The World of Erasthay – The Knight and the Acolyte Bk 10, Chapter Three: Nubile Thief’s Passion


The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Ten: The Flaming Woman

Chapter Three: Nubile Thief’s Passion

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

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Xandra – Unmik, Asunow Princedom, The Princedoms of Zeutch

The rain was cold on my naked body as I stepped out from the shadowed shelter and walked towards the entrance of the castle where my husband and friends were held. Minx watched me, was counting on me, to make a distraction so she could get over the walls of the castle. We had to free Chaun and the others before it was too late.

I ignored the rain, my hands stroking the two totems I held in my hands. Energy coursed out of my body and flowed into the geometric patterns I had carved into each. One was made of mahogany and inscribed with undulating, wavy patterns, the other of light balsa wood covered in sinuous, curling lines. With them, I could puppeteer the elementals that lurked all around us in the air, the earth, the water, and the fire. Beings that held together the fabric of reality.

I was an avian shaman. I was Chaun’s wife. And I would do anything to rescue him from the hands of the Zeutchian soldiers.

Fear twisted my stomach. Chaun was a wanted fugitive from Prince Gruber, the man who had captured him. My husband had violated the man’s marriage bed, seducing and fucking his wife, Princess Adelaide. He had fled one step ahead of the headsman’s ax. And I would not let him die. I would save him and rescue my friends.

The guards at the gate looked miserable as they stood watch before a pair of large double doors, banded in iron and drawn closed for the night. They wore their plate armor, water running rivulets across the metal, dripping off any edges. Blond hair, matted by the rain, plastered about their necks and shoulders. They held long spears with wicked hooks jutting from the side. They were bored, not paying attention, huddled in the light of several sputtering torches.

I stepped into the light.

“Well, Pater’s mighty cock, what have we here?” one of the guard’s said, a man with a bulbous nose. He straightened at the sight of my naked, lithe flesh. I was slim, graceful, my legs sleek, my breasts small and firm, a narrow strip of sky-blue hair leading down across my pudenda to the tight slit of my pussy.

“Gewin’s prowess, what a beauty,” the second guard grinned, straightening. “You lost? Did some ruffians set upon you? In need of some comfort?” The last was said with such a leer.

“I just want to dance for you,” I purred, “with my lovers.”

“Dance?” The first guard leaned up. “Did Gunther pay you to come down here, whore?”

I let a sway enter my hips and gave him a smoky smile, lying with my lips. A song trilled from my throat as I swayed, water beading down my body. A strange excitement birthed inside my pussy as the guards watched me, desired me. They wanted to fuck me. To bend me over and ram their hard cocks into my pussy and mouth.

Part of me wanted that. The whorish part that I had learned to accept was a part of me. I had desires that Chaun had awakened in me. But I could control them.

Slippery juices slicked my thighs as I turned, my ass wiggling, letting the guards get an eyeful of it. My song grew louder, singing out to drive back the autumn chill. At the same moment, I summoned my elementals.

As air and water swirled around me, metal clattered above. The guards on the battlements moved to watch my dance, too. I caught flashes of them in the darkness, light glinting off wet armor. They called down, words muffled by the rain, but I could hear their excitement.

The air elemental wrapped its arms about me, caressing my skin with breezes. My breasts jiggled, cupped by my lover’s whirling hands. My nipples throbbed, little vortices sucking at them. Pleasure shot down to my pussy.

The water on my body slid and coalesced into a undulating lover wrapped serpentine about my body. The water elemental pressed against my pussy, rubbing it with heated touch as I sang louder and louder.

“Gods, what is she doing?” one of the guards said as watery tongues lapped at my pussy.

The air elemental lifted me into the air. I shivered, my toes curling as I hovered before them. My back arched, the watery tongue licking and lapping through the heated folds of my pussy. The air elemental sucked harder on my nipples, the vortices stretching out my perky breasts. Throaty pleasure sounded in my song as I writhed in my two lovers’ embrace.

Watery tendrils slid into my pussy, delicate feelers teasing my folds and delving into my depths. The watery tongue lapped at my pussy while my fingers danced across my totems. I controlled the elementals, guiding them as they caressed my body.

Masturbating me.

“Gewin’s mighty cock, I don’t know what’s she’s doing, but I’ve never seen the like. Look at her. The water and air are fucking her.”

“Some sorta witch,” the other groaned. “But Slata’s hairy cunt, what a beauty.”

“Yes,” I moaned, arms spread wide, the watery elemental exploring my pussy deeper, the thin tendrils, not much thicker than a hair, tickled my inner depths. The tongue lapped and circled my clit, shooting pleasure through my body.

