Sleeping Daughter Chapter Three: Nanny Cam Revelation


Sleeping Daughter

Chapter Three: Nanny Cam Revelation

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

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“She isn’t even wearing panties tonight, the little slut,” my wife chortled in my ear. I reached up and adjusted the Bluetooth earpiece to make it more comfortable and stop pinching. “Ooh, this is almost as good as being there. She’s ripe and ready for you. She’s taken her medication and she’s passed out.”

My dick ached. Even after a month of fucking my fourteen-year-old daughter while she slept, I was still eager to feel her hot, tight flesh wrapped about my cock. It was so wrong. So forbidden.

So wonderful.

It had all been my wife’s wicked idea to molest our sleeping daughter. After Tiffany was diagnosed with Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, which sounded completely made-up to me, she had to take a powerful medication that kept her knocked out for the entire night. Nothing disturbed her. Not even being fucked.

She had no idea her mother and I licked her pussy, sucked on her nipples, and fucked her ass. She slept through it all. She had no idea. The next morning she bounced with energy, bubbling about the sexy dreams she had again. Our daughter didn’t know what we were doing to her, but her body did.

And she came hard as we molested her.

Tonight my wife was out of town visiting her sick sister. So she made sure the old nanny cam we bought years ago was setup and working again. She had positioned the teddy bear so it had a perfect view of our daughter’s bed.

“No panties?” I asked as I padded down the halls naked, my dick thrusting hard before me.

“Nope, the little slut must be desperate for Daddy’s attention.” My wife giggled. “Ooh, she has such a crush on you. Now get in there and satisfy your little girl.”

I reached my daughter’s bedroom. She left the door open, again. She did it on purpose. She was always flirting with me, bursting with youthful passion. I had heard her whispering with her mother, talking about her burning desires for an older man.


My daughter had the hots for me.

I stroked my dick as I entered the room. It was strange. I paused at the doorway. It was the first time Betty hadn’t accompanied me in. It was all her idea. She should be here, but she had to settle for masturbating at her sister’s house while watching the fun on the laptop.

“God, she’s gorgeous, Phil,” moaned my wife. “Can you see her pussy from the doorway? The camera’s not in the right place for me to tell.”

I nodded my head, forgetting my wife couldn’t see me through the nanny cam yet. My eyes were glued on my daughter. She lay on her belly, the curves of her ass rising above her sleek back before they transitioned into her smooth thighs. She fell asleep with them spread wide, her pussy aimed at the door.

“Little slut,” I groaned.

“What?” my wife groaned. “Can you see her cunt?”

“Yes. She has it pointed right at the door.”

“She wants Daddy so bad. She thinks I’m out of the way.” My wife moaned. “Get in there and give her what she wants.”

I nodded. I floated forward. My dick ached. I reached her bed and stared at her. She was gorgeous, lithe. Brassy-brown hair spilled about her back and face. I brushed a few strands off her shoulder and bent down to kiss her.

My daughter sighed in her sleep. “…daddy…”

“Daddy’s here,” I groaned. “Daddy’s going to make such sweet love to you.”

“And breed you,” panted my wife. “Tell her you’re going to breed her, honey. Breed a grandchild into our daughter. I want to see her teenage belly swelling with your child. It will be so fucking hot.”
“Daddy’s going to cum in you and you’ll get pregnant,” I groaned. It was so wrong, the line no parent should cross with their child.

My dick almost came just thinking about it.

What would Tiffany think when her sleek belly swelled with her child? Who would she think fucked her? She was a virgin and proud of it. She had no idea her mother and I molested her in her sleep. I should have stopped before taking her cherry.

But I couldn’t. My daughter was a drug. My wife and I were both addicted to her youthful flesh.

I reached out and stroked my finger down her spine. My daughter moaned and sighed in her sleep, shifting slightly. Her little butt wiggled. My finger reached the bottom of her spin and kept going, rising with the swell of her ass. I circled her right cheek, my finger dimpling her flesh.

“Don’t tease me,” my wife panted. “I’m so horny. Just fuck her.”

“When I’m ready.”

