New Poll and The Cult of the Ghost

Hi everyone!

There’s a new poll out. The Lesbian Cuckold won (I’m so shocked, did you guys just take pity on me?) and I added the Ghost of Paris Interlude Part 1 on the poll. It’s a six part short series full of depraved sex and a little teasing about the Cult of the Ghost.

The Cult of the Ghost follows those women from the epilogue of The Ghost of Paris. Main Characters will be Deidre (the librarian), Marybeth and Ursula (two of the cheerleaders), Carla (The ghost hunter), Heather Pritchard (Ghost’s favorite bedmate), and the Myers Twins (Ghost 6 and they appear in the Interludes). Other girls that the Ghost enjoyed will also be in the cult.

I haven’t plotted it out much, but I know how it ends. There is a brief mention of the group, by a differnt name, in one of the late chapters of the Devil’s Pact.

In the Devil’s Pact Publication news, I wrote a rough draft for a short side-story set in the Heavenly Creatures Salon. What happened while Mary was getting her wax with the other customers in salon? Well Briana and her mother will never be the same after encountering Mark.

Part 2 of the Devil’s Pact Publications is out. Check out this post for details on coupons and where to get it!


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