A whirling vortex of air pressed between the cheeks of my butt, wet with falling rain. It pressed on my sphincter. I groaned, my body shivering at the rimming caress on my asshole. The burning delight radiated to my pussy, joining the pleasure the water elemental stirred in me. My pussy clenched on the feelers of water sliding through my pussy’s depths.

And then the vortex-cock thrust into my asshole. I groaned as the whirling dick penetrated deeper and deeper into my bowels. The fast winds forced my asshole apart and caressed the velvety delight of my bowels.

“Rithi herself has sent me,” I said. “The Goddess of Art wishes to make a canvas of my body. Oh, yes!”

I spun in the air, twisted by my lovers. The water elemental, wrapped about my body, constricted as more and more feelers entered my pussy, tickling and exploring me. My cunt spread open as they wiggled in, friction shivering through my body. The smooth surface of the water was so different than any cock. My clit throbbed, licked by the watery mouth.

“Praise the Goddess of Art,” I moaned, the words spilling out of my soul, the air elemental fucking its vortex-cock in and out of my asshole faster, deeper. My bowels burned about it. “Embrace inspiration.”

“So inspiring,” one of the guard’s groaned, his hand shoved beneath the skirt of plate to rub at his cock. Such desire burned in their eyes.

They wanted to fuck me.

The pleasure rippled through my body. Every stroke of the vortex-dick and swirl of the watery feelers brought me closer and closer to my orgasm. I couldn’t help enjoying myself as I showed off my married body. These men wanted to touch me, to fuck me, to violate my oath to Luben. They wanted to pump their salty cum into my body.

To revel in the delight of my flesh.

My elemental lovers fucked me harder and harder. Both my holes stretched about their unusual cocks. My nipples ached and throbbed as the air elemental sucked on them. My liquid lover misted my mouth with sweet water. I groaned into the kiss, spasming as trembles of delight slid through my body.
I caught a flash of movement on the wall. Minx had reached the top of the battlements, slipping past the distracted guards.

My clit throbbed as my watery lover tongued it. The elemental had two mouths. I shivered, my pussy clenching on the watery feelers as they twirled through my pussy, caressing all the wonderful spots inside me simultaneously. My bowels burned as the tornado whirled faster in my depths. Sensations crashed together in me.

I came.

I moaned into my water elemental’s kiss. I thrust my tongue into its mouth. It sucked on it while fucking its feelers into my spasming pussy. My cream joined the elemental’s form, merging with its body. The taste of my sweet pussy tinged my watery kiss. I groaned, bowels burning, pleasure screaming through my body.

I spasmed in their embrace. The pleasure peaked in me as I tumbled through the air, spinning in lazy circles. I caught glimpses of both guards, jerking off their cocks beneath their armor, metal creaking, faces twisting. Cum spurted out from beneath their plate, splashing in the puddles at their feet.

My orgasm exploded a second time. I inspired these men to cum. As I directed my air elemental to carry me away, I thrashed, rapture burning through my mind. I was such a naughty wife. An avian female who would do anything to rescue her husband.


“Chaun!” I panted as the elementals set my body down out of sight of the castle. I shivered, blinking and gaining my feet on dazed wings. “I’m coming, Chaun!”

I raced around the building to my clothes. I dressed swiftly, the guards still standing bemused. I had to catch up with Minx. She had to sneak past the watchful guards on the battlements who were now patrolling like they were supposed to.

I could turn into something inconspicuous. Dressed, my totems in my pouch, I became a seagull, the tips of my wings black. I was identical to the flocks of birds that prowled the port city, forever cawing. The rain fell on my feathers. I didn’t mind it. I spread wide, flapped, and launched into the air, reveling in flying.

I loved it. I flew every chance I could. I was so glad I had overcome my fear and could fly like a proper avian. I let out a gullish cry as I flew over the castle. A guard looked up but didn’t stop his patrol as I cleared the battlements. I peered down at the dark courtyard, buildings crowding the walls, barracks and smithies and other structures, the castle sitting in the center.

Shadows moved.


I descended down, landing before her. I shook my feathers then blurred, growing and growing, becoming my humanoid form again, a big smile on my face. I shivered from the exhilaration of my exhibitionist orgasm and the thrill of flying.

“That was so hot,” Minx chortled. “Oh, gods, I thought you were just going to fuck them. But, wow, you had them entranced. I almost forgot to climb the wall.”

“Good,” I said. “Well?”

“Door’s this way,” she said. “Let’s save our friends.”



I groaned as Princess Adelaide’s fingers clawed into my back. Her possessiveness shocked me. I rolled over, trying to get off of her as my cock spurted into her depths. The rickety cot in my cell creaked as I rolled onto my back. But she came with me, still hugging me, her pussy milking my cock.