My wife moaned. I heard the wet squelch of fingers working in and out of hot cunt. “Fuck her! Breed her! Oh, yes! Do it, Phil! She wants it, the little slut. I bet her pussy is already soaking wet. Feel her. Touch her! Let me know.”


I moved my hand down between my daughter’s thighs. It grew warmer and warmer the deeper I reached. My daughter shuddered when I brushed her pussy surrounded by her soft curls. I stroked up and down her flesh. Her toes curled and her butt clenched. Her juices coated my fingers.

“She’s soaked.” I brought my fingers to my mouth then paused and held them out for the camera. “Can you see them glistening on my fingers?”

“No. The camera sucks too much. Just finger her. Fuck her. Molest her! Oh, God, Phil, please, please, please. I’m so horny. I’m going to explode if you don’t.”

“I thought you wanted to explode.”

“Phillip Taylor, molest your daughter right this instant!”

I answered like husbands had for centuries: “Yes, dear.”

My hands clenched and squeezed Tiffany’s ass. They were so warm and juicy. I pulled them apart and groaned at the sight of her sphincter nestled between them. I leaned down, unable to resist any part of my daughter’s body.

I licked and tongued her sphincter. My daughter sighed and squirmed more in her sleep. I imagined the wonderful, wicked dreams she was having right now. I was glad I could give her this pleasure even if she had no idea it was really me.

“Daddy,” she sighed. “Oh, Daddy.”

“Just enjoy, sweetheart,” I groaned between licks of her sour asshole.

My fingers dug into her ass, kneading her butt-cheeks as my tongue probed and wiggled into her sphincter. I entered her bowels, loving the rough texture. My cock throbbed, aching at the memory of taking her anal-cherry a month back. Every few nights I fucked her ass.

“Oh, that’s it, eat our daughter’s ass,” gasped my wife. “Ooh, yes. You’re such a bad daddy. Such a wicked father. You’re molesting our sleeping daughter. She trusts you. Oh, yes, yes, yes.”

My wife’s loud moans made it pretty obvious she just came. She gasped and heaved in the background, her bed creaking. My dick ached, glad I was pleasing both my women. I kept tonguing Tiffany’s ass while my right hand explored lower and lower.

And found my daughter’s wet pussy.

I shoved a pair of fingers into her tight, silky depths. Tiffany moaned and her flesh clamped down on my fingers. Her hips wiggled as I pumped my fingers in and out of her depths. My dick ached and throbbed, wishing to swap places with my fingers.

I ignored my cock. For now. I concentrated on tonguing my daughter’s ass and fingering her pussy. I pushed my tongue as deep in as I could while fucking my fingers faster and faster in and out of her cunt. My thumb pushed through her folds and found her clit.

“Daddy!” Tiffany gasped, her slumbering body bucking in the bed.

I rubbed harder at her clit. I loved how the small bead felt beneath my thumb. I massaged harder and harder against her. She gasped and groaned. She squirmed on the bed, panting, gasping. Her slumbering body loved it. Her dreams must be so wonderful and vivid.

“Oh, Daddy, yes.”

“The slut loves it,” my wife moaned.

“She does.” I shoved my fingers faster. “She’s so wet and hot tonight. Her pussy is sucking at my fingers.”

“She wants something bigger in there.”

I smiled at my wife’s words. “She’ll get it.”


“Have a nice cum?”

“The best, honey. Ooh, it is so hot watching you on the nanny cam. This is so wicked. I feel like such a bad Mommy. I know my daughter’s being molested and I’m getting of on it. Ooh, yes, keep fingering her twat. Make our daughter cum before you ram that big, thick cock into her tight cunny.”

I rubbed harder on my daughter’s clit. Her pussy clenched and relaxed on my fingers. Her hips undulated, pushing back into my thrusts. Her moans echoed through the room. Panting, heaving moans of pure delight.

I moved my lips down her taint to her pussy. I licked around my probing fingers, gathering her sweet juices. They poured out of her. She was like her mother—always dripping wet. I sucked on her clit, nibbling on the little bud.

“How does she taste?” asked my wife.


“Good. Make her cum. I’m getting wet again.”

I sucked hard on my daughter’s clit then I flicked my tongue over and over on the bud. She gasped and moaned. Her body bucked and squirmed. If it wasn’t for her powerful medicine, I would swear she was awake.

