The Rogue’s Harem Book One, Chapter Three: Catgirl’s Hot Pussy


The World of Erasthay

The Rogue’s Harem Book One: Rogue’s Sultry Women

Chapter Three: Catgirl’s Hot Pussy

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Teen female Masturbation, Male/Female, Female/Female, Fantasy, Magic, Voyeurism, Violence, Oral Sex, Incest, Creampie, Domination/submission

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I purred louder as I crawled out of the collapsed tent, my nose twitching. Blood scented the air. I breathed it in, savoring it. Therek’s blood. I never thought I’d smell so much of it. My throat rumbled with my joy. My tail swished back and forth, my whiskers trembling on my cheeks.

I burst out into the night, crouching low, my back arching. My ears twitched, hearing the murmurs from the slave cart and the roar of fire. Kovet lay dead by the fire, covered in blood, the other guards missing.

“You killed them all,” I said in awe.

“Aye,” the Zeutchian thief said, crawling out of the wreckage after me. He was hard to see, shadow magic blending him into the background, making him a blurry outline that faded when he stopped moving. I only knew he was Zeutchian by his accent. He lacked the harshness of the speech of Shizhuthian humans like Therek.

And he was dead! I purred in utter delight.

The Zeutchian then did something shocked me. He seized my collar and fumbled at the bolt that held it shut. He pried it off. I gaped as it came free and fell to the ground, lying at his feet. I’d been born a slave, collared as a kitten suckling at my mother’s teat by her owner, then raised to be a pleasure slave for those who pleased my naga mistress.

Why would he free me? Surly his naga mistress would reward him with me.

Tears burned in my eyes. I stared up at him, not sure what to say.

He crouched down to look directly at me and wiped at my tears with hazy fingers. “It’s okay. You’re safe now. You’re free.”

“Free?” The word croaked out of me, scaring me. Free… Me?

He nodded his head and then kissed me on the forehead.

“I see you’ve gravitated to the naked girl, brother mine,” a woman said.

My head whipped around. A Zeutchian beauty stepped up to the slave cart. She wore pink robes that left her arms bare and her cleavage exposed. Twin braids of golden hair fell down her back. A tattoo of a vine, covered in pink flowers, wrapped around her right arm. More vines adorned her left breast, peeking out of her robe.

“Well, she is a cutie,” the man who freed me said as he stood. He wiped at his cheeks and suddenly he stood solid and real, dressed in black leather pants and a jerkin, daggers hanging from a bandoleer slung across his chest, others sheathed at his side. He had a short sword on his right hip, a hand crossbow on the left. “What’s your name, little catgirl?”

“Zanyia, Master,” I answered, staring up at his handsome face, his short, blond hair reflecting firelight. He had blue eyes, so deep I could swim in them.

“I’m not your master, Zanyia,” he said, holding out a hand to me. “You don’t have to crouch like that.”

“I like crouching,” I said, trembling, but not from being naked. Though I had as much hair adorning my body as a human female, I could tolerate colder temperatures without clothing. No, I trembled in awe. Who was this man? Why didn’t he claim me? He killed my master. He freed me from Therek’s brutality.

I purred louder and then rubbed my cheek against his pants, feeling the soft caress, smelling his scent over leather and blood. My tail twitched as I showed him my submission. I stared up at him, hugging his leg.

“Is she going to hump you here?” the girl asked. “At least help me free the slaves before you indulge your cock, brother mine.”

“Sorry, sister dear,” he said. Then he winked at me. “That’s Kora. My sister doesn’t approve of my pleasures.” He scratched at my head between my ears.

“You should always enjoy yourself, Master,” I said, a tingle racing down to my pussy. I rubbed my cheek harder against his thigh.

“See, sister dear, Zanyia approves.”

“Of you fucking every doxy who falls on your cock?” Kora asked, shaking her head.

I stared at her, seeing the look in her eyes, the catch in her voice. It was faint, imperceptible, but I recognized what strained her words. Jealousy. Did she want her brother scratching her head? Did she ache to rub her cheek on his thigh and her hot pussy on his boot?