“I’m not yours,” I gasped. “I’m married.”

“So am I,” she moaned. “What does that have to do with love? Yes, yes, fill me with your seed. Let me bear all your changeling sons.”

“Your husband will kill me,” I groaned.

“He won’t,” she gasped. “I won’t let you go this time. No one will steal you away.”

I opened my mouth. I had to sing, to calm down the wild look in her eyes, to get her to see sense. To convince her to help us escape. But before a single note could escape my lips, her hands clamped over my mouth, silencing me.

“Oh, no. No sweet croons to confuse me,” she purred. “I’m going to save you, Chaun. I love you.”
I grabbed her wrist, wrenching them off my mouth. “No, you don’t. You’re just obsessed about me. It’s not the same thing.”

“Obsessed?” she hissed, eyes wild, her voice rising in octaves. Her pussy clenched on my cock. And then, with a wild strength, her hands seized my wrists and yanked my arms over my head.

It happened so fast, before I could even resist what she was doing. She slammed my wrists into manacles dangling from the walls. Metal clinked as they latched about my wrists, keeping me in place. She smiled down at me.

“There, now you’re not going anywhere.” Her hand covered my mouth as I struggled to speak. “Just enjoy my love.”

She slid her pussy up my cock, clenching so hard, her tits bouncing.

“You’re mine!”



I couldn’t believe that Xera and the others let themselves get captured. I mean, I know there was like a hundred soldiers and three mages of the same rank as Faoril, but, still. This was what happened when I left them alone. They were helpless without me.

Aurora and I moved along the side of the keep. Beside the keep’s main entrance, which was guarded by more soldiers, I had found two other doors, both locked. Prince Gruber didn’t want anyone slipping in. He must be paranoid.

And given the reputation of our party—we did break into the Vault of Raratha—I should take it as a sign of respect for my skill.

We reached the door. I pulled out a rolled bundle from my pouch and flipped it opened, grabbing my lock picks. I selected a tension wrench and a wavy rake. I pushed the tension wrench, a thin strip of metal bent into an L, into the bottom of the keyway. You needed the tension to keep the pins pushed up once you picked them. I shoved in the rake, working it in and out, the pins clicking. A rake was a brute force method, but it was fast for cheap locks.

This wasn’t a cheap lock.

I pulled out the rake and grabbed a pick, a thin piece of metal that curved up into a hook at the end. I slid it into the keyway and slid it along the pins. There were seven of them. I furrowed my brow, pushing on them, trying to get a mental picture of them. Some wouldn’t move. Others did. I worked by feel, going back and forth between the pins. The lock clicked.

“Hurry,” Aurora hissed. “I hear footsteps.”

In the distance, heavy boots thudded. Rain drummed on armor. “There are security pins. It’s a good lock.” I pushed on the third pin. It clicked up and suddenly the lock twisted a bit to the right, giving me a false set, making me think all the pins were up, but one wasn’t. The pin was shaped like a spool, narrower in the middle. It allowed the lock to twist some before binding while the pin wouldn’t be able to go up any higher, making you think it was pushed up enough.

But it was also progress.

Aurora looked around, biting her lip. The footsteps grew louder. Around the corner of the building, a torch burned. I took a deep breath, heart racing as I focused on the lock. I touched pin five. It felt set. Then I moved to six. It talked to me, giving feedback as I pushed along with counter-rotation on the lock, pushing against the direction I tensioned it.

The pin clicked and the lock twisted farther to the right, giving me a deeper false set. I was closer.

“You should see the girl they got at the Gull and Feather,” a gruff voice said in the direction of the guards. “She’s Halanian.”

“Belly dancer?” the other guard said.

I pushed on the fourth pin. It clicked twice, the pin serrated with little teeth to catch the break line and bind the lock. I had to be almost there. I slid up to the front pin. It was hard to manipulate. The warding in the keyway forced my lock pick to enter low. I could barely touch it. The torchlight grew brighter. Aurora shifted her hips, letting out a whining sound.

She was scared. You couldn’t let fear get to you when you were doing something delicate and complex and—


The lock turned. I pulled out my picks, shoving them into my mouth, and shouldered open the door. Aurora gasped, darting in after me. I closed the door softly, twisting the doorknob so there would be no click. The guards laughed louder. I turned it, my ear pressed to the door.

Their words were muffled, but they didn’t sound alarmed. In moments, they were past the door.

“Ooh, that was fun,” I said around the picks in my mouth. I turned around and scanned the hallway we had entered. It was dark. But a torch burned farther down it.

“Fun?” Aurora said, her voice choked. “We were almost caught.

I pulled my picks out of my mouth. “I know.” I grinned at her as I put away my tools. “Ooh, this will be a night to remember.”