“Daddy,” she moaned.

Her juices squirted out of her pussy.

The hot cream dripped on my face. I loved the feel adorning my face. I breathed in her musk as her hole spasmed about my fingers. More and more juices poured out into my hungry mouth. My wife panted in my ear as I drank our daughter’s passion.

“Did she squirt? I bet she did. I bet the little slut flooded your mouth. Ooh, tell me, Phil. Tell me, please!”

“She flooded my mouth.” I licked my lips as my daughter’s trembles lessened, stopped. “She came hard.”

“And now her pussy’s begging for Daddy’s big, thick dick to ream her. What are you waiting on? I know you want to bury into her snatch and fuck her into the next century, honey. Do it. Give our slut the pounding she wants and deserves.”

“Yes,” I groaned and rose. My dick bobbed before me, thick and hard, aimed right at my daughter’s slumbering body.

“Yes,” hissed my wife into my ear. “Oh, yes. Fuck the little slut. Breed a grandchild into our daughter. Do it, honey.”

I moved my cock to my daughter’s pussy. I rubbed it on her flesh. It was an awkward angle. So I grabbed one of Tiffany’s many pillows—don’t ask me why she had more than one—and shoved it beneath her stomach, raising her ass and cunt. I smiled as I rubbed my cock against her pussy again, coating it with her juices.

My wife moaned in my ear. I glanced at the teddy bear sitting on the shelf and smiled for my wife. She was watching me over the internet. This was so hot. I had an audience while molesting my daughter.

I had to make it a great show.

I thrust into my daughter’s hot, tight cunt, bearing into her in a single thrust. Her flesh engulfed my cock. The hottest, sweetest silk caressed my dick. Pleasure raced down the tip my balls bubbling with cum. I groaned, savoring her depths. Her hips shifted again.

“Daddy,” she sighed, dreaming.

“That’s right, baby girl, Daddy’s cock is buried to the hilt in your slutty cunt.”

“Mmm, yes,” my wife moaned. “Fuck our daughter hard. Pound her cunt. This is so damned hot. I’m watching my own personal porn.”

I grinned at the camera and drew my cock out slowly from my daughter’s tight embrace. I groaned, my eyes rolling in my head. It was such a sweet, agonizing bliss. My daughter was so tight and hot and juicy.

I thrust into her depths. My balls smacked into her clit. The bed rocked and my daughter sighed. I pulled back and slammed in again. And again. It was heaven. I gripped her hips, pumping my hips, loving the ripple of her butt-cheeks and the moonlight playing on her supple back.

“Ooh, yes, you’re ramming your big, thick cock into our daughter’s cunt. That’s so hot. Mmm, yes. Fuck her. Make her cum so hard. Oh, this is so hot, honey. So hot.”

The sound of her fingers sluicing through her pussy echoed in my ear. She must have her phone on speaker. I caught most of her gasps and moans as she writhed, watching me fuck our slumbering daughter.

What a thrill.

I ran my hands up and down Tiffany’s back, brushing the sides of her breasts. They were small mounds. She was her mother in miniature save for their curves. Betty had them in spades. Big, bountiful tits. Sweeping hips. Plump ass. But my daughter’s slender frame and smaller breasts were just as hot.

I gripped them. Her nipples rubbed into my palms as I pounded my daughter. The slaps echoed through the bedroom. My daughter’s pussy clenched and relaxed on my dick. Her hips wiggled, an unconscious response. She couldn’t help making them.

“That’s it, baby girl,” I groaned. “Mmm, yes, let Daddy feel how much you love his big, thick dick. Oh, yes. You love my big cock. Don’t you?”

“Daddy,” she panted.

“Yes, you do. Oh, yes.”

My balls ached and boiled. They had to explode. I groaned and grunted, burying into the depths of my daughter’s cunt. My back arched. My cum spilled out of me. Blast after blast of my fertile seed spilling into her untouched depths. Tiffany’s pussy spasmed. She shuddered, cumming with me.

“That’s it, baby girl,” I grunted. “Milk all of Daddy’s cum from his dick. You want to be bred.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” my wife gasped. “Spill all your baby-making spunk in our daughter’s cunt. Oh, that’s so hot. So! Fucking! Hot!”

