She turned around, her cheeks crimson. “Chaun, take this seriously. They want—”

Her totems ripped out of her hands and soared up into the air, vanishing into the darkness of the towering trees. The air elemental stopped gusting. The earth elementals crumbled into piles of rocks. In an instant, the silver-furred werewolf gained her feet and charged.

“Xandra,” I shouted, throwing down my lyre and seizing my wife. I shoved her to the side, out of the beast’s path.

The werewolf crashed into me. I grunted, slammed down onto the ground. The wind burst from my lungs. Her eyes were silver moons staring down at me with such lust. Her tongue licked rough across my lips.

“Yes, yes, what a man. What daughters you shall make.”

“Pass,” I groaned. “l really only like married women.”

I struggled, but she was strong. She hauled me up and threw me over her shoulder. My naked flesh pressed into her fur. And then she bounded away, howling in triumph, the other two werewolves hot on her heels.

“Chaun!” Xandra screamed in terror as the camp’s light dwindled and vanished as the dark woods swallowed us up.

I was really fucked.



Panic seized me. I gained my feet, staring into the dark woods. He was swallowed up by the gloom. Lost to my sight. They were going to fuck him to death. My husband. I clutched my breasts. I had to chase after them.

But they moved so fast. Not caring, I darted into the woods. I grabbed my fire totem out of my pouch, summoning a small elemental out of the camp fire. It blazed to life, a ball of fire lighting my way. I could hear Chaun’s shouts growing weaker and weaker.

Further and further away.

“Chaun!” I screamed in frantic fear. “Chaun!”

They couldn’t take my husband. I had to move faster. But how? Something had ripped away my air elemental. Using an air elemental to carry me was the only way I could move fast. I needed to fly right now. It was the only way. My stomach twisted, fear pulling down at me. A great, yawning terror gripped me.

I stood on the mountainside, everyone watching me, waiting for me to transform, but I couldn’t. My parents urging me on. But I was so scared of failing. So paralyzed by terror that I couldn’t become a bird and fly.

I stumbled through the woods, tears falling down my cheeks as I scrambled over roots and hillocks, Chaun’s cries fading away. He was getting away. They would kill him. I couldn’t be afraid. I had to save him.

There was something greater than fear in me. Desperation.

I reached the top of a small hill and jumped as hard as I could, willing myself to go faster. To soar.

I changed. The fear couldn’t hold me back any longer. The mirror couldn’t pin me to the earth with terror. My husband needed me. That was more important than being a scared sparrow. I had to be fierce and fast.

I became a small, brown screech owl, the type of nocturnal bird that prowled the Collserola Jungle beneath the aerie of my home. My arms became short wings, my skin feathers. My entire body shrank, changed, becoming what I had always been terrified of.


Why was I afraid of this? Why had I cowered before my aerie? There was nothing frightening about flying. I had never been scared of heights. I had masturbated on the edge of the highest point of Black Rock Aerie. I had climbed ladders high above the ground. I had happily stared down at the jungle far below. I wasn’t afraid of heights.

So where did my fear come from?

A mirror flashed through my mind. Hair like fire.

I shook my head, the fear reaching at me, trying to pull me back to the ground.

I screeched in anger at it, flapping my wings faster and faster. I moved with speed. My eyes were so sensitive. What had once been dark now was merely twilight. Chaun’s screams echoed. I spotted him ahead, the three werewolves racing through the brush with my man.

I pursued. I would save my husband.



Pain wracked my body. My skin burned, smoked. I groaned, confused. The woman had just pointed at me and I fell on the ground in a spark of explosion. It was so different than Faoril’s magic. When she sent fire, she threw it like balls. She didn’t just make something explode in your face without warning.

I had to move. To do something. Werewolves howled through the night. Xandra screamed in fright. My friends needed me. Xera needed me. Those beasts could be killing them and I was lying here in pain.

“Move,” I hissed at my body, tears pouring down the corners of my eyes. “Just move.”

I blinked, looking down at my body. My breasts looked fine. I didn’t see any burns on my metallic flesh. But I felt like I had just danced through a furnace. What did that woman’s magic do to me. I shivered, drumming my heels.