“You’re strange,” Aurora said as I padded down the hallway.

I shrugged. “What’s the fun in doing something if you don’t take any pleasure in it.” I gave her a sly grin over my shoulder, looking up at her. “After all, I heard your orgasmic moans in the courtyard. You screamed loud when you came.”

Aurora’s cheeks blushed. “Let’s go save our friends.”

I nodded.

We explored the keep. I figured the dungeon would be in the basement, so I was on the lookout for stairs leading down. I paused at each door, pressing my ear against it to listen before opening it. I found a lot of pantries and storerooms. Part of me itched to explore them better, to find any valuables, but I had to save Xera.

And she was more important than anything.

We moved deeper into the keep, Aurora moving almost as silently as me. She had a natural grace and affinity for sneaking. She held a totem in her hand, her rock one based on the straight lines carved on it. She was ready in case we were spotted by guards.

If we could avoid any tangles for as long as possible, it would increase our odds of success.

I opened another door, peering into a small linen closet. I sighed, closing the door and padding down the hallway. Shadows moved ahead. I froze in a crouch. Boots thudded on the stone. Armor jingled.

“Patrol,” Aurora hissed behind me.

My heart surged with excitement. I had to think fast to avoid engaging them. I glanced down the hallway, smiled. I grabbed Aurora’s hand, dragging the taller avian—everyone was taller than me—down the hallway. She stumbled back.

“Where are we going?” she asked, the footsteps nearer.

I wrenched open the linen closer. “Go,” I said.

The guards were at the intersection. Aurora darted in. I slipped in, too, closing the door shut. I winced as its hinge creaked loud and mournful. Didn’t the custodian keep things oiled in this blasted place?

“Hear that?” the guard asked.

“No,” groaned Aurora.

“Someone in there?”


Aurora Xandra

My heart thudded so hard in my chest. My hands clenched on my earth totem. I slid my fingers across it, reaching out to the elementals living in the constructed rocks around us. The guards were right outside. I didn’t want to hurt regular people, but I would rescue Chaun and…

“Oh, yes, lick my pussy, Gunther,” Minx moaned, loud and throaty. “Oh, you are such a stud.” She leaned against the door and undulated against it, making its rusty hinges creak and rattle. “Oh, you are going to get some hot pussy tonight. Oh, yes. Make me cum soooo hard. Oh, yes. Then you can fuck me as much as you want. Just give it to me.”

My jaw dropped. I stared at her in horror. What was she doing? Now they definitely know we were in here. I surged out my power. The stones at my feet vibrated, grated together, coalescing into my servant.

Outside, the guards laughed. “Devour her, Gunther,” one shouted. “Then get your dick wet.”

The other banged on the door. “I better hear all about it later.”

“He’ll tell you,” Minx moaned. “Trust me, boys, it’ll be a story that’ll keep you hard all day!”

The guards laughed harder while Minx kept moaning, pretending Gunther ate her pussy. The footsteps retreated, dwindling with the laughter. I blinked in shock. That actually worked. I stared down at Minx, a mischievous smile on her face. She looked so childish right now, enhanced by her short frame and slim stature.

“When people have questions, you have to give them believable answers. So someone’s in the linen closet. Why? Make some moans, and suddenly it’s not a person hiding who shouldn’t be there, but a pair of lovers having a secretive tryst. You don’t have to investigate any longer. Your question has been answered.”

“That’s smart,” I said.

“I know. I’m smart sometimes.” She pressed her ear against the door. “Okay, they’re gone.”



“Finally,” I breathed, staring through the open door at the stairs leading downward. Twice we had to hide from patrolling guards as we searched the first floor. And a third time we had to hide from a maid who wasn’t happy about being woken up and wanted to know who had barged into her bedchamber.

She was more persistent than the guards.

There were so many rooms for servant quarters around here, it was disgusting.

But now we had the stairs down into the dungeon. Men talked below, the type of idle conversation guards have to pass the time. I heard coins clink and the shuffle of a deck of guards. I glanced at Aurora, nodding at her.

“Be ready,” I told her in a whisper. “We’re not going to sneak past them. Stay five paces behind me.”

Aurora nodded, her face pale, breathing heavily. She gripped her totem tight. Then pulled out a second one with the swirling lines.

I padded down the stone stairs. They corkscrewed into the earth. The men’s voices grew louder and louder. One slapped on the table, proclaiming his winning hands. Others groaned. Coins clinked. My nose twitched. Were they playing with gold or copper?

Probably copper. They were guards. But it could be silver if I was lucky.