We were all cumming together as a family, even if my wife couldn’t be here. I grunted, driving my dick into my daughter’s spasming depths. I stared right at the nanny cam, loving the thrill of being watched.

“I hope you loved that honey.”

“I did,” gasped my wife. “Oh, it was almost as hot as being there. I just wish I could lick your cum from our daughter’s pussy. You know how much I love cleaning her up.”

“I do,” I grinned. I groaned as I pulled out of my daughter. I bent over, brushed aside her hair from her cheek, and kissed her. I loved the ghost of a smile on her lips. “Sweet dreams, pumpkin.”

“After that performance, she’ll have them,” laughed my wife. “Now clean her up.”


I wasn’t scared of my daughter waking up any longer. When we first did this, I was terrified Tiffany would figure it out. After a month, complacency had set in. My wife and I were getting away with it. So when Tiffany bounded into the kitchen dressed for school, I gave her a big grin.

“I hope you’re not burning breakfast,” she said, stopping before me, a huge grin on her face.


She threw her arms around my neck and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. She pressed her body against me doing it, teasing me with her developing curves. My dick ached in my slacks. Then, after a few more burning heartbeats, she broke away and flounced to her seat at the kitchen nook.

“It doesn’t matter if you do burn them,” she declared. “Not after the wonderful dreams I had last night.”

“More wet ones?” I asked. I also was far more comfortable talking sex in front of my daughter.

“Maybe.” A smile played on her lips. Memories of sliding my cock in and out of her mouth flashed through my mind.

I looked away. If I didn’t, I would never stop staring at her. And then I would ruin breakfast. As it was, the bacon was a little too crispy. I dished up the food, set it on plates, and joined my daughter. She was ravenous.

So was I.

“Daddy, what time are you getting home from work?”

“Same time as usual,” I answered. Then I fixed her a suspicious look. “Planning on sneaking a boy over before I get home since your mother’s away.”

“Daddy,” she blushed. “I wouldn’t do that.”

“Then why are you so keen to know what time I’m getting home?” I asked, unable to hide my smile. I knew she had a huge crush on me, and it was wonderful to see it on her face.

“I have something to show you.”

“Oh? Bad report cards?”

She rolled her eyes. “No, no, it’s a video I found. I think you’ll find it interesting.”

“Why not show it now? I have a few minutes.”

“It’s not a few minute video.” She gave me a wink. “Trust me, you’ll want to see it. It’s very…illuminating.”

I gave her a strange look. Why was she acting so coy? “Okay, honey. I’ll be home at the usual time.”

“Good.” She took a last bite then bolted from the table yelling, “I love you, Daddy, got to go.”

I shook my head as the door crashed shut behind her. In some ways she was still my little girl, in other ways she had grown into a gorgeous creature. I closed my eyes, remembering the feel of her pussy as I came in her last night.

If I had a few more minutes, I would have jerked off right there at the breakfast table. Instead, I ventured forth into the terrible morning traffic. I fought through the bumper-to-bumper gridlock, sipping my coffee and listening to morning talk radio.

By the time I got to work, I had forgotten all about my daughter’s video.


Work was hectic. Stressful. We were behind in the new project. Not by much, but enough that middle management was cracking the whip. They kept going around talking about, “Being part of the team,” and “doing your part” and “making sacrifices.” It was all bullshit.

But the bullshit made us work harder. No pointless breaks to talk around the water cooler. No hour spent browsing Facebook while pretending to work on reports. No playing solitaire in the afternoon because I was too tired to do your job.

And no thinking about the daughter I loved to molest. Her tight pussy. Her small breasts. Her dusky-pink nipples. And how she smelled. Fresh. Sweet. Innocent.

Okay, I thought about her a little bit. She was in my blood. I loved my wife, but we were both drunk on our daughter.

I worked at my desk through lunch, eating an egg salad sandwich I bought from the vending machine. It wasn’t the best decision I could make. But I forced it down as I went over the numbers. By the end of the day, we were making headway, catching up while the middle management ran by giving high-fives like they did anything at all but take credit.


