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Well second week on the new release schedule and already a delay. Very sorry. My editor had a busy week. He’s hoping to get Servant Chronicle Chapter 2 to me this weekend and I’ll post it right away.

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To make up for my tardiness, here’s a peak at one of the new scenes from the Devil’s Pact (Published Edition). This is Desiree’s intro scene and features a minor character, Diane, who appears in Chapter Six, two side-story and an upcoming chapter of the Slave Chronicles.

Desiree Fitzsimmons

I pulled into the parking lot of the Feminine Mystique Gym across the street from the South Hill Mall. An engine roared to life, and I glanced to see a silver mustang backing out from the next store over, the Heavenly Creature’s salon. Mustangs were such tacky cars; toys for those that thought they had money. I grabbed my purse and sauntered into the store in my tight, black yoga pants that hugged my lush rear, my best asset, and a bright-blue sports bra that my almost supported my large breasts.

Desiree,” smiled Diane Harmon, the owner of the gym greeted me. She was a beautiful woman with a porcelain face made all the more inviting by the ringlets of black hair that framed it. Dressed in a pair of black, spandex jogging shorts and a pink sports bra that showed off her athletic body.

I walked over to the woman, hugging her warmly, and enjoyed Diane’s body pressing warm against her own. “It’s good to see you,” I smiled, and kissed her on both cheeks; just two friend greeting each other.

Come on, we’ll be in the room 4 for our private session,” Diane smiled.

Private, personal-training sessions with Diane were not cheap, almost four hundred dollars for an hour sweating with the beautiful woman. But she had been highly recommended to me by a former lover, and one session with Diane showed me just why. A few of the women we passed had smiles on their faces, and twinkles in their eye.

Room four, and all the private training rooms for that matter, wasn’t your typical gym room. Sure it had equipment, but they weren’t the type normally used in a gym. “There’s more than one way to have a cardio workout,” Diane had told me the first time I came here. “There are more than a few, fun ways to get your heart pumping.”

Let’s get you naked,” giggled Diane.

Her hands gripped my sports bra and ripped it over my head, exposing my generous breasts. Her white hands grasped them, squeezing my nut-brown melons and finding my fat nipples; her pinches sent pleasure straight to my pussy.

I don’t know what I would do without this gym. Being married to Brandon was such a chore. I didn’t really like guys, they were okay, but I loved women, and I loved money. Why did all the rich people have to be men? Why couldn’t I ever find some nice, rich lesbian to take care of me? Oh, well, Brandon took care of my wants, and Diane and her gym took care of my needs.

I spun about, and kissed the woman’s delightfully plump lips, shoving my tongue deep into her mouth. Diane had four other, beautiful personal trainers that worked for her, and I scheduled a session with a different one every weekday. But Diane was my favorite; she was so dominant and controlling; she was like Brandon, but, unlike with my husband, it was hot when she bossed me around.

We’re going to fuck the pounds right off of you,” Diane cooed, breaking the kiss and slapped my round ass. “Now strip those yoga pants off. I want to see your pretty, shaved pussy all wet and eager for my training!”

I ripped my yoga pants off. I didn’t bother wearing panties—what was the point—and my pussy was wet and dripping, my fat labia engorged with passion. Diane’s hand shoved between my thighs, working two finger up inside me and they came away drenched with my tangy spicy. She held them up to her lips and licked her fingers clean.

Umm, I’m glad you’re wet and ready.”

I always am, Dulzura,” I purred. She was my honey, and I couldn’t wait to taste her.

Undress me!”

I grabbed her sports bra, lifting it up to release her snowy breasts, small and perky, topped with thick, pink nipples that seemed almost too large on a breasts those small. I bent over and circled one with my tongue; she hissed an intake of breath, then gasped when I sucked that nipple into my lips. I loved the feel of a woman’s fat nub in my mouth.

Her hands pressed on my shoulders. “I told you to strip me not suck my tits!”

But they’re such inviting tits,” I grinned, then fell to my knees.

I know,” Diane laughed as I tugged her jogging shorts down her hips.

Her neatly-trimmed, black bush popped into view and I could smell her sweet and tangy musk. I couldn’t resist and pushed my face between her thighs and took a nice, long lip across her damp pussy. She gasped and shuddered, then her hand slapped me lightly on the top of the head.

Not yet! We have to stretch first.”

Watching a naked woman stretch was very erotica. Diane had a toned, athletic body, and she spread her legs, raised her arms, and bent over in so many interesting ways. Her pussy lips gaped open, so invitingly pink, her asscheeks writhed and clenched, and her tits swayed and bobbed. Then she ‘helped’ me with my stretches, running her hands across my body was she guided me from one stretch to another.

That’s it, Desiree,” She purred, her body draped across my back, her pussy wet on my ass, as I leaned forward on my left leg, while my right leg stretched out behind me. “A little longer.” Her tongue licked my ear and her hands teased my nipples. “You’re doing do good.”

