The World of Erasthay – The Knight and the Acolyte Bk 9, Chapter Five: Songbird’s Delight


The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Nine: Blossoming Danger

Chapter Five: Songbird’s Delight

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Male/Female, Female Masturbation, Hermaphrodite/Teen female, Male/Female/Teen female, Fantasy, Magic, Domination/submission, Violence, Oral Sex, Creampie, Exhibitionism, BDSM, Bondage

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Chaun – The Haunted Forest

The werewolves howled as they carried me through the dark woods. I thrashed. I punched. I kicked. The bitch didn’t feel it. A chill settled onto me. Werewolves were an all female race, single sexed like all the creatures born from Las’s masturbation. The God of Lust had spewed his seed across the world, spawning different creatures from changelings like me to the bitches racing through the world, vaguely humanoid, furry beasts with wolfish features. They needed men to breed.

They fucked them to death.

I didn’t know what was going on back at camp. Something more than werewolves had attacked us. Faoril’s magic was nullified and my wife’s totems were ripped out of her hands by forces unseen. Without her elementals keeping the werewolves at bay, they grabbing me with ease. I was a bard, not a fighter. I battled with my voice, my fingers dancing on lyre strings.

And being jostled on the back of a racing werewolf did not make singing easy.

Was Xandra okay? I was being carried off to my death, and all I could care about was my wife. Love had changed me. It was hard being selfish when you had someone else you cared more about. I once thought I loved Princess Adelaide. I had feelings for the woman, enjoyed our time together, but she hadn’t burrow into my heart the way Xandra had.

Would I see my songbird again?

The werewolf carrying me howled, a horrid sound, no beauty, just a primal call rising from her throat. In moments, others howled from different directions, answering her call. The three werewolves reached a clearing and threw me to the ground. I landed with a grunt, coughing, the ground cold on my back and ass. I was naked. When they attacked, Xandra and I had been in our tent enjoying each other.

“You are hung, male,” the werewolf said, her eyes silver. Fur retracted into flesh, a woman emerging from the horrid monster, skin pale. Large, pillowy tits swayed as she loomed over me, her face beautiful, tawny hair falling about her shoulders, legs long. She ran her hands down her human form to her pussy, rubbing them. “Big cocks equal strong daughters.”

“You won’t get any from me.” I stared up at her. I couldn’t show fear. I knew that. It was hard to control, but questing with Angela had given me a stiffer spine and a stronger stomach. “I’m birthed from Las, like you. I can only breed with a married woman.”

Her foot rubbed up and down my cock. “Big cock.”

“Very big,” a blonde werewolf said, her blue eyes shining. She was petite, hips narrowed. Werewolves took after the race of their father. “Fuck him, Moon. I want a turn.”

Moon, the werewolf rubbing my cock, snapped her teeth at the blonde before she fell to her knees, straddling me. A hot, wet cunt, covered in silky pubic hair, rubbed up and down on my dick. I grunted, fighting the lust.

I couldn’t.

I was born of lust. It dwelt in all of the races spawned by Las. I focused on the most boring subjects—history, mathematics, philosophy. I focused on the rationalist arguments for the natural law of liberty.

And there was a hot cunt rubbing on my dick, a pair of large, pillowy breasts swaying over me, a woman’s face twisting with passion, silver eyes flashing with lust. The scent of hot, wet cunt filled my nose. And my cock responded.

Hardened. Swelled. Throbbed.

“Such a big cock,” the werewolf Moon moaned, sliding her cunt up my shaft, rubbing at the crown, trying to engulf my cock.

“Las’s putrid cum,” I groaned, feeling her pussy lips wrap about my cock’s tip. Her back arched, tits bouncing as she slid down my shaft. Pleasure raced down my dick and spread through my body, banishing philosophy.

“Such strong daughters,” she moaned. “Ebony beauties.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” the blonde moaned, rubbing at her hot cunt and twisting a pink nipple.

Songs. I had to sing. I tried discordant music and that disrupted their fighting, but now lust was motivating them not violence. I had to find the right harmony, melody, style. Something to lull her and weaken her lusts.

A lullaby.

I opened my mouth, sang.

“None of that,” snarled the third werewolf, her skin the rich ebony of the Halani desert, but her eyes were bright, vibrant green. Her hand slapped over my mouth, her round tits dangling over me. “No more of that awful song.”

“Fucking time,” Moon moaned.

She threw back her head, howling with the same intensity she had as a beast, sliding her pussy faster and faster. I groaned into the hand clamped over my mouth. Moon’s pussy felt too good. My cock throbbed in her hot, silky depths. The friction building and building, my balls boiling.

Other werewolves appeared out of the trees, some bloodied by the fight. They became naked women, a diverse group of beauties staring at me with hungry eyes. They rubbed at their cunts, fingering wet snatches.

“Fuck him,” they moaned to Moon, each eager for their own piece of me.

My cock throbbed, tingled. There was something in her pussy. Something that made my dick tingle, ache to cum. An aphrodisiac produced by her cunt. I squirmed, trying to buck her off, realizing that they could keep fucking me and fucking me until I died.

Bucking was a mistake.

My dick slid faster and harder through her pussy. Her cunt clenched down, her body shuddering. She smiled at me, licking her lips, loving the pleasure I gave her. The pressure in my balls built and built, boiling, about to explode.

I was so fucked.

