New Release: Futa Surprise

Futa’s Surprise

AphroditeSisterhoodLogoMy new futa release set in the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe. All my futa stories take place in the same universe, with connections between them. Vivian and Shelley from Futa Coeds went on to found Aphrodite Air from Flying the Futa Skies, and Futa Surprise is about Simone and Becky, the founders of Ms. Futa ‘N Ari’s Massage Parlor from Futanari Massage. Futa Surprise can be picked up for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, and Amazon AU, and for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you can burrow Futa Surprise for free!

futasuprisecoverSimone, a sexy and lithe coed, is house-sitting when she discovers a mysterious book dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite that claims to have a spell that can enhance Simone’s beauty. Unable to resist her desire to perfect her form, Simone becomes consumed with casting the spell.

But Simone casts the beauty spell she gets more than she bargained for. When the sexy, blonde Becky shows up, selling make-up door-to-door, Simone finds herself lusting after the buxom Becky. Her lust growing, Simone is shocked what sprouts between her legs. When Becky finds out the surprise Simone is packing, both ladies have an evening to remember as they learn just how amazing a futa can be!

Futa Surprise is 5000 words of sexy, futa-on-female action. Simone learns all the different ways she can use her futa shaft as she explores all the delights Becky has to offer. This story is not for the faint of heart.

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