I had to get up. But the pain gripped me.

And then Xera was over me, naked, leaning down, her breasts dangling. She touched my face with such tender fingers. I froze, staring at her eyes. For a moment, the pain vanished, and I was lost to her gaze.

I did love her. I wished I didn’t. It wouldn’t hurt so much. I hated the pain. But right now, staring into her eyes, feeling her fingers on me, I didn’t care. She had come for me. My heart beat faster and faster.

“How bad is it?” Xera asked. “I do not see a wound.”

“Just…pain…” I spat out, my teeth clenched tight, the agony shooting through me again, my fingers twitching. “Magic.”

“She’s a witch,” Xera said. “I’ll get you to Sophia. She’ll fix you.”

She put her dagger between her teeth and reached down to grab me. Behind her, a furry, dark beast rose. It had stalked her with such stealth the elf hadn’t even noticed. My eyes widened. I struggled to scream out my warning.

Xera moved as the beast swiped. A furred paw crashed into Xera’s shoulder, throwing her to the ground. Her dagger fell from her mouth. And then the werewolf was on her, snarling. The elf thrashed, her hands grabbing fur, her feet kicking up as she fought back against the monster.

I had to do something. “Las…damn…you…pain…!”



I whirled, searching for the next bitch to kill, Faoril crouching behind me. I didn’t care why her magic wasn’t working. I just wanted to rip into the beasts that wanted to hurt her. They stalked before me, bleeding, snarling, anger boiling off them.

I had killed their packmates.

I smacked my hand against my bleeding chest, raked with claws. More blood flowed from my shoulder. “Come get me. Kill me if you can!” I spat at them and threw my arms wide in invitation. “Kill me, bitches! Stop being cowards!”

“Thrak!” Angela shouted, pointing ahead.

The werewolves snarled in as a woman in a dark dress wrapped in colorful scarves stepped out of the woods. My ax slammed at a werewolf, a nimble thing that leaped back at the last minute. The blade slammed into the ground, digging a furrow.

I let it go and lashed out with my fist at the wolf to the right, smashing her skull in with a satisfying impact. The woman, her hair fiery red, raised her hand, saying something as I whirled to hit the other werewolf.

Light exploded before me. I grunted, knees buckling as agony roared across my flesh. I shook my head, struggling to stay upright. The pain shouldn’t touch me in the rage. The fury should cocoon me from agony.

The werewolf crashed into me, throwing me to the ground. Claws bit into my flesh. My shaking hands gripped the beast’s muzzle, pushing it back. I growled through my teeth. The agony spasmed my muscles.

I snapped the werewolf’s neck. The body collapsed on me.

“Twinborn witch!” Faoril shouted. “Angela, don’t let her speak.”

I heaved the werewolf off of me. I could take agony. I could take pain. I struggled to rise. The woman spoke, her words lost to the rage pounding through my veins. Light flared, slamming me back on the ground. Invisible ropes bound me.


Bebhinn the Twinborn Witch

I smiled as the abjuration spirits bound the raging orc to the ground. Chaun and Xandra were gone. Moon had fled with the changeling and his wife had gone after. She didn’t matter. There was no bounty for the avian girl. But Chaun…

I did not really want to kill him. If he survived the werewolf’s passion, I could set him free for what he did for me. But his companions… I wanted that money. They had committed crimes in Raratha, and justice would see me rich for the rest of my life.

In the woods behind me, Xera fought a werewolf, the elf outmatched. Minx lay incapacitated by the evocation spirit. Angela turned, charging after me on Faoril’s urging. The mage tried to send her magic, but the abjuration spirits dancing around her dispelled her magic.

“Spirits of evocation, strike down my enemy,” I shouted.

Angela raised her shield. The orange spirits slammed down against it. She stumbled, spinning from the force, her shield arm flying wide, exposing her body. Other evocation spirits slammed into her legs and chest, sending pain through her body. She stumbled, falling on the ground. She stared up at me with murder in her eyes. She crawled forward through the pain.