I stared up at the dark trees above, past the heaving, ebony breasts of the Halani werewolf. Trees swaying, snatches of the dark sky bleeding through the roof of thick branches. I tried to focus on anything but the feeling in my cock.

“Cum,” Moon moaned, her tits slapping together. “Cum, cum, cum! Breed us!”

I groaned, fighting my orgasm. But it was so hard. I wanted to breed her.

And then water gathered a few feet away. Drops rose from the ground and descended from the trees, mist condensing out of the air and forming into something amorphous and writhing, the surface rippling and undulating. The werewolves reacted in shock, leaping back, yelping in surprise.

A form dropped from the trees and landed in the water with a splash. It was a woman, slim, hair swirling, holding two totems in her hand. My eyes widened in shock. Xandra. My wife had tracked me down.

Fire exploded into being, painting the clearing in bright reds and angry oranges. Rage glowed in Xandra’s eyes, her body painted in lurid, dancing light as the water surged away from her and slammed into Moon. Tendrils wrapped about the werewolf’s body as it ripped her off my cock and slammed her to the ground beside me.

“That is my husband you’re fucking!”



My fingers danced on the two totems I held. The fingers of my right hand traced the undulating lines carved onto the mangrove wood, puppeteering the water elemental to rip the silver-eyed werewolf off Chaun’s cock, his dick hard, glistening in the fire elementals’ light.

I conjured three fire elementals. The temperature plummeted as they drew heat out of the air to create their fiery bodies. My fingers traced the triangles on the mahogany totem in my left hand, surging the fire elementals at the other werewolves. The blonde screamed as a fiery fist slammed into her chest between her small breasts.

Smoke flared. She reeled back, skin burned as she crashed into the tree, whimpering in pain.

“That’s right, he’s mine!” I howled, a possessive anger surging through me. The fire elementals burned hotter, rushing at the surrounding werewolves, leaving smoldering footsteps behind, the smoking detritus swirling through the air. “Mine!”

They howled in fear, flinching back from the living flames. I was the fire elementals. I moved them all at the same time, my thought split five ways between myself and my four elementals. They raged, swinging, driving back the werewolves.

They broke and ran into the dark in all directions, yelping in fear. They were beasts. They may look like women, but they were afraid of fire like all animals. In moments, all the werewolves were gone save for the one who tried to fuck my husband. She writhed on the ground, body pinned by the water elemental.

“Xandra,” Chaun groaned as she stood up, his cock still thrusting hard before him. He looked so hard, so aroused.

My anger turned into jealous passion as he moved to me, engulfing me in his arms. His hard cock pressed into my naked stomach, so wet with that bitch’s juices. She tried to fuck my husband.

She whimpered, the water elemental tightening its grip on her body.

“How?” he asked. “Your air totem was ripped away? How did you follow so fast? Faoril?”

“I…” I stared up at him as his midnight-black fingers cupped my cheeks, his silvery hair spilling about his face. He was darker than night. “I flew, Chaun. I transformed. I became a bird.”

His eyes widened.

The fire elementals snuffed out as I dropped the mahogany totem. I brought my left hand up to his face, touching him, feeling the smile building on his lips, felt the joy. He understood what that meant. I became a bird. I was fully an avian adult now.

“It was wonderful, Chaun,” I said, tears beading my eyes. “I sprouted feathers, became an owl, and soared through the woods. I moved so fast. The air rippled about me. I was graceful and… and…”

He kissed me as I cried tears of joys, the fingers of my right hand dancing along the lines of the totem, controlling the water elemental. I savored the kiss, his arms, and his cock. The juices on it made my stomach tingle, a hot flush shooting down to my pussy.

I saved my husband. I flew and saved my husband.

I broke the kiss laughing for joy. “I did it, Chaun. I flew.”

I wasn’t a failure as an avian.



“I love you,” Xera moaned as I nuzzled at her big breasts.

My hermaphrodite elf loved me. She did. She couldn’t fight her feelings in the grip of aphrodisiac damiana. The spicy herb permeated both our bodies. My pussy clenched on her huge dick, her cum swimming in my depths.

“I need to taste that pussy,” moaned Xera as she lay on me, her hips moving, her dick throbbing. “Lick out all my yummy cum from my halfling’s pussy.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned in eager need. I burned. I had to keep cumming. In the back of my mind, I wondered how the rest of the fighting was going. Had the party defeated the witch attacking us? Were the werewolves still marauding?

But it was hard to care about anything but cumming right now. Cumming with my elven hunter. The only person who could sneak like me, who could track me through a city. She was wonderful.

Xera rolled off of me. I groaned as her thick cock slid out of my tiny pussy with a wet plop. I clapped my hands over my pussy, holding in the tide of her cum. Xera stretched out on her back, her large tits pillowing, her ears twitching as they thrust out of her green hair, and her amazing dick thrust over her belly dripping with my pussy cream.

She was so beautiful, so graceful, delicate yet strong. I scrambled to straddle her face. I plopped my wet pussy right on her hungry lips, pulling my hands away. I ground my cunt on her lips as the cum poured out of me.

Thick, delicious, creamy jizz flowed right into her mouth. I groaned, squeezing, forcing out as much as I could into her hungry mouth. She moaned, her tongue lapping, savoring her elf-jizz flavored by my lavender musk.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned. “Lick all your jizz out. Mmm, you fired so much into me.”

