The Rogue’s Harem Book One, Chapter Four: Realized Desires


The World of Erasthay

The Rogue’s Harem Book One: Rogue’s Sultry Women

Chapter Four: Realized Desires

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Male/Females, Male/Female, Fantasy, Magic, Incest, Domination/submission, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism

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Sven Falk – Despeir Foothills, Kivoneth Princedom, Strifelands of Zeutch

I had never been more dumbfounded in my life as I looked down at my sister’s pussy lips spread open by Zanyia’s naughty fingers. That pink, glistening tunnel, flexing and clenching as my sister squirmed beneath the lamia, beckoned to me. I had dreamed of sliding into her tunnel for so many years, fighting against the taboo desires to bed my own sister.

To slid my cock into her incestuous depths.

And she wanted it, too. I had no idea she desired me. And suddenly, all the times she danced before me, casting her spells, masturbating to power her magic, recontextualized in my mind. She didn’t have to do it in front of me.

She used it as an excuse to show off her body before me.

We were alone in the woods. Well, alone save for Zanyia, and she wholeheartedly approved. My dick throbbed before me, so hard, still wet from Zanyia’s pussy. The lamia grinned at me, her eyes flashing like a cat’s, lips smeared with my sister’s juices.

“Kora,” I groaned, falling to my knees. I usually felt so confident with women, taking charge, enjoying their bodies, leaving them gasping and moaning. But now I felt like a virgin boy between the thighs of his first love.

Like the night I took Ava’s virginity back in Az before he ruined everything.

“That’s it, Master,” Zanyia purred, her left hand grabbing my dick, her right still holding my sister’s pussy lips open. “Just slid into her. Savor her. Love her. It doesn’t matter that she’s your sister. Love is what matters.” Her tail swished back and forth, ears twitching. “It’s so wonderful. I’ve heard of it, and you two have it.”

I shuddered as she rubbed my dick against my sister’s incestuous flesh. Pleasure rippled up my dick. I bit my lip, fighting the urge to let out a mighty groan. My body shivered at the taboo feel of her wet pussy against my dick.

“Sven,” Kora moaned, her voice so wanton, her pale hands grasping Zanyia’s pussy. “I want this. I want you. Always. It made me happy when I saw you with Ava, and jealous when I saw you with other girls. I wanted that. I wanted to be your whore and your lover.”

“You want to be my whore?” I asked, shuddering as Zanyia swabbed my cock’s crown through those plump, wet pussy lips. My sister’s pink flowered tattooed above her shaved pussy as enticing as her snatch itself. “You want to be like Ava? Begging for my cock, loving me, and then screaming out with the pleasure I give you.”

“Yes!” she moaned, her thighs wrapping about my waist. “Fuck me, brother mine. Love me! I know I can’t ever be more than your mistress. Your sister-slut. But I’ll take it.”

I groaned as I sank into my sister’s hot, inviting depths. The incestuous feel of her pussy engulfed my cock. Zanyia purred, her rough tongue lapping at my muscular stomach, her tail swishing back and forth as she squirmed her cunt on my sister’s licking mouth.

Kora rippled about me. I held my dick in her depths, savoring this moment of our union. Brother and sister welded into one flesh. We came from the same womb, the same mother, and now we were sharing our bodies. I groaned, loving this moment of trampling societal taboos. My sister shuddered, her hips wiggling, her pussy clenching on my dick.

“Don’t tease me, Sven!” she moaned, fingers digging into Zanyia’s ass. “Please, please, I need you in me.”

“Love her, Master,” purred the lamia. Then she rolled off my sister, unveiling Kora naked form to me. Her breasts, the left tattooed with entwining vines and a pink flower over her heart, quivered, the amulet shining between them. Juices glistened on her lips, her blue eyes glowing.

I leaned down and kissed my sister hard, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. Zanyia’s sweet cream flavored our taboo kiss. My sister’s breasts rubbed against my chest, the amulet hard between her two soft mounds. She trembled, pussy squeezing and relaxing on my dick.

And then we moved. Together. Our bodies worked as I pumped my cock in and out of my little sister’s depths. She moaned into my mouth, our tongues dueling. Her arms seized me, fingernails digging into my back.

