The Rogue’s Harem Book One, Chapter Twenty-Nine: Seduction By Proxy


The World of Erasthay

The Rogue’s Harem Book One: Rogue’s Sultry Women

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Seduction By Proxy

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2018

Story Codes: Male/Female, Fantasy, Magic, Exhibitionism, Hot Wife, Cheating, Cuckold, Oral Sex

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Zanyia – Hos Elv, The Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

I strolled through town, humans stopping to watch me saunter by, staring at my nudity. It was so foolish of them. Their species put such an allure on nudity. It was almost taboo to them. They only showed off their bodies to lovers. Only the wanton whores at a tavern exposed themselves. Humans would never do it just walking down the street of their farming village.

Hos Elv was a tiny town, a collection of cottages with thatched roof and a single inn dominating the heart of the village next to a tavern called the Foamy Delight. The Zeutchian humans all had the look of farmers, wearing rough clothing. I sniffed each of them I could, trying to find a virgin.

It took us two days of walking to escape the forest and find Hos Elv. Now we just had to find the virgin to use as bait for the fairy. Luckily, my keen nose would suffice. My tail wiggled as I inhaled deeply, and caught the scent of something innocent.

I spotted the girl, twin pigtail braids falling down the front of her dress, a white bodice with a brown skirt that came up to just below her tits, two straps slung over her shoulders, almost framing her youthful tits. She was perhaps fourteen, fresh-faced and delicious. I marked her scent and her appearance then darted off to find Master.

He was in the Foamy Delight with a busty bar maid on his lap, her tits out for his enjoyment. His blue eyes slid over and found me. A tremble of excitement raced through me as I scampered to him, tail swishing behind me.

“I found her, Master!”


Sven Falk

I took a deep gulp of the cool well water. “That is refreshing, Goodwife Agathe.”

“You’re most welcome, sir,” the farm wife said, a busty woman wearing the same style of high-waisted dress, coming up to just below her large breasts, that the women of the nearby village wore. She had brown hair tied back at the nape of her neck by a green ribbon, leaving her mature and fair face exposed. Her blue eyes sparkled. “And what brought you down my farm lane on such a hot spring day?”

I gave her a roguish grin. “Just looking for refreshment. As you said, the day is surprisingly warm for spring.”

She nodded her head. “Good for growing crops.”

I glanced out at her fields. “I don’t see your husband working them.” I knew exactly where he was. “Is he in the barn?”

“He took the cheese to market in the village,” she said, her voice tight. “Be gone all day.”

“Sure he’s not drinking at the Foamy Delight?” I asked, arching my eyebrows.

She rolled her eyes.

“I bet he’s just eyeing those busty maids that serve drink there.”

“Men always like younger flesh,” she said, heat in her voice.

I shook my head in disappointment. “When he has a perfect bed warmer here. A woman with curves makes for far more pleasant company than a scrawny lass.”

She smiled, her back straightening just a tad, almost thrusting her tits at me. “And what would you know about enjoying curvy women in bed.”

“Well, I always do love to see their generous flesh jiggle as I devour their pussies,” I grinned. “Nothing like a pair of big, lush tits quivering above as you eat a woman’s quim.”

Her smile grew, tongue moistening lips.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the youthful face peering out of the barn. Nathalie, the virgin marked by Zanyia’s keen nose. I moved closer to her mother, loving the audience, knowing I’d awaken desires in the virgin’s flesh.

“When was the last time your husband made your tits quiver?”

“Too long,” the woman said, her hands grabbing her long hair, pulling it over her shoulders to play with it. The brown strands draped across her full blouse, nipples growing hard. She swayed her hips. “Much too long.”

“Too busy making those hussies at the Foamy Delight quiver, eh, Goodwife Agathe?” I asked, moving closer. “No time to make his wife gasp like a maiden on her wedding night.”

Rose bloused Agathe’s cheeks. She flicked her eyes up and down. “Are you the type of man who would poach another man’s wife?”

“Is it poaching if he’s not taking care of her?” I touched her warm cheek, caressing down to her plump lips. I stroked them, watching her quiver. “Why should he get all the fun?”

Nathalie gripped the farm door, watching her mother surrender to me. Her blue eyes so wide as I leaned over and captured her mother’s lips. The goodwife didn’t fight as I pushed her back towards the entrance of her farmhouse, our tongues caressing. Her arms went around my neck, clutching to me, her body starved for affection.

The farmhouse was small, a single room with curtains dangling to separate the two beds, one bigger than the other. I guided Goodwife Agathe to her marital bed, my cock so hard in my leather trousers. I pushed the busty woman down on the hay-stuffed mattress, breaking our kiss.

She blushed like a maiden surrendering herself for the first time. She pushed off the straps from her shoulder holding up her skirt. Then her fingers unlaced her bodice as I drew off my shirt, exposing my muscular body to her hungry gaze.

And her daughter’s.

I noticed the virgin Nathalie peering through a window, her eyes wide as she witnessed her mother’s infidelity. I fought against the urge to glance at her, to acknowledge her presence. It wasn’t time for that. Yet.