“I did,” she moaned, her hands stroking my skinny thighs.

I leaned over her, grabbing her breasts while staring at her dick. She was too tall and I was too short to suck her dick and let her eat my pussy at the same time. But I could play with those huge tits. My small hands grasped them, fingers digging into pillowy flesh while I savored her tongue digging into my pussy.

I shuddered as she lapped through my folds, her tongue sliding in deep, scooping out her jizz. My small breasts jiggled before me. My eyes rolled back into my head, my hips working, loving her tongue lavishing my pussy, making me tremble, giving me such wondrous joy.

“Oh, gods, that’s good,” I moaned. “Cernere’s black cunt and nimble fingers. You know how to eat pussy!”

“It’s the best,” groaned Xera. “You taste so good.”

Her tongue fucked into me, swirling, stirring up my orgasm. With the damiana surging through me, I was so horny, so eager to cum. My fingers pinched and played with her nipples, staring at her cock, watching it throb, begging to be touched. I wanted to play with it.

I wanted to cum on her lips.

She found my clit, sucking, nuzzling, loving it. I gasped, my back arching. I tugged hard on her nipples. She groaned into my pussy. Her dick twitched, rising an inch from her belly before slapping down. I shuddered, shivered.


“Xera!” I moaned. “Cernere’s nimble fingers, yes! Oh, you know what I love! You know how to make me cum! Love you! Love you! Love you!”

Those words came so easily as I buzzed from cumming and the damiana. My nipples tingled as I pulled on hers, my pussy spasming about her probing tongue. It was so long, swirling through my flesh, making me quiver and groan.

My back arched as the pleasure rolled over me. I gasped, singing out into the night, the trees swaying over us. I squirmed, writhed, and gasped out my joy. Such sweet pleasure shuddered through me, stirred by my lover’s tongue.

And I needed to give her pleasure.

“That was so good, Xera,” I groaned, sliding my pussy off her face. I rubbed my hot, wet flesh against her tits, climbing her mounds as I moved lower. “I bet your cock is so hard again.”

“So hard,” she moaned. “I need to cum so badly.”

“I’ll make you cum.” I giggled over my shoulders at her.

“Yes! Love you so much! My halfling!”

Painful need crossed her face. I reached her stomach, rubbing my hot cunt on her flesh. Then, with a nimble display of acrobatics, I hopped up, spun, and landed back on my knees facing her now, my pussy rubbing at the tip of her cock. I wiggled, feeling her dick sliding into just the right place, and moaned as I worked down her shaft.

I shuddered as her huge girth filed me. My head pressed into her tits, just in reach, and pushed them against my cheeks as I sank lower and lower down her shaft. My pussy savored it. Hermaphrodites where the hottest.

And none of them were hotter than my elf.

“Oh, yes, Minx,” she groaned, my lips finding a fat nipple, sucking hard. Her cock throbbed in my depths. “You’re so tight. Ride me. Make me cum! I need to cum so badly!”

Minx grinned, rolling her hips as she rose, abandoning the fat nub. “I’ll ride you. Mmm, you’ll scream your head off.”

Her pointed ears twitched more, a smile crossing her lips. “Yes! Love you!”

Those two simple words sent my hips pumping. I rose up and down on her huge dick. She reached so deep into me. Halflings had elastic pussies. We could take dicks from the big races with ease. But as I slid down her shaft, it was like she was reaching into my guts.

I loved it.

So much pleasure rippled through me as I worked my pussy up and down her dick, gasping, groaning, savoring the bliss churned by the friction. I clenched down hard as I rose on her dick, savoring the slide of our flesh. I lifted slowly, leisurely, taking my time. I reached the tip of her dick undulating my hips, stirring just the crown through my cunt.

And then I impaled myself hard, slamming down her cock. My tits bounced. I gasped, savoring the pleasure rushing through me. My head swayed. I gasped, eyes fluttering. I reveled in the pleasure shooting through me.

And then I did it all over again.

“I’m going to make my sexy elf cum,” I moaned.

“Yes,” she grinned. “Mmm, make me cum. Make me erupt into your pussy again.”

I ground my clit into her pubic bone as I grinned at her. I leaned over, planting my hands on her stomach, working my hips, riding her. I slid higher, brushing the bottoms of her large tits. They jiggled, her fat nipples beckoning. They were pink but tinged with the same greenish hue that permeated her skin. I licked my lips, staring at them as I fucked her, giving us both pleasure.

Her hands seized my ass, cupping my small cheeks. She gripped them, sliding me faster and faster. The pleasure shivered through me. I gasped out in delight, twisting, wiggling my hips, loving every second of my pleasure.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned in delight. “Oh, wow, your cock stirs me up. Cernere’s black cunt, Xera! Love it! Love you!”

“Matar’s cock, you’re so tight. The best pussy, Minx. The best.”

I beamed at her, pumping faster and faster. The urge to cum rising in me. My head tossed, my short, metallic-red hair caressing my cheeks as I shivered. My pussy clenched, tightened. Every inch her dick slid through my snatch brought me closer and closer to exploding.



I loved those words.

“Xera,” I panted, voice strained as I bounced on her hard and fast, her dick’s tip slamming against my cervix. “Cum in me! Give it to me!”

“Yes,” she moaned, her hands squeezing my asscheeks. “Oh, I’m going to flood you. My ovaries are tingling. Just a few more strokes.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, wiggling my hips as I rode her hard and fast. “Do it! Flood me!”