Ooh, his boot felt wonderful on my hot pussy, my clit throbbing as I ground on him. My tail swished faster as the pleasure rushed through my body. This Sven needed to understand. He owned me now. I had no idea what to do with freedom. Where would I go? Back across the mountains to Zizthithana’s court?

I’d rather die than fall into the hands of any naga, let alone her.

“I have something for you,” Sven said, pulling out the amulet my former owner had dug up outside the village where he found the slaves. “It’ll look beautiful on you, sister dear.”

He tossed it to Kora. Her cheeks went scarlet. Happiness tinged her scent, her eyes growing liquid. She looked at her brother with such longing, such heartache. I glanced from my new owner to his sister, my eyes widening.

Really? Both of them? And they didn’t realize what the other felt?

And then I laughed. Zizthithana would be so wroth when she learned Warleader Therek was dead, his slaves freed, and the gift he was so eager to present to her around the neck of another. I rubbed my pussy harder on Sven’s boot, purring my joy.


Kora Falk

I frowned at the lamia humping my brother’s boot and giggling as she stared at me fingering the necklace. It swung heavily from my neck, the large gem resting between my round breasts. My cheeks burning in embarrassment, I turned away from the catgirl. I would treasure this gift.

Even if he should have given it to Ava. Fool brother. I truly believed he loved the princess, even if he constantly cheated on her, philandering with every tavern doxy and slattern wench he could. I could remember the joy in his eyes the first time he spoke about Ava.

“She’s a flower, sisters dear,” he’d said, Katriana and I sitting on the foot of his bed, both in our dressing gowns. “Blossoming like a rose made of pure ruby, every petal sculpted to perfection. Not unlike two other flowers I know.”

His eyes had fallen on me, awakened desires in my breast I knew were wrong. Desires I was learning to channel at the Radiant Halls of Az, the largest temple to Rithi in the world. I was only a sunbeam then, having only a week earlier gained my first tattoo over my left breast and completing my initiation as a glimmer. It would be another two years before I became a radiant, a full priestess.

And it wasn’t long after that… Fire raged in my memory.

But that night, I’d loved my brother even as he spoke of another woman who’d claimed his heart.
I banished the past. I should insist he give this to Ava when we next saw her. But… He gave it to me.

I scowled at the lamia, her golden eyes staring at me, a naughty smile on her face as she kept humping my brother’s boot with her pussy. “Get over here and help me free the prisoners, Sven!”

He jumped. I only used his name when angry. And I shouldn’t. It wasn’t him I was angry at. I shouldn’t be jealous because he had a new toy to play with. I could never be his lover, even if he looked at me like a woman and not his sister.

Sven hurried over, the catgirl padding after him on all fours, her tail wiggling, thrusting from her tailbone above her swaying ass. I caught a glimpse of her pussy adorned by tawny fur, wet with her excitement.

I understood. In his leathers, standing tall, Sven cut a dashing figure. That roguish smile, his blond spilling about his chiseled face, his blue eyes so deep you could drown in them. I had watched girl after girl succumb to his smile, to his touch, to his bold caresses.

The slaves pillaged the camp for supplies. They were all so grateful, women hugging me over and over while the men shook Sven’s hands or clapped him on the back. They devoured the slavers’ food before walking off down the path in the dark, leading the horses away, returning to their village.

“You should go with them,” I told Zanyia.

“Nope, I’m with my owner.” She rubbed herself against Sven again, humping on his boot, smearing it with her juices.

“I’m not your owner,” Sven protested, though not that hard. “But I can be other things.”

“Yes, Master,” purred the catgirl, her ears twitching.

She followed us back to our camp where our horses and tent awaited. I had grown used to living rough. It was hard keeping my pink vestments clean, but Rithi’s magic helped preserve my beauty, including my clothing. Dawn pinked the horizon when I padded up to my mare, Rainbow, and kissed her black nose.

Then I turned around and blinked. My brother had a foolish grin on his face as the lamia unlaced his britches. My eyes widened as she drew out his hard cock. I had seen it before, fucking other girls. My pussy clenched at its girth thrusting towards Zanyia’s lips.

Purring, she lapped at his crown with her pink tongue. My brother groaned, his eyes widening, his smile growing increasing foolish as he stroked through her tawny hair. Her ears twitched as she licked again and again.

