The Rogue’s Harem Book One, Chapter Seven: Jealous Sister


The World of Erasthay

The Rogue’s Harem Book One: Rogue’s Sultry Women

Chapter Seven: Jealous Sister

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Female Masturbation, Female/Female, Male/Females, Fantasy, Magic, Incest, Oral Sex, Creampie

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Kora Falk – Despeir Foothills, Kivoneth Princedom, Strifelands of Zeutch

I traced the vine tattoos that covered my body as I waited for my brother to finish talking with Princess Ava inside the tent, my heart still racing. She’d almost caught me in bed with him. Making love to my brother was glorious. I reveled in the incestuous union of our flesh. Finally, I had him. We’d crossed the taboo line and burned so hot together.

But no one could know besides Zanyia. They wouldn’t understand. We transgressed even if it was magical.

Zanyia moaned inside the tent, meeting Ava through her statue, the lamia’s pussy wrapped about my brother’s cock. Thank the gods it wasn’t me riding him when Ava inhabited her proxy and climbed out of my brother’s bag.

My finger followed the vine wrapped about my left breast, the tattoo I received upon entering into my acolyteship of the Goddess Rithi; the first art to decorate my body. I designed it myself. The tattoo had to be over my heart, but unlike other priestly orders who determined the style of piercings or tattoos, Rithi let us create our own. I loved the plant growing over my body, blossoming with the pink flowers of the bower vine.

Katriana loved bower vines. She’d cultivated them to grow up a trellis to her bedroom window. When I had to design my tattoo, her smiling delight had inspired me to adorn my body in them. She’d gasped the first time she saw it, her finger tracing over my breast in innocent delight, something pure and sisterly.

Not the way our brother touched me last night.

My hand brushed the ruby amulet Sven gave me last night, the treasure plucked from the slaver’s tent. I’d never seen a ruby so large before, the size of a hen’s egg. It swung from a gold chain between my breasts, the faceted faces catching the morning light. I should sell it.

But Sven gave it to me. I smiled.

After tracing the vines around my left breast, I moved to the other tattoos on my body, the ones I gained as I mastered the arts. I had to excel at three to leave behind my acolyteship and enter the priesthood as a full Radiant. The vines entwining my right arm represented my skill at painting. I closed my eyes, missing the feel of a brush in hand, a piece of canvas before me. Katriana’s smiling face appeared in my mind, my mother and father holding her. The urge to paint her had built and built over the last year.

But fugitives did not have the time to spend in one place working on an oil painting. The best I could do was sketch her in charcoal.

And my sketchpad lay in the tent.

Zanyia moaned louder, Ava’s smaller gasps echoing.

The vines that grew up my left leg and spilled over my hip represented my mastery of dance, of moving my body to music, expressing all my desires through the undulation and gyration of my form. My finger followed the end of the vine as it crossed my hip. Then I crossed a few inches of bare skin to my last tattoo, the flowering vines sprouting from my pubic mound, reaching towards my pussy lips.

My mastery of the sexual art.

Since I believed I never could have my brother, I threw myself into pleasures to try to forget him. I took any lover I could, male or female, learning the horizontal dance. I mastered it with the same passion as the vertical. But it never made me feel complete once the pleasure died.

Not like this morning.

Zanyia mewled out her orgasm. I shuddered. My finger reaching the wet lips of my pussy, caressing up and down my shaved folds. I wanted to go in there and join them, to show the princess that I loved Sven, too.

My finger nudged my clit. I shivered. And then the passion died. I crept forward, feet padding on soft grass. I pulled back the flap of the tent. Zanyia straddled my brother’s chest still, her tail swishing as she squirmed her ass. Ava’s proxy sat motionless in the catgirl’s hand.

I could enter.

“You ran,” Sven smirked as I crawled in. “Embarrassed?”

I flushed. “I didn’t want to ruin things with you and Ava. We need her.” Anger flared in me, burning hot, fueled by the image of Katriana and our parents choking in the fire, the flames devouring their flesh. “We can’t let her know about us. She won’t understand.”

“I think she would,” Zanyia said, ears twitching above her tawny hair. “I like her.”

“You do?” I asked, hugging the lamia from behind, rubbing my round breasts in to her back. Her tail swished between my thighs. When it brushed the lips of my pussy, Zanyia squirmed and, deliberately, rubbed the bristling hairs against my snatch.

“Yes,” she said while I moaned, savoring the feel of her cat-like tail caressing my pussy lips. Stiff hairs brushed my clit, sending sparks through me. “She’s a very sweet girl. The type of girl who needs to be rescued. And Master likes doing that.”

“Mmm, he does,” I said, my body shuddering. My hands slid down the catgirl’s stomach to her trimmed bush, feeling her pubic hairs. A hunger swept through me to be utterly wanton. With Zanyia, I didn’t have to hide my desires for my brother.

We’d only known the lamia a scant few hours, maybe half a day, and yet her infectious presence made it feel so natural for her to be with us.

“He rescued me,” purred Zanyia, her tail rubbing hard at my pussy. Such a tease.