I clocked out at the regular time. While we were behind on the schedule, the company was too cheap to make us work overtime. I probably would work on it at home on my computer just to show I was a team player.

I had a sinking feeling the bosses purposefully made schedules we couldn’t keep up with to find ways to get us to work for free.

I faced the drudgery of traffic going home, which was lighter for some reason and I was home fifteen minutes earlier. Since I had forgotten the video, I was shocked when my daughter bounded up to me the moment I walked through the door. She wore a different outfit, something girlish and fluffy: pink, pleated skirt; tight halter top, a brighter shade of pink than her skirt, the fabric clinging to her small breasts; knee-high, pink socks. I was sensing a theme with her outfit.

“Daddy!” she grinned, taking my hand. “It’s time to watch the video.”

“Video?” I asked then our conversation this morning came back to me. “Right, right. Will this take long? I have some things to work on before dinner.”

“Daddy, this is very important.”

I didn’t resist as she led me to the living room. Partly because I loved the way her skirt swayed about her sleek thighs and clung to her gorgeous ass. She pushed me down onto the recliner and then grabbed her iPad. We had one of those smart TV’s that tablets and computers could sync to.

“Did you know someone set up the old nanny cam in my bedroom?”

My stomach lurched. My heart beat faster. “What?”

“You know, the one you and Mommy bought to make sure Mrs. Stevens wasn’t up to anything nefarious.” My daughter rolled her eyes. “Like she ever would.”

I didn’t know what to say.

“Well, I was shocked to see it set up. So this morning, I copied the video it filmed last night on to my iPad.” She paused. “No isn’t that interesting. Who would want to film me sleeping?”

She hit play. Her naked body appeared on screen, the curve of her ass, her sleek back, her brassy hair falling over her face. My daughter stood by the TV, looking from me to herself sleeping on screen then back to me.

“Well, I can see why someone perverted would want to spy on me while I was sleeping all vulnerable and helpless, unable to do anything because of my medication.” Tiffany took her head. “Someone just disgusting.”

“Honey…” I croaked.

“Hush, Daddy, let’s keep watching and see who this despicable person is.”

I squirmed on the chair. My face burned. I was in so much trouble. Soon the cops would know and I would go to prison forever. My daughter would hate me. I was such a piece of shit.

And yet I couldn’t help staring at my slumbering daughter. She was so beautiful on the screen. Was I that much of a pervert?

“I look so innocent and vulnerable,” continued Tiffany. “Just lying there, helpless. Anyone could walk in and do something to me.” Her eyes flashed to me. “Right, Daddy?”

“I guess.” I licked my lips. “I…Honey…It’s not…”

“Ooh, here we go, Daddy. Here’s the pervert.”

My shadow darkened the room. Her door was open and I blocked the light flooding in from the hallway. I remembered standing there last night, stroking my dick, ogling my daughter. I walked onto the screen. There was no sound. She didn’t hear me talking to my wife.

On screen, I touched her spine then moved down to her ass, stroking it.

“Just disgusting,” my daughter said. “Right, Daddy?”


I watched myself bring my finger down to her pussy, rubbing her flesh. I held it up to the camera before sucking it into my mouth. My dick throbbed in my pants as my daughter shook her head, her nose wrinkling.

“He’s tasting my pussy, Daddy. And now look at him. Eww, he’s eating out my ass.”

“I’m sorry.” I wanted to look away.

“You’re sorry for eating out my ass, Daddy?” She walked to me, her skirt swirling about her thighs. “Huh? Are you sorry for fingering me?”

She tapped the screen, skipping the video ahead to me ramming my finger in and out of her pussy while licking at her clit. My cheeks burned. I was in so much trouble. So why was my dick so hard right now? I should be looking away.

But I was entranced.

“Are you sorry for fucking me?” She tapped the screen, skimping the video forward to show me rubbing my cock up and down her pussy. “Huh, Daddy? Are you sorry for taking my virginity and spurting your cum into my fertile, untouched depths. Did you want to make me pregnant, Daddy? Did you want to breed me?”

I swallowed. My daughter moved before me. She stood at the foot of the recliner, blocking the screen. Her brown eyes bored in at me. She tossed her tablet onto the couch and put her hands on her hips.

