The Rogue’s Harem Book One, Chapter Twenty-Seven: Sisterly Delight


The World of Erasthay

The Rogue’s Harem Book One: Rogue’s Sultry Women

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Sisterly Delight

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

Story Codes: Male/Females, Male/Female, Female/Female, Fantasy, Magic, Incest, Exhibitionism

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I prowled through the brush, moving with utter silence. I smelled the deer grazing just a few feet away. I approached downwind. My heart hammered. I hadn’t ever hunted for real, only played at it as a kitten. But we needed food.

I sprang.

The deer squealed as I landed on its back. Young, not quite a fawn, but not quite an adult. My teeth snagged its throat, crushing its windpipe to choke it. My claws dug into its flesh, holding on tight. It kicked and danced, struggling to throw me off, sweeping its head so its little stubby antlers could find my flesh.

I didn’t let up. Not with its salty blood in my mouth. We didn’t eat at all yesterday. My stomach rumbled. I wouldn’t let this deer go. It was breakfast and lunch and dinner. We needed it. Especially Kora. Conjuring the bridge yesterday afternoon had wiped her out.

The deer staggered. It let out one more mournful wail then collapsed. Its body twitched. I didn’t let go until I stopped feeling the pulse of its life beat through its neck. My tail swished in triumph when the beast went still.

We would eat!

“That makes a lot of noise,” Master said, appearing at the top of the hill.

I lifted my mouth, shrugged. “It worked. Did you kill anything?”

“I don’t know how to hunt,” he scowled.

“You make too much noise,” I smirked at him as he came down the hill. “You need to be crafty. Like me.”

“I know how to sneak,” he said. “Just woods are different. So much stuff to brush. Everything you touch makes noise.”

With Master’s help, I cleaned the dear and we carried it to our small camp in a dell. Kora still slept on the bed of leaves we made her, her face covered by her robe. She’d slept since we made camp last night, just exhausted by everything.

My stomach rumbled again, the smell of venison roasting on the fire watering my mouth. I crouched beside my master, the firelight painting my naked skin. The trees made our little dell dark even in the noon sun.

“I think we lost them, Master,” I said. “They never figured out we crossed the ravine.”

“Yeah,” he nodded, glancing at his sister. “Kora’s plan saved us.”

“So did this,” I giggled, patting his cock through his leather pants. “How many men could satiate two women under those circumstances?”

“You didn’t cum,” he pointed out.

“But I was getting there. I would have if we had more time.” I rubbed my cheek against his arm, purring contentedly.

He pulled out his map from his pouch, unfurling it. “I think we’re here,” he said, stabbing a part on the southeastern side. “That had to be the Hoyvein river. If we follow it east, it leads to these farming villages on the edge of the woods.”

“Think we’ll find a virgin to use to lure in the faerie?” I asked.

“They can be hard to find in farming villages. Girls who grow up around livestock tend to be earthy. But I’m sure we’ll manage.”

“Assuming you can keep this in your pants, Master,” I giggled, squeezing his cock again.

“I have some amount of self-control,” he grinned. “I won’t ruin her before we attract the faerie’s interest.”

“Just a smidgen.” It felt so wonderful to be so relaxed with my owner. No fear that I would say the wrong thing and be beaten. I didn’t have to cringe every time he raised his arm. This man loved me. Cared for me.

Such joy filled me.

It was near evening, after Master and I glutted on Venison, that Kora awoke. I grinned at her, holding out a big strip of meat. She smiled, took it, and devoured it just like I would. With so much enthusiasm.

I saw it in her eyes. That simple joy of being alive with the people she loved.


Kora Falk

One hunger satiated, my belly full of wonderful venison, I hooked an arm over my brother’s shoulder as darkness deepened around our campfire. I had to feed my other hunger and love him. What we did yesterday, in the haste to save our lives, wasn’t a celebration of our survival, but a necessary and carnal act.

I wanted to enjoy myself. I wanted to unite the three of us in passion. I kissed him hard, my tongue thrusting into his mouth. At the same moment, I reached past him, seizing Zanyia’s hand, pulling her to us. Her ears twitched. Her purr rose.

Her lips joined ours in a three-way kiss.

It felt so wonderful, so right, to love Sven with Zanyia. The events of the last few days had welded us so tight. Her hand tightened on mine as we savored my brother’s strong lips. Our tongues brushed each other, licking caressing, the passion building between my thighs, my nethers smoldering from their touch.

