The Rogue’s Harem Book One, Chapter Eight: The Princess’s New Toy


The World of Erasthay

The Rogue’s Harem Book One: Rogue’s Sultry Women

Chapter Eight: The Princess’s New Toy

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Female/Teen female, Fantasy, Magic, Oral Sex

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Princess Ava – Echur, Kivoneth Princedom, Strifelands of Zeutch

My awareness fell into my new proxy. I experienced a bodiless rush that lasted a heartbeat and then new, hard flesh cradled my thoughts. The world swam for a moment before becoming clear, changed, my perspective so much smaller as I inhabited the jade beetle held in my own hand.

I stared up at my towering self. My face blank, my strawberry-blonde hair falling loose about my head. I hadn’t bothered to put it in my usual braid this morning. I was just so sick with worry about Sven. I couldn’t believe both he and Kora forgot to contact me back.

My new body twitched. I had six legs, which felt weird. I could control each of them, twitching them while my carapace opened. The delicate wings fluttered, but my body didn’t fly. Though carved in a perfect likeness of a beetle by Gerhard, it couldn’t fly, its body made of jade.

But it could walk.

“Let me put you on the ground, Princess,” my buxom maid, Greta, said. She cupped her hands before my motionless one.

I crawled off myself, leaving my body behind and into my maid’s. She lowered me to the floor too fast. The world grew dizzying. My jade wings rustled. And then the stone floor lay at the ends of her fingers. I scuttled out, moving quite easily on my six legs. Though I’d never possessed them, my imbuing powers always adjusted me to the quirks of my proxy, giving me surprising ability to move in them.

“I’ll keep watch on your body, Princess,” Greta said, a hungry sound in her voice.

I tried to speak, but only a clicking sound came out. I had mandibles instead of lips. I couldn’t form human sounds with its mouth. Well, I didn’t need to talk right now. I needed to spy.

I raced across my bedchamber’s floor towards the close door. But I could fit through the crack beneath. I moved fast, about the speed I could walk as a human. My antennae twitched in excitement. I clicked more as I pressed tight against the ground and passed into the darkness beneath the door. In heartbeats, I entered my sitting room.

The Naithan throw rug proved an obstacle. My tiny legs sank into the gaps in the colorful weave, slowing me down. I had to move with care, putting my legs down on individual threats, balancing on them as I crossed the room.

It felt so huge at this scale, the ceiling out of sight.

I clicked in relief once I scurried off and reached my door. I squeezed through and raced down the edge of the wall to my father’s study. This was the most dangerous part. If a palace servant saw me and decided to squash me, I’d lose my valuable construct and I’d suffer from a headache for most of the day.

I hated having my proxy destroyed while using it.

Before I reached the end of the hallway, a distant feeling of heat washed through my insect body. A vestigial sensation coming from my actual body. I let out a clicking sigh. The heat grew hotter, phantom sensations from body parts my insect proxy didn’t possess washed through my awareness.

Fingers pinched nipples. A tongue lapped through my pussy.

Greta played with my body. The naughty girl.

I tried to ignore the feel of the tongue swiping through the folds of a pussy my current form didn’t possess. A soft tingle raced across my thoughts, a growing prickling as my body responded to the stimuli of Greta’s mouth. Her fingers pulled on my nipples.

I clicked and scurried faster.

If I were in my real body, I’d be panting right now, squirming, grinding my pussy against her hungry mouth. Moans would escape my lips. Heat would be building in my cunt’s depths, driving me closer and closer to my orgasm.

But I wasn’t in my body. So it was just an annoyance. Something I had to ignore as I navigated to my father’s study. Greta could have her fun. She could wiggle her tongue as deep into my pussy as she wanted, drinking down the juices, feasting on me.

Thudding footsteps shook the floor. I let out a click of fright. Ahead of me, a servant trooped around the corner, carrying a box. I pressed my body flat into the joint where floor met wall. He loomed over me.

Would he see me? Would he squash me?

I tensed, ready to scurry if he did.

He came closer.

My antennae twitched frantically before me. I worked my mandibles. My wings flickered beneath their protective carapace.

He stomped past me, cursing beneath his breath. He didn’t see me. I clicked in relief and scurried ahead, pushing my jade body to its limits. I needed out of the corridors.

I reached my father’s door, my body burning so hot now. I must be on the verge of an orgasm. I worked my mandibles in annoyance. I’d have to talk to her about this. She kept promising to stop, and she would, for a while. But then her predilection would have her eating my pussy while my body lay stupefied.

A prickling twitched my delicate, jade antennae as I stalked past the door to my father’s study. Magic warded it, put in place by Shevoin, my father’s master mage from Esh-Esh. No one but my father could pass through this door.

But I did find a crumbling spot in the mortar in the wall near the floor. A place where something tiny could scramble through. Excitement buzzed my wings as I scurried for it. I reached the defect and witness light spilling through the crack. Daylight spilled from my father’s study.

He would be gone for days. I’d have time to search, to find the secret of his army of proxies. How could he control more than one at a time? Let alone the thousands he now had. With it, he had an army that could shrug off most attacks, who didn’t feel pain or exhaustion.

He abused the gift Krab gave our ancestors.

As I squirmed through the crack, my thoughts fluttered. My body came. I pictured Greta’s blonde pigtails spread over my thighs, her mouth latched onto my pussy, her arms reaching up my body to pinch my pink nipples. My real body twitched, wordless moans escaping my mouth as she lapped up my juices, enjoying her illicit pleasure.

Then she’d mount my face and grind her pussy on me until she came, moaning and gasping, those huge tits of hers bouncing.

I forced that picture down, grateful my insect body didn’t get horny at all. If I were in a human statue, I’d be masturbating right now, rubbing a stone pussy with tiny fingers.

I squeezed my jade body through the mortar. My antennae twitched. I wiggled faster, working through the gap. Even as skinny as I was, it was tight. Stone scraped on the jeweled body. I winced, pressing myself as flat as possible, little legs pulling me along. I clicked and chittered, so close.

And then I popped out on the other side. I gazed up at the bookshelves around me, my father’s desk at the far side of the room. A painting of my mother hung above it, smiling in all her blonde glory, wearing a soft gown of blue cupping her large breasts.

I didn’t inherit those.

I stared up at the picture of my mother, missing her so much. She’d never have let father act this way, abusing his imbuer powers to conquer all of Zeutch. They both came from lines of imburers, uniting two different branches, creating me.

I scurried forward. I had work to do.

To be continued…

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