“You have a blessing on you,” I realized. “Gewin’s? No wonder you defeated the Minotaur.”

“Kill…you…” Angela growled.

“Not likely,” I smiled as one of the werewolf’s charged at Angela.

Somehow, the pain-wracked knight found the strength to thrust her sword, taking the beast in the throat. But it didn’t matter. Faoril was ineffective, Xandra fled, Chaun captured. The real threats to me were nullified.

“Spirits of abjuration, bind my enemy and—”

The hand clamping over my mouth choked off my words while the dagger pressed to my throat made me freeze. A chill ran through my body. A spasm of fear gripped me, shivering away from the cold edge of the blade.


Acolyte Sophia

“Surrender,” I hissed into the witch’s ear, her red hair brushing my cheek. “Or I will slit your throat!”

The witch had been so focused on Angela and Thrak, she didn’t even care that I moved around her. I tried to stalk like Xera, making every step silent, placing each bare foot with care. I was so scared as I did it, gripping my dagger in my hand. But it was clear this woman had to be stopped.

“Nod your head if you do. Then release the orc and the pain spells, and stop nullifying Faoril’s magic.”

Another nod. The woman shivered in my hands. Angela suddenly gasped out in relief, rising. The orc let out a barreling burst of anger, gaining his feet and staring with such hate at the witch. And me. I shivered.

And then Faoril’s magic lashed the witch’s arms to her side. Air forced my hand away but the witch didn’t speak. She was gagged with Faoril’s power. I released my knife, stepping back, shivering. My back throbbed from the werewolf’s scratches.

Thrak and Angela advanced on the witch.



The werewolf scratched and clawed at me. I howled in pain, struggling to throw the beast off of me. I wrestled it. But she was strong. My hands clutched at her muzzle, keeping her from ripping off my face as we rolled on the ground.

“Xera!” Minx shouted, her voice suddenly free of pain.

And then crimson smoke burst around me and the werewolf. The cloud of spicy damiana billowed. The werewolf shuddered. She let out a howl and then tore off of me, charging off into the night. I blinked in shock, my cock throbbing hard, the damiana seizing my lust.

Why didn’t she stay and fuck me. Oh, I needed to fuck. My cock was so hard right now.

“Xera,” Minx moaned, stumbling at me through the fog, her tiny body quivering, looking so delicious, her small but round breasts bouncing on her body. She was so lithe and sexy. “It worked. You’re alive. And you’re so sexy.”

“Yes,” I groaned, seizing her and kissing her hard on the lips.

Oh, her lips were wonderful. My tongue danced with hers as my hands seized her small breasts. I could easily cup them, her small nipple rubbing on the palm of my hand. My ears twitched as we kissed, tongues dancing, caressing, teasing each other.

She was so sexy. I caressed her body, leaving her tits behind. I had to touch her everywhere. I brushed her belt. It kept me from feeling her skin. She should be naked like me. Her body was so sexy. I tore off her belt, our lips parting for a moment.

“I love you,” I moaned and kissed her again, hard.

“Yes,” she panted. “Love you, Xera.”

Our kisses were short and hot, braking apart as our hands caressed each other’s body. She gripped my heavy tits, digging her fingers in as I devoured her lips, whispering my love for her over and over. I loved this halfling so much. She was so wonderful, so sexy, so adventurous.

And so naughty.

“Fuck me, Xera,” she moaned, pulling me down atop her. My large breasts rubbed into her tiny tits, our nipples kissing. Mine were so much larger, fatter, bumping her cute buttons. I loved it.

“Yes,” I groaned. “Need to be in you. My sexy halfling thief. Love you.”

Nothing mattered but her. I was drunk on her. It was more than the damiana clouding my mind with lusts. I ached for her. The last week had been miserable not having her at my side, not teaching her brush craft and stalking techniques, not enjoying her mischievous passion.

No more.

“My halfling thief,” I moaned, sliding up her body.

“My busty, elven hunter,” she moaned, squeezing those breasts. Her small face pressed between them. “Love you, Xera. Love you so much.”

