The Devil’s Pact and New Story

Hey everyone,

Today I wrote the final two chapters of The Tyrant’s Daughter. With this story down, it’s the last of the Devil’s Pact I plan on writing. I really enjoyed the series. Writing about Chase was a moving experience. The world post Mark and Mary’s death has been a lot of fun.

So I have decided to write The Knight and the Acolyte. It takes place in a large, Fantasy world I’ve been working on for years. Even before I posted the first Devil’s Pact chapter nearly two years ago, I had developed this world.

The major characters are:

Angela: A Knight-in-training. To become a full knight, she must complete a quest. But there are those who don’t want her to succeed.

Sophia: An acolyte that would rather spend time in the novice’s bed then perform her duties. She is sent with Angela on a doomed quest.

There will be other characters to join their quest: a hermaphroditic elven ranger, a raging orc barbarian, a slutty mage, a nimble halfing thief, a bird-like shaman, and a playboy changeling. Yes, it’s very stereotypical D&D, sword and sorcery, but it will have lots of naughty fun and intrigue.

This universe also covers several smaller series and one offs such as: A Girl and her Unicorn, The Triad (an adventuring warrior with a pair of sexy twins), the Dryad and the Bride, the Mermaid’s courtship, the Beautiful Flower, and more.

I’ll start writing it probably next week. Not sure when we’ll start seeing results. Probably after all the Devil’s Pact side-stories, servant chronicles, and slaves chronicles are released.

Take care,


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