New Release: The Captain’s Stick & Flying the Futa Skies Collection

The Captain’s Stick

Flying the Futa Skies 3


My new release $2.99 and is available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, and Amazon AU. And for Kindle Unlimited users, you can borrow this hot futa-on-female story for free.

Flyingthefutaskies3coverMrs. Reynolds, a beautiful blonde with a smoking-hot body, is on her way to her dream honeymoon when she borded Aphrodite Air. After joining the mile-high club with the vivacious, futa flight attendant in the airplane’s lavatory, she’s asked to see the Captain, another futanari. Eager to get another taste of a woman packing something extra, Mrs. Reynolds enters the cockpit.

There she finds the copilot, a sexy Latina woman, has been very naught, and needs to be disciplined or she’ll lose her job. Mrs. Reynolds vigorously helps in her punishment as the futa captain takes liberties with the new bride’s assets. Mrs. Reynolds proves quite adept at handling the captain’s stick, and the controls have never been in better hands, and other places.

The Captain’s Stick is a steamy 4500 word, futa-on-female menage erotica that will leave your eReader flying high through the friendly skies. This sexy story is not for the faint at heart, but if you love your women to pack their own sticks, then this is the story for you!

Flying the Futa Skies Collection


Contain all three Flying the Futa Skies stories for $4.99 and you can pick it up at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, and Amazon AU.

FlyingthefutaskiescolcoverAphrodite Air only hires the most beautiful, sexy futas to fly the friendly skies. From their eager flight attendants, ready to share what they’re packing beneath their skirts to any female passengers, to the pilots that know how to use their sticks to give a passenger the most amazing flight. This collection contains 3 smoking hot futa-on-female and futa-on-futa stories totaling 16,000 words.

The Blushing Bride: The gorgeous futa flight attendant Vicky plans on giving the blonde and beautiful bride on her flight a honeymoon she’ll never forget as she inducts the new bride into the futa mile-high club in the airplanes lavatory.

Futa Mile-High Club: The sultry futa flight attendant Amanda has eyes on the smoking-hot Cassie, a redhead passenger, and plans to show her a flight she’ll never forget. But when Cassie proves more than Amanda can handle, she calls in the vivacious Vicky to lend a hand, and more, to make sure Cassie has a satisfying flight.

The Captain’s Stick: Mrs. Reynolds, fresh from joining the futa mile-high club with the sexy Vicky is invited into the cockpit to give the futa Captain Sally a hand. The First Officer, a spicy Latina, has been naughty, and the Captain needs Mrs. Reynolds hand in disciplining her copilot. Mrs. Reynolds is a natural, and works the Captain’s controls like a pro.

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