“Matar’s wonderful cock!”

Her ears twitched violently. Her fingers dug hard into my ass. Hips bucked. Cum fired. I savored the creamy blasts splashing against my pussy. My eyes widened, groaning, savoring every moment of pleasure as it raced through me.

My pussy milked her dick. I bucked and spasmed on her. My eyes rolled back into my head as the pleasure burst over and over through me. It cascaded through me. It made me gasp and moan and ache. I was so glad she was cumming in me.

Rapture burned through my mind. I collapsed forward on her, burying my face between her soft, warm breasts as I writhed on her. My pussy spasmed on her cumming cock. Her jizz splashed over and over into me. We both sang out our pleasure.



It peaked in me. I held onto it, savoring it, and then it retreated. It left me buzzing. I mewled into her tits, pushing them against my face, loving how they smelled so sweet, how they tasted so salty, and how they felt so silky.

Xera’s cock softened. It stayed in me, my pussy gripping it. I loved how she felt in me as I breathed. The spicy musk of damiana gone from the air, worked out of our system. I sighed, closing my eyes, loving this moment.

“Minx,” Xera whispered, stroking my back with light fingers.


“We should…talk.”

My head snapped up. “No, you can’t take it back. I know you love me.”

Her green eyes brimmed with tears. “I do love you, but… I have a wife. A child I’ve never met. We’re nearing the end of the quest. One more piece of the sword, then we’re off to reforge it and slay the dragon.”

“And?” I asked, my stomach quivering. I hugged her tight. I wasn’t letting go of her.

“And the group will break apart. We will get back to our lives as best we can. I’ll return to my forest. To my family.” She gave me a soft smile. “I have to. I have a daughter. I have responsibilities.”

“What about me?” Tears beaded in my eyes.

She stroked up to my hair. “I’ll always love you, but…”

“I’ll come with you.” I sat up. “I can live in the forest.”

“Minx…” She said it with a sigh.

“No,” I continued. “I’ll come with you. I’ll be your lover. I’m sure the other elves will love me. You can teach me to be a hunter, and there’ll be a pussy around for the other elves to use so they don’t cheat. I know how much you love dual-sexed pussy, Xera.”

“You’re a creature of the cities, Minx. You love sneaking through streets, blending in crowds, hunting atop rooftops. My home is like this place. Not as foul-feeling, but as dark, as mysterious. It is a quiet place. Life is slow.”

“There are cities by the forest,” I said, tears burning in my eyes. I didn’t want to lose her. “I’ll live there and we can visit each other.”

“And what will my wife think?”

“So what?” I hissed. “I’m not an elf or nixie or a sylph or a gnome or even a dragon. I’m not a hermaphrodite. You can’t get me pregnant. That means that we can have all the sex and kisses and it’s not cheating. She won’t care.”

“It’s a different sort of cheating.” She stroked down my spine. “I shouldn’t love you.”

“But you do.”

“I do.”

“Then I’m not letting you go.”

“Minx…” She shook her head, tears in her eyes as I hugged her tight, burying my face back into her tits. “This isn’t—”

“No!” The word exploded out of me, shocking me. “I’m not letting you go. I’m going to enjoy this for as long as I can. No more talking about the future. Let’s just enjoy this, us. Okay? I love you.”

“I love you, Minx,” she whispered. Her hands found my cheeks. She lifted my head, pulling me to her.

I slid up her body and smiled at her.

“We’ll just enjoy this as long as we can,” she said.

“Good,” I said, my heart twisting with pain. I would show her that it was me she needed. Not her wife. Not her…


I couldn’t give her a daughter. Hermaphrodites like her and dual-sexed races like me couldn’t breed. I could only breed with another halfling.

No, I wouldn’t think about that. I kissed her hard, hugging her. I would make every moment we had together count. And she would realize what she wanted more was me. She had to. I didn’t want to lose her.

Tears fell down my cheeks as I kissed my elf.


Acolyte Sophia

My fingers plunged into my pussy. I groaned, trying not to look around camp at all the blood and corpses of werewolves. Thrak stood watch with Faoril, staring at the Tuathan witch we had captured, held up by air, gagged to keep from sending her spirits out to get us. Angela stood by me, sword out, shield ready.

“You are just a naughty slut,” Angela purred, drawing my attention to my task. “Mmm, finger that cunt. I want you to cum, concubine. That’s an order.”

“Yes, my Queen,” I moaned, plunging my fingers faster and harder into my cunt. My flesh clenched around them, pleasure buzzing through me.

“Find Chaun and Xandra,” groaned Angela. “I need them returned. Only you can do it.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned. In the background, Minx and Xera both screamed out their pleasure, still rutting, caught up by one of Minx’s alchemical lust bombs.

I had to cum for the divining spell. My back arched, my ass clenched beneath my open robes. Angela stood in front of me, looking so sexy in her armor. My powerful Queen. We almost had the High King’s sword reassembled. Her ancestors sword.

What a queen she would make. It was ridiculous women couldn’t rule. Just because Pater, the father of the gods, ruled the universe only men could rule a nation. Angela would make an amazing queen. So regal and beautiful and mighty.

Her blue eyes bored on mine. “Cum, you naughty slave,” she purred. “Let me hear those sweet moans.”

“Yes, yes yes,” I panted, my small breasts quivering. “My queen!”