“Answer me, Daddy. Did you want to breed your daughter?”

What else could I say? I had to be honest with her. There was no lie that would get me out of this. “Yes.”

“And are you sorry?”

I nodded my head.

“Why?” Her hands slid up her waist and cupped her breasts through the thin fabric of her halter top. Her nipples hardened, pressing against the material. “Didn’t you like fucking my pussy? Didn’t you enjoy my hot, tight cunt?”

“I…I did. But…I shouldn’t have.”

“Because I’m your daughter or because I was asleep and helpless?” She pinched her nipples and let out a moan.

“Both.” I wanted to look away, but her fingers pinching her nipples through her top was so enticing.

“You are such a bad Daddy.” Her smile grew on her lips. “Such a wicked Daddy. You shouldn’t be sorry. You should be proud, Daddy.” She pulled her hands from her breasts. She shoved them right into her skirt’s pocket and pulled out a long, thin, white object, made of plastic. A pregnancy test. She held it upright, the pink line visible.

“Congratulations, Daddy. You bred me!”

Then with a giggle she leaped onto my lap. I grunted—she was too big to do that. But then she felt nice as she wiggled on me. She ground her pussy on my cock as her hands grasped my shoulders. She smiled down at me.

“I loved it when you took my cherry. It was so hot to fill your cock slid into me”

“You were awake?” I groaned.

“You really didn’t think there was anything called Sleeping Beauty Syndrome?” my wife asked.

I jumped as Betty stepped naked out of the hallway, her large breasts jiggling. “Betty? I…you…” My eyes widened. “You set me up? You and Tiffany.”

“It was so hard not to give it away, Daddy,” Tiffany moaned, bouncing on my crotch. “Luckily, Mommy shoved my face into her pussy most of the time so you couldn’t tell I was awake. But last night was so hard to pretend to be asleep. It’s why I covered my face with my hair and slept on my stomach.”

“Jesus, you two are wicked,” I laughed. “I fucking had a heart attack when you played the nanny cam footage.” Then I looked at my wife and the wicked grin on her face. “And you…you weren’t even out of town.”

“At a hotel,” she giggled. “A little me-cation while you had your fun last night.”

“We were so naughty,” laughed Tiffany. “But it was so hot, wasn’t it, Daddy. You loved molesting me.”

“I did.”

“Good.” And then she kissed me.

It was glorious. Her tongue danced through my mouth. Her lips were small but vigorous. She ground harder on me. My dick ached beneath her as the blood rushed through my head. She tasted of bubblegum. My hands, hesitant at first, seized her hips. I feared moving them.

But I had bred her. She knew all about it. She loved being fucked.

I seized her ass and squeezed it through her skirt, pulling her harder on my cock. She moaned into my mouth. Her heat bled through my slacks. Followed by her moisture. She didn’t wear panties and she dripped.

I turned my daughter on.

Tiffany broke the kiss, her face flushed. She panted. “Oh, Daddy, that was amazing. Ooh, I waited for months to kiss you like that. And now I have.”

She leaned in and kissed me again.

Then my wife pressed in behind her. Betty’s hands went around our daughter’s body and gripped her breasts. Tiffany broke our kiss and leaned back into her mouther, tilting her head. Mother and daughter kissed over Tiffany’s shoulder.

“Fuck,” I groaned.

My wife smiled and broke the kiss. “I think Daddy wants to see what we’ve been getting up to while he slaved away at the office.”

“Yes,” squealed Tiffany.

My wife pulled our daughter off of me. They kissed again, vigorously. I groaned, their faces so close in appearance. My wife ripped off our daughter’s top, breaking the kiss for only the second it required, then latched onto Tiffany’s mouth again. Their breasts pressed together, Betty’s pillowing into Tiffany’s firmer mounds.

They sank to the floor. I ripped off my tie and fumbled at the buttons of my shirt as I watched Tiffany writhe beneath Betty. They kept kissing and humping. Tiffany’s skirt slipped up, exposing her naked hip. Her pussy ground against her mother’s.

Then Betty wiggled down our daughter’s body. My wife’s heavy tits dragged across Tiffany’s stomach. My wife paused to nip our daughter’s nipples, sucking each dusky-pink nub into her mouth before she continued down. And down.