My pussy melted, juices flooding down my thighs. I licked my lips in such envy.


Sven Falk

“Oh, Master, your cock tastes so delicious,” Zanyia purred between licks, her tongue rougher than a human girl’s. It rasped on my sensitive crown, intensifying the pleasure shooting through me. “You make my pussy so wet.”

“I’m not your owner,” I groaned.

“Of course you are, Master,” she purred, grinning at me. “Mmm, you are so hard. You need to be in one of my holes. I can suck you, or you can enjoy my pussy.”

She licked again, pleasure racing down my dick to my balls.

“If I’m your owner, then you have to listen to me.”

“Command me, Master,” she purred, her hands shoved between her thighs, rubbing her pussy. She had stained my right boot with her juices, ruining the black polish. She was a horny thing. “Give me your orders.”

“You’re not my slave.”

“Don’t be silly, Master,” she chortled. Then she sucked on my dick hard, making me groan. A moment later, after giving me a taste of her pleasure, her mouth popped off and she said, “You don’t want to free me. You haven’t even tried my pussy yet.”

“Sven,” my sister groaned.

Her eyes were on me, so blue and hot, her nipples tenting the front of her pink robes. Suddenly, I wanted to fuck Zanyia, and not because my dick was hard. I wanted my sister to watch. It was as close as I could get to…

“Fine,” I groaned, unlacing my leather jerkin and pulling it off my muscular body.

Zanyia’s golden eyes widened. She touched the long scar that ran across my abdomen. “Who did this?”

“A bastard,” I growled. “I will enjoy your pussy, then I will free you.”

“You won’t, Master,” she purred, pulling down my leather pants.

“You’re taking advantage of her,” my sister said.

“Am I?” I asked, the lamia taking off my boots and then pulling off my leather pants as I shifted from foot to foot, my cock bobbing before me.

My sister still watched, her eyes hot, as I stretched out beside the coals of our campfire. The catgirl pounced on me. She was short, her head only coming up to my chest when we were both standing, her body slim and petite. She looked girlish, but her breasts had a swell to them, proving her womanly virtues.

And her pussy was hot.

I shuddered as she rubbed her cunt against the tip of my dick as she squirmed atop me. With a toothy grin, flashing sharp fangs, she impaled her pussy down my shaft. I grunted, my eyes widening at the hot friction engulfing me.

She was tight.

“Oh, Master, you are so much bigger than that pig!” she gasped, her body rising, small tits jiggling. “Naga scales, what a cock.”

“Gods,” I groaned as she worked her pussy up and down my dick. “Pater’s cock, you’re so hot and tight.”

My sister watched, fidgeting, as Zanyia worked her pussy up and down my dick. She fucked me hard, her little tits jiggling. Her stomach flexed, her body so lithe as she bounced and worked her pussy up and down my dick.

Pleasure rushed through me. I groaned, clenching her thighs as rapture surged through my body. I groaned, squirming on the ground, loving her pussy taking my cock over and over to the hilt. She panted, groaned, mewled out her pleasure.

“Master!” she purred. Her tears twitched, her tail swaying from side to side behind her. “Oh, yes, Master! What a glorious cock! It’s the best! I’m owned by such a stud.”

I shivered at her words, loving them. Maybe…

I gripped her hips, squeezing them and guiding her slim form as she rode me. She shivered, back arching as the pleasure crossed her face. There was no faking the rapture burning in her expression. She loved my cock.

Sharp fingernails clawed at my chest. Lines burned in the wake of her passage, welling with blood. It excited me. My hips bucked upward, bouncing her on my dick. Her tawny hair flew in a wild mane behind her, the catgirl purring and yowling her pleasure.

“Gods damn, you have a hot cunt, Zanyia. You love my cock.”

“Of course, Master!” she gasped. “I’m your lamia! Your naughty slave. You saved me! I’m yours!”

She slammed down my cock. Her pussy writhed about it. She purred louder, a great rumble of passion as she came. I shuddered, my dick massaged by her spasming depths. The catgirl thrashed on me, bucking hard, fucking her cunt up and down my dick.