While I had my legs spread slightly, and I bent over to put my hands on the floor palms down, her fingers wiggled into my pussy. “Hold the stretch,” she purred, working three fingers in and out of me. My muscles stretched, protesting the position, and the blood rushed to my head, heightening the pleasure throbbing in my pussy. “Just a minute longer; we don’t want you hurting yourself.”

No!’ I gasped.

Her lips kissed my ass, sliding between my crack, then she swirled it around my asshole. My body shook with excitement and my breath came in ragged gasps. Her tongue wiggled past my sphincter, swirling around inside me. My orgasm neared, so close, just a few more—

Her tongue and fingers pulled out. “Good, and relax.”

I needed to cum so bad.

For the next stretch, I sat down, spreading my legs wide, reaching for my toes. First the right ones, then the left ones. Then she sat before me, her legs splayed, her inviting pussy just in reach if I stretched forward. I pushed past the discomfort, her bush just inches away. A little more, my tongue leading the way, then I was stretched out, my mouth buried into her delicious, spread-open clam, digging my tongue in deep and savoring her tangy-sweetness.

That’s it!” purred Diane. “Hold the stretch! You’re doing so good!”

I worked my tongue through her pussy, gathering ever drop of her juices I could. Soft moans and gasps escaped her lips. My muscles burned and protested, but I maintained the stretch—I couldn’t get enough of her wonderful flavor.

Just a few more second!” she gasped. “You’re doing so well! Oh, yes! That’s it! That’s fucking it!”

A squirt of juices splashed into my face as she came on my face. I rose up, licking my lips clean while Diane fell back onto the rubber mats that covered the floor, shaking with passion, her small breasts jiggling.

Whew. You’re getting good at holding that stretch,” she praised and I preened at her.

Thanks,” I smiled.

She stood up, and walked to a shelf. “Any plans for the weekend?” Diane asked as she selected a strapless dildo, a U-shaped sex toy with a traditional fake cock on one end, but the other end curved up into a bulb so it would stay put in the giver’s pussy, while ridges at the base stimulated your clitoris.

Brandon’s taking me to the symphony,” Desiree answered. “Are you doing anything exciting?”

She threw the dildo to me. “Not this weekend. But tomorrow night I have date.”

Oh, with who?” I asked as I shoved the bulbous end into my pussy, sighing as it stretched me open. I kept pressing it in until it was fully inserted and my clit brushed the ridges; pleasure tingled through me.

Kevin,” she answered, perching her butt on a sex swing. “Another promising candidate from the dating site.”

Is he rich?”

Like I said, promising,” she grinned, spreading her legs open, ready to receive. “Now I want a good fifteen minutes of uninterrupted thrusting,” she told me. “Let’s get your heart racing and burn those calories off your ass!”

I smiled and walked over to my personal trainer and sank my cock into her pussy. The swing added a whole new dimension; she swayed as I thrust, moving as much as I was thrusting. The pleasure burned in my clit and the dildo pushed in and out of my pussy. I pumped my ass, my fingers finding her breasts; I played with her hard nipples.

That’s it,” she purred. “Let’s pick up the pace! Ooh, yeah. Just like that. Get your heart racing! Work that ass.”

Pleasure built and built within me, and we were both gasping with our passion. Sweat beaded on my body as I fucked her faster and faster. My clit was going numb with ecstasy as it rubbed across the dildo’s ridges.

I’m gonna cum!” I moaned.

Good!” she purred. “Fuck me faster! Let that orgasm wash through you!”

Yes, yes!” I gasped, my hips pumping frantically. ¡Me estoy corriendo!”

My orgasm spasmed through me, so wonderful. I squeezed her breasts as the passion filled me entire being and I threw my head back and howled. I’m sure the other women in the gym could hear me and knew just what had happened inside here.

Don’t stop fucking!” Diane panted. “You’re fifteen minutes isn’t up yet. Just slow strokes know. A little cooling off period.”

Yes!” I panted, resuming my strokes. The dildo rubbing against me sent another orgasm crashing through me.

That’s it! Keep fucking me, slut! Work those hips. Burn that fat off your ass! A little faster! Umm, just like that. You’re doing good! Oh, yeah. Umm, you’re doing very good. Harder now! Really give it to me! Oh, yes! Fuck me! Make me cum, bitch!”

She gasped and screamed, throwing her head back, the swinging rocking with my thrusts. Her legs wrapped around my hips and squeezed me into her as she writhed and bucked, pushing the bulbous end deeper into me, the ridges rasping against my clit, and then I was cumming again. So wonderful.

Umm, that was good,” Diane purred, leaning up and kissing me on the lips. “Umm, okay, let’s work on your thighs.”

Sure,” I grinned as she grabbed her own strap-on. In a minuted I’d be riding her like a cowgirl, working leg muscles. There was still thirty minutes to go, and we had a lot of calories to burn. I pulled the sex toy out, dropping it into the dirty toy bin.

Come on, let’s burn those calories!”

I laughed; this was the best gym in the world!

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