I tightened my arms around her. She squealed as I hauled her off Sven’s cock. My brother groaned, his dick sliding out of the lamia’s tight pussy. I wrestled the squirming catgirl to the bedding beside my brother, laying her out on her back. I nestled between her thighs, stroking her silky flesh. My tits and the amulet dangled beneath me as I leaned over.

“Are you hungry, Mistress?” Zanyia asked as I lifted her legs and threw them over my shoulders, my head nearing her pussy.

“I am,” I grinned. “For something naughty.”


I’d never heard the term before, but I understood what she meant. Eating that wonderful filling my brother pumped into her pussy, that delicious cream. I salivated as I leaned my head down, my blonde hair brushing her thighs before I pressed my lips into her tawny bush matted with combined juices.

“She’s always ravenous when she wakes up,” Sven said, grinning at me as I licked his jizz out of the lamia’s pussy.

“I can tell,” moaned Zanyia, her small breasts jiggling as she shuddered. Ears twitched and her tongue licked across her pink lips before flashing a toothy grin. “Ooh, Mistress, yes, eat the creampie Master and I made for you.”

“So yummy,” I groaned, savoring the combined mix of my brother’s spunk and her sweet pussy.

My ass wiggled as I knelt their, my pussy cream dribbling down my thighs. I swiped my tongue over and over through her folds, her juices staining my lips and cheeks. My tongue gathered salty cum out of her depths. My brother’s incestuous seed.

Wicked shivers ran through me.

I loved it. This wonderful delight of feasting on her pussy full of my brother’s cum. His eyes watching, grinning with all his roguish charm. He ran a hand down his muscular torso to his cock thrusting from his sandy-blond pubic hair. He stroked his shaft, glistening with the very pussy I devoured.

“Look at you go, sister dear, just feasting like it’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten.”

“Maybe it is, brother mine,” I answered, giving him a wink.

His grin grew. I literally watched his ego, already enormous, swelling larger. He loved it when women fanned it, submitting to his lusts, aching for his cock and his cum. Lucky for him, he had a cock women ached for and such delicious jizz. He never lacked for companionship.

I always ached to join him in bed with one of his conquests. Ava experienced that delight. He’d bring back so many women to her bed, fucking them both, making the princess and whatever doxy caught his eye that night scream their heads off.

And now it was my turn.

“Look at that ass shake, sister dear,” he groaned, rising. “Just so wanton. You got a hot cunt, don’t you?”

“I had to listen to you and Ava and Zanyia ‘talking’ in here,” I groaned, lifting my face, smeared in pussy cream and cum.

“I licked her little stone body,” moaned Zanyia, her hips humping up and rubbing her pussy back on my face. “But I couldn’t taste her pussy. Does she taste yummy?”

“Ask my brother,” I groaned, plunging my tongue back into her snatch, reaching deep to find more cum.

“Ava tastes enchanting,” Sven grinned, moving around me, his cock bobbing before him. “Just yummy.”

“Yay,” moaned Zanyia, humping so hard against me, smearing that hot cunt on my mouth.

I groaned when Sven found my hips. Such strong hands. He stroked my silky skin, sliding down to squeeze my rear. I wiggled my hips, pressing my butt-cheeks into his groping hands. Fire grew in my pussy, the juices boiling out of me, searing down my thighs.

“Fuck me, Sven,” I groaned. “I’m so hot and wet. I need it. I had to wait outside of the tent, just aching to join you.”

“I’d have loved that,” my brother groaned, rubbing his hard cock against my shaved pussy lips.

I closed my eyes, pressing my mouth so tight against Zanyia’s pussy. The catgirl’s sweet musk filled my every breath as I savored my brother’s dick sliding up and down my slit. He nudged my clit, teasing me as he caressed my labia with his hard shaft. I wanted him in me, transgressing the natural order of the world.

Most of all, I desired his cum to spurt into me. I even wanted him to breed me. I wished my contraception enchantment didn’t have another year left on it. Then he could breed me. Then I could carry my own brother’s child. I let out a wanton moan, driving my tongue so deep into Zanyia’s sweet cunt.

“Mistress,” the catgirl squeaked, her tears twitching. Her tail spasmed, the fuzzy end brushing my breasts, caressing my nipples, batting the necklace and sending it swinging between my tits. “Oh, Master, she needs it. Fuck your sister, please! Give her what she needs.”

“Always,” Sven grunted.

He thrust.

Rapture shot through my body as our flesh united. We came from the same womb. My pussy clamped down on his incestuous shaft. My eyes fluttered as I savored him filling me. His balls smacked into my clit, his crotch slapping my ass. I wiggled, his pubic hair tickling my butt-cheeks.

More delight added to the ecstasy raging in my pussy.

I clenched down on his dick, swirling my tongue through Zanyia’s pussy, as he drew back. My back arched. I savored the friction. The tighter I squeezed, the hotter the pleasure burned. I moaned and groaned, wiggling my hips, stirring my hot cunt around his amazing dick. He let out a grunt his hands stroking my sides and hips.

He thrust into me.

“Oh, fuck her, Master,” Zanyia purred, squirming, her tail rubbing on my tits, caressing them, wrapping about the dangling mounds before sweeping over them and caressing my nipples. The gold chain rasped on my neck as she jostled the amulet.