My orgasm exploded through me. My pussy spasmed on my fingers as I pictured Angela sitting on the throne in Shesax, ruling over the High Queendom of Hamilten, reclaiming her ancestors massive empire. And I was kneeling at her feet, her lovely concubine.

I was so caught up in my fantasy, I almost forgot to cast the spell. “Saphique, I pray that you find what I seek.” My pussy burned hot around my fingers, soaking them in enchanted pussy cream. I ripped them free and rubbed the juices on my right nipple. “Guide me with your loving wisdom.”

A tingle rushed through my body as my breast milk squirted from my nub, anointing my fingers. I shuddered, turning, my fingers pointing out into the forest as my divination spelled went into effect. “That way, my Queen.”

She hefted her sword. “Let’s go.”

I nodded, trembling. With a whispered word, I conjured a pink light. It birthed from my nipple like a bubble then danced before us as we marched out into the darkness. I hoped Chaun and Xandra were all right.

Damned werewolves.



The angry, jealous lust tingled through me. I broke away from Chaun, my stomach tingling from where the werewolf’s juices had rubbed off his dick onto my flesh. I turned to the silver-eyed werewolf pinned by the water elemental and gave her a vicious grin.

“You thought you could fuck my husband?” I demanded, primal lust consuming me. I had never felt anything like this before. But I had to dominate this bitch and put her in her place. “Huh?”

“Need cock to make babies,” the werewolf whimpered. “Mercy. Mercy. Did not know his cock belonged to such strong female.”

Chaun grinned at me. “What are you up to?”

I puppeteered the water elemental, yanking the werewolf up onto her hands and knees. Her breasts dangled. I swept watery tendrils about her body, squeezing those large tits. They jiggled, her nipples aching so hard. I could feel what the water elemental felt, caressing her skin, sliding the tentacles around those mounds until the ends reached her nipples.

And sucked on them. Water engulfed each nub. The werewolf’s silvery eyes widened. She let out a whimpering moan, her hips wiggling, pussy growing hotter and hotter. Chaun hummed a song, a stirring melody of lust.

“She wants your cum so badly, Chaun, she kidnapped you,” I moaned, reaching out, playing with his big cock. “This cock drove her wild with lust.”

“It did,” moaned the werewolf.

Chaun hummed louder, his song making me tingle.

“Why don’t you give it to her?” I grinned, the water elemental dragging the werewolf closer. I seized her hair through my conjuration, yanking back her head and shoving her face between my legs. “Give her what she wanted so badly she attacked us.”

Chaun’s violet eyes twinkled at me. He loved this game. Chaun enjoyed sharing women with me. I had my appetites broadened. I wasn’t a repressed avian woman who only would sleep with her husband. I craved feminine flesh, too. I would never touch another man again, I would be faithful to Luben and honor my marriage pact. Being with a woman wasn’t breaking them.


“Lick me,” I moaned, grinding my pussy into her face. “Devour me. You thought you could fuck his cock without my permission, so now you have to pay.”

“Yes,” she moaned and then licked at my snatch.

Chaun drove into her pussy as bawdy words burst from his lips:

And the maiden wet


was seized by a letch,


to suck the warrior’s cock.


And the maiden fell,


‘pon the grass o’ the dell


to blow the warrior’s cock.


Her mouth opened wide


and her lips did slide


along the warrior’s cock.


I groaned, the words spilling through the glade, making my pussy so wet. I shivered, rubbing my cunt into the werewolf’s licking mouth. Her silvery eyes shone up at me as she licked and devoured my snatch. My breasts jiggled beneath me as I ground on her lips.

“You nasty slut,” I gasped. “Oh, yes, you’re fucking my man’s cock because I let you. So you have to make me cum!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” moaned the werewolf. “I will, great female. Mmm, Moon will make you cum so hard.”

Her tongue dove through my folds. I shivered, grinding on her, loving her tongue diving through my folds. My eyes rolled back into my head. Short gasps burst from my lips. She caressed my pussy lips and up to my clit.

My nub throbbed on her tongue. Her lips latched onto it. She sucked. I gasped, my left hand sliding up to my small breast, squeezing it. My nipple throbbed. I rubbed it with my tongue, playing with it while I controlled the water elemental. I caressed her body and sucked on her nipples. Tendrils of water touched her everywhere.

I smiled at Chaun as his bawdy song spurred me to new lusts. “Oh, yes, you naughty werewolf. Mmm, you’re just a lapdog now.” I giggled. “And you lap so well. Mmm, yes. Oh, that’s nice. You’re going to make me cum while I play with your body.”

My fingers danced on the mangrove totem, tracing the undulating lines.

Moon’s silver eyes widened as a thick tendril of water slid between her butt-cheeks and pressed on her asshole. Chaun grinned at me as he fucked her hard, his midnight-black chest rippling. He was such a sexy man.

He nodded.

I shoved the tendril into her bowels.

“Great female,” moaned the werewolf as the watery tendril fucked into her asshole. I could feel the tight, velvety heat of her asshole about the water elemental’s tentacle. I shuddered, my clit throbbing as she flicked her tongue across it.

“You love it up the ass, don’t you?”

“I never felt this,” she moaned. “Waste of cock back there.”

“Mmm, I know,” I grinned. “And you love it. You naughty bitch. Tell me how much you love it.”

“So much!” she moaned and lapped harder. “Thank you, great female.”