Aurora padded behind me, staying back five paces. When I stopped, she stopped. As I neared the bottom, seeing the opening at the end of the spiraling stairs, I slowed. I held up a hand, motioning Aurora to stay back and crept forward the final few steps. I pressed against the wall, sliding along it, peering, trying to get a glimpse into the room.

I didn’t move fast as I leaned my head out around the corner. Fast movement attracts attention. I went slow, sticking my head out, letting myself scan the room. It was a guard room, a heavy, locked door beyond the table where four guards sat playing cards. One shuffled. They were all engrossed in the game, none noticing my slow movement. Sitting on a stool nearby was a red-robed mage, her pale, Thosian face tired.

I leaned slowly back and glanced up at Aurora. I slid back up to her, motioning her to lean down. I whispered right into her ear, being as quiet as I could, “I need you to keep any gas from coming up the stairs.”

Aurora nodded, hand gripping the totem with the swirling lines.

I padded back down the stairs, my hand digging into my pouch. My heart beat faster and faster. There was a mage and four guards. And I knew just how to distract the mage. Faoril had taught me so much about mages and how they worked. I shivered in delight.

This would be fun.

I pulled out the alchemical bomb, the clay sides marked with a spiral. I took a deep breath.

And then darted around the corner and threw the clay ball between the guards and the mage. It hit with a loud crack. The guards grunted in surprise. The mage’s head snapped up as I darted back around the corner, red smoke bursting through the room.

“Illth’s poxed face,” one grunted. “What’s that smoke?”

“Damiana,” the mage gasped and then let out a groan. “Oh, no.”

The red smoke reached into the stairwell. Wind rushed past me. The air elemental burst into the doorway, swirling hard. It drove back the red smoke and kept it from engulfing us. I stepped into sight, chortling as I watched my fun unfold.

“Pater’s mighty cock and Slata’s hairy cunt!” moaned the mage.

Through the red smoke, I grinned as I saw her rip off her crimson robe, unveiling a curvy body. Thick, brown hair covered her pussy. She groaned, rubbing it as she fell to her knees. An excited twinge shot through me as she plunged her fingers over and over into her snatch.

“Look at that,” the guards groaned, staring at her in the fog. They wore leather armor, not the plate of the outside guards. Already they were peeling off their cuirass, dropping the boiled leather onto the ground as they advanced on the masturbating mage.

She stared up at them with hungry eyes. “Yes, yes, give me your cocks. I need them. I want all your cum.”

“Minx?” Aurora said, joining me and peering out as the four guards pulled out their dicks. Three had straw-colored pubic hair, the fourth light brown. Their dicks were squat and thick, thrusting towards the mage’s face. “Oh, my.”

I nodded my head. “We have to wait for the damiana to dissipate. But they took a good dose. They’ll be fucking for a half-hour or longer, not caring about anything.”

“Like at Grahata when we left the labyrinth,” flushed Aurora, her body shaking.

“Exactly,” I nodded. “And for once, I’m not caught up in it.”

The mage reached out with greedy hands, grasping two cocks, stroking them, and leaned her mouth forward to lick at a third. She swirled her tongue around it while I shook my hips from side to side. The air elemental kept back most of the spicy damiana gas. A little got through, making me so wet. I rubbed at the crotch of my leather britches, watching the mage suck the tip of the guard’s dick, her hands flying on the other two.

Aurora squirmed beside me, her nipples dimpling her sleeveless blouse. It was still wet from the rain, clinging to her round breasts. I licked my lips, naughty thoughts popping through my head. I could slip beneath her skirt and eat her pussy…

No, no. We should stay focused.

“She’s really sucking on them,” Aurora said, her voice thick with longing. Even envy.

“I bet you wish you could suck on Chaun’s and Xandra’s cocks at the same time.”

Aurora nodded her head.

“Maybe a few other hermaphrodites, too.”

Aurora smiled, her hips shaking.

I smacked her ass. “Naughty wife.”

“I am,” she smiled, sounding proud.

She had changed so much. Like me. Something about this quest had affected us all. I cared about others. I mean, more than just my dead sister Fox. I had Xera, whom I loved, and I didn’t even want to betray Angela any longer. Because I liked her. She was my companion, my friend. Aurora was no longer the shy, virginal avian who blushed when Chaun did things to her. She had matured into a woman who knew what she desired and wanted, and who had embraced a husband that could assume any form to give it to her.

I shifted my hips, smiling, eager to be reunited with Xera as I watched the mage bob her mouth from cock to cock. Her hands moving, stroking different ones as she worked her way across each cock, sucking for a moment, making the men groan.

“That’s it, little whore, suck our cocks.”

“Pater’s cock, but she knows how to please a man.”

“I always heard female mages were cock-hungry sluts.”

I giggled. “Faoril sure is.”