Sven’s hand slid into my robe, finding my round breast. His other hand cupped Zanyia’s small firm tit. We both moaned our delight as he squeezed and kneaded our tits. His thumb ran across my nipple, shooting fire to my—

“Well, this is quite the sight,” Princess Ava purred, her voice tiny.

The three of us broke apart in guilty shock as the princess rose quartz proxy grew out of Sven’s pouch. Her naked, lithe form swelled, blossoming into her full beauty. The specks of crystal in her stony flesh glittered in the firelight as she straddled Sven’s waist, pressing against him, her arms on his shoulder.

“Ava!” he gasped. “It’s not what you think.”

“That you weren’t kissing your sister and groping her breast?” Ava asked, arching an eyebrow.

Sven didn’t say anything, struggling to gather himself. He loved Ava as much as me. He didn’t want the princess to know about us. Neither did I. I didn’t want to ruin their love with our forbidden passion.

Ava smiled, her lips looking so soft despite what they were made of. “I saw you two nights ago, before the chase. You were making love to her. And…” She leaned in closer, pressing her forehead against his. “I want to join in. I want to love your sister with you.”

Sven didn’t hesitate. His hands grabbed Ava’s ass. “Just like we used to share all those naughty girls who slipped into our bed.”

“No,” Ava purred, grinding her self on my brother’s cock. “I want to love her, not just fuck her. She’s your sister, Sven. I saw it. You care for her, too.”

“I have a big heart,” he grinned, kneading her pliant ass.

“Yes, he does,” Zanyia purred, so happy.

I leaned against Ava, pressing my naked tits into her soft flesh. I wanted to touch her in her stone proxy, to feel that impossible rock yielding like skin. I touched her belly, siding up to a firm breast, squeezing it.

Felt like any pliant tit I’ve groped.

“Then let’s love him together,” I purred. “Because one day, we’ll be sisters when you marry him.”

Ava grinned at me. Then she leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. I shivered at the soft touch of her yielding lips. They were dry, but smooth as glass. My tongue probed into her mouth. It was so different from kissing a living creature. She had warmth, but no real taste other than of stone.

I couldn’t wait to make love to the princess’s real body. To taste her saliva, her skin, her pussy. I shuddered. My other hand sliding between her naked thighs, feeling the strange bush adorning her cunt. Then I found the glass-smooth lips of her pussy, caressing them.

Pressing into them.

Ava whimpered just like a real woman would, savoring my digits sliding into her pussy. She squirmed on my brother, our tongues dueling, loving each other. Sven groaned as he watched us, his hands cupping my ass, squeezing it.

The princess broke the kiss, crystals in her eyes sparkling. “I want to watch you fuck your brother, Kora!”

“Yes,” Zanyia clapped. “They’re so beautiful when they fuck, Princess.”

“I bet they are,” Ava moaned, slipping from me and my brother, cuddling against Zanyia’s body.

“Well, sister dear?” Sven grinned at me, stretching out on his back, his cock thrusting up from his crotch, the firelight painting it. “Why don’t you just hop on and go for a ride.”

“Ooh, yes,” I groaned, licking my lips, my pussy so wet. Just having Ava watch me gave me all the foreplay I wanted.

My pussy dripped as I straddled my brother. I grabbed his cock, guiding him to my hot pussy. I stared at the princess, lounging in Zanyia’s arms. Her crystalline eyes stared at me with such hunger as she squirmed.

“Mmm, yes, just ride your brother’s cock,” the princess purred. Then she gasped, Zanyia’s fingers finding her royal cunt. “Just fuck him. Give my love the incestuous pleasure he craves.”

“I wish I told you earlier,” grinned Sven, reaching out to take Ava’s hand. “It’s hot having you watch.”

“Uh-huh,” she groaned. “I just had to… understand. But I do now. It’s beautiful. What you two share.”

I shuddered, staring at my future sister-in-law. I grinned at her, my pussy dripping with juices, and then impaled myself on my brother’s cock. I groaned, my back arching. My tits heaved before me. Wonderful friction burned through my depths as my brother entered me.

His cock filled me. So big and thick. I whimpered, squirming on him. His girth stretched me to my wonderful limits. I groaned, clenching down hard. I undulated my hips, stirring him around in me, loving how he felt in my snatch.

“Ride him,” groaned Ava, Zanyia’s fingers pumping fast in and out of the princess’s cunt. “Just ride your brother hard. Make him cum. I want him gasping in pleasure.”