“I need this,” the goodwife moaned, rubbing at my cock through my leather trousers, her big breasts exposed to my hungry gaze. They swayed, so soft and pillowy, her nipples dark-red and so hard, just begging to be sucked on.

“You’ll get it,” I grinned, my dick twitching. “After I make you quiver.”

She let out a panting moan and shoved down her skirt while lifting her ass to expose her body beneath. She pulled off her blouse last then stretched naked on her marital bed. Her big tits formed two soft mounds, her thighs parting to expose a thick, brown bush soaked with her juices. The married woman ran fingers down her stomach to her pubic hair, twining them about her digits.

“Mmm, come feast on my married pie,” she moaned. “No one’s had a tasted of me in far, far too long.”

“What a crime,” I groaned. “Your husband should be pilloried for not satiating this delicious snatch.”

“Yes!” she gasped as I leaned down.

I could feel the virgin’s eyes boring down on me, unable to look away as my nuzzled into her mother’s hair pussy. Silky pubic hair tickled my face. She had a sweet musk that made my dick hard. I found her labia, thick and engorged with her excitement.

I licked.

Her big breasts quivered just like I promised. She let out a wanton moan, her hips grinding against my face. She sucked in deep breaths, smearing hot pussy against my lips, her pubic hair tickling my chin and cheeks. I loved the feel of her on my face, savored her taste. I licked again and again, feasting on her.

Her husband was such a fool for ignoring this hot pie. So sweet. So delicious. My tongue gathered her cream. I savored it as I explored her flesh, making the goodwife moan out her delight. The bed creaked as she humped against me.

And her virgin daughter watched.

The perfect thing for the young girl to see. To witness her mother’s pleasure. The pleasure of a woman the virgin craved to be. Nathalie’s untouched cunt would grow hot. She’d squirm, fidgeting, watching me bring her mother closer and closer to her orgasm.

“Oh, yes, you stud!” gasped Goodwife Agathe. “Ooh, eat my married pussy. I need this. I haven’t had a proper orgasm in years! Yes, yes, feast! Gods, what a blessing. Thank you, Slata, for sending this man to me for refreshment.”

“Such sweet refreshment,” I groaned. “Better than well water.”

“Uh-huh,” she whimpered.

My tongue flew through her folds, brushing her clit. She shuddered every time. Her juices flowed, coating my chin and cheeks. I drank down her sweet cream, loving the flavor. My dick ached in my leather trousers, begging to fuck her.

Not yet. She needed her pleasure first. Her daughter needed to witness the rapture I give women.

I ignored my own lusts, controlled them. A real man dominated his own desires. I wasn’t controlled by them. I could hold off on my need to cum while I pleasured my woman. While I worshiped at her cunt.

And what a delicious cunt Goodwife Agathe possessed. I devoured her married pussy. I licked and lapped up every drop of sweet pussy cream she had. I reveled in the flavor, in the feel of her. She gasped and moaned, trembling, her hands squeezing her big, soft tits.

“Oh, yes!” she gasped. “Ooh, this is what I need. Slata, yes!”

“Let yourself go,” I groaned between licks. “Just let yourself cum. You deserve it for putting up with such a negligent husband.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” she howled, smearing her hot pussy on my lips.

I latched onto her clit. Sucked hard.

Her blue eyes widened. Her body bucked. Loud moans escaped her lips. Hot juices gushed out of her pussy. I devoured the flood. I savored the sweet cream pouring out of her. I drank it down, savoring in her flavor.

It made my dick so hard.

It throbbed in my pants. I ignored it as I licked and lapped, drinking down every drop of sweet pussy cream I could. A hopeless task. She kept producing more and more for me to devour. My tongue caressed her pussy, keeping the pleasure surging through her.

“Slata’s hairy cunt, yes!” howled the goodwife. “Oh, this is amazing.”

I felt Nathalie’s eyes burning on me as she witnessed her mother’s passionate surrender to the pleasure I provided.

“Just keep licking me!” whined the goodwife. “Oh, that’s so good. I need this. I need this so much!”

“Enjoy!” I groaned before latching onto her clit again.

I sucked on her hard nub, my face pressed into her hot cunt. She bucked harder, another orgasm bursting through her. She gasped and moaned, smearing her hot cunt against my face. Every one of my breaths full of her sweet scent.

She squeezed her big tits hard as she thrashed. Her fingers sank into those lush tits. I shuddered, my right hand reaching up her convulsing body. I grabbed her tit beneath her hand, savoring the feel of her plump flesh.

“Gods, yes!” howled the goodwife. “Oh, you are such a stud! You must be one of Slata’s divine sons! She sent you to me to give you pleasure.”

“Maybe she did,” I grinned, lifting my face from her pussy. I licked at my lips, savoring her sweet cream. I rose, her eyes falling on my crotch. “Maybe she guided me down the road because she knew you needed satisfaction.” It could be true. Slata was the Goddess of Wives and Women. Her husband, Pater, was forever cheating on her. Maybe she wanted wives out there to cuckold their husbands when they weren’t being satiated.

The trembling goodwife lunged upright, her big tits heaving. Her hands fumbled at the laces of my trousers. She shoved them down and pulled out my big dick. She groaned, stroking my girth in her soft hand while licking her lips.