Aurora nodded her head, smiling, that envious, longing look in her eyes. She wanted to be the mage, to be wild with men, but at the same time, she would not betray her marriage vows. She had a confidence about her, knowing who she was and accepting it.

One of the guards grunted. His cock erupted as the mage stroked it. His cum spurted out, splattering her blushing cheeks. The mage whipped her head around, latching her mouth about the erupting cock before it squirted a second time. Jizz dripping down her face, she gulped down the rest with hungry need.

“Slata’s hairy cunt,” a guard on her other side groaned, jerking his cock hard. His dick exploded. Cum splashed on the mage’s face, two powerful bursts, before she could whip her head around and suck on it.

“Fuck, I want her cunt,” a third guard said. He moved around behind her, grabbing her hips. “Cum on, slut, you know you want it.”

The mage moaned as her hips were raised. And then she shivered as the guard thrust into her pussy. My own cunt clenched in envy. Aurora let out a whimpering sigh. She wanted that, too. She wanted to be fucked so hard right now.

The guard who just came popped his cock out of the mage’s mouth. Cum dripped off her face. The fourth guard who hadn’t cum seized her brown hair and rammed his dick deep into her mouth. She was impaled between the two guards, her body rocked, her breasts jiggling as they pounded her.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Aurora moaned, her fingers digging into her skirt, pressing the fabric into her wet pussy.

I rubbed harder at my crotch, digging the leather against my pussy folds. My juices flowed as I watched the two guards spit-roast the mage. She rocked between them, cum raining off her face and onto the floor, her moans so loud despite the muffling cock in her mouth.

“Yes, yes, fuck the slut,” I groaned, rubbing harder and harder.

“Gewin’s mighty cock,” the guard fucking her pussy grunted. “Take it. Take my cum.”

“Oh, yes,” Aurora groaned, her body swaying and shivering. Her nipples were so hard against her blouse.

“Fuck it,” I groaned. The damiana was still in the room. I couldn’t take this any longer.

I ducked under Aurora’s skirt. The avian gasped in shock as my damp hair slid up her thighs. My left arm wrapped about her waist, squeezing her ass. And then my lips nuzzled against her pussy lips. She was shaved, her flesh so hot and sweet. I licked through her folds while my right hand fumbled at the ties of my britches.

I had to cum so badly.

“Minx,” Aurora groaned. “Oh, you naughty halfling. Did the damiana leak through?”

“No,” I moaned. “But it’s still there. And… I need to cum. Don’t you?”

“Yes,” Aurora shivered, her hips undulating. “It’s so hot. I want to be the mage right now. Ooh, she’s being pulled to the ground. They’re swarming her and… Yes, she has a cock in her pussy and asshole. Listen to her.”

I could hear the mage moaning, “Yes, yes, yes, fuck my naughty body. Use me. Pater’s cock, yes! Cum in me!”

I shivered and groaned in relief as I undid my britches. I shoved my hand in and found my hot, shaved flesh. My tongue flailed through Aurora’s pussy lips as I stroked my hot flesh. I groaned, digging my tongue through her folds. I licked and slid through her folds. I devoured her. I tongued her wonderful pussy.

Sweet cream poured down my cheeks. My eyes fluttered as my tongue slid up to her clit. I found it, sucking on it. Aurora gasped, squirming. She ground her pussy on my hot mouth while I listened to the mage and the guards fuck.

My fingers pumped fast and hard in and out of my pussy. The heel of my hand ground on my clit. Pleasure shot through my body. My snatch clenched on my digits. The silky friction rippled through my body. The excitement of our mission, the sounds of the gangbang, the feel of Aurora’s pussy on my lips shot through me.

“Oh, Minx,” Aurora groaned. “Oh, another guard’s cum. He’s ripped his dick out of her asshole. She’s gaping open. Cum’s dribbling out and… yes, another guard’s fucking her.”

“Good,” I moaned.

“Pound my ass and cunt!” the mage moaned. “Fuck me!”

“Fuck the whore,” groaned the guards.

My fingers curled in depths of my pussy. They slid along my walls, searching for that delicious spot inside me. I shivered, brushing it. Pleasure shivered through me. Delight burned in my depths as I massaged it.

I moaned about Aurora’s clit as I sucked on it. Her throaty moans become more song-like as she squirmed. I kept rubbing my spot, building the pleasure in me, satiating my horny cunt. The moans in the guardroom grew louder and louder.

And then I came.

Pleasure exploded through my body. I spasmed. Rapture shot through me. I nipped Aurora’s clit. A moment later, she sang out her pleasure. Her juices gushed down into my mouth. I drank them down as ecstasy raced through me. It was wonderful. Stupendous.

“I’m coming, Xera!”