Zanyia watched, fingering her pussy, purring with such joy. She crouched, knees splayed wide, her breasts jiggling between them. She licked her lips, her tawny hair shifting in the wind blowing through our camp.

“Oh, you two are so pretty together,” the lamia purred, three fingers digging into her cunt. “I’m so glad you own me, Master.”

The audience spurred me to pleasure my sister with all my skill, to thrust my cock into her depths and feel her quiver around me. Kora moaned into my lips, fingernails scratching at my back as her hips bucked more, meeting my thrusts. Her nipples rubbed into my chest.

My hand stroked up her side, up to her breast. I squeezed her round mound, feeling the plumpness of her. I groaned into her sweet mouth, the friction of my little sister’s pussy building around my dick. My balls ached and swelled, growing tighter and tighter.

I wanted to cum in my sister.

To flood her.

And her pussy clenched on my cock, eager for my incestuous seed.

I broke the kiss, resting my forehead on hers, staring into her blue eyes. “Kora,” I groaned. “My sweet Kora.”

“Sven!” She said my name like a charm, a prayer. “Oh, Sven, yes! Rithi’s beautiful eyes, I’ve dreamed of this. I masturbated to you taking me. When I lay with men, I pretend their you.”

“How do I compare?” I asked with a grin, thrusting harder.

Her pussy clenched on my dick, her thighs so tight. “They pale. Oh, brother mine, yes!”

“Sister dear!” I panted, the pressure building in my balls. “I’m going to spill in you. But not until I feel you quivering on my cock. I want to feel you cum, sister dear. You want to be my whore, prove it!”

She grinned at me, her hips moving, her pussy rippling. She’d mastered the arts of sex at the temple. She knew every position, every technique to please man or woman. I groaned, feeling the way she worked her pussy on my dick, squeezing, clenching, relaxing, the skill.

“Pater’s cock!” I groaned, thrusting harder, faster, my balls smacking into her depths. “You are teasing me.”

“It’s so much fun!” she moaned. “It’s a whore’s job to satiate her man.”

“You’re doing that,” I gasped. “Pater’s mighty cock, what a pussy you have, sister dear.”

I kissed her again, our tongues meeting. My finger and thumb pinched her nipple, rolling her nub. She trembled beneath me. Her thighs gripped my waist hard, her hips pivoting beneath me, swirling her pussy about my thrusting cock. The silky slide of her hot, incestuous cunt sent surges of rapture through me.

Her fingernails bit into my back.

She moaned into our kiss.

Her pussy rippled about my dick. Paroxysms convulsed her sheath as I plunged my sword over and over into her. I groaned, the massaging friction of her orgasm sending rapture shooting through me, increasing the heat boiling my balls.

My thrusts grew harder, erratic. The pressure reached its crescendo. My sister trembled beneath me, cumming on my dick, as I slammed my shaft hard into her. I had to cum. I was too close. There was no stopping me.

“Yes, yes, cum in her, Master!” yowled the lamia, her fingers plunging into her pussy with such juicy sounds.

My sister’s pussy milked my cock. She wanted my cum.

And I gave it to her.

“Sister dear!” I howled, breaking our kiss. My cum fired into her convulsing pussy.

“Yes, yes, cum in me, brother mine!” Her thighs squeezed so tight on my waist.

I spurted so much jizz into her. My balls unloaded into the heaven of her pussy. I groaned and gasped, trembling atop her. We cried out our incestuous rapture together. And then I collapsed on her. I nuzzled into her neck, panting, moaning.

She moaned into my ear, “That was amazing, brother mine. Better than I dreamed of.”

“Yes,” I groaned.


Kora Falk

“Rithi’s beautiful eyes and skilled fingers!” I howled, squirming on the bedroll in the tent as Zanyia lapped at my cum-filled pussy. Her rough tongue dug through my folds, licking out all of my brother’s jizz.

Sven watched, leaning on his elbow beside me. His hand idly played with my left breast, tracing the tattoo marking becoming a Sunbeam of Rithi, what other priestly orders called an acolyte. Those had been happier days back in Az. Before our parents and younger sister died.

“Gods, you know how to please a woman, Zanyia.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” purred the lamia, her tawny tail swishing above the curve of her ass. She knelt with her rump thrust up in the air, her face buried between my thighs. Her ears twitched like any cat’s.