My cock nudged at the folds of her pussy. Her hot flesh beckoned, begging to be filled by my huge dick. I groaned, pressing forward. Her pussy parted to engulf my cock. I shuddered, sliding into her flesh, driving deeper and deeper into her depths.

I was in her tight pussy. My halfling. Her mouth sucked at the slopes of my tits. Her small hands squeezed and clenched at my breasts. I buried into her. Small thighs locked about my waist, gripping me. Her hips undulated, sliding that hot, wet pussy up and down my cock.

“Yes, yes, Minx,” I moaned. “My naughty minx. Mmm, yes. You’re so tight and hot.”

“Pound me! I love it when you fuck me with this amazing cock! Do it, Xera.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

I wanted to please her. I wanted to fuck her so hard. It wasn’t about satisfying the burning lusts shooting through me, it was about giving her all the joy and pleasure I could. My ass clenched as I drove my dick into her pussy. I fucked into her, driving my cock in over and over. Her hot flesh gripped my dick, her hips squirmed, bucked.

Her fingers found my nipples, pinching them. The pleasure shot down to my pussy and cock. Juices flooded out of my depths as my cunt clenched. The friction of her pussy shot down my shaft to the core of my body, meeting the tingles from my nipples.

Her lips kissed at my breasts, moving up the slopes. Her little teeth nipped between sucks. And then she reached my nipples. Her mouth engulfed them, sucking on the ends while her fingers rolled the base. They were so skinny and my nipples so long she could roll them and suck at the same time. Her tiny tongue swirled about the tips like the crown of a cock.

“Matar’s cock,” I moaned, thrusting harder, working my cock over and over into her tight pussy. “Yes, yes, yes. You love it. Tell me how much you love it.”

“It’s so wonderful,” moaned Minx between sucks. Her lips moved back and forth, pleasuring both my nipples. Her cunt clenched on my thrusting dick. “I’m going to cum!”

Her pussy spasmed about my dick. That wonderful moment of powerful contractions writhing about my dick. The pleasure of her convulsing flesh spurred me to fuck her faster and faster. My nipples ached and throbbed. My body shook.

My ears twitched as my back arched. I drove my cock all the way into her depths, her small body taking every inch. The caress of her hot, silky flesh sent shudders down my cock. I gasped out, eyes widening.

And came into her.

My cum spurted and pumped. Blast after blast of jizz poured into her depths. I moaned, “Love you, Minx,” as the pleasure rushed rapture through you. “Love you!”

“Yes,” she moaned. “Cernere’s nimble fingers, yes! My elf. Keep fucking me!”

“Always! I’ll always fuck you!”

I fucked my erupting dick over and over into her pussy. I stayed hard, the spicy scent in the air boiling my blood. Pleasure shot through me as her pussy spasmed over and over my cock. My cum spurted over and over into her pussy.

I was drunk on her. I loved her. She was all I needed. Her and her tight pussy about my cock.



The sounds of Chaun’s moans and the werewolves howls grew louder and louder. More surged in, fleeing the camp as I landed on the trees in the bough above. The werewolves were all women again, but still snarling like beasts, their bodies naked. The silvery wolf had become a pale-skinned woman with tawny hair and huge breaths.

She rode my husband. He lay stretched on the ground spread-eagle, vines wrapped about his wrist and ankles. Pleasure crossed his face as he thrashed, moaning into the vines shoved into his mouth as a gag.

“Fuck him, Moon,” a blonde werewolf with blue eyes said, rubbing her pussy. “Make him cum. Then it’s my turn.”

“No, mine, Huntress,” snarled a swarthy werewolf, her hands kneading her round breasts.

“Cum in me,” howled Moon, the leader bouncing on my husband.

I changed into an avian, my body growing larger and larger until I perched naked on the tree branch overhead, my hand still gripping the fire totem. When I changed into the owl, my possessions came with me, vanishing and only reappearing when I reverted to my true form. I stroked the triangles carved into the dark mahogany totem.

Seven werewolves prowled around my husband, the eighth fucking him hard. They were all fast and deadly. And I was on my own.

I summoned my fire elementals and prepared to save my husband’s life.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 5.

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