My ears twitched as I sat cross-legged in my cell. The sounds of sex echoed through the halls. They came from Chaun’s cell where he bedded the Princess Adelaide, writhing in her possessive embrace, and from the guard room. Four men fucked the female mage and, beneath their moans, almost imperceptible to my hearing, I heard two more sets of moans.

Minx and Aurora.

One of Minx’s lust bombs had detonated. I hoped they weren’t caught up in it. I took deep breaths, focusing on the sounds of their love making. I think Minx was beneath Aurora’s skirt, licking the avian’s pussy while frigging her own snatch. They both moaned in orgasmic delight.

I’m coming, Xera.

The words were so faint, but I smiled. She was coming for me. My pussy clenched on the bulb gifted to me by the elf-plant of Drakin Castle. I managed to hide it in my snatch before the guards seized it, unwilling to let it fall into their hands. I was entrusted with it.

Minx was coming to save me. She was such a special thing. I didn’t want to leave her when this was over. I wanted to take her back to the Deorc Forest, but she would have no place there. And it was where I belonged with my wife and daughter.

I wasn’t even sure I loved my wife any longer. I wasn’t sure if I ever really had.



“Okay,” I panted, pulling my face from beneath Aurora’s skirt, her juices coating my mouth. “I think we can slip through.”

“Okay,” she panted, face flushed. “Some of the damiana got through, didn’t it?”

“Just a touch,” I admitted. “But we should be good. Just skirt the edge and don’t let those horny guys see us.”

Aurora nodded. We stepped out. Everyone was naked, fucking the mage. Cum coated her body, her breasts dripping with it. She was on her back now, a guard rutting away, the other three standing around, stroking their dicks, eager for their turn. As we padded across the room, I snagged a set of keys discarded with the clothing. I reached the heavy doors, inserted the key, twisted.

It opened onto a long corridor of cells. There was a branching intersection. Torches came down the left-hand branch. I stole down to the intersection, leaning against the corner. I was tense. There were two more mages in the castle. And I bet they were guarding Faoril and Thrak. They’d have to keep them bound up and out of trouble.

Thrak could rip this place a part, and if Faoril got any cum…

So that was why there were torches burning there. They’d be in front of Thrak and Faoril’s cell. I shivered, really wishing I found the antimagic bomb. But no alchemist knew how to make it. Only that gnome bounty hunter. And she was dead.

But it was time to be bold. I slipped my hand into my pouch and grabbing a bomb with an X carved into it. I stepped out into the intersection, arm raised to throw the alchemical weapon at the mages. I blinked. The torches were burning at the end of the hallway, but there was no one there like I expected. Just a line of wooden doors with barred windows set in them.

Cloth rustled behind me.

I turned and gulped. The two mages stood in the darkness down the other hallway, staring at a pair of cells. They glanced in my direction, drawn by the movement. My heart raced as I spun around. I had to be quick.

I hurtled the bomb as hard as I could.

Magic slammed into me. I grunted, thrown to the floor, pinned by an invisible force. My alchemical bomb flashed through the darkness. I bit my lip and—

One of the mages caught it inches from his face with magic-controlled air. He flinched back anyways, stumbling into the other mage, his wide, crimson sleeves rustling. I groaned. I messed up. I was so sure they would be in the torchlight like a normal person.

“The thief,” the mage said.

“What did she throw at us?” asked the second.

Xandra stepped over me, stroking her totems. Wind rushed down the hallway. She gasped, slammed down beside me as at the same moment her air elemental reached my alchemical bomb still held in mid air.

And crushed it.

Purple smoke burst from the shattered jar as the alchemy substance reacted with the air. The two mages crashed to the ground, the smoke already dissipating. The chamomile didn’t stay around as long as the damiana.

“Why didn’t you use a sleep bomb on the guards and the mage in the other room?” Xandra gasped as she sat up, rubbing at her chest.

“Oh, yeah, didn’t think about that,” I said, hopping to my feet. “Besides, wasn’t the lust bomb more fun?”



I took slow, deep breaths as I lay on the floor of my cell, pinned by the magic holding me. The air was stronger than iron, diamond, or even adamantium. It held me in place. No amount of struggling or raging would free me. There was nothing I could do but wait.

I had to conserve my strength. If there was an opportunity to escape, I had to be ready to act. Pointless struggle would only waste my energy. Patience. Like hunting on the tundra. Sometimes, you had to wait hours, even days, for the prey to move into the right spot and—

The magic vanished around me. Two thuds resounded outside the cell.

I raged.

It was wonderful to unleash my fury and control it. I held the brutal, bloodthirsty, amoral storm that resided in me with reins of Faoril’s magic. I chose what it hurt. Who it killed. I decided when it would end and when I would regain control.

