New Release: Genie of Desire (The Battered Lamp 1)

Genie of Desire

The Battered Lamp 1


My new release is available for $2.99 from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, and Amazon AU. For Kindle Unlimited members, you can borrow it for free! This is a modified version of the battered lamp. All characters are over 18 and Kyle is no longer related to Fatima or Faiza. If you want to support my writing, you can buy it at Amazon, and if you just want to enjoy the original for free then that’s fine as well! Take care, guys!

batteredlamp1coverWhen Kyle’s date with his hot, sorority girlfriend Christy is cut short, Kyle heads home before sealing the deal. When he uses the old, battered, Arabic lamp he bought at a pawn shop the day before as a incense holder, he inadvertently releases the sultry, sexy Aaliyah, a genie trapped in the lamp for a thousand years.

Aaliyah is ready to please, willing to grant Kyle any desire that burns in his heart. Thoughts of Kyle’s girlfriend go out the window with a lithe genie in his bedroom, and when she arranges for Kyle to have fun with Megan, a woman Kyle had long lusted after, and Kyle looks to have a bright future with his new genie.

But dangers lurk in the background. Aaliyah was destined to be the wife of the mortal to save the Genie people and her enemies have sent the sultry Zaritha, an Ifrit, to hunt her down and a coven of lesbian witches on Kyle’s college campus have the genie’s scent and covet the power she possesses and someone close to Kyle cannot be trusted.

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2 thoughts on “New Release: Genie of Desire (The Battered Lamp 1)

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      Are you saying it’s $4.99? Which store are you seeing it in? That’s it’s price on the US Amazon store. I just clicked the link and checked the price. That USD. It maybe priced differently in Canadian dollars or Australian dollars, and if you’re out of the US, it’s possible that Amazon has to charge you extra for taxes because of your country. It can get rather complicated.


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