Until she was face-to-face with our daughter’s pussy.

“Mommy,” squealed Tiffany as her mother licked through her hot pussy. Her youthful hips humped and her breasts jiggled. “Yes, yes. Ooh, I love it when you lick my pussy. It’s almost as good as Daddy’s cock.”

My wife didn’t answer with words, but with a purring moan as she devoured our daughter’s cock. I threw off my shirt and started on my pants. I kicked off my dress shoes before standing. I shoved down my slacks and boxers, my dick popping out.

“Fuck Mommy’s pussy,” moaned Tiffany. “I want your cock covered in her juices when you fuck me. It’ll be so hot. You’ll shove Mommy’s cream deep into my cunt.”

“She’s such a slut,” my wife moaned.

I nodded my head in complete agreement.

I knelt behind my wife, naked save for my black dress socks, and shoved my cock into my wife’s pussy. She was hot and tight, but not as tight as our daughter. My wife squeezed her pussy down as I fucked her, my eyes locked on our daughter squirming on my wife’s mouth.

“That’s it, Daddy,” gasped Tiffany. Her hands found her breasts. “Fuck Mommy. She’s so wicked. I came so hard the first time she licked my pussy. I love cumming on her face.”

“Me, too,” I groaned.

My daughter giggled. “That’s so nasty, Daddy. You have to cum on my face, too. Okay.”

“Sure, pumpkin,” I groaned, my dick aching in my wife’s pussy.

Betty bucked her hips back into my thrusts as she devoured our daughter’s cunt. She licked and nuzzled. Tiffany moaned and gasped, humping and squirming. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she gasped and squealed.

“Make our daughter cum,” I moaned as I fucked my wife. “I want to hear her squeal. Get her wet and ready for my cock.”

“Yes, dear.”

I loved it. I groaned, savoring our new life as an incestuous family. It was hot fucking my daughter while she slept, but now I could enjoy her without any lingering guilt. My daughter loved what I did to her. I made her happy.

I loved her and she loved me.

“Oh, Daddy, yes. Mommy’s tongue feels amazing. She knows just where to lick. Oh, yes. She’s the best.”

“She is,” I groaned. I smacked my wife’s ass. “Lick her harder. Make your slutty daughter cum on your mouth.”

Betty moaned. Her pussy clenched on my cock. For a moment, I almost came. I stopped fucking her and grit my teeth. I still had my daughter to fuck. Two horny pussies that needed my attention. I took a deep breath then drew back.

And slammed in.

My balls smacked my wife’s clit. She groaned, her pussy growing hotter and hotter. Her hands gripped Tiffany’s waist. My wife bucked. Her cunt spasmed on my cock. She moaned her orgasm as she tongued our daughter.

“You made Mommy cum!” gasped Tiffany. “Oh, Daddy, that’s so hot. I…I… Yes, Mommy!”

Tiffany came. Her face turned red as her back heaved and her pussy ground against her mother’s lips. Tiffany’s head tossed back and forth, her brassy-brown hair flying about her face as she screamed so loud, letting out her pleasure.

I pulled out of my wife’s pussy as Tiffany heaved through her orgasm. Her eyes opened, found my cock, and smiled. “Mommy, it’s my turn to get fucked. Please, please, stop licking.”

“Right,” my wife groaned, her voice dazed. “Fuck her, Phil. Fuck our pregnant daughter.”

My dick spasmed. I had bred my little girl.

I fell on her. She wrapped her thighs about my waist and reached down to grab my cock. “Ooh, I finally get to touch it with my hands.” She stroked me, guiding me to her pussy. “Now fuck me, Daddy.”

I thrust into my little girl’s depths.

It was hot and amazing. I sank all the way to the hilt in her. My heavy balls slapped into her clit. She bucked and shuddered beneath me. Her arms wrapped about my body, pulling me down to her. She stared into my eyes as I drew back my hips. It was so hot to look into her soft, brown depths as I made love to my little girl.

Her hips moved, matching my thrusts while her tight pussy caressed my dick. Wonderful friction spilled through me. I groaned, loving every second of nirvana. My daughter’s pussy was heaven. My dick ached and my balls throbbed.

