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Well, I have a new poll up. I have a two short World of Erasthay series (three parts each) written. I’m not quite ready to start releasing the main story yet. Now that I have released the final devil’s pact slave chronicle story, it will either be Hell Chronicle releases until that series is finished (which won’t be long) or interspersing with some of the World of Erasthay shorts. Plus, there’s the upcoming Devil’s Pact The Tyrants’ Daughter, all about what happened to Chase after the end of the Devil’s Pact. The Hell Chronicle will tease us with some hints (and I’d re-read the Devil’s Pact Ghost of Paris Interludes as well)

So, let’s talk about these shorts.

One is of a greater series I all the Triad. I envision a series of short adventures for these three characters: Seamus, a perverted paladin, and his two wives (who are also fraternal twin sisters) Aoifa, a thief and just as perverted as Seamus, and Fiona, a witch, who is exasperated by her two spouses philandering ways, always struggling to stop their fun while fighting her urges to join in. In their first adventure, “The Triad and the Innocent Maidens” our three heroes have to rescue a group of virgins about to be sacrificed by a dark warlock. All three are eager to save them, though Fiona is dismayed that Seamus and Aoifa are more eager to then accept the virgins “rewards” then actually doing good. They face kobolds, wargs, and more in their fight to defeat the warlock. A mix of kinky sex and sword & sorcery fantasy.

The other story is A Girl and Her Unicorn, about Cherise, a farmgirl that is friends with a unicorn, but only so long as she remains a virgin. Now that she is old enough for marriage, she is being pressured by her family and by her suitor, Anton, to grow up and and give in. But she doesn’t want to lose her friendship/romance with Willoweyes. But she discovers a way to always be with her unicorn. But Anton wont’ give her up and he’ll do anything to have Cherise as his wife. This story is girl on futa unicorn sex and lesbian sex (the unicorn can become a woman and back again). There will be lactation in the final part as well as incest (the unicorn in-laws join in on the fun).

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    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      I sent it to my bet reader. He hasn’t gotten it back to me. He’s a little busy. He says Sunday, maybe.

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      Sorry. I’m getting over a cold and didn’t have the energy to format and post it yesterday. It’ll be up today.


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