Hot and tight, so wet and silky. She massaged me as she fucked me, her fingernails biting harder and harder as her face scrunched up with pleasure. Her yowls and snarls rose from her throat. Her small tits heaved.

“Cum in me, Master!” she moaned, grinding her clit into my pubic bone as she swiveled her hips. My cock churned through her pussy. “Please, please, do it!”

My balls tightened. Rapture flooded down my cock, massaged by her hot cunt. I grunted, bucking upward. I bounced her on my dick hard. Her pussy rose up my prick, her flesh sucking at my shaft. My hands squeezed her hips.

And slammed her down my dick.

Her hot glove embraced every inch of my shaft, still spasming hard as her orgasm kept sweeping through her. My body tensed. The pleasure rose in me. My cum exploded out of my dick. I grunted as my jizz spurted into her hot pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes, Master!” she yowled. “I love it.”

“Good,” I groaned, my head buffeted by blasts of rapture, the pleasure intense. It was so intoxicating hearing her call me master. I wanted it to be true. I wanted to be her master. “Gods, you’re amazing, Zanyia!”

My cock spurted the last time into her. My body buzzed with my orgasm. My sister watched with hot, blue eyes, hips wiggling. Maybe this time, her lusts would inflame her. She’d cross the line into incest. Then I could finally enjoy the first girl I ever loved.

And then Zanyia launched herself off my cock and hurtled at my sister.


Kora Falk

My pussy burned. I wanted so badly to join them, to reveal to my brother just how much I yearned to be Zanyia right now. How much I hated her for enjoying what my cunt craved: the big, throbbing dick of my older brother.

And then, with a yowl, the catgirl bounded at me. Before I could react, her smaller body struck me. I fell backward, landing on the soft grass of the meadow, staring up at the sky. Stars faded as dawn’s approached neared.

“What are you doing?” I demanded. “Sven, help!”

And then the lamia twisted around, straddling my head. Her snatch, dripping with my brother’s cum, descended to my lips. At the same moment, she pulled up my robe, exposing my pussy, and lapped at my clit with her rough tongue.

I squirmed at the shock of pleasure. Her tongue rasped over my clit, sending buzzing rapture through me while her sweet pussy cream and my brother’s salty cum trickled into my mouth. A hot shiver ran through me.

I tasted my brother’s jizz.

It was amazing.

I didn’t hesitate. I rammed my tongue into the lamia’s pussy, digging through her folds to find more of his jizz. I was no stranger to a woman’s pussy. The second art I learned in the temple was the art of physical love. Of sex. I knew how to please men and women. Maybe I lacked the skills of priestess of Saphique, but I could pleasure a pussy.

My tongue explored the catgirl’s silky folds, scooping out more and more of my brother’s cum from her depths. Meanwhile, her tongue lapped through my pussy lips. I squirmed, my snatch clenching as the heat churned through me.

My hands grabbed her ass, squeezing her, pulling her tight. Incestuous jizz poured into my mouth. I groaned, giving into my lusts, not caring that Sven watched. This was so hot. To finally lick his jizz out of another woman’s pussy.

“Oh, Master, your sister tastes delicious,” moaned Zanyia, wiggling her pussy on my lips. “Haven’t you ever tasted her? She’s sooo yummy.”

“No,” Sven answered, his voice so tight.

“Not once?” Zanyia’s fingers wiggled into my pussy’s depths. “You’ve never plunged your cock into her pussy?”

“Of course not,” he gasped. “She’s my sister.”

“But you want to.”

I froze. My pussy clenched on Zanyia’s tongue. Did Sven…?

I felt the necklace between my tits, the gem so heavy. I peered at my brother past Zanyia’s ass. He stood over us, naked, his cock so hard, watching us. Zanyia lapped at my clit, her fingers pumping away into my pussy.

Such lust burned in my brother’s eyes.

“Do you…?” I swallowed. “Do you want to… fuck me, brother mine?”

Our eyes stared at each other. I tasted his cum on my lips.

“Yes,” he croaked.

“Then what are you waiting on, Master?” Zanyia asked, ripping her fingers out of my cunt. Then she spread my labia open wide. “She’s wet and ready for you!”

To be continued…

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