“You’re in me, Daddy,” she moaned, grinning. “Now I get to say all the words I wanted to. Mmm, yes. Fuck me, Daddy. Pound my pussy. I know it’s wrong, but you’re such a bad Daddy. You don’t care. You want to fuck me anyways.”

“I do. Because I love you and you’re so sexy.”

“I am.” A huge grin crossed her face.

“Ooh, yes, fuck our baby girl,” purred my wife from behind us.

I groaned when I felt her tongue lick at my cock where it slammed into our daughter’s pussy. It was so wonderfully wrong. I grunted, fucking my daughter harder and faster. I loved it. This was the best. My daughter gasped and shuddered beneath me.

“Oh, Daddy, Mommy’s being so bad. She’s licking us down there.”

“You’re mother’s as big a slut as you are.”

“Uh-huh,” moaned my wife between licks. “Such a slut. Mmm, it’s so hot to lick where your incestuous flesh meets. This is turning me on so hard. Ooh, keep fucking our girl.”

“And cum all over my face, Daddy,” gasped my daughter, her fingers digging into my back.

“Yes,” I growled.

I kissed her. Tiffany’s hard nipples rubbed into my chest as we rocked together. Her pussy grew tighter and tighter. She moaned into her kiss, growing closer and closer to cumming while my wife teased us both.

Her tongue shot into my mouth. Her body shuddered beneath me. She locked her thighs tight about my waist as she bucked harder and harder into my thrusts. Our flesh slapped together. The pleasure sliding about my cock increased.

Bliss rushed through me.

“Damn,” I panted, breaking the kiss. “You’re so hot. So tight. Are you going to cum?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Because you’re a naughty girl?”

“The naughtiest. I love cumming on my daddy’s big cock. Ooh, yes. Keep driving it into me, Daddy. Keep fucking me. Make me explode.”

“Do it,” moaned my wife.

I drove into my daughter’s depths. Her eyes widened. Her back arched. Her nipples rubbed hard into my chest. Then she let out a squealing moan. Her pussy spasmed hard about my cock, rippling up and down the entire length. It was so hot, so delicious. Juices squirted out of her, splashing my wife in the face.

“So good, Daddy!” she gasped.

“Oh, yes,” moaned my wife. “Yo made her cum.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” my daughter squealed over and over.

The pressure in my balls grew. “Honey,” I panted. “Let go. I need to cum on your face.”

“What?” she gasped, her arms and thighs hugging me tight while her pussy spasmed about my dick.

“I’m about to cum.”

“Yes, yes, on my face!”

My balls were so close to erupting. “Then let go, honey.”

She did. I ripped my cock out of her pussy as the first squirt shot out. I groaned, the pleasure crashing through my body. My cum splattered across her belly and left tit. I moved quickly, squeezing my dick as the second pulse tried to erupt. I pointed my cock at her expectant face.

She had such a huge grin.

I released my cock and sprayed my daughter’s face with cum.

It was obscene. White lines painted her face. I grunted with each blast. Ecstasy crashed through my body. I came so much. I unloaded on her face. It dribbled down her cheeks and forehead. She licked her lips, gathering the salty load.

And then my wife was on her, licking and sharing my cum with our daughter. They snowballed it back and forth. I groaned, stroking my softening dick as my wife and daughter loved each other. I grinned.

“I think family night will be a helluva a lot different.”

My two women giggled then shared another cum-filled kiss.

The End

I have released a part 26 of the revamped Devil’s Pact on Smashwords. Read this post for more information if you’re interested!

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  1. Jim

    Hi,just finish reading”Sleeping Daughter”,very erotic story,really enjoyed it,hoping you will write more stories like that very soon,thanks.

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    I loved this story a lot. Came many times during it. Will you be adding a sequel to it, like the baby, boy or girl, coming of age? Again, loved this story and all your incest stories, kep it up, so I can, lol. Thanks again.

      1. Steve

        An incredible dream, wish, fantasy. I didn’t want to come because I’m meeting someone later. And I want to save it. But it was hard not to stroke it to the end. Torture. I hope to read some more of your imagination. It would be nice to know you.
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