She licked and lapped at my pussy with such intensity. I gasped, my eyes rolling back into my head. Chaun reached out with a hand, grasping my hip, steadying me as my head snapped back. I trilled out my song of pleasure, matching the bawdy melody of Chaun’s song.

And came on the werewolf’s mouth.

My orgasm was powerful. Intoxicating. I had never felt the like before. I reamed the tentacle deep into her bowels, the others tendrils squeezing her pillow-soft tits and pulling on her hard nipples. My juices squirted into her mouth.

And she drank them down.

“Yes, yes, you naughty bitch,” I moaned. “Oh, yes. You love that. You’re paying the price for fucking my male!”

“Great female!” she moaned, howled, and then her bowels spasmed about the watery tentacle. I shuddered, feeling her flesh writhe.

“Pater’s cock,” grunted Chaun, snapped out of his song. “Oh, damn, I’m going to cum in her.”

“No,” I hissed. “She doesn’t deserve your cum. I do. I’m your wife. If you’re going to breed someone, breed me. I want to hatch your egg.”

Chaun grinned at me and ripped his cock out. I stumbled back from the werewolf and fell to my knees facing her, our lips inches apart. Chaun moved behind me as the werewolf whimpered and moaned, her silver eyes locked on his bouncing cock.

“All his cum is mine,” I groaned, still bursting with that primal lust. “You’re lucky I even let you have an orgasm.”

“Yes, great female,” she whimpered, still shuddering and cumming.

I leaned forward, kissing her hard on the lips, tasting my sweet pussy juices. I moaned as Chaun rammed his cock into my still spasming pussy. My orgasm was just dying, but feeling my husband’s dick in me sent a resurgence of pleasure through my quivering flesh.

I shivered, my cunt massaging his dick as he plowed into me. His three balls smacked into my clit. He fucked me so hard, grunting, groaning, loving my pussy more than the werewolf bitch. I broke the kiss, moaning out my pleasure.

“Yes, yes, yes, Chaun! Please cum in my pussy. I want all of your seed. All of it!”

“Yes,” he groaned.

I sang out in wordless delight, a complex melody of joy, as his jizz pumped into me. I groaned, my pussy spasming on his dick, pleasure shuddering through me as I milked him. Rapture shot through me. I hoped he quickened my egg. I wanted to hatch his child so badly.

My eyes rolled back into my head as his cum spurted a final time into me.

“Xandra,” he groaned. “My sweet songbird.”

“Yes,” I trilled, shuddering. My eyes fluttered open. I stared at the werewolf. I released her. “Go!”

“Great female?” she whimpered, putting her face down to the floor between her hands, staring up at me.

“Go,” I snarled. Water splashed against the ground beside the werewolf, spraying up detritus. The water elemental swirled and splashed, throwing a punch at her.

She whimpered and then fled into the night.

“Wow, Xandra,” Chaun groaned, pulling his dick out of me. “That was amazing.”

“Xandra isn’t my name any longer,” I told him as he pulled out. “I’m officially an adult. Xandra was my adolescent name.”

“Right,” he panted. “First you were Sky.”

I nodded. “My hatchling name. Then when I began an adolescence and had my vision of my role, learning I should be a shaman. So I became Xandra. And now I can fly. I need a new name.”

“Like what?”

I blinked. “I… I don’t know. It’s my choice. But… I never thought I would have this. I was always so scared of…”

“Flying?” Chaun asked.

I shook my head. “No. Just… just afraid of…” A mirror flashed in my mind. The terror gripped me for a moment. “I…I don’t understand why I was afraid. It just scared me for some reason. It held me back. And then when I saw you taken, and my air totem was ripped from my hands, I realized I had no choice but to fly to find you. I couldn’t be scared of it.” I bit my lip. “Why should I be afraid of it?”

“The heights?”

“Chaun,” I said, rolling my eyes. “You saw where I lived. I would masturbate from the highest point of Black Rock Aerie, my feet dangling over the edge. Heights do not bother me. It was just…”

“Pressure. You felt so much pressure to achieve it that you couldn’t. I bet you were afraid of disappointing your parents and your people.”

Memories of two years ago, everyone watching me as I struggled and tried to overcome my fear, popped through my mind. “Maybe.” And then I laughed and became a songbird. My body shrank as feathers grew. I was a colorful finch, my stomach blue and yellow, my wings bright green. I trilled out my song as I launched to Chaun.

He grinned, holding out a finger for me to perch on. “Will you look at that.”

I trilled to him, but he couldn’t understand me. But I didn’t care. I hopped on his fingers, flapping my wings as I sang to him. He smiled, swaying as he listened to my song. He understood the joyful emotions bursting out of me.

“Aurora,” he said as he stared at me.

I let out a trilling question.

“It’s what they call these sheets of green and blue light that dance across the skies far to the north. They are supposed to be so beautiful but rare. Like you.” His thumb stroked the down of my belly.

I liked that.

“So, how about it, Aurora? Your new name?”

I trilled out a happy song, chirping for joy as he stroked my belly.

“Well, this isn’t what I expected,” a woman said.

I let out a trill of surprise as Chaun turned. I clutched my talons about his fingers to hold my balance. Sophia smirked as she and Angela stepped out of the forest, a ball of pink light hovering by the pair. Angela sheathed her sword, giving Chaun a quizzical look.

