New Release: Bored Wife’s Fun (Naughty Wives 5)

Bored Wife’s Fun

Naughty Wives Surprise 5


My new release is out! We’re finishing up the Naughty Wives series this week. 4, 5, and 6 coming your way. You can pick up four at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, and Smashwords for $2.99.

Naughtywives5coversThe sultry and beautiful Grace has grown bored with the meaningless pleasures of the Key Club, looking for new ways to have fun, and she has her eyes set on Frank and his gorgeous wife Evie. Frank and Evie seem so in love, and Grace wants to know what it will take to break the happy, swinging couple apart. On a girl’s night out with Evie, Grace lures the hunky, Black Officer Connoly out, taking him behind the alley as Evie watches.

But little does Evie know what Grace intends to do next—convince Frank that it was Evie getting frisky with the Black cop. Thinking his wife had cheated on him, Frank falls into Grace’s clutches, and he takes the redheaded Grace every way he wants, mastering her body as anger consumes him. When Evie comes home early, Frank drives his wife right into Officer Connoly’s strong arms and she lets the Black cop use her any way he wants to drown the grief of her broken heart.

Will Frank and Evie’s marriage survive the cruel game Grace is playing?

Bored Wife’s Fun is a 10,500 word erotica full of cheating wives playing with Black men that will set your eReader on fire. This story is not for the faint at hearts.

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