Next Story Poll

So, I will be publishing the final part of Sleeping Daughter and the current Triad story next week. I will continue with other incest stories and will also seek to write other types of my more typical fare. So there’s a poll to give your input. Click here to vote.

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3 thoughts on “Next Story Poll

  1. Jim

    I like the idea of your new story: Becoming Daddy’s Good Girl. I not much into Sci-Fi and family incest or similar fiction is always good reading. Thanks for asking opinions and posting the stories, they’re great. Looking forward to final chapter of Sleeping Daughter.

  2. Deric

    I vote for the tentacle monster one mostly because it’s different from what you usually right and i also vote for the futa girl one just because it sounds like it could become quite the story and I have to admit the werewolf harem sounds interesting I wish it was on here I looked them up and man they sound awesome you have become one of my favorite Writers


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