“You’re petting a bird by yourself,” Sophia said, shaking her hand. “What are you doing, Chaun?”

“Listening to Aurora sing,” he answered. “Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Aurora?” Sophia frowned, glancing at Angela. “What’s going on?”

I launched myself into the air, flying to Sophia, singing her a greeting. She had a bemused look on her face as I landed on her shoulder. I chirped to her, and she just arched an eyebrow, glancing at Chaun.

“Okay, what is going on?” Sophia asked, her green eyes blinking.

“Where’s Xandra?” Angela asked, bending over to pick up my discarded fire totem. My water totem had merged into my bird form along with anything else I wore or held.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to show them. I flapped from Sophia’s shoulder and became my avian form, flowing into legs and arms and long, silky blue hair. I appeared naked, holding the water totem in my hand.

“Slata’s hairy cunt!” Sophia gasped, stumbling back and tripping over a log, landing on her backside.

Chaun laughed while Angela let go of her sword hilt, relaxing.

“I can turn into a bird!” I grinned. “I did it! I’m an adult for real. I have my true name now! Aurora! Isn’t it beautiful? Chaun named me.”

Sophia frowned. “Well, then you’re not the nameless shaman any longer. Huh? Does that mess up the prophecy?”

I frowned while Angela shrugged. “She was nameless when she joined. And it is a beautiful name, Xandra. I mean, Aurora.”

I smiled as the armored knight gave me a hug, my nipples pressing against her cold breastplate. That felt nice. I hadn’t made love to Angela yet. Chaun and I should invite her to our bed. I bet she would be fun to play with.

And then I became a bird. I couldn’t help myself.


Warlock Faoril

Xera and Minx stumbled out of the brush, the elf’s mouth smeared with pussy juices and cum, the halfling dipping so many loads of jizz out of her snatch. A surge of hunger shot through me to fall to my knees and not let all that yummy cum go to waste.

I controlled myself.

“So, what do we do with her?” Minx asked, pointing to the Tuathan twinborn witch held by my magic. The woman floated in the air, her green eyes wide with fear.

“Kill her,” grunted Thrak. He sat by the fire, running a whetstone across his ax, the muscles in his swarthy back playing as he stroked.

“Sure,” Minx said, drawing a dagger from her belt. It was all she wore. Like everyone but Angela, Minx was fucking when the attack happened. And she and Xera hadn’t had a chance to dress. Of course, Xera only wore a belt on which to carry her supplies and quiver of arrows.

“No, we can’t kill her,” Xera gasped. “We took her prisoner.”

“Be simpler,” Thrak grunted. “I understand how repugnant it is, but she is dangerous. Her magic nullified Faoril’s.”

“Angela wouldn’t want us to execute a prisoner,” I said, planting my hands on my hips, pressing the fabric of my red robes tight to my body. “Thrak, you know that. She’s a knight.”

“Technically, she’s not,” he countered.

“Spiritually, she is. So we are not killing the prisoner.” I glanced at the woman. “Though I have no idea what we should do with you.”

“She’ll just cause problems,” Minx said, gripping her knife. “This is cleaner than having her attack us again.”

The woman moaned through her gag, shaking her head while her dangling feet kicked.

“Yeah, right, I’m sure you won’t attack us again,” Minx said, rolling her eyes. “Let’s just dispatch her before Angela gets back. Then she won’t feel bad about it.”

“She’s already back,” Xera said, ears twitching. She turned her gaze. “With Chaun and Sophia and…a songbird?”

I blinked. There was a happy, chirping sound. I hadn’t heard any birds sing since we entered the woods. And it was at night. No songbirds were active in the night. What was going on? And then a colorful finch flitted out of the woods, singing as it flapped about us.

Xera smiled. “Hello, Xandra.”

“Xandra?” Minx blinked.

“What?” I stared at the bird as she morphed, changed, feathers vanishing, her body expanding into the form of a slim, delicate woman, hair sky-blue, eyes shining sapphire. Xandra appeared, stretching her back.

“I can fly!” she sang out as beautiful as the sounds she made as a bird.

“Wow,” Minx said, jaw dropping. “You… Wow.”

“And it’s not Xandra any longer. I have my adult name. Aurora!” The avian giggled. “Isn’t that wonderful?”

Thrak nodded. “I have seen their beauty many times dancing in the winter skies above white snow. Blues and greens and even purples. Great sheets and ribbons across the entire sky. Well-named, Aurora.”

“Thanks,” Xandra—no, Aurora; I would have to remember that—beamed.

Chaun, Angela, and Sophia appeared out of the brush a moment later. Xan…Aurora became a bird, flitted over to Chaun, and landed on his shoulder, singing a happy song, her tail feathers twitching. He grinned at her and then glanced at her prisoner.



Angela sucked in a sharp breath. “You know her?”

“Yes,” Chaun said. “She made my troubadour’s trunk after I helped her out a few years back. She was attacking us?”

“After the bounty,” Thrak said. “Found a writ signed by the Doge himself on her.”

Chaun’s jaw dropped in shock. “You hunted me, Bebhinn?”


Bebhinn, the Twinborn Witch

I flinched at the pain in Chaun’s face. He had saved my life and… No, he was a criminal. There was a bounty on his head. A huge bounty. On all of them save for the avian. I squirmed in the bonds, my heart racing.

Everything had gone wrong. I had come so close to defeating them and now… Would they kill me?

“Ungag her,” Chaun said.