“You’re bigger than my husband,” she panted, stretching onto her back, her hand guiding me between her thighs.

“Well, if Slata sent me, she’d want you to get the most amount of pleasure possible.”

“Yes!” the goodwife groaned, rubbing my dick up and down her married pussy.

I heard a whimpering gasp. I pictured Nathalie watching us, her blue eyes so wide, her cheeks so rosy. She must be quivering. I shuddered, so eager to show her the pleasure a man’s cock provided a woman. To awaken her virgin snatch to all the possibilities I could give her.

I thrust froward.

I buried into Agathe’s married cunt. Her tight, hot, silky sheath surrounded me. She wasn’t joking about my cock being bigger than her husband’s. She felt almost virginal around my dick. She let out a whimper, her body shuddering in rapture as I sank into her hot depths.

This pussy belonged to another man. I groaned, savoring the delight of cuckolding the farmer, of penetrating his wife’s snatch. I savored the heat burning around me. The silky depths clutching hard to my dick.

“Oh, Slata, thank you!” the goodwife moaned, her limbs hugging my body tight. “Ooh, this is what I need. A man to please me.”

“Yes, you do,” I groaned, savoring the heat of her pussy. “A man fucking you, Plowing his cock over and over into that hot cunt, just making you explode.”

“Uh-huh,” she whimpered, her pussy clenching on my dick. “I need that so badly. Fuck my married cunt! Give me the pleasure my husband’s denied me!”

I drew back my dick through her hot pussy. Her married flesh clung to my dick. The friction burned about the crown of my cock. I groaned, savoring the heat. My eyes rolled back into my head, my balls tightening.

I thrust forward. My dick rammed back into her married depths. My balls smacked her taint. She groaned, pulling me down tight. Her big breasts rubbing soft into my chest, her nipples hard. I loved the contrasting delights.

She kissed me. She groaned, savoring the taste of her own pussy on my lips. Her hips undulated, bucking into my thrust as our tongues dueled. I savored it, the heat of her cunt massaging my dick. Her daughter watching with such wide eyes.

Nathalie’s presence made this sweeter. It drove me to perform.

I broke the kiss, gasping, “Tell me how much you love my cock fucking your cunt, Goodwife Agathe!”

“So much!” she gasped, her fingernails raking my back. “Ooh, yes, I need this. I need a big, thick cock fucking my cunt. Plow me! Make me explode on your dick.”

“Then I’m going to pump so much jizz into your snatch!”

“Yes!” Her fingernails bit. Her thighs tightened about my dick. “Just flood my cunt with your seed! Till my snatch!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I grunted, thrusting forward, my balls thwacking louder against her taint.

The slap of flesh on flesh echoed through the farmhouse. The naughty sound mixed with the creak of her bed and the whimpers of pleasure from her mouth. She groaned and gasped, trembling beneath me as she fucked me back hard.

Her body drank in the pleasure of my dick plowing into her. Her pussy grew hotter around my dick, tighter. She clenched down hard, moaning, gasping. Her body quivered beneath me, face twisting with rapture.

She came.

“That’s it!” I gasped, thrusting into her convulsing cunt. “Milk my cock with that married cunt! You want my jizz so badly!”

“So badly!” she whimpered. “Ooh, just flood me. Pump your cum into my married depths. I need it.”

Nathalie mouthed, “I need it.”

I shuddered, the virgin’s eyes propelling my hips to thrust hard into her mother’s cumming cunt. I shuddered, the friction of spasming pussy had my dick throbbing. My balls tensed, smacking over and over into her taint.

“Pater’s cock!” I howled as I buried into her depths.

And came.

My spunk spurted out of me. Powerful blasts of jizz that had me groaning. The pleasure surged through me. Stars danced before my eyes as her hot snatch milked my pussy. She squealed in delight, bucking beneath me.

“Yes, yes, cum in me! I love it! So hot! So amazing! It’s the best!”

“Yes, it is,” I groaned, her married pussy writhing about my dick as I spilled the last spurts of cum into her. “Gods damn, but you know how to use your cunt. Your husband should worship this pussy.”

“He should,” she moaned and then grinned at me. “But it means you get to enjoy what he’s ignored.”

“Lucky me,” I purred and gave her another kiss.

I left the goodwife panting, my cum flooding out of her pussy, as I dressed. She had a huge smile on her lips, her fingers playing with my jizz. She brought her fingers to her lips, sucking them clean. She didn’t say a word as I left, just thankful for her afternoon delight.

Nathalie lingered outside, her slim body trembling, her cheeks burning, nipples poking at her blouse. Her braided pigtails swayed as she saw me. She backed away, looking like a frightened rabbit one moment and a hungry vixen the next.

“Well, aren’t you just as pretty as your mother?” I grinned.

She swallowed, the hungry vixen in her winning out over the frightened rabbit. Her virgin body wanted to prove herself a woman. And who better to do that with than a man who’d fucked her mother? She put on a coquettish smile, trying to stand in a pose that flattered her body’s slim curves.

“Just beautiful,” I grinned, advancing on her.

To be continued…

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