Every time she brushed my nipples, pleasure throbbed down to my pussy. My cunt tightened on my brother’s plunging dick. Pleasure rippled through me. I hugged Zanyia’s thighs, clinging to her as the euphoria rippled through my body.

“Gods, what a pussy you have, sister dear.” His cock thrust harder. “Pater’s dick, you burn around me.”

I lapped harder. My tongue flew through Zanyia’s folds. I ran out of cum to eat, but I couldn’t stop licking her. Didn’t want to stop licking her. She deserved to be pleasured. She brought us together. She showed us that we both wanted this incestuous passion. That we loved each other.

So I licked her. I nuzzled at her. I tongued her pussy and sucked on her labia. As Sven fucked me hard, ramming his amazing cock into my depths over and over, my mouth pleasured Zanyia. I found her clit, nipping it with my teeth. Her tail swished faster, teasing my nipples. Her yowls echoed through the tent. Her purrs rumbled from her throat.

“Are you going to cum on my sister’s mouth?” Sven asked. “Huh, slave?”

“Yes, Master,” moaned Zanyia, her voice so sweet. “Oh, Master, your sister is eating my pussy. She is being so sweet to me. She’s giving me pleasure.”

“My slave deserves pleasure,” growled Sven, thrusting even harder into my pussy.

“Love you, Master!”

I shuddered, my cunt drinking in hot friction. His balls thudded over and over into my clit. The heavy impacts had me shuddering. Pleasure shot through me. So hot and delicious. Waves of passion that had me dizzy with delight.

I didn’t want it it to stop. I wanted him to keep fucking me. To keep ramming his dick into me. My eyes squeezed shut. My pussy clenched down on his dick. I moaned and groaned, bucking back into him so hard.

I loved it.

So much pleasure. It surged through me.

It filled me.

Zanyia’s teasing tail assaulted my nipples. The stiff fur sent tingles racing to the building pressure in my pussy. Juices boiled out of my pussy, pouring down my thighs as I trembled between the pair. My tongue flew through sweet snatch while my brother pounded my cunt so hard. His dick sent rapture sweeping through my body with every thrust.

“Gods, yes,” he groaned. “Pater’s huge dick, yes!”

“Cum in her pussy, Master!” yowled Zanyia, bucking and spasming. “Oh, do it, Master!”

“Cum on her face, slave! Give my sweet sister what she wants.”

“Yes!” I moaned, my pussy clenching on my brother’s dick.

Zanyia’s orgasm triggered the passion in the tent. When she screeched out her pleasure, squeezing her small tits with her hands, she bathed my face with her sweet juices. I gulped them down, drinking in the proof of her rapture. I made this amazing, loving creature cum.

A heady rush shot through my body, ending at my pussy. My silky walls spasmed and convulsed around my brother’s dick. He grunted, feeling my orgasm rage through my body, experiencing how my snatch hungered for his incestuous cum to flood my body.

“Brother mine!” I howled, head snapping up from Zanyia’s pussy, her cream dripping down my throat. “Oh, brother mine, cum in me! Give me your love.”

“Yes!” he growled, thrusting so hard into my cumming pussy.

Rapture washed into my mind. Stars danced before my eyes as I savored his dick plunging over and over into my climaxing snatch. I bucked into him. His every thrust sent new waves sluicing through my body, spilling ecstasy into my mind.

“Sister dear, yes!”

Hot, taboo cum spurted into my pussy. My eyes widened. A second orgasm spasmed through my body. I heaved, my tits swaying, brushed by Zanyia’s tail. I milked his dick, loving every splash of his spunk against my cervix.

“Sven, yes! Oh, brother mine, flood me!”

“Flood her, Master!” yowled Zanyia, squirming on the bedrolls. Her ears twitched so violently. “She’s so loving and wonderful. Give it all to her.”

“I am,” groaned Sven, leaning over me, his dick spurting a final time. My pussy writhed about his girth, savoring him in me. “She’s my sister. I’d do anything for her.”

I smiled as his arms hugged me. He didn’t pull out of me as he rolled us onto our sides. He held me, cupping my breasts. My back pressed into his back as he kissed at my neck.

“What did Ava have to say?” I murmured, coming down from my orgasmic high, lethargy sinking on me. We’d only had a few hours of sleep after spending all night freeing the slaves. Freeing Zanyia. My hands clutched the amulet, feeling the ruby in my grip.

“Just berating me for not telling her we succeeded,” he murmured, voice sleepy.

“She was very displeased,” Zanyia agreed, the lamia nestling up against me. I let go of the amulet to hug her.

“Very displeased,” Sven said. “But I calmed her down. She wants us to go to Cheyvn. She’s got a new proxy waiting for us at the Buxom Lass.”

“And are you eager to enjoy those buxom lasses?” I asked.

“Always,” he groaned, holding me and Zanyia in his strong arms. The catgirl purred, feeling like such a little girl now in my arms.

Like Katriana.

“Such a pig, brother mine.”

“It’s what you like about me.” I felt that ego hugging me, too.

I smiled, closed my eyes, and drifted off into sleep.

To be continued…

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