Her feminine, mischievous face pressed back into my pussy, her rough tongue digging out more of my cum. I savored the lamia’s ministrations, pleasure rippling through my body. I squirmed then gasped as Sven pinched a nipple.

A hot shudder rippled through me. Making love to Sven, being his whore and mistress, fulfilled all my girlish fantasies. Satiating them beyond belief. Just the memory of his kiss, of his body on me, burned through my flesh.

And Zanyia licked out the proof of our illicit affair.

After Sven came in me, he carried me into our tent and took me again. Another glorious union of our flesh while Zanyia watched in the corner, masturbating, so happy for us. The catgirl grew on me rapidly. Though it was wrong to keep her as slave, the simple joy she took in serving us and our incestuous love touched me deeply.

“Zanyia, you sweet thing,” I groaned. “Oh, yes.”

“Keep licking her,” my brother groaned, rolling my nipple between his fingers.

Tingles raced down to my pussy.

“Always, Master!” she yowled between licks, her tail swishing back and forth.

I stared at her tail, momentarily hypnotized by its flicking movement, a tawny blur slashing across the air, pausing and then slashing back. I ground my pussy into her mouth, moaning out my pleasure, bemused as the delight rippled through me.

And then her rough tongue found my clit. She lapped against my bud. My body quivered, my pussy clenching. I gasped out in rapture, my back arching. My gaze snapped up to the ceiling of the tent, the rising sun bleeding through the brown fabric.

“Rithi’s beautiful eyes!” I moaned, crying out to my Goddess. “Oh, yes, Zanyia! Keep licking my clit. I’m going to explode on your mouth.”

“Yummy!” moaned the catgirl.

She flicked her tongue so fast against it. No human female had ever done it like that. Her tongue blurred as I squirmed. She drummed my clit. Every strike sent a rapturous beat through my body. My pussy clenched, forcing out more of my brother’s cum from my depths.

Sven’s blue eyes found mine, his handsome face grinning. “Just explode on her face, sister dear.”

“Yes, brother mine!”

My thighs clamped about the lamia’s cheeks. I held her face in place as she played my clit. My body bucked. My toes curled into the bedding. I squeezed my eyes shut. Pleasure surged out of my spasming pussy.

Juices gushed out into the lamia’s face.

She lapped at my cream and my brother’s cum flooding out of my depths as I orgasmed. The pleasure surged through me. I bucked and groaned, shivering on my bedding. Sven kissed me, drinking in my passion singing from my mouth.

I quivered, a taut string of a harp plucked by a master harpist. My breasts heaved, the amulet swaying between them. The music serenaded my mind with ecstasy. Every note perfect harmony. A great crescendo surged through me, louder and louder until it hits peak.

And then the shuddering, buzzing decrescendo as it died to a delicious low, leaving me trembling.

Sven broke our kiss. “You are radiant when you cum, sister dear.”

“Mmm,” I moaned, a great lethargy sinking down on me. We’d been up since yesterday morning, traveling all day, and then our late night raid. “And you are masculine perfection. I should paint you in the throes of ecstasy.”

“I’d love to see that,” Sven said, his arms wrapping about me. “I would love to see you paint again.”

Though my blood simmered with the vestiges of my orgasm, and my heart rejoiced to have my brother’s strong arms around me, sadness touched my soul. I couldn’t paint him. Not so long as we were fugitives from Prince Meinard. Best I could do was make charcoal sketches.

As though he read my mind, my brother whispered, “We’ll end him. We’ll avenge our parents. Avenge Katriana.”

I nodded my head, fierceness beating in my heart. Fire roared in my memory. The horror of burning timbers crashing inward, great fountains of sparks spraying outward, smoke rising into the sky.

I rolled onto my side, feeling my brother’s chest against my back, his breath on my neck. Tears burned in my eyes as I closed them. I trembled, fearing the dreams to come, the flames raging.

And then Zanyia snuggled against me, curled up in a ball, purring softly as she pressed her face into my breasts. My arms went around her slim form. She felt so light and young. Like Katriana. The smiling face of my little sister blossomed in my mind.

The flames snuffed as I pulled Zanyia close to me. I stroked her back as I drifted off to sleep. She wasn’t our sister, but she had her innocence. Her joy of life. Laughter echoed in my mind instead of roaring fire.

No nightmares intruded upon my rest.

To be continued…

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