“No,” the mage objected. “She is a witch. If she can speak, she can summon her spirits.”

“Then gag her before she can finish her spell,” the changeling said, the avian glaring at me from his shoulder, her eyes beady black as a bird. “I need to know what she’s doing here. I know her. I… Bebhinn…”

“Do it,” Angela ordered, her sword rasping as she drew it from her sheath. Thrak rose on the other side, turning, gripping that huge ax.

I shivered.

The gag vanished. I worked my jaw, my mouth so dry. I licked lips, staring at Chaun.

“Well?” he demanded. “Did you just try to kill us? Me?”

My stomach churned with guilt. “I did.”

Chaun shook his head, pain in his eyes.

“You’re all criminals,” I objected. “You robbed from the Doge of Raratha. Sophia put a knife to his throat.”

“I can put one to yours again,” the priestess hissed.

“You assaulted his guards, his court mage. He signed warrants for your arrest. Your crimes demand execution. I have his writ empowering me.”

“To come kill me?” Chaun demanded. “I saved your life, Bebhinn. Those brigands would have killed you if I hadn’t befuddled them with my song.”

“I repaid you,” I said, but it didn’t feel enough. One little trunk that could hold as much space as possible.

He shook his head.

“I…I…” Tears fell down my cheeks. I couldn’t believe how greedy I was. I wanted that bounty so much. I could live the rest of my life in comfort. No more traveling poor amusing villagers with simple tricks and giving them fortunes. I could settle down and forget…

The pain ached my heart. I would never see my twin sister again.

“I’m sorry, Chaun.” Tears fell down my cheeks. “I… I just… It was…” What good excuse was there? “You were criminals. I…I probably wasn’t going to hurt you, Chaun.”

“But the rest of us?” Angela demanded. “You would have killed us. Even though we stole from the Doge to slay the Dragon Dominari. We just wanted the piece of the High King’s sword. We’re reforging it. And then we’ll slay the most dangerous dragon in the world. That’s worth the Doge loosing a few baubles and being embarrassed.”

I closed my jaws, flinching from all their hard gazes. They were going to kill me.

“Too dangerous to let go,” Thrak growled. “We should just get it over with.”

I flinched, staring at Chaun, begging him. “P-Please. I…I…”

“There’s nothing she can say or do that would convince me she won’t try again,” Minx said, anger in her voice.

“No, she deserves a second chance,” Xera objected. “Angela, you can’t just kill her. We captured her. She surrendered.”

“There’s a way,” Chaun said. “Though why I should save your life again, Bebhinn…?”

Hope surged. More tears fell as I stared at Chaun.

“How?” Faoril asked. “Her magic is formidable. She’s a twinborn witch of the Tuathan. Fairy blood is in her veins.”

I blinked at that.

“I can hypnotize her,” Chaun said, moving closer. “But only if she is willing.”

“I’ll be willing,” I quickly said. “I’m sorry. I am. I thought you were criminals and… I was just trying to support myself. And…” Their glares were all angry. I shut my mouth.

“And she won’t be a problem?” Angela asked.

Chaun shook his head. “No.”

“Do it.”

Chaun cupped my tear-stained cheeks. I stared into his violet eyes as he sang. It was wordless and enchanting. The words spilled around me. My mind’s focus sharpened on Chaun’s eyes, on his words. I could feel them pouring into my mind, serenading me. A part of me wanted to rebel, to throw them out, but I grit my teeth.

I did not fight as…

I blinked, shaking my head. No one was where they should be. Only a heartbeat had passed. Right? The rest stood up from the fire, giving Chaun questioning looks. He let out a weary sigh and stepped back. Confusion gripped me.

“How long?” I asked.

“An hour,” Minx said. “Soooo long.”

“Well?” Angela asked.

“She won’t hurt us,” Chaun said. “She can’t.”

I opened my mouth to say something and realized… I didn’t want to hurt any of them. Just the idea twisted my stomach and made me break out in a cold sweat. It was horrifying even to contemplate it. Only a terrible person would hurt these wonderful people.

“I won’t,” I said. “You’re all so important and special.”

“Then go,” Angela said. “You’re free, witch.”

The magic holding me released. I summoned my spirits and let them carry me away. I needed to find a new life. Bounty hunting was just too dangerous, too hard. I almost killed people that were special, important.

Thank the gods they defeated me.


Aurora Xandra

“I think that’s it,” Faoril said as the foreboding, stone ruin reared out of the forest, its walls made of dark stone. Vibrant green vines with wide, spade-like leaves crawled up the walls, breaking apart the stone. Purple blushed the center of the leaves, matching the shade of the flowers dotting the foliage. They contrasted with the dark, weather-pitted stone something so alive against something so dead. “Drakin Castle.”

Minx snorted. “You think? Of course it is. Look at the place.”

I swallowed, shivering at it. We had finally found it. Eight days of traveling deeper and deeper into the woods since the werewolf attack and we had arrived. A shiver ran through me. I wanted to turn into a bird and fly away.

But Chaun and the others would need me.

He took my hand, giving it a squeeze as Xera and Minx ghosted ahead to scout the ruins. The final piece of the sword was inside. Angela drew her sword and Faoril downed a vial of cum. Thrak stretched his back before unlimbering his ax.

“Wonder what horrors have been breeding in there,” Minx muttered.

I nodded my head in agreement.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 6.

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