It was the greatest gift I had ever received.

Snarling with fury, I was on my feet and throwing myself at the door. I exploded through it. Wood burst into splinters. I landed in a crouch over the stunned bodies of the mages, their faces relaxed in peaceful sleep.

My rage wanted to raise my foot and slam down, crushing their heads like overripe melons. They bound me. They captured me. They threatened my wife. But I was in control. My head snapped down the corridor and gazed at the puny thing waving her hand. She would break beneath my grip and scream…

I ended the rage.

“Everyone’s gear was thrown in this room for some reason,” Minx said. She stood before an open cell door. Already Aurora, holding a set of keys, opened the next door.

“Saphique be praised,” a naked Sophia said, bursting out of the cell and into Aurora’s arms. “You freed us.”

“I freed you,” Minx huffed as Sophia rained kisses on Aurora’s face.

The avian squirmed out of Sophia’s embrace. “I need to free the others.”

“Right,” Sophia said. Then she noticed me. “Don’t look at me, Thrak, I’m naked!”

I chuckled as she darted into the open cell Minx stood beside. The halfling shook her head, muttering beneath her breath. Angela burst out of the next cell door, standing tall and confident despite her nudity.

“Your armor is in here, my Queen,” reported Sophia.

“The pieces of the sword?” Concern flashed across Angela’s face. The redhead hurried down the hallway as Aurora freed Faoril. My wife stepped out, gave me a smile, then hurried to the room with our supplies. Thyrna stretched as she strutted from hers.

I followed after, itching to grab my ax. I nodded to Minx. “My thanks.”

“At least someone’s grateful,” the halfling muttered.


Aurora Xandra

My heart clenched as I worked down the hallway. I freed Xera next, eager to see Chaun. I reached what had to be his cell and paused. A low, throaty, feminine moan issued through the cell door. My cheeks went pink. Chaun was…fucking.


I peered through the barred window. A strawberry-blonde woman rode my husband, her skin so pale compared to his midnight-black flesh. Her large breasts bounced as she slid up and down his cock, her moans throaty, reveling in the pleasure of his shaft.

“Yes, yes, yes, my bard,” the woman moaned.

I recognized her from Chaun’s description. Princess Adelaide, the woman he loved before me. And now he was fucking her. Reunited with her. I shivered, fear twisting through my stomach as I watched them writhe, make love. The princess’s back arched, her pale butt-cheeks clenching as she enjoyed my husband’s cock.

“Never letting you go, Chaun. I’ll convince my husband. I will. Or maybe we’ll disguise you as a guard. Oh, I love you, Chaun. You’re mine.”

I shoved the key into the lock, my fear turning into something else—anger. Hers? He was my husband. I twisted the key hard, the locks clicking, and threw open the door. I strode into the room, hands on my hips, glaring at the woman.

“Excuse me, he’s yours?”

The woman snapped her gaze over her head. She frowned at the sight of me. “Who are you? I don’t recognize you as one of the servants.”

“I’m his wife,” I huffed, marching forward. “Chaun, what are you doing?”

Chaun tried to speak, but his lips were muffled by her hand placed over his mouth, his wrists manacled over his head to the wall. He struggled, staring at me. “Doesn’t look like my husband wants to be yours…bitch!”

I had never called a woman a bitch before. But it felt so good to call this one that name. I glared at her as her face contorted in anger. She kept riding him, her tits jiggling, anger molting across her beautiful features.

“Bitch? You dare call me a bitch? Do you know who I am?”

“The hussy fucking my husband behind your husband’s back! Just a cheating slattern.”

“Slattern!” her voice rose in an octave every time she spoke. “You call me a slattern!”

“You’re fucking my husband! I’ll call you what I want.”

“Is there a problem?” Angela asked from behind me.

At that, Princess Adelaide stopped riding Chaun, her eyes widening. “Why are you out of your cell? Where are the mages? The guards! Help! The prisoners are escaping!”

“Yes, we are,” I said, darting into the cell and unlocking my husband’s manacles.

He seized Adelaide’s wrist and pulled her hand from his mouth. “Princess, this is my wife. She loves me.”

I nodded. “So get off my man, hussy. And… get locked up. We’re leaving.”

“Leaving?” She glared at us. “You think you’re leaving with Chaun! He’s mine!” Wild anger flashed across her face. And then she touched her belly. White light flared in the shape of an arrow penetrating a heart.

The symbol of Luben.

And then an alarm blared as holy magic radiated out from the Princess. I clapped my hands over my ears, crying out in pain. It was so loud I heard the stones of the walls creak and groan. It was so loud that…

The entire castle must have heard.

To be continued…

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