“Yes,” Sven groaned. “You heard her, sister dear. That’s a royal command.”

“To fuck my brother?” I groaned my snatch tightening on his wonderful cock. “Gladly.”

I rose on his dick, shivering at the hot slide against my flesh. His girth teased me, sending such wonderful delight through me. I swirled my hips, stirring the tip of his cock through my pussy, making him groan, before I slammed back down again.

My tits heaved. His right hand cupped my left, his left hand squeezing my hip. He groped me, squeezed me, rubbed my nipple as I rode him. I shuddered, new delights coursing through me as the rapture surged through my body.

I leaned over him, my breasts jiggling, and ground my clit into his pubic bone on every downstroke. Such wonderful rapture shivered through me. I moaned, my eyes rolling back into my head as I fucked my brother so hard.

“Oh, Sven, yes,” I groaned. “I love your cock in me. My brother’s dick! It’s the best.”

“The best,” Ava whimpered, twitching in Zanyia’s embrace. “Just the absolute best. Fuck him. Love him!”

“I am!” I groaned. “I do! I love my brother so much! I always have!”

“We’re true sisters,” Ava whimpered, still clutching my brother’s hand.

I smiled at the princess, nodding my head in agreement. My pussy clenched hard on my brother’s shaft as I rode up him. He groaned, his face twisting with pleasure. He squeezed my left breast hard. I loved the strength of his grip, the passion in his hand.

Then he groaned and flipped me onto my back. I gasped, suddenly crushed by his wonderful weight. I loved being beneath him. Ava took my hand this time, squeezing it as Sven drew back and slammed his cock into my dripping snatch.

“Yes, yes, yes, love her, Sven!” Ava groaned. “Love our sister.”

“Love her, Master!” Zanyia purred, her fingers almost a blur as they plunged into Ava’s snatch.

“I do love her,” Sven groaned, his lips nuzzling at my neck.

“Good,” Ava purred, her rosy face contorting in rapture. “And you, you naughty minx, you’re doing such wicked things to me.”

“I’m a naughty lamia,” Zanyia purred. “And you’ll love this.”

Ava gasped, her body bucking, her orgasm burning through her as Zanyia’s trained fingers plunged into the proxy’s pussy. The princess moaned out her climax into the dark forest. Her passion caressed me.

I shivered, my pussy clenching hard on my brother’s dick. I clutched him to me, my breasts rubbing on his muscular chest. I bucked into his hard thrusts, his balls thwacking over and over into my pussy taint.

Driving me wild with passion.

I whimpered, drinking in the thrust, squeezing Ava’s hand as my orgasm swelled. The princess’s eyes fluttered. She let out the cutest moans as her pleasure peaked in her. Then her eyes focused on me, her smile grew.

“Cum, Kora! Cum on your brother’s dick! Milk all the jizz out of his dick.”

“All that yummy, incestuous spunk, Mistress!” Zanyia purred before nibbling on the princess’s shoulder.

“Yes,” Sven groaned, his lips kissing harder at my cheek. “Milk my cock, sister dear.”

“I will, brother mine!” I moaned, his dick slamming into me. His pubic bone pressed on my clit.

My orgasm exploded through me. Incestuous rapture surged through my body. I groaned and whimpered. I bucked beneath him, my pussy convulsing about his amazing cock. Stars burst before my eyes. Sparks showered through my body.

He groaned, driving hard, fast into my cunt. My pussy milked his cock, eager to be flooded by his seed. He rammed into my depths and let out a loud groan. I shuddered, his spunk spurting into my depths. So hot and creamy.

“Cum in her, Sven! Flood your sister!” gasped the princess, sharing in our incestuous love.

“I’m pumping so much into her, Ava,” my brother groaned.

“He is,” I whimpered, my pleasure peaking in me. I held him tight, so glad we survived.



What wicked humans they were. I found them so intriguing. Brother and sister making love, violating the mores of their society. Uniting in the forbidden and reveling in it with the imbuer. I cocked my head, so intrigued.

Did she have a connection with Duke Gallchobhar.

And what did they want with me? Why did they want a virgin to lure me in? My wings fluttered. These humans were so interesting. I sense such a wicked game forming here. Something that would entertain me for days.

Maybe even weeks. Ooh, the pranks I would play on them. I couldn’t wait.

My pussy growing hotter as brother spilled seed into sister, I shoved my fingers between my thighs and rubbed at my dripping snatch. Tonight, I would just watch them sport. There would be time for naughtier games later.

To be continued…

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